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To Make You Feel My Love

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She only had one night. One night that would have to last her a lifetime and she knew that the risk was worth it. He had agreed to meet her; but it was for just one night.

This one night would be the first and only time she would see and serve the man that she loved and adored; the man that owned her; mind, body, heart and soul.

She knew that in the morning he would kiss her goodbye forever; but the she would have the one thing she dreamed of, the one thing that would get her through the rest of her life; she would have had that one precious night with her Master.

Bella had longed dreamed of being in the airport when he came back from Iraq. She dreamed of the day that he would be home safe and seeing the love of her life; the reason for her existence; and how her heart would explode with love as he walked down that runway. He was finally coming home, home to take what belonged to him, what he owned; her.

But much to her sadness; that moment was not to be hers, but someone else’s. But tonight, he would meet her here at the bend of the Mississippi. She thought and fretted over every meticulous detail. Since this was her only chance and it would all be but a bittersweet memory after the sun rose; she wanted it to be in the location she loved as much as she did her Master. Everything had to be perfect; a snapshot in time to last forever.

She busied herself with the final preparations. Fruit, wine and cheese, black skirt, sheer white blouse, stockings and fuck-me shoes. Candles for light; candles for play, silk cords for the curtains; silk cords for her breast, she made sure that every detail was taken care. All of this was done out of love for him.

He had endured so much during his assignment overseas and she was so proud of him she thought her heart would burst. Continuing the relationship that they had begun took its toll on them both at times; especially training her at such a great distance. She was a tough one at times, and she is sure he pulled out most of his hair because of her. Stubborn and prideful; that was his bella, but submissive to the core when it came to him.

She checked everything one more time. It was now or never. She smoothed the hem of her much too short skirt, she was sure it didn’t cover the lace tops of her stockings. Her black lace bra showed through the thin white material of her blouse. As she tried to gather herself she could feel the moisture forming between her legs and it wasn’t because it was a hot New Orleans night even though it was. It was because of him. She reapplied the Mac Red lipstick, and looked through her long mascara covered lashes at the reflection in the mirror. This is where the rubber meets the road, she thought to herself.

She gathered her purse and headed out to meet him at the “Krazy Korner” bar. As she turned on St. Peter’s from Royal, she swore by the rumbling inside her head and heart that Katrina was making an encore appearance just for her anticipation and private viewing pleasure. She clenched and unclenched her hands as she strode as quickly as she could past the entrance to Pat O’s. The high black stilettos made this a difficult task in the broken and uneven sidewalk.

Her breathing became more rapid as she neared the intersection and the bar. She still had ten minutes. Why did she leave so early? She was so nervous regarding her appearance and the apprehension that her Master would find something not to his liking.

She turned back and almost knocked over some revelers in the process. She needed a huge dose of courage; she moved as quickly as she could into the side entrance of Pat’s. She went to the left bar as she knew it would be the least crowded of all of them. As she entered the fan caught the hem of her already too short skirt and blew it up to the delight of the three drunken conventioneers. She grabbed the hem and strode purposefully to the bar where the familiar bartender recognized her and poured a Hurricane for her before she could even order. She looked at him and said “Make it a double Todd”. He was surprised at her boldness but even more surprised at the attire she wore. He could see her nipples through the sheer shirt and even sheerer lace bra. Her buds were growing both from the cool fan breeze and the attention she knew he afforded her. The moisture between her legs was almost dripping onto the leather barstool. With his best New Orleans drawl, he said “Cheri’; you look good enough to eat tonight.” Shivers went down her spine and her head felt as though it would explode. She blushed from head to toe; half from the powerful drink; half from embarrassment. She also knew that this little scene would please her Master immensely.

Before she could respond she looked up at the clock. “Oh shit!” she was afraid she would be late. It was almost 7:00. She threw a $10 bill on the bar and said she had to go. He called out to her, but she couldn’t hear anything but the pounding of her heart.

She entered Krazy Korner at 7:00 on the dot. It was early but the crowd was already thick; she knew it would be, it was Friday night; a big sports weekend and it was a record weekend for conventions since Katrina.

She looked everywhere for him; to the left to the right, front to back. Oh god she thought; I am too late. He changed his mind; he saw me and left; she had never felt so alone in such a large crowd. Her eyes misted over with tears and her shoulders fell. Her lip was quivering trying to fight back the tears and the sob that rose in her throat.

Then without warning, she calmed. She could sense him, she knew he was there behind her. He reached up around her waist and pulled her toward him. He chuckled as he felt her body shake. It was if they were totally alone. He buried his head in the sweet peach smelling mass of hair she had grown just for him. He had told her Master liked long hair and she being the subservient slave she was, she did her best to always follow her Masters commands. The peach scent permeated every pore of her body, he moved her hair to the side to slowly lick up her neck. She sighed and moaned all at the same time. She went to raise her left arm up to hold him around his neck, but he grabbed it with his left hand and spun it to her back. She automatically threw her breast out for him and stood looking straight ahead. He was in fact holding her in bondage right there in the middle of the dance floor with everyone watching and waiting for his next move. He never said a word but went straight to his work. He would test his slut in her familiar surroundings and appraise the outcome. He slowly moved a leg in between hers as if dancing. All the while, her skirt rode up her legs. She knew he was exposing her to the group of men. She blushed fiercely at his bold moves but did not dare pull away or complain. She took a deep breath and reminded herself that he would never hurt her and by damn no one else would either. She liked the last part.

They continued “their” dance to the delight of the crowd. She was trying to get into it too. She was literally riding his leg with her back to him. His chest muscles felt so good against her almost naked skin (sheer material doesn’t count for much) His hands continued their wandering adventure, they slowly crawled up to the first button above the black skirt band and he quickly unbuttoned it without her knowledge, the proceeded to undo the next one, then the next. She was so engrossed with the fact that he was there; he was touching her; and by god, he was dancing with her.

The music had stopped long before they did. She still had yet to see her Master full-faced; she only had stolen side glances because of his stance during the little strip-tease dance in which Bella wasn’t aware that she was the star attraction. People were clapping and offering them drinks. She turned to look up her Master to find out what the commotion was about. He laughed and pointed to her shirt. It was completely hanging open and her nipples were peaking out over the lace of her sexy bra. To add to her shame, her skirt was unzipped and just riding on the lowest part of hips.

Her Master grabbed her chin in his hand and shot her a look making her understand that she was not to try and cover up now; he instead raised his eyebrow and motioned toward the door.

Before they moved from the spot, he re-zipped her skirt, but chose to let the blouse ride open. They left the bar hand in hand. His over top of hers as it should be. She slowed for a moment and he was almost dragging her toward the A & P. She stopped still holding on and looked up at the most handsome man alive. He was beautiful in her eyes.

She lowered her gaze and said “Welcome home Master”. She reached up and kissed him on the cheek not daring yet to touch his lips. He smiled down and nodded but didn’t say a word. She knew that he wanted her to take him “home” for the night.

She turned pulling him in the direction of the house she had borrowed from a couple she knew in the lifestyle for the night.

Original gas lights flickered and lit the entrance to the row house. As they entered through the original impressive door complete with skeleton key, the richly appointed living room greeted them. She had been to the market before his arrival, and fresh fruit, breads, cheeses and sausage waited in the kitchen to feed the hunger.

Ferns and flowers overflowed the second story wrought iron balcony that opened to the bedroom rich with red satins embroidered with fine gold threads. There was a strong breeze blowing in from the river tonight accompanied by a sweet smell of confederate jasmine in the air. The sounds from nearby Bourbon Street filled the space with feeling of excitement and pleasure; mystic and intrigue.

Every fiber of her being was alive. The combination of jasmine, his masculine scent and his closeness was intoxicating. She had never been so nervous in all her life.

He had trained her to be his and she knew her role. Oh god that word, “role”. If this was an act in a play; this was their opening and closing night. Her heart pounded in her ears and her stomach knotted. She closed her eyes and tried to regain her senses when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

He knew her well. He was trying to settle her, to focus her. He needed her in her subservient role for him tonight. He owned her for the night; she belonged to him and he would settle for no less than the slut he trained. She was shaking.

He moved his hand from her shoulder, up her neck to softly brush her face, then to run his fingers in her hair. He again smiled at the length she had grown it for him. He moved in closer behind her, sighed and buried his face in her neck. He whispered his first words to her of the night “Bella” and firmly pulled her closer to him by her hair.

His hands roamed and groped freely over her shaking form. She felt an electrical shock with each touch. He cupped his hand over his cunt forcing her up off the ground standing on her toes. His words were husky and stern; “You are mine”. She melted against him.

He spun her around in one swift movement, never releasing her hair and ground his mouth on hers, raping it with his tongue; she submitted willing; her hunger taking all that he had to give. She was trembling and floating all at the same time.

He wanted her; he wanted her to feel his love and lust. He wanted her right then and right there. But he wanted to control the situation and not give way to wanton passion. He growled as he ripped at her clothing. “Slut, you know the rules, you are not to be clothed when alone with me.” She shuttered and stood back to finish undoing the black skirt that she had been instructed to wear. It fell to the floor. She stepped out and gathered it to fold it and lay it on the table. Next she removed was what was left of her white sheer shirt. The buttons that were left were scattered on the floor from his forceful grasp. First one shoulder than the other came off. It was also folded and added to the pile.

Her eyes glued to the floor, she let fall first one strap of the lacey black bra then the other. He stopped her before she finished. He wanted her to present herself to him clad only in her lace bra, matching garter belt and thong, the silk seamed stockings that encased her legs and those killer black stiletto heels. She entwined her fingers behind her head and slowly raised it to look straight ahead daring not to blink. She slowly turned for her Master’s inspection of his property. She was afraid to breathe for fear of disappointing him.

As she turned her back to him, she felt the first of many smacks to her ass. A gasp escaped her lips as the pain shot straight to pleasure in her pussy. She could feel the moisture forming between her legs. Her body betraying her will.

He smiled as he saw her face admonish herself and that willful pride fight with her submissive core. He bent her over making her grab her ankles. Taking out his pocket knife, he cut the thong off from her body. He ran his hand between her legs lingering over her clit. He paused long enough to elicit a small groan from her. At that he inserted one, then two fingers into her wet cunt, slowly pulling them in and out. Without warning he inserted one of his juice covered fingers into her ass causing her to jump out of position. He reared back and let his free hand swiftly find her ass cheek. She yelped and quickly knew of her infraction, again rewrapping her ankles with her shaking hands. He marveled at the sight of his handprint on her bottom and the fact that she immediately went back into position for more of the same.

He was pleased with her even if he would not share that information. By the looks of everything and her attention to detail, he knew that he truly owned her soul. He wanted to take her in his arms and tell her how he felt, the he was proud of her, that he did in fact love her, but he couldn’t, not yet.

He continued fucking her ass and her cunt with his fingers. She moaned softly “Master, Master.” He wanted to take her right there and fuck her hard. He abruptly stopped, and said “Bella, are you mine?” She answered softly, “Yes Master”. He said “I think my love; it is time we go to the room.” She beamed. She felt the tears caress her face. She truly loved this man with all she is. The next tears fell for the realization that they only had this one night.

She turned knelling in front of him. She asked if he would like to take the food tray to the room. He answered yes and she asked permission to retrieve it and take it up the stairs. Permission granted, she slowly stood and walked over to the table. She purposely bent forward giving him a clear view of her ass and the juices he brought forward glistening on her legs.

She took the tray, nodded with eyes downcast, and preceded up the sweeping staircase to the second floor Master Suite. Her Master following close behind but not too close that he couldn’t see her ass sway as she climbed the stairs.

She came to the large double doors and opened them in one swift motion revealing the grand den for their love making and play. His eyes grew wide and he couldn’t control the surprise on is face. She smiled as he surveyed the room. In one corner of the room, a mahogany St. Andrews cross to match the massive four-poster bed with ironed, cotton sheets laid waiting for them. Gold silk cords held back the rich satin bed curtains inviting them in to explore and share their dreams.

Next to the leather spanking bench on the other side of the room sat a large Bombay chest filled with toys for her Master’s enjoyment. On top of the chest a silver tray filled with candles of various shapes, sizes and colors along with a bottle of Jack.

On the back of the massive closet door waited floggers, crops and whips, all for the Master’s choosing and enjoyment.

Between the sheer covered balcony doors sits a shelf with the finest of oils and lubes. In the center of the room a fine oriental rug of deep greens, blues, gold and reds. Concealed in the tray ceiling, a hoist chain awaits the Master’s slave.

The large bathroom has a crystal chandelier over the massive, jetted tub which sits in the middle of the floor. Candles, shower gels and oils adorn the steps to the tub. The glass shower is oversized with at least ten spray heads. Both her and her Master can shower with enough room for her to bath him and tend to his needs. A satin covered chaise is in one corner; a silver champagne server sits at its side with a bottle of the finest wine chilling.

She stands at the door and waits for her Master to enter. She follows him in and sets the food tray on the table next to the massive red velvet chair that looks like his throne. She prepares the Jack and Soda and walks over to him. Beside the chair on the floor sits a large satin cushion.

She waits for his approval. She nods and walks over to the bed. Waiting there is a long sterling tray. Her collar is centered on it and on either side, her cuffs are placed. She hesitates for a moment, touching and gazing lovingly at the collar and realizing how much it means to her. If any symbol could depict her love and devotion to this man; this was it. Her eyes mist over as the thoughts of the months they spent together come flashing across her mind. Her memories are broken by the sound of her Master’s low powerful voice, “Bella, come to me.”

Carefully she steadies herself, picking up the tray and hoping he will not notice the tears that have again filled her eyes. She walks over and kneels on the pillow before him. With her head lowered, she offers up her collar and cuffs. Seconds seem like hours as he studies her and the tray. She is desperately trying to control the trembling of her lips and her body. He takes the collar from the tray and holds it up carefully studying both her and it. One eyebrow is raised and a glare is forming on his face. He thinks of times she fought him; the times she tried to run; the times she fought herself.

She is dying inside. This is the defining moment. He hasn’t put the collar on her as she expected. He does not look pleased. She swallows hard and the tears flow freely now from her eyes. She doesn’t break her position but knows she has lost her chance. He lets her run with her thoughts for a moment before he speaks. “Bella” her head snaps up to look straight ahead. You grab her chin in your strong hand. “You broke another rule” as you pull her chin forward. Startled, she looks are you directly in the eye confused. “Master?” she squeaks out. “That is two and we haven’t even started” You calmly say. “First the clothing; now the second.” “Both of which you will be punished for.” “You are always to wear my collar in my presence.” “That collar is worn out of your devotion and respect to me and in my ownership of you.” “You displease me slut.” She falls to place her head on your feet. She sobs openly and begs for your forgiveness.

As she is begging at your feet, she is sobbing uncontrollably now and her heart is breaking. She says to herself, “Oh God, what have I done?” I didn’t know if he would want to put my collar on me or have me already wearing it. Oh God please, if he will forgive me and not leave me now, I will do whatever it takes to please my Master. I will surely die if he walks out on me right now.”

Your heart is straining. You don’t want things to be happening this way. You lean up in your chair; reach for her hair to slowly raise her up to you. You don’t say a word and pull her hair up out of the way. Her tearstained face looks up at you slowly. You nod your head and she reaches up to hold her hair for you. You take the collar and place it around her neck locking it into place. You feel the tension in her shoulders release, and the reprieve wash over her when she hears the small padlock click. You grab the collar by the ring and pull her to you. You kiss her with such passion her knees buckle under her. This woman does belong to you. You own her, even if for one night.

You stand yanking her up by the hair and collar. She knows instinctively what to do. Slowly she reaches and undoes your belt, undoing the button on your jeans to slowly pull them down to the floor. You step out of them and release her long enough for her to retrieve them, fold them properly and place them on the waiting side chair by the bed. She returns to you and kneels before you. She waits your command before taking you into her soft mouth. You pull both her hands from you and place the cuffs on while she continues to suckle you. You fasten her hands behind her back and force feed her your hard cock. You grab her hair and face-fuck her. You hit the back of her throat causing her to gag. She soon adjusts to your thrusting trying to take all of you in. Oh Jesus, her mouth feels so good on your cock. Your eyes roll back and you groan. You feel your balls tighten and so does she. She relaxes her throat and feels the first hot spurts flowing down her eager but battered throat. There is so much that some comes out on her chin. She continues to suck as you hold her head down around the base of your throbbing cock.

Once you have finished you release your grasp and she begins to lick you clean. She looks up at you and offers her cum covered tongue to you as your girl knows how much her Master likes the taste of cum. You take her tongue into your mouth sucking it almost dry. You lick the last bits off of her chin. She nuzzles her head to your lap while you gather yourself.

You love the feel of this woman, the smell of her skin, the depth of her soul. You revel in the power of creating this prize. She is yours and yours alone; yours to do as you please, you own her.

She feels so complete at this moment. She has tasted her Master and she is snuggled at your feet with her head on your thigh. She is happy and for the first time in her life, she feels alive. She knows she was made to be his; god gave her this night and she was forever thankful.

You raise her head and then direct your slut to the spanking bench. Your strong hands guide her up on the bench and attach her cuffs to the clips in the front of the bench; you retrieve the ankle cuffs and do the same to the back of the bench. You want to touch and feel ever inch of your slut. You want to seek each curve, peak and valley of her body. You feel yourself hardening again and your lust returning. She is lost in your touch, her body wanting to arch up to meet your hands, the kisses that you are apply to her sensitive flesh. Your tongue runs down her ass to find her dripping cunt. You inhale her. The tip of your tongue finds her clit and unmercifully flicks over it hardness. You feel her on the verge of cumming by both her movements and moans. You abruptly stop, “Rule number three” you say calmly “has been broken.” “Your holes were to be filled bella.” She groans. “But Master……………..” she says right before your hand again finds her ass. Your assault is merciless. Her ass is now bright red. You push two fingers into her cunt and laugh at how wet she is.

“I see the pain is not enough to stop that greedy cunt from leaking”, “we shall see about that.” You slide a thick leather belt type material under her waist. Connected in the middle is a long strap with snaps on it. You pull that up between her legs. The without warning you slam a large plug into her cunt. She is wet but not quite ready for the assault. You make sure it is properly lubed with her juice and forcefully insert it into her ass. She screams as you do so; both out of hurt and fear. You return to the Bombay chest and retrieve a ball gag to silence her screams. You place it in her mouth; placing a ball in her hand and return to your work. You tell her that since she is gagged she cannot say her safe word. She is to drop the ball if it is too much for her, or that she wants you to stop immediately. You ask her if she understands and nods her head up and down and grips the ball tightly. At that, you place an even large dildo in her cunt and fasten both with the snaps on the leather strap which locks into the belt around her waist like a makeshift chastity device.

You unlock her for the time being from the spanking bench. You now take her to the cross. She hobbles over not sure of her footing and for fear of pushing out either of the plugs. Before attaching her you take her bra off and grope her tits pulling her nipples roughly. You spin her around and pull her nipples even harder. You slowly begin to tie up her breast with silk cording. Her breasts look as though they are going to explode. You step back and admire your handiwork. She is struggling slightly against the growing throbbing in her tits. You laugh at her predicament and slap her tits roughly. You pull at her nipples getting enough flesh to place a clamp on one of her nipples causing her head to fall back and grunt out a small stifled scream. You turn her around to face the cross again. After locking her into the cross, you repeat the mauling of her breast and attach the other nipple clamp eliciting another groan from her lips. The way she is bound any movement on her part will tighten the bite of the clamps and the restriction of her bonds. You kiss and bite her neck eliciting more groans. You ask her if she is alright, she nods her head and looks at you with those lustful trusting eyes. You ask her if she is ready, she nods again.

You open the closet door to choose your next weapon of destruction. You pick the red suede flogger. You methodically use the instrument to warm her back, ass and thighs. You hear her moaning at the feel of the suede on her flesh. You pull her head back by the hair to check on her. She is still holding the ball. She looks at you through eyes mixed with love and lust. You kiss the side of her neck and she moans louder. Then you click on the remote for the dildo in her cunt. Her eyes flutter and she moans at the sensation. You pick up the leather flogger which is heavier and leaves more of sting than a thud. You start lightly and then increase the intensity. You can see the wetness running down her legs. You want her begging for more. You now move the switch up on the dildo in her cunt. She moans louder. She tries to pull back to try and grind her cunt into the cross. You reach out and smack her ass hard causing the chain on her nipples to grow tighter as she pulls eliciting a scream from behind the gag. Her nipples are swelling from both the clamps and her tits grow from the tightness of the cords. The slightest touch from your fingers sends a wave of pleasure and pain throughout her body. You take each globe into your strong hands squeezing gently at first then roughly. She cries out again. You continue by flicking them like the melons are.

You laugh at her predicament. You begin, by saying “Slut that will just about cover your first infraction.” She moans as the realization sets in. All of this was just for not taking her clothes off the minute she arrived at the row house; there are still two more sets of punishment to go.

Sweat glistens from her body. She tries to ready herself for what is coming next. She is not aware of the sting of the crop as they have never actually used it before. The first strike is on her shoulder. She winces at the pain. She tries to steady her breathing for her Master. This is punishment, or is it pleasure on his part? Either way she wants it all. She wants all this man is. She takes a deep breath as the next blow is delivered just below her left ass cheek. The pain sears through her body, but soon turns into a warm feeling from her clit to her cunt. More blows rain down each causing her to flinch pulling her nipples even more. Small crop marks adorn her back and ass. Her breathing is ragged. He removes the ball gag from her mouth to offer her some water. He kisses her roughly after she has swallowed. He removes her clamp from one breast and suckles her nipple restoring the blood to it. The combination of pain and relief is overwhelming. She cums hard as he sucks her breast and bites her nipple eliciting the exact response he wanted from her.

He moves over and does the same for the other nipple then turns on the vibrator in her ass. He finds her cumming again as he chuckles under his breath. He returns to the other side of the cross and laughs saying she came without permission. She groans into her arm. “I am sorry Master, please Master forgive me.” You matter of factley say, “You know the rules cunt.”

You turn her around and provide her with the same treatment on her tits and cunt that you gave her on her back and ass. Her tits are a shade of purple with red welts.

Once finished you give her more water, look into her eyes and ask if she is ready for punishment number three. She raises her head and says “Yes Master, anything for you”. You turn up the dildos after you have turned her around again. This time it is the paddle. She is trying to steady herself and not to cum. The blows reign down on her ass, fifteen on each cheek. You cut the vibrations off.

She moans in both pain and frustrations. You pull her hair roughly and ask her who owns her. She breathlessly says “You do Master, you are the man who owns me.” You smile at her and say “Yes I do, and you are mine to use as I see fit.” Her ass is a nice shade of red, but not quite fire red as you would like. You take her down from the cross and into your arms. You find her mouth open and wanting. Tongues dancing and darting her arms go up instinctively around your neck. She is the assaulter now, she is sucking your tongue into her mouth; sucking as if it is giving her life and strength.

Yes, you know your slut. She has never been as beautiful to you as she is right now. She pulls you in closer savoring the taste of you; afraid to break the connection. The churning starts in your belly again as you pull away slowly and guide her back to the bench. You take the ball from her hand and rub her wrist and fingers back to life. She has been holding onto it for dear life.

The bench is finely made with rests for both her arms and knees on either side of what appears to be a leather-covered saw horse type of equipment. You help her up on it lengthwise; her legs bent almost kneeling across it. You attach the cuffs again and rub her body. You ask her if she is ready to begin again. She nods yes.

You grab her hair telling her you cannot hear her. She yelps “Yes Master, I am yours to use as you see fit.” You walk over the table adored with the candles. You choose red and blue, one in each hand. You hand her back the ball. She closes her eyes. The first drips of the candle wax hit her ass. Her sudden intake of breath indicates both fear and excitement. There had been a major incident between you regarding a candle, and you choose to continue forth slowly. Her back, ass and pussy are cover in the red and blue pattern. You stand back to admire your artwork.

You choose a leather strap for the next punishment. It is your belt that she removed from your pants earlier. You slowly run the leather across her body let it caress her skin. Then, without warning, you reign down blow after blow causes the wax to jump from her body. You then turn the vibrators up to full speed. She is moaning and cumming, she cannot help herself. She is floating in another world with her fingers tightly gripping the ball.

You undo the leather harness and rip out the dildo from her ass and in one stroke place your rock hard cock deep in her tunnel. She is moaning and twisting on the bench as she tries to escape the assault. Each movement causing incredible, wonderful pain in her bound tits. Then suddenly she is trying to thrust back against you. This excites and pleases you. “Yes my slut, fuck your Master’s cock.” “Take more of it in your ass” as you turn the dildo in her cunt up. Sweat is rolling from her body as she arches her ass up to her Master.

All at once he feels his balls tighten and he shoots his load into her abused ass. He thrusts hard against her red, raw ass, grinding his cock into her. She now floats over the edge; the place where pain and pleasure mingles into a mind blowing orgasm like she has never felt before, and drops the ball to the floor.

He falls on her spent and satisfied. After regaining his composure, he leaves her and goes into the bathroom to draw a bath. He returns to massage oils into her wounds, then uncuffs her, removes the binds from her breast gently placing kisses all over them and massages the blood back to its rightful place. He then picks her up and takes her into the bath. He carefully lowers her spent body into the warm abyss that waits. The water stings then soothes her weary body. She is still in sub space when he joins her in the tub.

He carefully washes her body and feeds her some cheese and fruit. He washes it down with wine. She finds strength to snuggle close to him. She looks up and traces her fingers over his lips. She says softly, “I love you Master.” He looks down and says, I love you too pet.” He holds her close to his body. He is sated. They rest for a short time and he gathers her up in a soft fluffy towel.

He carries her to the bed and finishes drying her. He lays her head on the pillow and snuggles in beside her. They are spooning and he can still feel the heat from her ass on his cock and balls. A twinge overcomes him. He pulls her closer and she cringes slightly. You whisper in her ear, “My slut. You are mine and I own you”. You let a short while pass as you feel her breathing become slower. You smile into her ear and say “that was only three.” She sighs knowing the night is just beginning and quickly falls into a much needed sleep. He holds his prize and kisses her hair then joins her in peaceful slumber.

He is awakened a few hours later to his slut slowly sucking on his cock. Her ministrations are bringing him back to life. She already has one finger up his ass before he is totally awake, massage his prostrate. You coil your fingers in her hair as she continues to suck and finger-fuck you.

She had awaked up earlier and cleaned all the toys from earlier. She knows how much her Master loves his asshole played with. She removes her finger and slowly licks her way to his ass. She tongues his hole like it is her last meal. She reaches over and retrieves a small vibrating plug to place against her tongue to lube it. She places it at the tip of his ass, slowly, slowly inching it in until it is buried to the base.

Your cock is rock hard now as she continues to massage the base of the plug. She reaches for the remote and turns it on low. You are moaning now under your slave’s expert devotion to your body. She feels empowered. She wants his pleasure. She bends down and begins to suck his cock again. He moves rhythmically under her. Her cunt is soaked with new juices. She carefully mounts him, slowing taking his large cock up her cunt. She has to breathe to get it all in. She straddles him and begins to rock up and down. She bends forward and offers him a sore but hard nipple to suck. Oh god how this man makes her feel. She turns the vibrator in his ass up a notch. He moans louder. She is riding him for all she is worth, and then she abruptly stops. He grabs for her and she pulls away. Placing a finger to her lips she says “shhhhhhh Master, I will be right back.” “Let your slave love you Master and pleasure you beyond your wildest dreams. Let me take you to the place that you send me.”

She gets the other remote control dildo and turning so he can see, she places it against her sore asshole. She slowly inserts it. After she has gotten comfortable with it, she climbs back up in their massive love nest and she mounts him again. She wants him to feel immense pleasure from her. She wants all of him. She turns on both vibes as she lowers herself onto him. She can feel his cock moving with the vibrations from the dildo in his ass. She can feel his cock rubbing the thin membrane between the cunt and ass that he owns, totally. She increases the tempo to which she is riding him. He arches up and bites one of her tits; hard. She screams in pain/pleasure. He is now fucking her for all he is worth. She is begging to cum. He smacks her ass and bites her other nipple after shouting NOOOOOOOOOOOOO slut! She whimpers and rides him. He is sucking and biting her while pistoning his cock in and out of her.

She knows she cannot hold out much longer and is begging him. She turns up the vibrators to full power and reaches up and grabs both of his nipples pinching and twisting as hard as she can. He smacks her ass with both hands yelling “Cum my slut” “Come for your Master”. Soon they are both bucking and Cumming all over each other. Her nipples are raw and her cunt is flowing. She crawls off of him and removes the plug slowly from his ass. She licks his cock and balls clean of their mixed juices. She lies between his legs for a moment enjoying the peaceful bliss.

She gets up to remove the plug from her own ass, and he grabs her. “I did not give you permission to remove that slut.” She lowers her head and says “Forgive me Master”. You pull her to you and have her kneel over you with her cunt over your mouth. You reach up, pull her down to your hard tongue to taste the mixed juices. You lap at her cunt until she is again moaning and begging for release. You growl “Cum Cunt” then suck her clit hard. She is squirting all over you and shaking uncontrollably. You reach up and pull her trembling body onto yours; holding her close and telling her how much you love her and how proud of her you are. You feel the tears of joy run down your chest. You remove the plug from her ass, and say lovingly, “Rest my bella, the night is not over yet.

You wake her with a kiss a half hour later. You have her put back on her high stilettos. You lead her to the center of the room where you raise her hands high above her head. You attach her cuffs to the hooks that are now coming down from the ceiling.

Once attached, you raise the chains higher causing her to stand on her tip toes. You walk over to the closet and retrieve the blindfold and the gag.

You tell her that there is no safe-word for the final punishment. You ask her if she wants to continue. She mumbles yes Master while shaking her head up and down. You place the ball in her hand and ask if she understands. She looks into your eyes and nods yes.

You go to where you have placed your bag. From it you remove a single tail bullwhip. You ask her if she understands that this is punishment and is she willing to take this punishment for you. You remove her ball gag so that she can answer.

She doesn’t hesitate. “Yes Master, I WANT to take this punishment as proof of my love and devotion to you.” You kiss her full and hard. When you release her lips, she softly says “Master, we may begin.” With that, you replace the ball gag and apply the blindfold, then step back. She can hear the whip whistle through the air not sure of it’s intended target. She jumps even though it does not hit her. The next stinging blow hits her hard landing in a line from shoulder to ass, over and over again. He is marking his slave, his cunt, his whore; his love. He wants her to carry his marks with her in the morning light. He wants her to remember that he does own her.

She cries under the blindfold and the gag. The pain is nothing like she has ever felt. It is brutal and full of lust. She wants these marks. She has earned her stripes. She knows that in a few short hours they will part, forever. Each lash feels like it is splitting her body. She fears that she will be a bloody mass of welts when he is done. She fears the moment when he will be finished with her. She is at the crossroads. She wants to continue to feel him for she knows that when he stops, he will soon be gone. The intensity is too much for her, she cums like she never came before. Tears, emotions, frustration, sadness and joy fill her. She cums so hard she pushes the plug out of her ass.

He carefully takes her limp body down from the hooks. He carries her to the bed and lays her down on her belly. He carefully checks her back and ass. He takes cool water and cleans her back then applies healing cream to the stripes.

He dips the cloth into the cool water and wipes her brow and lips. He offers her water to cool her parched throat. He tenderly kisses her lips as she falls off to sleep. He brushes a stray curl from her forehead and kisses her skin. “I love you Bella, I always will”. Somewhere from the darkness of her sub space and the grasp of sleep, she reaches for him and kisses him, “I will always love you Master.” He covers her body and withdraws himself from their bed.

He sits in the chair and stares at her for quite awhile; so many thoughts going through his head and heart. He does not want to leave her. He wants her, he needs her. She is his. But life has gotten in their way. He must return to the life he has made; and she must return to the life she once knew.

He knows he will always be the only Master she has ever had and will. He knows that she will be faithful to the one she has to go to now. He knows the warm weather will be good for her body and that she will be cared for. He knows that as her Master will always own her heart. A tear runs down his own cheek as he sits in the darkness watching her sleep. His little hell cat looks like an angel lying there. He would give anything to stay here with her.

He rises from his watch before the sun comes up and heads to the airport. A place he must go. As he drives away, he looks at the Quarter in a different light. This place holds so much mystery and intrigue. He feels the “cha cha” that she has often spoken about. He turns the car down towards the river towards Café DuMonde. He smells the Café au lait. He pulls up on the opposite side of the street and gets a “to go” order of coffee and beignets. He laughs as he recalls her name for them, “fat pills.” He starts the car and turns on the radio. Garth Brook’s “To Make You Feel My Love” is on. A sad smile crosses his face as he drives in the early morning light.

They may never have tomorrow; but they will always have, “This One Night”.

I will always love you Master. Be safe, be well and be loved. Always know that you are adored and that even though we will never be, I will always be your bella.

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