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Christina was rushed … as usual … running late … as usual. She glanced again at the address she had been given. “Damn, it must be here somewhere.” As she glanced in the rear view mirror, she could easily see the impending rain drawing closer and closer. Her hopes were to make it to the address before the rain caught up to her.

Just as she turned onto the correct street, a blinding light and sudden crash of thunder sent chills down her spine.

Thunderstorms seemed to both excite her and terrify her at the same time. She had been like this since she was a little girl. Growing up, she loved the rain. But every now and then, even now, these violent lightning and thunderstorms scared her a bit. And now, being so close to the coast, these thunderstorms rolled in all spring, summer and fall.

“There it is”, she exclaimed to herself. She had found the address. Now all she had to do was find a place to park, without getting another ticket. About a block away she spotted a car leaving a parking space. Anxiously, she waited for the slow moving jerk to pull away. Just as she pulled into the space, another flash of light and another clap of thunder engulfed her … even louder than before.

After the shiver in her spine subsided, Christina opened the car door and hopped onto the sidewalk. As she locked her car and shut the door, an instantaneous alarm sounded within her head. Just as she feared, she could see the car keys dangling from the ignition. “Damn it all. I hate being rushed. This photographer better damn be worth the trip.”

As she started walking back down the block, the rain began. Not just any rain. A torrent commenced as if someone had opened a fire hydrant directly over her head. Running, she was barely able to make out the address of the building through the sheets of rain. With no umbrella, no raincoat, not even a newspaper to hold over her head, she stood at the door totally drenched from head to toe.

Quickly she rang the bell. Impatient, she rang again even though she had not given anyone time to answer the first ring. Just as she was about to ring yet again, the door opened. As the door opened, a man stood before her. However, before she could speak, another clap of thunder raked across the skies immediately overhead. Startled, she leapt forward, pressing her wet body against the man in the doorway.

The man placed his arms around her as if to comfort her. “That’s quite all right Ms. Perkins, I have been expecting you. It is Ms. Perkins isn’t it?” Christina just nodded and held her head down embarrassed at her behavior. In doing so, she noticed her wet blouse had become almost completely transparent. She could see her own nipples and areola through the thin material. Now she really felt embarrassed. Yet, the man acted as if all was normal, as if he had not even noticed.

“Come in before you catch your death of cold. Let me get you a towel. Would you care for a brandy or at least some coffee?” Another clap of thunder caused Christina to jump. The thunder was closer and louder than any she had experienced in years. “Why don’t we go downstairs to my studio waiting area. It is much quieter there. That way we can discuss the photo session in more detail. That is, you still want to discuss a possible photo session don’t you? I would hate that you have made the trip in this weather all for naught.”

“Yes, thank you, a brandy sounds great. And yes, I do wish to discuss a possible photo session. Will it really be quiet there in all this stormy weather? ”

“Of course my dear. Here, why don’t you take this towel? And, allow me to show you downstairs.”

As they walked down the stairway, Christina noticed the thick, velvet like tapestry material on the walls. She could see how such material could absorb sound and act like a sound barrier of sorts.

“In case you’re wondering about the wall coverings, the walls are sound proofed, but hopefully in an esthetically appealing manner. There’s at least 18″ of sound insulation behind the fabric wall coverings.”

As they approached the waiting area, Christina noticed the warm glow from a corner fireplace. There were also scented candles lit around the room. The light vanilla aroma was pleasing and relaxing to her senses. Other than the glow of the fireplace and candles, there was only track lighting aimed downward on the sitting area. She was lead to a comfy couch and allowed to sit. As she dried herself, she again noticed her erect nipples through the wet material. Again a warm blush rose from her neck to her cheeks.

“Here, take this brandy Ms. Perkins, it will help ward off the ill effects of the rain and chill.”

Christina gladly accepted. It felt so warm going down. The aroma of the alcohol warmed even her nostrils as she drank from the snifter. She found herself almost gulping down the tasty beverage instead of sipping it. But it tasted so good and felt wonderfully warm a it coursed over her tongue. She soon forgot all about how her breasts and nipples were clearly visible and concentrated instead on the heady and soothing feeling of the brandy.

“Ms. Perkins, ah, please pardon my poor manners. I never did introduce myself.”

“Please, call me Christina.”

“Very well, Christina it is then. I am Doc Johnson, but everyone calls me Doc. And this is Mystique Imagery. Now, do you feel like discussing the type of photo shoot you had in mind. You were a bit vague on the phone.”

Christina again gulped the last of the brandy from her snifter to work up her courage. “Well, you see, I, uh, was wondering, uh, do you do boudoir type photos?” As soon as the words left her mouth, Christina felt a blush rise from her chest, spreading upward along her neck and then to her cheeks.

“Well of course, Christina. There is probably little in the photographic arena that I do not do. Would you care to look at some sample portfolios? Just give me an idea of what type of boudoir photos you wish to have made. Do you wish to have simple cheesecake type photos, or do you prefer something a bit more risqué? I will do whatever you wish as long as you are comfortable with the concept. And here, let me refill your brandy.”

Christina again stammered a bit, but finally spoke. “I would like to have some really naughty photos made. My ex-boyfriend always hounded me to make some with him, but I wouldn’t. We just broke up not that long ago, and I want to have even more risqué photos than even he could think of taking of me. Then I’m going to send him a select few just to show him what he is missing. Call it a revenge photo shoot if you want. But that’s what I want.”

“Well, we all have our reasons, and I am not one to cast stones as I have been in similar circumstances before. Err, ah, I mean breaking up with someone.”

“OK, perhaps you should look at these portfolios then. Each portfolio is just a bit more “risqué”, as you put it, than the previous one. Should you finally reach a portfolio that is more than you had in mind, then we can discuss the previous ones to come to an agreement on the type, the theme and the concept you wish.”

Christina accepted the stack of portfolios and began looking at the first one. At the same time, Doc gave her another brandy to help keep her settled. Christina thought that it truly was quiet and was appreciative that they came downstairs.

The first portfolio was quite intriguing to Christina. Very sheer lingerie. She could tell the models were either shaven or very closely trimmed, as the sheer material they were wearing left little to wonder. Tasteful shots, nothing really risqué other than the truly sheer material of the wardrobe.

Christina picked up the next portfolio and took another gulp of brandy. The brandy really was smooth and oh so warm. As she glanced at each picture, the models began having less and less clothing on, until they were completely nude. She was quite right in her first assumption; each model was completely shaven. Still, the shots were not quite as wild as she wanted.

As she reached for yet another portfolio, she instinctively held her brandy snifter out for another refill. As she gulped even more brandy, she slowly turned the pages of photos. Now this was getting more like she had in mind. The models were openly displaying their genital areas; in fact some were spreading their lower lips open for the camera. As hot as they looked, Christina wanted something even more risqué and shocking for her ex.

Christina perhaps did not notice, but even though her blouse had started to dry, her nipples were even more erect than before. She had also begun to slowly open and close her thighs in a slow rhythm. She was beginning to flush a bit, but not from the thunder and lightening outside. However, Doc was most assuredly taking notice!

Christina looked more intently at the next portfolio. The models were tied with scarves, bound to the bed. Blindfolds were placed on each one. One had a scarf as a blindfold, the next had a leather blindfold, and one even had a leather harness covering her entire head. Christina’s free hand began to toy with the hem of her skirt. Her feet were already on tiptoes as she swayed her legs open and closed. Her hand slowly began to touch her inner thigh as she looked intently at the following photos.

The next series caused Christina’s eyes to become riveted to each page. The models were not only bound and blindfolded, but a faceless person was doing “things” to them. The person wore a velvety rich looking monk like robe that had a large hood covering the person’s head. Almost like a shadowy being that was hidden from view, to remain faceless, and yet capable of doing just about anything imaginable.

Christina’s free hand was now tracing circles around her own little clit. Her panties were soaked, but not by rain this time. Her breathing began to grow rapid, due to her inner excitement.

The next few pages showed the models tied to special padded furniture, their butts and genital areas quite visible. Their breasts were hanging downward for anyone to touch. One model had her legs spread wide and held in place by some sort of bar shackled to her ankles. Christina could clearly see that the model’s clitoral hood and nipples were pierced. The gold jewelry dangling from the piercings glistened under the photographic lights. The piercings and exotic jewelry just added to the overall eroticism.

The model had been forced to lean forward over a high padded bench and her wrists were shackled to the front leading sides of the bench … her head hanging off the edge.. Again, she was blindfolded and the hooded person was inserting vibrators into the model’s pussy. The next showed yet another, but smaller vibrator being slowly inserted into the model’s ass. She could tell that the grimace on the model’s face was not posed, but rather one of sheer lust. The model was truly enjoying every minute of what was happening to her.

The next series showed the shadow figure standing in front of the same model as she was still held in the previous position. The next photo showed an open robe and a hard completely shaven cock right in front of the model’s lips. The next showed strong, masculine hands guiding her mouth to the throbbing cock in front of her. From the expression on the model’s face, Christina could tell she was really enjoying the attention.

“Was this real???? It looks as though the shadowy figure just shot cum all over her face. It has to be real! Just look at how the model is trying to lick every drop she can feel on her face.” As she turned each successive page, Christina was thinking more and more perverted thoughts of what her true desires were. Her fingers had also pulled her panties to one side so they could toy with her own pussy.

Without taking her eyes from the page, Christina felt another glass of brandy being offered and took it. She could smell her own nectar on her fingers as she brought the snifter to her lips. The combined aromas were almost too much to handle. But Christina was not about to stop looking at this series of photos.

The next page showed the model having her ass cheeks massaged by those same strong hands. “Oh my!” Christina gasped. She saw the shadowy figure behind the model; his hard cock was being used as a paddle of sorts. It was slapping down on her ass cheeks. Then it was slowly slid along the model’s wet slit. The head momentarily paused at her ass and toyed her ass, then slid downward and toyed her pussy, finally coming to her clit, where again it was used to teasingly slap her clit.

The next pages showed the huge cock slowly sink into the model’s pussy. The expression on the model’s face was one of pure uninhibited lust. She wanted that cock and more. And what’s more, she received every inch of it. As the cock was all the way into her pussy, a masculine hand held a vibrator at the model’s ass. It was larger than the previous one he had used on her ass. Slowly it was slipped in and out of her ass … teasing her as the cock also slid in and out of her pussy. Christina was mesmerized at the site of how easily the vibrator went in and out of the model’s ass. Again an even larger vibrator was now being used on her ass, it was so life like. She looked as though she was even trying to push back against the large cock shaped vibrator as if slid in and out of her ass while his cock still slid in and out of her pussy. After the teasing of her ass, the next photo showed the model’s ass with a rather significant gape. If Christina didn’t know better, she could swear the opening was actually twitching as if begging for more.

Christina had only had anal sex twice before, once several years ago and once with her ex. While she did enjoy it, she had a bruised tailbone afterward as he really didn’t take as much time in anal foreplay as he should have. He seemed too eager and too rough – he just didn’t know what he was doing. She had hoped to eventually find someone that truly knew how to excite her ass, get it ready with hours of foreplay and then feed his cock into her ass. Christina felt her ass begin an involuntary twitch as her thoughts raced through her mind.

Now this model … she was really getting into it. Christina could tell by the sequence of photos, the model was pushing her hips back into the vibrator in her ass, and pushing against the cock in her pussy. The model’s head was almost flailing from side to side. Christina’s fingers were deep in her own pussy as she turned each page with great care as not to miss anything, to observe everything, almost like the ultimate voyeur.

The next page made her gasp. The huge cock was poised at the ass of the model. In one thrust, the model’s wanton ass readily accepted it. Christina felt a stirring deep within her. She knew the feeling all too well. Her own cum was building within her, wrapping itself in a knot at the base of her spine. But, she could not stop. She dared not miss the next pages, and she could not keep from fingering her pussy and now her thumb was on her clit.

The next page was even more intense. The cock was deep within the model’s ass. A vibrator was being inserted into her pussy. The vibrator had an extra nub that fit right on her clit. Christina felt herself wishing it were she in those photos. Christina felt herself wishing it were she having her ass taken like that … by someone who really knew how to make it so erotic and so pleasurable.

The last page was so hot. She could see two vibrators, one in the model’s pussy and one in her ass. The robed figure was back in front of the model. His hands firmly held the model’s head; his cock was all the way in her mouth. The head of his cock must have been deep in her throat. “Oh my!” Christina gasped as she realized his cum was trickling out of the corners of the model’s mouth. He was cumming deep in her throat, and yet there was so much of it, cum was trickling out of her mouth.

Christina felt ready to explode with her own cum, when…

“Those are my favorites as well”

The soft whisper startled Christina. All at once she was aware she had almost cum. Her fingers were still deep in her pussy. Her nipples were partially exposed from the way she had twisted on the couch.

“Since it seems you have found your theme, why don’t I show you the studio?” Without question, Christina accepted the hand being offered to help her off the couch. Good thing, as her legs were a little rubbery. As they went into another room, she could see it was the same setting as the pictures she had just viewed.

“OK, Christina, let’s see if these fit comfortably.” First one hand then the other was pulled forward and rich leather restraints were placed around her wrists. “That seems to fit nicely. Comfy?” Christina could just nod; her mouth and throat were too dry to speak. “OK, now the ankles.” As Christina stood before him, Doc squatted and placed similar restraints around her ankles. Doc led Christina to the same furniture as she had just viewed. She felt Doc’s firm hand push her forward slightly as he locked the wrist restraints to the sides of an almost waist high padded bench. The positioning of the wrists at the far end and sides of the bench caused Christina to bend at her waist and stretch her arms forward and down to the sides. The padded bench stopped just at her collarbone and shoulders. Then she felt her legs being spread and could see the bar being locked to her ankle restraints and then locked to the base of the bench to keep her feet and legs anchored in place. A leather blindfold soon was placed over her eyes.

As she stood there motionless, her heart began to pound. She could feel the excitement begin to grow deep within her, all anew. She could even feel her own pussy nectar completely drench her sheer panties and was starting to trickle down her thighs.


The sudden sound and tugging at her blouse made Christina realize her clothes were being ripped from her body, and the clicking sound must be the cameras catching every moment. Again and again she felt her garments being ripped from her body. Soon, she knew all too well she was stretched out before Doc completely nude, completely at his whim.

“All you have to do is say STOP. Once you do, we will not go any further and the session will be over.”

Christina felt almost compelled to yell out STOP. But instead, it was if her inner being was speaking for her. She heard herself say,

“Whatever you do, DON’T stop. I want it all. And please, before it’s over, fuck my ass like you did her. Please fuck my ass!”

Christina seldom talked like that, especially to a complete stranger. She had to know someone really well to feel comfortable talking dirty. But here she was, almost begging a stranger to fuck her ass; to have his way with her; any way he wished. And she was blatantly, no – wantonly, pleading with him to fuck her ass.

“Hmmmm, this will never do, Christina. First thing, I’m going to have to finish shaving you …. all of you. We need your ass and pussy completely visible to the cameras; those pinkish red, swollen lips looking so inviting and so sexy for the cameras. Perhaps a shot or two of your swollen clit as well. You seem to have done a pretty good job, but you didn’t get it all.”

Her thoughts were quickly interrupted as she felt a warm lather being applied, and then with each stroke of a razor, cool, fresh air hit her now bared skin. Her pussy nectar only added to the moisture. Soon, she knew she was completely shaven from her navel all the way back around her ass. It was just another rush of sexual adrenaline to keep her heart at the very peak. Her pussy nectar was flowing like a spigot had been left open.

Christina gasped when she felt Doc’s cock slide into her hot pussy. She had become so wet she could hear a muffled squishing sound as Doc begin to piston his cock in and out of her pussy. As he built up a steady tempo, Christina could feel his bulbous cock head rubbing against her G-spot. Gratifying tingles were racing from her pussy all up and down her spine.

Christina was concentrating on how good Doc’s cock felt in her pussy when she let out a guttural moan. Doc was sliding a lubed finger into her ass and began stroking in and out of her ass in unison with the motions of his cock in her pussy. As her excitement continued to build for what seemed like forever but was probably only 10 minutes, Christina hissed as a second lubed finger worked its way in to her ass, and again several minutes later when she felt the third finger. The three fingers stroked, twisted and slowly spread to stretch her open as Doc’s cock pistoned in and out of her blazingly hot pussy. This was almost too much at one time. Her head and her body were almost going into convulsions.

Suddenly she felt empty. Doc had removed his cock from her pussy and his fingers from her ass. Damn she was so close and now she was empty. She wanted more. Her body wanted more as well, her pelvis and buttocks were instinctively pushing back as best they could trying to recapture the invaders that had left so suddenly.

As her buttocks and pelvis pushed back again, she felt two lubed vibrators replacing Doc’s cock and fingers. The one in her pussy was about the same size as his cock. The one in her ass started out small but grew in width the more it was pushed into her. Christina felt completely filled. A wanton lust washed through her brain. She wanted everything Doc could give her. Most of all she wanted to cum!

Damn, she wanted to cum, and Christina knew she would very shortly, and probably several times over. She was in a new inner place now. The vibrators were beginning to cause that familiar feeling deep inside, along her spine. Doc’s hands were all over her. His lips, tongue, and teeth were devouring her … from her ears and nape of her neck, downward along her spine just to the base by her ass, along the soft tissue of the inner buttocks, downward still along her inner thighs and the soft recess of the backs of her knees, still further to her ankles and toes.

From the faint clicking in the background she knew the cameras were capturing everything she desired. She knew this was going to be wonderful. And, she knew she was going to cum, especially when he fucked her ass. She allowed herself to just enjoy, allowing the pleasure and excitement to overcome her. A squeal of delight was beginning to build deep within her.

She finally could take no more without her first release. Just as the head of his cock entered her ass and his fingers began to really stroke her clit – the double pleasure caused an involuntary squeal to erupt from deep within her. Her first cum was upon her like an avalanche of emotions and sensations combined! As she began to cum, Doc slid the entire length of his cock deep into Christina’s ass. His fingers must have been a blur on her clit. This all just accentuated her orgasm with even more explosions going off within her. This was a truly mind blowing cum. Only the first of many yet to cum before the session would be over!

As her first cum began to subside, she felt her blindfold being removed. It took a moment or two, but her eyes soon regained their focus. There, just inches from her face, stood another cloaked figure. The cloak was being parted and Christina could clearly recognize the gold jewelry of the pierced clitoral hood there before her. It was the model from the portfolio. The model’s hands tilted Christina’s head upward so it was aligned with her clit. The model inched closer and Christina momentarily hesitated. She normally just flat out refused to have sex with women. But somehow, this was different this time. Christina wanted to experience EVERYTHING that was being offered. So, instinctively she began to suckle the clit as the model fed it to her, trying to devour it with her tongue.

“Oh Doc … she is really sucking my clit. Fuck her ass hard like you did mine. Make her cum over and over as she eats me. I want to feed her my hot cunt and maybe even have her tongue fuck my ass!”

Christina could feel every vein of Doc’s cock ripple past the muscled opening of her ass. It seemed like Doc fucked her ass for hours, but she knew it could not been more than 20 or 30 minutes. She could feel the bulbous head of his cock begin to swell even larger. Christina knew Doc was going to cum in her ass. As his rhythm began to increase, Christina felt her own cum building again. Christina also felt the model’s ass being pressed back against her lips. Instinctively, Christina began to tongue fuck the model’s ass … savoring it as she did so. She could tell the model was finger fucking herself at the same time.

“Damn Doc, she can really tongue fuck me. She’s gonna make me cum. Fuck her ass Doc. Cum deep in her ass like you did mine. Then I want to see you feed her your sticky cock like you did me. Make her suck the last of your cum from your cock.”

Then Doc began to cum deep in her ass. His erupting cock sent wave after wave of hot cum coursing through her ass … and it ignited yet another cum for Christina. Christina began to scream and moan as her cum hit her again, but her sounds were muffled by the model’s ass as it was firmly pressed against Christina’s face and tongue. Christina went wild trying to moan and tongue fuck the model’s ass at the same time. Doc really pounded his cock in and out of Christina … his cum was cascading down her thighs. The model also began to moan as her cum hit her, and pressed her ass back even more onto Christina’s probing tongue.

Christina felt Doc slowly pull his still pulsing cock from her ass. The model also pulled away from Christina’s tongue. Before Christina could say a word, Doc had the still throbbing head of his cock at her lips. The model helped guide it into Christina’s mouth. As Christina sucked the last dribbles of cum from the head of Doc’s cock, the model licked the sticky cum from the shaft and from Doc’s balls. Christina watched as the model slipped first one, then two and finally three fingers into Doc’s ass and begin to slowly finger fuck his ass. As the two women continued to suckle and lick Doc’s cock, Christina and the model soon had Doc’s cock raging hard again.

“Put on that large Strap-on. I’m going to fuck your ass while you fuck Christina’s hot pussy. After she has cum that way, I want you to then fuck her tight ass. While you take her ass, I’m going to face fuck Christina. I want the cameras to capture her taking all my cum and swallowing every drop. These shots are going to be some of my best ever!”

Christina watched as the model slipped on the strap-on. It was as big as Doc’s cock, maybe even bigger. As she watched both Doc and the model disappear as they walked behind her, she could feel Doc’s cum oozing from her ass. It had trickled down over her cunt and was dripping off her clit. Christina then felt the head of the strap-on dildo being fed into her still convulsing pussy. She knew it was the model and her strap-on. Then she heard the model gasp and squeal. Christina had a mental image of Doc sliding his hard cock into the model’s ass. As Christina allowed herself to enjoy what was being given to her, her mind began to race with the words Doc had last spoken and mental images began to appear of just how everything was being caught by the cameras.

The erotic squeals of the model as her ass was being fucked echoed with her own as the model was driving her strap-on deep into Christina’s pussy. Christina smiled inwardly thinking, “Yes, these photos were indeed going to be HOT!” Her mind was beginning to reel from the erotic pleasure that was overtaking her. Christina’s fading thoughts were of how totally awesome and hot the pictures would look. If they were really as exciting as she thought they would be, there was “NO WAY” her ex would ever see any of them. These were to be hers! Maybe she could get Doc to take even more as she now had some new ideas of her own.

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