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The Usherette

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Cruise Ship Cinema was an older style movie theater that had been converted to a multiplex as best as the architecture of the antiquated building would allow. There were eight theaters and an oversized entry lobby. The projection loft was on a second floor that ran above the lower ceiling hall that separated the theaters into two banks of four.

It ran the entire length of the building and had visual access to all eight of the theaters. Cruise Ship was managed by a portly, Elmer Fuddish, man named, Mr. Puege. He always said, my name is Puege and it rhymes with huge but everyone who worked there had taken to calling him by his childhood nickname, Mister Pudge, and he accepted that.

“Tommi, can you and Valerie handle the late show and close up for me? I am coming down with something so I’ll make the deposit and go home to a lemon, and bourbon hot toddy and some sleep.”

“Sure, Mr. Pudge, We’ve got it under control. There are only three films running tonight. I can handle tickets and Val knows the projectors well enough. But I’ll go up and check on her as soon as the lobby clears.”

“Thanks, Tommi, you’re in command. What would I do without you?”

“Not to worry, Mr. Pudge.”

“In Command. Why that’s just my favorite place to be.” Tommi mouthed as she watched him lock his office and leave though the lobby. “…And the question is, what would I do with you?” Tommi knew by the way he flirted that he would be easy prey. She imagined him tied up to the thick rings in her bedroom doorjamb while she raised little red patches on his naked ass with her fly-swatter crop. Mr. Pudge turned back to wave goodbye and she shot him a smile. “Someday, Mr. Pudge,” she said, low enough that he probably heard, “goodbye, Mr. Pudge.”

Three wise guys almost knocked him over as they barged through the double doors into the lobby. They strode towards her, at the ticket counter, wisecracking and shoving each other. Tommi could smell the tangy aroma of alcohol and pot.

“Let’s see, what’s running Tonight, Darling.” The first of the three said, leering at her full breasts.

“Talk to the face ‘cause the tits don’t understand,” Tommi thought.

Tommi hated these pejoratives, Sweetie, Little Lady, Darling. She stood her ground while they ran their mouths, reading titles and show times. The lead man, “Mr. Cock of the walk,” was tall and wiry with a bad complexion that told it all. He was nothing of interest to her. The second, “The lieutenant,” was also of a type she disdained but the third guy, who hung back slightly, was another story. He was handsome with a good triangular build–nice shoulders and arms that showed in his sleeveless sweatshirt. His soft black hair set off well-defined features and bedroom eyes. He remained silent while the others continued to show off.

“Why don’t we go to three different flicks? Then we can compare notes later.” The other two consented. “I’ll take one for Master and Commander, Sweet Thang.”

Policy was that within ten minutes of starting time, even if only one person came in to see a film, they would start it. The person at tickets would call the projectionist and inform them to run that film.

“…And I’ll take one …adult ticket for …Elf.” The lieutenant snorted towards his accomplices as he spoke.

The dark one looked in her eyes when he stepped up. “One for Matrix…”

Tommi could tell he had “Please” on his lips but would never say it in front of the other two. She saw his unmistakable glance, first into her eyes then away when he saw the cool resolve there. Tommi rang up the tickets and slid them to them one at a time.

“Val, spool up, Crow, Elf and Reeves, we’ve got three patrons.” Tony spoke quietly into the wireless hand piece.

“Tommi, that’s six projectors. You know I’m new at this. Could you come up when you’re done and help me? You know, just to make sure I’m doing it right. Tommi, you wont tell Pudge, will ya?”

“Sure, Val, But your working up a pretty big debt.”

“I know. I’ll pay you back, …promise.”

Valerie had only been at Cruise Ship for a month but she had known Tommi since moving east from San Diego last summer. Tommi had helped her get the job. She also knew about Tommi’s Dominant lifestyle. She couldn’t wait to pry the details out of her about every new adventure Tommi had.

“No, Val, I mean like a weekend of, you be my sex slave, kind of pay.”

“Tommi, stop it will you.”

Tommi loved the idea of getting her payback. The thought of getting pretty Valerie Pacheco over her knee sent a shiver through her. She had been zeroing her sights in on her blond friend from the first day they met. She hung up and stepped the few paces to her right to sell the three musketeers over-salted popcorns and bucket sized sodas.

“Enjoy your movies, Gentlemen.”

Up in the Loft Val said, “Tommi, you have to see these assholes. First they had a popcorn fight in theater six; then they ran back and forth from theater to theater, now they’re sitting together in the matrix. I’ve got six projectors running with a handful in one theater and two or three in Master and Commander and these three jamokes in the Matrix Reloaded.”

“That’s five, dummy. Where’d you learn to count? You know you can use those pretty fingers for other things besides diddling yourself. Valerie.” Tommi loved to push Val’s buttons.

“Oh, yeah, there is that old guy sitting alone in the Meg Ryan movie. You know the one who always talks to you. I think he has a thing for you, Tommigirl.”

“Paleese, Give me a break. He’s older than my father. Hey, Valerie, your so curious maybe he’s the perfect guy to give you a good old fatherly spanking on that cute little badionka dionka of yours.”

“Tommi…stop it, will you.” A crimson hue spread up her cheeks.

Tommi grinned then looked through all the little windows into each theater to see for herself. A couple was making out in the back row of Master and Commander. Another two women were sitting up closer ogling Russell Crow, oblivious of the couple’s amorous activities.

“Jesus, Val, I think that chick’s giving her boyfriend a blow job down there.”

“Let___me___see___that.” Valerie syncopated her words with her steps as she rushed over to crowd Tommi at the little window. She shouldered up to her and Tommi stared at her profile while Valerie strained to see.

Where? I can’t see it.”

Tommi leaned back to give her room in front of her. Valerie’s blond hair fell forward revealing her long neck and Tommi leaned in close to take in her “Ralph.”

“Right there. He has the biggest cock I’ve ever…”

“No, Sir. They’re just kissing.” Tommi laughed and went over to the Matrix window,

“Would you look at them now. The idiots are playing with laser lights. That’s it. I’m going down right now.”

Tommi tugged her red vest, tightened her Black bowtie and started down to the theaters. She was dressed in black under her vest and tie as requested by management. She knew the bowtie was a way of management controlling the girls from wearing open and revealing blouses.

“I have to speak with you gentlemen about your behavior. First of all, you purchased tickets for three different movies and now you are sitting in one while the other two are running empty. Second, you were running from theater to theater. Third, you’ve made a mess in here. And now you’re sitting down here flashing your little laser key rings at the screen.”

The three smirked at her. Ringleader said, “I paid for my ticket and I don’t see anyone complaining, so fuck off, Sis.”

Tommi steamed up at this. “Consider this your first and last warning. One more thing and you are out of here. I am shutting off the other two projectors, so enjoy your movie boys.”

“We didn’t buy tickets for this show. Jason’s the only one who wanted to see Matrix.

“Yeah, I wanted to see Elf,” the second one with the bad complexion whined in a falsetto.

“Sorry Gentlemen, but the other two projectors are off and theater policy is that they can’t be started more than ten minutes after show time.”

The second spoke up now, “Then I want my money back. I didn’t pay for this stupid movie so give me my muthafucking money back.”

“Alright, anyone who has a problem with this, come back to the ticket counter and I’ll give you your refund.” Tommi turned heel and strode back out of the dark theater.

It was a half hour before the two came out of the theater towards Tommi.

“Okay, Miss Biatch, we want our money back.”

“Alright, Is it just the two of you then?”

Yeah, Jason was the only one who wanted to see the Matrix in the first place, so give us our refunds.”

“Here you are, Gentlemen, two comp tickets for another show of your choice…except on special features and opening nights. I’m also supposed to give you a voucher for popcorn and a drink but considering you made such a mess with yours Tonight—fogetaboutit.”

“Wait a minute, you said refunds. We want our seven fifty back.”

“You boys just seem to keep bumping into theater policy. You only get cash if you request it before a half hour into the film.”

“You are a cunt aren’t you?”

Tommi had had it. Leveling her piercing dark eyes on numero uno she said, “I am sorry you are disappointed with this arrangement.”

She then slowly ripped the tickets in half and dropped them into the trash slot.

“Now leave before I push the panic number. The cops will be here before you get to your car. Or at least before you’re out of the lot and that red Mustang with the “JRKBOY” vanity plate will be an easy car to spot. I’ve done it before and they don’t even ask questions anymore.”

The lead man looked like he would take a swing. But Tommi held firm and gave them a cool, Eastwood in “The Unforgiven,” stare.

“And before you begin the insults I know you’re forming in the littler of your two brain cells—you know the one in your head not the one between your legs– let me make this perfectly clear; just one more fucking word and I call.”

This stopped him and he glared at her but Tommi just held up the phone.

“So, what’s it going to be, limp dick?”

<> <> <>

Jason sat uncomfortably in the middle row of the theater with his feet up on the rail. He couldn’t concentrate on the film. He kept thinking about his friends.

“What a couple of A-1 air holes,” he thought. This was the last he’d see of them. He was mortified by his friends’ behavior. “…And that usherette…he’d never seen anyone put them to bed with so little fuss. “She was so fucking hot.”

He also thought about the look she had given him when he bought his ticket. Glancing behind to make sure he was still alone in the theater, Jason undid his buckle. He pulled his zipper down and slid his pants down on his tanned thighs. He thought about the look in her green eyes when she faced them down. His cock was hardening now in his popcorn oil greased hand and he started to stroke himself more vigorously.

Valerie was squeezing the mound between her own legs while she watched Jason masturbating. She couldn’t see his cock but it was perfectly clear what he was doing. She picked up the phone.

“TommeeeGirl, guess what this guy’s dooooinnnng now.”

With his feet braced against the railing and his back against his seat back Jason was close to coming. Between the thunderous soundtrack and the blood pounding in his ears he couldn’t hear Tommi side-stepping down his isle. Just as his orgasm overtook him Tommi blinded him with the flashlight beam. There was no stopping it now and his ropey surges of semen shot into the dividing isle in front of him. Her perfect timing delighted her; to say nothing of the distance Jason shot the first two or three spurts.

Pulse after pulse shot from Jason’s penis, arced onto and over the railing. When his fantastic display subsided and he slumped back in his seat, Tommi spoke.

“Very nasty, you little perve. And if you think I’m going to clean up this mess, you really are insane.”

Jason bolted up out of his seat and tried to pull his pants back up in the harsh wash of the Mag-Light.

“Stop! Stay as you are, Perve boy.” She tossed him a roll of paper towels. “Leave the pants around your ankles, get down on your hands and knees in the isle and start cleaning up your mess.”

Jason didn’t mumble an apology; he didn’t protest at all. He just let his pants fall, scooted awkwardly under the railing and started cleaning up his cum from the carpet. Tommi stood a step above illuminating the dollops of his pearly cum in the flashlight beam. They seemed to glow in the dark. She also shined the light on his tight little ass every time he turned away from her.

“This is too good to be true,” she thought. “An empty theater, a cute subbie boy, so vulnerably exposed to me, and as much time as I want.

“…Atta boy, clean every sticky drop and when you’re through climb back up hear and scrub this railing.” With the light in his eyes he couldn’t see the glint in hers. Tommi was tingling all over but the advantage of the light gave her time to compose her plan.

When Jason was almost finished with the carpet, Tommi, lost in her lustful impatience, stopped him.

“That’s enough. Start on the railing now, Sweet Thang.”

“Your name is Jason, right? Well Jason, when I laid eyes on you I had a hunch you would be the co-operative type.”

“Yes….Mamm. I am sorry to have caused this much trouble.”

“You can call me, Tommi…Miss …Mistress Tommi.” Facing her now with the railing separating them he began cleaning the pipe.

“Say it, Jason.” And she slapped him across his face. “I want to see how it sounds rolling off your tongue.”

“Yes, Mistress Tommi.” The slap shocked more than hurt but it brought him to attention like a Buddhist novitiate.

He returned to cleaning the handrail. Tommi slowly played the light from his face down his lean body and spotlighted his erection. With the light now out of his face, Jason could see her better. She was beautiful and her body was full and curvy. He saw the determined lust in Tommi’s eyes and it only made him want to obey her more.

I think you are enjoying this cleaning detail, Jason. This cock of yours looks as hard as that steel pipe.”

“Yes, …Mistress Tommi. I am at your service.”

“Why don’t you climb back under the rail and work from this side?”

Jason slid under the railing again. With his hard cock and his pants around his ankles it presented an amusing sight for Tommi. She softened a little with his acquiescence. She placed her hand at the small of his back and slid it up under his sweatshirt. She pushed the loose garment further up his back, revealing more of his admirable build. Jason mistook this for a sign that things were going to change from her dominant behavior to something more amorous. He stopped cleaning the rail and arched his back to bring the back of his head in contact with Tommi’s shoulder. He was right about change but wrong about the direction.

“Ahhh, that is so sweet, Jason.” She leaned in close to his ear and, pushing down on his back, whispered very steadily, “Now bend right down over that rail, Jasey, and grab your ankles. We’ve just begun.”

She lightly rubbed the backs of his thighs, “Good legs, Jase, and what a sweet ass.” Tommi cupped each of his tight cheeks and then began to spank him lightly. Jason jolted at the first few spanks then began to squirm. When she knew the pleasure was just beginning to turn to a sting Tommi began to increase her strength and regulate the blows. Jason began to writhe and the top of his stiffened cock rubbed and bumped against the underside of the steel railing.

“That’s a good boy, Jason. You seem to know how to take a good spanking. Done this before? Hmmm…” Three hard slaps brought him back.

“Yessss, Ma Mamm…” Two more stinging blows.

“Mistress Tommi.”–Two more—harder now.

“Yes what, Jase…” Tommi now cooing to him and trailing her dark nails over the reddened surfaces she had been attending. “You have been spanked before?

“Relaxing a bit now, he answered her, “…not…by someone else.”

Tommi smiled at the thought of him spanking his own tight little bottom. She continued to offer him some relief while she spoke softly in his ear.

“Then this must be a real turn on for you–to have your Mistress spank you.”

She slid her left hand around the front of his thigh and felt his cock. It was pulsing.

“You’re nice and hard, Jason—maybe you’re even ready to cum again. Do you want to cum for me again?”

“Yes, Mistress Tommi…thank you for this”

She enveloped his hardness in her left hand and knifed her right between his cheeks. This brought a groan from Jason.

“Ever been probed here, Jase,” her middle finger poking into him sharply.

“Noooo, …never there.” Tommi held his cock against the cold steel pipe while she probed him deeply.

“I want you right on the edge, lover boy. But don’t you dare cum until I give you my permission. Understand!” and she twisted her finger in a reaming motion.”

Valerie was glued to her spot at the window above. Her hand was down the front of her skirt and inside her leggings cupping her crotch while she watched her mentor below. She inserted her middle finger into her wet pussy and began to squirm. She knew about Tommi’s predilection for domination. She knew all about these kinky things people did from the Internet but had never seen anything like this in “the flesh”. Close to reaching her own orgasm, she heard her name being called.

“Val, stop playing with yourself up there and come down here. It’s time you learned something really useful in the movie business.”

Valerie almost toppled over backwards when she realized Tommi knew she was watching. She straightened her clothes and ran down the stairs to the theater. On her way through the lobby she turned down the lights so no one would notice they were still in the Cruise Ship after the last shows had ended.

“Come over here, Val,” Tommi said, as Val entered the isle from the other end. I want to teach you a little something.”

Valerie couldn’t even protest. She was so mesmerized by the sight of Tommi perched on the seat beside this naked man. Jason’s shirt was bunched around his neck and partially covering his head, his pants were now down around his sneakers and Tommi had his cock in her left hand and her middle and index fingers deep inside his rectum.

“Val, this is Jason. Jason say hello to Valerie.”

Jason didn’t acknowledge Valerie so Tommi probed his ass deeper and twisted her hand.

“Jason, you aren’t being polite to my assistant.”

Writhing on Tommi’s hand, Jason groaned and hello to Valerie. He was mortified, on the edge of coming again and so turned on by his predicament. Tommi removed her fingers from his ass and let go of his cock. Telling Jason to remain as he was, Tommi turned her attention to Valerie.

“Val, Jason has been helping me clean up the sticky mess he made of the theater.”

“I can see that, Tommi.” Val couldn’t take her eyes off Jason’s ass. His rectum was opened and his cheeks and the backs of his thighs were crimson.

“Valerie, sit down right here behind Jason.”

“Tommi, I can’t”

Tommi knew that Val didn’t have much sex experience of this kind and she was determined to corrupt her little girl next-door demeanor.

“Sit Down, Valerie.” And she leaned into Val’s ear and whispered to her.

“Valerie, You are in this as deep as I am. Now sit the fuck down and do exactly as I say. Besides this guy is cute and very willing. It’s time you saw how the other half live”

Valerie sat in the soft theater seat directly behind Jason.

“Feel the backs of his thighs, Val. He’s so tight”

Tommi was speaking in a sweet tone but her eyes blazed into Valerie’s. Val was so excited she couldn’t breath as she lifted her shaking hands from the arms of her seat. She placed her hands on the outsides of Jason’s thighs just below his ass.

“Don’t be shy, girl, Jason loves it. Dontcha, Jasey?”

“Yes, Mistress Tommi, I love it.”

Even Jason seemed to be egging her on. He seemed to move his ass back a little closer to Valerie. It didn’t take much more encouragement before Valerie, with a glazed look in her eyes, was fondling the naked boy’s ass and thighs. His flesh was hot.

“Stand up, Jason, and take that stupid shirt off.”

Jason did as Tommi told him and stood with his belly rubbing against the railing. Val took hold of his buns and felt the hardness there as the boy squeezed his muscles tighter.

“Step out of those pants so you can spread your legs for the nice girl, Jase.”

Valerie placed her hands on the backs of Jason’s thighs. Tommi told her to feel his cock and she slid her hands between his legs and felt his balls and grasped his stiff cock.

“Valerie, have you ever had a man like this? Do you want to see his cock? Would you like to feel it in your mouth?”

“mmmm, He’s so hard and his balls are so big and they’re hanging so low.”

“That’s because he’s holding a great big load, Val. Turn around for Valerie, Jason, and show her what you have for her.”

Jason turned slowly and stood between Val’s knees. His cock was engorged with it’s reddened helmet right within her reach. Valerie cupped his balls with one hand and wrapped the fingers of her other hand around his dick. She timidly began to stroke him.

“Be careful, Val, he doesn’t have much holding power left and I want you to take him in your mouth.

“Absolutely not, Tommi. I am not going to suck his cock.” But as she continued to stroke the boy’s rigid member her words trailed off and she moved forward to sheath his beautiful cock in her mouth.

<> <> <>

The last show to end that night was “In The Cut,” an S&M thriller with Meg Ryan. Charles Dumont had been the only on in the theater. When the film ended he hadn’t waited for the credits to finish. He’d just left and, as he usually did, poked his head into some of the other theaters on his way out to see if he could catch an ending. When Valerie had checked his theater she didn’t see him because he was in a theater she had already checked. So she thought he had left the Cruise Ship. Dumont had heard the ruckus in the Matrix and had slipped quietly in the door. The sight he saw in the center of the theater had astounded him. Right there as the film was ending, Tommi, the Usherette with whom he had a casual friendship was spanking a poor guy doubled over the hand railing in the center of the empty theater. Dumont was not unfamiliar with the D/s world, having been a player for years. He knew Tommi was a Domina from chats with her on the Internet. Dumont crept along the entry ramp till his eyes were just over the floor of the second bank of seating and directly in line with the aisle where the action was happening. He had watched the spanking with interest. He was delighted with Tommi’s command of the scene. When she had begun to jerk her boy off and probe his anis with her fingers Dumont had reached for his own zipper. Then Tommi called out to the second Usherette in the projection booth and he slipped out of the theater and into the men’s room next-door. He waited till he heard her hurried entrance and crept back in to watch the ending of this unexpected show.

“That’s it, suck him off and swallow every drop. I don’t need any more sticky mess in here to clean up.”

Tommi fondled Jason’s tight ass with one hand and stroked Valerie’s long hair with the other as she goaded Valerie on. She could feel each of them as they synced their movements towards Jason’s explosion.

“Val, you just love to suck his cock, you little hussy. Dontcha?

Valerie only slurped and moaned like she was eating an oversized Popsicle. Jason was leaning back, hands gripping the rail, head thrown back, eye closed and fucking Valerie’s whole head now.

“Come on, Jasey. You have my permission. Shoot your big load for my pretty Usherette.”

“ARRRGGG” Jason bowed his body and thrust his arrow deep into the usherette’s throat. His cum must have been sizable because Valerie made a commendable effort for the first spurts but her eyes panicked as she realized he was far from empty.

“Don’t you dare spill a drop, Val. Take all his sweet cum. It’s hot isn’t it”

Valerie didn’t answer but she lived up to here namesake, making a Valiant effort. She had made it through the first hot gushes and was now sucking the poor Jason’s still hard cock inside out. She finished with tears in her eyes; lavishly licking and kissing the flesh instrument that had given her so much pleasure.

Just as they began to come down from this flight they were all shocked by the sharp sound of someone slowly clapping his hands.

“Who the fuck are…”Tommi was the first to respond. She was livid at this surprise intrusion but as she recognized the silhouette standing at the end of the aisle she relaxed.

“Dumont! How long have you been here?”

“Well, Tommigirl, pretty much for the whole affair and let me add, I’ve enjoyed it.”

Tommi walked up to him and kissed him on the cheek. The other two, who were not at all comfortable with this new development, watched as the two whispered together for a few moments. Tommi then turned to them with a wicked grin.

“Jason; Valerie, this is my friend, Dumont. He is going to join us for the next act.”

Dumont stepped right in, speaking to the second usherette, “Valerie, Tommi tells me you have been …curious. Well, I think it’s time you had some experience. Stand up, Val.”

“…I’m sorry but if you think I’m going to let you…” Valerie said from her seat.

“Up on your feet, Valerie,” Tommi said, “You’ve been naughty and Dumont is just the man to spank that round bottom.”

Neither Tommi nor Dumont weakened at Valerie’s attempt to protest. Dumont took her hand and urged her to her feet. He placed his left hand on her tummy and his right on the small of her back.

“Yes, Valerie, You have been naughty and this is something you deserve. Now are you ready for your initiation,” his hand now sliding down over her plump behind.

Valerie lowered her head and sniffled. “Fuck you, Tommi”

Dumont held his hand on her ass and spoke softly to her now. “Have you ever been spanked before?”

“…No Sir.”

“Well then this is all the better. You have been waiting for this a long time, haven’t you? Dumont lifted his hand away from her ass.

Well, Valerie? Have you?

Valerie nodded, no, with her chin to her breast. And Dumont spanked her once and allowed his hand to remain where it landed. He rubbed the backs of her thighs through her black skirt and then spanked her a few more times.

“You know your Father would be very upset if he knew how you have been behaving Tonight?” And he spanked her harder now. She nodded and he spanked her two more times–harder again.

“Turn around Valerie, kneel on the chair seat.” She did as told. Kneeling on her seat cushion, erect posture, with her hands resting on the top edge of the seat back.

Dumont reached into the row behind her and pushed the seat cushion down.

“Now bend right over the seatback and grab those armrests.”

Valerie reached for the armrests in the row behind enjoying the anticipation of what was to happen. She couldn’t believe she was in this predicament but with her ass up and her shoulders lowered and Jason’s cum drying on her chin she felt right somehow.

“That’s a good, Kitty, ” Dumont enjoyed the view–her short black skirt riding high exposing her firm thighs.

“Meooow…Ouch!” Dumont spanked her hard just as she began her sarcastic response.

As he spanked her he saw the dampness on her leggings between her legs. Dumont knew exactly what she was feeling and just as she began to turn her ass away from his stinging slaps he stopped and slid his fingers beneath the waistband.

“You know you are going to get a good bare bottom spanking tonight in front of your friends?”

Dumont didn’t wait for her answer. He slowly began to slide the material down her cheeks. When he got them below her upper thighs he was delighted by the pink hue her cheeks had already taken on. The white flesh of the backs of her thighs and the reddened cheeks against the black, ribbed material was inspiring.

Tommi shook her head and sat down in one of the theater seats. She kicked off her shoes, opened her pants and shimmied out of them. Then she pulled Jason out of his trance and over in front of her.

“Get on your knees,” she rasped as she opened her labia with her fingers. “Lick me, Jason. Fuck me with your tongue.”

Falling to his knees, Jason lowered his hungry mouth over her sex. And with his ears nestled between Tommi’s powerful thighs, her humid lust drowned out the sounds of Dumont’s stinging slaps on Val’s bared bottom.

Dumont stopped spanking Valerie and began to caress her heated ass. He trailed his fingers between her open thighs and felt how wet the second Usherette she had become.

“Sooo wet, Valerie. Do you want to come now?”

Hearing Dumont’s words, Tommi laced her fingers into Jason’s soft black hair and tightened her fists. She rode his face hard.

Valerie’s inhaled “yeeehissss… pleeeeassse” spurred Dumont on. He buried his fingers inside her and she writhed back.

“Yesss, Jason, don’t stop. That’s it …Don’t Stop. Don’t Stop. Don’t Stop.”

Valerie’s sensual hisses and yelps and Tommi’s taunts and moans mingled together and Dumont felt himself hardening. But he knew he would receive his reward at another time, in another way; he knew how to keep things in order. The two Usherettes came at the same time.

The four of them sat in a row in alternating seats—boy, girl, boy, girl. They were spent and dazed. Dumont, at the end, lit a cigarette and pulled a long drag. Tommi took it from his hand. “Sorry, Sir Dumont, there is no smoking in the theater.” And she took a drag and passed it down the line; Valerie declined. A peaceful spell enveloped them. But it was soon to be broken.

<> <> <>


Valerie, Jason, Tommi, and Dumont all heard the outer theater doors slam. Then they heard the drunken slurred yells. Each jumped up and hurried to straighten out there closes.



Jason’s friends had debated about going back after him at the bar near building 19. Their humiliation at Tommi’s hand had increased their thirst and by the time they had decided on the noble thing to do–Kick some ass—they had gotten to drunk and sloppy to carry out the stealth rescue mission they had imagined.

“Follow me. I know what to do with these assholes,” Tommi hissed as she ducked the rail and ran down the aisle towards the screen. They ducked under the glowing red EXIT sign.

“There’s an employee’s fire stairway back up to the projection loft. We can head up to the booth and come down the front stairs to the lobby and head them off. But we have to get something up there first.”

Tommi had jumped into action so quickly that no one questioned her plan. Up in the booth she barked orders.

“Dumont, check on those guys and tell me what they’re doing. Jason, go into the janitor’s closet there and grab a mop and a bucket, and some other cleaning supplies. AND, EVERYBODY BE FUCKING QUIET,” she pantomimed as if she was yelling. She told Valerie to go into the locker room, and what exactly she needed from there.

“Meet me in the lobby as fast as you can.” As soon as everyone was in action she reached for the receiver in her belt holster.

The two wise guys had clowned around in the theater for a few minutes snickering at their own ineptitude. Lieutenant went into the exit corridor at the front of the theater to see if anyone was out there.

From out in the corridor he said, “I told you nobody would be here.”

When he came back he stopped under the EXIT sign.

“Now what the fuck do we do? What are you doing?”

Ringleader man was standing at the railing in the center of the theater.

“What the fuck is this? There are paper towels all over here and isn’t this Jason’s shirt?”

They both headed out of the theater and down the long hall towards the lobby checking each theater as they went. When they rounded the corner four policemen were standing in the center of the lobby with their guns drawn. There were two cop cars out side the glass doors of the theater —parked at angles to the doors with their blue and white strobes turning everything into a cold, sobering scene. Resigned to their fate, they looked around the lobby. Tommi was standing at the ticket counter with the receiver in her hand. She held it at ear height just to make her point. Valerie was standing behind the candy counter as if she was restocking. There was an older man they hadn’t seen before in Latex gloves shoveling out the popcorn into garbage bags. And outside the glass doors there was another guy with his back to them mopping the sidewalk. They were all wearing red Cruise Ship vests only the guy mopping didn’t have a shirt on under his.

“You Gentlemen can come with us co-operatively or we will bring you out another way; it’s your choice.” They were ushered out through the doors, past the guy mopping and into the two waiting cars.

After the doors were all slammed shut Jason turned towards the cars. Lieutenant was slumped down in his seat with his head down. But in the other car, Ringleader was violently mouthing a string of expletives at him. His spittle spotting the glass as the cars rolled off.

L O Reins

Occasionally I write stories for my friends. This story was written for a new friend, Tommigirl who works at a movie theater. It is all fiction. I hope you enjoyed reading it and that you will vote and send feedback. We writers depend on your votes and love to hear your thoughts. I’ll answer even if you burn me down but, in that case, it might just be moans of pain.

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