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Cyber Lover

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The following is a true story, based on actual events…well, some of the facts are actually as they truly happened, and some events are based on my lustful imagination. Chris is completely real, and as true as any cyber lover can be: and Dora, as many of you know personally, lives life as honestly as small, rectangular hippy glasses will permit her to be. I would caution any of you out there to be suspicious of any lovers you may meet on the Net, they may not be an honest-to-goodness Chris….so, make sure you verify that you have found…the real Dude…..

Dora could not believe it was possible to fall in love without ever setting eyes on a man. But she had! Or maybe it was only lust and passion, but cyber chats with Chris had turned to cyber horniness, then cyber sex. Dora knew of many times that Chris egged her on, “tell me more”, he would beg, while she sat on-line with Instant Messenger 300 miles away, describing for him what she would do to him if he were in the same room with her.

“when ur going to come pounce on me? He he”

“oooohhhhhhh I’d love to be stalked babe..when ya gonna cum get me”

Dora knew she made him hot and horny, Chris told her his cock hardened the moment he saw her logon on an incoming “instant” message. He logged everyone else off, stripped off his pants and jockey shorts and settled in to see where Dora’s active imagination would take him.

“babe, I’m naked rite now for you?”

She made him hotter and harder as she described blindfolding him, taking his penis (now hard as his own hand pumped it in exactly the way he liked it best) roughly in her hands, squeezing him tightly, while she promised (on-line) to suck and bite at his nipples. God, Dora loved those long pauses, after these narratives because she knew what kept his fingers from the keyboard.

Chris sat in his lonely little house, across the state, staring at her pink transmission, reading and re-reading her message, pumping his cock harder as her words suggested her hands on his cock and her teeth nipping at his chest. His penis hardened to the point that cum coated the thick, purple head and she instructed him to “cum for me, right now, you buffed stud, you!” Then his eyes closed, as her words conjured the image his cock most needed, as he grasped his penis tighter, squeezed the head tighter, pleasure overwhelmed him, and he ejaculated cum over his belly and chest.

Hey, babe, she typed, let me know when you open your eyes and see this!

Dora knew how he had described himself the first time they had chatted on line,

“just a 29 y/o single guy in M_ _ _ _ _ _ , submissive, sweet, like it rough at times, LOVE dominate women, very very well buffed…”

God, he sounded so perfect! Dora was half in love with him from the very first chat, but his sexy talk never waned. In fact, there was a common theme; and getting together, in person for sex, sex, sex was the common thread in Chris’ chats.

“..i’m telling you, Dora, you need to live out your fantasies with me…you’d LOVE me, and I’d be a very willing victim. Imao….i’m only 3 hrs away…”

Dora knew this was her dream lover. She dreamed nightly of his muscular arms wrapped around her breasts, his thick, muscled thigh wedged between her legs, slowly, roughly masturbating her clit as his curly haired chest kept her back warm all through the night.

“..i like the idea of a women being in my house, cuffing me against my will, teasing me for hours, then eventually mounting me..”

“..i’d let you violate me 20 different ways”

It was an offer Dora wasn’t prepared to ignore, for long. Chris made several offers designed to make their first meeting safe and secure for Dora, but not really thinking of his own safety. He had never given Dora his real name or his address, assuming his protection was in Dora’s ignorance. Rather a mistake there…trusting in Dora’s ignorance: she didn’t have much of that.

“…I love aggressive women (even bordering on mean and sadistic, in a sexually-charged way). LOL”

Chris, in a moment of overwhelming lust, when he was just dying to hear her voice, her accent, had given Dora his phone number. The deep, sultry whisper was even more erotic than he had ever anticipated that it could be.

“If I’m lying there prone, I imagine she can touch anything…bite my nipples, and my balls…I’m sensitive all over”.

Certainly, that private information was worth a minute danger that she might begin calling at an inopportune moment, thoughts of Fatal Attraction did momentarily drift across his consciousness. Chris assumed if she called him, then at least he would have her call back phone number and he would still have his anonymity. If she did begin to harass him, he could always block her phone number: potential problem solved.

But Dora blocked her phone number from his caller ID, so he could not contact her directly. More than that, Dora was not the computer dodo she had often times presented herself to be. Dora surfed the net, dug on the net and constantly chatted on the net. One thing she knew how to do on the net was find things on the net…and those things meant finding people, too. With his phone number and a couple of free websites, one with a reverse directory, Dora had Chris’ whole name and his home address, in about four and a half minutes!

“…it would be so erotic, I think..just to have a women chewing on me…I wouldn’t demand anything..i’d be the plaything/toy…yeah I would love that”

Wow, wow, wow! Dora could not wait any longer. She had Chris’ address and a detailed map right to his front porch, courtesy of another free web site. She knew a great deal about his weekday schedule, when he got home from work, when he left for the gym (he had signed off on her at the same time on every chat) and what time he was due back from the gym. That schedule gave her an exact window of opportunity and Dora had decided that Thursday was to be her day of opportunity.

” I’m very powerfully built, 188#, 50″ chest and 30″ waist, huge shoulders and chest.. bench press 300lbs”

Wow, how big are you?, Dora had asked him on the IM.

“seven…seven and half inches”


“Three inches around”

Wow, Dora knew it was the thickness that really determined how nicely stretched her virgina would be, how big and spongy that his penis head would be in her mouth. Chris was irresistible.

“I find older women very, VERY sexy. I’ve never been dominated by one! That turns me on to no end.”

Dora set off right on time, and arrived exactly when she needed to. It was just before she usually signed on with Chris. She had sent him a delayed message to be delivered right about now, telling him, ‘ sorry, Dude, I won’t be on-line tonight. I have a very important date with destiny”.

She watched him come out of the house with an athletic bag and get into a late model compact. Dora sat in her car across the street with her eyes popping out of her head! God, he was gorgeous! Just exactly as he had described himself. Dora was going to have sooooooooo much fun tonight.

“..i’d even tell u where the key to my house is, so u can let urself in. LOL”

“..i’d let you violate me 20 different ways”.

It was a common theme with Chris; he really, really wanted to be taken. And, incidentally, Dora remembered exactly where he told her the key would be.

Dora waited till his car was out of sight, let herself and her bag inside. It was just about dusk so she didn’t need a flashlight. She looked around, found a closet that looked comfortable and settled down with her dinner, and her specific plans for the evening.

“OMG you tease. Ur killing me. Sure u can’t come to M_ _ _ _ _ _?”

“pls…pretty please with my big cock to tempt u?”

Chris came back later, moved about the house, but then shut off all the lights except in the bedroom. He stripped off all his clothes, Dora missed seeing that, and then heard him in the attached bathroom. He didn’t bother to shut the door, so she could hear him pee (nothing else there, thank goodness), shower, then slap nosily into the darkened bedroom. Dora was standing against the wall on the opposite side of the bed from where Chris had re-entered his bedroom.

“..i’d loved to be voyeured.. picking stuff up around.. my balls dangling between my legs.”

Chris stopped in his tracks, still as a statue, he had not seen Dora yet, but he had sensed a presence in his room. “Freeze, don’t move a muscle”, Dora demanded of him. He obeyed, immediately recognizing her voice. His cock recognized her voice as well. His cock, while still pointed downward, thickened and no longer flapped against his thighs. His eyes glittered with the possibilities.

“You will do exactly what I say tonight, exactly when I say to do it, or I will walk out your door and you will never see me again. I will not talk to you again. I will not accept your emails or Messages.”

“Do you understand me, Dude?”

“Yeah, I sure do,” he stood there, a small smile on his face, while his body continued to react on its own. He had been fantasizing about this, but had no clue Dora would really pull it off!

” Well, then, drop that towel so I can really see what I am getting myself into. And walk slowly to the bed. Remember. I want to see what you look like, but be prepared to obey!”

He grinned now, like an insolent boy that was about to get away with something naughty. His cock now stood nearly straight out from his body, his nipples nicely pebbled, his thighs as firmly muscled as she had been led to expect. He was so buffed, and having just come from the gym, his whole body glowed with strength. Strength Dora had at her command. Yum, very delicious.

He walked slowly to the bed, as ordered. Put both hands and one knee on the mattress, to climb up on it, when Dora ordered, “freeze”. She walked from her place on the other side of the bed, around behind Chris; she wanted so much to see his backside. She stood a moment, with him bent over, his glorious ass flexed, she could see his balls hanging down between his legs. His balls were thick and well rounded, like every part of him seemed to be.

Dora moved forward and placed both hands on his ass, like she had been dreaming about doing so often. The muscles under her fingers flexed, and released, then flexed again, she heard a deep sigh from his lips, but he did not pull away from her. She rubbed slowly up and down, as she had longed to do with numerous other men, but had had no access or permission. She knew Chris would allow her to do all that she wanted to do. Dora’s fingers caressed around his cheeks, a nice round bubble butt, then into the crack, rubbing even on his anus, rubbing particularly right there. He sighed again, more loudly.

“Do you want more?” she asked, “Do you want me to do exactly what I want?”

“Yes”, Chris groaned loudly, “yeah, do me”.

“On the bed…on your back”, she ordered, “put you hands through the slats in the headboard. I want you to hold on tight and do not let go unless I tell you to!”

As he scrambled to comply, Dora followed him up onto the bed, positioning herself between his spread legs. They had fantasized about this together, so he knew what she might want and what she might do, but she did have a surprise or two in store for him.

“Raise your knees”, she told him, “I want the bottoms of your feet resting on the mattress. I want to be able to reach as much of your body as possible.” At the same time she was continually running her hands all over his crotch, his arousal was wonderful to behold!

His penis fully erect, and his balls plump but against his body as his scrotum tightened up in arousal. Dora knew what she most wanted. He had said he rarely came when being sucked off because girls rarely got enough friction or suction for his arousal, but Dora knew how she wanted to take things, and he might cum or he might not; but she knew he was in for a red hot ride!

She only had a kimono on, so was quickly naked as she flung it across the room. She rubbed her big, naked breasts around his legs, letting them rest on Chris’ smooth thighs. His breathing was ragged, and he sighed often.

Dora stretched up the length of him, letting her tits and her hardened nipples rake across his sensitive belly, then up till she took one of his tightly puckered nipples in her mouth. She totally loved it when a man’s nipples were sensitive, as so few men’s were; but Dora already knew that Chris’ were. She had been so looking forward to playing with them, and she did, for twenty minutes or more. She sucked on each nipple numerous times, licking and biting the tip. Yanking and pulling the nipple that wasn’t in her mouth. Squeezing his chest till he moaned loudly and bucked his hips at her.

But his moaned words were always “more, oh yeah, a little bit more, honey”.

His bucking hips drove his long, hard erection into her belly. Dora just had to get herself some of that! She scooted back down his body and licked the bulbous head, shiny but not leaking cum yet. She began a rhythm she was particular fond of, her lips tight together as pushed down over the head, only an inch or two down the shaft, squeezing the shaft tightly, then sucking hard as she lifted her mouth almost all the way off, at the last moment, gently raking her teeth over the slit.

Chris gave a low yell, the first time her teeth raked him. But he was still moaning for more, so Dora did it again and again.

While she was sucking on his cock, though, she was also reaching her right hand down, down into the crack of his ass. Her fingers were lightly lubricated, so after massaging his asshole a few times, she slowly began to slip it into his virgin hole.

He moaned a time or two and asked her to quit,that he wasn’t sure he really wanted to try this kind of penetration. Dora knew these here only token protests; it was simply a feeling he wasn’t used to yet, and not moans of pain, at all. When he had allowed her to fully penetrate him a time or two (all the while she was still sucking his cock, vigorously) she then began to insert a different finger in his ass. Her index finger was particularly long, and Dora had slipped a magic sheath on that finger. The sheath was a thin, ridged and prickly latex vibrator sleeve which she had coated not lube but with Nympho’s Desire, cream guaranteed to increase the sensations in his rectum. This she inserted and rubbed inside him till she felt the little round almond shaped bump inside him.

This organ inside his ass she rubbed gently back and forth but with increasing pressure, while immediately increasing the sucking on his cock, gripping the shaft with all the might she had in her left hand. To this combined onslaught, Chris was powerless to resist the eruption churning, seeking emanate release. His hips bucked, as Dora rubbed just a bit harder on his prostrate, Chris began to shout as his release shot first at the back of Dora’s throat, then across his belly three or four times, when she released the head of his cock.

Dora lifted her eyes and looked at Chris’ face for the first time in almost an hour. His eyes were closed, his face blissful, though his chest still heaved as his lungs sought get enough air in his body after the shouting he had been doing.

Dora watched him a moment more, thinking two things to herself: she had only laid eyes on him an hour ago and she had not yet kissed him. She knew she would have to fix that last omission; after all, Chris had really earned it.

Hope you liked this..tell all your friends, please vote well..and vote often… as my ego does bear some resemblance to Dora’s..

PS- Wish me well with the real Chris.. I kind of forgot to tell him I would be sharing this with everyone…oh, well.

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