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Rani and Her Hidden Treasures

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1. Watching Rani reach.

It all started innocently enough as far as I was concerned. I would stop at a gas station on my way to work and pick up the morning paper and a cup of coffee. The only reason I began stopping at this particular place was that it was easy to get in and out of. The reason I continued to go there was Rani.

Rani worked the cash register on weekdays. She was a very pleasant, albeit shy, young woman who had recently come to America from India and was studying at the State University in the city. Rani was about 20 years old and wore glasses. She wore her hair pulled back and had a very cute and petite figure. Originally I had begun talking with her and hanging around for a minute or two because she was fun to talk to. One day she gave me another reason to loiter; an even more compelling one for me.

“Pack of Newports.”

That was what some anonymous customer asked one morning as I sipped my coffee and waited for Rani to get the guy’s cigarettes so we could resume our conversation on foreign policy. I happened to be watching Rani as she looked for the guy’s brand. This store had all the cigarettes in a rack that was above the cash register, and as Rani reached for the Newports I saw an amazing sight.

Rani had to reach high for the cigarettes, being only about five foot tall. As she did the sleeve on her yellow uniform top slid up slightly. Peeking out of the sleeve opening was a spray of coal black hair, with the promise of much more hidden in the shadow.

The glimpse lasted a mere second or two, but my cock stiffened immediately at the brief sight, and stayed hard until long after I left the store a few minutes later. All day my mind went back to that glorious vision, and I was not a very productive employee that whole day, as I thought about going back the next day to hopefully see more.

It had been quite a while since I had seen an unshaven woman, as the fashion of the times was to wax, pluck and shave everything, or so it seemed. Gone were the days when women would remain gloriously natural, and I found the silicone Barbie doll look unappealing for the most part. Now out of the blue came Rani, a visual oasis that I wanted to see more of.

I went back the next day and every day thereafter in hopes of getting another view of Rani’s hidden treasures. Now that I was looking intently for the times when Rani would raise her arms, I became an aficionado of sorts.

The company made the staff wear uniform tops, One was yellow and the other was blue. I much preferred Rani in the yellow one. It fit differently than the blue one in that the sleeve slid up higher when she raised her arms, thus affording me better visual opportunities. Additionally, the yellow contrasted better with Rani’s brown skin, and the rare times I got to peek under her arms I was better able to enjoy the view against that fabric.

I realize that this all sounds very silly to a lot of people, especially people who find the thought of women with body hair disgusting. Maybe it’s a generational thing; as growing up in the sixties and seventies when natural women were plentiful made it an acceptable thing to enjoy, whereas now the occasional exception of an Ani DiFranco, Juliette Lewis or Julia Roberts exhibiting such a normal thing as underarm hair it is pretty much looked on as an oddity.

Anyway, when you’re a guy in his forties who’s a widower and who hasn’t had a date in a couple of years, you shouldn’t have to feel ashamed about seeking such harmless pleasures, so I didn’t. I continued to enjoy watching Rani and took great joy when I got the views I longed for.

Even just speaking to Rani gave me a great deal of enjoyment, as she was very smart and knew a lot more about this country than most people her age did, and appreciated living here more than most too, I’d bet.

I grew very fond of Rani, and grew to appreciate the rest of her beauty as time went on. She had beautifully smooth skin, almost bronze in hue, and her hair was impossibly black and shiny. She had small breasts, or so it seemed, and she appeared to be self-conscious about that. I thought that sometimes she thought that I was staring at her chest, and usually that wasn’t the case at all. Still, I couldn’t imagine denying it in any way that she would understand.

“I wasn’t looking at your breats Rani. I was trying to see the hair under your arms.”

Wouldn’t work, I figured. I did manage to tell her how cute she was in many ways, and I did suggest as summer approached that the company would buy the women sleeveless tops to work in so that they could stay cool. Hell, I would have paid for them myself to see Rani in one of those.

Another thing I did was to start buying cigarettes that Quik Mart. I figured out which brand gave me the best and longest view of Rani’s underarm hair, and bought a pack every day that she wore the yellow top. Each time I would watch as Rani reached high for the cigarettes, and as the sleeve would slide up and that jet black hair came into view, my day would be made.

As for the cigarettes, I gave them to some hopeless addict at work who didn’t smoke that brand but was more than willing to smoke them for free. Disgusting habit, smoking is, but I’ve got my crosses to bear as well.

One day I surprised the hell out of myself and asked Rani out. Why I did it, I don’t know, and I also can’t explain where I got the courage to do it. I was twice her age, and while not a total disaster, I was still not exactly handsome by any standards. So when I asked her out awkwardly one day, much like a high school freshman whimpering for his first date, I was fully prepared to be shot down. Sweetly, since Rani could not be anything else, but refused nonetheless.

“I would like that Adam,” were her exact words.

I was so shocked that I even asked her if she was sure, and she giggled at my embarrassment when I realized what I was doing in giving her another chance to say no. Saturday night for dinner was the plan.

2. Me and Rani.

The date went better than I had dreamed possible. We were both shy people but instead of the endless stretches of silence I had feared, we both opened up and chattered like there was no tomorrow. Things could not have gone better.

Well, since Rani wore a long sleeved blouse and slacks I guess I shouldn’t say that, but you can’t have anything. By the end of the night I was hoping I had done well enough for another date, and judging by the nice kiss Rani gave me when I walked her to the door, I thought I might have a shot.

That thought was correct, and we went out a couple more times. Even though summer was here, she never wore anything that afforded me the view I wanted, and while we had escalated to making out somewhat heatedly, we had not progressed beyond that.

Rani offered to make me dinner one weekend, and while the thought of eating Indian food made my stomach spin, I was willing to sacrifice for love. As a thank you, I stopped at a woman’s clothing store in the mall and bought Rani a cammisole and blazer outfit. It was very attractive together, but I wanted to see Rani in the skimpy top so badly it hurt.

Lavender and purple with a paisely pattern, it was held up by tiny spaghetti straps that would showcase what I was sure were incredible shoulders. I was afraid that she would be too modest to wear it, but was willing to take the chance.

When I arrived for dinner and gave her the outfit, she seemed shocked but pleased, actually praising my tastes. Rani did seem rather reluctant to try it on, much less wear it in public, but went into her bedroom to finally shut me up.

When she came out with it on, she looked incredible. Rani had the blazer buttoned up, and I longed to find a way get her to take the blazer off.

“But Adam, it’s a very revealing blouse underneath,” Rani said when I asked her to shed the blazer.

“We’re alone here,” I said trying to not faint from the anticipation.

“The blouse is…”

“Not attractive?” I asked.

“No Adam, it’s very lovely but I think it’s meant for a different type of woman,” Rani said haltingly.

“Wrong Rani,” I informed her. “The saleswoman told me that it was perfect for a beautiful woman.”

Rani lowered her eyes and I almost could see her exotic sepia skin blush as I spoke.

“Thank you Adam, but what I mean is that this is for a woman who is built differently than I,” Rani finally managed to say. “I am very small breasted.”

“No you aren’t,” I said. “You have a beautiful body. If you don’t like the outfit, I understand. I can take it back with no problem. Just don’t tell me silly things like you not being attractive enough for it.”

Rani paused for a second before very timidly pulling the blazer off her shoulders. I reached out for the blazer and took it from her, unsuccessfully trying to get her to lift her arm as I took it. Just this view was plenty for now, I thought to myself as I took in this ravishing sight.

Rani did indeed have small breasts, but the pear sized globes looked perfect in the top, and she appeared to have large nipples judging from the noticeable pegs jutting against the fabric. Her shoulders were every bit as breathtaking as I had dreamed as well.

My eyes strayed to her arms, and I soon discovered that my fantasies had been far off base. My mind had been completely incapable of picturing such a magnificent pair of limbs such as hers. Rani’s arms were slender and shapely, with biceps that hinted of athleticism combined with femininity.

Those sculpted arms had a light dusting of hair starting just below her biceps, and the down got thicker below her elbows. That I was already well aware of, as I had gazed at Rani’s furry forearms with admiration almost daily for months, but seeing it all together was extra special.

Rani kept her arms tightly to her sides as I practically drooled over her, but she was unable to completely hide her treasures, as I saw aome jet black hair peeking out from under her arms despite her rigid posture.

“I have never seen a more beautiful sight in my life,” I told Rani as she took the blazer from me and put it back on with her back to me.

“You are very kind Adam,” Rani said as she went into the kitchen to finish cooking, and I was pleased that she kept the outfit on. That gave me the whole night to get that blazer back off.

3. After dinner delights.

The dinner wasn’t all that bad, that I had to admit, and we went out to her little balcony for a drink after dinner. The night was warm, and I mentioned that a couple of times, hoping the power of suggestion would entice Rani to shed some clothing.

“Yes, it is warm tonight, Rani said. “You can smoke out here if you would like Adam.”

“Smoke? I don’t smoke,” I said, and when I saw the look on Rani’s face I realized my stupidity had given me away. I searched for some kind of logical response for Rani’s inevitable question that followed right on cue.

“You don’t smoke?” Rani asked in a confused voice. “Why do you buy cigarettes if you don’t smoke?”

A perfectly logical question that a thorough search of my mental bullshit Rolodex failed to supply me with an answer.

“You wouldn’t understand if I told you,” was my weak stalling attempt at buying time.

“Oh. You see I almost didn’t go out with you at first because I hate smoking,” Rani said.

“So do I,” I added.

“Then why spend money on… I don’t understand,” Rani said while she looked at me like I was as weird as I felt.

“Okay. I think you have beautiful arms, and when I noticed that when you reach up for cigarettes your sleeve slides up and I get a peek at the hair under your arms,” I blurted out in a fit of honesty. “Only when you wear the yellow top and only when you reach for certain brands that are the farthest to your sides, so I picked the brand that made you reach the farthest. Pretty weird, huh?”

I was already starting to move back inside the apartment, fully prepared for anything that Rani would say, or so I thought.

“Oh. I thought you were staring at my breasts all that time,” Rani said while shrugging a little. “I am very embarrassed about my chest, especially when all I see all day are the American girls. All of them seem to have very large breasts and they wear so little to hide them that I feel intimidated.”

“You shouldn’t,” I assured Rani, thrilled that I hadn’t been thrown off the balcony for being such a pervert. “Breasts are beautiful in all shapes and sizes, and I think yours look perfect on you.”

“You are very sweet Adam,” Rani said. “I find it surprising that you find the underarm hair so exciting. It does not seem to be an American thing to admit.”

“I grew up in an era when a lot of women didn’t bow to conventional habits and I enjoyed the way that they looked natural,” I explained to Rani. “I think it indicates that a woman is independent thinking, and that she doesn’t follow the herd mentality. It also means they are confident in themselves, and all of those traits I find incredible attractive.”

“Interesting,” Rani said nodding. “You know that it is funny because I almost bought a razor a couple of days ago, since I was trying to be as pleasing to you as I could be. I didn’t think that you would find a woman with hairy legs and underarms attractive.”

“I hadn’t seen your legs yet because you always wear slacks,” I told Rani. “I think that you should do whatever makes you comfortable, because I know that the pressure to conform is intense. After all, no one will ever make fun of a woman without hair under their arms. If you WERE thinking of shaving for me, PLEASE don’t,” I implored Rani with a flourish.

“I can see that now Adam,” Rani said with her child-like laugh lifting my spirits even higher.

“Boy do I feel better,” I said with a loud exhale. “I thought you would think I was weird.”

“Well, you are weird Adam,” Rani said with a smile. “It is a nice weird though, and I like you very much for it, especially for your honesty.”

“I guess it is the best policy,” I said.

“I think so Adam,” Rani said as she took my hand and led me back inside. “Because now that I know your desires, it makes it much easier for me to please you.”

4. Rani’s bedroom.

Rani took me into her bedroom while explaining her feelings about a lot of things. Rani was intent on keeping her virginity until she was married, but she made it clear that she was aware of a lot of other ways that both of us would have fun.

“I would have felt very embarrassed about being naked in front of you before you told me about yourself and how you feel about women, but now I am not so ashamed,” Rani said as she left the light on while taking me to her beside. “I know now you will not laugh or be disgusted with me, is that not right Adam?”

“I promise,” I told Rani while she unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off my shoulders.

“Mmmmmm… you are very hairy yourself,” Rani said as she ran her hands through my chest hair.

“You like?”

“Yes Adam, very much,” Rani said as she knelt in front of me and unclasped my slacks.

My trousers ended up down at my ankles while Rani ran her hands up and down my calves.

“My legs have more hair than yours do,” Rani said shyly. “I hope that does not matter.”

My knees were shaking as Rani took the elastic of my boxer shorts in her hand and undid the clasp. There was no hiding how I felt by now, as my erection was threatening to explode through the fabric.

I looked down as I felt the air hit my genitals when the shorts came free, and I heard an audible gasp when my cock sprang into view. Rani gawked open-mouthed at my erection which swayed in front of her face, a strand of pre-cum hanging lazily off the tip.

“You are very large Adam,” Rani said as her hand grabbed my cock by the base and slowly pulled it, causing me to groan. “I have never seen a man so well endowed before.”

I stepped out of my tangle of clothes as Rani stood up in front of me and took off her blazer while she waited for me to get loose. I reached out and took the straps of the blouse in my trembling fingers, sliding them off her smooth dark shoulders.

Rani’s breasts came into view, and they were inneed small but incredibly beautiful. Her aureolas were huge in comparison, the nipples were thick stubs that were already stiff. The blouse had side clasps that came loose easily and now Rani was topless.

Rani smiled and pulled her hair back over her shoulders and kept her hands back there, giving me an unobstructed view of what I had only had glimpses of before.

The gentle recesses of Rani’s armpits virtually exploded with abundant tufts of coal black hair, a volume and thickness of which I had never seen before on any woman. My hands went out and I ran my fingers through the dense thickets; her hair slightly damp and wiry to the touch as I raked my way through.

Almost as if Rani could read my mind, she nodded with a smile. I leaned over and kissed the hair, inhaling deeply at the slight fresh fragrance that I kicked up when my tongue began exploring. Up and down through Rani’s armpit my tongue danced, and when I looked up I would not have been surprised to see Rani laughing at me and my unrestrained passion.

Instead Rani had her head back on her shoulders, her mouth was open and her breathing heavy. Her eyes were rolling back in her head, which was rocking back and forth slowly, almost as if he was enjoying this as much as I was. Rani smiled when she saw me looking at her.

“I like this too Adam, very much,” Rani said breathlessly. “You had better see the rest of me before you get too excited.”

Rani stepped back and dropped her slacks down. I noticed that she indeed had a considerable amount of hair on her very shapely legs, but my attention was diverted by the sight above.

Rani was wearing very modest white panties, but the high waist and the normal leg holes could not contain the incredible bush of pubic hair that was escaping from every inch of elastic. A thick trail of curly black fur wound its way all the way up to Rani’s navel.

Rani was looking for me to gauge my reaction, and I guess she figured out I was not displeased when my throbbing erection began bobbing wildly up and down as she took off the panties.

My hand disappeared in the wild black forest, and I could feel the dampness around her opening. The moisture made it easier to find than it might have been, and Rani moaned when my finger entered her.

Rani might have had plans, but when I eased her down onto the bed I knew what I wanted. I lifted her thighs up over my shoulders, letting my fingers caress the furry backs of her thighs as I buried my face in the dense hair. My tongue found her clitoris easily, and I attacked the bud with an intensity that even surprised me.

Rani was whimpering and tearing at the blanket before too long, and I slid my hand further down between her thighs and stroked the outer ridge around her furry anus as I tongued her pussy. The wiry bush felt amazing to me, surrounding and engulfing my face as I went down on her relentlessly. She gave me a hint that she was coming when she clamped her thighs around my head and practically snapped it off as she came, the sounds echoing like music to my ears.

A second, more restrained convulsion soon followed, and then Rani’s body eased. I knelt up on the bed and looked down at Rani, who smiled weakly as she touched my arm.

“That was so very wonderful Adam,” Rani said as she guided me onto my back. “I need to make you happy as well.”

Rani leaned over and kissed my forehead as I cupped her breasts. I noticed a few hairs around the edge of her aureolas and dabbed at them with my tongue while Rani giggled.

“I am so very hairy all over, I realize that, but I am so glad that all of my hair gives you such pleasure,” Rani said shyly as she reached into her night stand for a tube of lubricant. “I have found this to be a girl’s best friend,” she giggled as she oozed some out onto her hand.

Rani climbed over me, straddling my upper thighs as she took my cock in her greased palm and began stroking it slowly. Rani put her other hand behind her head, exposing her bushy armpit to me for inspiration, as if any such thing was needed.

“Does this feel nice?” Rani asked, and I nodded eagerly in response.

“Good, I am glad Adam. Do you like to look at my underarm hair while I do this to you? However, I think that I may need to use both of my hands, because you are so large,” Rani said after a bit, and with that she dropped her raised arm down and began pumping my cock with both fists.

Although I never imagined myself as all that overly large, I certainly had no intention on starting an argument over it now. Instead I was content to put my head on the pillow and looked down at Rani intensely stroking my cock.

“I cannot even get my hand all the way around your penis,” Rani said. “It’s so thick that I can’t imagine how you fit this inside a woman.”

Rani knelt down and took the head in her mouth, rolling her tongue around the bulbous crown and causing me to groan. Rani looked up at me with my dick in her mouth and winked while her tongue teased the cock opening, causing more drooling and groaning on my part.

“If you do not like this let me know please Adam, alright?”

I nodded as Rani climbed off of me and laid across my upper thighs. She pulled my cock back toward her as she raised her arm, and I felt an shiver run through my entire body as the head of my dick was slid through her coarse armpit hair.

“Aaaaaah!!!” I howled in an almost inhuman way as Rani stroked my cock while rubbing the tip through her underarm.

“Do you like this Adam?” Rani asked as I looked down at the incredible sight. “Do you like the way the hair under my arm feels against the fat head of your penis? Do you want to shoot your seed now? Would you like to climax into my hairy armpit?”

My scream was my answer, as the cum surged out of me like a volcano. Rani squeezed my cock tightly into the hairy hollow, and I watched the milky white jets of cum coat the thick pelt of hair as Rani pumped me until I was drained.

When Rani was satisfied that she had milked every drop of cum out of me, she sat up and looked at me with a glint in her eye before she tilted her head toward her dripping armpit.

“You taste very nice,” Rani said after flicking a strand of cum into her mouth that had been dangling in the saturated armpit hair. “I think we can do many things together that will make us both very happy, don’t you think Adam?”

I couldn’t agree more, and my mind was already racing with ways to make that so.

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