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My Son’s Girl

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I’ve done something appalling, something that I have tried to stop doing but can’t. No matter how severely I berate myself with a vow never to repeat my actions in moments of remorse, I can’t resist such an overwhelming power. It’s not lust; lust is such a puny word when I compare it to the wash of sheer, irresistible craving that I feel.

Ha! Lust, desire, wanting? Pathetic words, meaningless words that convey absolutely nothing of the intensity and depth of whatever this emotion is that I’m gripped by.

I’m a pathetic man, a weak man. Like I said, I’ve done something utterly deplorable and when I’m found out… as I’m sure to be; it beggars my imagination to know how things will turn out.

I suppose you want to know… you want to know what I’ve done that has led me to ride this emotional roller coaster. Because that’s exactly what it is, a huge sway of emotion from one end of the spectrum to the other. One minute I’m in the depths of despair, almost broken by the guilt and I swear not to repeat my mistake, and the next I’m sailing on a wave of euphoria. I make all kinds of deals with God if He’d only lead me from this temptation… but of course, when that temptation is staring me full on in the face… when Adriana is wriggling her lithe, sensuous body inches away from me as she taunts me with her slightly slanted, exotic, Eastern European eyes… How can I resist?

The problem isn’t Adriana per se; it’s the connection (no pun intended) between us that’s the issue. I’m in my forties; I’ve been a widower for seven years. Adriana is nineteen; no problem there you probably think, but the thing is Adriana is my son’s girlfriend.

Fucking your son’s girlfriend isn’t the best moral choice anyone can make. Fucking your son’s girlfriend is bound to end in carnage. Fucking your son’s girlfriend is probably one of the lowest things a man can do. I know this, I know all of this and more on a logical, clear thinking level, but if you could see the look on the beautiful girl’s face as I slide my cock into her; if you could hear her moan; if you could just see her, hear her…smell her.


OK, what got me into this predicament? Porn that’s what, good old simple pornography.

I first discovered porn in the late seventies. I found my old man’s stash of videos and sat mesmerised, my eyes – and cock – bulging as I stared at what became my old favourites. The antics of a (young) Ron Jeremy, Seka, Vanessa Del Rio and of course the legendary John Holmes, sent a thrill of hugely illicit pleasure through my body. The residue of that feeling, the taboo, forbidden nature of what I was watching and doing has stayed with me throughout the intervening years. When my wife passed away I went through a long period of celibacy, but as the shock of her loss …dwindled, I found masturbating while watching some of my old favourites best alleviated the newly blossoming sexual urges I experienced.

I built up a minor collection of DVD’s over a period of months and years. I had one or two girlfriends and visited the occasional professional lady, but I kept going back to the simplicity of my porn stash. It was one of my masturbatory soirees that led to my son’s girlfriend Adriana, catching me mid-wank.

I was having a day off. My son had gone to work and I thought that I had the house to myself. I was all set. The video was playing and I had a whole day stretching ahead with no one to disturb my time. Perfect.

I was sat in my armchair watching one of the old Color Climax flicks from the seventies. My cock was huge in my fist and I was close to shooting my load. I was just in the process of using the fantastic technological innovation of jumping between selected frames – thank God for DVD, in the old days of video it was a huge problem over how to time the favourite bit of the film with your ejaculation (yeah, you know what I’m talking about guys) – just as I was about to come I had a weird feeling as though I was being watched. Now, if you’ve got your cock in your fist and you’re watching porn, you’re very sensitive to any subtle atmospheric changes in the environment. I had that strange feeling and I looked up and to my left, towards the living room door, and with a huge jolt of disbelief I saw Adriana watching me.

There was nothing I could do. I’d been caught bang to rights. The hideous soundtrack played on as I stared at Adriana as she stared back at me. My cock was huge in my fist, but my orgasm had been rudely interrupted.

Half a dozen scenarios played through my mind all at once.

It wasn’t real, I was imagining this …I hadn’t just been caught pulling my cock by my son’s girlfriend.

She wouldn’t say a word. We could have a cup of tea and talk. I’d explain, I needed sex, everyone masturbated, and I missed my wife…

Adriana would soon turn and run from the room in horror. She’d tell my son what she’d seen…

…Oh God, the humiliation… What could I do?

I probably ran through every possibility of what could happen with the sole exception of what actually did.

Adriana is a stunning girl. She is, to my mind at least, easily identifiable as typically Eastern European to look at. There’s just an indefinable ‘something’ about women from the former Soviet Satellite states. I don’t know what it is, but I can just tell by looking.

Adriana is a tall, slim girl with an exquisite figure. She’s very, very pretty and has long legs topped by a beautifully sculpted arse. She wore the current style of clothes so typical of today’s Modern Miss. Hipster jeans that complimented her beautifully and showed off her taut, flat tummy. Her lower back was decorated with the ubiquitous, tribal tattoo that all the girls are showing off to the maximum these days. She never openly flaunted her body, but Adriana seemed to know how to display it to the fullest advantage, and her small, round breasts always appeared tight and firm, neatly covered by some type of clinging tshirt.

Adriana looked at me through those exotic, Asiatic eyes of hers for a time as she surveyed me from the doorway. She smiled the most sly, mischievous, blatantly wicked smile I’ve ever seen decorate a woman’s face and I just sat there with my cock slowly wilting in my hand, too stunned to move. Adriana moved towards me in that sinuous way that some women have of walking. I’ve always loved the way the girls walk, it’s a kind of hypnotic swaying of the hips that holds my attention and perfectly focuses my mind.

I couldn’t make sense of what was happening. Why was she smiling like that? Why was she coming into the room rather than running away in hysterics?

As she approached, Adriana pulled the large, man’s tshirt she was wearing over her head. I briefly recognised it as one of my son’s, but soon forgot about the garment when I saw Adriana’s body naked for the first time. Oh my God, she was stunning. I’m sure my mouth just hung open in slack jawed amazement. My brain still hadn’t caught up with events and I continued to sit as still as a statue as though Adriana had cast some kind of magic spell over me. Which in a way she had, I was definitely hypnotised by the junction of Adriana’s thighs. Her plump vulva looked positively edible and the thin strip of precisely razored pubic hair made my previously wilted cock twitch with renewed interest.

‘You’re a bad man,’ Adriana whispered quietly. The shock of her accented statement sent an arterial burst of excitement through me as I began to recover my senses.

‘How long…?’ I croaked. ‘…I cleared my throat and continued, ‘How long have you been watching?’

‘Long enough,’ Adriana said and fixed me with those disconcerting eyes. ‘I watched you… like this.’ She made the universal jerking off gesture with her fist and rolled her eyes. ‘To see that… it makes me sexy.’

I had always found Adriana’s voice, accent and the fragmented delivery of her spoken English to be very sexy, but since she was my son’s girlfriend the thought had never developed much more that the realisation. Now she was naked in front of me and was admitting quite clearly that watching me wank turned her on. Also, the signals were as clear as she could make them about what she wanted; by the way she flagrantly exposed herself to me when she pulled off the tshirt she’d been wearing.

‘Feel me,’ Adriana urged and made her meaning plain by moving her feet wider apart and offering her sex to me.

Fucking hell,’ I whispered almost to myself when I felt the slippery skin between Adriana’s firm thighs. Her labia were positively gooey with the syrup that was dribbling from her body. I fingered the loose folds of Adriana’s labia for a few moments and then smeared a little of her juice over the stiff tip of her clitoris. As soon as my finger touched her button, Adriana gasped. She muttered something in Polish and took hold of my wrist. She virtually forced my fingers into her opening and I took the hint and fingered her firmly.

My cock was erect in seconds, something Adriana noticed immediately. She moved very quickly and straddled me while I sat in the chair, her knees either side of my hips. With no further foreplay she simply took hold of my shaft and pushed the head of my cock against her opening. She manoeuvred her hips slowly until I was on target and then just sank down onto my cock. I was balls deep in an instant and found myself with Adriana’s tightly clenching cunt around my cock and her lovely breasts inches from my face.

I did the only thing I could do. With no thought whatsoever about the morality of what I was doing, of how deplorable it was to stick my cock into the delectable body of my son’s girlfriend, I gripped the firm cheeks of Adriana’s buttocks and began to lift and lower her up and down my shaft. Adriana got into the rhythm and was soon slamming her body up and down on my cock with vigorous abandon. She was panting and sighing, her face buried in my neck and I could smell the faded scent of her perfume as she muttered phrases of desire and lust in Polish.

As we grew more and more excited our fucking became frantic. We kissed hungrily as though desperate to devour each other. Adriana’s tongue was wriggling wildly in my mouth as she moaned and groaned with the intensity of her pleasure. On occasion she would offer her tits to me for my attention by cupping the little beauties in her palms and almost stuffing her flesh into my mouth.

I was getting close to the point of no return and could feel my semen threaten. I had a brief thought about the consequences of coming inside the girl, but there was no way I was going to pull her off my cock. I was too far gone to care and threw caution to the wind in a huge moment of insanity.

‘Adriana… I’m… …Fuck.’ I could only mutter briefly as my spunk surged from me.

She became a wildcat when she realised I was coming. She was using her fingers to manipulate her clit as we’d been fucking and I think my climax triggered hers. Adriana grunted hugely and bent her head into my shoulder. I felt her shudder and then felt the sting of her teeth as she bit into my shoulder.

The pain meant nothing as I gripped Adriana’s buttocks and held her on my spurting cock. I knew I’d be gushing a lot of spunk into the girl as I’m quite a heavy cummer, and I’d been interrupted earlier on when I was scant seconds from my climax.

The build up of my excitement from my earlier wanking session combined with the heated fuck with Adriana meant that I was extraordinarily aroused and it felt as though I would never stop coming. My climax was intense in spite of the brevity of our coupling and I think it was the same for my nubile lover.

Adriana slumped against my chest as her own orgasm petered out. She kissed me lazily and then purred as she basked in the pleasure of her release.

‘What have we done?’ she asked quietly as she lay against me. My cock shrivelled and plopped wetly from her body as though it too was questioning our morality. ‘I was just so excited to see you…’ Adriana began her explanation as though trying to make sense of what had just happened, As though by voicing her actions she could better understand the feelings and emotions that had led her to sit on my lap and fuck me.

I was immediately troubled by her words. Was she feeling guilty? Would she confess to my son? I had no idea what the girl was thinking; I didn’t really know her that well.

‘I want to do it again,’ Adriana’s words startled me.

‘What?’ I asked in disbelief.

‘To fuck… I want to fuck again. …Now!’

Adriana climbed out of my lap and stood looking down at me. She turned and walked out of the room. I watched her gorgeous bottom as she wiggled away from me and I admit that the sight of that peach of a derriere made me horny in an instant. All thought and feeling of guilt vanished into the ether and I hastily followed Adriana upstairs.

I found her on my bed, legs wide and with her fingers busy at her cum filled sex.

‘Come here,’ she giggled and crooked her finger at me.

A few seconds later I had Adriana’s exquisitely wriggling tongue busy on my cock. She was a demon as she slurped and slobbered over my cock. She spoke constantly in Polish as she murmured endearments and kissed the tip tenderly from time to time and sucked on me like a well practiced whore.

‘I love to taste your cock,’ Adriana said in one of her English moments. ‘Thick cock, I love it.’ She returned to the task in hand and I noticed her cheeks were smeared with the juice from my cock. I looked upwards to thank my lucky stars, I couldn’t believe my luck; I had a nineteen year old beauty sucking on me. I tried to commit it all to memory, every detail of her superbly lithe, athletic body. How her pretty face was distorted by the evil intrusion of my thick cock as she devoured my length gamely.

I was on the verge of filling Adriana’s mouth with my second load when she must have realised and let my big dick slip from between her lips.

‘You lick my cunt, please?’ Adriana rolled onto her back and exposed her slippery, pink opening to me.

I returned the compliment by tonguing at Adriana’s hard clit and pushing my fingers deep into her cum soaked core. I fingered her vigorously in the way she seemed to favour, She might have given me the impression she was a sensitive female under normal circumstances, but Adriana was a woman who like her sex rough, or at least she did that morning.

I fucked the young beauty again very soon after she’d climaxed intensely on my face. The rolling wave of her orgasm seemed to last for an age as one climax was followed quickly by another, and then another.

We began in the missionary position and found that she loved to kiss with abandon while she fucked. I was soon pounding at her slender body as Adriana hooked her legs over my shoulders. The angle of my thrusting and the ferocity of my fucking had the girl grunting and squealing as she tried to force more of my cock into her body. I had never experienced such a savage fucking before in my life, Adriana was writhing beneath me and clawing wildly at the bed as we rutted and rolled together.

The second time I poured my seed into Adriana’s welcoming body I had her on all fours and was fucking her like an animal. I had been holding her twisting, frantically bucking hips tightly when I felt myself go and was crouched low over Adriana’s long, slim, delicately contoured back as my seed spurted into her again. I held her around her waist with one hand so that she didn’t writhe away from my spitting cock and with the other hand I mauled at her tight tits roughly.

Adriana lay back on the bed when we finally collapsed into the ruin of the rumpled and stained sheets. I looked at her as she lay completely unashamedly with her legs wide apart and my goo trickling along the crack of her arse.

‘We will fuck more, yes?’ Adriana questioned in her broken English, and I nodded my head eagerly. I’d be more than happy to fuck such a delectable creature again, whenever she wanted, I was hooked.

Of course that was the first day. Now, weeks later I’m having awful regrets. Adriana has become a drug to me, I’m addicted and I can’t give her up. We’ve taken some huge risks, reckless chances that were only seconds away from us being discovered and of course this has only heightened my desire for the girl.

We had one weekend to ourselves, totally free from any possibility of my son catching us when he went to Prague on a stag weekend with his mates. Adriana spent the two nights with me in my bed and it was just incredible. Her appetite for sex is voracious and she gave me the sublime pleasure of wearing lingerie for me. She had taken time with her make up and looked fantastic. I couldn’t believe my eyes when she posed for me in her finery and of course I ravished her completely.

Adriana showed a propensity for more kinky sex when she insisted she tied me to the bed. I was willing, very willing and was extremely excited by the fact that Adriana was wearing the complete ensemble of basque, stockings and wickedly spiked heels when she bound me to the headboard. She then teased me without mercy for what seemed like hours by using first her fingers and then a thick rubber cock to wank with.

She tormented me by slowly licking the length of my shaft and getting me all excited before leaving me high and dry. She would then use the thick, obscene looking dildo to bring herself to a loud, squelching climax.

The sights and sounds of that evening will stay with me forever. Adriana’s body was amazing in that lingerie, and the way her pretty features contorted when she came… Well, I was close to spurting my goo over my chest and belly I was so aroused and she’d hardly touched me.

When Adriana finally squatted over my prostrate form she teased me even more by holding the tip of my cock just inside her opening. She teased her clit for a few heavenly moments and then lowered her tight cunt onto my supremely excited penis. The sensation of her molten cunt sent me into orbit. The heat from inside her was incredible as her gooey, yet still tightly clenching body closed around my cock shaft. I felt my cock head push deep into Adriana’s belly and I swear I felt her cervix butt against me. I sighed like a dying man and just let my spunk splurge thick and hot into her.

‘That’s it, baby,’ Adriana whispered as I exploded into her, ‘give me your cum, I love it, I can feel it spitting.’

Then she fell forward on top of me and kissed me as she came as well. I could feel Adriana tightening and loosening around my cock shaft, and I could only return her kiss eagerly as she sighed and moaned into my open mouth as we kissed.

As soon as Adriana had untied me I pushed her onto the bed. I was still big and hard and I wanted more of my European slut.

‘Fucking hell,’ I only whispered when I saw the tops of Adriana’s dark stockings smeared and spattered with the cum that had dribbled out of her.

She looked so beautiful and so debauched lying there; long legs wide open as she offered her hot, pink sex to me again.

‘You want more to fuck?’ she asked with her awkward grammar. ‘Use me,’ she continued in a whisper, ‘use my bad little cunt, and fuck me, please.’

I fell between her stained thighs and fucked into her again. Damn, this girl made me insatiable, I couldn’t get enough of her and it seemed she couldn’t get enough of me. I ploughed into Adriana like a pile driver, but the harder I fucked her the more she demanded from me. She looked up at me with fire and a challenge in her eyes, her teeth were clenched and the cords on her neck stood out with her frantic efforts to climax again.

Finally, after using what I assumed to are Polish obscenities, Adriana’s whole body stiffened and she grunted massively as her orgasm broke. Of course the sounds of Adriana coming caused me to spurt inside her again. Of course by now I was spent, my spunk could only dribble from my cock and I rolled off my young lover panting and shiny with the sweat of my exertion.

There’s more to come, much more, but I’m at my wits end. I can’t see any resolution to the conflict that is sure to arise when, and it’s inevitable that he will find out. When my son discovers what his Dad and girlfriend are up to…

Now, I’ve got to go. Adriana wants me to take her anally tonight. Something new for me and I just can’t refuse.

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