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Zoey, Come On!

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“Well that fucking sucked,” Zoey cried. Her visor went sailing across the room and bounced off the curtain.

“Everybody has a bad day Zoey,” I offered. “You’re not out.”

“Whatever,” she cried. Her shoes flew from her feet and bounced onto the floor.

“You’re in fifth place, that’s far from out,” I retorted. “It was a hard day and the wind didn’t help.”

“Urrrrrr,” she growled as she flopped down on the bed to sulk some more.

“I killed the local tournament, I walked all over districts, I kicked butt at regionals, why can’t I stomp states,” she cried. Her hand went over her face.

“Tomorrow is another day Zoey,” I offered.

“I know what it is,” she cried. This ought to be good I thought.

“I’m horny,” she teased.

I sighed. “What do you want me to do about that,” I asked?

She sat up quickly. “You could fuck me,” she smiled.

“Zoey, I thought we had an agreement,” I said.

She climbed off the bed and stood. “You have an agreement, I don’t,” she cried. Her arms crossed her chest and she pulled the bottom of her shirt over her head. She dropped it to the floor. I took in the sight of her tits straining against her tight bra.

“Didn’t what happened to us bother you any,” I asked?

“Ummm, not really,” she shrugged. Her bra released its hold on her tits. They bounced into view as she dropped her bra onto the floor. I watched them with intent as she smiled at me. My will was breaking as I watched them hang perfectly.

“We almost got caught and by your mom of all people,” I reminded her.

She shrugged again. “Almost, but we didn’t.” “We should be more careful next time.”

“Just water under the bridge,” she said casually. She looked innocently at me.

Hardly I thought.


We were horny and stupid that day. She had just won the clubhouse tournament. We ate a cold lunch and celebrated at the clubhouse before heading home. We were still hot for each other as we got home. We entered the house and started kissing again. Before we knew it we were at the couch. We stripped down and started fucking. She was riding me with my cock buried to the hilt. We were lost in pleasure.

The dog saved us from a certain bust. He ran by half barking and half grunting as he headed for the kitchen. I almost didn’t think twice about it but something clicked.

“Stop for a second Zoey,” I ordered.

“I’m right there, just cum with me and we can fuck again in a little bit,” she cried.

“No stop, I think the dog just ran by,” I retorted.

“He did,” she said starting to bounce again.

“Hi puppy,” my wife said as she came into the kitchen annoyed at him for being in the way.

Zoey sank down and flattened out on my chest but didn’t try to get off my cock.

“Zoey, get off,” I rasped.

“I’m trying but it’s hard when you tell me to stop,” she teased. “I can’t cum unless I’m moving.”

“Not now,” I scolded.

“Move dog,” my wife cried. He left the kitchen and scampered back where he had come from.

Zoey rolled off of me as I rolled away. She sank into the crack between the couch cushions as deep as she could get. I rolled back on top of her as best I could and pulled the throw blanket over us to hide her and my nakedness. If my wife came into the living room we were dead. Both clothes were piled on the floor next to the couch.

“Can you help me,” Jenny (my wife) asked? She looked out the opening into the living room and saw me. She started putting the groceries away.

“Where is Cotton,” I asked? “He can help.”

“He went to a friend’s house for the night,” she replied in an annoyed tone.

“On a school night,” I asked?

“Are you going to help or not,” she asked? Zoey giggled a little. I gave her a soft elbow.

“Just give me a minute,” I replied. “My back is a little sore.”

“Whatever,” she barked. “You and that stupid fucking golf, if I had a dollar for every time you said you were going to quit I would have enough money to leave this place.”

“Don’t let me stop you ya crazy bitch,” I snapped. Zoey gasped at that, then giggled a little again. I poked her with another elbow. “By the way,” I said quickly. “Fucking golf just won your daughter 5000 dollars today.”

She poked her head around the corner and leaned against the wall. Luckily the couch was angled so she could see my head and a little of my feet.

“What’s she going to do with it,” she asked? Her tone suggested she was interested in getting some of it.

“It’s hers so I didn’t ask,” I replied. “You stay away from it, she earned that herself.”

“Whatever,” she replied. She walked back into the kitchen.

“Where is she now,” Jenny asked?

“She went to a friend’s house,” I lied.

“Her car is still here,” she replied.

“Her friend picked her up,” I said. Zoey playfully squeezed my ass. She got another soft elbow but giggled for her trouble.

“It’s ok for Zoey to go out but not Cotton,” she snapped.

“I don’t have time for the shit,” I said.

“Whatever, me either,” she cried. She slammed the door shut.

I rolled off the couch and onto my knees. Zoey sprang up and grabbed her clothes as I did mine. We both headed for our bedrooms.

“You stay in there for a while,” I ordered.

She smirked. “Don’t worry, I’m going to finish up,” she teased. Her hand sunk into her pussy as she shut the door.

I sweated and breathed a sigh of relief as I closed my door. I broke it off with Zoey after that. I wanted to fuck her but was worried we would get caught. Zoey didn’t understand and sometimes I didn’t either. She teased and flirted and tried to break me. I was holding out, for now.


She dropped her shorts and panties at the same time. She smiled as she caught me looking at her smooth puss. “I’m going to take a shower want to join me,” she asked?

I sighed. I wanted to but I was trying to hold out.

Zoey threw her hands up in disgust and looked at me.

“Mom works you to the bone, takes all your money, belittles you and treats you like a child,” she started. “Do you like being moms’ bitch,” she snapped?

“What,” I asked stunned?

“You’re moms bitch,” she said again.

“Zoey,” I sighed. Her words stung but I didn’t want a blowout fight.

“At least I give you some pussy,” she continued. “When’s the last time you could say that about mom,” she asked?

“You think this is easy for me,” I asked? “I’m 44 years old and I’m fucking my 18 year old daughter.” “That’s every man’s dream, well, except the daughter part.” “Just give me a break will you please.”

She huffed and walked towards the bathroom. She swayed her hips with emphasis as she walked. She was dripping with sexual desire as she reached the tub. I peeked in as she bent at the hips and stuck her ass out extra hard to drive her point home. Her pussy peeked out from under it. She looked so tight and warm and inviting. I wanted her but that little voice won out.

“I’m going out for a few,” I said. Maybe a drink will help with my swollen cock.

“Whatever dad,” she replied. Dad was not a good thing to be called, she was pissed.

I put my hand on the door as she stood and waited for the water to get warm. I took one last long look at her as she tested the water. I pulled the door open.

“Oh shit,” I cried startled. Her couch was right there about to knock.

“It’s kind of late but we are going to get something to eat if you want to join us,” he asked?

“Where,” I asked?

“The pizza place across the street,” he said.

“Zoey just got into the shower so it will be a few minutes,” I said.

“That’s ok, the other girls did too,” he said. “We are meeting in the restaurant downstairs in a few minutes,” he said.

I leaned back in as he walked away. “Zoey,” I called.

“I heard,” she said.

“Come get me at the bar,” I said.

“Sure dad, whatever,” she replied.

I started out the door but remembered that you can’t buy drinks without money. I walked back in and headed towards the little desk in the corner. I started to pick up her trail of clothes she had left on the floor. I touched the crotch of her panties as I picked them up. They were wet and sticky. She was definitely horny. I set them on the bed as I got to my wallet. I smelt my fingers. Her scent was intoxicating. My cock swelled again. I almost decided the shower was a good idea. The little voice won again but he was losing his strength.

I pulled up a chair next to the coach who was sipping on something and looked a little guilty for doing so.

“Hard day,” I stated. I ordered something stiff.

“The rain delay didn’t help us out,” he said.

I took a sip and let the whiskey burn its way down my throat. It was hitting the spot.

“The greens will be soft tomorrow,” he said as he took a sip. “Tomorrow should be easier.”

He didn’t have to deal with horny Zoey the way I did. It wasn’t going to get any easier from here. I finished my drink and ordered another. I offered him one but he declined.

I started sipping on it. Two of the girls arrived and made their way over to the coach. He parted from me and joined them.

“I’m waiting for Zoey,” I said as he looked my way. He nodded and started off as a third came through the restaurant. I finished my drink and thought about everything that was going on. I ordered another as Zoey came down.

“You ready dad,” she asked softly? The bitterness I expected wasn’t there, but I was still ‘dad’.

“You go on ahead,” I said. “I think I’m going to call it a night.” “It’s been a long day.”

“Ok,” she said. She started off across the room. I watched her ass sway as she walked in her hip hugging jeans. Her ass looked so inviting. She turned back and looked just as she reached the door. She smiled a soft smile. She knew what I was staring at.

I plunked down a 50 on the bar as I finished my last drink. I headed for the room to sleep. It had been a long day. We started at 5 and drove 3 hours or so to get here. We sent most of the day in a rain delay but managed to get done just before sundown. Tomorrow was going to be just as long. Everyone was starting at 8 on different holes to try and beat the weather.

I opened the door and stripped down to my boxers. I climbed into bed and fell asleep within seconds. I was taken into a weird dream.

I was sitting on the couch at home with Zoey when she was a baby. She was resting on my chest as I talked softly to her as I had done when she was little. Suddenly her head popped up and she asked why I was pushing her away. Her face had so much hurt on it. I tried to answer but I couldn’t speak. I struggled to speak but nothing would happen. It was exhausting.

Suddenly Zoey was gone but my wife was there. She was a big blob with little t-rex arms and she was trying to get something. She scowled at me and shouted. “Why are you doing this to her?” “She has tried for years to make you happy and all you do is push her away.” “I hope you’re happy.” I tried to speak but the words wouldn’t form again. I struggled until I awoke. I was sweating as my eyes popped open. I slung the covers off my body and let the cold room cool my skin.

“What the fuck was that,” I asked? I rarely had dreams so I was shaken by it. Maybe I was being stupid and pushing her away. I have a good thing going with her I thought. Just be very careful and give it another chance. I wasn’t fully convinced yet. We needed rules.

The door clicked and opened softly. Zoey entered and walked to the bathroom. I checked my watch. 11:17, she had stayed out quite late for her. I pulled the covers back on and closed my eyes. She came from bathroom and silently walked towards my bed.

“Daddy, I know you’re still awake,” she said.

“Yeah, I am baby,” I replied. I was daddy again, she wanted something.

“You waiting on me,” she asked?

“No, I woke up and rolled over,” I said.

“Can I sleep with you daddy,” she asked softly? “I just want to be held.”

I folded back the covers and patted the bed. I couldn’t see anything but her silhouette but I knew she had a big smile on her face. She climbed into bed and turned her back to me. I pulled her to me and sighed as I felt her soft and sensual skin hit my chest. I knew that she was naked from the waist up. I wrapped my arms around her front and held her.

“Daddy, I’m sorry for what I said earlier,” she whispered.

“Sometimes the truth needs to be said,” I replied.

“Do you still love me,” she asked?

I leaned in and nuzzled her neck just a little. Her coconut moisturizing cream filled my nose. It always made me horny. My dick started to grow.

“Of course I do baby girl,” I replied.

“Are we going to be ok,” she asked? Her undertone was ‘are we ever going to have sex again’ but she was being careful not to say that.

My cock was at full mast now and touched her ass. I flexed it a little and it drove into her crack a little further.

“Let’s not worry about that tonight,” I said. “We can talk about it tomorrow.” She knew what my answer was.

“K,” she said cheerfully. She pushed herself back into me as I pulled her tighter. She ran her hands over my arms as we spooned and drifted off. It felt good to hold her.

I was almost asleep when I heard Zoey calling me. “Daddy,” she said softly.

“What,” I asked?

“Can you caddy for me tomorrow,” she asked? “I feel better when you are helping me and not a spectator.”

“You got a caddy, am I aloud to do that,” I asked?

“I will just tell coach I would feel better with you then the JV player,” she said. “He wants us to feel comfortable out there.”

“Sure I will,” I said.

“Night,” she said.

My wild night of dreaming was far from over. I found myself on the floor looking up at a vagina. There were legs and they were covered in jeans. The crotch was missing so the vagina was visible. I couldn’t see past the waist so I didn’t know whose it was. I tried to call to the person but my voice once again didn’t work.

A bunch of random images flashed by but I couldn’t make out the details as they moved to fast. I found myself strapped to a chair and the legs and vagina were right in front of me now. I called to it and I had a voice this time. There was no response as I saw a shimmer of light that told me there was a glass wall between us. I couldn’t make out the details of the vagina but it looked very familiar.

I looked down and my pockets were inside out with money flying from them. I looked ahead and saw nothing but green grass and a barn. Suddenly a key fell from my pocket and landed in the grass. I made my toes grab it and they were able to turn and unlock the shackles.

Once free I started falling. I flapped my arms like a bird by some instinctive measure and started to gain altitude. I held them out wide and glided down to the barn door. I looked down and my pants were gone and my cock poked out. It wasn’t my cock though, it was 3 feet long but it was attached to me. I looked into the peep hole on the barn door and saw the vagina again. It was bent over and waiting for penetration.

My cock appeared behind it so I pushed forward and plunged into it. I almost felt the pleasure for real as I sawed in and out of the pussy. I pulled away from the peep hole for a second before I looked back in. The legs were now pretzeled up but I was still penetrating the vagina. A body and face appeared as I felt myself start to cum. I humped hard and woke myself up.

I was softly humping Zoey as we were still spooned together. My cock was trapped between her legs and rode along her cunt. I was still inside my boxers but they were wet either from her or myself. It felt like I was fucking her. I started cumming for real. I continued softly pulling her hips as I came hard, almost as hard as I had when I was her video.

I relaxed for a second but knew I couldn’t stay. I slipped my cock from between her legs as my hot seed ran down to my hip and got everything sticky. I carefully pulled my hand from under her side and slipped from bed. As far as I could tell she was sleeping. Her breathing was slow, deep and steady. I walked across the floor slowly on shaky legs. I entered the bathroom and clicked the shower light on. I pulled my boxers from my legs and spent 10 minutes cleaning and resting on the counter.

I was almost afraid of going back to sleep for fear I would have another fucked up dream. Plus my cock wouldn’t go down. It was a wild dream that left me horny. Guess my little voice just got his ass handed to him. I was horny and I had a hot 18 year old in my bed.

I softly slipped from the bathroom and felt my way back through the darkness. I climbed into my side of the bed and spooned back up with Zoey. My cock had a one track mind as it nestled up against her pussy. She was so warm and wet it almost slipped in. I slipped my arm back under her and pulled her gently to me. Her breathing changed just a little.

I rested and listened to her breathe in the darkness. I tried to sleep but it eluded me. My cock throbbed at her entrance and begged me to let it slide in. I couldn’t fight it any more. I placed my hand on her hip and pulled her pussy onto my cock. I slipped in easily.

I didn’t bury it or pull hard. I softly slid in and out. I was so turned on and she was so wet it only took a minute before I felt my nuts start to load the cannon. My pace never changed as I felt the first shot fire. I softly pumped until I was spent.

I sighed and felt content. Why had I not listened to my cock three weeks ago? I felt her hand slide as she rolled her head to me. Her hand rested on my hip and pulled me gently into her cunt a little farther.

“Welcome back daddy,” she breathed. I pulled her hard to me and hugged her desperately.

“Sorry baby girl,” I said. “It’s good to be back.”

“Hummmmm,” she growled. I could feel her smiling. Her skin was alive with excitement as we started to fall back asleep.

The sun made a single bright line through a small gap in the curtain. It was only 4 inches wide but it crossed directly over my eyes. Zoey and I had parted sometime during the night as I now faced the window. I squinted my eyes as I opened them. Shit that can’t be good my mind said. Sun meant it was after 6:30. I checked my watch. 7:02, fuck we had slept late.

“Zoey,” I cried. I shook her. She popped up and knew what was going on instantly. She flipped the covers back and headed straight for the bathroom. The shower turned on as I climbed from bed. She shrieked as she climbed into the cold shower.

I ran around the room naked and started setting her things at the door. I got her golf clubs and visor ready. I rummaged through my golf bag and pulled my rain poncho out and stuffed it into hers. I took my towel from my bag and put it with the poncho. I would take any remaining towels from the hotel after we showered and use them too. It called for rain but not until later on in the day. Weather guessers were always wrong.

I heard the shower turn off. She came from the bathroom and headed for her travel case. I passed her and got into the shower as she got ready. I washed quickly and got out. I dried and went to get dressed. She sat on the bed cross legged and ate a breakfast bar. I started to dress.

“Hope you are going to eat more than that,” I said.

She smiled her smile.

“Not until later,” I said quickly. I knew what she was thinking. Besides we need to set some ground rules.

“Sure daddy,” she agreed.

“Ready,” I asked? I tucked my shirt in as she turned the TV off.

She led the way out the door and down to the truck. I followed her and watched her ass sway. She chose a lycra type white skirt. It wasn’t skin tight but it hugged her ass before it loosened at her legs. She had easy movement in it. Her top was a red lycra tank top with some white to go with her school colors. She looked good to say the least. I was glad I wasn’t golfing today. I was just there to tote her clubs around.

We got to the truck at 7:22. We made a quick stop at a fast food place. She got a fruit smoothie and oatmeal. Good carbs I thought. We pulled into the parking lot at 7:33 and made the range at 7:40.

“Where have you been,” the coach asked?

“It’s my fault,” I told him. “I forgot to set my phone alarm last night.”

“I thought you weren’t coming, I was worried,” he said.

She ignored him and grabbed her 3 clubs and started hitting. She was in one of her moods I could tell.

“She wants me to caddy for her too,” I said. “Is that going to be ok,” I asked?

He thought about it for a minute. “What about Casey,” he asked? “What will she do?”

“She can go with you,” I offered. I didn’t care what she did really, I knew Zoey needed me today and I wasn’t going to let her down like I had been.

“I don’t know,” he said.

“He either goes with me or I’m going home,” Zoey ordered. Wow that said it all. She was in a mood and don’t mess with her about it. Yikes, time for some damage control.

The coach got the message loud and clear. He went to tell Casey. I approached Zoey and talked to her softly.

“I’m out of my routine,” she cried. “You know how we have always done this and now I feel completely off.”

“Just relax and focus,” I said. I rubbed her shoulders gently as I tried to get her to calm down.

“I knew I should have woken you up at 5:30 when you rolled over,” she scorned. “I could have had you and then I wouldn’t be so pissy,” she hissed.

“Is that what this is about,” I asked? “After this we can fuck like bunnies until the morning,” I whispered.

“Don’t tease me daddy,” she said. She shrugged me off and hit a few more before we were ordered back to the clubhouse.

We got into carts and were driven out to our respective starting holes. The sky was a light gray with a light breeze that swirled and kicked up at times. I tried to study the holes on our way to the one we were starting on. Unfortunately we were starting on 16 so I didn’t get much of a feel for the course. I did walk it as I followed her but I wasn’t aloud off the cart path.

We pulled up to 16 and got off. I took her bag and started walking up to the tee. The cart left us and headed down to 15. The wind swirled as I watched the cart turn away. I didn’t think we were going to get this in today.

“Who goes first,” I asked?

“She does,” Zoey said. “She got bogey on the last hole, I got double.” They were both tied for fifth.

“It’s all yours,” I said politely. The girl Zoey was golfing with talked with her caddy. She picked a club and started to the tee. I noted it was a 6 iron. A little too much club for this hole but I didn’t let her know that.

She swung and it bounced down on the green in the very back before finding the rough behind the hole. She groaned and headed back to her bag.

I followed Zoey to the tee and looked at the hole. 155 yard par 3, water front left all the way to the back left. Bunkers right front and right center. Hole was downhill from the tee box. Pin was in the left rear. The wind was blowing steadily dead at us.

I picked up some grass and tossed it into the air. It sailed away quickly.

“What did you hit yesterday,” I asked her?

“Um,” she thought. “I think it was the 8.” She answered the next question for me. “It landed right of the green in the rough between the bunkers.” “The pin was on that side.”

“What do you mean um,” I asked? “Didn’t you write it down?”

“I forgot,” she admitted. “It was raining so I didn’t think about it.”

“Zoey,” I scolded. “This is what separates the good golfers from the great golfers.” “They take notes and measure and write down the results and how they stuck the ball.” “All that stuff helps them when they play the hole again.”

“Sorry,” she cried. “I will remember that from now on.” She snagged a club from her bag and looked over the hole again.

“Club up,” I told her.

“I got it with this,” she countered.

She placed the ball on the ground on a tuff of grass. Most par 3s she didn’t use a tee. I did the same thing. She lined herself up and got ready. I knew she wasn’t going to make it with the 8. There was too much wind twisting through the air. I would let her find that out that hard way and maybe her stubborn little ass would listen to me then.

She swung and we watched as her ball sailed high into the air. Just as I thought, the wind ballooned it high and started to knock it down. It turned a little to the right and fell right into the sand.

She slid her club across the grass in disgust as she walked back to me. She didn’t look at me because she knew I was right. She handed me her club. I cleaned it and placed it back into the bag. I shouldered it and started following her hot little swishing ass up to the green.

“You going to let me caddy now or am I just going to tote your bag around all day,” I asked? I wrapped my arm around her and gave her a gentle shake.

“I’m all yours daddy,” she conceded. “What about this round of golf,” I teased. “I know what is after this.”

She smiled that big smile. She knew I was back. The ball was half buried in the soft sand. They had raked and added dry sand to the trap. With the rain we got the sand shouldn’t have let the ball sink like it did. It was a shitty break for her. Plus it was on the down slop so it wouldn’t fly nice. This wasn’t going to be easy.

“Get me out of here daddy,” she pleaded. “I got myself into a pickle on this one.”

“It’s not so bad,” I lied. “You can do it.” “Get your wedge, keep your weight forward and dig under the ball.” “Don’t let the club head get in front of your hands or you will blade the ball.” “It should roll out and get close to the hole.”

She took her wedge and began to dig her feet into the sand. She set up and looked ready but backed out.

“What,” I asked?

“I want it to go in so I’m trying to pick my line,” she said.

“Zoey, you don’t need to birdie every hole,” I said. “Just get out of this shit and make par.” “You are only down by four shots.” “You have 17 more holes to make up that ground.”

She smiled again. She trotted back into the sand dug in again. She swung and dug the ball out. It popped onto the green and released towards the hole. It stopped with 5 feet to go.

“Perfect,” I said as I handed her the putter. I hugged her and even squeezed her ass a little. She growled softly as she walked up to mark her ball.

“Thanks daddy,” she said. I grabbed the rake and started raking. My hand cupped her whole ass and I didn’t feel any panty lines. I shook it off and said she wouldn’t dare out here. My cock kept telling me otherwise.

She made her putt and found herself a pair of birdies on 17 and 18. The coach made an appearance by cart and checked to see how she was doing. He was pleased with her start and continued to make his rounds.

She made par on every hole on the front 9. We made the turn and had 5 holes left. We headed out after we got some drinks and a snack. She made another par on 10 and saved par on 11.

We walked off the green at 11 and headed towards 12. I gave her ass a playful slap as she swished ahead of me. She saved par from the sand again. She growled again as she looked back at me.

“You’re doing great baby,” I encouraged. “You’re looking good too,” I teased to relax her again.

“Hum,” she growled again. “Have you been watching me putt,” she asked?

“Yeah, of course,” I said.

“No, have you been paying attention to me on my putts,” she asked?

“I guess not,” I said.

“Watch me closely on this next hole,” she said coyly. Oh boy, what did she have in mind now?

Number 12 was a par 3, 132 yard, simple little hole. Bunkers dotted the area all around the green but the green was flat and open. The wind was blowing at our backs now. The pin was two paces from the front and center of the green.

“Sand wedge,” Zoey I ordered. She looked at me with those eyes. She trusted me and took the club I handed her. I knew she would have gone for the pitching wedge. No need since the pin was forward and the wind was pushing.

“Swing easy,” I reminded her.” You’re not trying to kill the poor ball and hit it to the back of the green.” “You have just the right amount of club for the wind.”

She adjusted, set her feet, and got comfortable. She looked relaxed as she swung. The ball soared and landed softly 8 feet past the pin and spun back a little. The greens were soft so there wasn’t much roll.

She smiled as she walked and handed me the club.

“I would be in trouble if you weren’t here,” she said. “I would have taken my pitching wedge and been way off.” I smiled.

The other girl followed her lead and hit sand wedge as well. She pulled it a little and sent it into the right rough. She had the right distance just no aim. We started to the green.

Zoey had a big smile on her face and she fixed her divot and marked her ball. I thought it was because of the shot.

The other girl, Cindy, bladed the ball and sent it off to the other side of the green. She walked frustrated around to her ball and chipped it onto the green. It was still outside Zoey. She putted and left it short. She tapped it in and started walking away frustrated by the way she was playing.

Zoey smiled again as she looked at me.

“Help me line this up,” Zoey ordered.

“It’s 6 feet in a straight line,” I said. “What more do you need?”

“A good look,” she smiled coyly again.

I hunched down behind her and looked. “It might have a little turn,” I offered.

“How about from the other direction,” she asked sweetly?

I got off my haunches and walked around to view the shot, hole back to the ball. I squatted down and looked. Zoey smiled her wicked little smile. What the fuck is she up to I asked myself? I dismissed it quickly and looked at the grass.

I followed the path from the hole to the ball and saw only a little break. Not much to worry about. I saw Zoey’s feet and ankles. I glanced up at her a little. She had her legs parted just slightly and that’s when I noticed. Her skirt was just a skirt. Normally when she wore golf skirts they were skorts. Not only were these just a skirt, there was nothing on under them. Her little pussy just peeked into my view.

I blinked hard and looked again. My cock swelled as I looked at her pussy. She turned a little and opened just a slight bit more. I looked up at her face. She smiled so coyly at me as she pulled her ball mark and got set to putt. She left me stunned on the green watching her ball roll straight and soft into the center of the cup.

I remained stationary on the green 6 feet away from the cup as she casually walked up and turned her back to me. She bent overtly at the waist and plucked her ball from the cup. Her pussy was plain as day winking at me as I watched. She got her ball and walked towards her bag as if everything was normal. I knew she had that evil little smile of hers.

I must have looked stupid sitting there on the green to the other two people. I looked like I had seen a ghost. I finally stood and walked to her bag and put her putter away. They didn’t seem to notice. Zoey knew that no panties was my thing. She now had me all hot and bothered and no place to take and fuck her. Why did she fluster me so I asked? Pay back for the past few weeks I assumed.

We started walking to the next hole. Keep your hands off your daughter I kept telling myself. I wanted to touch her puss so badly. We crossed a wooden bridge to get to the next tee. The sky was growing dark with saturated rain clouds. I wondered how much long it would hold off. Maybe longer then I would.

I remained steady as we arrived at the par 5 tee box. She smiled as I pulled her driver absentmindedly and gave it to her. She loved what she was doing to me and it fed her desire as well.

“Daddy,” she asked innocently?

I finally looked at her. Her smile said it all.

“Par 5, cut the dog leg and send it a mile,” I ordered. I slapped her ass and watched her smile as she set up.

She hit it flush and perfect. I know the sound when it happens so I didn’t even worry where it was going. It was going a long way. We both watched as it bounced down the fairway and rest way out there.

“Good shot,” I said.

“Thanks daddy,” she replied.

The other girl tried to cut the dog leg but took too much. It shanked into the woods. Both coaches were behind us when we started walking. They saw Cindy hit but not Zoey.

We searched for a few minutes but couldn’t find her ball. She had to play a lost ball and head back to the tee to hit another. Zoey and I started walking towards her ball to get out of the way. There was no way Cindy would hit this far. Zoey was 270 yards down the middle.

The wind whipped around as the sky started opening up. You could hear the rain falling off in the distance and it was rapidly coming our way. Rain started falling heavily as Zoey and I ran for the rain shelter at the 300 yard area of the fairway. It was raining so hard that you couldn’t see more than 100 yards in any direction. We got to the rain shelter just as it really started to get heavy. I covered her clubs with the poncho and sat on the wooden bench to wait it out.

“Daddy,” Zoey said. There it was, the way she said daddy I knew what she wanted. I looked around and saw nothing but white as the rain fell around us.

“Get over here then,” I ordered. Was I crazy, out here on the course? Yes I was!

She straddled my legs and reached for my zipper. She worked quickly to get it out. Soft clunks started pinging the tin roof of the small shelter under the cluster of trees. Hail I thought as Zoey freed my cock.

“Hello my friend,” she spoke to it. She looked up at me.

“Is this seat taken,” she asked?

“No, please sit,” I said. I spread my legs open so she could.

She turned and held my cock as her ass hovered over it. I flipped her damp skirt up as she lined herself up. She teased her lips with my tips. I could feel how wet she already was. She rubbed her engorged clit with my tip. It felt good for both of us as we moaned together. She finally sat herself down. It watched my cock slip into her easily.

“There seems to be something poking me,” she sighed. “I think I like it though,” she teased. She started bouncing.

I grabbed her hips and squeezed as I helped her bounce. I wished I could see her face twist with pleasure but the sounds were just as good.

“Fuck yes daddy.” “Fuck my little wet pussy.” “Make me cum of your fat cock daddy.” She pressed with her hands on my legs and got extra bounce. She was slamming down on me almost hurting me as her ass pinched my nuts.

“Fuck yes daddy, fuck my little pussy,” she cried. “Gawd I missed your cock.” “It’s been so long since I’ve cum,” she squeaked. “I’ve been waiting for you to fuck my little cunt daddy.” “You like fucking my little cunt?”

“You know it baby,” I groaned. I released one hand and rubbed her clit.

“Fuck yes, that’s the spot,” she cried. “Don’t ever hold out on me again daddy.”

“I won’t baby girl,” I cried.

“Fuck yes, I’m going to cum and cum hard,” she yelped. “Yes, right there, fuck yes.”

“Me too baby, I’m so close,” I groaned.

“Oh no daddy, don’t cum in me,” she said suddenly. That surprised me. “I’m not wearing panties, you will leak from me for an hour.”

I did my best to hold back as she came. Her pussy clenched and milked my hungry cock as she came hard and wet.

She slowed as she finished.

“I can’t hold back,” I moaned.

She dismounted quickly and sank down on my cock. My cock now felt the back of her throat. God that felt almost as good as her tight little cunt. She pulled up and dove back down. My balls started firing as she pulled back up and sucked the tip. I shot hot cum into her sucking mouth filling her cheeks. She let none escape and swallowed it down as my cock slipped from her mouth.

“Ummm, I haven’t done that in a while,” she said. I looked at her questioningly.

“Well, two things,” she retorted. “Tasted my own cum and swallowed cum.” “No offence daddy but where is the water?”

“Side pocket,” I said. I slipped my spent cock back into my pants. She drank swished and spit, repeated, then drank. She came and sat. The rain was slowing up but still coming down.

“Daddy, don’t go crazy and hold out on me anymore,” she said. “You don’t know what it does to me.”

“I’m sorry baby,” I said. We sat quietly listening to the rain fall and recovering from what we had just done. So much for rules I thought. This would have been on the not list for sure.

The rain let up more. We could now see down the fairway. The coach pulled up in the cart.

“5 more minutes and the rain will pass,” he said.

“We’ll just wait it out until then,” Zoey piped.

We sat and waited another 20 minutes before the order was given to play on. The rain was more like a light mist now. It made everything damp. Good thing I took all those towels. It made the bag heavy but would save her grips.

Cindy hit another tee shot and made it into the fairway. Her second shot bounced past Zoey but halted quickly by the wet conditions.

I found the nearest sprinkler head and looked at the yardage. 185 yards to the center, minus four paces to her ball.

“You’re going to go 5 iron for this one baby girl,” I said.

“6 with a roll will get me there,” she countered.

“Wet grass, you will need a longer club,” I retorted.

“Give me the 5,” she said.

“Swing easy, you’re not trying to kill it,” I reminded her. “You will be home in 2 and have a chance to put this thing in the bag.”

She took a perfect unhurried swing and sent a chunk of wet earth with it. Her ball sailed towards the pin which was located left center and bounced once and stopped quickly 12 feet away. I slapped her ass as she handed me the club. She gave me her come fuck me look as she started walking towards Cindy. I wiped her club and quickly followed. Cindy took 2 more swings before making the green. She was now 6 feet away.

Zoey marked and I cleaned her ball. I made sure I was looking from the hole back to the ball this time. Zoey coyly set her ball down but didn’t give me a peek. She knew what it would do to me. She pulled her marker and putted. The water on the green slung off the ball as it rolled. It slowed the ball to a stop a foot away. Zoey knew this would happen but you can’t predict how much it will.

She shrugged and walked up. She spread her legs out to avoid Cindy’s line and putted in for another birdie. I was sure she was leading by now. She leaned over on one foot and stuck the other straight back to pull her ball. It gave me a perfect view of her puss as she grabbed the ball from the hole. She tossed it at me and almost hit me with it as I was focused on her. She had that wicked smile on her face again.

14 was another par. The wet grass was making everything difficult. 15 was almost a birdie but it lipped out. She tapped in for par. I gave her a big hug and good squeeze on the ass. I wanted her and bad. We shook hands with her competitors and started walking back towards the clubhouse.

I was tantalized by her nice ass the whole way back. She turned in her 68. The remaining people returned. They tallied the scores and announced the winner.

“Zoey Lewis, state champion, how does that feel,” the coached cheered and hugged her?

“I owe it all to my dad,” she cried. It was the happiest I had ever seen her. We celebrated at the pizza shop before returning to the hotel. I had behaved throughout the whole thing. I so badly wanted to touch under that skirt, knowing there was nothing under there to stop me. Her looks and smile said I dare you to the whole time too. I waited until the time was right.

We got back to the room. I set her clubs down as she looked at her trophy again. She was so proud of it. I was too.

I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her. I cupped her breasts and ground my cock into her ass. She leaned back into my body and tilted her head off to the side. I kissed the tender flesh on her neck as my hands kneaded her tits.

“Umm,” she moaned. “Somebody is excited.” She pushed gently into my cock with her ass.

I reached down and took her shirt tail in my hands and pulled it over her head. She moved her arms up without protest and let it slide free.

“Gawd, if I knew winning would make you this horny I would play in everything,” she teased.

“It’s not the winning Zoey,” I retorted softly. “It’s the no panties under that skirt.” Her smile lit the room up as my hand slid up her thigh and touched her excited lips.

“Why do you think I did it,” she said softly? “I know what gets you going.”

“You certainly did today,” I said. I pressed my finger hard against her clit. She trembled as I circled it.

“I’m never wearing panties again,” she moaned. My free hand unsnapped the bra. She pulled it from her chest and dropped it to the floor. I kissed her neck again as she pushed into my lips.

“You’re making me so wet,” she cooed.

“I can feel,” I replied. My finger still circled her clit as my other found a hard nipple.

“God yes,” she cried. Her hand pulled the back of my head into her neck as I kissed her still. Her fingers tangled in my hair as mine pushed into her wet little pussy. She softly humped my hand as I rolled a nipple in my fingers.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum,” she moaned. She twisted free and turned to face me.

Our lips crushed into each other as we started kissing. My hands softly pulled her face into mine. She worked my belt open and dropped my pants. I stepped from them and pulled my shirt off. She ran her hands through my chest hair and growled.

“I love this,” she moaned. “I want this to last forever.”

I guided her gently towards the bed. I lowered her down onto the mattress and joined her as we kept kissing. I cupped her tit softly as our tongues tangled. I moved off and went straight down to her throat. I kissed her there softly and continued down hitting her collar bone. Her soft flesh was so inviting. She moaned softly and tucked her leg under me. I was between them now as I worked down towards her nipple.

I softly took one into my mouth and rolled my tongue across it. She arched her back and pressed herself into it.

“God you feel good,” she cried. I left her nipple wet and puffed as I went to the other side. I repeated and got the same response from her again.

“My nipples are sensitive,” she teased.

I softly left that one and kissed a trail down her belly towards the skirt. I reached the skirt and sat back to remove it. She lifted her ass and it slid off and found the floor. I took her leg and kissed behind her knee. She cupped her tits in her hands and rolled her own nipples as she gasped.

“Oh daddy,” she moaned.

I worked my way down her leg towards my prize. I cupped her ass with one hand and rested the other on her hip. I kissed the valley of her mound to tease her more. She arched herself off the bed anticipating my mouth on her. I wouldn’t give in just yet.

I kissed over the top of her mound and breathed her scent. It almost caved me but I wanted more teasing. I continued around her lips, licking them softly and blowing gently. She twisted and moved to try and get my tongue to deliver.

I worked my way up and kissed her hips. They protruded out from her soft skin. I looked up at her as she stilled rolled her nipples. Her eyes were closed with desire and complete trust. She looked the most seductive I had ever seen her.

I left her hip and came back down over her mound. I backed away softly and looked at her. She was hungry for me. Her lips were swollen and leaked softly as she waited. I softly licked her lips and spread them with my tongue.

“Oh gawd,” she moaned.

Her taste was just as perfect as I had remembered. I licked deep into her hole as she arched again. I sucked her clit into my mouth and rolled it gently with my tongue.

“Fuck yes,” she cried. “Lick my clit.”

I looked up at her. She smiled back at me as she moaned softly. I released her clit and went back down to her hole. I tongued it softly. Her taste kept me coming back for more. She found my hair with her hand and guided me back up to her clit.

I flattened my tongue out over it and moved my head up and down on it. She pressed her hand hard into my head letting me know I was doing the right thing.

“Fuck, that’s good,” she moaned. “Right there, lick my clit and make me cum.”

I pushed off a little and swirled my tongue over the protruding bud.

“Fuck daddy, that’s even better,” she cried. I went up and down quickly. I teased her clit and gushing hole as she cried with pleasure.

“Daddy, I’m cumming,” she cried. “Fuck, make me cum.” “Oh that feels good.”

She flooded my tongue with her juices. It ran down her ass and soaked into the sheets. I continued lapping at her cunt, tasting her cum until she pulled my head away. I kissed her mound and worked my way back up to her. She kissed me and bit my lip gently. She pulled it softly as her hands felt my boxers. She loosened them and got them down to my thighs before they were out of reach.

I pulled them off and tossed them off the bed. She pulled a leg up towards her chest and spread the other one wide. I softly slipped my cock past her wet opening. I slowly penetrated all the way until I bumped her end. I held deeply and kissed her with avidity. She whimpered softly into my mouth as I retracted slowly feeling her tight walls grip my dick but allowing it to slide smoothly. She was on fire with desire. Her body soft and pussy so liquid as I pushed back inside again.

“Oh god,” she moaned. “Daddy, you feel so good tonight.”

I found her end again as I softly kissed her mouth. She opened and yielded to my tongue. I softly cupped her tit as I retracted again. Her breath was ragged as she heaved into my kissing. I continued to push soft and slow into her. There was no wild fucking tonight. Tonight was slow and sensual.

“Gawd, I can feel every curve of your cock daddy,” she growled. “I didn’t know sex could be this nice.”

She bent her knees and rested her feet on the bed. I straightened out my body and dipped into her cunt a little deeper. I was pressing the end of her tunnel with each thrust. We slapped together softly now but I still was slow and deliberate. I moved to kissing her neck under her ear. She arched her back and thrust her body into mine.

“God, I’m going to cum,” she sighed. “Keep fucking me just like this,” she begged. I didn’t plan on changing a thing.

She was perfect and tonight was perfect, I didn’t want to ruin it by going hard. I continued slowly and felt myself start to tingle.

“Yes, right there daddy,” she moaned. “Oh god, I’m going to cum.” “Yes, nice and slow, fuck.” She wrapped her legs tightly around my hips and pulled my deep into her. I felt my cock press hard against her cervix. Her pussy squeezed my cock as she started to cum. My own orgasm took hold. My balls fired white up the cannon and into her cumming cunt. We washed each other with cum as I pulled back then pushed in and held deep again. We gasped and kissed as we rode out the waves of pleasure together.

Spent, I settled down on top of her. I remained inside of her as we still kissed softly.

My cock started to soften and her contracting cunt started pushing it out. I retracted and laid beside her.

“God, I’ve never done it like that before,” she sighed.

“Then you have never made love Zoey,” I said.

“I love you daddy,” she said.

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