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Rajasthani Interlude

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I had just turned 30, had left one job and was about to start working for a new company, but wanting a break from the routine of the daily grind, decided to take a road trip through the deserts of Rajasthan before starting the new job. The old Jeep was cleaned up and packed with all the necessary gear, spare parts and tools to keep it running, my tent, and of course provisions, as I was headed into a rather sparsely populated area where the villages and towns were few and far between.

The first few days of my trip were uneventful, I saw the usual tourist sites, did the usual touristy things. But then as I drove into the hinterland the desolate places began to beckon me and I headed deeper into the desert away from the demands of everyday life.

I was about 5 days into my trip and as evening approached I started to look for a place to camp. From my maps I saw that there was a small lake fairly close, and decided to spend the night there. I drove towards the lake and started to skirt the edge looking for a decent spot which I could use, and soon found an ideal site. It was an enchanting place, a small hillock at the foot of which was spread the shimmering waters of the lake, a grove of tamarind trees which would give me shade and a nice level area to erect the tent.

I parked the jeep and began to set thing up. While busy with the task I was suddenly conscious of being watched. Looking around I could not see anybody but could feel eyes on me. As the evening drew on so did the feeling that I was not alone. I cooked my meal for the night and proposed to have a bath before eating. Walking down to the edge of the lake I glimpsed a figure standing near a rock on the side of the hill. Taking a detour I went up to the spot and found a young goatherd with his flock. He would have been in his late teens, maybe 18 or 19, lithe and slim with longish hair matted and uncombed, dressed in a singlet and a grubby white dhoti, which tied in the usual Rajasthani fashion, clearly delineated his thighs and crotch. With my smatterings of Hindi, we were able to communicate a bit.

He had a fold for his goats a little distance away. He heard the arrival of my jeep and was surprised to find another human in a place where few other people ventured. I invited him to share my dinner, glad for a bit of company after a few days of being alone in the desert. He seemed a bit shy and diffident, but readily wolfed down a portion of rotis and dhal I had cooked. After we finished our meal, I took the dirty vessels down to the lake to wash up and decided to have the delayed bath as well.

Keeping my underwear on out of deference to the boys presence [normally, had I been alone, I would have stripped naked] I slipped into the water. He squatted at the edge of the lake and seemed to be a bit amazed that I ventured far from shore and into deep water; plainly he did not know how to swim. I came back to the shallows and started to soap myself. When I began to shampoo my hair I noticed that the boy was intensely interested, and on inquiring, I discovered he had only rarely seen or used soap and had never heard of shampoo.

I invited him to join me and to try it out. Readily he stripped off his dhoti and singlet and quite unabashed at his nakedness [he had nothing on under the dhoti] joined me in the water. His body was smooth with no sign of any body hair on his chest or belly. He had a trace of shadow on his chin and above his lips where his beard and moustache was just beginning to grow. And just light stubble around the pubic area which showed he had shaved it in the recent past. His face was attractive with the normal rather sharp Rajasthani features.

I first helped him to soap his body and then asked him to do the same for my back. While soaping him I behaved in a decent manner and kept my hands away from his crotch and ass. After rinsing off the soap I started to shampoo his long and rather tangled hair. He seemed to enjoy the sensation. After a while he automatically turned to face away from me so I could work the shampoo into the back of his hair. As he turned I noticed that he was starting to become erect.

I had noticed his “package” when we were having dinner and though hidden in the dhoti it seemed to be of a nice size. Now it was abundantly clear that he was reasonably hung for his age and that he was no stranger to sexual arousal. His cock was of medium length, neither thick nor thin, hooded, and with the glans just peeping out of the foreskin as it rose towards erection. It was straight, with no sign of bend or curve and without any veins running under the skin. In fact it was the prettiest and most handsome cock I had ever seen. Working on his scalp with my fingers I felt him sag backwards towards me and soon his slender body was pressed against mine. My response was evident to him very soon.

When he felt my arousal he pressed even harder against me and slowly started to undulate his hips. Then he reached up for my hands and brought them down his body to his now rampant cock. While I grasped his now fully erect and hard cock in my hand he slipped his hand behind him and clasped my own hardening cock through my underwear and pressed the crack of his ass against it and started a vertical up and down movement. In a few minutes I was as hard as stone and thoroughly turned on by the eroticism of his presence and actions. He turned towards me again and very shyly indicated I should remove my undies, which I readily did. Holding his cock flat against his belly he pressed his lithe body against mine, allowing my cock to slip between his thighs, and directed me to hold his ass and to start moving backward and forward. This also caused his cock to rub up and down on my stomach and very soon I felt him stiffen even more and to start leaking pre cum.

He pulled away from me and turning, spread his legs, bent over and thrust his backside towards me. His ass was lean and the cheeks small. His action caused the crack to open wide and expose the pucker hidden within. It was a clear invitation for me to fuck him and I lost no time pressing my cock to the inviting hole. Holding his hips I pressed forward and slid smoothly and slickly all the way till the base of my cock was pressed up against his ass cheeks. He had been fucked before and was easily able to accommodate the length and thickness of my hot hard cock. Using long full strokes I fucked his ass as deeply as I could thrust. Soon I was approaching the point of explosion. I reached with one hand around his body and found his cock; it was still hard and stiff.

A very few strokes of my fingers along the length was enough to make him start his own ejaculation. Feeling the pulses of his ejaculation pass within his body and along the full length of my cock caused me to shoot my load deep in his backside.

Panting, we pulled apart and quickly rinsing off the shampoo from our hair and remnants of soap from our bodies we left the lake and went to my tent. I used a towel to dry off the water from his body and hair. Seeing him in the diffused light inside the tent was like looking at a slightly fuzzy image. His body was familiar, similar to the bodies of other boys I had dallied with before, and yet new and strange, as was his face. I kissed him full on the lips and he responded by probing his tongue into my mouth. We sank down on to the rugs on the floor still with lips locked together. He settled back and pulling me slightly above and over him, pressed the length of his body to mine. I transferred my attention to his nipples and chest, licking, sucking, and kissing. As I moved my mouth lower to his navel I could feel his cock begin to rise again and soon it was pressing harder and harder against my leg. It seemed to be trying to draw my attention. I eased away from him and allowed it to spring up and stand free, thrusting itself from his body with an expectant air.

When I bent my head and took the erect cock in my mouth he let out a gasp of surprise and dropped back flat on his back, arched his hips upward as though to slide the full length of his cock down my throat. Within a very few minutes I could feel him reaching climax. He tried to push me off indicating that he was about to ejaculate. But I did not release the pulsing cock head from my mouth and in the next second felt the salty, creamy cum flooding in. He came in waves and I was surprised at the amount of ejaculate he produced, much more than he had done at the lake just a while earlier. Allowing some of the cum to dribble out I retraced the path of my downward journey, back up his stomach, his navel, his nipples and finally to his mouth. He showed no restraint and eagerly tasted my mouth and the remnants of his own cum on my lips and tongue. Surprisingly, he then pushed me backwards till I was lying flat and commenced to do the same things to me. He kissed and licked my nipples and stomach, paying just the right amount of attention to my navel and lower belly before engulfing my cock in his hot and wet mouth. He soon brought me to the point of ejaculation for the second time. Just as I had not allowed him to withdraw his cock from my mouth, he also would not allow me to remove mine from his mouth and swallowed the full load of cum I finally deposited there.

For the next few hours we explored each other’s bodies to the utmost. Though he was only about 16 he seemed to have had quite a bit of experience with gay sex and did not shy away from performing any of the actions. In many of my other encounters with boys I have often found a reluctance or even an aversion to performing oral sex acts and sometimes also to having these acts performed on them. With this simple village lad I discovered an eager and willing partner, ready to do and try everything and anything. Sometime in the middle of the night after exhausting all our energy we went down to the lake, walking stark naked in the moonlight, hand in hand like a pair of long time lovers, stopping now and then to sample a lingering kiss or a fondle. After thoroughly washing away all the sweat and stains from our bodies and hair, we went back to the tent to sleep wrapped in each other’s arms till almost 8 am the next morning.

We were roused only by the bleating of the goats wanting to be let out of their pen to graze and drink. While he watered the animals I cooked a meal. Our vigorous exertions of the previous night had left us ravenous.

After we had released the goats to graze and eaten our breakfast we returned to our sexual diversions. Very soon after starting, he bent over and invited me to fuck his ass again and I did so eagerly, before returning to our oral pursuits and pleasures. At one point later in the day while indulging in a session of 69, I was on all fours, in the doggy position, straddling his body, with him lying flat under me, our cocks in each other’s mouths, when I was overcome by the desire to feel his cock bury itself in my ass. Releasing his hard cock from my mouth I asked him to get up and to fuck me. At first he was not willing but a little persuading from me had him move behind me. I had also been fucked before but it had been a long time since I had felt a cock enter my ass. The sensation of his hands griping my hips and his hard cock pressing itself to the entrance of my back passage was extremely erotic. Thrusting my ass backwards towards his body as he was pushing forward with his cock caused my hole to expand and engulf the very erect member with a smooth action. Very soon he was plunging the full length of his hard straight cock deep into me, his balls bouncing off the back of my thighs just below my ass with each stroke and the sound of his stomach slapping on my ass cheeks was a rhythm in itself. It did not take him long to reach the point of no return. Reaching back I laid a restraining hand on his ass, indicating to him that I wanted him to ejaculate in me, as I had done with him the previous day. As he came in waves I felt my ass fill and brim over with his cum. It was quite amazing the amount of cum he produced time after time. I began to feel his erection subside, reaching behind me again, I held him to me, and sank down on to the bed, making him lie supine on top of my prone body, his now limp prick still inside my wet ass.

As I had known it would I soon felt his cock come to life again. It slowly burgeoned in my backside, till it was stiff and hard, filling my entire passage with its presence. This time well lubricated by his earlier outpouring of sperm and lubricating fluids the feelings generated by his now hard cock in my ass were more intense, the sliding action, slippery and smooth. Very soon I was raising my hips off the bed and meeting his forward thrusts with backward thrusts of my own. His body lying pressed along the length of my back, the soles of his feet balanced on my heels and lower calf giving him the leverage he needed to make his thrusts. It took a much longer time before he was again approaching his second climax and the point of ejaculation. Before he could pass the point of no return I signalled him to stop. Both our bodies were slick with sweat as he slid off me. I quickly turned so I was lying on my back and drew my legs up till my knees were almost level with my ears. This caused my ass to tip slightly upward and to open the hole to full view. It was still slightly open and pulsing, from the passage of the just removed cock. The sight of me lying so exposed and so expectantly was enough to make his now slightly sagging cock rise to the occasion.

He understood the purpose behind the change of position and was quick to kneel in front of me and enter my waiting hole again. His cock and my ass were still wet and slick and the feelings generated by the passage were very intense as was the pleasure we both derived from being able to see the expressions on the others face. In this position I could feel his cock reach far deeper in my ass bringing me ultimate pleasure. His body was supple enough to allow him to dip his head and take my cock head in his mouth just as he finished his final stroke. I felt his cock head flare deep inside me with the force of his ejaculation, and felt again the flooding of my passage, his lips on my cock brought about my own outpouring. My cock slipped from his mouth and sprayed both him and me with my own slick cum. Bringing my legs down on either side of him we lay there completely spent , bodies sticky with ejaculate and sweat both satisfied to the core.

Later I learnt from him that that was the first time he had ever fucked anyone. He had been introduced to gay sex by other goat headers, but as the youngest among them, he was always made to play the bottom boy. He had been fucked by them a few times but never had had the chance to penetrate another guy. They knew nothing of oral sex and had never done more that merely fucking him. Neither had anyone ever sucked his cock before I had the previous day. His responses to me and my actions were purely derived from his innate sexuality. His use of his tongue when I kissed him was a natural continuation of the kiss. As was his sucking of my cock a result of the sensations he had felt when I had sucked him. Over the next few days he proved adept at learning the ways and methods of obtaining the best results from both oral as well as anal sex. He would fuck me as long and as hard as I wanted and just as many times as I required him to during the day or the night, but without ever initiating the action himself. He would only fuck me if I requested him to do it. He would start any other sort of play or action without hesitation but never initiated anal sex with me except at my invitation.

I spent 5 wonderful and delicious days and nights in his company, all of the nights and many hours of the days were passed, naked and tumescent, in fervent exploration of each other’s orifices or utterly spent and languid, bodies slick and slippery with the fluids of ejaculation mixed with our sweat, supine from the aftermaths of sexual arousal and gratification, either under the trees, in the crystal waters of the lake or in the confines of the tent. Then the necessity of returning to the daily grind of normal life intruded, as did lack of sufficient supplies. Reluctantly we parted. I was not able to return to that region for quite a few years and I never saw him again. Unfortunately I had no camera to take his photograph. Only the memory of his face and body remained, dimmed by the passage of time. Recollecting the chain of events while writing this story brought it all into sharp focus, as the memories of all that we did to each other, the pleasures we derived from sharing our bodies without reservation flooded my mind and senses. I wonder if he remembers our meeting and time together and what he feels about it all.

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