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Losing Control

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June Claymore stood in front of the stove, trying to force herself to concentrate. Just a few more minutes and then, finally, she would have her day all to herself, at least until 4:00 or so, when Dan came home from school. Right now, though, she was in the worst time crunch of the morning, hustling one kid off to middle school and the other one–her daughter Janie–off to high school. The mad dash happened every day and it never got any easier.

“Guys, let’s go!” she yelled over her shoulder, simultaneously scraping the scrambled eggs off the bottom of the pan. They were a little overdone, but passable. She shoveled them onto plates, and then paused, momentarily at a loss. She caught a whiff of burning bread, and whirled–too late–to the toaster. Oh well. They’d have to go without toast today. There wasn’t time to make more. “Are you COM-ing?”

The thundering herd finally arrived, her son galumphing in first, followed closely by his sister, who walked in still thrusting loose papers into her backpack.

“Mom, have you seen my new sweater?” Janie asked, her face a mask of desperation.

“Which one, honey?” Wrong answer, and it earned June “The Look.”

“My new one? The one with the stripes?”

“I don’t know, dear. Where did you leave it?”

“Mom, if I KNEW that I would KNOW where it IS.”

A good point, and June decided her end of the “conversation” had ended. She plopped the plates on the table. “You’ve got two minutes to eat, then I’ll run you down to the bus stop.

As June turned away from the dreadful scrambled egg slaughter, her eyes trailed to the table in the hallway. The package was still sitting where she’d left it. She ached to open it, but knew she would have to wait. The clatter of dishes in the sink snapped her out of her reverie, and she helped stuff the lunches into the backpacks. Three sets of sneakers scampered down the stairs to the garage, and they roared off down the street. She barely paused at the stop sign before turning right, knowing even as she did it that Mrs. Watson would probably arrange to have another letter sent from the Fairfax County Police. “Dear Citizen: Your car was observed being operated in an unsafe manner….”

Quick smooches, a few last-minute words of encouragement and then…freedom.


Back at the house, June scooped up the package as she went by and trotted upstairs to her bedroom. She tossed it onto the bed as she kicked off her shoes and then hurriedly peeled off her turtleneck and jeans. She decided to leave her panties on for now, but grabbed her silk robe, shrugging it on but leaving it open. Then, feeling like a kid on Christmas morning, she was finally ready to open the package. She propped up her pillows and slid under the covers, leaning down to pick up the box. Her nightstand scissors made quick work of the mailing tape, and then she tore it open.

Her eyes sparkling, June stared at the contents, slowly removing each one. First to emerge was a DVD, its salacious cover promising hours of delicious viewing. It was from a company called, which specialized in lesbian s&m. June felt wicked as she stared at the images on the cover, a young girl bound and obscenely stretched over a sawhorse while another, older woman savagely fucked her with a strap-on cock. Smiling, she reached into the box and extracted another item, a strap-on and harness very similar to the one on the DVD’s cover. How she longed to have someone take her like that! But the chances seemed very remote, despite her constant fantasies about the possibility. Whom could she approach? Oh sure, she had masturbated while thinking about her next-door-neighbor Sue. She was slightly older than June and a bit plump, but June had spied on her sunbathing on more than one occasion and knew that she had a sexy, curvy body. Yet June could not imagine approaching her about lesbian sex; she seemed so straitlaced, and was certainly devoted to her husband. Or Betty Riordan, June’s best friend. How often had June’s oily fingers brought on a climax while dreaming of her red-haired friend fucking her hard in this very room? Too many times to count, yet Betty, for all her buxom charm, could be a bit severe in her demeanor, always very prim and proper. A highly paid real estate agent, Betty was also the PTA president at the high school where her daughter Jill was a classmate of Janie. Even though June and Betty saw each other often, it never seemed an appropriate time to broach the subject of sex of any kind, let alone lesbian sex.

No, mostly June explored her fantasies online, lately with a succession of chat friends. It was through them that she had become aware of a website offering the items in her special box, an endless pornucopia of toys and videos. She had hesitated awhile before ordering anything, fearful that she might unleash a string of porn-related mail offers. Finally, though, her horniness had driven her to make a purchase, and she had ordered an assortment of wicked goodies.

Feeling herself beginning to get wet, June dumped the box out on the bed. Out fell an assortment of dildos and vibrators, a butt plug, some anal beads, some nipple clamps joined by a chain, and a set of ben-wa balls. She was like a kid in a candy store, not knowing where to start. Suddenly, though, she knew that she had to have a cum, and quickly.

Squealing with delight, she bounced her bottom up off the bed and skinned off her wet panties. The air hitting her moist hairy mound felt delicious, and she reached down and let two of her fingers slide down along her lips, immediately coating them with her juices. God, she was so wet! She could not remember the last time she had felt so horny. She longed to cum, knowing that it would only be the first of many that day.

Searching through the jumble of sex toys on the bedspread, June selected a slender vibrator, perhaps 10 inches long, and another curiously shaped device with a small strap. It was also a vibrator, designed to strap to the back of her hand. It would make her entire hand vibrate, transferring the delicious sensations to whatever she touched. She tried switching it on. Nothing happened. The same with the long vibrator. She clicked the switch off and on several times. Nothing. Then she giggled, realizing that the devices needed batteries.

She left them on the bed and scampered down the stairs, her thin robe flying open on either side of her bouncing breasts. She felt deliciously naughty, flouncing around like this, practically naked. She went into her kitchen and opened the door to the pantry. Inside was a plastic bag filled with an assortment of batteries. Closing the door, she happened to glance outside and felt her heart skip a beat. Sue was out watering her side garden, her fleshy curves packed tightly into a lycra swimsuit. June stared for a moment, her horniness almost conquering good sense. She longed to throw open the sliding door and invite her in for a romp in bed but she didn’t dare. Instead, she stood unseen in her kitchen, not 20 feet from the woman, rubbing her wet fingers up and down her drooling slit. No. She just couldn’t risk it, no matter how turned on she was.

Instead, she whirled and raced back up the stairs with her bag of batteries. It took several fumbling minutes to get them installed, and then–at last–she was able to sprawl back on the bed and find the pleasure she so desperately desired. She began by inserting several inches of the long vibe in her pussy and switching it on low. She groaned as a lovely wave of sensations trembled through her, and for a moment she just lay there enjoying the feeling, gently fucking herself with the toy. Then, almost as an afterthought, she switched on the vibe strapped to her right hand. It was an odd feeling, her whole hand vibrating and twitching right down to her bones. But when she brought her hand up to her chest, cupping her large tit, she could not believe the pleasure that rippled through her.

“Ohhhhhhh,” she groaned, feeling her nipple instantly hardening in the center of her shivering palm. She almost forgot about the vibrator in her pussy as she concentrated on pleasuring her nipples, moving her thrumming hand from one to the other and back again. Her mouth dropped open in a silent moan of ecstasy, and she arched her back high up off the bed, reveling in the feelings. Then, almost as if it had a mind of its own, her pleasure-producing hand began moving down her body, sliding deliciously across her smooth belly. She knew what she needed. She needed to feel this sensation directly on her clit.

As soon as the thought drifted through her brain, June felt her pussy contract, squeezing tightly around the other vibrator. She reached down and fucked herself with her left hand, almost unconsciously switching the power a bit higher.

“Oh yessssssss,” she hissed. Her hips were moving now, making little fucking motions up off the covers as she felt her pleasure beginning to mount. It was time now, she thought, and she slid her right hand farther down, even as she lifted her knees up and back towards her chest.

“Oh fuck!” she cried out, as her vibrating hand reached her clit. It was almost too much pleasure, and she bit down hard on her lip to help herself bear it. Her clit felt like a hard marble, pulsing angrily beneath her fingers as she rolled it roughly with the tips of her vibrating fingers. With her left hand she began fucking herself fast and deep, her ass squirming on the bed. She was dimly aware of her breath coming in short, ragged gasps as waves of pleasure built and spilled over her, and then–without warning–she was cumming, feeling her pussy spasming and pouring cream out and down the crack of her behind. And again! Another climax followed, almost instantly. June was sobbing but she could not stop herself. Her right hand moved rapidly back and forth, her fingers a blur. There was a moment’s hesitation, like a diver poised before a leap, and then a third climax ripped through her.

“Yeaaaaggghhhhhhhhhhh!” she bellowed, her ecstasy melting into incoherence. Gasping, she somehow managed to pull her hand away to give herself a moment’s peace. She lay on the bed trembling, sweat beginning to glisten on her heaving breasts. So much pleasure! She had never imagined.


She must have slept, because when she became aware again it seemed like an hour had passed. It was close to 11 now. June giggled as she realized that the two vibrators were still buzzing insistently. She turned off them off and swung her legs shakily out of bed, managing to pad over to the master bathroom for a pee. She grinned at herself in the mirror and splashed cold water on her face.

Feeling refreshed, she walked back into the bedroom, shedding her robe as she went. Her body tingled, her nerve-endings on fire. She was ready for even more wickedness, but now she was feeling truly naughty. She pawed through the jumble of goodies on the bed, and found the item she was after.

June had never experienced anal sex with any of her partners, not with her two boyfriends in high school, nor the four in college (two short-term flings and two pretty hot and heavy) or with her ex-husband. Bill (her ex) had tried several times to coax her into trying it, once sticking his finger uninvited into her ass, and then alternately begging and demanding that she let him fuck her there. But she’d rejected the idea in no uncertain terms. The idea of something as large as a penis (and Bill’s eight-incher certainly qualified as large in her book) entering her tight ass just seemed absurd. Each time he’d tried, her whole body had gone rigid, ending any amorous feelings for the evening. At the time, Bill’s obsession with screwing her anally had seemed so infantile, and that period may have marked the beginning of her realization that the two of them–despite having produced two children–were fundamentally incompatible sexually.

Lately, though, June had begun exploring the idea of anal sex in her online chats. One online acquaintance–a Denver woman named Sally, given to particularly earthy language–had extolled the joys of anal strap-on fucking, so much so that June had become intrigued. She’d started playing with her ass while masturbating, and had come to like the feeling of having a finger–or even two–pushed deep into her tight musky hole.

She eyed the object in her hand, the butt plug. It was made of clear silicone, and had a smooth tapered end and a wide flat base. In the middle it swelled out, like a pear. Again, June felt a momentary qualm, wondering how she would ever get this thing into her small hole. But she remembered more of her conversation with Sally, how she had counseled the liberal use of lubricant. June looked down on the bed and spotted the tube of k-y jelly, “free with any purchase.”

Feeling a bit silly, she walked over to her full-length mirror, bent over, and looked at herself through her legs. She almost cracked up at the sight that she saw: a red-faced woman staring at her ass upside-down, her long brunette hair escaping from its tight bun to fall to the floor in a tangle, her large breasts hanging down pendulously. Oh well. Might as well get on with it, she thought. She grabbed hold of her butt cheeks and spread them, revealing her crinkled, reddish-brown hole. Was it just her imagination that it seemed even tighter than usual? She stuck out a nail tentatively and scraped it carefully around the center of her hole, probing at the tender bud. Pushing a bit, she managed to ease past the tight outer rim into the softer pinkness of the interior. Emboldened, she pulled her fingertip back out and coated it with some of the k-y jelly, and this time it slid in easily. She watched through her legs as her middle finger entered deeper into her ass and, to her surprise, realized that she was actually enjoying the sensation. For the first time, June realized that manipulating her ass like this created sympathetic sensations in on the opposite side of her perineum, and she felt herself beginning to get aroused. She glanced down at the floor at the butt plug, though, and still felt skeptical that her hole could stretch to accommodate it, at least without damaging herself. What if she tore something? Pretty hard to explain at the emergency room.

It occurred to her, though, that it was pretty pointless to have bought all these toys if she wasn’t going to be brave enough to try them. She picked up the plug and began coating it liberally with the jelly. She could feel it warming in her hands as she prepared it, and she got more and more excited about the idea of having this thing inside of her. She started feeling as if she could do this.

June got down on her knees, and looked back over her shoulder at the mirror. She could see her target; her anus glistened wetly with the jelly. She aimed the tip of the plug into the center of her hole and began applying pressure.

“Unnnnghhh,” she grunted, feeling a sharp twinge as the plug began stretching her. She almost stopped, but, again, her conversation with Sally surfaced in her mind. “You just push out, like you’re takin’ a shit,” Sally had said, and June snorted with laughter at the memory. She concentrated, bearing down like she wanted to push the plug out (which wasn’t far from the truth) and suddenly she found the opposite occurring: the plug was sliding farther into her tight ass. She groaned deep in her throat and almost tried to pull it out, but suddenly she got past the widest part of the plug, and the rest of it popped inside, until the base was tucked up nice and tight against her hole. She put her head down on the rug and stayed motionless for a minute, catching her breath. She was coated with nervous sweat, but she had done it!

After a bit, she raised her head up and looked back over her shoulder. She could see just the round base of the plug tucked up against her anus, and she reached back and ran her fingernail around it, tracing it on the rim of her ass. It felt amazing. Slowly, moving gingerly, she raised herself up until she was standing in front of the mirror again. She could feel the plug worming its way even deeper into her bowels. The feeling was odd but not unpleasant, and she found that she could move around even with the plug inside of her. She grinned at how she looked in the mirror. God, she looked like a sexy slut now, having cum all those times already and with her body now coated with a fresh sheen of love sweat. Her nipples were hard and beet-red, and she had to admit that, for a woman on the back end of thirty, she looked pretty hot. She certainly felt sexy, sexier and more beautiful than she had at any time since before she was married. She reached up and began rolling and pinching her nipples. It felt exquisitely good to tug on them like that, and then she got a truly wicked idea. She crossed over to the bed and picked up the nipple clamps. Each one opened on a hinge and clamped over the nipple, then there was a separate device that tightened them, squeezing the nipple a little….or a lot.

June unclasped one and fit it over her right nipple, then snapped it shut. She sucked in her breath tightly as it closed onto her nipple, but it did not really hurt, just pinched a little. She quickly fastened the other one, and then admired how she looked with the chain hanging down. Smiling evilly, she gave the chain a little tug.

“Oooooh,” she moaned involuntarily. Now THAT hurt a bit, but it still left her with a bit of a tingle.

Moving stiffly, conscious of the plug squishing around in her tight behind, June walked back over to the bed and grabbed the DVD, slipping it into the player under her TV. She clicked it on, and while it was loading she busied herself with some other toys. The ben-wa balls she tucked inside her wet pussy, and was a little disappointed when she did not really feel much effect at all. Oh well. She knew something that would feel nice. She re-strapped the hand vibrator to the back of her hand, switched it on, and began rubbing her slit. Suddenly, she began shaking, as the ben-wa balls responded rather dramatically to the vibrations. It felt like the two balls were fucking her from the inside out and she couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt. Voices from the screen made her snap her head up and she began watching the movie.

The “plot” of the movie, if you could call it that, was laughably lame, something involving a female executive and her new female intern. But when the intern–rather predictably–messed up, the movie got decidedly hot. The older woman insisted that the young girl meet her that evening at her house, a house that was equipped with a full-fledged dungeon in the basement. For the next hour, June watched in slack-jawed amazement as the woman put the young girl through the kind of pleasurable tortures that she had been dreaming about lately. First she stripped the screaming girl naked and inserted a butt plug into her ass (oh yes! June knew just how lovely that felt) and then tied her facedown on a bench. Mercilessly, the executive (who remained dressed) flogged the girl with a cat o’ nine tails, until her ass was a bright shade of red. As the girl lay there sobbing, the executive, who by this time was sweating profusely, peeled off her own clothes and donned an evil-looking strap-on, very similar to the one June had purchased. Screaming at the girl to get up on her knees, she began fucking her pussy relentlessly, all the while keeping the plug buried up the poor girl’s behind.

June lost track of how many times she came while watching this salacious display. She seemed to almost be having one long orgasm, yet each cum only acted to heighten her pleasure. She reached a point where she only had to touch her clit briefly with her vibrating hand to bring herself off, sometimes tugging on her nipple chain as she came. Her pussy was drooling cream in a steady river that dribbled down her butt crack and onto the sheets. She thought idly that she would have to make sure and wash them before going to bed that night.

Suddenly, a sound intruded on her play. The doorbell was ringing. As soon as she became conscious of it, she realized that it had been ringing for a while. Who could it be, and why didn’t they just go away?

June had a view of her front door from her window, and she cautiously peeked outside. With a start, she saw that it was Betty. She looked angry, and now she was pounding on the door. One look at her face convinced June that she probably was not going to give up soon. In a whirl, June began racing around. She grabbed the remote and froze the DVD, registering on the fact that she had caught the action at a particularly fine moment. The young girl’s back was arched as the older woman slammed the dildo into her, and her mouth was stretched open in a portrait of ecstasy. Then June desperately dug her fingers into her dripping pussy and extracted the ben-wa balls, even as she was hastily unsnapping the hand vibrator. There was no time for the plug or the nipple clamps; she’d just have to leave them. She snatched her robe off the floor and shrugged it on, as she moved as quickly as she could down the stairs (the plug hampered her progress quite a bit there).

The doorbell was chiming again as she flung it open breathlessly. Betty took a step back, obviously surprised by her sudden appearance. She paused and gave her a long look up and down. Then she opened the glass outer door and pushed past June into the room.

“B-Betty! What a surprise!” June exclaimed.

“A surprise? I can see that,” Betty snapped. “Did you forget that we had a luncheon date for today?”

“Uh, today?” June said, stalling, and feeling incredibly stupid. She often felt that way around Betty, who could be very intimidating, especially when she was angry. She suddenly became very conscious of the plug in her behind, which had begun a kind of throbbing pulse, and the smell of her own sex, which seemed (at least to June) to be filling the room. She could actually feel wetness dripping down her inner thighs, and she knew she had to somehow escape from this uncomfortable moment. “God, Betty, I thought that was tomorrow. I’m so sorry. I, uh, I was just about to take a shower. It will just take me a minute to get ready,” she ended, lamely.

Betty’s eyes blazed. “Fine,” she said, and turned toward the kitchen.

June didn’t wait for any more of the awkward conversation, but turned and bounded up the carpeted stairs. When she got to her room she went straight to her closet and hung up her robe. She was just about to turn around when she heard something that made her freeze. It was Betty’s voice, coming from the doorway.

“Well, well, well,” Betty said, “I can certainly see why you need a shower.”

June spun about anxiously, but it was clearly too late to do anything. Every aspect of her depravity was on full display and she could only stand there in mute shock, her face beginning to burn with shame, as Betty’s eyes traveled about the room taking in each detail, a sly smile playing about her lips. Her eyes went first to the TV screen, gazing at the image of the young girl being fucked hard by her boss. Then she looked over at the jumble of toys on the bed, and strode purposefully over to inspect them. June watched as she ran her hand appraisingly up the length of the strap-on cock, and then she caught sight of something else. She reached down and picked up the ben-wa balls by the thin string by which they were attached, and June saw to her dismay that they left a wet outline on the sheets as Betty brought them up to her face. Her eyes locked on June’s as she sniffed the balls in an exaggerated way, and she held the gaze as she opened her mouth, sucking in first one, then the other. Despite the waves of humiliation washing over her, June could not help but be aroused by the wanton act, and she suddenly felt as naked and exposed as she had ever been in her life. She felt completely at Betty’s mercy.

“Mmmmm,” Betty sighed appreciatively. “So delicious, my dear.” She dropped the balls back into the pile of toys, and began moving slowly around the corner of the bed, speaking as she advanced on June. She involuntarily moved back, but there was nowhere to go. She was cornered in front of the closet. “You know, June, I went to the movies with my husband last night.” It seemed such an odd non sequitur that June had trouble focusing for a moment on what Betty was saying. “Do you know what we saw? That new movie ‘Kinsey.’ I think you would like it. It’s all about how sometimes very ordinary people have these secret sex lives that no one around them can even imagine.”

By this point, Betty had come very close to June, and was now standing right in front of her, looking down at her. “I think we all have our little secrets, don’t you think? For example, I’ll bet you had no idea that your pretty neighbor, Sue, comes over to my house twice a week. Do you want to know why?” She leaned in close to June’s face, smiling rather oddly at her. She seemed to be waiting for an answer but June could only nod weakly. “She comes over so that I can paddle her nice plump bottom and give her a good….hard…..FUCK.” Betty separated and emphasized these last three words, and they acted like an evil spell on June. She felt her pussy pulse with arousal, and made no move to resist as Betty took hold of the chain attached to her nipple clamps. She tugged on the chain with a steady pressure that stretched June’s nipples out and down, and she cried out even as the taller woman took hold of her hair roughly in her other hand and brought her lips down bruisingly on June’s open mouth.

For several searing moments they remained locked that way, as if Betty wanted to complete her conquest of June’s soul. But that battle was already over, and the smaller woman felt like she was melting in the redhead’s arms. Finally Betty pulled away, the smile still on her face. “I have to tell you, my pet, that I’ve had my eye on you for some time. I suspected things about you, but I was never really sure. But now,” and her eyes swept toward the bed with an amused glance that seemed pregnant with meaning, “I don’t really have to wonder any more, do I? Now, here’s what I want you to do. Quick like a bunny, I want you to hop up on that bed, face on the pillows, ass in the air. Think you can manage that?” Again, June could only nod obediently. Then Betty leaned down into her face and whispered with a voice like the October wind. “Then….do it.” And as June began moving toward the bed, Betty pinwheeled her hand and brought it slapping down hard on the cheeks of June’s ass, making her leap forward even faster.

June buried her beet-red face in the pillows, her heart beating wildly. Her mind spun dizzily with countless thoughts and images as she waited for…she was not sure what. She could hear Betty rummaging around in her drawers, and part of her was curious about what the woman was up to, but she was afraid to peek, somehow sensing that this would not be permitted. Instead, she let her mind relish the shockingly erotic image of her neighbor Sue, perhaps lying naked on a bed in the same position in which June now lay, sobbing into the pillow as Betty mercilessly paddled her red butt cheeks. In this imagined scene, her neighbor’s large, melon-shaped breasts swayed with the force of each blow, but her pussy also gaped wetly, readying itself for the “good…hard…FUCK” that was about to come. The same one that June herself was about to receive. As she reveled in these deliciously wicked thoughts, she was only dimly aware that Betty was taking hold of her wrists. She felt something tightening around them and started to turn her head but Betty pushed her roughly back down. It was not until she walked around to the side of the bed June faced that she saw what was happening. With her left wrist already attached to something, June watched as Betty tied the leg from one of her pantyhose snugly around her wrist. She then ran the other leg through the hole next to the bedpost and pulled it taut, stretching both of June’s arms out straight. This made her head press even further down into the pillow, and she was pinioned quite helplessly. Her legs were left free.

Betty moved out of sight again, but she started talking again, her voice sounding as natural as if they were having afternoon tea, not one of them trussed up naked about to undergo who knew what debauchery. “You’ve been a naughty girl, June. All this time, I thought you were such a proper little darling, but you really are just a SLUT who needs to be FUCKED, and you never gave me the slightest inkling. I really am disappointed that you’ve been holding out on me.” Suddenly, June gasped as she felt Betty’s fingers pushing into her wet slit.

“Oh god,” she gasped, as she felt several of the fingers push up inside of her.

“You ARE a slut, aren’t you, June?”


Betty must have twisted her hand palm up, because June suddenly felt her fingers curling inside of her pussy, massaging her g spot. “Yes, what?” Betty purred.

“Yes, I am a slut,” June managed to get out.

“Yes you are. And sluts like you need to be punished.” Abruptly Betty pulled her fingers free, and June could hear suckling sounds, as if she was licking them clean. June could not imagine what was coming next, but she was hoping that Betty would fuck her soon. She was desperate to cum. Without meaning to, she found herself imagining what it would feel like when Betty shoved the huge strap-on into her and, involuntarily, felt her pussy give a little gush of pleasure. When, instead, Betty brought her stiff-bristle hairbrush slapping down on her right butt cheek, the shock only seemed to intensify the pain. June screamed in agony.


Again, the brush came slapping down on her this time on her other cheek.

“STOP!!!!”June screamed, but to no avail. A third time the evil brush hit her and she screeched again.

“You know,” Betty said calmly, “if you don’t start counting and thanking me for these, we are never going to get to ten.”

June could scarcely take in what Betty was saying, preoccupied by the searing pain as another blow struck her tortured ass.

“Th-three. Thank you, Mistress!” she managed to choke out.

“Tsk, tsk. No. That’s wrong. That was one. Let’s begin again, shall we?”

Again the brush slapped onto her tender bottom, and June managed to gasp out, “One. Ohhhhh, thank you, Mistress.”

“Much better,” Betty said, and continued. After four more hits, June was quite sure that her ass was just going to catch on fire and melt onto the bed. She cried and squirmed, trying desperately to escape the punishing blows, and Betty had to pause to get her up on her knees again, spanking her ass sharply with her bare hand when she didn’t move fast enough. “You’re really just making this harder on yourself. The sooner you learn that the better,” she admonished sternly. June tried to keep still, but when the sixth hit–the hardest yet–smacked onto her right cheek again, she broke down, sobbing uncontrollably into the pillow.

“Pl-please,” she blubbered. “I’ll do anything you want…”

“Yes, you will,” Betty agreed. She considered continuing the punishment, but she felt she had done enough. The reminder of the beating would be effective enough, she decided. She looked down at the broken woman, licking her lips, and began to remove her clothes. She unbuttoned her white blouse slowly, savoring the moment, and stripped it off, then unhooked and removed her bra. Her nipples were tingling, hard and firm. She was very turned on, and ready to fuck now. She walked around to where June could see her and leaned down to caress her cheek. “Shhh,” she cooed. “All better now.” She leaned closer and licked the salty tears off June’s cheek, and the woman looked up at her pleadingly. Then Betty kissed her wetly, and heard June groan throatily. Betty stood up then and let June watch as she peeled off her black slacks and then her French-cut panties. The latter stuck to her rather moistly. Then Betty leaned across June’s naked behind (feeling the heat coming from her bruised cheeks she could not help but smile to herself) and retrieved the strap-on. June’s eyes widened as the redhead attached the device to her crotch, fitting the harness around her butt cheeks. It bobbed lewdly in front of June’s face and Betty stroked it obscenely with her fist, as if the cock was her own. Then she climbed onto the bed behind the brunette, letting her fingers rub against her hot bottom. For a moment she let them trace around the base of the butt plug, still buried in June’s behind, but then her fingers closed around the dildo’s shaft, guiding it up between June’s wet pussy lips. She heard June gasp as the head squeezed into her hole, and then she made a lower, unidentifiable noise as the massive tool began pushing into her.

For June, the feeling was like nothing she had ever experienced. The fake cock was truly opening her in a way that no one’s cock ever had and for a moment she thought she was going to pass out, the sensations were so intense. Inch after inch, the monster wormed its way inside of her, and she could feel perspiration beginning to break out all over her body. She shuddered as she felt Betty suddenly place the bristle brush face down on her sweating back, but she seemed to only be doing it as a reminder. Then she felt Betty’s hands gripping her sides, gaining leverage as she worked down toward the end of the cock. She paused before reaching that point, however, and June froze, wondering what she had in mind. As she trembled under Betty, June felt her lower herself on top of her, draping her naked body over her back. Her weight came to bear on the brush, pressing it painfully into the small of June’s back, and then June felt Betty’s hard nipples pressing into her spine farther up. Then she heard her insistent voice hissing into her ear.

“You do the last part, slut,” she said. “Fuck yourself onto my femcock.” And then June’s mouth shot open in a soundless cry as she felt Betty’s fingers take hold of her nipple chains and begin pulling her back. There was a limit to her range of movement, because of the pantyhose tied to her wrists, but June still had enough purchase to do what Betty required, and she hastened to push back on the cock, grunting as she jammed herself down roughly on the base. Then, using the nipple chains like the reins on a horse, Betty guided her into a nice fucking rhythm, and June began deliriously fucking herself on the awesome dildo.

While she fucked, Betty got busy, hurriedly strapping on the hand vibrator. June felt her buzzing hand brush against her nipple clamps, then slide lower, and then the pleasuring hand was on top of her clitoris. The effect was both instantaneous and intense, as June abruptly orgasmed, then quickly came a second time. Her pussy clenched and relaxed around the femcock, and she felt her cum juice gush around the pole. She suddenly felt herself drifting away….


When June came to, she was completely disoriented. It took her a moment to realize that Betty had tied her in a new position, spread-eagled on her back. Part of her confusion, she quickly realized, was that filling her entire field of view was Betty’s open, moist pussy, descending onto her mouth. And as her mouth opened to engulf this prize greedily and willingly, June realized two things: that she was hopelessly, passionately in love with this woman, and that she had completely lost control.

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