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Canadian Janie

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The summer before I was to start my second year as a Master’s student at a prestigious coastal California university, I decided to participate in a 3-month fellowship through the University of British Columbia. The fellowship was a paid position where I would be trained in fish pathology, ultimately helping my academic career back in the States.

The only reason I was chosen for this fellowship, it seemed, was the fact that the fellowship’s director was an old fraternity buddy of my college advisor, Colin.

My travel plans included a one-way flight to Seattle, where I took a 2-day train ride to Vancouver. I didn’t fly straight to Vancouver because I wanted to experience a mini-vacation before I was to start my grueling position. At 26 years old, I still looked about 19, and enjoyed an adventure as much as any fiery teenager.

After the second day of shopping, sight-seeing, and a short train ride, I arrived at a bus stop on Chancellor Boulevard. I knew the campus was to the southeast, but I had no idea where the science department was, let alone the fish pathology lab. I looked around the pristine streets bordering the campus. The landscaping was well manicured, there was not a trace of litter to be found, and in the distance I could see a great green forest. Not a bad place to live, I thought, while reaching into my pocket to retrieve my Blackberry. I had been instructed to call my new boss, Drew the fellowship director, as soon as my train arrived. I dialed the number I had been given, and listened to it ring.

“Fish lab, this is Casey,” a voice came back.

“Oh, this is Janie, the new fellowship student,” I said excitedly.

There was a brief pause.

“Hello?” I said, checking to make sure the line was still connected.

“I’m just a grad student here. I really don’t have the faintest idea of what you’re talkin’ about. I need more info,” the deep voice said.

“…oh, um…,” I stuttered, “Drew said to call this number when I arrived at the northwest bus station.”

Another pause.

Sighing, I continued, hoping any of my words would click with my new acquaintance, “I just had a long bus ride and I need someone to pick me up. Drew said to call and someone from the lab would give me a lift to my dorm.”

“There’s a summer fellowship position in this lab?!” the voice cracked a bit. “Why the hell didn’t I know about it? It’s not like I don’t need the money!”

My face started to flush deep pink; this was so frustrating. “Well, they just offered it to me a couple weeks ago, doing fish path stuff.” I didn’t know why I felt the need to explain myself to this person.

The rugged voice continued, “Three years in this hell hole and what to I get? Shafted. Every time, I get shafted! What’s your name again?”

A bit nervously, I stammered, “Janie…my college advisor…is Colin–”

“–I know Colin,” He cut me off. “Drew and Colin are pretty much butt-buddies. Don’t tell ‘im I said that,” he remarked with a laugh. “And now who is this fellowship funded through?”

“Um, I really couldn’t say for sure,” I confessed. “Truthfully, all I was told was to book a flight, and Drew would take care of me.”

“Oh, I bet he’ll take care of you,” the voice countered with obvious innuendo. “Let me guess; blonde and beautiful?”

He was right. Even though I change my hair color quite frequently, my natural color is dirty blond. And more than a few people have told me I am pretty. I stand at about 5’7″ with a classic hourglass figure and muscular legs.

Exasperated, I shouted, “Look I don’t know a damn thing about your lab’s politics, but I just arrived here from California, and I am hungry and tired and I don’t want to sit at this bus station a second longer. So, PLEASE send someone to the Chancellor Boulevard bus stop to pick me up, or tell me how to get to the dorm and I’ll call a cab!”

There was a sigh followed by, “Look, I’m sorry. It has nothing to do with you. I’ll…I’ll be there in 10 minutes.”

The phone went dead; I held it away from my ear and shot it a puzzled look. What was I getting myself into this summer? Colin insisted Drew was a brilliant professor and that this was a great opportunity to learn all the necessary tricks of the trade. I certainly didn’t want the baggage of sexual harassment to accompany my training. Plus, it seemed like no one in the fish pathology lab had ever heard of me.

Putting my Blackberry back into my loose jacket pocket, I sat down on the bench and stared down at my knees. Definitely not knobby knees. Actually nothing on me is knobby. I have 36DD breasts, a large bubble-butt, and soft curves everywhere else. I sighed, why was it so difficult to make a name in this field and at the same time lack a penis?! I rolled my eyes at the thought and then focused on the street. What was this ‘Casey’ character all about? I tried to imagine a physical extension of that voice on the phone.

After counting cars for a short eternity, I fumbled for my Blackberry, intent on calling Drew’s office number, when a beat-up yellow Datsun pickup pulled up to the curb. It looked to be weighted down quite significantly by the single occupant inside the cab. Bright blue eyes and a jovial face (complete with dimples on both cheeks and chin) smiled at me from behind the tiny steering wheel. The door opened quickly and the man stepped out; when he righted himself he must have been well over six feet tall. The truck chassis squeaked in relief as the muscular man pushed off the seat and approached me.

“Janie? Hi, I’m Casey,” he uttered in that same baritone. His huge paw of a hand stretched out to meet my delicate one.

“Oh, nice to meet you in person,” I stammered trying to think of something witty to say to take my mind and obvious stare off those blue eyes. “I was about to call for reinforcements; thought you forgot about me.”

Casey laughed, “No, my bad. I couldn’t find my keys. The lab is a mess, you’ll see.” His blond shaggy hair and scruffy beard hid most of his facial features, except those eyes of course. He wore a dirty pair of jeans and a large gray t-shirt hung from his massive shoulders.

He yanked each suitcase from my grip and launched them, effortlessly into the bed of the truck. Then he walked around the cab and opened the passenger door for me. Any more force and I am sure he would have ripped the car door right off its hinges. We got on the road and headed down Chancellor Boulevard.

There was a brief awkward silence, while Casey fussed with the radio, which looked older than the truck itself. As he drove, I was amazed that his large right leg allowed enough room to shift gears. I tried not to think about what his cock might look like, and failed. I bet it was large to match his large frame. We made small talk before Casey again apologized for what happened earlier.

“Janie, I’m sorry for my outburst. As a grad student I’m over-worked and underpaid, which of course is no excuse to talk like that to a lady.” He glanced over at me and his eyes wandered down to my cleavage. I pretended not to notice. He continued, “Sometimes I feel–we all feel–like Drew passes up his own students for fellowship positions. Our lab is about ninety percent men and Drew is an old bachelor. He tends to give the fellowships away to bright young women, and truthfully I can’t complain. At least it brings some diversity to the place,” he confided. “Drew is a space-cadet. He has 12 master’s-level students under him, a wet-lab to run, classes to teach, too many grants to keep up with, and God-only-knows how many experiments in progress off Point Grey.”

“Well, I can understand how you feel,” I said a bit nervously, “You probably deserve this fellowship more than I do.”

“Don’t be ridiculous!” Drew slurred, “He might give up the goods to pretty girls, but he doesn’t just give them to bimbos. I’m sure you’ll prove your stuff this summer.”

I blushed, not sure if that was an actual compliment or not. We approached an remodled Victorian mansion on the outskirts of campus. There was a large green lawn surrounding it, almost too perfect, and five or six cars parked in the huge driveway. Casey eased the old Datsun up behind a Volvo, and killed the motor.

“This is the dorm?” I gasped in disbelief.

“No, it’s our dorm,” Casey said matter-of-factly. “All the fish-heads live here. Your room is on the third floor.”

I squealed, “Oh my God, it’s huge!”

“Yeah, that’s what all the women tell me,” Casey joked. He smiled at me and I gave him a genuine smile back. I liked him. Very much.


The summer progressed steadily and I made friends quickly. Casey was right, out of the 13 students in the lab including me, there were only four women. Almost all of the students lived in the big white Victorian house, as the rooms were large and much less expensive than an off-campus apartment.

My fellowship was difficult; sometimes I pulled 12-hour days waiting for certain experiments to run. Drew was hardly ever in the lab. By the time my first month in BC was up, I had only seen Drew three times. He looked just like his photo online at the lab’s web-site. At each of our encounters, he looked at me as if he had no idea who I was. He would then mumble something about Colin, and smile at me. Drew would give me about 30 seconds of his undivided attention, while I fired off questions about my project, all the while he would steal glances of my breasts. He was an attractive older man, so I didn’t mind him looking. In fact, I found myself wearing more revealing clothing as the summer wore on, in hopes I would see Drew in the lab. I really have a thing for older men. Needless to say, I learned most of what I needed to know from Casey. But he wasn’t the only one. I had three other male grad students in the fish lab clamoring for my attention. One was Michah, a tall curly-haired man of about 27. The second was Nate, a young quiet man with smooth gray eyes. And third, was a dark-skinned Asian man named Rene, who had a few tough-looking scars on his face. All four men were incredibly good-looking, with rugged appeal, and whip-smart humor. But I often found myself fantasizing about Drew as I lay awake at night masturbating.

Often on the weekends, the students would plan a hike up to the lake, a swimming hole about a mile up the dirt road from our Victorian house. The road spiraled back into the forest, climbed in altitude, and ended at a small dock and storage shed where supplies were kept in case of a tsunami emergency. It was the best spot for crazy beer-guzzling bonfires.

One Friday afternoon, I was busy cleaning up supplies in the lab, and putting my samples back into the freezer, when Casey came up behind me.

“You goin’ to the lake with the gang tonight?” he asked me, a hopeful look in his eye. He nonchalantly washed a few glass beakers and tried to look casual.

Casey had been mildly flirting with me all summer and although I was getting pretty lonely, I had not responded to him in the way he had hoped. I did find him very attractive, but for some reason, I was obsessed with the thought of Drew in my bed.

I shrugged, “Yeah I thought about it, but it seems like that scene is getting old. I got pretty hammered last weekend anyhow.” I turned away from him and disassembled my pipette and laid it out to dry.

Casey looked disappointed. “Well, this weekend will be better because Drew just got back from China and he’s got some illegal fire crackers that he intends to blow up.”

My ears perked up when I heard Drew’s name. So that’s where he’s been these past few weeks? Casey noted my change in behavior. “Yeah, you should come; it should get pretty wild,” Casey baited.

Yeah, he doesn’t know the definition of “wild”, I thought, remembering my summer in Alaska a couple of years ago. I smirked to myself.

Casey smiled at me, “What’s that look for, Janie?”

“Oh, just remembering the last time I saw fireworks,” I lied, “It’s been too long.” I was actually remembering when two men had me at the same time that summer. Now THAT was fireworks. It sent a shiver down my back.

“Great, we’ll see you up there around 10 pm?” He asked with raised eyebrows.

I just nodded at him. Maybe this casual encounter would be just the way to flirt with Drew. My pussy ached at the mere thought.

*** After work, I took a shower to get the fish smell off of me, and dressed in tight denim with a sage green sweatshirt. As I tied the laces on my hiking boots, I thought of Drew. He was about six feet tall with a mass of salt-and-pepper hair, and a dark goatee. He also has crisp blue-green eyes that crinkled slightly at the edges. If he was of Colin’s cohort, I guessed him to be about 46 years old. I had learned over the past 4 weeks that he was divorced, no children, and had a reputation of dating much younger women.

At about 9:30 pm, I joined a group of my housemates in the hike up the hill. Casey and Rene walked on either side of me each carrying a case of beer.

“This is my work-out for today,” Casey joked.

“Yeah, this is going to get harder after about a quarter-mile,” Rene exclaimed.

“Oh you guys are big muscle-men; I’m sure you can handle it,” I rolled my eyes at them. It was true; Casey looked like a Viking and Rene a Mongolian warrior, albeit college kid attire.

“You know this might be easier if I drink all this beer now, so we won’t have to carry it all the way up to the lake,” Casey laughed to Rene.

“No shit,” he agreed with a smile.

I protested, “Um, excuse me, but I was hoping to have a couple of those beers.”

Casey chuckled and ripped the box top open, reached in a produced two beers. He handed them to me. “Here, these are your share; I get the rest. It’ll take this much to get me drunk,” he remarked.

“Right!” Rene laughed. “Your fat-ass needs all that to do the trick.”

“You mean my football-player physique?” Casey retorted. “Two-hundred and forty pounds of pure muscle mass.”

We all cracked up.


At the top of the hill we looked down at the serene waters of the lake. The colors were just magnificent as the sun touched down on the green hills in the distance. The sky was a peach-vanilla color which I predicted would turn more orange and red as the sunset progressed.

I noticed Drew was already there, fishing through a box of colorful packages. He was bent over and I studied his muscular shoulders where the fabric pulled taunt. Drew was unaware of my sly glances between sips of my beer. He righted himself and declared the first firework to be lit was called a “blue dragon”.

The night progressed and we all enjoyed the beer and fireworks. I figured Drew didn’t remember me again; he had not uttered one word to me the whole night. Guessing by the banter between Drew and his students, the group seemed to be very close. They traded stories with sexual innuendo, dirty jokes, and occasional profanities. Drew certainly didn’t act like their university advisor.

After about an hour, my bladder was aching for release, so I excused myself to find a spot to relieve myself. As I started to break away from the group, I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye. At about 20 feet down the path, I realized it was Drew following me.

“And where are you off to?” he asked.

“Oh, sorry, I just need to, ah, um, relieve myself after those two beers.” I was blushing profusely and couldn’t look him in the eye. He was so attractive!

“Well, one can’t be too careful; there are critters out here that would love to make a meal out of you.” He stared at my chest as if he wanted to make a meal out of my breasts.

“Okay, well, will you keep watch for me? Actually, I’m more concerned about a drunken Casey hitting on me rather than a bear trying to eat me,” I joked.

Drew smiled, “You will be safe with me.”

I somehow doubted that. He eyed me as if I were a sweet piece of candy that he didn’t want to share with his ten siblings.

“Casey is harmless you know. He’s a good guy.”

“Yeah I know”, my voice trailed off as I jumped over a small stream and behind a large shrub.

There was silence as I did my duty and after I cleaned up and presented myself from behind the brush, I was beet red with embarrassment.

I wasn’t paying attention as I stepped over the stream, and instead of a sure footing, I met a slippery mossy ledge. In an instant I was on my knees, with the water soaking my shins and boots. My crotch got wet too, and the cool water on my womanhood was a sobering feeling.

“Oh, are you alright?” Drew asked with concern. He came right to my side and practically lifted me up out of the stream bed.

I didn’t say anything out of pure shock, so he continued, “Janie, are you hurt?”

“Um, no, no. Just embarrassed. I am so…clumsy sometimes.”

Drew looked into my face and his blue eyes had a pleading look. His arm rested on my waist. He held me to him as I favored my twisted ankle. “You’re not clumsy, Janie,” he whispered, “…I think…you’re…you’re the cutest thing I have ever seen.”

His words really caught me off-guard. I truly did not know how to respond. My breath came faster and a lump formed in my throat. I just focused my gaze down. My cheeks burned as I hid my eyes under my thick lashes and pretended I hadn’t heard what he had said to me. Drew’s embraced tightened on me as if to encourage a verbal response to his confession.

“Is everything okay?” Casey’s voice came from the trail below us. Drew and I broke away instantly.

“Yeah, I just…fell,” I yelled towards him. I felt guilty for enjoying Drew’s closeness, especially because I knew Casey had a crush on me. Hopefully Casey was oblivious to the true nature of our embrace.

I walked quickly back towards the group. Casey followed me with a concerned look on his face. “You fell? Did you hurt yourself?” He approached me from behind and took my hand.

“Just hurt my pride, I basically did a swan dive into a foot-deep stream”, I giggled. “I’m just soaking wet. I think I am going to call it a night.”

I met Casey’s fretful stare as Drew caught up behind us.

“I’ll walk you back,” they both said to me in unison. Drew shot Casey an annoyed look and Casey did the same.

I protested, “You guys, I’m fine. I’ll be alright by myself.” I did not want to spoil their evening.

“In the dark, alone? I don’t think so young lady,” Drew countered. He sounded like my father.

“Drew, I’ll go with her. I’ll be sure to get her to her room. Go back to the fireworks; the gang wants more explosions,” Casey explained. Drew shot him a look like he didn’t approve of that scenario, but really what could he say? Casey and I were close friends and it would be inappropriate for Drew to walk me home alone.

“Alright, leave me a voicemail when you get her home. I don’t get very good reception up here but I don’t want to be worried all night whether you made it back in one piece or not,” Drew said calmly.

“Will do, Boss,” Casey assured.

My heart raced as Drew turned away. I watched his back as he headed over to the other students and grabbed a beer out of the case. Our eyes met briefly as he opened the top and took a swig. It took me a second, but I identified his expression to be one of jealousy as Casey led me down the path towards home.

It was slow-going with my throbbing ankle. It wasn’t a bad sprain but I probably should ice it when I get home, I thought to myself. Casey and I both felt relief as the white Victorian, like a glowing castle in the moon light, appeared in the distance. By the time I crossed the threshold, my body started to shiver with the cold.

“Wet denim is an easy way to hypothermia,” Casey declared and grabbed me around my waist. He lifted me up and wrapped me in the crocheted throw that lives on the back of the sofa. Casey settled me down on the couch and then lit the hearth in about two minutes flat. I removed my wet boots and socks, and was temped to shimmy out of my tight jeans, when I remembered my company.

Casey sat next to me on the sofa. We didn’t look at each other for a moment. I could feel his heat radiating off him. Casey slowly reached over and took my hand. He studied its small proportions and smooth skin. He turned it over in his hand like he was going to try to read my palm.

“We need to get you out of those wet jeans,” Casey said, looking embarrassed at how that phrase sounded. He met my gaze and knew I was thinking the same thing, so he said, “Yeah, that line sounded like something out of a cheap porno.” I just giggled in response.

Truthfully, I was so horny, a cheap porno sounded inviting. I hadn’t had sex in over two months, and walking a mile with tight wet jeans rubbing against my crotch had not made my desire fade. Plus all the attention from the men, especially from Drew, had only fanned the flames. I had tried to play the uninterested sweet-‘n-innocent route, but I think the Vancouver fish lab needed to finally see who they were dealing with. The real Janie could not be contained any longer. I needed to fuck, and Casey was an easy target.

“I have some dry pajama bottoms upstairs in my dresser. You think you could help me up the stares?” I asked sweetly. I had no doubt in my mind that Casey could lift me up and carry me the whole way. In an instant, he scooped me up like a child and put me over his shoulder. He carried me like a caveman carrying his female prize back to the cave.

He placed me on my feet right after we crossed the threshold of my dorm room. I closed the door, then hobbled over to the dresser, my ankle feeling much better than I let on. Casey watched me for a moment in the dim light as I fished into the drawer, then he turned his back like a gentleman.

“It’s okay Casey, you can watch,” I whispered. He turned around slowly with a lustful look in his eyes. I studied his crotch and watched his bulge grow larger. The pulsing in my depths just hit me stronger, so I continued. Seductively, I turned away from him, presented my ass to him, and stuck it out in his direction. My heart-shaped ass pointed at him invitingly. I bent over slightly as I unfastened the fly. My jeans were wet and so tight on my body; I had to bend over significantly to get them down. White cheeks came into his view as I lowered the jeans down slowly. My black string thong panty remained tight to my body and I managed to push the denim all the way down.

“Oh, my God…” Casey said to no one in particular.

I pretended not to hear him and stepped out of my jeans slowly. I shook my bubbly ass as him, teasingly. I smiled at him over my right shoulder and pulled my sweatshirt over my head. My suede-colored hair cascaded around my shoulders and tickled my upper back. I moved a hand behind me to flick open my bra. With one quick motion, it literally sprung from my body as my large breasts came to rest, unrestricted on my chest. I turned to face him, only a microscopic thong hiding my womanhood.

Casey’s face was flushed as if he was more intoxicated than he actually was. Instead, he was drunk with lust. His eyes were intense with longing and they scanned my body only briefly before coming back to meet my gaze. “God, you are so sexy,” he said. “I have wanted this from the moment I saw you, stranded and alone at the bus stop.”

We embraced tentatively, like we were both in disbelief of the situation. Casey kissed me slowly, his large lips enveloping mine. I reached up under his shirt to feel his hot flesh. Taking my cue, Casey pulled his flannel shirt over his head and tossed it to the floor. I needed to feel his bare skin against mine. I wanted to feel his weight on top of me. My hands deftly went for his belt and I unfastened it skillfully. He helped me remove his jeans before backing me against my twin bed. He smelled of beer and Olde Spice.

Casey moved over me, his boxers barely containing his engorged manhood. I came to rest on my back and pulled him down on top of me; I needed to feel the pressure of his weight on me. His steel-hard crotch ground into mine as if to say “see what you did to me.”

“Oh Casey, is that for me?” I asked innocently referring to his hard dick jutting against the fabric of his boxers.

He groaned almost as if in pain and said, “Of course it’s for you, Janie.”

We kissed passionately while he dry-humped me. Just then Casey’s cell phone rang. Of course he ignored it and continued his lovemaking. My pussy was so juicy, I couldn’t wait much longer. I reached my hand inside his boxers to feel his smooth hard shaft. We moaned into each other’s mouths as I explored his cock with sure fingers. The skin of his cock was so silky and it’s girth so large I could hardly fit my small hand around it.

“I want you to fuck me with this big cock of yours,” I whispered, and tugged it more urgently.

“I think I could do that for you,” Casey smiled at me. His head lowered to my breasts, taking each puffy pink nipple in turn. He let me continue fondling his gorgeous cock. He sucked gently until my nipples were hard little pebbles. I cooed in appreciation as Casey used his lips to tug each one into a swollen red nub. My hand retracted from his boxers as he moved farther down the bed.

I became delirious, begging him to take me. “Please, please, I need it so badly,” I whispered hoarsely.

“Oh no, I’m taking my time with you,” Casey confessed, “I need to make that pussy nice and ready for me.” His words were shocking. I love when a man is vocal with me.

Casey moved further down my body and came to rest his nose against my panty-clad crotch. He sniffed me deeply a couple of times, inhaling my womanly fragrance, before swabbing his big fat tongue over the material. “God, you smell delicious.”

I spread my legs for him, eager to get my pussy eaten. My heart fluttered in my chest at the mere thought. I closed my eyes and imagined he was Drew. My breathing became ragged as Casey played with the small triangle of fabric hiding my twat. Calmly, Casey reached behind me and pulled my thong down. He inched it lower, exposing my manicured furry patch. My pussy has small inner folds and large plump outer labia. My clitoris peeked up at him from between my folds.

Casey took his time enjoying my womanhood. He used the flat part of his large tongue to work up and down my whole crease. Next, he used the pointed apex of his tongue on my clit. Slowly, he licked two fingers and inserted them into my honey pot. He arched his fingers onto my G-spot and rubbed me lightly.

“…Oh fuck, yeah,” I moaned in approval. Casey began to finger me deeper. I whimpered in submission as he violated me with his thick digits. My girlie goo flowed from my pussy to soak his hand.

“Nice and wet,” he commented lustfully before feasting on his drenched fingers. I could smell my own aroma and the scent of sex filled the room. Casey reinserted his fingers and stirred up my honey pot. I gasped and humped my body against his digits. I felt my orgasm about to break.

Casey removed his fingers abruptly, and stole my orgasm away. I was about to whine in protest, when he moved up and covered me with his large frame. His boxers were shed and he eased himself down on top of me. Casey held himself steady with one strong arm, and he stroked his own groin with the other. He found my slippery opening and nudged the tip of his penis inside.

My eyes went wide as I realized his full proportions. I sighed softly as he took his time entering me. Even though I was drenched, my tight pussy posed an obstacle; after all, I hadn’t had anything but my fingers to fuck all summer long. Casey had to stroke me slowly until my cunt yielded to him. His blond curly chest hair tickled my breasts as he pressed down against me.

“Oh my God…,” Casey hissed into my ear. “Your pussy…is the tightest…thing…I’ve ever…fucked,” he confided between strokes. By then my cunt began to open up for him. Waves of pleasure poured over me. I rocked my hips to meet his thrusts. We became one sweaty, palpitating mass of flesh.

I became aware of soft mewling sounds escaping my throat. Casey was completely silent in his efforts, other than his breathing. I realized he was probably about to ejaculate and was concentrating hard to hold off.

We heard footsteps on the stairs of the mansion. Whoever was moving around down there had scaled the first floor and was approaching the second flight. Casey continued to fuck me gently and I responded with more throaty whimpers.

The footsteps stopped at the top of the third floor. We were so delirious with lust; our minds could not comprehend what was going on anywhere but in the room. As the intruder approached my bedroom door, I moaned more urgently and bucked upwards to meet his gyrations. Casey turned his head when a quiet fist rapped against the door, but he did not stop his ministrations. I placed a hand on his cheek and turned his face to look at me.

“Don’t…stop,” I called. My orgasm was moments away. “I’m going to cum,” I whispered.

There was another rap at the door.

“Casey, please…don’t…stop,” I demanded.

Just then Casey and I began to climax. He hit the point of no return and pulled out of my slippery cavern. He held his breath as he pumped one long rope of jism across my stomach. I reached down to finish myself off.

At that exact moment, the door busted in and Drew stood there watching us in shock.

Casey looked up at Drew, but could not control his euphoric spasms. He pumped three more jets of semen across my torso as my orgasm washed over me.

“Oh, my God,” I called as my twitching body regained composure. As soon as the buzzing in my ears stopped, I reached for the comforter to cover my nakedness. My breath came hard as I willed myself to regain composure.

Casey was on his feet in an instant, jumping on one foot as he put his boxers back on. Drew sank back into the corner of the room, embarrassed but unable to look away from me.

“What the fuck, Drew?!” Casey boomed. The sweat ran down his forehead and into his tightly furrowed brows.

“I thought…” Drew stammered, “I thought she…” He brought his hands up to chest-level in innocence. “I swear I thought…”

“Yeah well, I think I am going to knock you around some, old man!”

Drew got into a defensive stance, his biceps bulging. I immediately stood up, with the blanket around me, and jumped between the two men.

“What, Drew, what did you think?” I asked calmly. “Casey, let him speak.” Casey had a crazed look in his eye, like a mad bull.

Drew moved his gaze to meet mine. “Honestly, I left the bonfire early because I was worried about Janie. I tried to call you, Casey, because you forgot to leave me a voicemail. I was just worried about you two,” he explained.

Casey looked down at his hands balled into fits. He had forgotten to call. He let his hands unclench slowly with the realization.

“I thought I heard Janie crying from outside the room,” Drew continued, “but then I heard her say, ‘Casey please stop’ and I thought Casey was…taking advantage of her.”

Casey and I burst into laughter; Drew’s eyes widened in confusion.

“No Drew,” Casey chuckled, “she was telling me not to stop.” I grinned in agreement.

Drew’s face flushed and it was his turn to laugh. “Oh Jesus, guys I am sorry for the intrusion.”

“Gosh, Drew, if you listened closely she was saying, “don’t stop, I’m going to cum,” Casey added.

Drew looked at me in disbelief as if he couldn’t imagine those words coming from my sweet lips. I smiled shyly at him and licked my lips. I could tell Drew was getting turned on. I let the blanket fall a bit, exposing my left nipple.

“Maybe he just likes to watch,” I joked and cuddled up next to Casey.

Casey chuckled deeply and razzed Drew even more, “Yeah, the old fart’s forgotten how to lay the pipe.” Casey was only joking but his tone sounded like a challenge.

“In your dreams, boy,” Drew countered. “If I had been with her she wouldn’t be able to stand up afterwards.”

“Oh really?” I quipped. I walked over to Drew with a wicked smile on my face and a sly glint in my eye. I closed the bedroom door and let the blanket fall to the floor. “Prove it then.”

Now it was Casey’s turn to be shocked. His mouth hung open and his manhood began to stir. He stood there like a sculpture unable to move or talk.

I sauntered over to Casey, shaking my round ass at Drew as I did. I knelt in front of Casey and fished his cock out of his boxers. Casey stared down at me with lust in his blue eyes.

“You sure you want to do this?” Casey asked.

“Um, Casey, as your Boss, I recommend you shut up and give the girl what she wants,” Drew interrupted.

“And what I want is two cocks to play with. I’ve only had one orgasm tonight, a far cry from being satiated,” I remarked. I stared up into Casey’s deep blue pools with my big innocent green ones. “Please fuck me some more.” I felt Casey’s cock twitch in my hand. I didn’t need to ask twice.

Casey’s rapidly growing cock fit snugly in my mouth, and I was sure to put on a show for Drew. I wanted him to see just what was in store for him. I longingly stroked the base of his shaft and ran my dainty pink tongue all along the head of his beautifully circumcised cock. I paused and dipped my head down to nuzzle his balls, all the while expertly pumping his length. I moaned and sighed as I blew Casey, thinking about the reality of being with two men at the same time.

“Damn, she sucks a mean cock,” Casey commented to Drew.

Drew sat on the edge of the bed and just watched intently. He started to lazily stroke himself through his cargo pants. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from the sexy scene in front of him.

I hollowed my cheeks and applied strong suction to Casey’s dick. It had grown to full salute and I could only cram about half of its length into my small mouth. Casey gazed down lovingly as tears welled up in the corners of my eyes while I tried to suck all of him down my throat. I stifled a gag. Casey buried his thick fingers into my honey-colored hair and started to slowly pump my face.

I glanced over at Drew and spied him undressing slowly. He went through every motion without breaking his gaze on us. “Fuck her, Casey,” Drew insisted, “I want to see her face contort in ecstasy.”

My cunt began to juice up after hearing Drew speak that way. He was such a well-known and distinguished scientist; it was remarkable to witness this lewd side of him. I had no idea what I was in for.

“I want to taste her cunt again,” Casey confessed. Casey pushed me off his groin and bent me over a wooden desk. He kicked off his boxers and knelt behind my luscious rump. It felt sublime as Casey licked my crack. His talented tongue made my knees weak, but his firm hands held me in position. His nose sank into my swollen pussy folds and my juices ran out into his upper lip. He licked them up and spread my ass cheeks even wider. I felt his wicked tongue dart around my puckered asshole and I began to moan in defeat. I needed his cock in me; I couldn’t handle any more of this teasing bullshit.

“Please, Casey, please,” I panted. I got a candid view of Drew over my shoulder, as Casey ate my ass. Drew’s cock stuck straight out from his groin, the head was large like a baton. He shot me an intense stare that almost frightened me. He looked like a possessed man, possessed with lust.

“Give that little slut what she wants,” Drew coolly instructed to Casey. He moved closer to get a better view.

My cunt spasmed in anticipation. “Yes, yes, fuck me,” I purred. Casey pushed my face down onto the desk.

Casey squeezed my ass roughly, “You need a cock in that hole, don’t you Baby?”

I just grunted in agreement. Casey rewarded me with one solid stroke of his penis. This was quite unlike the gentle lovemaking he gave me before; this was something else entirely.

“Oh God!” I groaned in reaction to his long deep thrust. “Yes, yes, yessss!” He felt heavenly inside me. After weeks without cock, my pussy was finally getting what it needed.

Casey, with such a strong body, really delivered a good hard fucking. He grasped me tightly around the hips and buried himself to the hilt in my hungry pussy. Mini-spasms spread out from our union; my legs went weak. Casey wrapped his fingers around the nape of my neck, grabbing a fistful of my silken hair in the process. He tugged back gently on my hair in time to the rhythm. My stomach was pushed flat against the desk, and my large tits slapped the mahogany finish.

My orgasm spread over my body rather abruptly. One moment I was groaning in time to Casey’s thrusts, and the next I was wailing into the night. Casey held his cock inside me deeply and rubbed against the back of my cunt. He stirred up my insides and coaxed a very wet orgasm from me. Sharp twitches radiated down and outwards across my heaving flesh.

“Oh my God, oh my God,” I repeated as Casey pounded me.

I realized then that Drew had moved my upper body towards him and he sat in the desk chair to my left. Through streaked vision I finally got to see his cock, long, pink and perfect. I was able to catch my breath as my climax abated, and understood Drew wanted me to suck his dick.

“Janie, I can’t believe this,” Drew confided, “You’re such a sweet young woman and yet you want to get fucked by two cocks at once.” He pushed my face towards his crotch. His eyes crinkled at me with a mixture of passion and wonder. “Colin told me you were a sexy woman, but he has no idea.”

I feasted on his dick while Casey bounced me effortlessly on his hips. Drew’s flesh tasted salty and sweet. I sucked Drew for all I was worth, wanting to prove to him just how much of a slut I really was. His shaft disappeared into my mouth, except for the thick base covered in salt and pepper pubes. I could taste pre-cum leaking from the tip of his cock. Breaking my suction, I spat into my hand and rubbed the spittle into his shaft. I didn’t want him to cum yet.

I broke away from their efforts one at a time. First, I righted myself, and then I pushed Casey backwards. Both men looked confused for a moment, until I grabbed each by the cock and coaxed them gently over to the bed. Without a word, I positioned Casey at the edge of the bed, with his legs touching the floor. He was so tall, this was not an issue. Casey’s dick pointed into the air, politely asking for more. I obliged by climbing aboard Casey’s massive lap and lowering my scalding pussy over his shaft. I bounced slowly up and down on Casey’s member and looked down into his face; his features told me he liked the sensations. Casey reached up and fondled my puffy pink nipples, intent on making then taunt once more.

I glanced over my shoulder at Drew. He watched us with excitement and pumped his own erection with vigor. He read the wicked message in my eye as I reached back and spread my ass cheeks apart for him. His bull’s eye was unmistakable, my tight pink asshole above my pussy stretched-to-capacity with Casey’s cock.

“Oh my, is that what you want?” Drew commented with a sly grin. I nodded and blinked up at him innocently. Drew nearly lost his load right then and there. But he knew I was counting on him. “Casey, do you see what she wants?” Drew asked in amazement, a smile playing at his lips.

Casey, in his own world, was unaware of my intentions.

“Casey, she wants two cocks in her at once,” Drew said calmly, as if saying it aloud would make it more comprehensible.

“Yes, please, I need it so badly,” I called over my shoulder to Drew.

“Give her what she wants, Man,” Casey encouraged.

Drew was not about to disappoint. He just wanted to watch me bounce on Casey’s cock a few moments longer. He lubed a finger in his mouth and placed it on the rim of my asshole. He was rewarded with a series of wanton grunts from me.

“You’re such a slut, Janie. Coming here and driving all my students mad with lust,” Drew teased. “I think I will have to tell Colin what a bad girl you have been.”

“Mmmmmm,” I hummed to myself.

Drew stood on his tip-toes and flexed his cock against my backdoor. His heat felt wonderful, and it encouraged me to buck backwards.

“Oh, I bet every male student of mine jacks off every night thinking about this big lovely ass,” Drew hissed. “And now I get to fuck it.” Drew reached down and grabbed my hips. He used them as leverage to ease his throbbing cock inside.

“Oh, yes, give me that cock in my ass!” I moaned urgently.

“Oh, you’ll get it,” Drew threatened. He slowly eased past my pink sphincter until both of my holes were completely filled. My head spun with lust as both men worked to satisfy me. My ears buzzed as the sheer pleasure overtook my body. I was only aware of the two men telling me blissful profanities.

“…such a fucking slut…”

“…what a hot tight ass…”

“…gonna cum in that hole…”

The next thing I knew, both men were bucking into me passionately, sending me into a different universe entirely. Drool escaped the side of my mouth as I hummed and moaned into Casey’s strong chest. Drew doubled over onto my back as he pounded my ass roughly. My pussy, stretched and sodden, spilled girlie cum onto Casey’s balls. My climax got away from me, careening wildly, the waves crashed over me. I couldn’t tell where one man ended and the next began. I felt like one giant hole accepting their onslaught. Casey cursed and emptied a load of semen into my womanly abyss. Drew followed shortly with five shots delivered into my rectum.

Drew eased off of me slowly. I fell to the side as Casey’s flaccid cock slipped from my pussy. On my back, I spread my legs and reached down to inspect my busted holes. Cum escaped from each cavity and mixed together before sliding onto the sheets. My holes winked at them before closing shut.

Both men stared at me in adoration. They were breathing hard and trying to comprehend what just happened. I wiped the sweat from my brow and sighed in sexual satisfaction.

“Good Lord, I have never done anything like that before,” Casey confessed.

“Now you know why I chase the younger ladies,” Drew laughed.

I said nothing and just led the men into the shower where I let them wash all the cum off my body.

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