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The Scavenger Hunt

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He had been working long hours and hadn’t had a day off since, he couldn’t remember when. He finally had a day off and it was a Saturday to boot. He might be able to sleep late for a change and enjoy some lazy day sex with his wife. He was surprised when he woke up and it was much later than he thought he would sleep, but the house was quiet. He rolled over to where she normally slept and was greeted with an envelope.

Inside was a note for him.

Good morning sweetheart. You have been working so hard, I thought you needed a day to yourself to be able to relax and have some fun. Enclosed you will find a list for a scavenger hunt, but not your ordinary scavenger hunt. The list contains things that you must obtain or do. You may not purchase anything. It must all be obtained using your wit and charm. You may use whatever means necessary to get your list completed as long as you give me the details when you return home. You may not return home until the list is complete. Have a great day baby. I love you.

He unfolded the other piece of paper and money fell out. He counted $100. He wondered what he would need the money for if he couldn’t buy anything. As he read the list, he understood a little bit better.

A bra or pair of underwear from a woman – bonus if she lets you remove them with only your teeth
A lipstick kiss on your cheek
A napkin from a strip club
A package of condoms
A picture of a woman in her panties
A picture of two people having sex
A porn movie featuring at least 4 women and 4 men
A sex toy
An everyday item that can be used for sex
Convince someone to let you do a shot off their body
Get a blow job
Get a lap dance
Get laid
Get someone to write a phone number on your body – a place covered by your clothes
Sign a girl’s tits

The last line at the bottom of the page made his cock stand up. It said, “Yes, I am giving you permission to fool around, as long as you remember the deal. You must give me the details when you return home.”

Damn! He had one hell of a wife. She was giving him permission, if not ordering him, to get a blow job from someone else and fuck someone else. Never in a million years could he have imagined this, but he wasn’t asking any questions.

He dressed quickly, but with some care. He knew he couldn’t look like a slob if he was going to try to talk a woman out of her panties.

He drove into the city where he might find people who were freer thinking than in the burbs where he lived. He decided to stop at a bar and have a drink and see if there was anyone in there who would help him get started on his list. Getting the kiss was the easiest thing. Finding a woman who would allow him to suck a shot off her stomach took a little bit more work, but it made him hard as he did it. All that skin and knowing he had permission to fuck someone else were getting him loosened up.

A little more time in the bar, lots of flirting and he was making more progress on the list. There were a couple of girls there that had enough to drink and were feeling pretty frisky. One of the girls had some condoms that she shared with him and she wrote her phone number on his ass. There was a back room in the bar so the three of them headed back there. He mustered up a little bit more courage and asked the second friend if he could take a picture of her in her panties. She pulled up her skirt to show off the skimpy little thong and acted playful and coy. He snapped picture after picture of her hot little body.

Next step was to ask her for that little slip of material that she called her panties. She acted shocked, and then said yes. She started to remove them and he said, “No, I want to take them off with my teeth.” His hands were already on her ass and his mouth headed toward the panties. He used his tongue to pull the elastic out so he could get his teeth around it. He slowly pulled them down as he flicked his tongue in and out, just barely touching her skin. She shivered with excitement. As he got them part way down, he was in line with her sweet clit. He couldn’t help but dive in. He licked and nipped at the bud that begged for his attention. He worked her with fury until she screamed out, and then drenched his face. He continued to remove the little bit of fabric and she stepped out of them for him.

When he looked up, he saw that her friend had come up behind her and was playing with her friend’s tits. They turned and faced each other while shirts started to come up, bras were pulled down and they were going at each other. He told them he wanted to see them going at each other’s pussies. They didn’t verbally respond to him, instead they got on the floor, one on top of the other and gave each other a tongue lashing right in front of him. He snapped away with his camera. He had photos of two people having sex, but he didn’t think it would be the pictures his wife was expecting. Maybe they would get her hot and he could fuck her while they talked about it.

He thought he had gotten as much checked off his list as he could here, so he decided to go to a strip club and get the napkin. He was sitting and enjoying the show, while having another beer. One of the dancers was making his cock bulge so he bought a lap dance from her. She had glorious tits and her pussy ground on him with great skill. He asked if he could sign her tits to show that she had given him a great show. She told him that normally the patrons are not allowed to touch the dancers, but she would make an exception. He did not sign the top of her tit as she expected. Instead he lifted it and signed on the underside.

He wondered how he was going to be able to complete the list. He saw a few couples sitting at tables. He went over and explained to them about the scavenger hunt and asked if there was anything that they might be able to help him with. The women dug in their purses and pulled out some surprising items. One pulled a small vibrator from her purse, while another had a small bottle of lube and yet another produced a homemade sex tape of an orgy and lastly one gave him the pearl necklace she was wearing. She told me to have fun figuring out how to use it.

The only two things left on his list were to get a blow job and get laid. He was aching to do both after all the tits and pussies he had seen, but was trying to figure out how to accomplish them. Maybe he could go back to the first bar and see if those two hot little bodies were still there. Maybe he could take both of them together.

As he drove he realized he never got the napkin from the strip joint. Should he go back to the club and just pick up a napkin? Then he had a funny thought. Maybe he should get a napkin from a male strip club for her. He found one close to where he was and decided to give it a shot.

He sat down and ordered a beer. A couple of guys came on and danced and the women in there were hooting and hollering. He did see a few other guys with some of the women, but he was the only single guy there. He didn’t much care. He wasn’t planning on staying long. After all, he had the last two items on his list and couldn’t wait to accomplish them.

The next dancer came out and he was surprised to find his eyes riveted to the stage. This was one damn good looking guy. He was about six feet, maybe a little taller, and his body was chiseled. There was no denying this man had a six pack. He was introduced as Thor and he could understand why. He suspected this is what Greek gods would have looked like.

He watched as his Thor’s hips gyrated and he could see the muscles ripple through his body. As his eyes traveled down Thor’s body he was surprised to find his cock start to harden as he examined the bulge in the g-string. Thor turned around and bent over, shaking his ass for the ladies, who were eating it up. He wondered what it would be like to get his hands on Thor’s ass. The thought surprised him and he was even more surprised as he hardened more. Before he knew it the dance was done. He was unnerved by the feelings he had and wondered where they came from. He liked having his ass played with but had never thought of another man in a sexual way.

He finished his beer, tucked the napkin in his pocket and stood to leave when Thor approached him. He was told that a table full of ladies had bought him a private dance with Thor. He was speechless and swallowed hard. Thor asked him if he wanted to go to a private room, and he simply nodded and followed him.

Once in the room, Thor began to repeat some of the moves from the dance before, but now he was only a few inches away from his face. His cock became harder and harder and as he bounced between absolute arousal and confusion. As Thor straddled his lap and began to grind on his already hard cock, arousal won out and he let out a loud moan. He could feel Thor harden as he basically rode him.

Thor looked at him and said, “I have a 30 minute break coming up. Meet me by the door in ten minutes. He got up and did as he was told. The wait was the longest ten minutes of his life but he couldn’t comprehend leaving. When Thor approached he was wearing a pair of snug fitting jeans and a t-shirt. Even in these he still looked delicious. Thor told him that his apartment was just around the corner and asked him if he wanted to join him there. Again, he simply nodded and followed him.

When they arrived at the apartment, Thor looked at him and asked, “Have you ever been with a man before?” He just shook his head. Thor then asked, “Would you like to?” He mumbled a barely audible yes. Thor took care to show him how to touch. He was a gentle teacher. He felt his pants being unzipped and his cock was being stroked. He groaned loudly at the sensation and relief. He was afraid he was going to come right then. Thor took his hands and guided them to his jeans so that he could be free as well. He took Thor in his hand and felt the jolt of excitement from having a cock in his hand that was not his own. He began to stroke it and liked the feel that was so different from his.

Thor’s hands and mouth slid down his body until his mouth found this new cock. He slid his mouth over him and slowly sucked on him, waiting to see if he would pull away or allow it to happen. Thor did not have to wait long for a response as he began to thrust his cock into Thor’s mouth. He was soon fucking Thor’s face in quick rhythm. Damn his mouth felt good. For a moment he thought it was a man’s mouth sucking him and about to make him unload. Thor reached around and started to play with his ass, testing to see how he reacted to having a finger shoved into him. It made him fuck faster, and he slid a second finger in. He had reached his breaking point and unloaded down Thor’s throat, while he drank every drop.

Thor told him to get on the bed and get onto all fours. He responded quickly, anticipating what was coming next. Thor reached into the night stand and removed a bottle of lube. He watched as Thor applied the lube to his fingers then went behind him and applied it to his ass. Thor’s fingers were back in his ass and he loved the feeling. Two fingers became three and he started to fuck Thor’s hand. He couldn’t get enough and wanted more. With his other hand, Thor applied the lube to his cock and positioned himself to replace the fingers that were being fucked. He started slowly, again waiting to see if he would change his mind, but he did not. Instead he heard, “Oh… fuck…yeah” as he slid deeper and deeper in. His ass was tight and they both loved it. He pushed back to drive Thor all the way into him. He feels glorious pleasure in having this stud fuck his ass. He can hardly believe what he is doing, but wouldn’t stop it and couldn’t stop it if he had to. Thor pumps harder and faster and he feels every sensation ride from his ass to his cock. How can doing this feel so damn good? Thor must be feeling the same as his body tightens and he unloads into his ass. It feels hot in his ass and he wants more.

Thor pulls out and he is still semi erect. He grabs Thor’s cock and strokes him again. He reaches down for his own cock which is hardening again and he pumps them both at the same time. He wonders what it would be like to have a cock in his mouth. It felt so good to be sucked by him, would it feel as good to suck him? He positions himself over Thor’s cock and starts to lick it testing what it feels and tastes like. He slides his mouth over Thor’s pole and is surprised at the sensation of being a cocksucker. He loves it. He greedily bobs up and down and takes everything he can get. He sucks slightly harder and a little bit faster. Thor responds and meets his pace.

He wants to try it, but he’s a little afraid. He wants to be cock deep in Thor’s ass. He picks up the lube and repeats what he saw Thor do. First one finger, then two and works on finger fucking his ass. Thor looks back and says, “You want to do it. Fuck my ass.” He doesn’t need any more encouragement and quickly lubes his own cock and slides it into Thor’s ass. It feels so damn good. Why didn’t anyone ever tell him about this? Ass is tight and it grips his cock like a glove. He wants to go slow to enjoy every sensation, but he finds himself fucking with fury as each and every sensation hits him. He is fucking a man’s ass and loving it. His cock grows harder and thicker and he wonders how it possibly can. Stroke in, stroke out, enjoy the fire in his cock. Repeat. Thor is moaning louder and louder so he must be doing something right. He feels so damn hard he knows what he’s doing is right. He screams as he dumps his come into Thor’s ass. This is unlike anything he ever imagined.

He wants one last thing. He wants to swallow Thor’s come just like his was. Thor is still on all fours so he climbs under him and sucks Thor’s cock as if his life depends on it. It doesn’t take long before he is swallowing come as if he has done it every day of his life.

As he drives home he is thinking of Thor and what he did. He wants to tell his wife about it, but is somewhat afraid. But after all, she told him to do whatever necessary to get the list completed. Maybe one day she’ll let him fuck her ass and she’ll enjoy it as much as he enjoyed Thor. Better yet, maybe one day they can share Thor.

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