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A Day and a Night in The Sun

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The Cayman Islands were so beautiful this time of year, and the weather was really perfect. Much better than in the heat and humidity of the summer. Or so Christina had been told by the hotel staff, anyway. The weather was great, true…a nice cool breeze came in right off that perfect azure-blue glassy sea, and it blew through her hair as she sat quietly at the outdoor hotel bar.

The bar was typical for an island resort; covered only by a thatched bamboo-and-palm roof, but otherwise totally open, it sat right on the edge of the sand. But, it seemed, that the other thing about coming to the Cayman’s during this time of year was that it was dead as a doornail.

She looked around the big bar area. On a hoppin’ night, this place probably could hold two hundred party-mad souls. Tonight, it held two. Well, two, other than Christina. They were a couple sitting alone together at a table in the middle of the big sunken floor, and they had eyes for no one but each other. Probably honeymooners, she thought, or at least two people madly in lust. She sighed. She sipped without much interest at her Mai Tai.

I mean it was early, just like 7:00 or so, but this was ridiculous. And Kelly, her roommate, would be of no help tonight; she had found an 18-year-old Dutch girl that afternoon out on the beach, and they disappeared at like 5. Christina knew that Kelly would be munching happily throughout the night…. she knew that this one was a “keeper”, one that Kelly wanted for herself, at least for the night. Maybe she’d bring her ‘home’ tomorrow, but not tonight. So, tonight she was on her own, and nothing at all was happening here. She guessed she’d probably order some food at the bar, down maybe another Mai Tai, then take a cab into the city. The clubs had to be hotter than this. Anything had to be hotter than this. Heck, Cayman TV in the bungalow was hotter than this.

“An Appletini, please,” she heard the soft, sultry voice say from next to her.

Christina didn’t turn to look at the woman at first, because she didn’t believe her ears. She just stared straight ahead like a deer caught in headlights, and waited to hear more words. The bartender mixed the Appletini, and when he gave it to the woman, she heard her say, “Thanks very much”.

It was the voice.

Her voice.

Turning slowly, Christina looked to her left. The woman was in profile. Those lips…those full, pouty lips that every single man and woman on Earth wanted to kiss…those lips were now giving their sacred blessings to the martini glass. That was the luckiest glass on Earth. If only Christina were that glass right now.

The woman turned toward Christina, still sipping her ‘tini. She set the glass down…and those lips that everyone would die to have touching them….those lips smiled utterly warmly at her.

“Hi,” the woman (whose first name Christina believed to be Angella) said to her.

Christina swallowed hard. Her eyes blinked rapidly. She looked around the room to see if there was anyone else there. Just the couple, and they too were staring at the movie star. So, that proved that Christina hadn’t lost her mind. THAT Angella really was sitting right next to her. And she’d just said hi. And Christina was still just…gaping.

Angella’s eyebrows lifted, as if to say, “…and…?”

Christina coughed, then mumbled, “Um, oh, yea, sorry! I mean, hi!”

If it wouldn’t have made her look even stupider, she would have smacked herself in her forehead.

Angella chuckled a little, and took another sip of her drink.

Christina said, “Um.” Like it was a whole sentence, filled with meaning.

Angella chuckled again, and said, “So true, so true.”

At that Christina broke down and laughed, and so did Angella. Wow. What a woman. Not just to look at either. What a woman.

“It’s really quiet here,” she said to Christina.

“Yea, I know, crazy quiet,” Christina said. “I was thinking of just having some quick food and then going into town to see if there’s a club that is hoppin.”

“Oh, don’t do that,” she replied, “then I’d have no one at all to talk to.”

Christina gulped. “Err, no, then, right, I won’t do that.” She grabbed her Mai Tai and drained the remaining half. Before she could say anything, Angrelina said, “Please get this sweet girl another of whatever she is having.”

The bartender smiled and said, “Yes, miss.”

When the fresh Mai Tai came to her, Christina said, “Thanks,” and sipped it and almost gasped. It seems the bartender had stiffened this one…a lot! She took a deeper sip, and made a little face.

Those magic lips smiled at her, and said, “Good?”

“Uh, yea. They make them really…good…here,” Christina replied. She tried to marshal her forces, and get her head back in the game. So, she said, “So, do you come here often?” And then she wanted to whack herself in the head instead.

Angella laughed while sipping her drink, and Appletini sprayed out of her nose. She was grabbing a napkin and her eyes were watering when Christina gave her another bunch of napkins and said, “Sorry, sorry,” she was laughing too. “Sorry, I just meant, like, is this one of your regular places or something and that’s why you are here. That’s what I meant!”

Wiping laughter-tears from her eyes, she replied, “No, it’s not. I came here for a photoshoot just today, and tomorrow I leave to go back to the hubby and the kids.”

Wow. The hubby and the kids. Wow.

Angella, recovering, said smiling wryly, “How about you? Do you come here often?”

Christina blushed. “Oh, no. First time. I’m here with my roommate Kelly.”

“A roommate, a Girl friend, or a girlfriend?” Angella asked.

“Oh, all those. Sortof. We have an open relationship. We’re like, more-than-best-friends with lots and lots of benefits.”

She smiled. “Nice. Where is she?”

“She found a cute lil Dutch girl today on the beach. They are out playing.”

“So, you’re on your own tonight?”

Christina nodded. “Yep. But I betcha, as much fun as she’s having right now, bet she’s gonna wish she stayed!”

Now Angella blushed a little. To see a woman like that blush. Unbelievable.

“Well, I’m glad I stayed. I could have taken the late plane out, but I just didn’t want to be rushed. I wanted to relax. Looks like I picked the perfect place.”

Christina looked around, “Yea, there’s nothing more relaxing than this place.”

She laughed again, “That’s not why I’m glad I stayed.” And she looked Christina straight in her eyes.

Christina really, really wanted to look all around her again to make sure she wasn’t looking at someone else when she said that, but she didn’t. She just kept looking back at those gorgeous eyes that you could almost go swimming in, and you sure could get lost in. She was trying to figure out if Angella meant…

“Um,” Christina said, trying to be a little smooth, “So, you and your…husband… you know, you two…”

Angella said, “We don’t have an open relationship like you and your girl. But I get a little freedom.”

“Like, what kind of freedom?”

She kept staring at Christina and she said, almost during mid-sip, “Girls. Only with girls.”

That took Christina’s breath away, and sent a massive jolt straight to her pussy. This was surreal.

“I, I didn’t think you…you know, did that kind of stuff anymore.”

“Well,” she replied, “I do have kids and I’m obviously very well known. So, I have to be very, very discreet. But underneath the mommy and the movie star, the same wild child still lives on.”

“Wow,” Christina shook her head. “I can’t believe you’re telling me this. Aren’t you afraid I’ll like, tell the National Enquirer or something.”

“No,” she said matter of factly. “For two reasons. One, if you did, I just wouldn’t respond, wouldn’t dignify the statement with a reply of any kind. People write shit about me all the time. The surest way to get people to pay attention to it is to respond to it. I just ignore it. Second, I’m sure you’ve felt like you know someone, before you really know them, yes? Something about them just totally clicks with you inside?”

“Yes, sure.”

“Well, that’s the way I feel about you. When you looked at me, I could just tell that the last thing in the entire world you would want to happen is to hurt me in any way. Am I right?”

Christina gulped again, really hard, and felt her heart melting into a puddle. “Yes. Never in a million years.”

“See,” Angella said, shrugging her shoulders. “Am I a good judge of character or what?” With that, she reached over, and for just a second, held Christina’s hand. Not long enough for the bartender or the couple to get suspicious, but nonetheless the touch was like a bolt of electricity going straight to Christina’s heart after being routed directly through her pussy. Her nipples started to get hard, and that could be kind of embarrassing…Christina’s breasts were very VERY full, and her nipples being hard was something people could actually see from outer space.

“You are,” Christina said, trying to remain calm. She chugged down about half of her nuclear Mai Tai.

Angella’s smile had warmed even more, but her eyes had gotten…smoky? Sultry? Oh, oh.

“You said you wanted dinner, right? I have a second bungalow, right on the water, that I rented under a totally different name. It’s number 3. Why don’t you meet me there in an hour. I’ll order lobster and Cristal from room service. We can eat in.”

Christina nodded dumbly, and finished the whole rest of her drink. Angella finished her Appletini, smiled, winked, and swayed her hips off into the distance. Christina was still just staring at that perfect ass until it was gone from her view, then she kept staring at it in her mind long after it was gone. She absolutely could not believe that this was happening.

“One for the road,” she told the bartender, and she thought about what she was going to do in the next hour. For one thing, she was going to try not to have an orgasm just yet. If that was really, really going to happen, she wanted it to happen…with her. Her mind raced, running through all of her sexiest clothes in her mind, that would both emphasize her spectacular boobs without giving them away too early. She also needed a shower, and proper touch-up shaving and lotion in all the right places.

When the drink arrived, she picked it up and was sipping on it fairly madly as she wandered out of the bar toward her room.

* * *

Dressed to the nines, smelling like heaven (in this case, Perfect 10 Perfume), feeling like she was there too, Christina knocked on the door of Bungalow Number 3.

The door opened.

Christina stepped in to what could have only been a dream under any other circumstances.

Angella was dressed only in a black satin kimono-type bathrobe. All around the room were dozens and dozens of candles, and no other light.

In the middle of the room was a low, small table, set with white linen, and on it, two plates with deep dishes, split-open lobsters that must have weighed two pounds or more each, and two bottles of Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne and two glasses filled with it. A single deep red rose in full bloom sat between the plates, and beside each, a red candle gleaming. The six-speaker sound-system was gently playing the most beautiful, romantic music she had ever heard…Spanish New Age, it seemed, with violins, synthesizers, a cello, and the most soft-voiced woman singing words she could only imagine the meaning of.

“Oh my god,” Christina breathed.

Angella smiled, sauntering back to one side of the table, low enough that only cushions were needed to settle down on.

“Sweetheart,” she said, “why don’t you go into the bathroom. There is another robe. You’ll be more comfortable.”

As if in a dream Christina went to the bathroom, stripped naked and put on a white satin kimono, and nothing else. She almost stumbled back out to take her seat in her cushions across from…from…the most beautiful woman who had ever existed. If that was an exaggeration in any way, it didn’t feel like that to Christina right now.

Angella picked up her glass, and said, “To you, my princess.”

Christina picked her glass up and clinked it and just stammered, “Thanks.”

They ate then, and talked. And drank. The lobsters were so huge that neither of them could finish them, though they were perfect and tender, smothered in so much European lemon-butter that they were almost drowned in it. They laughed, they smiled. The sound of the gentle ocean waves came in from the open deck door, and the sweet smell of it too, mixing with their smells, the smell of the food, and their perfumes.

One bottle of Roederer down, the second one opened, they finished the lobster, and Angella took Christina by the hand to the deck. There, clasped both hand-in-hand, and hand-across-waist, they watched the little crisp white tips of quiet waves roll blue-ly beneath the floodlights of the resort, and beneath the gentle silver cascading light of the crescent-moon. In the sky, in addition to the sweet sliver-of-moon, a perfect starscape watched down on them and seemed to smile.

And Angella leaned over to Christina’s face, and those two lips caught each other, just so tender and small at first. Christina’s heart, pussy and body had long since melted under the constant warmth, sweetness, and beauty of her host. So this kiss did not catch electric fire. That fire had long ago been lit, and this kiss was just kindling, just the best fuel.

And the kiss went on and on. Christina never even thought to stop it, or to move her hands anywhere, or to do any of the things she normally would have when a girl like this was within her reach. She did nothing. Oh, her lips were not passive…every supple kiss, every slip of the tongue, Christina responded to in kind, and she launched her own. In Angella’s mouth, Christina had somehow found her home, at least for now. If the entire world ended during that long, long kiss, Christina felt that would be OK. This was…the best kiss…the best moment in all her life.

But Angella was not to let it just remain a moment frozen in time. She let it freeze for probably thirty minutes or more, which was still an epically long kiss, but then Angella’s hands went down to grasp Christina’s butt cheeks. Her kisses got hungrier. Christina could take a hint…and she responded.

Each wrapped a bare thigh around the other as the clasped each other and that perfect romantic kiss became the realm of high heat and massive lust.

Angella did it first. In the shimmering moonlight of the Cayman sky, she just pulled the robe down off of Christina’s shoulders, exposing her bare breasts.

“My God,” Angella breathed, and she didn’t stop for any other observations. Her mouth found those large, full nipples like she had been built to have them in her mouth. Her other hand came around and grasped the other miracle-of-God’s manufacture, and she hungrily and greedily switched between each breast like she was going crazy, and wanted somehow to try to fit those gigantic, perfect swells into her mouth, in their entirety, at the same time. Angella’s lips and tongue did not just cover the perfect nipples, no, they made sure to cover every inch of the sizable area of Christina’s perfect breasts. Christina had felt this kind of hunger for her chest before…but never so well executed, and never from…never from….never…from….

But the lips chose not to stop there. Angella, for all that desire, seemed to have a higher level of desire for…what was lower.

She pushed Christina against the railing of the deck, so that Christina’s back was to the now deep-blue-sea. And she ripped open the kimono, and tore it off. Christina’s perfect nakedness was now bare to the elements, to the Gods of the Sea and Sky, to the Moon in its infinite wisdom, and to the ministrations of this unbearably hungry woman before her.

When the lips of Angella…the lips that could surely have launched a million ships if Helen of Troy had launched a mere thousand…the lips that every man on Earth, and every even slightly flexible woman…the lips that all by themselves seemed to be proof of God…when those lips met Christina’s pussy…it was, in an instant, over, and just begun.

She experienced in that first pussy-kiss one of her own very rare equivalents to male “premature ejaculation”. Christina came just from having those lips touch her! The touch was so electric, so powerful, and right now, in this moment, meant so much, that she just unashamedly shuddered and shook and shouted from the sweet perfect upper lips of Angella doing nothing but surrounding her lower-lips.

Angella didn’t care. She waited for the shuddering to subside, kissing Christina’s inner thighs while it lasted, then she just returned to what she wanted. Which was, with fervor, to feast on Christina’s pussy, in a pussy-hunger that Christina knew herself, but could not imagine ever that Angella would have, let alone, have for Christina’s pussy.

But, thankfully, here, under the immaculate Cayman moon, there was nothing to separate such hungers. Angella’s tongue drove into Christina’s pussy like there was treasure buried there, her mouth suckled in her labia minora as if they were honeysuckle flowers, her whole mouth surrounded and inhaled Christina’s entire Mons as if by trying to bring the whole of it into her mouth, it would somehow flow down into her soul. And perhaps, then, as Angella’s entire mouth was locked in a suction-vice around Christina’s entire pussy…maybe it was just then, if it hadn’t been before, that indeed Christina felt her entire soul get sucked into Angella’s. Not Angella’s mouth. The mouth is just a vehicle for the soul. And Christina’s had now become, for what it was worth or what it meant, one with this perfect woman who had chosen her on just this night.

Christina’s orgasm then was, to say the least, cosmic.

There are many kinds of orgasms.

There are the quickies, the masturbatory, the G-spot, the vaginal, the deep-vaginal, the anal, the multiple, the supper-shudder, the unexpected, the transitory, the partial pass-out, and the rare Epic. Oh, and the nearly-never-felt-but-once-in-a-lifetime-by-anyone, Beyond-Epic. Christina had only heard rumors of that last one. She’d worked tons though on trying to find it!

This one, this orgasm, from Angella’s mouth sucking Christina’s whole pussy in, while Angella’s tongue danced a river-dance over-across-and-under Christina’s clit while the Cayman moon sparkled down on tem both…that brought on the rare and nearly unheard of Epic Orgasm in Christina. Not quite Beyond-Epic, but it was the best orgasm she’d ever had.

The voice she yelled out in was not one she could ever have duplicated or faked. Christina howled into the moon as if the moon were her lover, her rhythmic pulsing sounds from her throat not guttural at all like many orgasm noises. No, somehow…this was like music. Night music. Like the baying of millions of wolves all across the world, to the same symphony of beats.

Only Angella’s strong hands on Christina’s hips, and Christina’s own hands, as shaky as they were, on the balcony, kept her form just collapsing.

When the howling ended, Angella came up and said, “Well, if nothing else, that was the most beautiful orgasm I have ever heard.”

Christina looked at her, and tore Angella’s robe off in a second, spun her around without question, and she did not stop at those perfect breasts. She wanted to. She saw them as she dipped down to her knees, and thought, “I should just suck those until I die,” but she decided that tonight, if the asteroid that ended the world were to hit Earth right now, she wanted it to be when her mouth was on Angella’s pussy. She didn’t want to give that up for a second. If the Earth was not destroyed within the next few minutes or hours, Christina would go back to Angella’s tits…hell, she planned to go back to literally every single square inch of Angella’s body. If she really was granted the time, no part of Angella would end up anywhere but in Christina’s mouth by the time the night ended.

But for now…pussy.

The smell almost immediately gave her an orgasm again. She actually shuddered, and had a minigasm just from Angella’s smell. Christina’s mouth filled with so much saliva from mouthwatering, that it was easy to just cover Angella’s pussy with it.

Those lips…they were a little darker in color than the rest of her. Christina had always felt that Angella had maybe some Mediterranean or something in her. The edges of the small lips were dark-tinted. Like gentle Greek olives left in the sun. Christina’s tongue darted left and right, thigh to thigh, then down to the dark-tinted taint. Her tongue dipped a teeny bit into the dark-haloed anus, then slowly trailed up to the base, her tongue then dividing the lips. Tentative at first, then at deeper and fuller command, she pressed her tongue into the folds of Angella’s pussy, and she met, understandably, with the most perfect flavor she’d ever tasted. That she tasted deeper and deeper till her tongue could get no more.

Then she traveled up, found the sweet clitoris of the most beautiful girl on Earth, and she at first teased it, then at last, supped on it, like there was no other food on the planet. Tongue circled under, over, sucking, spreading the hood, tongue dipping into the ‘cave’ where her clit hid, to see if it was one that could stand a direct tongue. It could. Like any clit, it bucked both to and away from such direct contact, but in-and-out, out-and-around, swirl, taste, fill, suck, suckle, in-and-out-and-on-and-around.

When Angella came on Christina’s tongue, it was as if it was some kind of gift. Christina greeted it with a sigh, as if she herself had cum.

Out there, on the deck, under the perfect moonlight, with the sweet scent of the ocean flowing past them, and the gentle sound of the soft waves crashing behind them, they both fell to the deck, clasped each other together, and kissed deeply. Later, they almost stumbled inside, to the bedroom.

They interlocked legs, and kept kissing, then Christina decided that the world had not yet come to an end, therefore, there might be enough time left to suck on those perfect breasts…so she did. She nibbled down Angella’s throat, buried her tongue in the hollow of her neck, angel-kissed down her cleavage, then angel-kissed right up the side of her left breast. When her mouth found that dark brown nipple, it was hard and nicely thick. Perfect for pulling deep into her mouth, and for running her tongue around it in lazy circles. She nibbled it gently, not too hard, but enough to make Angella cry out just a little and arch her back…which was just what Christina wanted.

Christina took one hand and put it up into Angella’s long, soft hair and she pulled on it, arching her back even more, while with the other hand, she slid it down that smooth, perfect belly until she could palm Angella’s wet sex. She rubbed slowly, continuing her nipple-feast, but switching from breast to breast now and again, while her fingers dipped inside the soft petals of Angella’s pussy. She started slow, not going too deep, keeping the Angella’s clit between her two middle fingers as she slid them up-and-down, in-and-out of her pussy. Angella was now moaning like mad, and squirming, and Christina just pulled harder on her hair to keep her whole body arched against her.

She came in a wave, throbbing to the sensations in her nipples, clit and pussy. When Angella stopped shaking, her eyes unglazed from the after-cum glow, and got very hot and erotic again. She grabbed Christina by the arms and threw her back against the bed, and then with a devious look on her face, started kissing her way down Christina’s chest and belly. When her face arrived at Christina’s pussy, Angella smiled and gave it a tender kiss.

Then she parted Christina’s little lips with both her hands, then put one finger into Christina’s pussy, and started working it in and out while she just kissed her clit. She wasn’t sucking it, just kissing it. Then two fingers went in. Then three. Christina was squirming, moaning softly. A fourth finger went in. And Christina felt the four of them widening her up to the knuckles, and she groaned a deep, guttural sound, and her hips were grinding side to side against Angella’s fingers.

The Christina felt Angella’s thumb slip in, widening her further. And she felt Angella still pushing in. Christina kinda stiffened a little.

Angella kept kissing her clit, and she whispered, “Shhh, shhh, baby. Let go. Just let go.”

Christina relaxed into the bed, and opened herself, and just trusted this beautiful, perfect woman.

Angella just kept working the 5 fingers in and out, going a little deeper each time, rotating them in a back and forth circle. Christina was certainly helping out, because she was virtually gushing pussy lube all over those sweet fingers.

“Ahhhhhh,” Christina yelped, arching her own back high as she felt the fingers slip into her past the knuckles…and felt Angella’s whole hand slide past her, until her pussy firmly gripped Angella’s wrist, and Christina felt that whole hand in her, still rotating, twisting, moving just a little in and out.

Christina lost her mind completely at this point. There was nothing at all going on in her brain. She had just become pussy-and-Angella’s fist balled up inside her, moving side to side, going in and out, the fingers unflexing to rub her G-Spot, then closing again to form the world’s biggest simulated cock-head. Christina’s mouth was opening and closing and sounds like growls were coming out of her, while her hips, no longer in her control, were now bearing down on that fist of their own volition, actually fucking Angella’s hand back. She felt it go even a little deeper, it was going past the wrist, and she was now thrashing her head side to side, her hands clenching the sheets so tightly that they were being virtually pulled up off the bed, her hips pumping against Angella’s fist like it was her only hope of survival.

Then she actually screamed when she came. Her vaginal contractions were so hard they clamped down on Angella’s fist and absolutely wouldn’t let it leave under any condition. She spasmed, screaming with every powerful earthquake of orgasm, and not just in her pussy at all, but she felt like her entire body was having an orgasm. As she gasped, her eyes closed tight, she started to see shooting stars on the insides of her eyelids, and as the waves started to subside, she actually lost consciousness for a few seconds.

That turned out t be good, because her pussy muscles stopped squeezing Angella’s hand for everything they were worth, and that allowed Angella to slowly pull her fist out of Christina’s swollen, hot, absolutely dripping pussy.

Angella joined her back up at the top of the bed, smiling. Christina’s eyes were completely unfocused, and she was still breathing so hard she couldn’t speak. That was, without a doubt, the legendary but never-felt before Beyond Epic Orgasm. No wonder what all the fuss was about.

“You ok?” Angella asked, kissing her mouth gently.

Christina just nodded. She still couldn’t say anything. Her pussy, though mighty sore, also felt mighty empty. She couldn’t believe it, but she actually thought for a moment about asking Angella to put it back in, to make the emptiness go away, then she thought better of it, as she was fairly certain that another orgasm like that would kill her. True, though, “what a way to go.”

Both wanted a lifetime of sex there, but they both were now beautifully exhausted and they found instead the warmth of each other’s arms, their nakedness intertwined, and constant kissing with their eyes locked dreamily on each others, until at last, late into the night, both fell asleep, one leg of each wrapped over the other, and both face-to-face.

* * *

The light from the Cayman sun started to bleed up into the room, still full of the scent of candles, sweet sweat and sex.

The light slowly awakened the two of them.

“I don’t think this is fair,” Christina whispered, her eyes welling with tears, knowing the dawn would bring an end to this miracle of a night. They were still cuddled together as they had been at that last moment, legs wrapped about each other, bodies intertwined, face-to-face.

“What isn’t fair,” Angella asked back into Christina’s lips, “my sweet princess?”

Christina choked back her answer. “To fall in love with someone over- night. It’s not fair.”

Angella smiled, brushed Christina’s hair back, and kissed her on the forehead. “Are you kidding? That happens all the time, precious. It is what is. It is life.”

“But it isn’t fair,” Christina said again.

Kissing Christina’s lips tenderly, Angella said, “I know. And I should know. After all, it just happened to me last night.”

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