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Reunion Revenge

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Traci and Heather were discussing whether or not Karen Cambell would show up at their five year class reunion. They could hardly believe that the ‘bitch’ would show up after what had happened just over three years ago. But if she did Traci had some three and a half year old pictures that would insure a memorable reunion for her classmates.

Traci a glamorous blonde of about five three and Heather a long brown haired beauty hated Karen more than any other girl in their class and they had good reason to. But it wasn’t always like that. In the early years of school they were friends with Karen like many of their classmates. It wasn’t till people really got to know Karen that they had reason to dislike her. That’s when they found out how devious and manipulative she was. Now Sandy was the only classmate of Karen that was still friends with her. But Sandy was a weak, insecure, naïve, plain girl who hung around Karen just to be noticed.

At first glance one might have thought that Traci and Heather were jealous of Karen’s beauty, for there was consensus among the school’s population that the raven haired Karen was by far the best looking girl there. She may not have had the best body of all the girls but with the prettiest face, long legs and medium size breasts, she had the best combination. And with her blue-gray eyes and Angelina Jolie lips, she had a strong effect on most males she came in contact with.

There was one other thing that helped Karen and that was a talent to control people. She was an excellent actress and could easily convince a teacher that she was sick enough to go home or convince them that her excuse for missing her homework was real. But Karen’s biggest talent was her ability to get boys to do just about anything she wanted them to do. Just having Karen notice them was a major achievement for the vulnerable males of the school.

Karen became aware of this power shortly after starting school and she was clever to hide her intentions. But she took advantage of the power to get just about anything she wanted including being named Hearts Queen and Prom Queen both in the same year. This was an unprecedented achievement and one that turned most of the more attractive girls against her. When they went to the staff to complain they realized that Karen had used her charm there also and were turned away.

As Traci reminisced with Heather she fingered the photos she kept in her bag. They were taken at Tony and Kathy’s wedding reception that took place over three years before and they were something Karen would love to control.

It was a week before the July wedding that Karen found out her ex-boyfriend Tony was marrying Kathy a former adversary of Karen’s. When she found out he was now attending Harvard, Karen became disturbed. She might never have broken up with him if she had known that. Tony was smart, athletic and handsome and the only thing he lacked as far as Karen was concerned was wealth. She decided she would make an effort to see if she could influence him the way she had in the past and get him to call off the wedding.

Knowing he liked to hang out at Starbucks Karen made a point of showing up there, till one night she spotted Tony heading to the parking lot. She called out to him as she leaned against her shinny new car.

“Tony! What are you doing here?”

Tony was shocked to see his old girlfriend Karen and dressed in a short tennis skirt and tight tee-shirt, the outfit she often used when looking for control.

“Karen? It’s been a long time.”

Karen invited him to sit with her in her red Mercedes and talk the way they used to when they were dating at school. Tony was hesitant at first but was curious about what she was doing these days. Karen could see that he had matured a bit but when she noticed he kept taking glances at her legs and breasts she knew she still had some influence.

“I can’t believe you’re getting married, Tony. I’m so disappointed.”


” I always thought that maybe you and I might….”

“You broke up with me, Karen. I didn’t break up with you.”

“I know. It was my big mistake. I just wish I could go back in time.”

But Karen was just playing a game. She wouldn’t marry anyone that wasn’t rich. He may have had the potential for being wealthy but until he was a millionaire she had no plan to marry him. But she was still anxious to keep him from marrying anyone else just in case he might become successful later.

Tony on the other hand could only remember their past. Karen never fucked him, she never even gave him a blow job, just the occasional handjob. But she did constantly persuade him to go down on her. That was what she referred to as safe sex and said that whenever he asked for anything. Tony was now curious as to whether Karen was serious or just playing another one of her games.

“Tony, you were always so good to me. I’d like to thank you some way.”

With that she subtly brushed her hand over his crotch which brought an instant reaction from Tony’s cock.

“I’m getting married, Karen. I love Kathy.”

“I’m sure you love her but I love you too. I’m not asking for anything other than a chance to thank you for all you’ve done for me in the past.”

Karen became more aggressive and actually placed her hand on Tony’s cock. Tony wanted to stop her but said to himself that he wasn’t married just yet and one final fling might be fun if he can get Karen to do something she had never done for him before.


“Shhh! Tony. Don’t say anything. Just let this be a way of saying I care about you.”

With that Karen began to unzip Tony’s pants. Tony started to stop her but then thought he wanted to see how far she would go. Karen was good at quickly unzipping his pants. She had learned since school to be good with her hands which kept her at her position of Executive Assistant with the local plant owner. She worked out Tony’s cock and looked down at it as it quickly grew to full hardness.

Tony looked at Karen’s open mouth with her full wet lips and he wondered briefly if she would give him what he always wanted. She grasped his cock in her hand and began to slowly jerk it. Was she going to give him a hand job like she had in the past? His answer came soon afterward as Karen’s head began to lower into his lap.

Karen’s eyes looked up at Tony as she licked the shaft of his cock which was now rock hard with anticipation. Then with a firm grip on its base she took it deep into her hot mouth and wrapped her full red lips around the shaft. Tony moaned with joy as he felt Karen’s mouth engulf his cock. He was so glad he had masturbated earlier in the day or he would have exploded right then. As Karen began to work her lips up and down she moaned with passion loud enough for Tony to get the message.

Tony thought back to their dating years and how he often begged her for a blowjob and how Karen continually turned him down. She was always persuading him to go down on her and yet the only thing she would reciprocate with was an occasional handjob. True her handjobs were great but so were his efforts at eating her pussy. He remembered how many times in his basement how he knelt before Karen who would sit in a chair and pull down her shorts to give him access to her pussy. And how she would grab a tight grip on his hair and move his mouth around on her pussy forcing him to plunge his tongue deep while she would cum over and over.

As Karen sucked on Tony’s cock she hoped he would hurry up and finish before someone walked by the car and spotted them. True it was dark and they were parked at the far end of the lot but that was no guarantee they wouldn’t be spotted. Karen was concerned about her reputation for she had big plans for her life. Fortunately her new expertise at sucking cock was more than Tony could withstand and he was soon climbing toward a climax.

As much as Tony was enjoying the blowjob he had no intention of letting it affect his upcoming marriage to Kathy. Now he was enjoying his little revenge on Karen and he was determined to cum in Karen’s mouth. So when he was on the verge of cumming he grabbed a hold of Karen’s hair and forced it down on his cock just as she had manipulated his mouth many times before when he ate her. Karen didn’t put up much resistance and to Tony’s surprise she swallowed his entire load.

Tony looked at Karen’s face as she sat up and saw a few drops of cum at the corner of her mouth. Her hair was a mess and her lips were bright red from the action. Although she was smiling Tony knew her well enough to detect some humiliation in her face. Karen had learned to suck cocks but she normally only indulged when there was something big on the line. Pride was the only thing on the line this night.

“Thanks, Karen. That was great.”

“You’re welcome, Tony.”

As Tony zipped up his pants he noticed his watch and said he had to go.

“Maybe I’ll see you around. Bye.”

With that he got out of the car leaving a disappointed Karen behind. But she had another plan.

When Traci and Heather saw Karen show up at Kathy’s wedding reception they went into shock. Karen walked in with Sandy, Karen’s only remaining friend from school. Dressed in a sexy black dress of shear, expensive material, Karen walked around as if she were still Prom Queen. It became obvious that Karen was trying to upstage the bride with her diamond earrings and jewelry and an attitude that said ‘I’m a star’.

Poor Sandy was left to sit at a table by herself, guarding Karen’s purse and phone while Karen moved around the room flirting with every interesting male she saw. It was when Karen took a call on her cell phone that she removed one of her earrings and laid it on the table. Heather noticed that Karen forgot about it as she went to the dance floor with a vulnerable male. Heather was eager to see if it was real and went over to say hi to Sandy. When she leaned over she put her hand on the earring and palmed it. Later she showed it to Traci and they agreed it was real.

It was about this time that the money dance was announced. Karen brazenly walked over to Tony and dropped some bills in the pot and took a reluctant Tony onto the dance floor. Traci and Heather could see that Kathy was disturbed by this but she was soon occupied by several dance requests of her own. The dance floor was soon crowded and Karen worked Tony over toward a corner. Once there she used her unseen hand to grope Tony, something she figured no one could see. But one of the band members did and before the evening was over the word had spread.

Later that night after most people had gone, Heather, Traci and about a dozen of their friends sat outside the hall in the yard next to the building, now dressed in shorts and shirts and discussing the evening. Besides the wedding a lot of the talk centered around Karen’s behavior. In addition to the groping rumor there was also the rumor that Tony had fucked Karen earlier in the week. No one was quite sure that Kathy had heard the rumors but Heather was outraged, being the sister of Kathy.

Traci and her friends were suddenly interrupted by a car pulling in. Of all people it was Karen, still dressed her sexy out fit. She quickly ran into the hall where the janitor was cleaning up. Heather and Traci were pretty sure what she was doing there. When Karen walked out Traci called to her.

“Hey Karen, looking for something?”

Traci held up the earring in her hand as Karen walked over to the grassy area. Karen was drunk and angry from her frustrating night as she walked up to Traci.

“Give it to me!”

“Say please.”


“Bitch!” Traci yelled as she threw the earring in Karen’s face.

Karen was so drunk and angry that she suddenly slapped Traci, which was the wrong thing to do. Without hesitating Traci grabbed Karen by the hair and started swinging as the crowd of boys and girls started cheering Traci on. Karen seemed shocked that Traci was hitting her but she began to fight back. Karen was three inches taller but she could not match the muscular Traci who had been a gymnast and cheerleader.

As Traci yanked Karen by the hair back and forth she reached out and found the neckline of her dress and gave it a pull. With that the whole back of Karen’s dress ripped open. The delicate expensive material was not made for fighting and as the crowd saw Karen’s dress begin to come apart they let out another yell. The boys in particular were excited to see the top of Karen’s body come into view. Karen’s black lacy bra was soon completely visible as Traci tore pieces of her dress away.

Karen began to panic when she realized her predicament as she held on to Traci’s blond hair. Here she was fighting her rival, surrounded by her enemies with no one in sight to help her and her expensive designer dress was falling to pieces. Traci saw that Karen’s dress was coming apart with the least of efforts so hearing the encouragement of her friends she decided that destroying Karen’s dress should be her goal.

The sound of Karen’s dress ripping apart brought more and more cheers and laughter from the crowd. The girls were loving the humiliation it was bringing to Karen and the boys were anxious to see Karen get stripped.

With Karen’s dress hanging from her waist Karen punched Traci in the side of the head. In return the angry Traci punched Karen in the gut making her drop to her knees. With one hand still holding Traci’s blond hair she pulled Traci to the ground and the two began rolling around, slapping and kicking.

The boys began grabbing at pieces of Karen’s dress that lay on the ground as souvenirs. Heather saw this and said, “I’ll get you a piece.”

With that Heather grabbed at Karen’s dress and began tearing at it herself. But instead of just pulling off a piece the entire dress began to tear off. Karen screamed for her to stop but it was too late and Heather tore it completely off. She tossed it to the crowd of boys and girls who laughed as they tore Karen’s expensive dress into little pieces.

Now Karen was dressed in nothing but her bra and half slip, her designer shoes having come off earlier. Heather, seeing her success with the dress reached down and grabbed Karen’s slip and began to pull. When it got to Karen’s leg’s it got her legs tangled which gave Traci a huge advantage. Karen felt her slip being pulled off and screamed,

“Stop! Give me back my clothes!”

But Heather just laughed and yanked the slip off and tossed it to the crowd. The boys began yelling,

“Take it off! All the way!”

Karen heard this and tried to get away but Traci grabbed her by the bra while Heather grabbed her panties and panty hose. As they began yanking, Karen screamed for them to stop but they were having too much fun getting their revenge and only doubled their efforts.

The crowd cheered as Karen’s black lace bra came apart and Heather got her panties and hose down to her knees exposing Karen to the crowd. Heather had stripped Karen almost completely naked, leaving her on the ground trying to cover her naked body as she pulled back up her torn panty hose and panties and cursing at them.

“Give me back my clothes, you bitches!”

But it was too late. The crowd of girls was already tearing everything into little pieces and taunting Karen as they did. The boys were busy ogling Karen’s naked body, something they had dreamed of for years. Then Heather walked over to her.

” You want something to wear? Here, wear this!”

Heather tossed her the earring she came for. As Karen grabbed it one of the girls handed Karen a small white plastic table cloth she had pulled from the nearby dumpster. Karen wrapped it around herself, got up and walked back to her car as the crowd followed her still laughing and taunting her.

Karen had driven half way home when she had to pull over because she was having an orgasm. She was half bewildered at what had happened and didn’t want to admit to herself her feelings, but it dawned on her that she was something of an exhibitionist. She had become sexually excited as she thought back to having her clothes torn off in front of a crowd. She didn’t want to admit it but she had to. She was just glad that no one knew it. She had to keep that a secret because if word got out people might think she was perverted. By the time Karen got home she had an additional orgasm. Her sex life now began to move in a direction she could not have anticipated.

Traci and Heather could not believe when Karen showed up at the five year reunion just three and a half years after being humiliated at Kathy’s wedding reception. She appeared at the park where the first half of the reunion was to take place, dressed in a bright tennis skirt and low cut shirt and covered in diamonds and gold jewelry.

Karen was anxious to show her old classmates how wonderful her life was and how successful she had become. After driving up in her new red Porsche she spotted Heather and Traci and was anxious to see their faces. She had quietly got her revenge on them a few years before when she convinced her boss to have their fathers laid off from the plant where they worked. What Karen didn’t realize was that they had figured out that Karen was behind it and decided that if she showed up at the reunion they would get back at her.

Karen’s position as the personal assistant to the owner of the largest company in the area gave her money and power. Ronald Trump, a middle aged genius, was putty in Karen’s hands and gave her just about anything she wished and all she needed to do in return was give him an occasional moment of sexual entertainment. It was a small price to pay as far as Karen was concerned for all she acquired. She could take off as much time as she wanted and got a raise twice a year. This gave her time to work as a model and compete and win the regional state Beauty contest that made her famous all over the state.

It wasn’t difficult for Traci and Heather to figure out that Karen had something to do with their fathers losing their job since she was the personal assistant to their father’s boss and it happened within a couple weeks of her humiliation three years ago. They were the only two employees to be laid off and it led to a lot of turmoil in both families. So when Karen showed up the girls were ready.

It was Traci that approached Karen with the photo. When she saw what Traci had, Karen’s face turned pale. Someone had photographed her humiliation three years ago and the photo showed Karen looking toward the camera and fully naked.

“Give me that!”

“Sure, Karen. We have other copies. I just wanted to let you see it before we publish it on the internet. It’s a work of art like the Venus Di Milo.”

“You can’t do that!”

“Are you trying to bribe me? Well, I guess I would consider being bribed.”

“What do you want?”

“Not money, if that’s what you’re thinking. Although I should, considering you cost my family and Heather’s father their job.”

Karen blushed slightly realizing that they knew she was responsible. She also realized if the photo got out, she would lose her boyfriend, her job and her title of Festival queen. She tried to lie.

“I had nothing to do with that.”

“Save your breath. We know you did. Now if you don’t want this photo published, you’re going to have to perform a few small tasks. I have some names here. You must get these people to autograph and give you their underwear in return for a sexual favor.”

“You can’t be serious?”

“I am. You have thirty seconds to decide or I push the button on this phone and it’ll be too late.”

Twenty seconds later Karen agreed. Traci smiled and gave her a legal size sheet full of names. Karen’s eyes grew wide.

“I can’t do all these.”

“Sure you can. You have until midnight. That’s about twelve hours. Which means you need to do about how many per hour? If I were you, I’d get started.”

Karen was suddenly caught between extreme sexual excitement at the idea of completing this humiliating task and terror. The list on the paper was full of nerds, losers and jerks boys that Karen either ignored in school or made fun of. A panicked Karen looked around and spotted a boy high on the list. She went over to Andy and asked him if he wanted a ride in her Porsche. Ten minutes later she was in the car in a remote parking lot giving a shocked nerdish classmate a blowjob in the front seat of her car. Twenty minutes later she was doing the same thing with another nerd but when they got back to the park she realized she didn’t have the time to keep giving rides so Karen tried something else.

Over by himself she saw Jesse wearing a silly looking black baseball cap. He was on the list. Jesse had pestered Karen all through school. She cringed at the thought of sex with him for he was vulgar and crude and had constantly approached her saying things like, “Hey Karen, wanna fuck?”. But she had no choice so she went over to Jesse and asked him if he wanted to go for a walk.

She directed him toward a clump of pine trees about a hundred yards away from the party. When they reached the trees Karen said she wanted to show him something. Once in the trees she turned to Jesse.

” Can I have you autograph your underwear and give them to me?”

A shocked Jesse took a moment before he responded.

“Sure Karen, if you suck my dick.”

Karen refrained from slapping him and grimaced as she sank to her knees in front of Jesse. He was momentarily stunned as Karen began working on his zipper. He wondered if he was dreaming or was this a trick. But the moment his cock went into Karen’s hot wet mouth, he didn’t care, he just reached down and grabbed two handfuls of that beautiful black hair and began to guide his cock in and out of the prom queen’s mouth.

As disgusted as having to suck Jesse’s cock was, Karen couldn’t help getting sexually turned on at the danger and dirtiness of her actions. That had been the pattern since her self discovery three years earlier. The more humiliating the act, the more it excited her. Her most difficult job was pretending she didn’t like it and to keep from moaning when she had her orgasms, which were more and more frequent in recent months. Even giving blow jobs was now getting her off.

Jesse began to pull at Karen’s clothes to get at her breasts and ass, pulling up her shirt and flipping her short skirt in order to push down her yellow panties. Thinking he might try something, Karen intensified her sucking action on Jesse’s cock, hoping to get him off quickly. But just as she did, Jesse pulled his cock from her mouth leaving a string of spit connecting the two and causing a whimper from Karen.

“I want to fuck you, Karen. Take off all your clothes.”

“But Jesse-”

“Hurry up and take them off before someone comes.”

Jesse had no idea why she was doing this but he didn’t care. Watching the beautiful Karen Cambell take off all her clothes in front of him was a fantasy come true. Moments later Jesse was on top of Karen pounding away at her pussy and mauling her breasts. Karen bit down on her lip to keep from screaming with her first orgasm of two she would have with Jesse. As much as she disliked Jesse, she enjoyed the sex which was wild and rough. After a few minutes on her back Jesse turned her over onto her hands and knees then stuck his cock back in Karen’s pussy and fucked her for a couple more minutes before he groaned as he came.

While Karen dressed Jesse tossed her his underwear and grabbed hers.

“You’re taking mine, I want yours.”

“But I’m wearing a short skirt.”

” Yeah, I noticed. But don’t worry, it’s not windy. I’ll be ready for more in an hour if you’re interested.”

With that Jesse sniffed her panties and put them in his pocket as he turned to go leaving Karen to get herself cleaned up and dressed. She wanted to go back to her hotel to get another pair of panties but she couldn’t spare the time. She had to find another boy on the list and hope he would be satisfied with a handjob.

When Karen got back to the party they were all gathered around the volley ball court watching a group of them play. Karen saw Jesse talking and laughing with a group of his friends while Heather and Traci were staring at her and smiling. Feeling many sets of eyes on her Karen went to the restroom where she looked in the mirror. She was disturbed to see some pine needles in her messed up hair and her lipstick was smudged. It was obvious from her looks that she had been doing something naughty.

As she was about to leave the restroom she saw fat Clyde about to enter the mensroom. He was on the list. She didn’t remember ever speaking to him in school and now she was about to have sex with him. The only good thing about this long list was that the names on it were losers that most people wouldn’t believe she had sex with. She hoped that would help maintain her reputation. Karen looked around and quickly entered the mensroom, hoping Clyde was the only one there.

Moments later Karen was sitting in one of the stalls giving a shocked Clyde a handjob, his pants around his ankles. He never said a word, just nodded when Karen spoke to him. As glad as she was that she got away with just a one minute handjob she was caught off guard when he came and ended up with a large spurt of cum staining her shirt.

Karen had time for three more boys before the afternoon portion of the reunion was over and then she had time to get back to her hotel after handing a smiling Traci the pile of autographed underwear.

Once back at the hotel Karen took off her clothes and took a shower to remove the sweat and cum from her body. As she stood in the shower she couldn’t help but masturbate while thinking about what she had been through the day so far. When her escort for the evening arrived, Ernie, she lay down on the bed and had him lick her to another orgasm as she recalled the afternoon’s activities. She didn’t love Ernie but he was a handsome male model she often used to make her rivals jealous. Plus he was always anxious to please her and if that meant licking her pussy he was ready and willing. Karen just lay back and watched and played with Ernie’s dark hair as he licked and sucked away.

When Ernie was done he asked Karen for sex but she suggested he jack off for she was tired and needed rest. Karen watched as he masturbated while looking at her body. She thought, now that was the way things should be, men worshiping her and doing her bidding, not her afternoon of servicing a bunch of losers. Yet she still had several names on the list that she needed to service before midnight.

Later that evening when Karen arrived with Ernie on her arm, she saw the jealous looks of Traci and the girls at the party but her pride soon faded when she saw the first boy on her list. Outfitted in a gorgeous red dress that was specially made to show off her perfect figure, Karen lied to Ernie and told him she had several people she needed to privately ‘talk to’ throughout the evening.

The party was being held at the old school building which had been turned into a community. So Karen lured Nick into the old band room to start her evening. Nick was a loner who Karen figured never dated in school. She figured he would be satisfied with a hand job. But she was wrong. Someone had told Nick that he could do whatever he wanted to Karen if she came on to him. So Karen was surprised when Nick said he wanted to fuck her.

A minute later Karen was bent over a table, her panties at her ankles and her pretty dress hiked up above her waist. As Nick began to fuck Karen he unzipped the back of her dress and pulled it down so he could get to her tits. Nick had no desire to make it pleasant for Karen, his only concern was getting off fucking the prom queen. He was rough enough that several threads began to tear on Karen’s dress as he played with her body, pounding his cock into her already wet pussy.

At the same time Karen was having such a strong orgasm she didn’t hear the dress tear while she was immersed in the pleasure of the depravity. Nick was such a loser and it was so degrading to have him fuck her down the hall from the party that it made the orgasms so much stronger. Even though it was exciting to fuck low-lifes she would never do it on her own without a threat. Karen wished that Nick would continue to fuck her for an hour but she had plenty more names on her list to get to.

Meanwhile Heather and Traci where examining Karen’s date. Ernie was extremely handsome but he had an ego that was just as big. Ernie was busy flirting with every attractive girl at the party as long as Karen was out of sight. This gave Traci an idea. She approached Ernie and began to tease him. Knowing Karen as she did, she soon picked up on Ernie’s hidden submissive side. Why else would Karen have him around if she couldn’t completely control him. With this in mind Traci got Ernie to go with her.

A few minutes later Traci was sitting on Ernie’s face enjoying his talented tongue. Traci marveled at how easy it was to get him to follow orders. After a few minutes of flirtatious banter she asked him to show her his body and once in an abandoned classroom he eagerly stripped off all his clothes. He was eager to be toyed with and obeyed her every suggestion. Traci was excited to be able to get at Karen by using her boyfriend for her own pleasure.

After Traci was licked to orgasm she stood up and spoke.

” I can’t wait to tell Karen what I think of your oral expertise.”

“Wait! You can’t tell her about this. She’ll drop me.”

“Really? Well, I guess my silence could be bought. I have several friends that might enjoy a talented tongue like yours.”

Ernie realized he was in for a long night.

When Karen finished with Nick she quickly moved on to others on her list, anxious to get it over with before the midnight deadline. But not before going to the rest room to fix her hair and makeup, something she needed to do after every encounter of the evening. Half way through the evening she dropped off a bag full of underwear with Traci without saying a word, then turned and headed off with Ted May to the band room, another geek.

As Traci watched Karen walk out the gym door with Ted she spotted Heather enter.

” How are things going with Ernie?”

“He’s being a good boy and doing what he’s told. He’s pleasing Caroline at the moment.” Answered Heather with a big smile on her face.

Once again Karen’s hope of a handjob in exchange for underwear was rejected. She was convinced that the word was out among the boys on the list and none would settle for anything less than a blowjob. Ted requested a blowjob but wanted her naked first. He stood there practically drooling as Karen Cambell undressed in front of him. She didn’t take long to get her clothes off for she didn’t want to waste time, but she did take the time to lay her dress neatly on an old table.

As much as Ted wanted to prolong the event, Karen quickly dropped to her knees in front of him and fished his cock out, licked it and began sucking away. A huge smile had appeared on Ted’s face from the moment Karen started to undress and when she ran her lips over his rock hard cock Ted wanted to scream with joy. Like several of the others Ted came in just about a minute, but not before pulling his cock from Karen’s mouth and cumming on her face. An angry Karen forced a smile as she wiped the cum off on Ted’s autographed underwear.

After several other encounters throughout the evening Karen was down to the last name on the list. She was a little tired, her hair and makeup were now a mess and her dress was wrinkled. She had about an hour left and so there was no hurry but she wanted to get it over with. Karen spotted Gary and went after him. As the two went off into the old boy’s locker room, Ernie appeared back at the party. He too looked a bit shaken up, tired and disheveled. He was no longer the arrogant stud that had initially appeared with Karen. He looked around briefly for Karen and then took a seat in a corner and watched the video that was being shown on the stage on a large screen that hung from the ceiling.

The video showed film of the classmates, the games and the shows they had done. Many of the pictures showed Karen being queen and dominating the school years. Traci, Heather and Kathy huddled together and commented on the photos much of which they had put together themselves. They were particularly interested in seeing the final portion of the video which would be shown during the crowning of the classmate voted ‘most likely to succeed’ which would happen just before the end of the evening.

Gary, who was wearing a black baseball cap like the one Jesse wore earlier, suggested that he and Karen should use the old locker room as the site of their rendezvous. Karen questioned his suggestion at first but then she agreed it was as good as any. Gary, like most of the others insisted Karen undress. Karen, trying to be pleasant, quickly obliged. By now she had little to take off for she was now wearing nothing but her dress and shoes, having had to give away all her undergarments to boys wanting to trade. Her panty hose had been ruined after the second fucking of the evening.

Kathy’s part of the plan began to take place at this point. She wanted an opportunity to get some revenge on Karen herself, having found out what Karen did with her husband Tony. To make her plan work she needed the help of some of her classmates but when they found out what she wanted to do to Karen they were more than willing to help her out.

Once Karen was naked in the locker room Gary told her to start out by sucking his cock. A confident Karen thought he would lose control quickly and it would all be over with. Karen knelt down in front of Gary and unzipped his pants. She could see the outline of his erection and knew that he was excited. Once his large cock was free she gave it a couple licks as she stroked it then took it into her wet mouth and began to suck on it. Like all the other encounters of the day she immediately became aroused and desperately wanted to stroke her pussy but she didn’t want Gary to think she was a slut.

Just as Karen felt Gary was nearing his climax, he pulled his cock from her mouth and got behind her and pushed her onto her hands and knees, telling her he wanted to fuck her. Although he was putting off the finish, Karen was glad that her sensitive pussy was about to get some attention. As soon as his cock touched her pussy she felt her orgasm begin. Biting her lip, she tried to hide her excitement but Gary could sense her enjoyment as he looked at the lovely skin on her back and felt her nipples harden.

With still a half hour of time before her deadline and since Gary was the last name on the list, Karen relaxed and enjoyed the fucking she was getting from the loser ramming his cock into her. But just as she reached her second orgasm she heard voices. She looked up to see three figures standing inside the door.

“Wooo! Hey guys, it’s Karen Cambell!”

Karen tried to cover herself and tried to get up but Gary wouldn’t stop fucking her. He held on to her hips and kept jamming his cock into her pussy. Before them stood Jesse and two of his friends. Jesse had a big grin on his face and a black baseball cap on his head, just like Gary’s.

“Hey Gary, mind if we join you?”

“No. Come on in.”

But Karen spoke up.

“Get out of here!”

Karen looked silly and vulnerable making demands as she was getting fucked on her hands and knees on the floor of the locker room. Then Gary responded.

“Hey, if they leave, I leave.”

Karen was stuck. He was the last name on the list. If he left, her whole day was wasted and Traci would go through with her threats, she was sure. She had no choice and she realized if they staid it wouldn’t be just to watch. But her evening was almost over and she didn’t have time to spare so she reluctantly agreed.

The four losers practically jumped for joy at Karen’s words and before she knew it there were four cocks surrounding her. None of them actually took off their clothes leaving Karen the only nude body in the room. If there was a good side of this for Karen it was that her humiliation more than doubled and with that her sexual excitement did too.

Gary resumed fucking her as Jesse walked up to Karen and presented his cock to her lips. Reluctantly Karen opened her mouth and took it in as the other two boys began groping Karen’s body, feeling her breasts and ass and waiting their turn to fuck their prom queen. As things went forward they became rougher and rougher with Jesse holding on to Karen’s hair and face fucking her, which brought comments and laughter from his friends.

The more they did to her the more orgasms she had, trying not to bite Jesse’s cock as she came over and over. Karen even failed to feel the pain from Jesse’s grip on her hair as he sawed his cock in and out of Karen’s mouth, or the mauling her breasts were getting from several hands that surrounded her and took their pleasure. Karen was just anxious to finish them off and get back to the party in time to meet her goal.

Even though the boys were in no hurry they had difficulty refraining from finishing fast. The sight of Karen’s naked and accessible body before them and her willingness to get them off, made quick work of their session. Each had a turn at her mouth and pussy before they finished making a memory they had always hoped for. Finally Jesse was the last to finish, fucking Karen doggy style. But as he finished cumming he pulled out on his last spurt and it went flying up to the back of Karen’s head, hanging in her dark hair.

Unaware of this last spurt, Karen jumped up, grabbed Gary’s underwear, got dressed and headed for the rest room as the boys joked and watched her.

After fixing her hair and makeup Karen walked over to Traci unaware of the mess on the back of her head.

“Here’s what you wanted, now give me the pics.”

“Sure Karen. I knew you could do it. You just don’t give yourself enough credit for being a remarkable slut!”

Traci took the Gucci bag, smiling back at Karen, who responded.

“Keep the bag. It’s contaminated anyway.”

As Karen turned and walked back toward Ernie, Traci and Heather noticed the cum on the back of her head and began laughing. It wasn’t obvious from a distance but up close it was visible if you were standing behind her.

About the time Karen got back to Ernie, Kathy went up on stage and stood in front of the large screen and announced they were going to give out awards. The final award was for Most Likely to Succeed and most people were shocked that Karen’s name was announced since most people disliked her and were unwilling to vote for her for anything.

The arrogant Karen proudly walked up on the stage with Ernie walking right behind her and wondering if he should tell her about the mess he saw on the back of her head. Karen was particularly satisfied with getting the award handed to her by her rival. She felt that Kathy must be furious that she had won. After taking the award Karen casually shoved Kathy away and started making a speech. But Kathy wasn’t upset, in fact things were going just as she expected so she gave a wink to Heather who switched the projector that was lighting up the screen behind Karen to a different channel.

As Karen went on with her speech the audience could see various photos of Karen in school receiving various honors like ‘Best Dressed’, ‘Hearts Queen’ and ‘Prom Queen’.

“I want you all to know that as I go through life and continue to win awards I will always remember this school and my time here…”

It was about this time that the images behind Karen changed to more raunchy one’s also starring Karen. Pictures of Karen half naked and some completely nude. As the audience recognized Karen in the photos they began to laugh. But Karen continued to speak as the images changed unaware of what was going on behind her. If she had she might have figured out why some of the boys she had screwed that day were wearing black ball caps. Kathy had supplied them and they all had cameras attached which sent images to her computer.

As more and more people recognized Karen in the photos, the laughs and hoots kept getting louder until she stopped speaking. It was at that point that Ernie turned and spotted the action on the screen. He quickly nudged Karen who then turned and screamed. She turned back around and saw the faces of her enemies roaring with laughter at her. Karen ran back to the screen to block as much of it as she could, then yelled at Ernie.

“Get rid of the screen!”


“You idiot! Go backstage and pull the rope!”

Ernie was angered by Karen’s comment but he obeyed and went backstage and found the rope that raised the screen. He untied it and began to pull. Karen who had her back up against the screen was staring out at the roaring crowd in defiance and yet Karen was getting an excited tingling inside. Unfortunately for her she was too close to the screen and when it began to rise it caught on the hem of her dress. It was half way up her thighs before she noticed. The crowd spotted it too and there was a surge in their vocal taunts.

Karen screamed and her immediate reaction was to grab the hem and try to hold it down but an angry Ernie was pulling hard on the rope backstage and Karen was no match for him. Within moments Karen’s dress was up to her ass and as she cried out in anguish her pussy and ass were revealed to the happy crowd. Kathy was particularly having her revenge for she was only intent on showing the pics on the screen. The stripping of Karen was an extra added dessert unintended but appreciated. Karen cried out for Ernie to stop but the laughter drowned out her words and Ernie pulled harder and harder unsure of why the rope was getting more difficult to pull.

Next both of Karen’s perfect naked breasts came into view and Karen’s face was a bright red as she fought for her dress with one hand while trying to cover her pussy with the other. The loss of her undergarments earlier that evening had been more critical than she had imagined. Finally her dress went up over her head but instead of coming off it caught on her Tiffany watch and slowly raised Karen into the air about six inches above the stage. There it stopped and Karen began to twist and turn revealing her total nudity to the appreciative audience. Eventually Karen’s eyes locked on to a small group of people who were laughing the most, Traci, Heather, Kathy and Tony.

Ernie tied off the rope and returned to the stage to be shocked at the site of Karen totally naked and hanging from her wrist just off the stage floor.

“Help me you idiot!”

Angered even more at her words Ernie walked over to Karen trying to help. He wrapped his arms around her nude body to try and pull her down when all of a sudden Karen’s dress tore and she fell down on top of him, knocking him to the floor, knocking the wind out of him and putting him into a stunned state. Karen fell into an awkward position that gave the crowd a new and open view of her which was photographed by many in the crowd.

A naked Karen continued to trip and fall over herself as she pulled off Ernie’s coat and wrapped it around herself, then ran to the exit. Ernie recovered and followed her out. Traci, Heather and Kathy were quite sure that Karen would never come to another reunion.

Later, as the crowd inside the hall talked about what they just saw, Karen was on her back in her car getting a royal fucking from Ernie. The humiliation she had gone through was so severe that she found herself extremely excited and horny once again and couldn’t wait to get home to get fucked. A surprised Ernie was glad to accommodate Karen and in the course of their sex in the car Ernie finally figured out Karen’s secret, which would change their relationship from then on.

The End?

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