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Taking Mrs. Merriweather

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Jenna Merriweather couldn’t understand why she was so nervous as she opened the gate to let herself into the neighbors yard. Old Mrs. Jourdan had been a recluse and when she left her house to relatives, they had left the eight-foot cedar fence up around the property. Jenna had never really seen the Jourdan house and she was surprised to see a fresh coat of dark green paint that matched the curtains covering every window.

She reminded herself that she wasn’t here to sightsee, she had come here in the middle of the day ready to confront the girl she believed was a bad influence on her step-daughter. Since Anne had been hanging out with the new girl in the neighborhood, she seems to have changed. She had gone from a sweet eighteen-year-old almost ready to graduate high school to a secretive brat who would be lucky if she passed at all. Anna had always been an athlete, a strait A student who dressed conservatively and was always polite. In the last six months she had given up sports, gained weight and begun to dress like a tramp.

Jenna’s husband traveled most of the time and when he was home, Anne seemed her old self. At first Jenna tried to tell herself that Anne was just rebelling against her new stepmother, but then she started to realize that Anne was putting on an act for her father. At thirty-four Jenna could still remember what it was like to be rebellious, but she knew that if Anne’s strict strait-laced father ever found out about her behavior all hell would break loose.

Jenna straitened her dress and smoothed her hair, both were old-fashion styles but her husband liked them and she didn’t think it was worth arguing over. She climbed the stairs and knocked on the door. “Hello is anyone home?” she called out when there was no answer.

Just as she was about to leave the door opened, she looked up to see the girl she had told Anne to stay away from. Jenna was surprised by the old fashion look of Lisa Jourdan. Unlike her own straitlaced housewife outfit, Lisa’s clothes brought to mind the bad girls from the old Russ Meyer drive-in movies Jenna’s sister Margo had taken her to so that their mother wouldn’t realize what Margo did with her boyfriend in the back seat. Lisa was like a plus sized version of Bette Page, her body was a perfect 250 pound hour-glass.

A pair of tight black jeans wrapped around Lisa’s thick thighs. She also wore a red silk shirt so snug that it looked as if it would pop open any minute encased her huge tits in there torpedo bra and motorcycle boots that made Lisa seem like something off the big screen. The shining black hair that hung half way down Lisa’s back was pulled into a pony tail high on her head and her eyes were so dark that Jenna would have sworn they were black. Her cheek bones were too high to allow her full face to be considered round, but her lips were full and painted scarlet.

“What do you want?” Lisa’s voice was powerful and demanding. Jenna couldn’t seem to find the words she had been rehearsing all the way here.

Lisa looked like a mix between Roseanne and Tura Sultana, the actress in Faster Pussycat, a movie Jenna had been taken to half a dozen times as a girl. The slender Jenna felt dwarfed as she looked up at the girl she was now sure was at fault for all of the trouble she was having with Anne. “Umm, I’m Mrs. Merriweather, Anne’s step-mother and I’d like to talk to your parents please.”

Lisa leaned against the doorframe and smirked down at her. “My parents don’t live here, this is my house and unless you have something to say to me then I don’t see why you are here.”

“Oh. Well yes I do need to speak to you Lisa, may I come in?” Jenna hoped that by being on the same level as Lisa she wouldn’t feel so overwhelmed by this girl who was probably ten years younger and at least a hundred and 40 pounds heavier then she was. Lisa stepped back and without saying a word ushered Jenna in. Only when she stood next to her did Jenna realize that Lisa was a good seven inches taller then her own five-foot-two.

“Ok your in, what do you want?” Lisa said shutting the door. She looked down at Jenna as she lead the way towards the parlor. “Sit down Mrs. Merriweather.”

Lisa shut the parlor door as Jenna looked around. The parlor was truly unusual, all of the furniture was covered in what looked like black leather, there were three large ottomans scattered around the room as well as two large padded benches against the walls. One whole wall was filled with shelves full of electronics, three TVs each with a VCR, stereo equipment and things that she couldn’t identify. There was a bar on one of the other sides of the room and a closet with a mirror-covered door that reflected the mirror that filled the other wall. A post in one corner was covered in what seemed to be a modern art sculpture of chains and hooks.

As she took a seat on one of the ottomans, she realized that the room had no windows. “Umm, I have come to talk to you about Anne.” Jenna said again, uncertain how to deal with the strange surroundings and this equally odd girl who was leaning against the closed door and staring at her.

“You’ve already said that Mrs. Merriweather, what exactly is it about Anne you want to say?” Lisa’s voice seemed to mock Jenna making her feel ten instead of thirty-four.

“Well I must talk to you about the bad influence you have been having on my daughter. Ever since you two have become friends she has changed and I want you to stop seeing her before things go too far.” Jenna knew that what she had said sounded pompous, but things weren’t going as she planned. She knew that she couldn’t mention the forty pounds that Anne had gained in the last six months.

“You mean your step-daughter don’t you? You’re not her real mother, in fact you only married the old man, what, fourteen months ago. What right do you have to tell her who she should see?” Lisa said.

“I care about her and I know if her father had any idea how she has been behaving he would go crazy, I’m just trying to keep the peace. Just leave her alone before she turns into a fat tramp like you.” Jenna couldn’t believe she had spoken to anyone like that, but Lisa’s attitude had made her so mad.

“How dare you come into my house and call me a bad influence!” Lisa stalked across the room and stood only inches away from Jenna. Jenna couldn’t believe someone so big could move so fast. “You stupid bitch, you think Anne will go on being little Miss sweetie-pie just ’cause you ask me to leave her alone? Are you really as stupid as you look?” Lisa demanded.

Jenna wanted to jump up from the low ottoman but knew that doing so would cause her to bump into Lisa’s bulk, an idea that made her oddly unsettled. “You watch your mouth young lady! Do you know who you are talking to? My husband is one of the most respected legislators in this state and I won’t have a tramp like you cussing at me.” Jenna knew that while her words sounded brave her knees were weak.

Lisa hand was like iron as she pulled the struggling Jenna to her feet. “Bitch! No one speaks to me like that.” Jenna was shocked when Lisa slapped her face and even more so when she felt herself being pushed against a wall. No one had ever treated Jenna roughly and she seemed unable to think as Lisa’s body pushed up against hers.

“Stop it, no, please stop.” Jenna begged and tried to push Lisa away as she felt Lisa’s hands pinching her arms and legs. She could feel the muscles under Lisa’s weight and Jenna was terrified. Her mind didn’t seem to want to work, or why else would her mind keep focusing on how surprisingly firm Lisa’s breasts were as they pressed against her compared to the rest of her. Humiliated by the thought, Jenna failed to realize that Lisa had pushed her thick thigh between her legs until she felt the denim of Lisa’s jeans against her crotch.

Lisa’s voice was low and dangerous as she asked Jenna “You want to see what kind of an influence I am on precious Anne? You want to see some of the things I have taught her?” Lisa reached up and pinched one of Jenna’s nipples as emphasis to each of her questions. “Anne begs to be treated just like I’m treating you now, she loves it.”

“No, you’re lying, it’s not true. Anne is sweet, not a whore like you.” Jenna shouted. “She would never do anything like that.” Jenna continued struggles were getting her nowhere. Lisa kept pushing against her and pinching her nipples. Every time she tried to stop Lisa’s hands by moving, Lisa’s knee would rub harder against her crotch. The more she struggled, the more confused she became, her body seemed to be betraying her by becoming aroused. This couldn’t be happening, not to her.

Lisa grip was too strong for Jenna to break as she pulled her across the room and made her stand in front of one of the televisions. “I’ll show you some of the things Anne does, and does well I might add.” Lisa pulled one of Jenna’s arms up behind her back so that she couldn’t move. With her other arm Lisa reached out, took a large remote with dozens of buttons on it, and pointed it at the television before wrapping her arms around Jenna from behind.

The screen lit up in the middle of a porno tape, two women and a man stood around a plump woman who was wearing a white lace corset so tight it seemed ready to break her in half, her ass and chest seemed to be trying to squeeze out from under the restraining material. One of the women was Lisa, wearing a black leather merry-widow and thigh high boots. Her body was large but firm, her strength was obvious in the skin-tight leather.

In one hand Lisa was holding a riding crop and in the other two leashes, one attached the other woman standing beside her who was naked except for a collar and the other to the woman in the corset. The woman in the corset had her back to the camera with her bare butt up in the air. It was obvious by the red marks that the crop had landed on its plump white surface recently.

The man, a shockingly beautiful blond wearing only a leather harness that criss-crossed his body, was sitting in front of the woman in the corset on what Jenna now realized was one of the leather ottomans in the same room she was in. Jenna wanted to look away but couldn’t, the images seemed to pull her in and her body continued to betray her by becoming even more aroused.

On the screen Lisa was calling the woman on her knees a bitch and telling her to lick that big old cock. The other woman had a bottle of syrup and was slowly pouring the thick golden liquid on to the man’s enormous cock as the corseted woman licked it up. Even from behind it was easy to see the way the kneeling woman hungrily devoured the syrup.

Jenna jumped as Lisa’s fingers grabbed one of her nipples at the same time as on the screen Lisa’s riding crop came down on the corseted woman’s ass half a dozen times. On the screen Lisa voice demanded, “You slut! Make him cum! You love that sweet stuff don’t you chubby slut? Get every drop. I want to see his cum all over your face.” Without being order to the naked girl poured more syrup on the man, then as the chubby girl raised her head she dripped the syrup strait into her mouth. The leather-clad Lisa began to whip first one girls and then the other. Jenna couldn’t take her eyes off of both girls beautiful asses as the crop left red marks, the difference between the plump ass and the slender one was surprisingly sexy. Lisa’s hand had become more demanding, stroking then pinching Jenna’s nipples.

After what seemed like an eternity, but was really only a few minutes, the man stood up and squirted his cum all over the face of the woman in the corset. As soon as he had finished the girl turned around and asked, “Does this please you Mistress?”

Jenna’s breath caught in her throat as she realized that the girl giving head was Anne. Jenna was shocked at the sight of Anne’s syrup covered face and how she was scooping up the syrup and cum off of her body and licking her fingers.

“Oh my God you evil bitch you’ve made Anne a fat whore like you. I don’t know how you forced Anne to do that but you must stop.” Jenna pulled herself out of Lisa’s arms and tried to reach the VCR only to find herself thrown face down onto one of the benches with Lisa’s weight holding her down. Jenna could still see the screen reflected in the mirror and was shocked to see that Lisa was wearing a huge dildo strapped to her like a mans cock and Anne was licking and sucking it.

“Forced her? Ha! Your precious Anne begged to do that, the syrup was her idea. She loves to be fucked and have people use her like that. Maybe you should loosen up and admit that you aren’t the prude you want everyone to think you are.” Lisa’s voice filled Jenna’s mind and seemed to sap her strength. “I know about all of those slutty underwear you have in your drawers and how when your husband isn’t around you like to dress like a whore under those church lady dresses of yours.”

“How? How did you . . . I mean those are my private things how could you know?” Jenna stammered as one of Lisa’s hands pushed her face into the bench and the other began running up her leg under her dress. “Stop that. What are you doing?”

“Oh don’t act all coy with me, Anne and I took a look at your things one of those times you were at one of your meetings. I had her put on you purple panties, then I used a strap-on dildo and fucked her on your bed. It was such a turn-on to see her plump butt stretching out your panties. I wanted to take her anal virginity right there and then but I didn’t have a camera and I wasn’t willing to loose the money it would bring me.” Lisa’s fingernails were scrapping up and down Jenna’s thighs, and no matter how she tried Jenna couldn’t stop shaking each time it happened.

“What do you mean money? Is this blackmail? We have money, give me the tape and I’ll give you what ever you want”

“I always get what I want. But I’m not trying to blackmail you, not for money anyway. I can make more money selling those tapes to a few special clients who like to see sex with their bondage and to know it is 100% real. Just last weekend Anne and I made $5000 by putting on a live show for half a dozen well paying guests. Oh no I don’t plan to stop at all and if you try to separate Anne and me I will send those tapes to the tabloids.” Lisa’s cruel voice sent a shiver down Jenna’s spine that had nothing to do with fear.

As Lisa’s fingers got closer and closer to the crotch of Jenna’s panties she bent over and whispered in her ear, “So Mrs. Merriweather, what color are your panties today?”

Jenna knew better but snapped, “None of your business, get your hands off of me.”

“Too bad Mrs. M. You really shouldn’t be so rude, rude girls get spankings.” Jenna felt herself being yanked to her feet and was forced to stand between Lisa’s knees. One of Lisa’s hands held her in place while the other reached up and slapped her twice across the face. “Now you can either answer my question and show me your panties willingly, in which case I will only use my hand on you or you can refuse and I will get a paddle. By the way you can stop looking at the door, it can only be opened by a combination. So which shall it be?”

Jenna bit her lip and pulled up the hem of her skirt until the edge of her thong was showing. “Their blue silk.” she said and started to lower her skirt.

Lisa’s grabbed Jenna’s wrist and told her, “Lift it higher, in fact take it off.” Jenna was shaking as she felt the power in Lisa’s grip, not wanting to risk getting beaten with a paddle and figuring that Lisa just wanted to embarrass her, Jenna slowly pulled the dress over her head. Her nipples nearly peeked over the top of the matching demi-bra she wore and despite her best efforts, they were so hard it hurt.

Lisa yanked on Jenna’s arm, pulling her down across her lap. “Now when I tell you to do something do it immediately.” If Jenna thought a spanking at Lisa’s hands wouldn’t hurt she was wrong. Blow after blow rain down on her ass as she squirmed on the full thighs and cried out. She could barely make out Lisa’s words. Jenna tried to scream as she felt Lisa rip away her thong panties.

The blows slowed as the hand in her hair forces her face towards the screen. “Look at her, admit it, it turns you on to see your step-daughter being fucked by my strap-on. It makes you all hot to see sweet little Anne begging to have my girl-cock up her ass. You know you have looked at her before, did it make you hot all those times she walked around the house in just panties?”

“No, no she’s my daughter.” Jenna stuttered, wondering if they had found someway to access her diary on the computer. Wondering if they had seen were she had admitted that Anne reminded her of a girl she had known when she was sixteen and how confused she was then and now about the dreams she sometimes had about Anne. She jumped, as the blows that had been steady but soft became hard again.

“Liar! You got all bothered that time she asked you to put lotion all over her and the time you got into that tickle fight.” They had found the password for her diary! “Admit it since she has been gaining weight you think about her soft belly and it makes you hot. When she got you to go shopping ’cause she outgrew her bra you got wet.”

She was so shocked that she hadn’t even noticed that the blows didn’t seem to hurt so much and that the heat from her ass was filling her pussy full of fire. As if reading her mind Lisa hand landed a painful blow,but instead of raising up to strike again, it began to push between her legs.

“No, you are wrong, I would never think of a woman like that, and, and Anne is almost half my age. You are wrong.” Jenna sobbed knowing that if they had read her diary then Lisa would know she was lying. She would know all of Jenna’s deepest darkest secrets. Jenna thought about the fantasies that she had written in what she had thought was her private protected file.

“You are so full of shit! Look how wet you are.” Lisa’s fingers had slipped inside of Jenna. “You know you like it so stop lying.” Lisa pulled her hand out of Jenna’s cunt and began to strike her ass and legs. Jenna struggled to get away, she was so embarrassed by what Lisa and Anne knew about her.

Lisa pushed her to the ground and stood up looking down at her as she held Jenna down with one booted foot. “You are a lying slut. You need to be punished like a whore. I am going to do to you what I do to Anne and when I am finished with you I will let her come in here and help me punish you.”

Jenna was shocked at the idea of Anne seeing her like that and she tried to struggle, Lisa just laughed and sat on top of Jenna’s belly. She grabbed Jenna’s head and pointed her face towards the television. “Want to see how we earned that $5000?”

Jenna was shocked to see Anne tied to a large dinning room table, her naked body covered in food. Half a dozen well-dressed men and women were walking around the table acting as if they were at a dinner party, they would reach out and scoop food from Anne’s body and eat it while talking. Pastry cream covered Anne’s breasts and was surrounded by all kinds of sliced fruit and small cookies. A platter of sliced meats and cheeses rested on Anne’s belly and her legs were spread, between them many bowls of food rested and her legs themselves seemed to be covered in dips.

“Look close and you can see the caviar we poured on her cunt.” Lisa held Jenna’s face to the screen as her other hand began to pinch and pull at her nipples. Jenna couldn’t take her eyes off of the screen, many of the patrons would take a small bite of something then put the rest of it in Anne’s greedy mouth.

A look of amazing joy was on Anne’s face as a tall older woman at least a hundred pounds heavier then Lisa who was poured into a red satin dress began to feed Anne large dollops of the pastry filling. Anne was stretching out her neck to lick the thick stuff from the woman’s fingers, her tongue darted out and cleaned up every bit.

The camera turned to Lisa walking into the room naked except for thigh high boots and three-inch thick leather belt that dug into her soft belly. On their knees crawling after Lisa were two girls wearing only collars that were attached to the leashes that Lisa held. On the screen Lisa’s voice rang out, “Dear guests please feel free to feed dear Anne, stuff her full of all of that wonderful food, the silly bitch just loves it. Make her beg for it, she will eat anything, or anyone.”

Jenna couldn’t believe it as the guests took turns filling Anne’s mouth with food, soon her face was covered and still she greedily opened her mouth for more. The slave-girls crawled around the room begging at the feet of the guests for scraps.

Lisa pulled Jenna to her knees and before she realized what was happening her hands were cuffed behind her back and a strap was hooked to the cuffs, through her legs and then tied around her neck. When she tried to struggle the rope around her neck tightened.

“Don’t struggle too much or you will pass out and I want you awake for this. Watch that screen, if you so much as take your eyes off it once I will whip your ass.” To prove her point Lisa raised her riding crop and slapped it across Jenna’s ass. As she jumped from the blow Jenna felt the rope tighten but she also felt it rub against her pussy, only when she looked forward and relaxed did the pressure on her throat loosen.

On the screen the huge woman in red satin had pulled down her dress to expose her mammoth breasts and two men were smearing them with the dip that covered Anne’s legs. Jenna felt a pressure at her crouch and realized that Lisa was sitting behind her teasing Jenna’s cunt with her booted foot. Jenna tried not to struggle, tried to hold perfectly still to keep the rope around her neck from tightening. The tapping of Lisa’s boot and the sight of the huge woman on screen offering her breasts to Anne to lick clean was causing Jenna to become wetter and wetter. Tears ran down Jenna’s face, not from pain but from shame as she realized that she was more excited then she had ever been before.

Jenna looked into the mirror beside the television and saw that Lisa was lounging on one of the ottomans with her riding-crop in one hand and a box of chocolates on her lap, her eyes followed every move Lisa made as she lifted the chocolates to her full ripe mouth. Moving faster then Jenna would have imagined the crop came down on her ass, “Watch your precious Anne. This next part is great.” Lisa said.

As the huge woman leaned forward to offer more of her food covered breasts to Anne’s voracious mouth the men around her stripped her dress all the way off. Lisa snapped her fingers and one of the naked slaves scurried over to her.

Lisa lead the slender blond slave girl behind the woman and the camera focussed in as a man in the group poured pudding down the fat woman’s legs. Lisa grabbed the girls hair and pushed her face into the messy pudding on the huge thighs.

Lisa had risen behind Jenna and brought a small stool and placed it in front of her. The next thing Jenna knew she had been pushed forward over the stool and the rope around her neck had tightened. Just as she began to panic she felt the rope being untied from the cuffs.

Lisa reached around and tied the rope to the leg of the stool. Jenna couldn’t rise from the stool but she could move more freely. She could hear Lisa’s voice on the television.

“Lick that mess up slut. I want to see you eat every drop of it, see how good Anne is, she is getting every drop.”

Lisa began to stroke Jenna’s ass as the camera focused on the entire scene. The blond slave’s face was covered with pudding as she licked at the thighs of the massive woman and Anne had nearly cleaned the woman’s breasts.

Lisa’s hand came around in front of Jenna’s face, “Open your mouth.” Jenna turned her head away from Lisa’s hand then gasped as the riding crop landed on her ass. Lisa thrust a chocolate into Jennas open mouth. Jenna began to chew the chocolate and was amazed at how rich and sweet it was.

Again Lisa pushed a chocolate towards Jenna, before she had a chance to open her mouth the crop landed on her ass. The chocolate seemed to melt the instant her mouth closed around it, the taste seemed to fill everyone of Jenna’s senses. Lisa began to stroke and fondle Jenna’s body and the combination of the taste of the chocolate, the smell of sex and the sight and sound of the television were making Jenna delirious.

“Oh please give me more, I want more. Fill me up.” Anne’s voice on the screen filled the room. The gigantic woman was teasing Anne, dandling her pudding covered breasts inches from Anne’ darting tongue.

Lisa began to feed Jenna the chocolates one at a time, stroking then striking her body. Jenna felt Lisa’s hand at her crotch, “My what a wet girl you are, admit it Mrs. Merriweather, it makes you burn to see Anne get treated that way, you wish it was you don’t you?” Lisa shoved another chocolate into Jenna’s mouth and as she bit down Jenna realized why this one tasted different, Lisa had smeared it around Jennas pussy and it was dripping with her juices.

“Eat Up Mrs. Merriweather.” Lisa’s hand began to tease Jenna’s clit and then Jenna felt herself being opened by something. When the vibrating began Jenna was torn between shame and pleasure. Her mind seemed to reel and she began to feel drunk, the pleasure and pain made her dizzy and the room began to spin.

Lisa increased the vibrations and began to pinch and tease Jenna’s body while putting juice soaked chocolates into Jenna’s mouth. “Watch closely Mrs. Merriweather.” The name was mocking from Lisa’s scarlet lips. “Watch what that little fat slave is going to do to Anne, because before you leave here you will have to beg to do that to me.”

The other slave who had been being shared by two of the male guests was pulled to her feet and Jenna saw that she was barely five feet tall and perfectly plump all over. The two men cleared the food from between Anne’s legs and lifted the slave girl on to the table then tied her hands behind her back. On screen Lisa grabbed the girls hair and after giving her a savage kiss thrust her face towards Anne’s caviar covered pussy. Jenna realized that Anne was shaved clean as the girl began to devour the caviar.

Jenna began to shake and waves of pleasure slammed over her. The orgasm that shook her to her core was followed by another smaller one and then another. Lisa pushed another chocolate into Jenna’s mouth and another wave of orgasm struck Jenna. Jenna began to suck the fingers that held the chocolate, trying to get every drop of the chocolate even after they were clean.

“Oh yeah you like that don’t you baby, you love that sweet food.” Lisa’s other hand struck Jenna’s ass and suddenly she realized that the pain had become pleasure.

On the screen Anne was begging for more as the slave girl licked up the caviar and the men began to scoop the food from her body and feed it to her and put more on the thighs of the huge woman who was teasing Anne’s nipples.

“Please let me have more, please.” Jenna was shocked to realize that the words came from her not the screen.

“What do you want Mrs. Merriweather?” Lisa’s voice was inches from Jenna’s ears, her hands had grasped Jenna’s nipples and were pulling on them. “Tell me what you want.”

Jenna looked up at the screen where Anne was still feasting and being feasted on. The other slave girl had begun to go down on the large woman’s cunt and Lisa was whipping a large man as he licked the last remains of pudding off of Anne’s belly.

“I want you, I want to serve you like Anne does, please take me as your toy, feed me, use me, fuck me. Please I want it so bad I want to taste you.” Jenna’s voice shook as she admitted her deepest fantasies, the old dark things she had never said before. The thought of burying her face in Lisa’s cunt, of giving herself fully and of being fed made her start to cum again.

“Oh I will do all that and more Mrs. Merriweather. Oh and smile for the camera.”

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