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Fiona Loses Her Cherry

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“Hi. I came to see you before I go.”

Fiona was the daughter of friends. We had watched her grow up and go out on her own, been to her twenty-first, seen her get her first job and become an attractive young woman. She stood on my front doorstep on a hot summer’s day and she looked good enough to eat. My wife was away for a couple of weeks in Perth, and I was batching.

“You look sensational” I said, and meant it. She was not beautiful, but she was attractive in a bubbly sort of way. An intelligent blonde young woman with a slim figure and nice breasts. I could see the rounded curves of her and my body responded. My dick twitched, catching me off guard. Horny old man, I thought. Had she noticed?

Fiona was about to fly off to Asia for a year or two. I invited her in, and we had much chat about the excitement of the trip. I was excited for her, a little jealous of her youth and sense of adventure.

I couldn’t help but notice how glowing she looked: she always had a lovely skin tone, very fair with smooth creamy complexion, now beginning to tan as summer came on here. She was wearing a little tank top and short skirt with sandals, as it was a warm day. Her thighs were full, but not overly so, and there was that little valley between her legs that I had never dared look at before. I thought of her as “little” Fiona, but she was now a woman.

As we ranged wide in our conversation, the discussion somehow turned to the lack of guys in the picture for her, and her hopes that she might meet “someone” overseas. I knew she was inexperienced at 28. Frankly, I had only ever heard of one proper date she’d been on. I think young guys may have been intimidated by her. She had lots of girlfriends all over the world and had travelled quite a bit, but never a steady guy in the picture. She had been used to relating to older people, always wanted to be a part of our adult conversations when she was growing up. Her intelligence and maturity might have put younger guys off.

I teased, “Maybe you need an older man?”

“Oh yes? Why?” She said, teasing back.

“To teach you the ropes…”

“About what?” she said, and I thought that that was about as close as Fiona ever came to innuendo.

“Oh, all the things you need to know. I always thought you were more mature than most young people. Perhaps younger guys are just that: too young for you.”

She pouted a bit, perhaps uncomfortable. I couldn’t help but feel that she looked flushed. There even seemed to be a pinking of the skin around her neck. I found myself watching her young breasts rise and fall in her tank top. I imagined the feel them, if I could ever cup them. “Maybe…” she said.

“Anyway,” I said, keeping up the flow, “Perhaps I should try and find you someone more mature?”

“Do you know anyone?”

Now where could I take this? I wondered. “Well, I am sure there are many mature guys who would be knocked out by you and very appreciative of that you have to offer” (now was my turn for innuendo).

She may have been a virgin, although I had heard rumours through my son of a night when she seemed very keen on a guy who had subsequently “disappeared” for the night, causing his mates to tease him about a night of passion. Did this lucky young guy, or didn’t he, spend the night with Fiona? If he did, I suspected he had taken her virginity, because I had never heard of any other candidates. Such a beautiful prize, and no guy keen to take it. I was sure a night of loving with Fiona would blow the socks off most young guys. It would certainly blow my socks off, I thought. I swept my eyes over her legs, smooth and soft yet firm. Her calves were sensational, as she worked out often.

We settled back with our coffee. I suddenly noticed a new necklace, a going-away gift from her parents, my old friends Angela and Don Hunt.

“A lovely necklace. May I?”

I reached out and held it. As I did so, I felt a jolt of electricity go through me. Fiona seemed nervous. I let myself hold the necklace for a while, then let it fall on her skin, my hand brushing her neck. Her skin seemed so soft and smooth to the touch. A thrill ran through me and my cock twitched again.

“You know, you have such beautiful skin, Fiona. May I touch it?” I left no time for her to think, just lightly touching her skin on her neck with the back of my finger. She flinched, but gave me an opening as she giggled nervously. She was looking at me strangely, assessing me. I decided to progress cautiously.

I asked, “Are you sensitive there?” and continued just lightly brushing the tips of my fingers on her neck where it turned to her shoulder. The skin was soft and smooth, warm with the day’s heat. I moved to stand behind her to increase the tension. She seemed to like it. She just stood there, watching us in the faint reflection off the window in the folding doors. As I upped the ante slightly, I asked “What about here? Is this sensitive?” and I moved up her neck a little. She closed her eyes. “Uh uh” she said, non-committal.

So I moved my finger to a point behind her ear, lifting her soft blonde hair with my other hand, as I ran my finger along. My blood was pounding in my ears, and I fought to keep the tightness out of my voice. She shivered and twisted a little, “Oh yeah, I think so,” she said, “That is sensitive.” So I returned to the first point: I said teasingly “So, a little sensitive here?” “Mm” “…And not particularly sensitive here?” “Uh huh” “But very sensitive here?” “Yes”, she said at last, a little catch in her voice. My mind was racing ahead: what would I do if this went further? Could an old guy like me really excite a young woman like Fiona?

“Interesting, not unexpected.” I said. “We older guys know where the sensitive points are…”

She laughed nervously. “Oh, I’ll bet you do.”

“And we know how to touch them … or whatever,” I added.


“Well,” I explained, “For example, a touch with the lips is more likely to draw a reaction than touching with fingertips. It’s all about location, location, location – but it’s also about how, and how gently etc.”

Fiona was playing her role well “Oh yes? like what?”

We had entered risky territory. My heart was pounding with the danger of it. My cock was twitching strongly, and my hands were almost shaking. I fought to control them, keep them calm and poised.

By way of response, I moved in a little closer behind her and just blew softly on the skin on her neck. Fiona jumped a little, then giggled, but didn’t object. So I took her hair again and moved it so I could blow just behind her ear.

“Ooh” she said, twisting to look at me a little archly, “That feels very … mm..naughty?”

“Oh sorry.” I said. “I don’t want to offend you, Fiona.” I was afraid that our little game might be all over suddenly, and that i had misjudged the situation entirely. My dick deflated, and I must have looked downcast.

“Oh, I’m not offended Paul,” She said, much to my relief. Then she looked at me and said, “I’m enjoying our little game.”

I looked back as meaningfully as I could and said, “I’m glad you enjoy it. There’s life in us old guys yet.”

She raised an eyebrow – and we were on slippery ice, I knew. How to proceed? My heart was pumping. Strangely my cock was now quiescent, held in check by the adrenalin of the moment.

I decided to go for one more test. I said “Fiona, close your eyes and we’ll check one last sign of sensitivity.”

She raised a querying eyebrow and I said, “You trust me, don’t you? I won’t do anything to hurt you. I’m always gentle. Tell me when you want me to stop.”

She looked at me again, then closed her eyes. I got behind her and kissed her first on the point of the shoulder; then, as she started to say something, I moved to kiss her neck and held her hair back again to kiss her on that intimate point behind her right ear. While my mouth was only just touching her skin, I let it linger at this last point, awaiting a reaction. As I left my lips there, she hesitated at first, then leant into my face, her head tilting into mine to signal that she wanted the kiss to last. She took a breath in and with an ‘mmmm’ she held it there. I had not used my hands at all. We were like that for about ten seconds as her head rolled around lightly, and some line between “old family friend” and something else entirely had been crossed.

What to do next? Clearly the situation had turned beyond a game but a lifetime of relationships could be upset if I stuffed up here. On the other hand, I was incredibly attracted to her and if I didn’t do something now I might have a lifetime of regret. I looked down at her soft breasts rising and falling and knew that i would have to try to get my hands on them, to kiss them, to hold them and caress them.

I brought my hands up to her shoulders. She still had her eyes closed, and was passively awaiting my next move. I pressed my mouth a little more firmly there, then drew away and quickly placed my lips behind her left ear, removing my left hand from her shoulder to hold back her hair. She groaned a little more perceptibly, but held her eyes closed. We were at checkpoint. Clearly she wanted me to make to the running. I brought my hands back to her shoulders and moved her around through 90 degrees or so. She opened her eyes and we looked closely into each other. She seemed to be urging me to do something more.

I moved into her space and looked at her eyes then her mouth in that time honoured signal. She made no move away. I brought my face towards hers and kissed her lightly on the mouth, just a brush. Her lips were soft. I drew back slightly, then kissed her again, this time playing on her lips with mine, teasing them open. She responded in kind, and closed her eyes again. Her arms were still at her side, mine on her shoulders. I was intoxicated with this young woman. My blood continued pounding, my cock now erect again, stretching my shorts. Then I brought my tongue into play, lightly licking at her lips. She let me do so, holding her mouth open.

She seemed inexperienced, virginal, so I took things very slowly. After a minute or two of lips playing like this, I moved my mouth on hers, kissing her more firmly. Her mouth closed at first but, with my lips moving on hers, she took my lead and opened her lips again. We kissed strongly like that, sucking on each other’s lips and drowning in the feelings of the moment. I felt like her mouth was promising other delights, other moisture and a warm welcome below. Then we broke off. Any pretence that our relationship had moved beyond the platonic to the promise of a sexual relationship from this point on was broken. We looked at each other, panting for breath. The tension was great.

“Fiona” I said, and was about to say something about the beauty of the moment.

“Sssh ” She said “Paul, what about Jeanne?”

“She is my wife and always will be. I love her and nothing will come before that,” I said. It was hard to know whether the shadow that passed over Fiona’s brow represented disappointment, relief or another more complex set of feelings.

“But,” I went on, “As couples grow older, their needs change. Jeanne has never been very sexual,” I said, and Fiona jumped as if hit by a small electric shock. “Nowadays we would not do it more than a couple of times a year…always initiated by me. She really would be happy to end that part of the deal – but that part of me hasn’t just died,” I said.

Fiona tried to break the tension “Oh, I see, so you’re still a young stud?”

I helped her out by laughing a little on cue “Well, maybe not a stud but still an old bull with plenty of lead in my pencil” torturing two metaphors at once. She glanced quickly down and then up again, and blushed that I caught her in the act. My eyes were on her face, but also roaming her body, wondering how it might feel to hold her, touch her, be in her.

She laughed again and I thought maybe we had passed a point of no return.

“But what about me?” she said. “Where do I fit?”

“You always were and always will be a special person to me, Fiona. I think I can make you happy in a way you may not have experienced yet, and perhaps be someone who is important in this phase of your life. But I am sure that other adventures will befall you – and I will never begrudge you them.”

“So, my first lover?” she said. She looked into my eyes meaningfully. This was the first declaration about what we were about to do — possibly. And I wondered whether that was going to be technically true that I would be her first, or if she had already been deflowered, however clumsily.

“Well, that would be a privileged position and an honour, madame” I said as courtly as I could, avoiding any revelation about rumours heard. I bowed deeply.

“But I am going to Asia in two weeks time!” she said.

“I know,” I said, “And Jeanne is coming back from Perth about then, so we can have some happy moments now and then your next adventure begins and I am left behind.”

I could feel that Fiona was waiting for my next step, so I moved towards her. She dipped her shoulder like a sportsperson parrying a tackle, but I placed one hand on her waist and turned her to face me.

“Whatever happens, Fiona, I really must taste your beautiful mouth again. I cannot live without that taste once more.”

“Well, one more kiss can’t hurt” she said.

She laughed and relaxed, turning her face up to me. This time we tasted each other’s mouth first, then kissed hungrily. Our mouths played with each other. My hands were around her back, and her arms came up on my shoulders, one behind my head, tousling my hair. I let my hands play all over her back as I played with my tongue, insinuating it into her open mouth. She was a quick learner. Soon her tongue was sliding on mine and then the two were snaking together, wet and slick.

My cock was hard and I pulled her body into mine, feeling it fit nicely. I had my hands on her hips and pulled them into me so she could feel the hardness there. Her kiss maintained its passion. Then I placed my right hand on her buttocks and began to feel them through her shorts. She squirmed a little, but then let me go, her little mound almost perceptibly pushing against my cock. As we broke for breath, she said, pushing her pussy into me, “What’s that?”

I said “That’s a special treat for later – if you are good”.

And she burst out giggling, then coquettishly said “Well, have I been good so far?”

“Oh, very good indeed. In fact so good that he is standing to attention for you!”

She looked down at the tent in my trousers and laughed. She was not confident enough yet to follow up by touching it, I noticed, but she would learn that quickly. I took the opportunity to look over her body. Her rounded breasts were inviting, and her hips and arse formed a graceful curve that I always found attractive in women.

Fiona turned in my embrace so that her back was to me. I pulled her into me and she rubbed her bum on my erection. My blood pressure rose instantly. I held her first around the waist, and nuzzled her neck, but my hand then found her breast. I first rubbed on top of her singlet.

“Mm, you feel lovely there, so young and pert”

“Pert?” she giggled. “Is that what I am? Pert?”

“Oh, very pert indeed. Your breasts feel young and fresh and a real little handful.”

She was not full breasted, not a grapefruit but a nice little orange in size. She let me play with the breast, then tilted her head back and up so our lips could meet. As we kissed, I let my fingers tickle the top of her breast under her bra. The skin was smooth, but I had the impression already that her breasts were taut with sensuality.

I said, “I will die right now if I don’t get to see your pert breasts!”

She laughed again “Oh Paul, I thought we were just going to have one kiss?”

I adopted a sad and serious face and teased “Well, Fiona, I want you to know that I would never hurt you. If you want me to stop, say so and I will stop and never start again.”

She said ” I didn’t say stop, silly”, and placed my hand on her breast again. Progress was begun in the sexual training of Ms Fiona Hunt.

I said “Will you let me take off your top?”

She stood back, then turned around and raised her hair to make it easy for me to lift to her tank top up and over head. She had on a lacy little bra, blue in colour, almost virginal. I was a bit fumbly with the clasps in my excitement. It was a long time since I had had a new lover – and a young one at that. As the bra come off, I drew it forward and she almost naturally folded her arms across her chest. Not a good sign I thought, but I gently took each hand in mine and pulled them away. Her breasts were beautiful, creamy-pink with small pink aureoles, the nipples just starting to come erect, the breasts sitting high and proud.

“Oh God,” I said, “I’ve died and gone to heaven! What lovely breasts: so pretty .. and pert!”

“Pert!” she mocked, but she let me look at them, her arms a little self-consciously at her sides.

“May I touch them?” I asked. She looked flushed, whether with embarrassment or sexual excitement I couldn’t tell.

She wasn’t sure of the game yet, so her answer was a mix of the coquette and the little girl:

“Well…if you have been a good boy…”

“Oh, I promise I will be a very good boy” – and a frisson of excitement passed through her.

Looking into her eyes, I raised my right hand first to her left breast and cradled it. She closed her eyes. I played lightly with the nipple which was hardening by the second, and elongating like a grape. She bit her lip, eyes closed still. The skin was so young and firm and soft that I almost came in my shorts. The heft of the breast excited me hugely. Then I brought my mouth to the nipple, while still fondling the breast. She rocked her head back and brought her hand up to hold me there. My other hand found her right breast, and soon I was alternating my kissing and licking between them. Her hand was playing through my hair, her other arm around my back.

As I drew breath, I turned up to her and asked:

“Do your little titties like this, Fiona?”

“Oh very much” she said, “Don’t stop!” She sounded a little breathless.

So I returned to the task in hand, rolling one nipple, then the other, then both at once, kneading the breasts lightly, nipping, licking and kissing. Fiona was making little groaning noises in her throat.

Again I began running my hand over her buttocks. They were smooth and nicely rounded, not too big. I let my hand find the contour through her skirt, smoothing down the buttock to that valley where the thigh begins. After a couple of minutes of this, I let my hand move to her hip, then I began running it along the outside of her thigh up under her skirt. At first she had an automatic response to push me away, but the second time I tried I met little resistance, so I moved up her thigh to feel the panty. I ran my hand around under the edge of her panties to feel the skin of her buttock, and at the same time I moved my attention to her mouth again, moving my lips from her breast to begin another passionate kiss. My hand was playing on the bottom of her buttock under the edge of her panty. The roughness of the lacy pattern on the panty contrasted with the smoothness of her young skin.

Then I changed direction and moved my hand to the waist of her panty, letting it slide inside on her arse, cupping one buttock then the other. She let me play there as our mouths played hard on each other. My other arm supported her back. All the time my hot and hard cock was pressing hard against her womanhood. I cupped her bare arse, stretching the bikini briefs to their fullest to lay my hand right on her backside. I then insinuated a finger to feel the hairs of her pussy between her thighs.

At first she squirmed and closed her thighs to me, then she relaxed and let me cup two fingers up under the pussy. It occurred to me now that we were going to fuck, there would be no stopping the coupling of my old body with her young body, my withered old cock in her virginal cunt. I just about blacked out with the excitement of that thought. My finger found her slit and she opened her legs a little to let me feel the wetness there.

She broke off the kiss and said “Oh, Paul, I can’t stop you. I feel as though you could so anything with me right now.” I kissed her hungrily by way of answer and said:

“Well maybe not anything, but I can think of a couple of really nice things we could do together, Fiona.”

She was already beginning to respond to my digit, pushing her little pussy against it wetly. I drew the finger out and quickly ran my hand around under her skirt to the front, hooked down her panties in front and cupped my hand over her pussy. I noted it was not very bushy: obviously a fine blonde nest only. She opened up and arched back to let my hand into her. I moved my mouth back to her breasts. “Oh,” she sighed.

I could feel how wet she was, and hear her breathing begin to catch. She began humping my hand, but I didn’t want to finish her off her this way. I gently withdrew my hand and said in her ear, “Let’s go somewhere more comfortable, darling”.

She acquiesced, and no doubt noticed that I had called her darling, but I could feel that she stiffened a little, probably thinking that she was about to supplant her “aunt” in her “uncle’s” bed. I had different plans. I grabbed her hand and led her up the passage to the guest bedroom, which was always made up and ready for visitors. It had our old double bed, still very comfortable.

My young companion relaxed a little when we didn’t go to the master bedroom. When we stood there, suddenly about to be lovers in every sense of the word, there was a moment of awkwardness. Fiona was naked from the waist up and a little dishevelled below. I drew back the covers. I sat her on the bed and took off her sandals, kissing her toes as I did. She giggled.

Then I moved her to lie back on the bed. I kissed her tender young body all over, nibbling and nuzzling. She shivered a couple of times, not with cold but with nerves, I thought. I then found the zip of her skirt and had it off quickly. She moved her hips and legs to assist. I kissed her pussy through the panties (little blue lacy bikini briefs matching her bra) and clutched them each side at the hips. Again she lifted her hips to assist – and she was lying gloriously naked in the bed. Her skin was so smooth and young, turning tanned over most of her body, but her breasts and pussy were milk-white. The hips were curved but not too wide, the thighs soft but fit. Unlined and ripe. Her pussy did indeed have a light covering of straight blonde hair, only the size of a child’s hand. It was a wispy little thatch, and gave the impression that she was even younger than a young woman almost thirty. She looked at me nervously.

I was still clothed. I lay beside her and began kissing her lips. She seemed suddenly more self-conscious, a little slow to react to my kisses.

“Fiona,” I said. “You are a lovely woman. I am so proud to be lying with you. I just want to worship your body first. Then we’ll do some things that you might not have done before but I promise you that you will love them — and I will not hurt you!” She giggled nervously again. I wanted to take some urgency off her, so she could relax into it. That moment of high passion had gone for now, so I needed to build up to it again.

“Oh, I love your body,” I continued. ” Let me kiss you all over” I kissed her mouth, then her shoulders, her tits and her flat stomach, then I kissed her thighs. Her legs were clamped together. I ignored that and moved on to kiss her toes and calves, talking to her all the while, complimenting her body. I kissed up the outside of her legs and her rounded hips, then began again on her breasts, praising her nipples and breasts. The nipples had become erect again with my mouth on them. They were pink and hard. I asked her to roll over. She was a bit hesitant but I repeated my promise not to do anything she didn’t want me to.

I sat up next to her and said “I love women’s backs. the curve is so sensual” running my finger along that curve. I massaged her back for a while, kissing it and saying how much I loved it. Then I cupped her buttocks and kissed them. I grabbed them hard and kissed them hard, which shocked her, but she burst out giggling at it and realised I wasn’t about to do anything strange there. Then I cupped her bum again and let my finger find its way between her legs from behind.

“Ah, here’s that little finger again. Naughty boy, he’s found your little pussy again.” I teased. Fiona giggled but remembered what she had felt and opened her thighs again. “And here is the lovely little button, your magical clitoris,” I said, as I found the slippery knob. She was focussed, listening but also intent on this new source of pleasure. She was soon wet again, and moving into my digit. “Ah that’s better,” I said. “The pussy is wet again, that’s what we love, darling.” Then I could feel her hand on my thigh, tentatively massaging. I could tell that she was wondering how to do something with my cock without seeming too forward, so I took her hand gently and placed it over my fly, holding her fingers in place while I showed her how to rub my cock. When she did so, I moaned and so she kept doing it in exactly the same way, apparently afraid to do it wrongly.

When she was very wet, I pulled my finger away again and rolled her over onto her back. I lowered my face to hers and kissed her wetly. We spent some time like that, and her hand again found my cock and massaged it exactly the same way through my trousers. Then I put my finger in her very wet pussy again and she pushed against it, welcoming its intrusion. As she humped the finger, I moved up and down her body, kissing it, nuzzling it and licking it. This time I could kiss the inside of her thighs as her legs were apart.

I kissed my way up to the pussy. I looked at it, seeing the fine little blonde hairs and the fleshy cunt-lips. Then I kissed the mound itself and removed my finger, quickly placing my tongue in its place. Initially Fiona squirmed in shock. Not unexpectedly, she appeared to either be ignorant about cunnilingus or had some apprehension about it. I grabbed her buttocks and held my head there. She moved her hands to pull my head away, but soon thought better of it as the pleasure flowed through her. She groaned deep in her throat. I was going to give little Miss Hunt a lesson she would really enjoy. Her hands on my head started playing with my hair and holding my face into her, as her thighs started pushing into me. She startled me a little by interrupting her groans to say:

“Oh Paul, darling, oh yes sweetheart, oh god that feels…”

She didn’t ever say what it felt like because suddenly her hips were pushing hard into me and her back was arching well off the bed, her breathing hard and furious. It was all I could do to keep my face there as I rode her bucking body. Her thighs were thrusting, my mouth felt slippery with love’s fluids as I held my tongue on the knob, being rubbed against my tongue with increasing urgency. Her breathing had become ragged and the words were no longer words. Not that I could hear them well, with her thighs, strong young thighs, clasping my head between them. What I heard was sort of like this;

“Oh Paul………oh…yes..god..yes.darling…I…I…oh” and suddenly her thighs were clasping and unclasping, banging my ears and she was writhing and then still, her legs clasped hard on my head, seemingly spent. As her legs relaxed, I withdrew my head and moved up the bed. At the same time, she rolled onto her side. I lay behind her, cradling her and with one hand on her breast and one on her thigh.

She said after a moment or two, “What was that? Oh, god, that was so embarrassing! Oh Paul you must think I’m a little tart. Oh god I’m sorry!” And so on for half a minute,

“Fiona, that was beautiful. You have just had a lovely orgasm, and I loved being part of it.”

“But isn’t it … dirty?” she said and her body stiffened.

I propped myself up on one elbow and looked down at her. I wondered just how much she knew about oral sex. It obviously wasn’t something she had thought she would be doing soon.

“Honey, that was oral sex, and I can guarantee you that millions of other people will be doing it today. It isn’t dirty. It’s natural.”

“But didn’t I smell down there?”

“Fiona, that is a natural woman’s smell and I love it!”

She appeared to relax a bit and I played with her nipple which surprisingly responded to my touch by hardening. My cock was sticking into her back side through my shorts, but in deference to her sense of cleanliness, I thought it discreet to wash my face.

‘Stay here honey, I just want to wash my face.”

She didn’t say anything. I suspected she didn’t want to betray any more ignorance by saying the wrong thing. When I got back to the bedroom I could tell that she had taken some tissues and mopped up some of the fluids in her pussy. She was looking a little flushed, but did her best to lie back and seem composed. I pulled off my polo shirt and dropped my shorts. She was watching me closely and it was my turn to be self-conscious.

“I am not a young stud, I’m afraid,” I said.

“Oh, I like older men, that’s what you said.” she giggled.

I pulled my briefs off over my erection. She stared at it. I wondered whether she had ever seen an erect cock, even in porn. Probably not. She had a little smile on her face and a determined look in her eye. I climbed back on the bed and kissed her flat tummy, then her breasts. Her hand was reaching out, caressing my thigh and then touching my cock. When she made contact, she at first withdrew as if struck by an electric shock, but then touched it again and began cradling it. I moaned in my throat.

“Gently,” I said. “He’s very sensitive.’ That caused Fiona to lift her head off the pillow and stare at the cock in her hand.

“Play with the balls, but gently,” I said, and she held my sac then ran her fingers around the balls. I groaned again, and kissed her mouth. She responded as if experienced with a very wet kiss, her tongue a willing participant. My hands roamed over her young lithe body: her thighs, her tits, her back, her tummy. Then I played with her little snatch, her fine blonde hairs. She opened her legs willingly and let me have access and her clit was ready for me: swollen and slippery. She tongued me, played with my cock head and arched her back. This girl was learning fast.

I said “Fiona, I will not enter you until you say that you are ready to have my cock in your pussy.”

She looked into my eyes and said “Paul, I want that … cock right now!” at the same time pulling on my cock toward her opening. She kept a grip on him while I positioned myself at the entrance, then let go. We were still kissing but I could feel her tense and I thought yes, she still is a virgin, so I better take this carefully. I pushed a little and entered the wet opening, but felt resistance there, so I just waited.

“Relax, honey, I won’t hurt you,” I said, running my hand through her hair and onto her shoulder. My balls were aching with the tension, but I tried to distract myself to avoid cumming all over her opening. I held position without thrusting, then slowly slowly pushed forward. I could feel a little give and suddenly I was in the tunnel. It was warm and wet and tight, and my cock was gripped by a feeling the like of which it had not experienced for thirty years. I pushed slowly and felt totally gripped by her little cunt. I lowered my body onto her, supporting myself by my elbows, and held my cock in there.

“Oh Paul, you are inside me. Oh, it’s lovely to have you in there. You feel so good,” She said.

And I did feel so good! Slowly I started pulling back out and her hips came towards me trying to prevent it. Then I moved back in and I knew that I was fully enclosed in her tight little cunt. She was wet but she was tight. I moved my right hand to her tit and played with it to delay myself. I really felt that my cock might erupt very soon indeed and I didn’t want that for her first time. Fiona grabbed my head in her two hands and brought my mouth up to hers. She gave me a hard kiss on the mouth and said, “Oh, darling this feels so good. It’s so good to have your cock in me.”

I could hardly stop myself then. I began thrusting without too much thought for her tender little pussy. My hot cock was rubbing her wet tunnel hard. The friction was stunning. Fortunately she pushed back and was soon thrusting with me, in a lovely rhythm. As I thrust forward, she thrust into me, then let me withdraw a little before repeating. My cock was slipping into her dark recess, reaching deep into her. I was aware that no-one had been where my prick was now, hitting against the back wall of her little passage. My mouth was flicking her erect tit, one of her hands was on my bum now, pulling me into her, willing us to meld as one. Her other hand was on my head, playing with my hair. I knew I was gasping and I could hear her also panting for breath. I had no control over this one, and I was just going for it, my cock now pounding into her mercilessly. Her love juice was everywhere, and I was instinctively aware that the sloppiness was helping her enjoy this new thing inside her. Suddenly I thrust forward hard, hit the back wall again and was spurting what felt like litres of cum in her little space. At the same time I could hear her call out my name and twist almost enough to throw my cock out of his hiding place, and I realised she had had her second orgasm in the space of half an hour. This was one fast pupil!

I panted for breath, lying prone on her body, then remembered my manners and lifted myself on an elbow to take my weight off her. I looked down and she was smiling at me, flushed but radiant.

“Oh darling that was fantastic. I never knew it could be so good. I just loved having you inside me!”

“You are a wonderful lover,” I said, truthfully. “I have no idea how you learnt so fast, but you were great. And your pussy is a honey box.”

She giggled. “Do you always talk dirty like this?”

I said, “It’s allowed in sex. As long as it doesn’t hurt, lots of things are allowed between caring lovers.”

She kissed me. “Oh Paul, that was so good. I can’t wait to do it again.” She thrust her little pussy back up at me, catching my deflating old cock off-guard, and he slipped out. A little hand reached down between us and she tried to stuff him back inside her.

…. And I wondered what I had begun here, and whether my old bones could stand it!

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