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The Hunter

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He’d dared her, and he shouldn’t have.

For months they’d chatted, trading stories and making each other hot and bothered (and much more) dozens of times. Finally, one afternoon, Dee had opened her mail to find a message from Jas. Expecting an opening gambit for that night’s chat session, she’d instead read:

“Four Seasons. Room 1124. I dare you.”

The only Four Seasons was in Charlotte, an hour or more drive away. From any of her other online lovers she would have dismissed this challenge and sent him a barely polite reply, but this one was different. She’d sensed a hunger in him over the months, and knew that she was the only one who could satisfy it. He’d made her hunger, too, with inventive stories and an ever-present passion that seemed to only burn brighter the longer they stayed in touch.

She got herself ready, packed a little bag of goodies and set out. If he was going to issue a dare, he’d better be ready to follow through. The hunter was soon to be the hunted.

After a remarkably quick drive, she pulled into the Four Seasons garage and took the elevator to the 11th floor. She quickly located the room and rapped on the door. There was a sense of motion on the other side of the door, then it opened. And there he stood. Well over six feet, bearded, with broad shoulders and eyes that widened when he realized his dare had been taken.

Before he could react, she stepped through the door, her right hand on his chest pushing him back while her left hand shut the door. She pushed him back until his knees hit the king-size bed and he was forced to sit. He’d been wearing a shirt and slacks, and as he sat, the material in the slacks outlined his already awakening cock.

“So, you came.” he said, “I wasn’t expecting you to. I figured I’d end up eating room service and going to sleep.”

Dee smiled down at him as he sat, hands at his sides. “I’m full of surprises, but you already knew that.”

He reached forward and encircled her with his arms. She was surprised at his strength as he pulled her to him, tumbling her onto the bed. He rolled her to the center, laying himself full-length beside her and resting his hand on her stomach. After all the months, all the teasing, all the heat … to finally be close to each other was almost more than either of them could stand.

If asked later, neither of them would remember stripping. It was frenzied, with buttons being popped and zippers yanked in a rush neither had felt since their ages were counted in teens. Flesh against flesh was needed and, at last, found. They held each other for several minutes, as if confirming that they were each real and not fantasy.

Dee broke away, and from her bag brought four silk ties. Jas’ eyes widened, and she knew he was remembering a story they’d shared. She lay on the bed, and Jas made quick work of tying her in classic spread-eagled fashion. Her pussy began to throb as he walked around the foot of the bed, admiring her before lying next to her again.

“Do you remember the story?” Dee asked, knowing the answer.

“Yes, but I’ve never been much of one for following scripts,” he replied with a wicked grin that gave her a moment of pause. He was, after all, basically a stranger. A stranger she’d just allowed to tie her to a bed. She had a moment of fear, but a tug at her bonds told her the point of no return had been passed. Jas was experienced, and she wouldn’t be going anywhere until he allowed it.

He began to kiss her, then, starting at the top of her ear and working to the lobe. Dee smiled, and that’s when she felt the blindfold slip over her head and settle over her eyes. She felt Jas’ weight leave the bed, and heard him opening a case.

He returned to the bed and stood beside it, looking down at Dee. Just as she was about to ask him if he’d gotten distracted, she felt the feather touch her neck. She moaned softly as it traced across her nipples and between her breasts, circling each one before dancing across her stomach. Her thighs, her calves and all the way to the soles of her feet were next, and Dee felt ever nerve ending in her body awaken and begin to sing.

Without warning, the crop flicked her inner thigh, the sudden sharp sting making her hiss and again yank against her bonds. She felt the one on the right wrist, lubricated with the sweat that was beginning to stand on her skin, slip a tiny bit. Surreptitiously, she began to work at it. But for now she was still held fast, as the crop flicked her breasts, the very tips of her nipples, her flanks. With a finishing stroke, Jas brought the flat leather slapper of the crop down across her pussy, perfectly targeting her clit and making her jump with the exquisite pleasure/pain shock.

Then he was on her, his mouth everywhere. His hands everywhere. His presence overpowering her and trying to bend her to his will. No pretense now, no more teasing. He slid down until his face was between her legs and attacked her pussy like a starving man at a banquet. Two fingers slid into her, drawing out her juices for him to taste. She could hear him sucking his fingers and didn’t need to see him to know he was smiling.

With him distracted, she continued to work her right wrist. The tie was definitely loosening now, but she still couldn’t get free. She felt fingers probing her pussy and ass simultaneously, and moaned as they slid in together. Jas had claimed he enjoyed giving oral, and it was very, deliciously obvious that he hadn’t been lying. His lips and tongue were insatiable, drinking her in and lapping every corner of her pussy, even sliding down to wet her ass where his finger was buried.

Dee’s clit was throbbing, and when Jas finally took it between his lips and sucked it with a slow, strong rhythm, that was all it took. Her hips bucked, as the waves of a sudden, strong orgasm rippled through her and left her ragdoll-limp.

She had been taken with authority, and now as he stood from the bed Jas said, “Catch your breath. That was just round one.”

She heard him go into the bathroom, and began to furiously work at the tie on her right wrist. A couple of sharp yanks and she was free! Quickly, she freed her left wrist and her legs, and doffed the blindfold. Padding on bare feet, she slipped behind the bathroom door and waited for him to come out. It was time for round two, alright, but this one was hers …

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