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Lonely Holiday

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It was the middle of a cold December day. I sat there in my small, unclean apartment just passing the time while watching TV. I had the day off. That’s usually a good thing but today it wasn’t a big deal. Most people were too busy to even do anything. Christmas was only a few days away. I was alone.

Still, my dick was rock hard and it needed a good blow job right away. My classic girl to call wasn’t answering her phone and I wasn’t sure if I could hold onto my load for very much longer. I wanted to be sucked right away and I didn’t care who did it.

Going online seemed like the right thing to do. Normally, it’s difficult finding a woman who’s willing to get on her knees the first time I meet them at a bar. However, I knew there were always plenty of sluts online who would pleasure me.

I placed an ad and got some hits.

Sadly, most were spam. One of the hits I got was from a guy. I was slightly shocked that a guy replied to my blow job request.

His response said:

I know you want a girl but I’m straight and I have always wanted to suck another man’s cock. No strings attached, nothing else but a good cock-sucking. I’m 29, single and just want to try something new for the first time in my life.

For some strange reason the idea of a guy with his mouth over my meat made me super horny. My cock stirred in my pants as I began to reply.

We exchanged a few emails and then he asked for my phone number. I give it to him and we talked. It was like we were friends or something. I felt relaxed and finally began to push the question that was on the tip of my tongue(and my cock).

“Are you really serious about giving me what I need?” I asked him.

“Yeah…Hell yeah,” he said.

He went on to confess how long he’d been waiting for the right ad to reply to. He had been serviced by girls before and always wanted to try for himself.

We made a date for that night. The whole day I was nervous and worried.

I was so horny but also extremely nervous. I had fears that this guy was some kind of serial killer but they were quickly hushed by the extreme hard on growing in my pants.

I agreed to go to his home, since he lived alone and I had a roommate who might show up at any time. Our date was set for 8:00 and I knocked on the door at 8:02.

A good-looking bear of a man opened the door. We were the same height but built differently. He looked younger than he said he was in his email.

“Hey, Brian,” he said, as he smiled, showing off his full lips.

I smiled back, extended my hand and said, “Hi, Travis.”

We shook hands as I walked into his home. I looked around, immediately noticing that his home was large and well-kept. It backed up what he said; he was just doing this for the fun of it.

“Take a seat,” he said as he began to remove his shirt. “Relax,” he added clearly noticing how tense I was.

I relaxed and sat down. He didn’t seem to want to waste too much time talking.

He stood there shirtless, showing off his well-toned body and amazing tan. He was attractive. I found it hard to believe he had any problems finding a date.

“Should I put some music on?” he asked.

I nodded a quick yes and he grabbed the remote control and pressed the “on” button. It was simple music, not bad, not great. But it would work.

“Are you ready?” he asked as he got on his knees between my legs.

I nodded and relaxed as I felt his large hands move toward my belt and begin to unbuckle. Soon I was unzipped and exposed. My thick, rock-hard eight-inch cock was in his hand as he stroked it slowly. It felt nice and with each stroke it only felt better.

This holiday was surely going to top all the previous ones.

“Ready?” he asked again as he opened his mouth.

I looked down to see him take my cock into his mouth and began to suck on it. Amazing wasn’t a strong enough word to describe the feeling of his mouth over my cock. His full lips wrapped tightly around my pole as his hand held onto the base and his fingers toyed lightly with my balls.

I looked down to see his eyes closed and his focus completely on sucking my cock. It was a great sight to see. Never had a woman cared so much about sucking my dick. Why hadn’t I let a man suck me long ago?

“Mmm…” I said as he began to take my cock deeper into his throat.

He seemed to be getting used to my girth and my length. His bare mouth felt like heaven over my cock. Within minutes, I could feel my orgasm building. I assumed he’d stop and jerk me off the rest of the way so I waited until nearly the last second before moaning out that I was about to cum. Instead of moving, Travis kept his mouth on my package and continued to suck me. My heavy load of cum slammed into the back of his throat.

With a loud groan I looked down to see his eyes on me while his mouth moved back and forth to get those last few drops of cum. Fuck. It was perfect. It was the best blow job I ever had.

It was beginning to softly snow outside. I was in such a haze of lust, I actually thought about staying the night to avoid dealing with the snow. I would have loved to have his mouth over me more than just one single time.

“I liked it,” he said as he backed away and came to sit down next to me.

“I did also,” I smiled weakly. My body was still shivering from the massive orgasm he had just given me. He licked his lips and looked at me again.

“Would you let me fuck you?” Travis asked as he placed his hands back onto my cock and began to stroke me with a steady pace. He knew I didn’t want a cock in my ass but the feeling of his strong, thick, bear-like hands on my average-sized cock was pure perfection.

“Won’t it hurt?” I moaned.

“I’ll use lots of lube and take my time,” he said as he bent down and began to tease the tip of my cock with his tongue.

“I think you’ll cum super-hard while I’m fucking you,” he said as his large mouth took me in deep. I could only manage a quick grunt of agreement.

I don’t think I realized what I was doing until I was already sucking his cock.

We were on the floor sucking wildly on each other’s cocks. His cock was huge. It was twice as thick as mine and a few inches longer. It was oozing white pre-cum by the time my mouth finally got to it.

I sucked him steady while my fingers massaged and toyed with his balls. His cock-sucking skills only got better as I sucked him. He knew what he was doing; from his ability to take me so deep that I couldn’t breath, to him sliding his finger inside of my ass, preparing me to be fucked.

“Ready?” he asked before getting up and ordering me into the middle of the room.

“You’ll enjoy it…I promise”, he said as he got on his knees and told me to get on all fours. His cock was so long and big, I worried he’d break me. But for some reason, I felt more excitement than worry.

This Christmas was turning into an amazing sex fest. And it didn’t even include a women.

He took his time holding onto my ass cheeks and spreading them apart while using his other hand to guide his cock into my hole.

“Just relax your body,” he said as his cock head poked at my entrance. I was scared but turned on. My mind was spinning, wondering how a simple request for a blow job turned into a man getting ready to fuck my virgin ass.

There was a loud popping sound as his cock found its way into my ass. I nearly cried it hurt so badly. He calmed me down by pulling my lips to his and beginning to kiss me tenderly. His tongue dug into my mouth as his hips moved back and forth making his cock slide deeper into my tight hole. We were making out while he was fucking me in his living room. This was love-making.

I was making love to a man while it snowed outside.

What the fuck had happened to me?! The craziest part was that with every push and pull of his cock, I felt my orgasm growing. I felt my body expanding and the feeling of lust was burning inside of me. It was an amazing feeling.

“You like it, Brian?” Travis asked, breaking our kiss and bending me over lower to the hard word floors. In this position, his cock pushed even deeper into my body.

“Fuck yes,” I hummed. My hand began to jerk off slowly while Travis increased the speed of his thrusts.

“I’m going to mark you with my cum,” he warned in a stern voice.

His voice was deep and almost scary but his hands still rubbed and caressed my body as he dug his cock deeper into my once virgin hole. He was close to cumming and I was as well.

His hand reached over to the other side of me and began to stroke my cock as he fucked me harder and harder. He growled like a large animal and began to cum directly into me. The feeling was all it took for me to shoot a large nut into his bare hand.

We collapsed on the floor, breathless and weak.

“I take it you aren’t straight?” I asked, leaning over him.

“Nope…but I love fucking virgins,” he said and he kissed me once more.

“Did you enjoy it?” he asked.

“Yes, I did,” I said, feeling the pain growing inside of my just-fucked ass.

“But now I’m in pain,” I added.

“You can take a bath and then we can go again,” he said, smiling and looking directly into my eyes. I nodded and he picked me up like a ball of yarn and walked me to the bathroom to run me a bath.

I stayed there for a week.

He fucked me nearly three to four times a day. I was happy; happier than I’d ever been during any holiday that I spent alone. And it all started from a simple online ad looking for a blow job.

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