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The Best Gift

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The melancholy old songs were playing on the stereo. It had been 2 years ago, this day, that Andreas had been taken from me. Listening to the old 70s love ballads – The Carpenters, Barry Manilow, Barbra Streisand… All of those torch songs about lost love and trying to find my man or to try to replace the one that got away…

I knew that in a little while, I’d change the music to more current and upbeat songs – but these old torchy, tear jerkers still tugged at my heartstrings and played amongst my memories.

Most of my friends swore that it was stupid and maudlin for me to act this way, but they’d never really felt the loss that I felt… Sure, they lost a friend when Andreas died, but they didn’t lose a lover – their spouse. Sure, we’ve all lost loved ones, and I feel bad for still feeling so bad, but it never seems to get any easier… And my pain just seems more real than theirs.

I still remembered meeting Andreas…. It was many years ago, during the height of the AIDS scares – when everybody thought that even just touching another man would turn them positive – just by looking at an infected guy would make them seroconvert. Sure, back in the 80s, it was still scary and new and frightening. I knew of many men that became virtual monks – never having any kind of sexual relations with another guy – even a few that wouldn’t make love with their committed partners of 5 years! It was insane! But, it was an insane time with insane leaders in an insane world.

What made it worse was the way that Andreas and I had met… A friend of mine was celebrating his birthday – and his negative test results – by throwing a private, invite only sex party at The Muscle Den. The Muscle Den was nothing more than a bathhouse, although now it would be more high class – it would be a Sex Club…. Ah, progress…

So, Mattie was throwing his party – and only a ‘select few’ were invited. I had to admire Mattie… only that nelly queen would consider 85 naked guys a ‘select few’… But, again, only that nelly queen could pull together that ‘select few’ – including a few porn stars, pin-up boys and mainstream models to be his chosen select. Those of us that were his friends always felt slightly outclassed by many of the men that Mattie had around. Don’t get me wrong – I was hot in my 20s – not that I’m not hot now; I’m just more… mature? We all had those typical gay boy looks – shopping right from the International Male catalogs, gym hopping every other day, following whatever ‘the fashionistas’ at GQ and Vogue Homme would thrown at us, calling it the ‘next big thing’…. Oh, and the music fashions! The styles of Duran-Duran, Michael Jackson (when he was still a black, male singer and not some plastic surgeon side show), A Flock of Seagulls, Frankie Goes to Hollywood; all of these were our fashion plates. God, were we naïve…

I arrived at The Muscle Den at the appointed hour – 7:30 pm. Mattie figured if we started early enough, and it died down (as if!), we could all still go out and bar hop until the wee hours and have an after-hours party at some dive… I walked in, flashed my invite, took the keys and towels that were provided and headed to the locker room. I stripped down to the tattered jock, tan work boots and my towel; grabbed the present I brought – a life like dildo, if you’re idea of lifelike is bright pink latex nearly a foot and a half long – and headed to the main room. When I got there, I was pleased to see that there were a few guys milling around, chatting, cruising, drinking. The video monitors were playing the pretty boy porn of the era and a few guys were lounging about, stroking their cocks, listening to the chatter and on the prowl.

Mattie, of course, was there, as hostess and guest of honor, in a flowing white robe – a silk kimono from his recent trips abroad. Mattie was flitting about, saying his ‘hellos’ and kissing cheeks with all his guests. He came over and offered me a glass of champagne and kissed the air next to my cheek. “Darling! Have you ever seen such a display of hot masculinity! Oh! I could just die right now and feel I was already in heavan! And did you see that one in the corner? He’s one of the newest and freshest boys in movies and I am working hard on getting him to be my gift! My God, Chris, I just want to… Oh! Look who just showed up!” Mattie cried over my shoulder towards the entrance. With that, he was off again, a swirl of white silk.

I wandered through the room, saying ‘hello’ to people I knew, making glances to those that I didn’t know but surely would like to meet. There was so much eye candy about, one barely knew where to look: the up and coming porn star standing around, his body in perfect shape, glistening with a layer of mist, cock hanging down; the models in the center of the room, preening and posing while chattering to each other, some wearing towels, some the newest underwear or jock strap, others simply letting it all hang down for the world to view; a few guys lounging around, cocks hard and ready; and a few guys already on their knees, servicing some other guys, sucking long and hard while the recipients stood and chatted amiably.

I was quite pleased, however, with the looks that I was getting in return from some of these living statues. I wasn’t too bad looking, either… At 6 foot tall, my frame carried 195 pounds well. I watched what I ate and worked out 3 or 4 times a week, keeping my body trim and toned. Of course, being only 26 at the time didn’t hurt, either. During the summer, I’d spend a few hours at the beach, working on keeping a golden glow to my skin; the rest of the year, I’d spend those same hours in the tanning salon; my reddish-blonde hair was set off by that glow, and my bright blue eyes shone from my face. Standing around in my navy blue jock and workmen’s boots, I looked butch and sexy. The jock cradled my 8″ cock and my husky balls nicely, jutting out just enough to intrigue.

I was talking to a guy named Marcus, who was one of the models that Mattie had invited. Mattie was a fashion director for a major magazine; so many of these guys had appeared in the pages of his magazine, while the remainder wanted to. Marcus was cute and somewhat well built, but this was the beginning of the ‘heroin addict’ look in models – when they were so thin and gaunt, that 3rd world children took pity on them. I’d had a few glasses of champagne and my ‘wine blinders’ were coming into play. A few more and I’d think that Mattie was a big, butch guy and let HIM fuck me! But that was before Andreas walked in. I’d seen him before at one of Mattie’s events, but we’d never gotten a chance to talk. Andreas was one of those Latin boy hotties that just immediately draw the looks. OK, so maybe it was just MY attention he was getting, but he was worth it.

He was about my same height, but he’d spent more time in the gym, as he was a bit bulkier in his chest and shoulders – large flat pectorals hung evenly over his 6 pack abs, topped off by swirls of dark chest hair and nipples that leapt from his chest. He was wearing a towel wrapped around his waist, and I could see a bulge hanging beneath the folds of terry. His legs were defined and toned, disappearing just above the knees into his towel. His dark hair was cut short and framed his face as a masterpiece. Mattie immediately left the young porn star and headed off to Andreas, thrusting a drink in his hands while grabbing a hold of the bulge of his towel.

I continued chatting with Marcus, but my eyes kept darting back over to Andreas, stealing peeks at his physique. I couldn’t be sure, but I thought I caught him looking away from me once or twice, as well. My heart fluttered and I could feel my cock stir in my jock. Marcus excused himself to hit the bathroom – probably for a bump of coke – and I wandered off to the bar area for a refill.

By now, the party was beginning to fall into orgy mode – more and more of the guys were gathering in an area by the wall of TVs, groping and grabbing at each other, pawing towels, jocks, Speedos and whatever else to the ground. Cocks were being stroked and sucked and groups were splitting off from the main crowd – heading towards couches and corners and the ‘private’ rooms off to the side. A few of the guys were piling on top of each other in the middle of the room, cocks and fingers prodding and poking the nearest hole.

I poured another flute of champagne, and a voice spoke up behind me “Can I get a refill of that, too?” in a deep and resounding timbre. I finished filling my glass and turned, nearly knocking his glass with the bottle of champagne. Andreas was standing less than 6 inches behind me, his smolderingly hot looks could have set me ablaze.

“Uh… sure!” I stammered, nearly dropping the bottle to the ground. I recovered myself and began to fill his glass slowly. “Mattie really knows how to throw a party, doesn’t he?” I asked, trying to make small talk.

“He sure does. You know, I’ve seen you at some of his parties before. Are you a friend of his? Or one of the ‘hired help’?” His lips twisted to a wry grin. “I mean, either way, it’s cool.”

“Oh… I’ve known that flamer since high school. She was the one that dragged me from the closet, kicking and screaming. But I love her for it and always stand by Mattie.” I replied.

“Yeah, I used to work with Mattie. I would help him with the locations for the shoots. He knew I was gay and made a few attempts to get me in front of the camera – or in his bed. But he’s just… He’s… Well, he’s Mattie!” We both laughed at this remark, as I felt that Mattie was like a sister or brother, and not anybody I’d want to have sex with.

“I know what you mean. While we were in high school, he used to get called ‘Fag’ and ‘girlie-man’ all the time, but he knew how to turn those taunts into his own gain, growing stronger with each barb. Turning him, quite frankly, into the bitchy queen he is today!”

We continued chatting with each other as the rest of the room blossomed into ancient Greece around us. We were surrounded by heaps of man flesh, cocks and asses bobbing up and down, in and out, men writhing on the ground and bent over sofas, all fucking and sucking, groaning and moaning in a sea of sweaty sexual pleasure. Every once in a while, a stray guy would come up to us, grabbing a cocktail, and trying to grab a cock or tail on us, as well. While we were always acknowledging the attention, the men would realize that we were busy and they’d be swallowed up by the roiling sea of sex all around us.

Not to sound like I was being Sister Pure of Thought, though, either. My dick stirred and shifted in my jock, as I’d catch a glimpse of the carnal heaps around us; the groans and moans of pleasure stiffening my cock from time to time. I’d noticed the front of Andreas’s towel shift from time to time, as the sites and sounds around us whetted his sexual appetite, as well.

“Um… We both seem to be getting a little… um… preoccupied with the view. Do you wanna take this conversation to a quieter spot?” Andreas asked. We’d both been taking greater notice of the sea of sex going on around us. I looked down and could see that Andrea’s cock was getting hard under his towel, and my own cock was attempting to pitch a tent in my jock strap. Andreas grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the wall of rooms beyond the bar.

We walked past a few doors, peering inside, catching glimpses of couples, 3-ways and 4-gies taking place in some of the rooms. The sound of sexual pleasure was all around us – moans and groans as hard meaty cocks stuffed asses, cries of lust as loads of cum were pumped deep inside willing asses, sprayed across heaving abs and chests, swallowed by hungry and eager mouths. We found a room that was empty and stepped inside.

In a matter of moments, Andreas had stripped the jock from me and dropped his towel to the ground. Hot and wet kisses covered my face and lips as my hands roamed over the landscape of his body. Our cocks, hard and hot, rubbed against the other, oozing pre-cum and smearing it on our bodies. My hands found his firm round ass and grabbed hold of the cheeks, spreading and kneading the mounds of flesh. A guttural groan sounded deep inside Andreas as my fingers prodded his pulsing sphincter.

I slowly began kissing my way down his body, licking and suckling his nipples, darting my tongue along his tight abs, until my lips found his hard cock, covered in our combined juices. I marveled at the site of his cock – protruding form his pelvis. The head of his dick glistened wetly as more pre-cum pushed from the slit and slid towards the shaft. I took his shaft info my mouth, sucking more and more of the pre-cum from his shaft, continuing to prod his ass with my finger.

Andreas thrust his cock deep across my tongue, slapping his balls against my chin, fucking my mouth as my fingers fucked his ass. I reached up and grabbed his tits with my other hand, tweaking each one, twisting the hard nipples, forcing new sounds of pleasure and lust from his throat. I felt his strong hands beneath my arms, lifting me from his cock. I continued fingering his ass and his tongue dove into my mouth, tasting the mixture of my spit and his pre-cum. “Fuck me!” he whispered hoarsely in my ear. His hand grabbed my throbbing cock and tugged hard. “Bury your cock deep in my hole. I want to you fuck me! Fuck me like I’ve never been fucked! C’mon man… FUCK ME!” He nearly yelled his desires into my ears, pulling me towards the small bed in the room. The TV mounted on the wall flickered with scenes of sexual carnage as the porn movies continued their endless loop. Asses were split and plowed by massive cocks, exploding shot after shot of hot semen across the celluloid butts.

He pulled me over to the bed and lay down upon it, his knees meeting his chest. I spit on my dick, rubbing the saliva along the shaft, mixing it with the smears of pre-cum. His ass quivered beneath me as I knelt in front of him, cock throbbing in the air. His chest heaved with each breath he drew deep inside, readying himself for the assault. I slid my cock into his ass, slowly letting the head penetrate his chute. He moaned in animal lust, flexing his muscles around the invading cock, sending ripples of pleasure through my shaft.

I slowly pushed further and further into his ass, feeling it constrict and relax around my fat cock. He would reach up and grasp my nipples with one hand or press against my chest, allowing my cock deeper into his ass at his own pace. His other hand stroked on his raging hard on or played with his nipples, rubbing against his abs and chest on the journey between his pleasure zones. I stroked his calves and thighs with my hands, resting my shoulders against the balls of his feet. Slowly, deeper, I penetrated his ass, thrusting my cock further inside his willing body.

I withdrew my cock, almost as slowly as I’d entered, only to push it back into his ass, faster and deeper. I built up the speed of each thrust, pushing faster and harder into his ass – feeling him breathing with each thrust. His had stroked his own cock, rubbing from the tip of the head to his balls. He put his other hand on my ass, pulling my cock deeper at the end of each thrust, feeling my balls flat against his spread cheeks; his own balls pressed between us. His breathing would quicken and get shallow and moans escaped his full lips. I could tell he was ready to let loose his orgasm, spreading his hot seed across his chest.

I pulled my cock out of his ass, telling him I wanted to feel him milk the hot sperm from my balls. He stood as I lay on my back and he straddled my form, slowly dropping his ass to meet the head of my dick. Slowly, I lowered his ass onto my cock, impaling him deep with my shaft. His cock bobbed and twitched above me, pulsing with the flow of his veins, pre-cum flowing freely from the head, dripping onto my abs.

Andreas would rise and lower on my hard shaft, clenching his ass tight around the base of my cock, drawing me deeper inside. His knees dug into the mattress and he rested a hand on my chest for support, leaning down to slip his tongue into my mouth. His rhythmic movements sent waves of pleasure through my body, churning the hot cum inside my balls, pressured for release. His other hand still pumped his own cock, his balls slapping against my abs with each deep penetration of my cock.

I could feel the cum churning deep inside my balls, rising up my cock shaft. “I’m cumming!” I yelled out in pleasure, not caring who could hear me. His hand was pumping quickly along the bronze shaft of his cock, pulling the skin tight as he jerked off. Moans and noises of lust escaped from his mouth as he rode my cock, causing gasping breaths to escape my lips. I felt the first surge of cum shoot from my dick, coating his ass with my juice. He let loose a war cry of pleasure as his first load shot from his cock, landing on my chin. He kept milking my cock while pumping his own loads. I filled his ass with shot after shot of hot cum, each thrust of his hand coaxing another shot from his cock, spraying my chest and abs with the white creamy fluid.

Andreas collapsed, shuddering against my chest as spasms wracked his body; cum was still flowing from his cock as my own cock oozed, deep inside his ass. We lay there for minutes, feeling the heat from our bodies. Our cocks softened as the last drops of cum slid out. Sounds of orgasm were coming in from the other rooms, from the main room, as the other men shot their loads of cum – filling asses and mouths, coating bodies with flying arcs of sperm. The porn videos continued to play as the live versions played out into a heaving mass of male flesh. We lay that way, basking in the glow of our sex, enjoying the feel of each other’s body, slowly kissing and gently moving our hands along unfamiliar limbs, as the sexual friction eased in the other rooms.

After many minutes, we began to stand, heading towards the showers to clean the remnants of our liaison. The shower room was full of other men cleansing their bodies of cum and lube. Some were soaping their crotches, coaxing another hard on from their spent cocks. Some men showered together in pairs, kissing and rubbing their partner’s body; letting the water cascade over their muscles, licking cum from abs, chests, and stiffening cocks. We knew this party would go another round, maybe right here and now, as the sexual charge was not quite spent.

Andreas and I showered and washed each other, caressing a body we had not known before that night. In the main room, we could hear the sounds of the music being turned up, signaling a change of course for the party. We finished showering; dried off and went to the main room.

Mattie was there, looking slightly disheveled, the white kimono hanging open. The young porn star was standing behind him, rubbing Mattie’s neck and shoulders. Somebody was in the corner, lighting the candles on a cake for the celebration.

“Well, now that we’ve all gotten that out of our systems…. Or have we?” Mattie was eyeing a couple of guys making out, off to the side, stroking each other’s stiffening cocks, stuffing tongues down willing throats. “Anyway, it is time for the birthday aspect of the party to take place. Then, we’ll just SEE where this night goes!” He reached behind him, grabbing a handful of the porn star’s cock. The cake was brought out, candles blazing.

Mattie leaned down and blew out the candles – 25 smaller ones surrounding a large pillar that had been shaped to resemble a cock. “Well, whaddya know… I did have another blow job left in me!” Laughter filled the room as Mattie pulled the cock candle from the cake. “I think I’ll be saving this for later!” A look of unease crossed Mr. Porn Star, but quickly faded.

Mattie was handed packages and bags, gaily colored or wrapped, filled with gifts for the host. He would squeal with glee as he pulled items from the boxes and bags; soon a pile of love oils, lubes, dildos, movies and more was at his side. “I love each and every one of you for these fabulous gifts! And I really love each and every one of these gifts! I can’t wait to try them all!” The gifts were cleared away, more drinks were served and consumed, and another man entered the club, dressed as a fireman – Mattie’s favorite. New music blared from the stereo as the fireman took the center of the room and began to dance and strip.

The party again began to turn into a sea of writhing male bodies, as the orgy atmosphere came for round #2. Cocks stiffened with tugs and strokes, slipping into waiting mouths and asses. Andreas and I slipped off to the side again, found a room and kissed. We soon slipped into the 69 position and sucked each other, swallowing cum as it was sprayed into our mouths and across out lips. We showered again, went to the lockers and got dressed.

But, again, that was many years ago. I was now older and wiser, but I’d been without my Andreas for the past 2 years. I still missed the times we’d shared, both in the bed and out. Like all couples, we’d had our problems from time to time, but the make up sex was always the hottest; re-igniting the passion we’d shared on that first night. Mattie is planning some kind of special party for my 40th birthday in a week – mentioning something about The Muscle Den. I awoke on the day of my 40th, not noticing any life altering changes. I was still the same guy I’d been the day before… And the day before that, as well. I was finding that there was some truth to the adage that “Age is just a state of mind.” I would always think, “Now, what state do you want me in?” I pushed the covers off and looked at my body – nope, no major changes here. My abs and chest looked just as they had last night, when I’d climbed into bed. My hair was still the same reddish-blonde it had always been; my body still had the same gym honed physique it had displayed for the last few years; my thighs were still just as firm and powerful; calves still curved gracefully up from the ankles… But, wait! There was a change! Oh my God! During the night, my cock had grown hard! There was a difference from when I’d climbed into bed!

I reached down and slid my palm across my hard cock. Yep, the meat and I were now 40… and I was starting off my 40th year with a hard cock – like almost every other day in the 20 plus years that had passed since puberty struck and my cock would stiffen at the slightest provocation.

I slowly pulled and tugged at my cock, feeling the sensations of touch between the palm of my hand and my cock. No matter what, it always felt different when you stroked your meat. Sure, it felt good to have somebody slide their hands along your cock, milking the cum from deep inside; plunging your cock deep into a willing ass or having it sucked by a hot mouth, pulling and pumping your balls was always good, as well. But there is something special about the good, old-fashioned self-love. Your hand always knows just the right spot to rub a little faster, squeeze a little tighter, stroking your cock to climax.

I continued stroking my hardening cock – feeling the pulse of my life force flowing through the veins; feeling my balls tighten as the cum churned inside of them, pushing for release. I always found jerking off in the morning, with the sun glowing through the windows, illuminating my chamber, flooding my soul with the light of the new day; I always found it somehow more spiritual – more soulful – of a session than any other time I jerked off. In the morning, it was invigorating and stimulating – feeling the hot semen churn in my balls, surge up the shaft and explode from the head of my cock, splattering my abs and chest with those glorious shots of warm goo; releasing the demons of sleep and charging me with life!

The pace of my strokes quickened, feeling better with each tug. I knew I was close, feeling my balls tighten up inside the fleshy sac, propelling my hot cum, soon to arc through the air and paint my body. It was an ecstasy unlike

The phone’s electronic chirping made me skip a stroke as I paused from the intrusion. Who the fuck could be calling so damn early? Even before the 2nd ring had finished I knew who was on the other end. Not a doubt in my mind. I slowly began to stroke my cock again, losing a bit of stiffness from the noise on the bedside table. After the 4th ring, the phone went silent, only to be replaced by the gentle clicks and whirs of the answering machine.

“Hi. This is Chris Morrison. I can’t get to the phone right now. Please leave a message after the tone – tell me who you are and where I can call you back, and I’ll do my best to get back with you when I can. Thanks for calling!” my cheery mechanized voice greeted the caller. A few seconds later, the recording gear clicked on and the typical beep sounded.

“Chris! You old dinosaur! Answer the fucking phone!” It was Mattie, as I’d expected, calling, no doubt, to send pleasant birthday greetings my way. “Get your hand off that cock, now, buddy boy. At your age, all you’ll be shooting is cum dust! Hell, if you can even get it up anymore! Hah!”

I reached over, picked up the phone and hit TALK. “Well, good morning to you, Queen Fairy. And how the fuck are you today?” I was still stroking my cock, hoping to keep the erection from leaving. Mattie had a habit of draining erections – one way or the other.

“Ooh, did some body wake up on the wrong side of the cave this morning? So cheery and pleasant, ya mean old grizzled bear!”

“You know, Mattie, there could be some hot, young stud lying in bed right now, spent from a night of getting fucked hard and put away wet by this ‘grizzled old bear’, ya know? Damn, we could have been in the middle of a hot morning fuck, and your screeching coming from the phone would have just killed the moment.”

“Oh, puh-leeze, Mary! I know full well that you are home, alone, as usual. And, knowing you, you’ve been stroking your cock, trying to figure out the Zen of Masturbation again! I swear! Your cock sees more action from your hand than my ass does on Pride weekend! If I didn’t love you, I’d have given up on you years ago!”

“Fine, fine. So, what caused you to crawl out of the crypt so early in the morning? I know it wasn’t just your lame attempt to be the first to wish me a happy birthday, was it?”

“No, you mean old cock-sucker. I was calling you with altruistic intents. I was calling to wake your ass up so I could take you to breakfast! Come join me at Dill’s Diner at 9:00 for a fabulous bruncheon!”

I rolled over and looked at the clock – it was just about 7:30. “Sure, let me wake up and get showered. I’ll meet you there. Or do you want me to come and pick your bony ass up?”

“No, no, I’ll drive there. I’ll see you at 9!” I continued to coax my cock back to full stiffness, but it was almost a losing battle. Mattie was sapping my sex drive right out of me. “Oh, and we’ll talk about tonight, too! I’ve got a special evening all planned out for you, darling! Full of surprises and more! Now, get that hand off your cock and get cleaned up! Ta!” With that, the phone clicked off in my ear, as the connection closed. I set the handset back in the phone based.

My cock was stirring again, responding to my pulling and squeezing. Even though I’d been interrupted, I was determined to find that Zen of Masturbation that Mattie had accused me of. And, while it was partially true that I’d found more pleasure in jerking off, I still got my fair share of hot booty slapping my thighs as I pounded some hot ass, fucking the night away. Thinking back on my recent conquest – a little 20 something Latino boy – just coming out to the ‘regular’ neighborhood style bars for the first time, instead of hanging with his buddies at the newest and trendiest dance club. I’d brought him back home and we’d fucked for hours, my balls slapping against his hot, tight little bubble butt, churning my lust. I’d whipped my cock out of his ass and pulled the condom off, shooting my load across his cock and abs, hearing him call out “Aye, Papi! O Dios mio!” as his hot spunk flew from his cock, shooting his load from the pounding I gave his ass, his hands pulling my ass deeper into him with each stroke.

I could feel my load churning deep inside, pushing for release. With a final flurry of strokes, my hot cum shot from my cock, arcing through the air, landing in a splash just below my ribs. I kept milking my cock, coaxing the semen from inside, spraying my abs with hot cum, spasms rippling through my tensed muscles, waves of pleasure spreading through my system as the orgasm faded.

I lay there for a few minutes, my fingers absently spreading the spent loads across my body, the last drops of cum spilling from the slit, pooling in my belly button. I slowly got up and headed for the bathroom and a hot shower.

I arrived at Dill’s just before 9, making sure I was early enough to be on time, in case that Mattie actually showed up on time. Mattie had turned the concept of being ‘fashionably late’ into an art form, always arriving 10 minutes past the appointed time, whirling in like a dervish; making the grand entrance a diva always deserved. Dill’s was a nice little spot for food, the owner’s keeping the menu fresh and new, yet retaining a few well loved favorites to make everybody happy. The décor was decidedly 50s diner, with red vinyl booths and Formica counters; they even had the mini jukeboxes on the tables, but they were for looks, only. Dill’s had also wisely opened up the area behind the diner as a patio eating space, and it was usually packed out there, unless it was raining. Luckily, the place didn’t get too busy until around 10:00 on the weekends, as people were recovering from their nights out. This was a favorite place of the hip and the hung-over; a place to see and be seen. I was just glad that it hadn’t become TOO trendy and had stayed true to its roots.

Sure enough, at 9:10, Mattie came flowing through the doors, looking all the world like Nora Desmond from “Sunset Boulevard”. He swirled towards Chris, moving through the diner and onto the patio. “Darling! I so must wish you birthday greetings!” I stood up, allowing Mattie to throw his arms around me and kiss the air near my ear. No matter how many years had passed, Mattie still greeted his friends as though he was a great socialite. “I can’t wait to help you celebrate your 4th decade on the planet!” Mattie raised his voice just enough to gather looks from the patrons seated on the patio. I blushed slightly, feeling slightly embarrassed by Mattie’s display and his mention of my age.

“Oh, do sit down, you silly queen! There’s a show on Broadway that needs its spot light back. Can you ever just walk into a room without all the drama and pretense?” I sat back in my chair and sipped at the coffee left in my cup. Mattie waved to the waiter and sat opposite me.

The waiter came over, and refilled my cup. Mattie ordered mimosas for both of us, and sent the waiter away. Mattie turned and followed the waiter with his eyes, looking after him as he walked towards the kitchen. I looked after the waiter, too, trying to place him. He must have been a new addition to the staff, as I hadn’t seen him before. It looked as if he stood a few inches shorter than me, with dark hair cut in a spiky crew cut style. From the back, he looked to have broad shoulders and a bubble butt; his waist was narrower than his hips, giving him a top-heavy, hourglass type of figure. His sleeves were rolled up above his biceps, showing his well muscled arms. The tanned skin glowed against the white of his tee shirt; He looked to be of Latin descent – but not purely Hispanic.

“Yoo-hoo! Christopher! Are you with me?” Mattie snapped his fingers, trying to get my attention. I was still focused on the departed figure of the waiter.

“Yes, I’m here… I’m here! Relax! Dang, can’t a guy enjoy a good view once in a while? Geez!”

Mattie laughed, enjoying my predicament. “No, darling! I find it QUITE enjoyable to see you look around. I know you still pine away for Andreas from time to time, but I like watching him fade to just memories, instead of remaining an all maudlin and mopey over the ‘love of youir life’!”

I smiled, in spite of myself, knowing he was right. The waiter came back with the mimosas and asked if we were ready to order. He was just as pleasing to look at from the front as he’d been from the rear. His tanned complexion and his facial features further influenced my thoughts of his Latin background. The kicker, however, were his beautiful green eyes – the color of bright and lustrous emeralds – that shone from beneath his dark brow and lashes. His face had a solid set, not too square, yet not too rounded. He had a goatee and mustache, in the current style, drawing attention to his full lips and pretty smile. His beefy chest pushed against the fabric of the tee shirt, showing great definition to his pecs; his nipples poked at the fabric, as it was pulled taught across his chest. He wore the shirt tucked into his jeans, which snuggled up against his legs and pelvis, showing the outline of his package; luckily, the jeans were not so tight as to leave nothing to the imagination.

“No… uh….” Mattie started in, the inquisitor gears whirring in his mind. “I’m sorry – I don’t think I know you. Are you new here? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you here before. Oh! Where are my manners? I’m Mattie. Well, Matthew, if you must be butch about it. This is my close and dearly personal friend, Christopher.” Mattie held his hand up, halfway between inviting the waiter to shake it or kiss it.

“Just call me Chris, please.” I interjected. “Christopher sounds so formal and… well, stodgy.”

“I’m Joshua. And yes, I just started here.” He took a hold of Mattie’s outstretched hand and gave it a light shake. Mattie looked dejected, hoping to feel Joshua’s full lips brush against the back of his hand. He then placed his hand towards me, and I rose to grasp it. His grip was firm and strong, but not in the way that many men try to prove their masculinity, by squeezing and gripping your hand, inviting you to participate in the age old pissing contest of who was stronger. We shook hands for a moment, and I glanced up him up and down once more. “Well, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance, gentlemen. It’s so much nicer that the last place I worked, where they were more interested in ME being served up instead of their breakfast. Are you ready to order?”

Mattie’s smile faltered a bit, as if a joke had just been stolen. Recovering his jovial look, “I’ll have the Denver, with a side of bacon, with fruit instead of potatoes. Gotta watch my girlish figure, dontcha know… Cause if I don’t, who will?” Mattie paused a moment, waiting for laughter to his witty remark, but none came. “And bring me some English muffins, please.”

I ordered my usual breakfast – eggs over easy, potatoes, fruit and toast, “and a bit more coffee, please.”

Joshua turned away, “I’ll be right back with the coffee.” Before he headed off towards the kitchen to place the orders, I thought I caught a wink and a slight smile. “Give me a minute to place your orders.” With that, he was gone, heading inside.

“Well, isn’t HE one hot tamale?” Mattie cried out, voice full of mischief and frivolity. “I’d be tempted to order a spicy linguica for breakfast, hoping his cock would be on my plate! Ay carumba!”

“Down, girl. Didn’t you see he wasn’t looking for THAT kind of attention? Damn, is the world just one big schmorgasbord of man meat to you?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact, it IS. Hell, one of the first things I thought when I met you, lo those many moons ago, was that I wanted to feel your muscular legs thrusting your cock deep up my ass.” He paused for a breath. “But then I realized what a sweetheart you truly were and knew I would rather have you as my friend, instead of just some trick!”

Joshua came back and refilled my cup, as well as bringing fresh orange juice for our mimosas. Mattie and I just chatted about a few things – recalling the past and friends long gone. He languished on how, now that we were both ‘over the hill’, that we needed to have all the fun we could before we had to resort to the little blue pill. Our breakfasts were served and we ate, Mattie continually looking at our server like he was the last meal for a condemned man. Mattie was one of those men that looked at any other man as a potential trick. Didn’t matter about age or race or even sexual preference; as long as the guy had a pulse and a penis, Mattie was interested!

Joshua came back, checking on us regularly. I always enjoyed the moments he returned, giving me a chance to look at his body and imagine what must be under those clothes. And, it shut Mattie up from his normal banter. He came back the final time, asking if “there was anything else” he could do and giving us the check. Mattie picked up the check and grandly announced “breakfast is on me, in celebration of your birth!” With that, he pulled out his wallet and handed a credit card and the bill to Joshua. After he returned with the slips for Mattie to sign, we got up and headed for the door. Mattie turned around “I forgot something! I’ll be right back. Wait for me!” and sailed back through the diner to the patio.

A few minutes later, Mattie returned as I was enjoying the morning sunshine warming my skin. “Well, darling! I must be off and finish running errands for tonight. Remember; be at my place at 7:00 pm! And don’t be late! You know how I hate tardiness.” He reached over and gave me a hug, kissing the air next to my cheek. “And be prepared for surprises and devilish delights!” He twirled and strode to his car.

I stood there a moment, looking after him, shaking my head. No one could ever accuse Mattie of being butch, and he sure did come across as flitty and flaky, but he was one of my best friends and one of the sweetest guys in the world. I turned towards my truck, glancing towards the diner. Joshua was standing there, at the counter, waiting for an order to come up. It seemed as though he was looking right at me, but he must have just been staring out the window.

I spent my afternoon at the gym, working my muscles, keeping my shape and tone. Even at 40, I noticed that I still got looks on the work out floor. I was glad that I’d been given good genes to begin with and that my workouts kept my frame taught and shapely. I relaxed for a while afterwards, spending time in the Jacuzzi and the saunas at the gym, relaxing my muscles, tired from the work out. Occasionally, I would catch a glance from another guy, looking over my frame with appreciation. Soaking in the Jacuzzi, I’d even felt a foot glide along my calf, an open invitation for something. But, looking around, nobody seemed to be following up with eye contact, so I didn’t pursue it. Besides, I really wasn’t looking forward to a gym bunny fuck right now.

I’d had a few work out adventures in the past – getting my cock sucked in the steam room, receiving a hand job in the Jacuzzi, fucking some guy in the showers – it all happened from time to time. But, it was kind of risky, too, which was probably part of the allure. One of the guys – the bj in the steam boy – had even come home with me from a club a few weeks later and we’d fucked until dawn. He had been a 20-something muscle boy, all hormones and youth, wanting me to fuck him in just about every position – he sat on the kitchen counter as I shoved my cock deep in his ass; he straddled me on the sofa, riding my cock like his life depended on it; he’d let me tie him up, playing on my Dom Daddy side, while he writhed and struggled, bound to my bed, begging for me to fuck him all night long. I was happy to oblige his whims, fucking him in every which way he wanted. And, I was ultimately amazed by his flexibility, as he was able to suck his 7″ cock, bending like a pretzel, while I stood above him, my cock thrusting deep into his willing, upturned ass. He’d shot his load all over his face while my sperm arced across his dick and down his torso.

I headed home and grabbed a snack, wanting to eat something lite, as I knew that there would be food galore at Mattie’s party. I turned on the stereo – having filled the CD changer with current pop divas and dance tracks – and sat at the computer, checking my e-mails. Of course, there was the usual junk mail and spam – ‘buy Viagra for 99 cents!’, ‘hot & horny girls from Russia’, ‘investment secrets of the rich & famous’ – a few e-mails with some hot naked photos attached, and a few birthday wishes from online pals and web sites I used and shopped at.

About 6 o’clock, I took another shower to refresh me and rinse off, and got dressed. Given that Mattie was planning on the bathhouse scene from his party, I dressed in a navy blue jock strap, enjoying the snugness is provided my cock and balls, a pair of Levi’s, white tee shirt and my tan contractor steel toe boots. I looked in the mirror and flashed back to Mattie’s party from years ago – and I was dressed just about the same. Perfect for what I figured this evening would be.

I got to Mattie’s house just a few minutes before 7:00, punctual and as requested. I rang the bell and waiting. A few moments later, a lithe young man, no more than 24 or 25, answered the door, wearing nothing but a pair of mesh shorts. The crotch area had a slightly sheer nylon patch, trying to keep his cock from view. “You must be Chris! Come on in! Mattie is expecting you!”

He led me through the house towards the back yard. There were pockets of men around, some fully clothed, some in shorts and tank tops, a few in towels and some just buck assed naked, cocks dangling or bobbing about. “Typical Mattie party” I thought to myself. All of the TVs were on and different porn videos were showing in each room – ranging from vanilla sex scenes to hard-core flogging and bondage shots. My cock stirred a bit in my jeans, enjoying the sites and sounds emanating from the sets.

I was led to the yard area, which had been lit with Tiki torches, forming a pathway to the detached garage; the door to the garage was open and I could see dim lights glowing from within. Mattie lived in an older section of town – full of big houses on even bigger lots. Most of the properties were about a half an acre in size – many owners had added a 2nd house in the back as a guest accommodation or a rental property. Mattie’s was still one of the few in the neighborhood with just the one house on it. He’d added a 2nd garage in the back, as well as having a small cabana type house built near the pool – with tea house style walls of doors that could open the space completely to the yard, creating an outdoor living room.

I could see people milling about in the yard area, similar to the views from inside. A few had even jumped in the pool, swimming in Speedos, jocks or nothing at all. I was mentally counting the number of guys, realizing that there were probably 40 guys here already! There was laughter and music coming from the open door to the 2nd garage, and I heard Mattie squeal with glee as some joke was told. The boy led me to the cabana and told me that Mattie was waiting for me in the garage, but I needed to change. I knew exactly what he meant, entered the cabana and stripped down to my jock and my boots – just like the old days.

I headed to the garage, and Mattie met me at the door. “Christopher! Darling! There you are! I was beginning to think that little punk had spirited you away for his own enjoyment! I would have snatched that little boy bald and shaved his pubes – except that they’re already all shaved!” Mattie pulled me into the garage, and the night from our past sprang to life before me. He’d recreated the main room of The Muscle Den in his garage, with couches placed around the space, framing a center area, lit from above. There was a group of televisions along one wall, showing different movies like the ones inside, a small bar area and a group of guys all standing around, again, in various states of undress. It was like a trip back in time, and I felt a tug of sorrow, remembering the night I’d met Andreas. But, this was a party and I wasn’t about to be sad.

“So, darling! What do you think? I did good, didn’t I?” Mattie was beaming, all smiles and glowing eyes.

“Yes, Mattie, you did wonderful. But, where’s my champagne?” I smile back at Mattie; glad he’d gone through all this trouble for me.

“Darling! Oh! Bobby! Bobby?” he called out. “Where is our guest of honor’s drink? I told you that you need to make sure that ALL of his needs are met tonight. Do you understand?” The young man that had met me at the door was standing before Mattie, nodding his head. He quickly moved to the bar, poured a glass of champagne and returned, offering the glass to me. “That’s better,” Mattie purred, stroking Bobby’s crotch through the shorts. The young man’s cock swelled under the tight nylon fabric, stretching the mesh sides. His cock was clearly outlined by the fabric, showing a long, but thin shaft and head. A bit of pre-cum blossomed across the fabric, showing that he was at least horny and ready to go.

Mattie was telling me how he’d been longing to throw a party like this, something harkening back to the days when AIDS and HIV hadn’t been heard of yet – a party of free booze, free sex, just freedom. But, however, it was also a party with a conscience – boxes of condoms and bottles of lube were freely distributed throughout the space, acknowledging the presence of the epidemics and hinting that Barebacking was allowed. Even all of the porn vids flickering across the screens showed the models plugging asses, all the while, little woodie was all suited up and wearing his latex slicker

I was amazed at the results of Mattie’s careful planning. He’d spared nearly no expense, even somehow recreating the Muscle Den’s signs – an erotically artful image of a big, beefy muscle guy plugging the rounded bubble butt on an equally muscular guy, bent over at the waist, his upper body ‘resting’ on the end of the word Den. I missed the feel of the Muscle Den – it had closed over a dozen years ago, brought down by the stigma and the fear of AIDS in those days of hot and easy sex.

We’d all gone there on the closing day, hosting a farewell party for the end of an era; the end of our innocence (and lack thereof), the end of our freedoms. It was a grand idea, but it was ultimately too late and the club left with a pop instead of a BANG! Too many faces were gone, too many soon to leave. It was bittersweet, knowing how many were gone and not knowing how many were yet to fall. Now, the building was used as a storage space for a big furniture chain. I doubt anybody there knew of the hot times and lustful carnal pleasures that had taken place on those same concrete floors.

I came back to reality, with Mattie blissfully unaware of my vacation to memory land. He wanted me to mingle, explore, and “for God’s sake! Have fun! Get laid! Fuck a dozen guys! This is a party!” He whished away towards the yard, grabbing young Bobby by his hard cock and dragging him off to spread cheer and sex – and maybe a few ass cheeks with his cock.

I glanced around the room, seeing faces of people I recognized from the bars and around town. I headed into the house, looking for a bit of a snack, meeting friends and acquaintances along the way, gathering birthday wishes and kisses, as well as a few gropes and grabs. I exchanged my champagne for a rum & coke at the bar in the yard area, hosted by a very sexy, and very naked, muscled stud boy, no doubt a ‘business associate’ of Mattie’s. Mattie had branched out from fashion years ago, getting involved in the porn movie and magazine industry. As a producer, he had an eye for details – and an eye for incredibly hot and hung models – and always was surrounded by sexy young guys hoping for a chance on his movie and photography shoots, even if they did have to stop at his casting couch along the way.

I wandered around the party, looking at many of the now completely naked men, many of them involved in duos, 3 ways and more, fucking and sucking with abandon. It was like watching a porn video in real life – with no annoying camera angles, crappy dialogue or bad performances. I lingered a while in the recreated Muscle Den for a while, enjoying the show of p guys laying in a circle, each sucking on the cock of the man next to him, all expertly swallowing massive members with talented tongues. My own cock stirred in my jock, tenting the mesh fabric and pulling at the elastic, allowing my balls to slip out the underside. I headed out to the cabana, stripping my jock from my torso, letting my hardening cock swing free. I stuffed the jock into my jeans, folded on a chair and headed back to the yard for a refill of my cocktail.

I picked up my new drink as a voice called out “Happy Birthday, Christopher!” I turned and saw the waiter from the restaurant, Joshua, standing a few feet away, dressed in a snug, white posing strap – just a pouch with a waistband, his cock and balls filling the pouch out nicely. He had a small box in his hands, wrapped in brightly colored paper.

“Uh… Hi… thanks!” I stammered, now feeling slightly ashamed as my nakedness. My cock had softened some while walking around, but it was now growing fuller again, rising from my loins, engorging with lust. I could feel my cheeks flush a bit as I looked towards those beautiful Emerald eyes. “Um… Do you want a drink?” I motioned to the bartender, standing behind me.

“Sure. Can I have a beer?” he asked of the bartender, looking over my shoulder. “I’m starting to feel a little overdressed. Oh! And, here… this is for you,” he said, handing me the package.

I looked down at the box, taking it from his hands. “Thanks!” I said, not wanting to take my eyes of his body. His broad shoulders and chest were covered with a light coat of dark hair, matching his goatee and head. His nipples popped on his pecs, protruding through the layer of curly dark hair that stood out against his dark skin. The hair thinned as it went down his body, creating an arrow-like shape that disappeared into his crotch. His legs were firm and muscular, showing that he worked out regularly. There coarse hair flowed from his loins, down his thighs and over his calves. “Um…. Should I open this now?” I asked, trying to make us both feel a bit more comfortable. I held the box lower, trying to block my hardening cock from his line of sight. Of course, that was counter-productive, as his eyes kept glancing to the box as we talked.

“Sure, go ahead,” he nodded towards the package, which was doing a worse job of hiding my own package than I had hoped. “I hope you like it.” I glanced down at the box and tore at the paper. I opened the box and inside was a model of the same kind of car that I drove. “I saw you pull away from the diner, and then I saw this later today and figured it worked.” I pulled the toy car from the box, setting my drink on the bar. It was one of those metal and plastic motorized cars that they sell at the swap meets and toy stores. It was a perfect scale model of my own car, right down to the color of the body and the hard little plastic interior.

“Wow! This is cool! I’ve never gotten anything like this before! Thanks.” I nodded to him, showing my appreciation. My cock was still in full erection mode, getting harder by the minute and harder to hide. I was pleased to look at Joshua’s pouch and noticed his cock stirring in the fabric, as well. “Let me go and put this with my stuff.” I grabbed my drink and motioned towards the cabana house. “I can just think of where to keep this in my house.” I crossed the lawn, skirting the pool area. There were 2 young hunks lying on their backs on pool floats, as 2 other guys were standing in the pool, sucking on their cocks. Another couple was on the stairs of the shallow end, a muscle bound youth pounding deep and hard on another stud’s ass. Both were moaning softly, enjoying the pleasures of the night.

I stepped into the cabana and headed towards the chair my clothes were on. Joshua followed behind, commenting “Wow! This is a really great place your pal has. I was kind of scared when he came back and talked to me as you guys were leaving. He told me that there was a party tonight and that he wanted me to be there. I had started to say no, but he told me that it was your 40th birthday today and that you’d be a special guest of honor. I couldn’t refuse.”

I turned to thank him, and noticed that he’d closed the door to the room. His cock was jutting out as far as the cotton pouch would allow, and a smile was crossing his luscious lips. “Besides, I knew this would be a chance that I could see you again.” He slipped a hand under the elastic of his strap and slid it down his legs. His cock pulled free from the fabric and was glistening with moisture. His pubes were trimmed up and his balls were shaved – a combination I found instantly appealing. I’ve never been much for perfectly shaved guys – reminds me too much of when we were all 10! – or the total opposite: a mangled mass of curly hair, spread across the balls and surrounding the cock like an overgrown lawn. No, I preferred a slight trimming here and there, the pubes then framing the cock and balls like a lion’s mane.

He stepped towards me, his cock bobbing in the night air. His balls hung below his engorged member, swaying with his step. He had no tan lines, and his brown complexion glistened in the dim lights. He reached out and grabbed my cock in one hand, my neck in the other. He pulled me close and kissed me, slipping his tongue between my lips. I closed my eyes, feeling the heat of our bodies wash over me. His cock rubbed up against mine, a thick 8 inches of Latin heat. I kissed him back, my hands reaching for his body, feeling his back, his ass, his chest. My hands slid over his body, like an explorer to a new world, feeling and caressing the plains of his abs and the mountains of his flesh.

I pulled back from him, a bridge of saliva between our lips. I looked into his eyes, watching a fire burn deep in his those emerald beauties. My cock throbbed with desire, twitching each time our dicks touched. He leaned back to me and kissed me again, planting kisses on my lips, my face; slowly kissing his way down my chin and neck, across my chest, licking my abs as he worked towards my cock.

“Damn!” he said, before swallowing my hard shaft with his lips. His goatee tickled as he slid down my shaft, taking it deep in his mouth. His tongue slide around the pulsing meat in his mouth, savoring the flavor my cock gave him. He moaned deep down, sending waves of pleasure through my cock, as he sucked it long and hard. His hands slid along my torso, rubbing my abs and pecs, brushing against my nipples. His tongue worked the shaft of my cock as he slowly worked his lips along the length of it. I moaned as his tongue flicked across the head, tasting the slit, my fingers pulling on his hair.

He sucked on my shaft, drawing me closer and closer to shooting my hot cum into his mouth. He kept sucking me closer and closer to climax, backing off at the right moment, only to drive me closer to the edge again. He pulled my cock from his mouth looking up at my face. His face glistened in the light, a fine coat of sweat covering his features. “Fuck, you’re so hot!” I gasped, meaning both his expertise at sucking a cock and at his beautiful face and body. “And I could get lost in those deep eyes!”

He stood, kissing me hard on the lips again, and I could taste my cock on his tongue. “I want you in me” he spoke softly through our kisses. “I want your cock buried deep in my ass – fucking me until we both burn with orgasm!” He led me towards the futon in the room and we fell on top of it kissing and caressing each other. Just as it had been in the garage turned Muscle Den, there were condoms and lube on the tables in the Cabana. He reached for the lube, applying it to my cock, rubbing up and down the shaft and around the head. I pulled open the foil packet and placed the condom on my cock. He slid his hand up and rolled the condom down my pulsing shaft. It felt so good, feeling his hand along my cock, warming the lube with his heat. I warmed some lube in my own hands and worked it around his ass, slipping a finger into his hot hole.

He moaned with pleasure, guttural grunts coming from deep inside, as I used my fingers to fuck his hole, loosening the tight muscle for my hard cock. He writhed beneath me, his body arching up to meet mine. I lifted his legs and pushed the tip of my dick against his ass. “Are you ready?” I asked as I teased his ass with the head of my dick.

“Oh, fuck, man! Stick that cock in my ass! I want to feel your lust, your passion, deep in my hole!” I pressed the head further against his ass and slowly sank into his chute. Slowly, I thrust my cock deeper and deeper, grinding into his pulsing ass. He pulled my cock deeper into his ass, grinding his hips in rhythm with mine. I pulled my cock out and slipped it right back in again, feeling him quiver beneath me. “Fuck me, man! Fill me with your cock!”

I continued pushing my cock into his ass, deeper and faster with each passing moment. We matched each other’s rhythms, his ass pulling my cock deeper in as I drove it deeper into his ass. He was stroking his hard cock in time with each thrust, pulling the skin tight, drawing his balls up and down against my stomach. Each grind and thrust, each pull and pound, driving us closer and closer to orgasm, moans and groans falling from our lips. With each thrust, we came closer to spilling our lust and culminating our lust.

I felt my cum churning in my balls, pushing for release. Joshua’s breathing came harder and faster as he stroked his cock and I filled his ass. “Oh, God! Fuck yeah!” he yelled as the first drops of cum escaped his cock. My own orgasm was beginning and I pulled my pulsing cock from his ass, whipping the condom off and to the floor. My hot cum shot out of my cock, landing on his abs. His own cock twitched and shook as he stroked shot after shot of his creamy jizz from deep inside his balls. Our cum pooled on his abs and chest, mixing together and becoming one. We shuddered with each escaping load of sperm, finally collapsing in a heap on the futon.

We lay there for a while, content and satisfied from our fucking. Each moment we lingered, we could hear the sounds of sex outside in the yard – as the pool boys fucked and sucked their orgasms from each other, filling the night with their heated sexual mating. Joshua and I curled on the cushions, dozing in our post coital bliss; enjoying the heat flowing from our bodies; our lust momentarily spent. We fell asleep, out bodies entwined, limbs wrapped about torsos, hands grasping hands.

The intercom buzzed on the table next to my head. I slowly opened my eyes, the brightness of the morning shining through the fabric covered glass doors. I pushed the talk button, and mumbled “Hello?”

“There you are! I couldn’t find you last night! The last I time I saw you was in the Muscle Den, surrounded by all those other men. I, um… Well, I had other guests to attend to, if you know what I mean?”

“Yes, Mattie, I understand. I saw that hot little guest you attended to. Was he as pretty in bed as he was out of it?”

“Oh, you know, he was… Latin… And he was hot, let me tell you! But I guess you had some fun too, or did you go into the Zen of Masturbation routine again? Oh, God! Please tell me you’re not stroking your cock in the morning light again! That is just SO pathetic!”

“No, you old queen. What if I told you that there was some hot little thing lying here with me, spent and exhausted from a night of fucking hard? I mean, you could have interrupted while our cocks rose with the sun, filling the voids of darkness and night!”

“Oh, puh-leeze! Don’t make me come down there and …”

Joshua sat up slightly. “Don’t you dare come down here now! I’ve got a cock that needs attention and we don’t want to be disturbed!” he interrupted Mattie’s harangue. He pulled my hand from the intercom as we both started to laugh. We kissed longingly as our cocks hardened and grew between our bodies, our sexual warmth growing and spreading like the new morning light.

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