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Tension Release

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Me and my sexy little girlfriend were Florida bound so we could hop on our cruise ship and sail off into the sunset. We’d decided to leave a day early and stay in a hotel so we would be refreshed and ready instead of wasting the first day out on the water recovering from the miserable drive. We were about three fourths of the way through the trip when we stopped to get some gas and lunch in a little strip mall area just off the interstate.

The trip was going smoothly, no traffic or car troubles; that was until I stepped out to fill us up. My lower back instantly seized up and it felt as if a bolt of lightning shot from the base of my spine down my ass and over my left hamstring. I hobbled to the pump, paid for the gas and made my way back to the car as the pain increased, screaming down my back and leg now. As I eased my way into the car my girlfriend gave me a look of concern. She truly is stunning at 5’10” with long brunette hair and even longer legs climaxing in a mouth watering tight ass all topped with the perfect C cups.

“Are you going to be able to drive? I can take over.”

“I’ll be fine” I muttered as I tried to stretch out my legs with no luck.

My girlfriend frowned and sat back. She knew I was a stubborn bastard and not to push it.

“You know I saw a massage place when we pulled in. We could go get them to rub it out quick. We have the time since we don’t set sail till tomorrow.”

I thought about it for a few seconds. I didn’t want to waste any more time in the vain hopes of dodging traffic but at the same time if this seized up bad enough it would make me lame for the whole trip.

“Ok fine, let’s make it quick” I said as we switched seats and headed to the massage parlor. In just a few minutes I had hobbled into the lobby, filled out some forms, hobbled to the back and was now stripping down naked as my girlfriend settled into a chair in the corner of the room. She had booked a male masseuse for me as she wasn’t keen on having another woman’s hands all over my lower half. As I slid under the sheets there was a soft knock at the door before a man entered. He was tall, just a little taller then my 6’3″ frame and he looked fit with long blonde hair combed back behind his head.

“So we’re going to work on your lower back and hamstrings. Any area you aren’t ok with me touching?”

“No, it’s all fine,” I answered back, “just please loosen it up for me. Go as hard as you need to.”

The man chuckled as he put on some soft music on and organized some bottles on the counter by the table. I put my head down and began to try and relax. I felt the sheet pull down to just above the top of my ass as warm liquid was poured over my lower back. Next came his hands. They started slow just rubbing the oil around working it into my skin as he slowly kneaded my back. I started to relax now as I let the man continue his work, his hands rubbing down my back and over the top of my ass. He moved the sheet again so that from the waist down the whole left side of my body was uncovered. His hands then moved to my hamstring and he added a little more oil, continuing to push and grind against the sore muscle.

“Your really tight, just try to relax.”

I took a big breath in and then out in my best attempt to relax. He continued to work his way down my leg and then back up. As he came back up his hands found my ass cheeks and he began to knead them as well. My cock stirred and began to grow hard at his caresses. I’m sure he could see it stretching out between my legs as he continued his work. After a few minutes he began pulling on my ass cheeks causing them to spread wide and display my puckered ass to him. With each spread his thumbs came closer to brushing my tight hole. That’s when I felt it. Something bumped against my hand on the side of the table. It was soft yet hard and I realized it was his dick covered by his sweat pants. I left my hand there and he began to rub his hardness against it slowly as his fingers worked ever closer to my asshole.

He pushed and leaned forward and my hand slipped over the band at the top of his sweat pants allowing my fingers to brush against his hard cock. My own erection was now throbbing on the table between my legs as I felt the soft skin of his dick, my fingers lightly tracing against it. His fingers found my tight little hole as they just lightly thumbed against it but it was enough to cause me to let out an involuntary moan and in the process rap my hand around his thick cock. It felt huge in my hand and I began to stroke it slowly. I could feel him work a well oiled finger into my hole. I was lost in the moment, one finger twisting in and out of my ass and my own hand working the massive organ of my masseuse. It was her soft moan that snapped me out of my sexual bliss. I froze and yanked my hand away from the man’s cock. It was my girlfriends moan, I’d forgotten she was even in the room.

“Don’t stop now” she said, “it was just getting super hot.”

I looked up to find her with one leg over the arm of the chair she was sitting in and her jean skirt hiked up. Her panties were long gone but in their place were two of her fingers buried deep inside her wet cunt. That was the last thing I saw before a rock hard cock around 7 1/2″ filled my view. The prick was stunning. Lightly tanned till an inch or so before the head where it was a soft fleshy pink. The guy pushed it towards my face bouncing it off my lips before I finally relented and sucked the tip into my mouth. This was my first time sucking a dick but I was so horny now it didn’t matter. I leaned forward sucking more into my mouth while running my tongue along the head. Just as I started getting into it he pulled the cock from my mouth and pushed my head back down onto the headrest. I thought my momentary cock sucking experience was over but a few seconds later his massive pole appeared from below and was thrust up into my waiting mouth. I was able to get a lot more of his gorgeous cock at this angle and eagerly bobbed up and down on it like a pornstar in heat.

I could feel oil being poured over my ass again and then a moment later two fingers sliding into my well lubed hole. I pushed back alternating my ass thrusts with my head bobbing. I was now obsessed with sucking cock. It was so thick, so hot, so hard and all I wanted to do was make it cum. Make it feel good. I was in love with cock sucking now. A third finger being pushed into my ass brought me back to reality as this time there was a bit of pain as it forced its way inside my virgin hole. I did my best to relax as the intruder slowly stretched the depths of me and tickled my prostate. Once it bottomed out I began to push and pull my ass forwards and backwards, impaling myself on his fingers.

“Ohh my god.” I heard my girlfriend whisper in the corner. I couldn’t tell if the wet sloshing sounds in the room were from my ass being fucked or her fingers buried in her tight pussy but I didn’t care. I was in heaven. I was taking his fingers easily now and wanting more buried in my ass. I think he understood by my fervent fucking because he pulled his cock from my mouth and his fingers from my ass. At the loss of his fingers I felt empty and pushed back at the air almost involuntarily.

“You fucking want it don’t you? You want something in that ass you slut!” I heard my girlfriend say. I looked up back at her and saw her furiously rubbing her clit, her skirt and top now cast on the floor. Before I could think of a reply I felt two hands grab my ass cheeks and spread them wide as he glided his hot thick prick between them. I humped back as he stroked his cock between my ass. I couldn’t take it any longer, I looked back, staring the man who was about to violate me in the eyes.

“Fuck me, now.” I said as I raised my ass up and wiggled it. He smiled then and put the tip of his cock at my ass pushing hard. I grunted as he forced it inside me. It hurt as I felt it bottom out inside me, his balls resting against my ass. He held it there as I adjusted to the massive size of it. Then with a deep breath I pushed back against him and he took the hint. He slid it back out slowly then plunged it back in. After a few more strokes I started fucking him back. That big cock sliding over my prostate had me rock hard again and I rose to all fours so I could really fuck it.

“I want a better view of this shit.” My girlfriend said as she got up and crawled onto the table laying underneath me so she could watch the man she paid for a massage pound my tight ass. Her pussy was now just below my face and I leaned forward taking her sweet lips into my mouth and using the force of my fervent fucking to drag my tongue over her hard clit. My cock was so hard. I loved my girlfriends pussy the sweet taste of her juices in my mouth and that hard cock plowing into my ass had me going nuts, but I really began to lose it when I felt my girlfriends lips close around the tip of my nearly forgotten dick. She sucked hard and the added pleasure was pushing me over the edge. I slammed hard on the dick in my ass. Loving the feeling of it buried inside me. This was most certainly not the last time I would have something deep inside my ass. I felt a hand reach up and massage my balls and it was over. I cried out, nearly screaming, as jets of hot thick white cum shot into my girlfriends mouth. I could hear her gag as she swallowed every drop of my load.

“Ohh fuck I’m going to cum.” The man fucking my ass said.

“On his face, he wants to get fucked like a slut he’s going to finish you like a slut.” I didn’t argue. I hoped off the table and got to my knees. The man stepped down and presented me his thick pulsing pole. I could see the vein running down the middle, large and angry, as he stroked it. I reached up and wrapped a hand around it taking it from him, my other one going to his heavy balls so filled with that nectar I was going to be swallowing. I stroked his cock my mouth hanging open, tongue wagging before him. He grunted again and a long thick jet of cum shot from the end landing over my right eye. Then another and another, seven or eight shots in total covering my face and mouth granting me a thick creamy reward. As his orgasm subsided I sucked the tip into my mouth cleaning it for him before scooping the salty treat off my face and sucking it from my fingers as if they were little dicks. The taste wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. In fact the more I ate the more I enjoyed it. That thick creamy spunk sliding down my throat was one of the most erotic sensations of my life.

“You are so hot” my girlfriend said staring at me as she moaned and shook with tremors. It seemed she had finally climaxed, or maybe climaxed for the umpteenth time. Who knew? As I watched her come down from her throws of ecstasy I saw our friend quietly dress himself and head to the door. He turned and looked back at me smiling.

“No tip necessary.”

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