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Surprised by Her Daughter

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It was a Saturday, and I had the house to myself. As my girls went through their teen years, the house was always full of their friends. We had an open door policy and their friends, girls and guys alike, would frequently walk in unannounced. We pretty much got used to it, and now that my last one was gone to college it seemed like the house was always quiet. To make things worse, my wife was out of town shopping for the day with a friend, leaving me to my own devices.

This Saturday my own devices was to work on one of the many story lines I had created, this particular one based on a very good friend of mine. The story was exaggerated quite a bit, but based on a significant amount of fact. Recalling the original true occurrence and writing and embellishing it, left me quite horny for a mid morning. I set my laptop aside and went to find one of my many stashed porn videos that my wife never really approved of. I chose one that had a lot of outdoor scenes and sat back in my chair to enjoy a combination of recalling how my wife’s best friend looked naked all those years ago and the visual stimulation of a very buxom blond getting banged in the woods. It wasn’t long before I erupted in satisfied relief. What I needed then was a shower to wash off the cum that was splattered all over my chest.

I padded to the bathroom and enjoyed a long slow warm shower. Those were a rarity for me, usually opting for a quick scrub and out. Today though I wanted to form a few more mental images that would become the basis of the next few pages of the story. With my ideas firm in my mind, and my dick once again hard, I climbed from the shower, dried off, and headed back to the family room to sit down and work on my laptop.

Now the first thing you need to learn when writing this kind of thing is that you never ever ever ever leave the story open on your computer, especially when it is unattended. And you never ever ever leave your porn video loaded, even if it is on pause. I’ve accidently don’t both before, and always gotten away with it, but it was just a matter of time before my wife caught me with one or the other.

Today I was much less lucky than that. Emily is my wife’s best friend’s daughter. I’ve known her since she was born, and she and my girls are best of friends. At twenty four, and now out on her own, I don’t see her as much as I used to, especially since she had her little one. She is a very attractive young woman, and breast feeding her daughter had done wonders for her bust size. I have secretly fantasized about seeing her naked breasts and still hoped to get a quick flash some time, but that has yet to happen. The closest I have come is to see her overfilling the top of her string bikini when she was long overdue to nurse. It was a pretty good sight in itself, not a lot unlike how her mother looked on that occasion so many years ago, which I had been busy writing about.

As I walked into the family room, the video was running, which was strange because I thought I had stopped it, and sitting with my laptop on her knees staring at the computer screen, not the hot sex scene on the plasma tv was Emily. About the only thing worse than realizing that she was reading a story that was about her mother and I, was when she looked up and saw me standing there, completely naked, my hard dick sticking out at a lewd angle, frozen in my tracks.

I was so shocked that I simply didn’t have the presence of mind to even run back for a towel. My only thought was “Oh shit! She’s reading the story!” The story which included a steamy sex scene of her mother and myself near the swimming hole of her parents lake place. In this particular situation, I had inadvertently walked up on her while she was changing in the bushes, catching her completely naked. She was crouched down with her legs spread wide, busily frigging her pussy and clit, which, in real life, I watched and jacked off to. I made a bit too much noise as I was about to cum, and she saw me about the same time I started shooting the ground and bushes in front of me. In real life she quickly covered herself and ran farther into the bushes in embarrassment, but in my story she stopped me before I came and bent over and invited me to take her right there, which I of course did.

Emily looked up at me, standing there naked and hard as a rock, the sex video playing in front of her.

“Did you really write this?” she asked with a shocked look on her face.

“Ummm yes.” I replied honestly.

“Was any of this true?”

“Most of it.”

“How much is most?” She asked pointedly.

“Up to where we had sex. That part was just wishful thinking.” I said quietly.

She set my laptop aside where it had been sitting and got up. “You seemed to have a very accurate description of my mother’s breasts, so I’m inclined to believe you.” She said as she walked over to where I was standing. “I particularly enjoyed the part where you sucked on her tits, milk and all.” She said with a slight smile. “You know, if that really happened, that would have been milk for me.”

“I suppose it would have been.” I answered as she stepped to within a few feet of me.

“I take it you like full breasts, milk and all?” She asked, looking up at me.

“Actually, yes. I always enjoyed getting some when Nancy was nursing.” I admitted a bit timidly.

“So if you had a chance you would have really done all those things to her?”

“Yes. In a hot second.” I admitted.

“Then why not do them all to me, right here, right now?” She said bluntly, giving her head a quick shake that tossed her hair over her shoulder.

I stood and looked at her a long time, choosing my words carefully. “I’m not saying no… But I need to know why. I’m twice your age, and your due to get married in a few months.”

She looked down at the floor, silent for a few long seconds. “Didn’t you notice that I was wearing kind of skimpy stuff around you lately?”

“I’m not sure. You mean like your bikini at the float trip?”

“Uh huh.”

“I thought it was my imagination. Just hornyness at how big your tits got. It seemed like I was always getting a hardon when you got close to me.”

“My mom slipped a few years ago and told me that you caught her naked once and she saw you too. She never told me all the details, but I could tell by the look on her face that she liked what she saw. Then I saw you a couple months ago…” She said with a slight smile

“You did?” I interrupted, not at all knowing what she was talking about.

“Uh huh. I stopped by to use the computer and I heard the shower running. I knew you were the only one home and I got curious, so I snuck back and saw you in the mirror though the crack in the door.”

“And you decided that somehow, what, you wanted to have sex with me?” I asked, not believing what she was telling me.

“No, not at first. But… well… The idea did start growing. I tried to catch you naked other times too. One time you were in the shower and I was watching you in the mirror stroking your cock. I came so hard I was sure you had heard me. It was just fantasy… but after reading what you wanted to do to my mom… I guess that’s pretty much what I had been fantasizing about you doing to me.” She said, looking down at the floor again.

“Oh.” I said, standing there not at all sure what to do. I mean this was the daughter of my wife’s best friend, and she was engaged to be married. Pretty much everything that I could do wrong would be wrapped up all in one situation, but the thought of her standing outside my bathroom door with her fingers in her pussy was quickly removing what resistance was there.

Sensing my hesitation, she reached down and quickly pulled her tank top off, leaving only a fairly skimpy bra covering her ample tits. Her shirt had barely hit the floor next to her and she was slipping the straps off her shoulders and letting the cups fall from what I now saw were absolutely gorgeous tits. Each breast was well rounded and easily a thirty eight D cup, her nipples large and dark. She tossed the bra aside and moved her hands to her shorts, unsnapping and unzipping them as she stepped back a few steps. She wiggled her hips as she pushed the green material down and over her round ass, letting them slide down her legs. She pushed a tiny red thong panty down her legs as she bent over to push that and her shorts off over her feet. She stood back up, as naked as I was, looking expectantly at me.

Her body looked incredible, even though she had given birth a year before. Her past as a gymnast helped her body quickly regain her tone. I looked down from her luscious tits to her slim waist and clean shaven mound.

She moved toward me, putting her arms around my neck and lifting herself up on her tiptoes so her face could reach mine. She gently kissed me, drawing her body tight against mine, her tits pressing into my chest. I really couldn’t help myself any longer. I put my arms around her and returned her kiss, our tongues playing with each other inside each other’s mouths. We stood naked, kissing wetly for several long minutes before she pulled her mouth from mine, both of us gasping for breath.

“I want you to do all the things you wrote. I want to feel your tongue in my pussy and I want to feel you suck milk from my big tits. Then I want to feel your big dick driving deep into my pussy.”

In response I reached down and scooped her small form up into my arms, carrying her easily into the family room where my recliner sat waiting. I set her gently in the chair and then knelt down in front of her, spreading her legs and moving between them until my stomach was pressing against her wet pussy lips. I gently pushed her back into the chair and lowered my mouth to her right breast, gently kissing around the firm orb of sweet flesh, working ever closer to her nipple.

“That’s it. Suck my titty.” She cooed as I enveloped her hard nipple with my mouth, drawing a spurt of warm milk from it as I sucked. She wrapped her legs around me and gently rocked her hips, rubbing her pussy against my body as I released her tit and began kissing across to the other perfect breast.

“Oh yes.” She said quietly as my mouth covered her left nipple and sucked it deep into my mouth, squeezing the front of her tit with my tongue. I was rewarded with another gush of her sweet milk and a gentle moan of pleasure.

As much as I loved sucking on her tits, I was ready to work much lower. I released her tit and kissed to the deep valley between them, starting my trek lower. She moved her legs wide apart and hung them over the arms of the chair, causing her totally hairless pussy to be fully spread and ready for my eager tongue. I kissed her mound and gently worked around her lips, taking my time and teasing her squirming body.

“Oh please… I want to feel your tongue in me.” She gasped as she tried to push my head to where she wanted it.

I complied, moving my head down low between her legs and pushing my tongue between her sopping wet lips. Her juice tasted sweet and tart at the same time as I allowed my tongue to collect an amount of her wetness before pulling it up her slit and across her unshrouded clit.

“Oh god!” she squeaked as I flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue. “Yes yes yes!” she continued to cry quietly as I worked her clit with my tongue and stroked her lips with the tip of my finger. Never easing up on her clit, I pressed my finger into her tunnel. She grunted and shuddered slightly as I rolled my finger over and stroked the top of her tunnel, searching for that small bundle of nerves that I was sure would bring her even more pleasure.

“OH GOD!” she practically screamed as I found the perfect spot, and was now working both of her most sensitive spots. Her body shook and jerked as her orgasm washed over her, small jets of milk shooting into the air and landing on my face as well as her firm stomach. I continued to attack her clit and G spot until her shaking began to subside, and then eased my attention, withdrawing my finger slowly while I licked up her mound and stomach, collecting the milk that had showered us.

“I have to have your dick now.” She said as she sat up, pushing me away from her before I could reach her tits again. She climbed from the chair as she pushed me back until I was laying on the floor. She stepped to straddle me and then squatted down on top of me, her knees spread wide and her sopping wet pussy pressing against my stomach.

“I love to ride cock, but Dan won’t let me do this anymore because he doesn’t like getting milky.” She said quietly while she reached behind her and stroked my raging hardon. She lifted herself up and scooted back until she could aim my dick straight up at her pussy. She settled down slowly, her firm gymnast leg muscles allowing her to easily control her tiny body weight.

“Oh god.” I moaned as her hot pussy enveloped me. She may have had a baby, but she was still more than tight enough to suit me, her pussy squeezing around my head and stroking every inch of its length.

She used her arms to support herself on my chest, her big tits squeezed between them, the nipples pointing out at me in anticipation. She worked her legs up and down, stroking her pussy up and down my hard cock, her body rocking around her arms, constantly changing the angle of those gorgeous breasts. She moved her arms apart a bit more as I reached up to cup both breasts, squeezing each nipple with my fingers.

“Oh yeah… That’s it. Play with them. Make me cum again around your huge cock.” She pleaded as she pistoned up and down my shaft. I was glad I had come as recently or her tight pussy would have long since pushed me over the edge. As it was I was reaching the point where I would no longer be able to contain myself.

“I’m going to cum soon.” I panted through clenched teeth, trying to prolong the exquisite sensations her pounding pussy was generating on my engorged cock.

“That’s it baby! Cum in me. I want to feel you pumping me full of cum!” she panted, sweat running down her face and glistening no her body as she continued to stroke up and down my shaft.

“Here it comes!” I grunted as my dick spurted its first shot of hot juice into her pussy.

“YES!” she screamed as she slammed down on me, grinding her clit into my pelvis, her whole body shaking as the orgasm my spurting cum triggered took over her body.

My dick continued to exploded with shot after shot of cum into her, as she shook, her full tits squirting tiny streams of milk across my chest and face as I continued to squeeze and massage the firm orbs.

Finally her shaking eased and she rolled her legs down so she was resting on her knees, my slowly deflating dick still deep inside her. “God that felt good.” She purred as she rubbed the milk from her tits into my chest. “You like my milk?”

“Yes.” I said with a laugh. “I’m not used to a shower though.”

“Oh, you mean like this?” she asked, replacing my hand with hers. She squeezed her tit and several small streams of milk squirted out, landing on my face and chest. Then she leaned down until her tits were touching my body and slowly licked the milk from where it had landed on me. Being as short as she is, my dick slipped from her pussy as she licked up my neck to my face. Our lips met in a wet lusty kiss for several long seconds before she rocked her body even farther up, bringing her tit to my mouth.

“I see you want more!” she said as I sucked her nipple into my mouth. “that’s it. Suck as much as you want. I love getting my nipples sucked. Sometimes it makes me so horny when I nurse that I almost cum as I’m feeding her.” She said quietly as I devoured her tit with my lips and tongue.

Finally she pulled her tit from my mouth and moved back down to kiss me gently. After several seconds she lifted her body up and squeezed her other breast, creating a rain of milk on my body that she moved down to clean with her tongue. She continued to rain and lick milk until she reached my shriveled dick. I watched as she squeezed a spray of milk onto my dick and then sucked it into her mouth, licking and slurping the combination of our juices from my member. She played and teased it with her lips, nipples and milk until she had it once more growing.

“Hmmmm Much better. I like it hard.” She said as she wrapped her tits around it, slowly stroking it in the tunnel made by her soft tits. She did this for several minutes before she lowered her mouth onto it once again, working up and down the shaft. To my surprise I felt her push her head down so that the head slipped into her tight throat, making me groan in pleasure.

“You like that too?” she asked after pulling her head back up once again. She smiled at my nodding head and then went down my shaft once again, humming to vibrate my shaft as she did. Once again I groaned loudly at the extreme pleasure she was inducing.

She pulled her head from my dick and crawled up my body, dragging her nipples along my body, leaving a little trail of wetness. She stopped when her pussy was at the right spot and aimed my dick into her tunnel as she pushed back down, driving herself over my once again engorged dick.

“You like what I’ve done?” She cooed as she wiggled her ass around, working my hard dick inside her.

“Very much.” I replied with a smile.

“Is there anything else you want to do to me?” she asked quietly.

“I don’t know…what’d you have in mind?”

“Something I’ve never tried.” She said with a grin.

She rocked forward until just the head of my dick was still in her pussy, and kissed me gently on the lips. As she kissed if felt her grab my dick between her legs and pull the rest of the way off. Slowly she eased back, rubbing my slickened dick around her ass until she had it pressed against her tiny rose bud. She held her breath as she pressed back against my rock hard dick, forcing my head to slowly expand her pink bud, her lips never leaving mine.

I had never had anal sex before, so I wasn’t at all sure what to expect, but the sensation was more than I had imagined. Her tight sphincter ran down the length of my dick as she slowly pressed down onto me, finally breaking the kiss only when she couldn’t reach my lips any longer.

“Oh god that is so fucking tight.” She moaned. “Play with my tits…please.” She begged as she slowly rode up and down my dick.

“Ohhh.” I moaned as she worked up and down me. I slipped a hand between her legs and slipped a finger into her pussy, pumping it in and out of her hot box and across her clit while she slowly stroked up and down my dick.

“OH GOD!” she screamed in surprise as she came. Her body shook and trembled as her orgasm took hold, her tits once again squirting little streams of milk out on me. Her body shook for at least a full minute before she lowered herself down and collapsed on me, my hard dick still deep inside her. “My god that was intense.” She panted. “How did you know to do that?”

“Just a lucky guess.” I answered as I held her and stroked her back gently. We lay like that for some time before she lifted herself from me and pulled off my still partly hard dick.

“You need a shower mister!” she said with a grin. “and so do I.”

She reached down and helped me up, leading me down the hall to the shower. I set the water to a comfortable level and we stepped under the spray, her arms going around me and pulling me against her. “Thank you.” She said quietly.

“For what?”

“Making me feel desirable again.”

“Emily, anyone that looks at you and doesn’t find you desirable is either dead or an idiot.”

“Then I guess I’m marrying an idiot, because all he wants to do any more is screw me from behind. He won’t suck my tits or let me rid on him or anything really fun. He just gets off and then leaves me hanging.”

“I’m sorry.” I said quietly.

She pulled away and reached for the fluffy sponge I use. Squeezing some body soap on it she handed me the fluffy. “would you like to wash me?”

“I’d love to.” I replied taking the soapy sponge from her and gently soaping up her body. When her front was all soapy she pulled herself to me, pulling my semi-hard dick up so it was between us, allowing me to soap her back while she wiggled her slick body against mine. I had to admit it was a very erotic feeling, her firm tits and hard nipples sliding around on me, my growing dick slowly working up between her firm tits. She began to ride up and down my body, sliding her soapy tits down around my dick while she stroked and squeezed my ass.

“Would you like to cum again?” she asked sweetly.

“If you keep doing that I defiantly will.” I grunted as she pressed her tits around me again.

“Oh.. In that case.” She said pulling away from me. She reached for the bottle of soap and squirted a considerable amount around her tits before moving back to me. She squatted down and squeezed her tits around my dick.

“If you found me naked in the woods, what would you do to me?” she asked as she stroked up and down my shaft.

“Hmmm… Naked in the woods? Standing or laying down?”

“Standing up taking off my clothes.”

“I walk over to you and kneel in front of you and suck your luscious tits while I stroke your pussy. When I had you really good and wet I would move farther down and lick your pussy and taste your sweet juices.”

“Hmmm that sounds nice… what else?”

“I’d slip a finger into you and make you cum so hard you’d think there was an earth quake.”

“Oooooo I like that. But by then you’d be awful horny too, wouldn’t you?”

“Very. I’d strip my clothes off and back you up against a tree and push my hard dick into you and screw you until you came again.”

“Oh god… I’m so damn horny again.” She said as she released my dick. “Show me how you’d fuck me in the woods!”

“Easy.” I said as I pushed her against the wall of the shower. I lifted one of her legs and stepped between them. Crouching down I aimed my soapy dick for her pussy and slid easily into her. “Ohhhh like this.” I groaned as I started to pump up into her.

“Oh god yes… I want you to fuck me in the woods. I want you to take me out in the sun and make me scream into the trees when I cum.” She panted.

My mind told me exactly what I needed to do. I pulled from her pussy and shut the shower off. I easily lifted her up, stepping out of the shower.

“Where are we going?”

“To the back yard!” I said as I walked quickly down the hall. I had to set her down to open the back door, and then I pulled her out onto the deck. I lifted her up and set her ass on the railing, pushing her legs apart. It only took me a second to aim my hard dick at her and slide back in, our soapy bodies cooling in the light breeze.

“Oh yes!” she said loudly as I stared pumping in and out of her pussy, her legs held high and my thighs slapping her firm ass. “That’s it! Fuck me! Make me cum on your fat dick!” she cried loudly as she wrapped her hands around my neck for support.

“Oh yeah!” I grunted as my dick grew fatter with each passing minute. I had cum enough times that I should have been a long time getting off, but the newness of having her, the setting and her dirty talk were having a significant effect. It helped that I was able to move my hands to her soap slickened tits and squeeze and play with them.

“That’s it! Fuck my pussy! God yes! I love feeling your fat dick fuck me!” she squealed as I drove her closer to climax, each stroke of my dick slamming into her clit.

“OH god!” I groaned as my body jerked, spurting a shot of hot cum into her. I tried to keep stroking, spurting a shot of cum into her with each stroke.

“YES!” she squealed as her body shook, her climax finally washing over her. “AHHHHHH” she shouted into the trees of the yard as my body continued to jerk and shudder.

Finally wasted, I pulled her close with one arm, gently playing with one of her tits with my other.

“You just can’t get enough of them can you?” she giggled.

“Not really.” I admitted.

“We’ll just have to find a way for you to get more sometime. But for now we need to get the soap off before it dries.”

“Ok.” I answered as I pulled my shriveling dick from her. “I don’t think there’s another left in him anyway.”

“Maybe not, but the three you gave me were well worth it.” She said as I lifted her off the railing. She led me back to the shower where we turned on the water and stepped in, rinsing each other off and gently caressing each part of each other’s bodies. “If you found me naked in the woods would you really do all those things?”

“In a hot second.”

“Good.” She answered simply. “But for now I think I need to go.”

“Ok.” I said with some disappointment. “I really hope I do get another look or two.”

“Oh don’t worry.” She said as she turned the water off. “I’ll make sure you do.”

We dried each other off and then walked to the family room where I watched her dress. She gave me a soft wet kiss before disappearing out the door without another word.

I quickly sat down and spent the next several hours writing a new story. This one was so much better than the fantasy I had thought up with her mother.

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