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Turnabout Is Fair Play

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Jennifer was at a total loss. She felt as if the dreams in her life were falling into little pieces and she was unable to pick them up and put them back together. After 2 years of dating and 3 years of marriage nothing was working out how she planed. She still remembered all the nights spent before her wedding in bed with Michael when they whispered words of love and plans of a future together. Those nights were most often the ones after they had made love and she still had the wetness of him inside her.

She felt so close to him back then and she believed that he had felt that way toward her as well. She still felt the same love, desire, and hope for the future toward him. The problem was she didn’t think he reciprocated those feelings anymore.

How do these things happen? The question kept ramming into the front of her mind. They were both busy with work. Michael was taking classes part time to finish his degree as well. Perhaps the lack of time together was where the distance started. The lovemaking that had always been so frequent and intense slowed. Michael started spending more and more time online and she felt ignored. She tried to be understanding and picked up hobbies of her own. She tried dressing sexy and cooking him special meals and fussing over her. None of it worked. More and more time on the internet lead to less and less time with her. It wasn’t just the sex that ebbed away but the affection and companionship. After 3 short years of marriage she was living with a stranger who shut down his chat windows on the computer when she walked into the room. She suspected she was being cheated on. Was Michael really in class right now? All she could do was wait for him to come home. She knew he would just deny being anywhere other than class. She curled into the corner of the sofa and cried until she couldn’t anymore. Then she sat and stared at the wall feeling numb. She had no power.

That evening when he came home, she asked him all the questions.

“No Jen I am not cheating on you … where the fuck would I find time between work and school?!”

“Damn it Honey! Yes I still love you. I am just tired. I spend time online to wind down and relieve stress. You harping at me all the time to spend time with you doesn’t make me want to!”

“Sweetie don’t cry. Hey I am sorry ok? Lets just go lay down and sleep. I am just tired. It will get better when school is over.”

That night as she listened to the rhythmic sound of his breathing she turned over and slid her hand up his back. She loved the way the muscles of his back were so tight and warm. She worked his shirt up and started to kiss his spine as he moaned softly in his sleep. That’s when she saw the red parallel lines on the muscular part of his shoulders. Michael woke at her gasp and turned quickly over to face her jerking his shirt down.

“Where did you get those marks?!” She asked in a soft but intense voice as she looked deep into his wide blue eyes.

“I fell off the treadmill at work on my break. Hurt like a motherfucker too.” He responded. There was something about the look on his face. The way he blinked as he said it. Jennifer knew he was lying.

“They look like fingernail marks.” She whispered.

“Fuck! Here we go with the suspicion again!” Michael shouted at her as he jumped out of bed and started to put some jeans on. As he did this Jennifer thought she saw one of the red marks on the top of his ass cheek.

“Michael what…”

” I am going online for a while. Go to sleep Jen.” Michael clipped out as he stormed out of the bedroom.


The next day was Saturday. Jennifer had cried herself to sleep and she hadn’t felt Michael come in at all. She woke up and walked out into the office. He wasn’t at the computer. After a sweep of the house revealed his keys and wallet were gone she knew that he wasn’t there. She felt like her stomach had been delivered a sharp blow. She walked back to the office and sat down in his chair. As she wiggled the mouse the screen came to life. There was a website up. The site had been logged off but she could still read his profile name. She started to try passwords. The idiot had used the name of his childhood dog. The one he always talked about when she mentioned possibly getting a pet.

The website was full of BDSM personals. She clicked on her husband’s profile homepage and read his ad. It made her heart stop.

28 year old attractive married professional seeks Dominant female to worship. Discretion is a must. Activities enjoyed include pain, bondage, humiliation, foot worship, and domestic chores. Limits include anal, scat, golden showers, blood, and illegal activities. Let me pamper you for an evening. Train me to be your pleasing pet…

The ad went on. Worse than the ad were the emails on the account. He had been communicating with multiple women. In all of these e-mails he said that he loved his wife and wasn’t ready for a divorce “yet”. He said that Jennifer was boring in bed and would never explore what he really wanted. Most of these emails seemed to go nowhere but near the end she found one that had obviously been sent by a woman he had met. The woman was older, short pixie cut dark hair with streaks of gray. The woman’s name was Mistress Kathy. She had a picture of herself up in a corset and heels and while she wasn’t that bad looking she had nothing in the looks department over Michael’s wife. Jennifer felt a wave of anger as she compared herself to the women. Jennifer was 26 years old. She had long black hair, pale skin, beautiful big eyes and a great body. Michael was cheating on her with *this* woman? Because she would do these perverse things to him? As she read the e-mail she kept focusing on one line:

I had a great time last night pet. I hope the marks won’t be too hard to hide. I got a bit carried away by your delightful reactions…

Jennifer sat in the computer chair reading the profile over and over again. Her pain and feelings of betrayal slowly melted into absolute rage.


Michael didn’t want to go home. He knew that he had to come clean with Jennifer. He wanted a divorce. Things weren’t working between them and had not been for some time. He couldn’t tell her what he wanted from her. She would never understand. Yes he still loved her. In fact, he told himself, that is exactly why he needed to get out of her life. She didn’t deserve to be treated this way. She would be happier without him. He had spend the night at Kathy’s house on her kitchen floor. She told him he could stay but she wouldn’t allow him to sleep with her. Despite the misery he was feeling about what he had to tell Jennifer he found himself in a constant state of arousal today. He was finally experiencing his fantasies. All of those things he had wanted for so long but been unable to experience Kathy was giving to him. The other night had been fabulous. It wasn’t about sex. In fact he wasn’t allowed to fuck Mistress Kathy. Michael felt that he had told Jennifer the truth. He hadn’t “cheated” on her. At least not the way she thought. Fuck, why did she have to find the marks? “Fingernail” marks indeed. If she knew the truth about what he wanted she would be disgusted with him.

As Michael walked into the house the afternoon sunshine was bright. He could hear the sound of a neighbor mowing. He stood in the hallway and said, “Jennifer?” No answer. He walked through the house. He was resolved to have this conversation at last. As he entered the bedroom he saw Jennifer. She was wearing a long black silk nightgown. The dress was tight over her firm high breasts and fell to the floor in soft waves. The side was slit to reveal her shapely leg all the way up to the thigh. Her hair was up. She looked beautiful. Her eyes were red and puffy like she had been crying. He felt a wave of guilt as she stared back at him silently. Christ he knew she was going to try to make up with him. She stood up and walked to him. He put his arms out meaning to hug her, to comfort her.


Her hand came up with startling speed to slap his face. His head reeled to the side under the blow and he staggered forward. She drove her knee upward strait into his balls. The world exploded with pain for Michael as he dropped to the ground with a scream. Jennifer was on him instantly. As he curled there cradling his balls she hunched over him and jerked his hands behind his back. He was too stunned to struggle. Jennifer had a necktie in her other hand and she quickly double wrapped it around his wrists and tied them together behind his back. She stood up and gripped his wayward brown hair in her fist letting out an animalistic growl as she did so. He cried out in confused pain as Jennifer pulled him to his feet by the hair and pushed him face first down on the bed.

“Jennifer!! What ….” He cried out as he tried to get up on his knees on the bed to turn around and face her. His words were cut off abruptly as he felt something slip quickly over his head and around his neck. It was another of his neck-ties and Jennifer had looped it around itself creating a noose. As she pulled it tight it cut off his airflow and cut into his neck. Michael instantly starting thrashing as he tried to breath. Jennifer landed on his back straddling him and pulling the cord around his neck even tighter. Michael was helpless. With his hands tightly tied and her weight on his lower back he couldn’t get any leverage.

Jennifer suddenly quit choking him and placed her free hand against the back of his neck shoving his face flat against the mattress.

“Michael you fucking asshole. How could you?! I loved you and I would have done anything for you. You fucked around on me to get sex games? What do you mean I “wouldn’t understand”?!? You never even fucking asked me!!” She screamed these words at Michael as she held his face down to the mattress.

Fear and shame flooded Michael as he understood that she knew.

“Jennifer it isn’t what you think! I…” She tightened the tie around his neck as hard as she could. Michael’s lies were cut off as he again struggled to get air as his wife straddled his back and pulled with both hands.

“Don’t fucking lie to me. You hurt me so bad Michael. I wanted to please you so badly and you just threw it all away. You don’t fucking talk with that lying mouth unless I say you can. You hurt me and I am going to hurt you. If you fight me I swear to God I will choke you unconscious you lying Son of a Bitch!” Jennifer’s face was flushed as she released the cord again. She could hear Michael’s gasping attempts to get air as the tension relaxed. After a few gulps of air he stopped fighting her and went limp with exhaustion. Keeping the tie firmly in her hand she got off him and stood behind the bed.

“Get on your knees.” She growled out the order. Michael was confused and dazed from the lack of air. He started backing up trying to get on his knees. He felt Jennifer’s free arm wrap around his waist and jerk his hips and ass into the air. Now he was on his knees with his lower legs hanging off the bed. His ass was in the air just at the edge of the bed and his shoulders and face were against the mattress. The tie used to bind his wrists together cut painfully into his flesh.

“If you move I am going to choke you again.” She said in a terse and intense voice from behind him. Michael didn’t want to move. He couldn’t imagine what was going to happen here. His mind could not reconcile the image of his docile pretty wife with this furious stranger who was hurting him. Little black dots kept swimming before his eyes and his throat felt like it had been branded with fire.

Jennifer let go of the choker. She was watching him. She made herself ready to jump on him again and pull if he gave the slightest indication of trying to move. On the floor where she had placed it in anticipation of his homecoming were the curtain sashes. Watching him all the while, she gripped one of his ankles and tied the sash tight. She tied the other end to the metal frame of the bed where the bottom corner met the wheel. Jennifer didn’t know anything about tying someone up. She just tied tight and made knots. The cloth cut into his ankle.

Michael moaned and moved a little bit forward. Jennifer quickly reached down to his back and gave the tie around his neck a forceful jerk. A strangled cry escaped Michael as he immediately went still.

“I said don’t fucking move!” She barked at him as she jerked the cord harshly to accentuate each word. She let go again.

“I am sorry… sorry sorry… I am so sorry…” he croaked when he was able to breath again.

“Shut up.” was all she said as she firmly tied his other ankle to the corner opposite of the first.

Jennifer reached down and took another sash. This one she made into a cinch like she had the necktie around his neck. She reach under him and took his cock and balls in her hand. She gathered them up. Michael whimpered in pain as his sore balls were cupped by the woman he loved. She moved the loop she had made around both the cock and balls and pulled it tight. She now effectively had his cock and balls in a tight noose. To his shame Michael felt himself stirring at Jennifer’s rough contact with his genitals. His cock became simi-erect. Jennifer didn’t even seem to notice or care. She pulled the cord she had made for his cock tight and tied it to the foot of the metal frame of the bed in the center. The curtain sash wasn’t that long and she had to pull hard to get enough slack to make a knot… This resulted in Michael screaming and scooting back so that his ass was higher in the air and closer to the edge of the bed.

“Is this what you wanted Michael? Did you want to be helpless? Did you want to get hurt? You sure have made me feel hurt and helpless. You don’t get the power anymore Michael. You fucking owe me. I am going to punish you for what you did.” She said these words in such a wooden tone it sounded almost like a chant. She reached under the bed where she had hidden the tool she wanted to use to hurt him. She walked around to the side of the bed where he could see her.

Michael looked at Jennifer as she stood beside the bed. Her hair had fallen out a bit and was wild around her face. Her eyes were hard and shined with moisture. Her face was serious and her beautiful full mouth was set in a grim line. In her lovely long fingers she held a plastic rod. He remembered the rod from the old set of blinds they had taken down when they had gotten the new ones. It was thick and strait. It’s normal use would be to open and close the blinds. She waved it in front of his wide frightened eyes.

“See this?!” She demanded.

“Y-yes.” he whimpered as he looked up at her.

“I am going to punish you with this Michael. I am going to teach you a lesson about hurting me and disappointing me that you will never forget. Do you understand me??”

“Yes Mistress.” Michael moaned. Jennifer lowered the rod and stared at him.

“What did you say?” She said.

“Yes Mistress. I am sorry for hurting you. I am so sorry. I love you so much. Please punish me Jennifer”. Michael closed his eyes as he spoke these words from his heart. He knew that he really did deserve to be punished for what he had done. His whole mind was filled with the shame and pain of having hurt this incredible woman. This woman he had underestimated and treated as a burden was a tigress in disguise.

Jennifer was struck by confused emotions. Her anger flowed strong under the surface but so did her love for him. She knew that if he had asked her to be Dominant for him she would have. Before this betrayal she would have done anything to please him. She felt so much pain that he hadn’t trusted her enough to ask. She was never going to open herself up to that sort of blow again. She couldn’t just forgive him for his treachery. He owed her penance. She longed to make him sorry for his transgressions. Still his words cooled the intensity of her wrath as she watched his helpless face.

“I am going to hurt you Michael. You will never again displease me. Do you understand? You have lost the power you had in this marriage. You are not to be trusted with it. If you want to keep me you will be obedient to me from this day forward. You will never again lie to me. You will face the consequences any time you don’t please me.” She stared intensely at him as she spoke.

“Yes Mistress. I promise I will please you. Please forgive me.” Michael whispered back to her as tears squeezed from within his closed eyelids. His whole body was alive with fear and intense longing for this woman standing over him holding a tool of punishment. He craved to show her the repentance only she could accept from him. His cock twitched and hardened with his desire to please her.

Jennifer walked back behind him quickly and without warning brought the rod down on his exposed backside with all the force she could muster. The plastic cane like weapon made a sharp noise as it cut through the air. This small sound was nothing next to the howl of pain that Michael let loose. Instinctively he moved away from the agony. This served only to pull his cock and balls painfully. He was bound by the ankles and balls. He had no way to get away from the punishment his Mistress wished to give him.

Punish him she did. Without mercy for his cries of agony she flailed her new slave. Over and over she brought the plastic rod down on his helpless backside and thighs. The swish of it slicing through the air. The crack of the rod as it met his flesh and his helpless screams of pain were intoxicating to her. Jennifer had never felt so exhilarated or so powerful in her life. All of their marriage she had been concerned about this man’s needs and his moods. Now she fully vented all of her anger on his ass. Red welts rose all over his ass and thighs. When pulling forward only brought more pain Michael curled instead into a ball, pulling his chest down to his knees and screaming uncontrollably as his wife punished him for his misbehavior. As she whipped him she moaned with satisfaction to see the marks left by the other woman obliterated by the mass of welts she was leaving in their place. For Michael there had never been pain like this. After a while his screams became hoarse and he simply sobbed for forgiveness from this Dark Goddess he had created.

When she finally stopped she was shaking all over. Her skin was tingling everywhere and she felt moisture between her legs. His cock was flaccid again and he knelt on the bed before her whimpering and sobbing. She ran her fingernails over the welts on his ass causing him to moan pitifully.

“You are mine now Michael.” She breathed as she walked around to the side of the bed and got out a shoe box she kept there. Inside the box was the vibrator Michael had bought her more than a year ago. She walked back around to the foot of the bed with the 7 inch long rather thick rubber dildo in her right hand and a small bottle of lubrication in her left hand.

Michael saw none of this. His eyes were still squeezed shut as the pain of the beating he had just received faded to a tolerable level. Those eyes flew open however as he felt his ass cheeks being parted and lubrication being applied to his anus.

“NO! Please Mistress! Mercy Jennifer! I don’t want it in the ass! Please please don’t!” His voice was horse and frantic. He fought the bonds again.

Jennifer would not be denied. She moaned, “Oh yes. Remember the times you fucked my ass darling. Time you return the favor.” She pulled her black silk gown up and turned the vibration on. Then she pressed the wide base against her clit at the same time placing the hard rubber tip of the cock against her husband’s asshole. He shrieked in fear and thrashed wildly trying to get away. His terror of being anally penetrated was obvious. She cared not for his wishes. She popped the head of the cock into him as she ground her hips forward. The vibrations of the base of the dildo against her clit were heaven. His spent soft screams brought new moisture to her pussy. She was still riding the wave of power she had experienced while thrashing him. Now she began riding him as well.

His ass was stretched painfully as she slammed her hips forward. One hand held the cock strait and kept it against her clit. The other hand braced against his lower back as she fucked into the helpless man underneath her. He whined pitifully as she retracted and then shoved forward again. She rode him without mercy. She filled him over and over again. Her moans of animal pleasure filled the room and dwarfed his own weak cries of pain. He was too far gone to feel the pain for long. The pressure against his prostate was too much. Tension and desire exploded from his balls quite unexpectedly. His still flaccid penis started to spurt. He made gurgled noises of pleasure and pain as his cock sprayed over and over again with each thrust. He had spent his cum but Jennifer wasn’t finished. She slammed into him mercilessly. Now she was caught up in her own need for an orgasm. She became vicious as she began to cum. Finally with one hard forward slam she grinded her hips against him as she screamed out her pleasure. Her fingernails raked into his abused skin. Michael was so far gone he barely noticed. Jennifer reached down and untied the cord that was holding his balls. Then she collapsed against him. She was panting with the exertion she has just gone through. He lay flat now that his balls were untied. On his stomach with his spent wife laying on him. The silk felt cool against the angry welts she had left.

After a while she rolled off him and untied his hands and ankles. He watched her while she did this. Neither one said a word. When he was free she lay on her back on the bed. Her eyes were intent on Michael. Michael pulled himself to his hands and knees and slowly kissed her feet. The light worshipful trail of kisses he started at her feet lead him up her ankles, calves, and to her thighs. He went down on his stomach and elbows as he rested his cheek against her stomach and looked up at her with his handsome blue eyes.

“Am I forgiven Mistress?” He whispered.

“Yes Michael. But it will never be like it was before. A lot of things are going to change now.” Jennifer replied.

“Good Mistress. It will be as you wish. I will please you always. I have been so blind and stupid.” Michael murmured as he kissed her stomach.

Jennifer stroked her husband’s head until he fell asleep. Her own sleep was longer in coming. She was happier than she had been in some time. Her head was full of images of where she was going to take them. Dreams of the future blossomed again. True, they were different than what she dreamed before. Those were the dreams of a girl without power who was only armed with love. She now had the position of power she had always needed and the love was on her terms. Love that was now both something to be experienced and to be wielded in her own purpose.

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