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Taking Pepper to the Movies

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The sound of moaning greeted us as we pushed through the door into the darkened cinema. The actress on the big screen was getting fucked hard, and doing a good job of sounding as if she was loving it. In the dim light from the screen we could see that the matinée had attracted a few people to this porn cinema. Maybe fifteen or twenty.

We couldn’t tell in the darkness, but I was willing to bet they were all men. Sitting around the auditorium, as far away from each other as they could get. None of them seemed to have noticed us coming in; their eyes were all riveted to the screen. Good. I wasn’t ready for us to be noticed just yet.

I looked at Pepper, her eyes wide as she took in the scene. Her cheeks were flushed, perfect lips slightly parted as her breathing quickened.

“You don’t have to go through with this, you know,” I assured her, “we can keep going as we are, and you’ll still be my precious little slut.”

“No. I want to be everything you want me to be. I want to please you. Satisfy all your desires.” Her voice trembled as she murmured softly in my ear.

“Alright then. Let’s sit down here.”

I led her to a seat at the back, not wanting to alert the men in the audience that there was an attractive girl in the room. They would find out soon enough.

Pepper had been my pet for a couple of months now. All her previous relationships had been pure vanilla, although she was a very sexual person, and a superb lover.

Gradually, I had been encouraging her to accept and enjoy her submissive nature, and she had eagerly embraced her role as my slave. But, until now, I had never offered her to anyone. Today, she would take her submission to a whole new level.

She knew the broad parameters of what was about to happen, but not where, how or to whom I would offer her. I saw her glance nervously around the room, and heard her small gasp of surprise as she noticed that the man in the seat two rows in front of us was masturbating.

We waited for our eyes to adjust to the dimness, surrounded by the soft rustling of the audience, their glittering eyes fixed on the screen. Some of them panting quietly, hands busy in their laps. The air was warm and close, smelling of lust.

I handed Pepper a small earpiece.

“Put this on.”

It was a discreet device, and once Pepper brushed her long red hair back over her ear, it was completely invisible. I spoke softly into the microphone at my wrist, “Can you hear me?”

Pepper nodded.

“Yes, Master. I can hear you perfectly.”

“Very good. Now, don’t forget, you can stop this at any time, and I will not blame you. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master. I want this, Master. I want to do anything for your pleasure.”

Smiling fondly, I stroked her hair, caressing her cheek with my fingertips.

“Very well, my sweet slut. You noticed the man over there masturbating, didn’t you?”

She nodded.

“Go and sit next to him.”

“Yes, Master”, she replied softly – a faint tremor in her voice as she moved to obey.

He seemed to be in his twenties, and not bad looking. So I had decided to use him to ease Pepper into her new role. He was sitting in the middle of the row, and there were very few people anywhere nearby, so I could start Pepper off slowly, without attracting too much attention, too fast. If things went well, she’d soon be getting all the attention she could handle.

Pepper slid into the seat next to her new friend. I saw him do a double-take, first annoyed at having his personal space invaded, then astounded as he realised that a hot young girl had just come to sit next to him in a porn theater. Clearly, he didn’t know what to make of the situation, sitting there, trying to hide his rapidly deflating dick beneath his hands. I gave Pepper more instructions over her earpiece,

“Pretend to ignore him, and just watch the movie.”

Pepper concentrated on the screen, where a girl with very fake tits was deep-throating a huge cock. I moved to a seat at the end of the same row, and watched the guy stealing glances at Pepper’s firm breasts and long, slender legs. The tops of her stocking peeping out from the tight miniskirt I’d had her wear.

He seemed to be getting over his initial shock, if his rapidly swelling cock was anything to judge by. His confidence seemed to grow as Pepper sat next to him, seemingly engrossed in the scenes on the big screen. He alternated between staring at the fucking on the screen, and staring at Pepper as he slowly stroked his half-erection.

“Now, Pepper. Without looking at him, start stroking his cock.”

I saw Pepper dart a nervous glance back to where we had been sitting, but of course I wasn’t there anymore. In the darkened movie theater, she didn’t know where I was. Her seatmate jumped as Pepper’s hand slid slowly across his lap. Mesmerised, he watched her slender fingers wrap around his member. Not daring to breathe, in case he broke the spell, he watched spellbound as Pepper started to gently wank his cock.

Within seconds, he was rock hard. I watched a flush spreading up the soft, pale skin of Pepper’s neck as she increased the pace. She was obviously getting turned on by having a stranger’s cock in her hand, and was pumping him hard and fast now. Both of them had their eyes glued to the screen, as if the cock and the hand belonged to two totally separate people. With a sudden groan of pleasure he shot his load, cum spurting over Pepper’s hand as she squeezed him.

I could see how excited Pepper had become by wanking a complete stranger. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes were sparkling.

“Very good, my lovely slut. I am very pleased with you.”

Pepper blushed with pride at my praise.

“Now, lick your hand clean.”

Her eyes widened in surprise, but she obeyed. I saw her looking her new friend straight in the eye as she slowly raised her hand to her lips. The guy obviously could not believe his luck as he watched this beautiful stranger licking his cum off her fingers.

“Good, my slut. Now go and sit in the center of the first row of seats.”

This time, as she walked gracefully down the aisle, she had the undivided attention of every guy in the place.

She looked amazing, wearing a smart business suit that I’d had strategically altered. The tight pencil skirt came just above mid-thigh, and showed off Pepper’s long, slender legs to perfection. As did the three inch high heels and the hold-up stockings that almost, but did not quite, reach the hem of her skirt, leaving just a glimpse of creamy, white skin.

The blouse was about one size too small to wear to the office, stretched tight over her firm breasts. You couldn’t see them under the matching jacket, but I knew her nipples would be hard and very visible through the sheer silk of her blouse.

She looked like a wet dream vision of the secretary you’d always fantasized about fucking, as she strode confidently down the aisle to the center of the first row of seats. No one was sitting there – everyone preferred the anonymity of the darker seats towards the back – as Pepper sat down.

“Touch yourself, my pet. Show these men how turned on you are, but you may not cum just yet.”

Pepper needed no more encouragement from me. It was obvious just how aroused she had become. It helped that I had kept her frustrated for the last two days, holding her at the edge of orgasm for hours each night. By now, she was almost ready to explode.

She leaned back in her seat, spreading her legs wide so that the skirt slid even further up her thighs, exposing her tiny, and visibly damp, panties. She began to unbutton her jacket, rubbing her nipples slowly with the fingers of her left hand as she slowly eased her right hand between her legs, sliding her fingers under the silk to rub her swollen clit. Her eyes half-closed as she pleasured herself, undoing the top few buttons of her blouse as she rubbed and pinched her swollen nipples.

Meanwhile, there was a gradual rearrangement of the audience. Men changing seats to get closer to the spectacle. Each emboldened by the others, they moved closer and closer to Pepper.

Soon, every man in the place was sitting in a semi-circle around her, all watching as she pumped her fingers in and out of her dripping pussy. Two particularly bold ones took the seats right next to her, pumping their cocks as they stared, their faces inches from Pepper’s as they watched her.

“Give them both a hand, my pet.”

Every man in the theater watched, mesmerized, as Pepper reached a hand to either side and closed her fingers around both hard cocks, her breath coming faster as she jacked both men at once. I knew this was her first time touching two cocks at once, as well as her first (well, second now) time with any strangers. I could see how simultaneously nervous and excited she was as she glanced around at the crowd of men surrounding her.

The atmosphere was heavy with lust, the porn movie forgotten on screen as everyone concentrated on the far more erotic show in the first row. One of the men whose cocks Pepper was busy stroking started to touch her. He was very polite about it, first gently touching her thigh while giving her a questioning look.

He grinned at Pepper’s nod and smile of encouragement, and wasted no time sliding his hand into her panties and fingering her dripping wet slit. Seeing this, the other one reached over to unbutton her blouse, spreading it open before undoing the clasp at the front of her bra, giving the whole audience a view of her firm, round breasts. As he sat back to enjoy the expert handjob Pepper was giving him, I saw two guys in the second row each reach over her shoulders to start groping Pepper’s breasts and playing with her nipples.

Pepper was completely lost in a fog of lust, a stranger’s cock in each of her hands as two more men groped her breasts. Another man decided to join the party. Kneeling down in front of her, he reached up to remove her sodden panties before pushing on her knees to spread her legs apart. Pepper smiled down at him as he bent forward to plunge his face between her legs. She moaned in pleasure as he started to lick at her pussy, plunging his tongue deep inside her, then licking up and flicking at her swollen clit.

I could see how near she was to cumming, and the effort she was using to hold back.

“You want to cum, don’t you my sweet slut?” I murmured into the mike.

“Yes, yes, oh please YES!!” she cried.

“Very well, little one, but if I let you cum you will let every man here use you in any way they choose. Agreed?”

“Yes, yes. Anything, I’ll do anything. I’ll do all of them, just let me cum, pleeeeeease”.

I wondered if any of the guys around her realised what was going on. Probably not – I’m sure they just thought it was random lustful babbling.

Pepper was panting wildly, jacking the cocks in her hands furiously as her nipples were twisted and pinched hard, her dripping cunt being licked and sucked by the stranger kneeling between her legs.

“As you wish, my slut. Tell these nice men what a filthy little whore you are, and you may cum as many times as you wish until we are finished here.”

“Oh god yes, thank you, thank you, Master, ” she moaned quietly.

Then, a little louder, “It’s your lucky day, boys. I’m your wettest dream come true.”

Her voice shook as she started to give in to her approaching climax.

“I’m such a whore.”

Her voice rising, “I’m a filthy slut in heat. A dirty little cum-dump fucktoy and I’m going to screw every one of you lucky fuckers.

“You can use me as much as you like. I want your hard cocks in every hole, and your cum dripping off my face.

“Fuck me. Come all over me, you bastards.


Yelling at the top of her voice as her orgasm took her, Pepper spasmed and shook in the chair. Her words and her hands proving too much for the men she’d been wanking, as they both came with her.

Now that she’d clarified the situation so graphically, the men surrounding Pepper became a lot more forceful. While she was still twitching from the aftershocks of her orgasm, the man eating her pussy stood up and shoved his cock deep inside her in a single thrust.


Pepper’s scream of pleasure and shock at the sudden invasion was muffled as one of the men standing in the row behind grabbed a fistful of her hair, turned her head and pushed his cock into her mouth.

After a few strokes, he twisted her head to the other side so the guy standing there could get a turn.

Pepper looked every inch the wanton slut, sitting with her blouse open and her gorgeous tits on display. Her skirt around her waist and her legs up in the air as her pussy got pounded. By now, she had a fresh cock in each hand and two taking turns to fuck her lovely mouth.

Before too long, one of the guys fucking Pepper’s mouth started groaning. Grabbing her hair he shoved his cock deep into her mouth.

“Here it comes, you filthy little slut. Swallow my cum, you nasty bitch.”

Pepper hates being called a bitch, but she was too caught up in the moment to care. I could see her throat moving as she fought to swallow the cum shooting into her mouth.

“My turn, you whore. Open your mouth for me, now.” snarled the other one, jacking his cock in front of Pepper’s face.

His first jet of cum shot into her mouth, the rest decorating her lovely face. The sight of her taking two loads of cum on her face sent the guy fucking her over the edge. Burying his cock deep inside her sopping cunt he shot his load into her.

Pepper looked around at her admirers, and smiled sweetly.

“More,” she sighed. “I want more cocks. More cum. I want you to use me like the filthy whore that I am.”

“Why don’t we make the little lady a bit more comfortable?” I said, pointing out the blanket I’d laid out on the floor.

I offered Pepper my hand, to help her to her feet. She stood there, a little unsteadily as I stripped off the rest of her clothes. Standing there wearing nothing but stockings, high heels and cum, she was a vision of lust.

“Why don’t one of you lie down and give her a nice, hard cock to sit on?” I suggested.

There was no shortage of eager volunteers. Pepper gave a long groan of pleasure as she straddled the lucky winner and lowered her dripping pussy slowly onto the huge, hard cock beneath her. I watched, mesmerised, as it slid into her, inch by inch. Her breath catching in her throat as she was stretched and filled.

Slowly at first, she started to move, riding his cock, her full breasts bouncing as she started fucking in earnest. Reaching out her hand, she grabbed at the first hard cock she could reach.

“Give me your cock. I want to suck it.”

Pepper was surrounded by stiff dicks as she fucked her way to another climax. Hands grabbed roughly at her hair as cock after cock was shoved roughly into her mouth. I could see how much she loved being treated like a mindless fuck-doll by this crowd of horny strangers.

The guy she was riding wasn’t going to last much longer. Pulling her whole body down onto his throbbing cock harder and faster. The fingers of his hands digging painfully into the soft, white flesh of her ass-cheeks, Pepper screamed around a mouthful of hot dick as the feeling of hot cum spurting deep insider her sent her over the edge.

They soon found a replacement dick for her to ride, and Pepper carried on with a cock in each hand and another in her mouth. Someone else decided she wasn’t sucking deep enough.

“Swallow that cock you filthy cunt.”

Grabbing a fistful of her hair, he started tugging her head back and forth. Forcing her to take the cock in her mouth deep into her throat with every vicious shove as he called her a slut and a filthy whore. Pepper was soon forced to take another load of hot cum deep in her throat as her head was forced into some guy’s crotch while he fired thick spurts of hot, gooey cum into her willing mouth.

Not everyone held out long enough to shoot in her mouth, and Pepper’s face and body were soon covered in cum. When she could, she would look into my eyes and smile as if to say, “See what a good slut I am for you, Master?”. I could tell she was in heaven.

In a brief moment when her mouth wasn’t full, Pepper cried out, “More. I want more cocks. I need a fucking cock in my ass. One of you fuck my ass, please!”

The guy she was riding spread Pepper’s ass-cheeks wide with his hands as someone else knelt down behind her. I recognised the young, shy guy who had gotten the first hand-job from Pepper, what seemed like hours ago. I guess he wasn’t all that shy after all. At least, not too shy to press the tip of his cock against Pepper’s tight asshole and slowly start to push.

Pepper gave muffled screams of pleasure and pain as the hot, hard cock was forced into her tight hole, stretching her ass wide. She looked as if she was climaxing non-stop, crying out constantly as she was pounded hard in every hole. Throbbing dicks slamming into her mouth, pussy and ass, another in each hand and a circle of hard cocks jerking off around her.

By the time they were finished with her, every man in the place had fucked her at least twice, and I’d lost count of the number of loads of cum that had been shot into her mouth, pussy and ass, or just sprayed over her face and tits. Pepper lay on the blanket, exhausted. Covered in cum, with more oozing from every hole.

“Did I do well, Master?”

“You did, my most precious slut. I am very pleased with you. Did you enjoy it, lovely Pepper?”

“Mmmm, yes.” she replied, licking cum off her lips with a satisfied smile.

“Master? May I ask a favour?”

“What favour, my dear?”

“Next time, will you tie me up and blindfold me?”

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