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Once Upon A Time I Was A COP

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Several years ago I was a COP, a policeman in a city of about 250,000 in North Carolina. The DWI Checkpoints and enforcement had just started to gain popularity. One part of that program was to assign officers to work the streets on DWI Patrol, rather than checkpoints. We were assigned to different sections of the city or to watch a particular bar or nightclub.

The duty hours were usually from about 8PM to 4AM. Very seldom was there any DWI activity before midnight, so the early hours of the shift were always slow. We were not allowed to answer routine calls and dispatch was not allowed to send us on calls. So it left us with a lot of free time.

As most young men would do (I was 35), my mind turned to thoughts of sex during this free time. Being a COP, it was never hard to find a willing young lady. There are always tons of COP groupies Badge Bunnies” they call themselves. Usually I ended up getting a blow job round about 9:00PM from one girl or another. There was one woman who had her own apartment and she would cook dinner for me and we would stay in bed until about 11:00PM when I would go out and hunt drunks. And all this and at time-and-a-half pay! It was great duty!

On this particular Friday night, I was assigned to work The Power Company, an alternative lifestyle nightclub. NOT the most popular assignment and the other guys always laughed about whoever got that assignment. You also knew that if you got that duty, you were not going to see your buddies until the end of the shift. Macho COPS don’t hang out around the gay spots.

So, after dark, I positioned myself on a hill, in a dark parking spot, overlooking the parking lot of The Power Company. I was parked at such an angle that I could look right into the front seats of the cars in the row just beneath me. I had no idea how significant that would become since at this time, the cars were all empty. I was well hidden and the cars were all well lit by the streetlights…a perfect position to watch a potential DWI trying to leave the club.

Up until about One o’clock in the morning all I had done was watch a motionless parking lot and dream about getting a blow job from this girl I had been fucking. She was still in high school (but old enough to be legal) and quite an accomplished little whore! Her blow jobs were legendary around the department. I had talked to her earlier and she had teased me unmercifully about what she was going to do with her date tonight and what she and her sister were going to do to me the next day (when her parents were leaving town). Her sister was totally hot and sexy and always teasing me. She was about 4’10” and 98lbs…tiny waist…beautiful tight little ass, tits that were way too big for a girl her size! SO, my cock stayed hard all night! I KNEW that Saturday was going to be a sex filled day with Mitzi and Melissa. I even played with my cock as I sat in the dark, in my patrol car imagining everything that we were going to do tomorrow. As a matter of fact, my squad car was beginning to smell like a hot cock… MINE!

I watched the parking lot at the club as more and more TS, TG, TV, CD’s and gays had filled the club and the parking lot. It was quite a parade and some of the She-Male types looked sexy as hell! If I hadn’t known it, I would have sworn they were real girls. I caught myself jerking my cock as my imagination slowly drifted toward the bi-sexual fantasies brought on by the entire situation. I pictured one of these ladies sucking my cock and as she finished, she kissed me and snowballed me. I was about to get into the thoughts of me returning the favor when a couple of guys came out hand-in-hand walking toward the row of cars right below me. They stood outside of the car and kissed and fondled each other for quite a while. It was actually very sexy watching them kiss passionately and play grab-ass.

I found myself glued to the scene, my cock getting harder as I watched. They finally got into the car and I thought I had a potential DWI. They sat in the car and I could see them touching each other’s legs and crotches. I watched as the young driver unzipped his friends’ pants and pulled out a nice sized cock. He stroked it only a couple of times before he leaned over to the passenger and took it into his mouth! I had never seen a man sucking a man before and I was really HOT watching this! My cock was as hard as a rock! His head was bouncing up and down quickly and I could almost feel it myself as he sucked his partners cock. Between head thrusts, I could see the rigid saliva covered cock of the passenger glistening in the streetlight… and strangely, it looked REALLY GOOD! The entire scene was so erotic!

Suddenly the passenger tensed and I could tell he was cumming! I could feel my own pre-cum oozing out at this point. I could not believe how much this totally homosexual activity had gotten me excited! I KNOW that I was totally straight (at least I always had been). As I watched the man cum on this young kids face, I actually tasted my own pre-cum as I wiped it from my cock. (Couldn’t let it drip onto my dark blue uniform).

I thought, DAMN, that was HOT! The passenger got out and began to walk away. The driver, the young sexy guy, got out and it looked like they were arguing. I thought I might have a fight to break up. Shortly the passenger (recipient) walked away and the driver (sexy kid) looked frustrated and got back into the car. I thought he was about to leave, but to my surprise and delight, he pulled out his cock and began slowly jerking off.

Again, I had a perfect view from my high perch. He had a really nice size cock. I REALLY enjoyed watching him play with it. It was almost like I was helping him with it because I had a cock in MY hand too, my own. I matched him stroke for stroke. I was SO hoping that I would not cum before he did. I was fixated on his cock and never even noticed another guy walk up to his car. He obviously hadn’t noticed either. He didn’t even have the chance to put his cock back into his pants as they exchanged words and the other man got into the car with him. Very quickly, my young friend had another cock in his mouth…this one from a man who appeared straight and was probably 45+ yrs old.

He gave his new partner a masterful blow job. He older guy came pretty quickly. He also got out of the car and left very quickly. I could see this kid pounding the steering wheel in absolute frustration, his cock still poking out through the zipper and lying delectably against his tight jeans.

I found myself feeling sorry for this kid who was so sexy and actually downright cute… he SHOULD have had a partner who would service him. He had certainly earned it. I was shocked at myself when I realized that I was actually wishing that I could help relieve his frustration. After all, I was NOT gay. How could I, of all people, be having these thoughts and feelings?

I felt my mouth watering, literally, as I stared at this handsome cock. It must have been at least six inches long… and it wasn’t even erect at this moment. My mind kept wandering away from the “real” me… my thoughts and even my actual desires were totally out of my conscious control. Was I really sitting here in a city police car, in full uniform, masturbating while looking at another man’s cock? Was I honestly wishing I could suck on it like I had just seen him do to those other two men?

I answered myself… and surprised myself when I heard my own voice saying out loud, “Hell yes! I want to suck his cock!”

I was masturbating fiercely as I said it. It was as if I was watching a movie… like it wasn’t real… but the stiff little cock my hand told me the truth: This IS real and I DO want to suck his cock! There now, at least I had admitted it to myself!

Suddenly I snapped back into reality. Where had the time gone? Where did all the cars go? OH HELL, it was nearly 2:30AM and there was only this cute kid and one other car left in the parking lot. I was, after all, on duty and I was obligated to stop SOMEBODY that night for suspicion of DWI!

Well the other guy came out and I saw that it was the club owner, so that wasn’t going to be my stop for the night. SHIT! Well, I decided that since this kid was still sitting in his car with his cock out, he MUST be drunk. And besides, maybe I could get a closer look at his cock.

I pulled behind his car so that he could not drive away. I got out and approached the drivers’ door. I shone the flashlight into the car, intentionally on his cock as I said my routine, “May I see your license and registration please?”

He said “Shit” in a half mumbled voice which did nothing to hide his continued frustration and disgust with his situation,”Yes Sir.” He fumbled to get his wallet out and at the same time try to discretely tuck his cock back into his pants.

I told him to put his hands on the wheel where I could see them. This left his cock half exposed…Perfect, I thought to myself!

As he handed me the documents, I commanded “Step out of the car please.”

“Walk around to the back of your car please Sir.” I ordered, in my polite, yet commanding voice.

He did as he was told. It wasn’t until now that I realized how absolutely beautiful this kid was. His jeans were literally painted on. his still half hard cock – half exposed. His ass was so perfect. He was slim, not skinny. His skin was smoother than any teenage girl I’d ever been with. His tan was perfect. I just wanted to touch him!

I decided that I should start the field sobriety tests before I forgot what I was there for. So far my secret desires were still secret. I needed to keep it that way! As I asked him to put his heels together, tilt his head back, spread his arms out and point his fingers… he pleaded with me; “Officer, could we please do this somewhere else? This is embarrassing with all these cars driving by and we’re right here by the street… PLEASE?”

My personal thoughts were that I would LOVE to get this kid in a more private place. I quickly snapped back into police officer mode. But then again – what would be the harm in granting his request?

I said to him, “OK, I have your license and your wallet. Don’t try to get away and we’ll move to a more discrete location. I need you to drive in front of me to the next street on the left. Turn down that street and at the end of the street is the old Odd Fellows Lodge building. Pull around the back of that building and we’ll continue this in private as you requested. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir.” was his timid response.

I directed him to get back in his car and reminded him that I would follow him.

As we got to the location I realized that this was even more secluded than I thought. If he had a weapon, I could get shot and they wouldn’t find me for days! As I ordered him out of his car again, I told him that in this location, I would have to make sure that he was not armed.

As I told him to place his hips against the fender of the patrol car and bend at the waist with his chest on the hood and his palms up and the inevitable “Feet back and spread ’em”… I could not believe the absolute sexuality of what I had just said! I put my left hand between his shoulder blades and stepped up until my left hip was pressed against his ass and I spread his feel further apart with my left foot. It felt good touching him.

Now I had to “frisk” him. I told him not to move while I checked him for weapons. I rubbed my right hand across his back… then across the outside of his legs… His pants were so fucking tight! As I stepped back just a little, I had to squat down to reach between his legs. As I did this, I decided to let my hand slide all the way up to his crotch as I felt for a weapon in his groin area. Procedure is that you use the back of your hand to do this close, nearly invasive frisk but I made a conscious decision to use the palm and fingers so I could actually, hopefully feel and caress his cock and balls.

This was rapidly getting personal and I was already as hard as steel! As I reached up to search around his shoulders, I placed both hands on his shoulders which pressed my stiff cock right up against his beautiful ass! I leaned in further, pressing my hard cock right between his ass cheeks. My cock is pretty tiny, so I pressed in hard to make sure he could feel it pressing against him.

I KNOW he could feel my erection! I was REALLY excited now… I was actively and intentionally crossing the line. I moved my hands down his back, across his sides and around to the front, to his abs. As I did this I had him stand so that I could reach around and frisk his front, while still standing behind him. I reached under his shirt (A legal No-No) and flicked his nipples as I did. I ran my hands around the inside of his beltline… touching his bare skin… so close… UUMMMM! THIS was getting hot…at least for me. I squatted down behind him again as I searched lower… around the front… I pressed my face against his tight butt as I groped his crotch area. BINGO! He was HARD!

As far as I was concerned, this was my green light! I was not about to stop now! As I felt his erection I said “Do you have a weapon?”

Of course he said “No Sir, I swear I don’t.”

I heard myself saying out loud “I feel something hard here. This could be the barrel of a gun or something. I’ll have to take it out and see just what we have here. Don’t move while I check it out.”

I reached around and unbuckled his belt. I unbuttoned his jeans. I unzipped them. I was so fucking hard! I stood up and pressed my cock against his ass as I reached into his pants and felt his gorgeous cock fill my hand! I pulled it out and stroked it a few times. My head was spinning! I turned him to face me, his cock still sticking out and now brushing against my patent leather gun belt.

I put my hands on his neck, with my thumbs across his face just like I would if I was going to passionately kiss a girl. I looked him in his eyes and said, in my police voice “How much have you had to drink tonight?”

He said “Nothing Sir, I’m too young to drink.” (True, he was too young to drink, but plenty old enough to consent to sex!).

Still looking him in the eyes I drew our faces closer together and said “Breathe out so that I can smell if you’ve had any alcohol.” He breathed onto my face as requested and I was shocked that I could smell the “man smell” from the two cocks that I had watched him suck just a few minutes earlier. That only made me harder. I didn’t think that was possible! I turned him around and pushed him against the patrol car again. I hooked my thumbs into the waist of his jeans and started pulling them down. I think I mumbled something about checking further for weapons, but I’m not sure.

I thought that he was probably thinking…”Now I’m going to have to give one more blow job tonight without getting anything in return.”

I had other ideas. As I pulled his pants down, they lusciously peeled off like an onion skin. His shirt was completely unbuttoned. As I exposed his ass I was shocked and pleasantly surprised to see that he was completely hairless and wearing no underwear! His naked ass was as sexy as any woman’s I had ever seen. As I pulled the pants down past his knees, I let my face again rub against his now bare ass. I began to lick him. There was no WAY I could stop now and we both knew it at this point.

I grabbed his hips and spun him around so that his rigid cock slapped against my cheek! Without any thought at all, I opened my mouth and engulfed his cock! This was it! I had a cock in my mouth for the first time in my life. AND I LOVED IT!! Oh how I love it so right from the start! No revulsion at all. I WANTED this and it was awesome!

I started bobbing my head up and down his shaft. I was licking his cock from top to balls. I could not believe how much I was enjoying this! It was the most natural feeling in the world! He put his hands on the top and back of my head and began to force my head up and down at his pace and at his depth. I liked this! I wanted all of him!

I reached down and pulled my cock out as I was sucking him. Now I was masturbating while I was sucking him. I licked his cock as I stood up and pressed our hard cocks against each other. I was even turned on by how tiny mine looked next to his.

I looked him in the eyes again as I grabbed the back of his head, a handful of hair and pulled his face to mine and I kissed him hard and passionately. As I did so we tried to swallow each other’s tongues. The taste of those other two cocks was so fresh in his mouth. I could still feel the slickness of their cum. I wanted more! I was surprised, excited and pleased with how much I was enjoying this! He had reached down as we kissed and rubbed our two cocks together.

I had never imagined that this would be THIS much fun! Before I even knew it, he was totally naked, an erotic image against the back drop of my squad car in the moonlight.

As totally hot as kissing him was, I could not wait to get his cock back into my mouth! I wanted HIS cum! I knelt down and swallowed him again. I sucked hard and fast as he guided the pace and actually began face-fucking me.

He started saying “I’m gonna cum… I’m gonna cuMMM!” I made a muffled “MMMmmm” sound to let him know that I wanted him to cum right there in my mouth! He came and came and came! I swallowed a LOT of it. Some of it dripped down my chin and I caught it on my fingers and put them in his mouth just like a few girls have done to me. I sucked his cock some more. I didn’t want to ever take this beautiful cock out of my mouth.

His hands lifted my face and we kissed again… for a long time. As we finished kissing I told him, “Now get the hell outta here before I change my mind!”

I picked up his clothes and as he started to put them on I said “NO… drive out of here just like that!”

He got back into his car and drove away naked and satisfied.

I never saw him again although I looked for him around the club every time I was in that part of town. That may have been the first cock I ever sucked, but I assure it was not the last!

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