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Vicki’s New Massage Techniques

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“I’m going to try out some new techniques on you today,” Vicki said. Vicki had been Seth’s masseuse for nearly a year now, and every month or so, Seth would strip, lay out on Vicki’s massage table, and let the 40-something masseuse work her magic. Seth had learned to trust Vicki over the course of those visits, and he had never been disappointed by her work. If she wanted to develop her technique even further—well, he felt he was in for a real treat!

“Sounds good,” Seth replied. He was face down atop the table, lying comfortably under Vicki’s soft linen sheet. “When I get to the newer methods,” Vicki continued, “just let me know if you don’t like it and I’ll stop.”

“Sounds good.”

“Alright, let’s begin.” And with that Vicki was under way. Vicki always began each massage the same way, with the same new age-y incantation. She would place one hand atop the sheet in the middle of his back, and one hand atop the sheet at the small of Seth’s back: “This is your time. This is your time to relax. Feel the weight of your body supported by the table, supported by the earth. This is your time. Nothing to think about, nothing to say, nothing to do. Let the weight of your body sink down into the table, sink down into the earth. Feel the earth calling to you, inviting you to relax, inviting you to receive the gift of massage, inviting you to just drift away.” The peaceful new age music and nature sounds playing softly on the stereo, the comforting fragrances of the massage oils—Seth always relished his time spent in Vicki’s small studio.

After about an half hour under Vicki’s care, Seth was blissfully intune with the universe again. Vicki had massaged his back, his legs and his feet. Her combination of vigorous kneading and eastern acupressure to “open up and align the channels of energy” was working its usual magic. It was at this point, where Vicki would usually lift up the sheet and ask Seth to roll over onto his back, that she tried out her first new technique.

Lifting the sheet in a way she never had before, Seth felt the cool air on his oil-soaked feet, then on his thighs, and then on his bare ass! Vicki realigned the sheets so Seth’s legs were covered, but his rear was now exposed to his masseuse.

Without a further word, Vicki used her dispenser to squirt more oil onto her hands. Seth could hear her rub her hands together, warming the oil. Her first touch on Seth’s ass was electric. Seth had never had an ass massage before, and though he had often fantasized about his slender, middle-aged masseuse touching him so intimately, he never thought she actually would! Although Vicki’s kneading of his ass cheeks and the muscles of his gluteus maximus was therapeutic, Seth still couldn’t help popping an erection. Luckily he could hide it from Vicki under his body!

“Vicki, that feels terrific.”

“I’m glad you like it. Now just enjoy; just drift away and receive the gift of massage.”

As Vicki worked on Seth, she was showing no reluctance to handle his butt in order to reach every inch of his ass. She forcefully separated his cheeks, exposing his asshole, and vigorously worked each cheek with her powerful thumbs and palms. She even reached down low enough to gently rub the perineum—the famous “taint” between his balls and his ass!

So far south had her hands wandered, Seth knew that Vicki had to be able to see that he was getting an erection at this point. It turned him on to think that he was exposing his penis to his older, but still sexy, woman.

Yet, what happened next made the ass massage seem like nothing. Vicki began to massage the crack of his ass, and then began to circle Seth’s asshole gently with her thumb.

“Although this is not an official chakra,” Vicki said, referring to those seven mystical energy vortexes on the body, “I think it should be. There’s really so much energy contained here. Don’t you agree?”

“Oh, yes,” Seth moaned.

“What’s even better,” Vicki continued, “is that this is the only chakra on your body where I can do this,” and she slid a slender finger into Seth’s anus.

Energy exploded through Seth’s body; his cock engorged to its full girth. An involuntary moan swept through his entire body. Vicki’s finger reached a shallow depth, then began to retract, and then slid deeper inside him.

“That’s very good,” Vicki said, a smile in her tone, “you’re responding very well.” She was slowly circling her finger inside Seth’s asshole.

“Ooooh, Vicki.”

“Young men like you have so much energy, a normal massage just can’t realign all of it properly.” Her finger was now moving in and out of his bottom, penetrating him deeply and then shallowly, deep and then shallow.

Seth was in heaven; not only was he receiving another great massage from his favorite masseuse, but now this sexy, wispy older woman was touching his most private of places, violating his ass in the most erotic way with her lovely long fingers.

With one last slow thrust, Vicki inserted her finger into her patient’s bottom as far as she dared go. Leaving it there for a ten-count, she intoned: “Feel how you body seeks to close itself. Feel the energy sent off into every direction of your body.” She began to slowly withdraw. “Feel how your body comes back down after the energy was let lose. Feel the energy in your body fall into its normal courses. Feel the relaxation that follows. One body, perfectly relaxed, perfectly at peace.”

Vicki covered Seth’s ass again with a sheet, strode across the studio to the sink. Seth could hear the water flow and Vicki vigorously washing her hands with soap. After a little while, Vicki returned, lifted up the sheet and directed Seth to roll over onto his back.

Seth did so, and when Vicki resettled the sheet on him, Seth’s erection tented out the soft linen sheet. She said nothing, but re-oiled her hands and began to continue the massage. First, Seth’s arms, then the other side of his legs, and then his feet again. After about twenty minutes, Vicki was near the head of the table, about to begin, Seth knew, on his shoulders and upper body. Seth’s erection had since gone down; though he kept thinking about Vicki’s anal attention, and he could not believe that his mild-mannered flower-child masseuse had put her finger there, his body had settled again into the rhythm of the massage, receiving Vicki’s touch and relaxing.

Seth’s eyes were still closed, but he heard a rusting of fabric above his head. Then, he heard Vicki squeeze the bottle of oil and rub more into her hands. “Open your eyes,” Vicki ordered into a mellow tone.

When Seth opened his eyes, he saw that his masseuse had removed her top! Vicki’s breasts were small, B-cup size, and had a slight, natural sag. The nipples were small and pink. Her skin was very white, and from this exaggerated angle she took on the aspect of a nature goddess.

“Let your eyes feast on the sight of my breasts. Enjoy the look of a woman. Women are healers, women are nurturers. Look at my soft breasts, where infants are held close and nurse. You are a man, and it is right that you would enjoy the sight of my body. Feel the power of my body; feel the power of my energy, feel its pull balancing yours. You are man, I am woman.”

With that, Vicki leaned forward, massaging Seth’s young chest. Her hands rubbed his pectoral muscles, cupped his shoulders. As Vicki leaned over Seth, her small breasts hung inches above his face, and the twenty-four year old could not believe the close up Vicki was giving him of her womanly globes! His glance went from her nipples to the curves of her breasts to noting how white and fine was her skin. In no time, his cock grew again until it strained against the linen, aching for release!

“Oh, my god, Vicki.” Seth could not help himself, could not believe the show this erotic earth goddess was putting on for him! He was afraid if he said anything it would break the mood, but he could not resist moaning out, caught as he was in the chains of a spiritual lust.

“Do you enjoy the sight of my breasts?” Vicki asked, while she massaged Seth’s chest.

“Yes. Very much.” Seth sounded awe-struck. He was.

“Can you feel my womaness reflecting from you?”

And strange as it might sound, he could. Seth could definitely feel the power within Vicki’s body, the energy that she contained in herself and how different from his energy that it was. “Oh, yes,” he said.

Vicki continued with the massage, and Seth continued to stare at her chest. Vicki finished with Seth’s chest, and then continued to massage his cheeks, his scalp, and with small circular motions, awakened his third-eye chakra. This was where the massage usually ended, but this time Vicki told Seth to sit up.

She fiddled with the table, and folded the table up on a hinge, so that Seth’s back was now supported as he sat upright. Vicki drew close to Seth, and with a wordless communication, brought Seth into her embrace, and directed his mouth to her waiting nipple.

“Nurse on my body,” Vicki cooed to Seth, and he could feel her little bud growing larger in his mouth. “Let my body nurture you. A woman’s breasts can always give nurturing to a man. Nurse on me, draw the energy from me that your body needs.”

Seth sucked on the older woman’s teat, and now Vicki sighed and moaned from his ministration. After awhile, Vicki transferred Seth’s mouth from her right nipple to her left, and continuing to cradle his head in her arms, let Seth nurse gently from her bosom.

Cupping his face gently between her hands, Vicki removed Seth’s lips from her erect nipple. Seth’s hard-on was raging, and the effect of its tenting had been to pull the sheet down revealing the top of his dark pubic hair.

“Now, there is one last way to massage your hands,” Vicki said, reaching for the bottle of massage oil. Seth enjoyed watching her upper-body turn and stretch. She was a very tightly built 40-something! “Now, your hands can find relaxation by massaging something themselves. Here,” and Vicki gestured with the oil bottle. Seth extended his hands, palm up. She squeezed the oil into his palms, and Seth began to rub his hands together.

Vicki replaced the bottle, and then guided Seth’s wrists up until his hands settled around her breasts. His hands cupped the feminine globes, gave them a gentle squeeze. “Go on,” Vicki urged. “I believe you know what to do.”

Seth began to work the oil into Vicki’s pale bosom, very gentle at first. Vicki pressed on one of his hands, and Seth got the idea—he began to work her mammaries harder, describing circles around the swell of her breasts, squeezing the soft, fatty tissue, rubbing and pinching at the tiny, delicate, pink nipples.

Like all men, Seth loved the feel of a woman’s breasts under his hands, how incredibly soft they were, how different from anything that he knew in his male world. It was so incredibly hot to be fondling his sexy masseuse like this!

“So, I hope you’ve been enjoying my new techniques,” Vicki said with a smile.

Seth smiled back. “I definitely have.”

“I can tell,” Vicki said, winking at Seth’s monster erection under the sheet.

Seth chuckled.

“You haven’t stopped me,” Vicki continued, “so I know you must not have had any complaints. Shall we finish now?”

“Okay,” Seth said, unsure of what was going to come next, but tingling with anticipation and sure that he was going to love it.

Vicki gently removed Seth’s hands from her chest and laid them down at his sides. “Young men like you have so much energy in them, and your energy builds up so powerfully,” Vicki said, moving to the edge of the massage table. She pulled over a little stool and sat down on it. She was now just a little below the height Seth was sitting at. “Young men like you need extra techniques in order for them to relax; all this excess energy must be returned to the universe, must be resettled within them. It is the only way to complete relaxation.” And with that, Vicki pulled down the sheet exposing Seth’s erect cock.

“Oh my god,” Seth said to himself.

Vicki reached up to her breasts and wiped the excess oil into her hands. She took some more from the bottle and slid one lubricated hand down over Seth’s manhood. Her grip was tight; it felt to him like entering a woman’s vagina for the first time. Vicki settled at the base, and then began to pump up and down along Seth’s shaft, coating it with oil. With her other hand, she began to play with Seth’s balls. Seth leaned back to give Vicki better access and she took it, jiggling his balls in one hand while giving him a hand job with the other.

“I can feel how full of masculine power you are,” Vicki said. “I can feel the electricity running through you here.”

Seth could only make animalistic noises in response.

“A young man like you is so full of need, Seth. So full of need for women. Enjoy me, Seth. Enjoy my healing touch. Feel my healing touch. Let me take that need from you. Give me your tension. Look at my woman’s body. Look at my breasts. My body is inviting you to relax. Leave your tension behind. It is a woman’s place to balance out a man. Look at my breasts. Give me your need, young man.”

Vicki was stroking long, firm strokes on Seth’s member. He looked at her cool eyes and pretty face, he followed her command and was nearly hypnotized by her small breasts. This new age lady was jerking him off and telling him she wanted him to come right there!

“Oh, Vicki.”

“Feel my touch.”

“Oh, Vicki.”

“Enjoy my body.”

“Oh Vicki.”

Without any warning, Vicki released Seth balls and slipped her middle finger back into his asshole! “Oh my god!” Seth said in surprise! “Mmmmm,” Vicki cooed to him.

“Oh, Vicki.” She was working her finger in deep right from the start, penetrating his anus and making his cock feel like it was going to burst at the seams.

“I enjoy nurturing your young body, Seth. Let me heal you, Seth; it is my womanly role to heal you. Don’t worry, we both know what you need. Use me, Seth, I am here for you.”

“Vicki, you’re incredible.” Seth was really moaning now.

“Good. Enjoy what I am doing to you. Enjoy my touch. Look at my pale bosom. Coat it with your need. Release all that tension onto me. Release all that energy under my touch. Take my energy in with your eyes and release it back to me. It’s okay. I want you to, it’s okay.”

Seth could not believe what he was hearing! “Really? You mean–”

“Yes, Seth. Give me your seed. Scatter your energy on my nurturing body.”

“Oh, Vicki.”

She thrust her finger deeper into his ass and began jerking his dick with a furious speed and a vise-like grip.

“Release yourself to me, let yourself go. Shoot your energy onto my womanly bosom.”

“Oh, Vicki.”

“Enjoy me, Seth. Finish on me, Seth. Give me your seed.” Vicki was working furiously, pleasuring her young patient’s cock and asshole.

“Oh, Vicki.”

“That’s it,” she said, sharply. “Come on my tits, you big stud! Shoot your jizz on my white tits, you young stud. Come on my tits! Give me your hot white come!”

Seth couldn’t hold back! Vicki’s sudden, visceral turn blew Seth’s mind—this stately, new age-y masseuse talking so filthy penetrated Seth to his erotic core. Thin white ropes of semen erupted from his dick and Vicki received exactly what she requested. She expertly directed his cock to empty itself across her pale breasts, globs of jism collecting around her nipples and in the valley between her breasts.

As Seth reclined back against the table in the aftermath of his violent orgasm, Vicki kept her hand lovingly around her young client’s softening penis. Her finger had been expelled from his anus upon orgasm, the spasming of his anal canal gently pushing Vicki’s digit out again. Relief flooded through Seth’s body, and without him even noticing, Vicki stood up and went to the sink and washed her hands.

When she returned, Seth noticed his come still on her chest. She smiled at the exhausted young man. “Oh, Vicki. You’re incredible,” he managed to say.

“I’m glad you liked it. It was my pleasure; you have a great body to work on.”

“Oh, thank you. Thank you.”

“How do you feel?”


“I’m glad. I could tell you were right on the edge towards the end, and I knew I would have to do something to get you over. That’s why I talked so dirty to you. And,” she glanced down at her chest, “it sure worked!” She laughed, and Seth felt a pride in the semen he had just drenched this woman with.

“You’re so sexy, Vicki. Your body is so beautiful.”

“Thank you,” she said, smiling at the compliment from this young man.

“I’ve always fantasized about an older—I mean, a woman of your—I mean—“

Vicki chuckled at his awkwardness. “You’ve always fantasized about any older woman, you mean? And how did I live up to your fantasy?”

“Dream come true.”

“You’re very sweet. So, shall I see you again?”

“How about tomorrow?” Seth joked. Vicki laughed.

“Well,” Seth said, rising slowly from the table. “I guess you don’t need to leave the room so I can get dressed.”

“Not this time,” Vicki agreed cheerfully.

As Seth began to put his clothes back on, Vicki stripped the table and put the sheets into the hamper. Her bare breasts moved with her body, and Seth watched her with dreamy amazement.

“You know, Vicki, if you keep showing me your breasts like that, I might not be able to wait until next time.”

Vicki paused and presented her chest to his sight. The semen—his semen—was beginning to run in droplets down her chest to her waist. “Then take this image with you and remember it when it is time to schedule your next appointment. I’m glad you like my body, and if you like, we can definitely do massages this way from now on.”

“That would be great!”

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brian wrote

great story! massage is always such a turn on for me, i wish vicki was my therapist!