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I’m sorry it’s been so long…

She was always the only one.

His father was a cruel, merciless man. In the end all that he had learned of being a man was from him, including loving this woman now in front of him.

By all rights she was raised to be his sister, her father owed his father a debt and she was the payment.

When she came to live in his father’s house she was a young girl of eight years with wide brown eyes and dark hair that hung lank and dirty to her waist, she had been taken in and cleaned up and made into a true lady.

She had turned his merciless father into a loving man when he was with her.

His father would beat him and his mother but her, he never touched her. His mother would send her in as an intermediary to ask for things and though a part of his mother had surely hated the girl in the end the girl was always good to his mother and would always come between her and his father.

As a girl she curled into his lap wrapped her arm around his neck as she leaned back against him sucking her thumb, he read to her of politics, history and their family business.

She was his daughter in every sense of the word and she grew up loyal and fierce.

“One day, my love, you will marry my boy and then you will be mine forever.” She had looked up at him with her dark eyes and only nodded her head.

He was two years older than her and on her 18 birthday he knew what he would do to her, he had seen it between them since she had first walked into his life.

They were alone in the mansion, his mother was out shopping on his father’s credit cards, she was alone in the house, home from school. He was on winter break and in a week he would be leaving to go back to college.

He knew what he would do. To be honest, he had thought about this, dreamed about this moment, wondering what she would smell like, taste like, how her screams would feel ringing in his ears.

His feet took him to her bedroom door which she had shut, his fingers curled over the doorknob, it wasn’t too late, a voice whispered in his head, its not too late to stop.

Fuck this, his father gave her to him, this was to be expected, she had to comply.

His heart pounding, the blood rushing in his ears he opened the door.

She was sitting on her white stool in front of the huge antique vanity table that his father had gotten her when she was only ten years old. His mother had cried out in protest as the movers had carried it in saying why should such a small young girl have such a beautiful piece of furniture that she would essentially abuse it and not appreciate its true worth.

For that his father had slapped his mother across the face so hard he broke her lip open and she spit blood onto the bare wooden floors.

“You know better than to say shit to me about what I give my girl.”

His mother faded away into the background while his father surprised his daughter with the present. She had jumped up and cried out in joy at the sight and his father had known all along that this was the right present for her.

To this day she would sit in front of the mirror brushing her hair humming softly to herself or she would be oiling the wood with lemon scented beeswax. It was her favorite thing in the house.

She was brushing her long dark hair, he had never really gotten to see it before and realize how long it was as she always kept a respectful distance away from him.

She could see in his eyes and in his words what he was thinking, what he wanted from her.

Her eyes met his in the mirror and instead of screaming or crying out she stopped brushing her hair and set her hairbrush down onto the table.

She was so beautiful.

He shut the door behind him without turning away feeling for the lock with his fingers and closing it, sealing them in her room.

She looked at him with her dark eyes solemn and unafraid, her dark hair hung down to her hips in glossy waves that smelled of roses. Her athletic body was turned to face him, she was dressed simply in a white dress that clung to her waist the square neckline highlighting the smooth white skin of her neck and chest.

“Ronin.” She whispered.

“Adriana.” She lived up to her name, she was a lovely dark lady that came from the sea, from the wharfs where her real father worked.

They had always understood one another as children, with a look or a rare touch they had always known what the other was thinking or feeling. Ronin had no doubt that she knew what he had planned for her all along and that was why she had always kept her distance from him.

But now with their father away and his mother at play, Ronin would not be denied any longer.

He took one step toward her and Adriana stood up.

“You know this has to happen. You know I can’t stop…”

Adriana took a step away from the vanity table and moved towards the window to her right, not towards the bed.

“It doesn’t matter what Daddy said, you are, you always have been free to choose…it doesn’t have to be me. You don’t have to do this to me.”

She was right, every word she said, his father would be disappointed if they didn’t marry but it was not crucial to his happiness and Ronin would still inherit the business. But Adriana was under his skin, in his blood. From the first moment he had seen her as a young boy he had wanted her for himself, not fully understanding his dark desires at that age but now at 20 he knew. And he wanted.

He took another step into her room Adriana didn’t move she just watched him as he took yet another step.

“You don’t even want me, Ronin.”

Her softly spoken words halted his movements as they registered in his brain. Not want her? What the hell was she thinking? She was the only thing he wanted. The only thing that mattered in his life, the promise of her hand was what kept him here in his father’s house. To know that one day he could have her fully, that was what he dreamed of.

“How could you think that? You know, you’ve always known how I feel about you.” He clenched and unclenched his fists desperate to feel her soft skin.

Adriana’s heart leapt at Ronin’s words. He was so beautiful. His black hair that he always kept slightly long and in his beautiful green eyes, his straight nose and smooth tanned skin. Adriana knew she couldn’t escape him. He had such a strong, sexy body with all the sports that Daddy enrolled him in and all the frustrated nights that he had to spend alone without her he took out on his body as he swam in their Olympic pool. Adriana knew as she always watched him.

He would take what he wanted from her.

“You’re so beautiful.” The words came out unbidden from her lips as Adriana moved closer to the window.

The stunned look that crossed Ronin’s face was one Adriana would savor for the rest of her life.

“Then don’t fight me, give in,” Ronin stepped closer, he was less than twelve feet away from her. “I swear I’ll make you want me, I promise you will always ask for more.”

His seductive words wrapped around her filling Adriana’s head with visions of the two of them locked in each others arms. She wasn’t naive, she knew what Ronin wanted, many of her school friends had already had sex with their boyfriends and lived to tell about it in hot, secret whispers.

Why fight the inevitable?

She was as good as his already.

But Adriana dreamed of love, she wanted Ronin to love her not just want her. This was about dominance and control, right?

He took another step toward her.

Adriana heard the blood rush in her ears, felt her heart rate increase. “I’ll fight you.”

“Good.” Ronin whispered. “I’m ready for you, I’ve always been.”

“I love you, Ronin.” And she did, it was a deep, dark, secret love but it burned inside her and when she saw Ronin with another girl she wanted to scream and rage and fight the other girl because Ronin was hers. She understood him, she loved him.

He was going to kill that love with what he was going to do, wasn’t he? She thought.

Ronin paused at her words, savoring them. He knew she was being truthful.

But it didn’t matter, he was too far gone now.

Without warning he sprinted toward her closing the gap between them wrapping her in his arms and taking her to the floor. Adriana hit the carpeted floor with a rush of breath as she lay flat on her back.

Ronin moved quickly between her thighs while Adriana kicked out at him with her legs but he was so strong, Ronin wrapped a hand around her ankle and pulled her more into him, spreading her legs apart with his hips. He wrapped one hand around her throat, his other hand grabbed her wrist in a bruising grip as he pulled it above her head. Her free hand was wrapped about his hand desperately trying to loosen his grip on her as he tightened his hand a little more.

He knew somehow though that she wouldn’t scream.

“Just give in, my love, don’t make me hurt you. I would never want to hurt you, Adriana.” Ronin leaned forward kissing her lips.

Adriana melted into his hot kiss enjoying their first kiss for a moment before she began to buck and thrash underneath him trying to throw him off of her.

Ronin tightened his grip on her throat even more. Black spots danced before Adriana’s eyes and she felt as though she was far away, floating away from Ronin.

Ronin saw her eyes close and released his grip on her throat moving that hand down to the skirt of her dress which he began to pull up, one hand went to her panties and the thin cotton tore in his hands, he tossed it away from him.

Adriana opened her eyes and took in deep gasps of air as she tried to turn away from Ronin feeling then hearing the rip of her panties as he forced them off of her. She was able to turn onto her stomach as Ronin had loosened his hold on her other arm but she was unable to get to her knees. The carpet was harsh and skinned the exposed areas of her knees and stomach causing them to bleed as she struggled soundlessly beneath him.

Ronin flattened himself against her back causing the precious breaths that Adriana was able to get to whoosh out of her again, her chest burned but still she tried to crawl across the carpet to get away.

“Do you give in?” He breathed into her ear, he was barely winded from his exertions while Adriana lay beneath him panting. “Just say you’ll do what I want and this will stop, I swear it. I don’t want it to be like this between us.”

She felt Ronin press his lips to the back of her shoulder.

She then felt his hand on the back zipper of her dress pulling it down in one sharp screech. Still she didn’t move or speak.

His hand went inside her opened dress to caress her back, his touch burned over the raw scrapes on her shoulders.

“You’re bleeding.” He whispered as he lowered his mouth to the wounds Adriana shivered as she felt his warm, wet tongue come out to lick the blood that oozed out. “Stop fighting me, let me love you. Let me make you mine.”

His voice was smoke and sin.

So she gave in.

Adriana nodded and Ronin felt a sense of triumph come over him as he backed off of her slowly. Adriana slowly moved to her hands and knees her dress falling forward exposing her breasts she removed her arms from the short sleeves as Ronin got to his feet standing over her, watching her every move.

She paused taking deep breaths as her heart rate slowed and she began to reclaim the breath that had been knocked out of her. She looked over her shoulder as she heard the sound of Ronin’s belt buckle being opened, the slide of leather against fabric as he removed it, he dropped it behind him as he reached up removing his T-shirt over his head baring his beautiful body to her in the sunlight.

His green eyes glittered as they caught her dark eyes and held them. She saw her blood on his lips and shivered at the erotic sight. He was her every fantasy, every secret desire.

Slowly she rose to her feet, her back still facing him, Adriana was able to see his reflection in the window in front of her. She watched as his hand went to the button on his shorts undoing it slowly, her heart stopped as she heard the metal zipper being pulled down. He slowly stepped out of his shorts and stood behind her in his boxers she could see his erection straining the cotton.

Adriana moved slowly pushing her dress down her hips so that it fell at her bare feet, she stepped out of her dress turning slowly to face him then, naked, her dark hair hung wild and loose about her shoulders and hips.

Ronin held out his hand palm up between them. Adriana broke their eye contact to gaze at his offered hand.

She couldn’t do it, she couldn’t just give in and let Ronin take her. Where was her pride, her sense of self-preservation?

Without warning Adriana turned toward the door sprinting to it, her hand on the doorknob, fingers fumbling with the lock when she felt the heat and silk of Ronin’s bare chest against her back. His hand closed over hers as he wrapped his other arm about her waist lifting her off her feet and marching her back to her bed. Adriana struggled to get away but Ronin held her tightly throwing her onto the bed so she landed on her back wincing in pain as her scrapes touched the now rough comforter on the bed. Ronin fell on top of her running his hands from her shoulders down her silky skin to her hips which he grabbed and pulled down as he moved up her body to fit himself more perfectly against her.

As he moved up onto her his boxers came away and he was exposed hard and throbbing, burning against her thighs.

Adriana shivered at the feel of his long, hard cock burning her, feeling a rush of heat flood her pelvis and cunt. God, she wanted this, to feel him like this against her.

It shouldn’t be this way, she thought, she wanted…she just wanted Ronin. That was it. She wanted to know what it would be like to be his if only for a moment.

He brought his mouth onto hers at first with force thinking that she would bite or headbutt him but when Adriana opened herself to his kiss letting his tongue slide into her mouth he moaned in ecstasy.

Adriana’s hands were pressed against his shoulders trying at first to ward him off but then as she melted under his kiss she wrapped her hands about his neck pulling him more into the kiss.

It was the single most passionate moment Ronin had ever experienced, sure he’d kissed other girls, had even fingered one but never had there been this sense of closeness, passion or intimacy.

He’d never felt love until now.

He pulled his head back to look down at Adriana he stroked his hand from her hip down her thigh to her knee and she opened her legs wrapping them about his hips settling him deeper into her.

“I love you.” Adriana whispered.

“I love you.” Ronin answered.

He had heard that he should go slow when he was with a girl but then he had never felt this way, been this excited before. In the back of his mind Ronin knew that he should stop and at least put a condom on, protect her but a selfish part of him wanted to be inside her bare and raw, fuck the consequences.

Would it be so bad really? He thought, a baby would bind her to him and that was what he really wanted. He wanted Adriana bound to him, inescapably. His father would be overjoyed even though they were so young and besides, he was rich, Adriana would never have to work a day in her life if she didn’t want to.

Yes, Ronin thought, that wouldn’t be bad at all.

Ronin bent and caught her mouth with his at the same moment that he pressed himself deep within Adriana.

Adriana screamed at the sensation of pain and then the ecstasy of feeling Ronin deep and hot inside her. This was what she had dreamed of as she watched him at night swimming in the pool, when their eyes met in the hallway or across the dinner table. This was what they had both always wanted.

Even if he was taking it from her.

Ronin stopped lodged deep inside her as he pushed up a little off her, he noted that his hand was shaking as he brushed her hair back away from her face his green eyes boring into hers. “Are you ok?”

Adriana looked up at him tears shimmering in her dark eyes, his beautiful face inches from hers she caressed his face and sighed softly as he leaned into her hand. “Don’t stop.” She whispered.

He would remember those words for the rest of his life. That even when she had fought him and he pinned her down to force her compliance, she had asked him not to stop.

Fierce love for her burned in his chest as he started to move inside her. She was so tight and wet, Adriana moaned as Ronin began to move faster.

He leaned down taking one of her tiny nipples into his mouth and he sucked hard as she cried out at the new sensation. Ronin lifted his head and Adriana watched with passion glazed eyes as he released her breast to sit up grasping her hips and pulling her until her hips were fully against him and he was as deep as he could get inside her, he caught her soft cry with his lips as he bent to kiss her.

Adriana was caught between a line of erotic ecstasy and pain. Ronin felt so good inside her, it was better than she could have ever imagined, better than her friends had ever described. It was the love, she knew it, it was because they loved each other. Adriana brought her hips up to his and heard Ronin’s breath catch.

It was at that moment that Ronin stopped holding back, she wanted him as much as he wanted her and he let go and began to pound into her mercilessly.

The screams that tore from her throat urged him on.

He grabbed her shoulders as he bent to lay his chest over hers and he felt silk of her skin and the frantic beat of her heart beneath his. Adriana felt this burning in her womb that spread throughout her body and she let herself fall into the sensation and cried out when she felt the contractions that began in her cunt and spread to her womb.

When Ronin felt her tight pussy clenching down on him he couldn’t hold back a moment longer and he fucked her harder as he felt himself cum deep inside her.

He fell on top of her suddenly drained of strength feeling totally satiated and at peace inside himself. Adriana brought her arms up to hold him close to her.

They stayed like that for a moment until Ronin slowly moved pulling himself out of her he backed off the bed and looked down at his cock. He felt Adriana’s dark eyes on him and he looked up at her then down to her cunt. There was blood all over his cock and on her pale thighs. Her virgin blood, the thought brought him an immense sense of pride, he was her first and he would make sure he was her only lover.

He took two fingers of his right hand and stroked down the length of his cock meeting her eyes he placed his fingers into his mouth licking her virgin’s blood off

Adriana shivered watching Ronin fall to his knees, his hands coming over her knees the warmth from his clasp sinking into her skin as he turned and licked the blood from her inner thigh.

“You’re mine now.” He smiled slowly as his verdant eyes met hers once again.

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