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Sweet Rein

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There was a time when I hated… everything. It was the year 3510 when I was dragged into this existence by my twin brother, Devon-literally. The asshole gripped my hands in our mother’s womb and dragged me out with him. He’s a black haired demon-god… not really, but I like to bother the fuck out of him with that little line all the time. Pisses him off.

I love Devon, but there was a time when all I dreamt about was running my demon sword through his fucking heart. He had everything I never had. He’d been snatched away by Seraph’s when we were only a month old and protected so that he wouldn’t fall into evil hands that would exploit his amazing powers. I was left behind to rot. I was the plain baby boy. The one who was only a mere Master Guardian. I didn’t inherit my father’s demon blood. Touted the most beautiful human creation. That was my father… and of course my brother looked exactly like him. Except for the hair. I got my father’s blond hair. Whoop-dee-do.

That fucking blond hair only got me kidnapped the same night the Seraph’s took Dev. The person that stole me away was a sadistic devil worshiping bastard who did nothing but fuck me every chance he got. Then he’d pass me along to his little cult friends, like a god-forsaken appetizer.

That’s where I learned to hate men. Despise them for the hurt they inflicted on me, night after fucking night. They’d make me take them in my mouth, in my ass… and if I cried or put up a fight, they’d beat the shit out of me.

I got my revenge, though. Slit the bastard’s throat one night. I’d just turned eighteen.

I was approached by a little devil who offered me a way out, that night. But in return, I had to seek out my twin and kill him. Until then, I’d never known I had a twin. The devil told me the whole story, starting with who my parents had been. He also told me I had to find this powerful Master Guardian virgin, kill her or him, and open the gates of hell. That had been my father’s task once, but he ended up fucking my mother and I guess you know what happened after that. No virgin, no sacrifice, just babies. Stupid fuck.

But I guess I was even more stupid, making pacts with demons. I escaped one hell and fell into a worse one. If I thought my sadistic step-father’s version of fatherly love was bad, being repeatedly raped by hordes of demons made his shit look like grammar school foreplay.

Surprisingly, my brother, Devon, along with my other Master Guardian brothers and sisters, came to my rescue and pulled me out of that place, even after I’d made their lives a living hell.

At first I resented them. I felt ashamed for everything I had done while in the clutches of the demons. I didn’t want to live… and I resented that they wouldn’t let me die. I resented that while my life had been nothing but a living hell, they’d found love and happiness.

I felt so alone… so miserable. They’d wanted to share their lovers with me, but I’m not some dog that takes the leftovers. Though I was tempted… just to savor for only a moment a little bit of the love they all shared. I never had love, even though they said they loved me… didn’t know what that was because I instinctively shunned them… I was afraid, but I craved it.

Then they brought me Rayne. God she was beautiful. They’d rescued her from some Grei alien hunters. She was being holographically trained to be a sex slave. The girl still hadn’t been touched by any male or female… until I got my perverted hands on her.

Sweetness. She was pure ecstasy. I couldn’t get enough. Her sweet innocent soul captivated me. Every time those big blue eyes looked at me in wonder I’d want to fall to my knees in worship. The woman loved me. I adored her! She had these sweet little curves and shiny black hair that came down to her ass. Exquisite.

Life couldn’t have been more perfect. I kept waiting for it all to end. This couldn’t be happening to me… Lucien Davariel Angelos… ex-dark prince and angel of destruction. How could I deserve such happiness?

I didn’t. She was taken away from me, but not before they told her what I was. More demonic than my demon brother, Devon. Still, she clung onto me, not willing to let me go. It broke my heart, but I made her go. She deserved better than me.

Then I learned that she was to be traded off for a fucking asteroid. She was some long lost princess and her people wanted to give her to this disgusting alien ruler in trade for a barren asteroid that orbited his solar system. Seems their world was blasted the night the princess was kidnapped as a child and they were all left wandering homeless through the galaxy.

Fuck that. I decided she was mine! And I was going to get her back! The sleaze balls had taken her to Earth and there she’d been stolen and sold as a performer on this little porn-paradise planet.

I had to alter my looks so that I wouldn’t be killed. You’d be surprised at the amount of credits offered for my golden head. Every bounty hunter wanted to bag the ex-dark prince.

At first she didn’t recognize me, but when she did, we fucked each other’s brains out.

Everything was set for the grand escape from Heaven’s Pearly Gates… shit name for a strip club, if you ask me. That’s when I saw him.

He wore a silver mask, because, as Rayne explained, his face had been ripped off by Grei hunters. He couldn’t talk either because they’d crushed his vocal cords in a little practice they utilized to force a male to get an erection. Choking.

His name was Rein, like my Rayne. Both the same sound. He seemed so young to have gone through so much shit. He had this white-blond sort of iridescent hair that came down below his ass. He wasn’t as muscular as I am, but had a good physique nevertheless.

I started to feel sorry for him. Not good. And ended up practically dragging him back home with Rayne and me. He was very shy and scared shitless.

I gave him a new face and used my powers to fix his vocal cords. He had such a sweet voice.

At first I’d intended to share Rayne with him, allowing him to join our little family, but I couldn’t stop dreaming… of touching him… kissing him. I hated men… but Rein aroused me. I loved my girl Rayne, but boy Rein brought out a lust in me that was different. At first I tried to deny it, but everyone saw and knew and understood way before I finally succumbed and fucked my Rein. My Rein!

At first everything was paradise, but then little things began to happen that confused me.

First, my beautiful girl, Rayne seemed to be getting really insatiable, and not that I’m complaining, but she seemed to be trying to sneak private time with just me. At first she didn’t reject Rein, who loved fucking her as much as I did, she just wouldn’t let him come in her. I’d end up having to finish him off and after a while I began to get the feeling he was catching on to her little M-O.

I was getting some rays in the enviro-level of the space station we lived on. Fuck. I’m gonna be honest. My dick hurt already from banging those two so much. Guess I was just trying to get a little alone time to myself. Never thought I’d see the day when I’d actually seek that, but there you have it.

The solitude didn’t last very long. Next thing I knew, I had somebody kissing my thighs, stroking my balls and lapping at my rapidly swelling dick.

I moaned, like a pathetic idiot and looked up. There she was again, sucking me down with a hunger that never ceased to amaze me. Those sweet rose hued lips of hers were stretched wide around my cock. God, it felt good! They were going to kill me… both of them. They had me fucking almost around the clock. I grabbed her jet black hair and pumped, spreading my thighs wide for her. Rivers of black silk spill over my thighs and her baby blues are welling up as every other thrust slips farther and farther into her swallowing throat-just like we love it. I can smell her lust in the breeze, her pretty tits bouncing with each vigorous pump. Rayne reaches down between her thighs and start to stroke her soft little cunt. I want to lick her and open my mouth to twll her to turn the other way, sixty-nine, but knew the moment I uttered the words I’d shoot. As it was, my balls were tight and full. I didn’t want to come just yet. Not before she did… at least a few times to boost my manly pride. As I struggled to control my need to ejaculate, I saw Rein come through the fronds of tropical plants surrounding us. My gorgeous boy smiled and got down on his knees behind her, fully intending to fuck her from behind. My heart did that stupid flip it always does when I’m with both of them-my two loves. Paradise. We’ve done this hundreds of times before, alternating positions so that each of us gets a chance to be in the middle. So it came as really big surprise when Rayne spun around on feeling Rein’s hands on her and slapped the shit out of him. She hit my poor baby so hard he fell dazed to the ground.

“What the fuck!” I’d screamed. Then I sat up, grabbed her and shook her. “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

Those beautiful blues just welled up with tears and hurt. I’d never spoken to her like that before. Now I felt like shit.

I was going to beg for forgiveness, but she broke free from my hold and vanished from sight. Fine time for the woman to finally get teleporting right.

I almost went after her, but Rein’s heartbreaking sobs were like a fucking chain around me. I couldn’t just leave my other baby thrown on the ground like this.

“Come here.” I gathered his trembling body against mine and held him tight. “It’s okay, baby. She didn’t mean it. Maybe she’s going through one of those female things.” It was a pathetic excuse. We both knew she’d already gone through her female thing just last week.

“N-no. She loves you more than she loves me.” He’d sobbed almost breathless. “She doesn’t want me anymore. You probably don’t want me either.”

My eyes bugged out in shock at that one. “Rein, don’t be ridiculous!” I let my fingers sink into all that silky silvery hair at the nape of his neck and pulled gently. Those huge tear-filled violet eyes of his drowned me in their splendor. “How could you think such a thing? I love you. And so does Rayne. She’s been weird with me too, baby.” Not!

I wiped at the tears as they fell down his flushed cheeks. He shook his head and tried to turn away. Lately he’d been on a ‘I’m a man, not a child’ kick, because everybody treated him like some delicate thing. He didn’t like it.

I used my superior strength and yanked him against me- hard, and gave him one of my famous stern looks. Already I could feel a bit of his precum cooling on my abs. Then again, it could’ve been mine. I was already aroused since that little minx, Rayne, awakened what they both liked to call ‘the beast’. Eight inches of pure fun is what I called it.

I lowered my head only a little. Rein was almost as tall as my 6′ 9″. I kissed him soft at first, coaxing his upset, sweet, trembling body to acquiesce. My lips rubbed over his whisper soft, then I gave him a little taste of my tongue. I felt that hard body melt against mine.

Rein had an exquisite body, all sinew and rippling muscles, lean. He was broad of shoulders, with nice pecs, decorated with tiny nipples. I brought my hand down from the satin of his long hair and tweaked one of them. He groaned and squirmed against me, rubbing that luscious cock against mine. I let my hand trail over his ribcage, feeling the slight impressions of bones there and smoothed over his lean waist, reaching back to cup his smooth, tight ass. His arms came up around my neck then, as he shuddered and sighed. I caressed his magnificent ass underneath his fall of white blonde hair and ground myself against him.

“Luke, fuck me… please.” He whispered.

I shook my head. “No, baby.” He looked hurt, but I hadn’t finished what I was going to say. “I want to make love to you.”

I brought him down in the grass by the bank of the lake in the holo-deck of the space station we lived on.

My eyes devoured the sight of him. My man was exquisite. Everybody always stared at him no matter where we went. The artificial sunlight brought out the iridescent colors in his silver hair. Pink, lavender, blue… His cock twitched. I wrapped my fingers around it making him arch his narrow hips. He wasn’t as long as me, but he was long nevertheless. His fair coloring extended to the swollen flesh I held and flushed out to a delicate rose on his cock’s head. It looked like a juicy strawberry. That yummy tip wept in lust as I stared at it. Couldn’t let it suffer like that, so I bent and took it into my mouth. My hair spilled down over his quivering thighs, teasing him further. He sunk his fingers into my hair and tried to urge me to go faster on his dick. I smiled. Not so fast, baby- I thought with a mischievous chuckle. Slowly, I licked first, tasting his sweet juices. We don’t know what species of alien Rein is, but his precum reminds me of something citrusy and sweet. Me? I’m salty like every other Earth born.

He seemed to be getting frantic, so I appeased him by working him in deeper, sucking harder. Rein was a trembling mess, panting and moaning. He wasn’t going to last long and my own dick was starting to throb in jealousy of the fun my mouth was having. It demanded to be fed too.

I released him and laid back in a reclining position against a tree to see what he would do. He scrambled up, his pretty face earnest, and climbed right onto me. We were facing each other. I helped him by spreading his ass cheeks wide and he proceeded to impale himself on my raging hard-on. I bit my lip, cutting off an expletive. He kissed me, bouncing on my lap. I reached down and stroked him, applying just enough pressure to get his juices flowing more abundantly.

Rein threw his head back with a gasp, his body tight. This boy was going to go off any minute. We always teased each other to see who’d lose their cool first.

“Mmmm. Looks like my baby’s got an ass-full of the beast again.” My wicked smile died a quick death when his anal muscles clamped down on my throbbing cock, almost making me blow my load before him. Naughty boy!

He reached out and draped my blonde hair over one side of me, letting his fingers stroke down its length. The soft hair tickled my abs. It wasn’t as long as his, but it did come down to the middle of my back. He loved playing with it. Then he tweaked one of my nipples making me hiss. He was going to make me come before him. I needed to gain control of the situation.

My hand snaked out and gripped his hair. It felt like the finest silk in my hands. I pulled him close. “You love it when I fuck you, don’t you, baby?”

His violet eyes went liquid. He was a sucker for dirty talk. “Luke-” he sobbed, obviously trying to rein in his need to release. I stroked him mercilessly.

“Come-on, sweet baby. Let daddy see all that pretty cum bathe him.”

“Y-you first.” The muscles in that magnificent muscular ass clenched tighter, pushing me closer to the edge of oblivion. He must’ve seen it in my eyes because he began doing it rhythmically. The little tease!

“Ah- fuck!” I snarled barely hanging by a thread. I pumped him faster, cupped his tightly drawn balls. “You want me to come, baby? Is that it? You want to feel my hot cum filling your sweet ass, till you can taste it in your mouth…”

Rein cried out in ecstatic agony. His pearly white seed arched up and draped my clenched abs with ropey lines of cum. Beautiful! But I was crying out too as pulse after exquisite pulse of my hot semen shot up into him. I came long and hard into my baby’s ass.

We both collapsed, panting. ” Don’t ever say I don’t want you.” I stroked his back tenderly, kissed his temple. “I love you. I Don’t ever want to lose you.”

“I love you too. It just hurts me that Rayne doesn’t love me as much as you do.” His voice was tremulous again.

“She loves you, Rein. As much as she loves me. Don’t ever doubt that.”

After a while, Rein grew heavy on me. Poor baby. He’d fallen asleep, worn out.

I groaned with a sigh. Fuck. Now I had to hunt down my other baby, Rayne, screw her senseless and see what the hell her slapping poor Rein was all about.

My dick was going to fall off if I didn’t die of exhaustion first. What a way to go!

“A man’s work is never done around here.”

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