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A New Kind of Bridge Game

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“Whoa, Whoa, who’s the new kid?” Betty said turning to the three other ladies seated at the picnic table.

“Billy, he’s here to fix whatever goes wrong in this place,” said Wendy looking up from her sandwich.

The four ladies ate lunch every day at the picnic table outside the daycare where they all worked. They were all great friends and enjoyed their daily girl-talk even through there wasn’t a one of them under the age of forty.

“Well, we’ve finally got someone to take care of all the little stuff huh? And my, my I couldn’t have selected a more qualified candidate, that boy is one fine piece of ass” said Betty, watching him walk into the front door.

“Oh my God!” Exclaimed a shocked Erica the second eldest of the group, “Betty he couldn’t possibly be a day over sixteen.

“Eighteen, just turned,” said Paige the youngest. All eyes turned to her and she looked up, “What? I run into his mom every so often she used to go to our church.”

“I don’t care how old he is, I spend ten hours a week in the gym to get my body the way it is and the only action it’s gotten me has been a few Mel Gibson movies and my vibrator.” Betty said.

“Jesus Betty, you are incorrigible I swear,” said Erica, “forty six and all you think about is sex.”

“Damn right,” said Betty laughing, “I need to get it while I can. I wonder if he can eat pussy.”

Erica made a sound as if she was disgusted and mumbled something about him being younger than her son. The other women laughed, they were used to Betty’s antics by now and took them in stride. Soon the conversation turned to more innocent things but for the rest of the day they were all a little moist in the crotch; their minds on the idea of Billy’s young loins pumping his cock into them.

Betty was 46 and perpetually horny. She was 5′ 8″ 125 lbs. She worked out habitually and it showed. Her slender legs led into a high tight ass. Her belly was a little soft, but narrow enough to give her attractive hips. Her bust line wasn’t large but on her, they were perfect. She had full lips and creamy skin. Her dark brown hair was a little curly and shoulder length. She had aged well but under scrutiny, she was clearly pushing fifty.

Erica, the disgusted one, was the second eldest at 49, she had a large round ass, not unattractively so however. She was about the same height as Betty but a few pounds heavier. She had soft DD breasts that, when shown off, made her look very attractive for her age. The few extra pounds filled her face a little more that Betty and hid some of her age. With her round, smiling face and blond hair she had the look of a much younger woman.

Wendy was the oldest of the group and deep down inside her sex drive was nearly that of Betty. She was a young 51. With a little foundation makeup she looked much younger and with her red hair done up she was simply stunning. She wasn’t a skinny woman by any standard but arguably, she had the best body of the bunch. She was thick in all the right places. Her thighs were firm and smooth leading into wide hips and a large ass. She had many hours logged on the stair master and though her ass looked big, it was hard and high. Her lower back had a good natural arch to it that made her ass look a little bigger than it was. Her stomach was firm but just a little paunchy in her old age. Her breasts were big and without a bra, they hung a little lower than she would have liked. Her big nipples turned an angry shade of rose when she became aroused and begged to be played with.

Paige was the youngest at just 40. She was tall and thin with a model’s body. Her perky B-cup breasts were only just now beginning to flatten on her chest with age but still they were nicely up-turned. She was as thin as she was in college and had a tiny waist and narrow hips. Her greatest feature had to be her legs. They were long and smooth and the subject of many men’s fantasies. She had straight brown hair of medium length a long neck and dainty fingers. She looked about 30 at the oldest with big brown eyes and a smooth face.

Now it is well known to all women that an eighteen-year-old boy is subject to the whims of his hormones. And I suppose that armed with that information a woman with less than pure motives could exploit that knowledge if she desired. Well, that is just what the devilishly sexy Betty had in mind for poor Billy.

A week or so passed since Billy began working at the school. He was well liked by all the women that worked there because of his quiet politeness. However, Betty seemed to take the most interest in the boy. He was always in her class room changing light bulbs and replacing ceiling tiles and she was always holding the ladder, quite unnecessarily, her face suspiciously close to his crotch. That day at lunch, Betty had to say something.

“I think Billy has a big cock.” She said from nowhere.

Erica nearly spit out her drink.

“Really?” said Wendy softly.

“Why the hell would you say that?” asked Erica.

“Well I was holding the ladder for him today and I caught him checking out my cleavage from above. When I looked back down at his crotch I think I saw it move.” She explained.

The women were silent for a moment.

“Umm how big?” Wendy asked looking away quickly afterwards.

“I’m not sure, but big enough to get me off!” Betty said a little desperately.

“Anything would get me off right now,” said Wendy quietly.

“Umm hello!” Said Erica loudly, “doesn’t anyone besides me find this a little disturbing?”

“I do, in a kind of sexy way,” said Paige.

Erica shook her head.

“I want to fuck him,” said Betty suddenly. “I think we all should. I mean think about it. What eighteen year old kid wouldn’t love the attention of four hot older women?”

“He would probably want the attention of a girl his own age more.” said Paige.

“No way, girls his age don’t know anything about sex. We could really show him the ropes.” Said Betty, talking herself more and more into her own idea.

“I’m in,” said Wendy getting a little excited. This was met by a quick stern look from Erica. Quickly Wendy went back to her lunch.

Not much was said after that and it slipped from the minds of the women, all of them that is except Betty.

The ladies had Bridge that Saturday morning as usual. At ten o’clock Wendy’s car pulled into Betty’s driveway. She was always about an hour early to help Betty set up the snacks and make coffee. When she pulled up, she noticed another car there. She parked behind it not recognizing it and let herself into Betty’s house.

“Betty!?” She called out. Her voice echoed in the big empty house. She made her way to the kitchen but no sign of Betty. Also, the counter was empty and the coffee wasn’t even out.

“Strange,” said Wendy aloud. She walked down a long hallway toward Betty’s room when she heard a noise. “Betty?” She called quietly. She pushed a little on the door to Betty’s room and was astonished at what she saw.

Billy was standing at the foot of her bed with his back to the door. He was very naked and Wendy marveled at his smooth young ass. Betty still had all her clothes on but she was on all fours on the bed, her pretty head bobbing up and down at Billy’s crotch.

Wendy screamed in surprise and Billy turned quickly his cock coming out of Betty’s mouth and slinging a mouthful of saliva at Wendy’s feet. He gasped.

“Oh my God,” Wendy said looking at Billy, then looking down at his crotch, “Oh my God.”

Billy WAS big. His hard, long, thick, cock glistened and throbbed obscenely in front of him. It was definitely not in proportion to his very slender build and narrow hips. He was nearly hairless. Only a small smattering of brown hair adorned his pubic mound.

“Hey Wendy,” Betty said climbing off the bed and standing next to Billy. “It’s ok,” she whispered, “remember how I said there were a few people that we could tell?”

Billy nodded his head silently. “Well, Wendy is one of those people. You remember Wendy from the school, right?” She cooed motherly at him. He nodded again.

Betty held her hand out to Wendy who stood frozen. “Come here Wendy, it’s ok, come here.” Slowly Wendy inched her way over to Betty. “Come on, it’s ok, give me your hand.” Wendy was wide eyed and jumped a little when Betty put her little hand on Billy’s big prick. She looked down at it in her hand.

“Go on Wendy, I know you want to. Feel him swell in your hand, isn’t it wonderful.” Betty put her hand on Wendy’s head and pushed gently. Wendy slowly fell to her knees. “Come on,” Betty said soothingly, “open up, take him in your mouth.” Wendy opened her mouth timidly and Betty pushed on the back of her head until Billy’s swollen head slipped into Wendy’s moist, warm mouth. He groaned into the room.

Soon Wendy was into it and didn’t need any urging from Betty’s hands. Betty turned to Billy running her hands over his smooth hard body and flicking his nipples with her tongue. She began to do a little strip tease and Wendy watched while she sucked. Soon Betty was naked, her firm mature body was enticing to Billy.

“Do you like?” She said twisting her nipples. Both Billy and Wendy moaned a “yes.”

“Oh Wendy,” she said rubbing her hand on her friends head, “I’m glad you like too. Lets lay him down on the bed.”

Wendy nodded with his dick in her mouth and reluctantly let him slip from her mouth. Billy took a step backwards and lay down on the bed.

“Lets get you naked.” Betty said reaching to unbutton Wendy’s blouse.

“Oh no I couldn’t.” Betty said covering herself with her arms. “You have such a hot body and I am so old.”

“Wendy, honey you are beautiful and men always check out your body,” reassured Betty.

“They do?” Wendy said sheepishly.

“Oh course, I wish I had tits like yours. Come on.” Betty pushed her arms away, undid the buttons of her shirt, and opened it. Wendy’s massive rack was contained in a full cup white bra. Billy moaned when he saw their heavy weight. Betty giggled. “See he likes your body, don’t you Billy?” Betty asked her naked boy toy.

“Oh yes Ma’am, very much.” Came the reply.

“Ready Billy?” Betty said as she stood behind her friend and unclasped her bra. Without waiting for a response, she removed her friend’s undergarment and threw it aside. Her big breasts fell into the open heavily. Betty hefted the big breasts in her little hands squeezing and pulling on the nipples. Then she undid the clasp on her skirt and removed that, leaving Wendy in her panties. She slipped them over her friend’s womanly hips and helped her step out of them.

Betty turned to the naked Wendy and said: “Let’s fuck him!” She pulled her friend over to the bed. “You go first Wendy I want to watch his big dick go in and out of you. Here let’s get him to make you wet first, straddle his face. Wendy climbed up onto the bed and put a knee on either side of Billy’s young face. “Do you know what to do here Billy?” Betty asked.

“I think so.” He said staring into the open sex of the 51 year-old Wendy. Wendy lowered down onto his mouth and groaned. Betty held her lips apart.

“See this?” Betty said pointing at her friend’s clit.

“Mmm Hmm” came the reply.

“That’s her clit. Oops, don’t lick that yet, first suck one of her lips into your mouth. That’s it, now tease it with your tongue. Good boy, now the other.”

Wendy was moaning it had been a long time since she had felt a man’s mouth on her.

“Ok,” Betty continued, putting her face an inch from Billy’s and holding his head, “now get your lips between hers and flick your tongue in her hole.” Wendy squealed with delight. “Good, you learn fast, now move up and suck her clit into your mouth and flick it up and down, back and forth.” Wendy was moaning loud now and leaking her juice onto Billy’s smooth young face. “Good boy, Billy,” Betty said patting his head, “now roll your tongue all around in that area. Lick the sides, top and below her clit. Ohh Billy! See how wet she’s getting? Oh! Do it in a circle Billy!” Wendy was bucking on his face her orgasm was coming quickly.

“She’s going to come soon Billy, concentrate on her clit, flick it with your tongue and don’t stop. Make her come Billy. You’re doing it! You’re making her come!” Betty knelt and sucked one of her friend’s big, thick, hard nipples into her mouth. She swirled her tongue on it and chewed the tender flesh lightly. Wendy screamed out as her thighs quivered in orgasm.

“Oh I’m coming! I’m coming!” Wendy yelled at the ceiling her back arching, pushing her pussy into Billy’s eager young face.

She leaked a big load onto Billy’s face and, subsiding, she withdrew from him. A thick string of juice still connected her clit to his mouth. Betty reached down and pulled it off, smearing it onto her palm. She grabbed his dick and using Wendy’s cum, jacked his cock back to full hardness. She held him upright and Wendy backed herself so that his head slipped inside of her. She sank down onto him, her clit mashing into his sparsely covered pubic mound. Eighteen-year-old Billy lost his virginity to a hot fifty one-year-old woman he had only just really met. Her mature cunt gripped his thick shaft and she looked down, her eyes meeting Billy’s. He looked into her aging face, she looked so sexy with her skin flushed, her eyes glazed with passion. He pushed his hips up and she screamed, her thick, hairy, pussy lips stretched around his teenage cock.

“Oh Billy I need some too,” cried Betty, “I’m going to sit on your face now.” Betty crawled onto his face and lowered her shaved cunt to his mouth. He began sucking her puffy lips into his mouth and licking her wetly from her anus to her clit.

“Oh that’s it Billy, eat my pussy, eat me good.” Betty said. She put her hands on Wendy’s hips and helped push her down onto Billy’s hard cock. “How does it feel, Wendy? How does all that cock feel deep inside you?” She asked in a sultry voice.

“Oh Betty, its so good I’m so close.” Wendy replied between pants and moans.

“Hear that Billy? She’s gonna cum soon. You’ve got to push your cock into her hard and fast now.” Betty urged.

Billy groaned into her pussy and began to buck his hips up as hard as he could. Wendy’s tits were bouncing wildly and her hair moved in kind.

“Fuck her Billy, fuck her hard, make her cum on your big cock!” Betty yelled to him.

“Oh Betty, Betty I’m cumming, I’m cumming so hard! Oh God it feels so good.!” With that, Wendy arched her back pushing her breasts to the ceiling as she came. She screamed out into the room then collapsed into her friend’s arms. She panted heavily.

“You… you should fuck him now I think… I think he’s going to cum soon.” Wendy panted.

“Ok climb off.” Wendy got off of Billy and his cock slapped against his stomach wetly. Betty got off his face and moved over his prick, she wasted no time sinking down onto him and picking up a steady rhythm.

“I suppose that means I’m up for some head, right?” The two women looked to the door. There was Paige in her bra and panties. Her gorgeous model body nearly naked. Her flat stomach and pert breasts were amazing. Her brown skin a contrast to the white panties. She slipped them slowly down her long slender legs and to the floor. She was completely shaven.

“Hey Paige,” said Betty stopping for a moment, “sure he’ll eat you out.”

Paige threw one long leg over Billy’s face and lowered herself onto him.

“I want you to suck my clit hard Billy.” She didn’t wait for him to agree she just lowered herself down, grinding her pussy into his mouth.

“Mmmm that’s it suck it hard.” Paige said looking down watching her pussy being eaten.

“Fuck, fuck, I’m getting close,” Betty said riding him a little faster. “Shit yeah, fuck yeah, here it comes.”

Betty screamed slamming her hips down onto Billy. Billy could feel her mature pussy milking his cock and he couldn’t take it he exploded into her womb. He groaned into Paige’s pussy.

“He’s cumming, he’s cumming inside me!” yelled Betty. “Ohhh it’s a lot.” Thick jets of pearly cum blasted up into Betty’s pussy, filling her up. She lifted off him.

“Oh my look at that.” Wendy said. Paige looked behind her and Betty looked down at herself. They all laughed as his cum ran out of her and all over the young boy’s loins. It seemed like it would never end, big fat globs of it ran out from deep inside of her and coated his cock.

“Nice going you girls,” Paige said, “you really got a big load out of him.”

The three of them laughed and Betty and Wendy gave each other a high five.

Wendy reached in and smeared some on her fingers.

“Ohh eat it Wendy,” Betty said egging her on.

“Yeah suck his cum off your fingers Wendy.” Paige said. She bucked once on his face to remind him to eat her. “How does he taste?”

“Mmmm yummy,” Wendy said scooping more off him and eating it.

“I want to try too,” said Betty opening her mouth to suck Wendy’s fingers. “Mmm he really does taste good. Lets suck him clean!” She said. Betty took his flaccid cock into her mouth and sucked loudly while Wendy slurped what she could get out of pubic hair and then off his abdomen.

Paige had her back to him and was holding onto the headboard of the bed, grinding her wet pussy on Billy’s face. She was talking down at him: “Suck it hard Billy, come on suck it hard.” She was moaning loudly now her orgasm was close. The two other ladies remove Paige’s bra and sucked a nipple into their mouths kneading her titties and raking the sensitive flesh with their teeth. Paige held a handful of each of their hair in a fist. Suddenly she squealed. “Oh, Oh, Oh yeah. Eat it, suck it, Oh shit, fuck!” She yelled cumming on Billy’s face.

“You women should be ashamed of yourselves!” They all turned. Erica stood at the door her arms folded over her huge bosom.

“Oh Erica come on!” said Betty.

“No Betty! No! This time you’ve gone too far, you have all gone too far. Billy get up right this instance.” She scolded.

“You don’t have to Billy,” said Wendy softly and very disappointed.

“Yes Billy, you do. Get over here.”

He stood slowly and, taking a last look at the three women, walked over to Erica. His heavy thick cock swung between his legs and Erica fought to keep from staring. He got to her and began to look at her. She was very attractive. Her womanly voluptuous body turned him on. His cock sprang to attention full, hard, and raging. Erica looked down and gasped at it.

“What’s this about?” She said, looking at Billy, his face glistened with the three women’s cum. He blushed and said nothing but the other ladies spoke up.

“It’s for you Erica,” said Betty, “look how hard he is for you, he wants to fuck you.”

“Yeah fuck him Erica,” pleaded Paige, “or at least let him eat your pussy.”

Erica looked at him and down to his prick. Betty walked over and stood beside her. “It’s just us here Erica, nothing bad is going on. Just some friends getting together and sharing a cock,” Betty reasoned with her, “you know it’s going to feel good. Look how thick it is. Can’t you just feel it stretching your pussy as it pushes deep in your body?”

Erica was swaying on her feet. Betty knew she was close to caving. “Just touch it a little, come on touch it with your hand, that’s it.” Erica reached out and stroked him a few times. Betty looked back and winked at Paige and Wendy, they gave her the thumbs up. “Just have a seat on the bed Erica.” Betty backed her up and sat her on the bed. The three of them stripped her down to her bra and panties. Her soft womanly body was still a sight to see. Her huge breasts begged to be released. Betty unhooked her bra and out came the biggest breasts any of them had ever seen.

“Jesus, Erica,” exclaimed Wendy who was big herself but small compared to Erica.

“Yeah really, no wonder mine are so small, you’ve got enough for three women.” Paige joked squeezing her B-cups. Billy walked forward and his cock bumped Erica’s face. Betty took it in her hand and wiped his head across her lips a few times.

“Come on Erica won’t you open up and just suck it a little?” Betty said smearing his pre-cum over her mouth. Slowly she opened up and accepted his big spongy head into her mouth.

“Alright!” exclaimed Paige, “party on!” They all laughed as Erica moaned around his cock and began sucking it in earnest. They pulled Erica back until she was lying on the bed. Then Paige and Wendy each took one of her legs and held them out and back. Betty reached down and spread her pussy. Erica’s clit was the largest of the group and stuck out a good quarter inch past her lips.

“Ohh look at that big clit Billy, come on kneel down a suck that clit. That’s a boy.” Betty said rolling her friend’s clit between her fingers.

Wendy and Paige were on each side of Erica egging Billy on: “Come on Billy eat her pussy, suck it good.”

Billy went to work on Erica’s clit and soon she was clutching at her massive breasts and approaching a huge orgasm. Betty and Paige helped her out by each taking a turgid nipple into their mouths and kneading her massive tit flesh. Erica exploded, her body convulsed and she reached out to her friends. They all clasped hands and helped Erica through her incredible orgasm. Erica looked at her friends, her eyes looked like she was going to cry but the girls knew she was in heaven. Her faced flushed red and her mature body convulsed in orgasm. She tried but she could stifle a cry of pleasure.

Billy stood and wiped his face. He lined his hips up with Erica and pushed his long cock straight up into her. Erica’s eyes went wide and her mouth opened in silent lust. “Oh God!” Billy enjoyed Erica’s body more than the other women. Her large womanly hips looked so sexy spread for him, her big clit grinding onto his pubic bone. He liked her slightly larger waist and how her huge mature breasts sagged off her chest and heaved with ever pump of his young loins. He got going faster and soon his hips were clapping with Erica’s on every pump.

“Ooooh go Billy, fuck her good.” Betty said.

“I’m next,” stated Paige, “I’m the only pussy he hasn’t fucked yet.”

“Betty? Betty? I think I’m going to cum again.” Erica squealed in a high pitch voice.

“It’s ok honey, let it come. Let your pussy cum all over his fat cock.” Betty said wiping the sweat from her brow away with her hand. Erica looked into Billy’s face: “Please Billy, fuck me, don’t stop fucking me. Oh I’M CUMMING!”

Erica convulsed, her eyes rolling back in her head. A strange gurgling was caught in her throat as she came harder than she ever had before. Her hot juice leaked around the thick base of Billy’s cock and ran into her ass crack. Reluctantly she moved away and Paige replaced her.

Paige knelt on the bed and was eye to eye with Billy. She held his youthful face in her hands and kissed him deeply, sucking his tongue and lips.

“Are you ready to fuck me Billy?” She asked a little angrily. She gripped his cock, slippery with Erica’s juice, in her little fist. “Cause I’m ready to have my little body plundered by this big fat cock of yours.”

Billy nodded, silently swelling in her fist. “I only take it one way Billy, and that’s hard and fast. When I say fuck me, I want you to pump me for all you’re worth, stud.” With that she turned away from him and got on all fours pushing her hard ass high into the air and pinning her shoulders to the sweat soaked mattress. Billy lined up with her hot shaven hole and slid himself into her. She was the tightest fit yet and she grunted like an animal when he bottomed out in her.

Billy had learned a lot in the two hours or so he had been fucking and he intended to show this mature minx what a hard fucking was all about. He grabbed her hips hard and began plowing her doggy style. She had to put her hands out to keep from getting pushed across the bed and into the headboard. The sheets bunched up in her fist and her eyes clamped shut as she screamed with pleasure. Billy was grunting too and all the women were cooing watching the erotic coupling before them. Loud slapping noises echoed through the house carried on the screams of Paige as Billy plowed her pussy like never before.

“Oh God yes Billy, so good, nnnnggg, so good my baby boy, fuck me good.”

Billy tried to push into her harder, he was pulling out and hesitating just a half second before ramming home and jarring Paige’s hard model body.

“I’m going to cum Billy, don’t stop fucking me, come on faster Billy, fuck me faster and harder. Have you ever seen a woman ejaculate Billy? Well you’re going to if you keep fucking me like that. You want me to cum on your cock? Wanna feel my juicy pussy explode on you? Here it comes Billy keep fucking me.”

Paige was pushing back on Billy’s cock as best she could when suddenly an enormous orgasm welled up inside her. She bucked her head back and reached up with one hand, her long dainty finger curled around her slender smooth neck, choking herself a little. As she promised all the women were treated to an amazingly erotic sight. From around the base of Billy’s cock came a surge of clear liquid that ran down his balls and all over the mattress. There was so much of it ran down his thighs and soaked his whole pubic area. Suddenly Billy grunted and pulled out of Paige. He gripped his hard cock and jerked a huge load all over the ass and back of Paige. The long, thick, wet strings of cum looked so enticing on Paige’s thin, muscular, brown skinned body. It seemed he would never stop cumming. A few shots made it as far as between her shoulder blades.

Wendy was the first to move. She knelt on the bed next to Paige and put her cheek on Paige’s hot skin. She dragged her face through the cum slurping it up.

“Oh Wendy that looks so hot, save some for us,” said Betty, kneeling on the other side of Paige. She held her hair back and sucked a rope of cum up savoring it in her mouth before swallowing. Wendy moved, making room for Erica to suck up some of the cum. She went to Billy and hugged him tightly. Then, dropping to her knees she sucked the juice and semen off his long tool.

When Paige was cleaned, the four women laid down together on the bed. Their naked mature bodies intertwining in a puzzle of horny flesh. Betty’s mouth soon found Wendy’s and they kissed each other tenderly hold each other’s faces and shoulder as they quietly made out. Paige, infatuated with Erica’s chest, lay her head on one of the massive tits and lazily licked the other enjoying her after glow.

After fifteen minutes of exploring each others bodies, the ladies decided they should shower and get something to eat. They all agreed to stay naked.

Betty said: “Billy why you don’t get the shower ready, then we will each cycle through and you can help us wash and maybe fuck each of us.” She turned to the ladies: “That will give us each some alone time with Billy and maybe after we eat we can retire to the living room and talk about round two!”

Billy’s cock swelled at the idea and all the women giggled.

“Oh youth!” exclaimed Paige squeezing his cock.

They all laughed and got ready for what would prove to be a long day.

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