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Suzette’s Secret Love Life

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Suzette Mica Du Bois was lying on her back on a massage table. Her lovely shapely body was barely covered with a towel. The towel was long enough to modestly cover her breasts and her pubes. This was her third trip to the Paris spa this week and she anxiously awaited her masseur. Her excitement grew as she anticipated the day’s activities. The nipples on her 34 C breasts were stiff and poking at the towel. She knew her pussy was wet and it took all her will power not reach down and stroke her clit.

Just then the door opened and her masseur along with two others entered the room. All three were naked carrying the white masseur uniforms which would have come off anyway. They approached her and their large cocks were already stiff. She looked at their youthful tan bodies and smiled. One of them reached for her towel and whisked it away baring her beautiful 26 year old body.

Oil was poured on her and then three sets of hands massaged her all over. One masseur stood behind her head and massaged her lovely breasts. As he did his impressive cock dangled over her face and she flicked her tongue at it. Another masseur massaged her belly and pubes and as he did he diddled her clit and probed her vagina. The third masseur worked on her feet, calves and thighs. She had a mild orgasm before she was rolled over on her belly.

The masseur at her head massaged her shoulders and his cock found the entrance to her mouth. She sucked him gently as he rubbed the oil into her shoulders and back. The one at her feet continued massaging her feet, calves and thighs letting his hands brush against her vulva. The third masseur focused on her incredible ass. He massaged her perfect globes and probed her anus with his oily finger.

Suzette was incredibly turned on and she was ready to take on three well-endowed men at the same time, a first in her young life. In previous visits to the Spa, she had sex with each of the young men on an individual basis. This was a big step for her to engage in group sex but she was ready. Their hands moved over her body and her holes were probed with oily fingers as the one cock filled her mouth. She sensed that they were ready to get started and she allowed herself to be positioned the way they wanted her. It would a day that she would never forget.


Suzette Mica Du Bois was a stunning young Eurasian woman of 24 years when her marriage was arranged to a wealthy Frenchman more than twice her age. Her mother was Japanese and her father was French. She had long black hair that hung down below her shoulders and beautiful big dark eyes. Suzette was 5’7″ tall and weighed a very trim 125 pounds. He figure of 34-25-35 had most men and women turning their heads when she passed by.

Her husband had brought her a lovely home in Paris and staffed it with a maid and chef. A car was always at the disposal should she need to get around the city. Her husband was very good to her and let her shop at the best stores in Paris. The first two years of her marriage had been fun but recently she was getting bored. Suzette was not a virgin when she married as a few college romances had taken care of that but she was still somewhat naïve when it came to sex.

She only used her mouth and hand to get her husband erect. No one had ever cum in her mouth or anywhere else except in her vagina. Now at 26 years of age she was getting frustrated with the infrequency of sexual intercourse and the inattention to her lovely body. During the first two years her husband would eat her pussy on a regular basis and she liked that he made her cum. That had waned and she had recently begun playing with herself to achieve an orgasm.

Her maid was a very attractive young woman and Suzette often wondered if her maid would be willing to eat her pussy. She had never had an encounter with another woman but she had heard about them. She knew that some of the wealthy married women she met at social gatherings engaged in sex with their servant staff. Suzette’s chef was a round man who was not appealing so he was not an option. She couldn’t keep sex toys in the house and run the risk of discovery.

Finally she heard of a Parisian Spa that catered to the very wealthy. It was rumored that men and women could go there for massages, body treatments and if they were so bold they could be satisfied sexually. Suzette decided that she would go for a massage and find out for herself what else may go on there. She booked an appointment for a massage, facial, pedicure and manicure. She was surprised when the receptionist asked if she wanted a masseur or a masseuse. With her voice cracking slightly she said, “Masseur.”


Suzette had the driver take her to the Spa and she was impressed with the interior décor of the building. A beautiful woman met her and gave Suzette a quick orientation and tour of the facility. The order of service would be a massage, facial, pedicure and manicure. She was shown to a locker room where she was instructed to hang up her all clothes and secure her personal items. A robe was provided which was all she was to wear until she returned to the locker room. The robe was short and soft. It came to about 8″ above her knees and showed off her shapely legs. Suzette tied it tightly around her body and she returned to the waiting area. A number of handsome men and women in white uniforms admired her as she walked by. Her legs were absolutely gorgeous and her curvy buttocks undulated under the snug robe. Her 34 C breasts had a slight bounce to them as she walked.

Suzette waited only five minutes before a very handsome young man greeted her, “Madam Du Bois, I am Enzo your masseur for today”

“Pleased to meet you Enzo, please call me Suzette.”

“As you wish Madam, I mean Suzette. Please follow me.”

Suzette stood up and followed Enzo to a private room. There was a massage table and a cart with a number of oils and towels on it.

“Please lay on the table. There is a towel there for you to cover yourself. I will return in a few minutes giving you time to get comfortable.”

Enzo left the room and Suzette hung up her robe and lay face down on the massage table. She covered her bottom with the towel and placed her head on the folded towel on the table. Enzo returned and took some oil from the cart. He began with her neck and shoulders and Suzette loved the feel of his hands on her body. She could feel the strength in his fingers but he was so gentle it was soothing. It was the first time since her marriage that any other man had touched her bare skin.

His hands moved down her back and massaged the fragrant oil into her lovely body. Enzo didn’t know how much she knew about the additional services offered at the Spa as it was her first time there. He decided he would excite her as much as possible without making his intentions known. She would have to be the one to request more than the massage. As he massaged her lower back he admired her shapely body. He was dying to get a look at her curvy ass under the towel but he didn’t dare remove it.

Suzette had her head turned to the side and she had a dreamy look on her face as she was totally relaxed. Enzo moved to the end of the table and massaged her feet and calves. Slowly he worked his way up to the back of her knees and then onto to her thighs. He was careful not to let his hands stray under the towel although he would have loved to massage her buttocks. His hands on this beautiful young woman had stirred his loins and he had a sizeable erection that was obvious in his pants. He purposely walked by her face so that she could see the outline of his stiff cock through the material.

“I am going to turn my back now so that you can turn over.”

Suzette watched as he turned his back toward her and she quickly rolled over pulling the towel over her breast and pubes. It was barely long enough to afford her some modesty. She had not missed the bulge in Enzo’s pants and she wondered just how big he was. She told him that it was alright to turn around. He returned to her head and massaged her just above her breasts. Suzette felt her nipples stiffen and she wondered if they were visible through the towel. Indeed they were and Enzo took notice of her state.

He moved to the side of the table and massaged on leg at a time. When he lifted her leg she was sure that he could see under the towel but she didn’t protest. By the time he finished massaging her second leg. Her pussy was on fire and dripping wet. Enzo knew that he had gotten to her and he was pleased with her response.

“The massage is finished but it seems that your pussy is very wet. Would you like me to take care of it for you?” Enzo asked in a sexy voice.

Suzette was so aroused that she just closed her eyes and nodded affirmatively. “I know just the thing,” he said and she watched as he took out a vibrator. It was as long as his forearm and had a large soft head on the end. Enzo plugged it in and Suzette heard the soft whir as he approached her.

Enzo slipped the vibrator head under the towel and between her legs. Suzette felt the soft head probed her pussy and vibrate against her clit. Suzette felt somewhat secure with the towel still covering her body. She kept her eyes closed as he held the device firmly against her. She knew that she was close to cumming as her body tingled all over. Then without warning she yelped and sat up as an orgasm snuck up on her. Suzette quickly lay back down and pulled the towel over her but not before Enzo got a look of her lovely breasts.

She had never been with another man since her marriage but she was so turned on she gave in to her desires. Enzo reached under the towel and stroked her Vulva outer lips. Suzette could feel her juices flowing and she bolted when he touched her hooded clit. He stuck one thick finger into her twat and with his other hand he tweaked her erect clit under the towel. Suzette went bonkers and came again but Enzo did not stop and he brought her to multiple orgasms with his fingers.

“My time is up. You can put on your robe and Bridget will come to get you for your facial. Perhaps I will see you again and we will have a longer session.”

Suzette was afraid to move and she just nodded her agreement. Enzo left her in the room and she quickly got up and put on the robe. Waiting for Bridget, she thought about what happened. She knew that if Enzo pushed it further that she would have given herself to him. Still she had orgasmed and she felt wonderful. She knew that before that she would book another appointment with Enzo.

Bridget came and led Suzette into another area where she had a facial. Next it was the pedicure and while her toe nails dried she had a manicure. By the time she left the spa she felt rejuvenated and satisfied. She booked another massage with Enzo for the following week. On her ride back to the house she kept thinking about Enzo’s big cock and she wondered if she would have the nerve to have intercourse with him given the opportunity.


Suzette’s maid Clarisse was suspicious of her employer when Suzette booked another massage appointment so soon. Clarisse had heard rumors about the spa and that anyone of any sexual persuasion could receive special favors there. She wondered if Suzette was seeing a masseur or a masseuse. If only Suzette would seek out Clarisse’s charms she would be glad to provide her boss with the pleasures she craved. Clarisse knew that Suzette was not receiving the needed attention from her husband.

A week later Suzette was face down on the massage table waiting for Enzo. This time she had booked a two hour massage and it was clear what she had in mind. As she waited she wondered how she would react. Is this what she wanted? Would she accept his advances? Would she allow him to make love to her? Her questions would soon be answered and any doubts she had would be erased.

Enzo entered the room and smiled at Suzette as he covered his hands with body oil. Just as she had the first time, Suzette felt his strong hands on her shoulders and back as he went deep into her body. Suzette just cooed as Enzo rubbed her body all over from her head to her ankles. He told Suzette it was time to turn over and she held the towel tightly to her body as she did. She lay on her back with towel covering her breasts and her vagina as Enzo worked on the front of her body. Suzette was getting hotter and hotter as Enzo’s hand moved all over her and she felt her loins stir and her pussy throb. He had led her up to that state by teasing her as he massaged her inner thighs and allowing his hands to bush her sensitive pussy.

“Suzette my dear it seems that your pussy is very wet again. Would you like me to take care of it for you like I did the last time?” Enzo asked in a sexy voice.

Suzette was so aroused that she just closed her eyes and nodded affirmatively. “You like the vibrator, no but yes I know you do. Just like the last time, it got you so wet,” he said and she watched as he brought out the vibrator he used previously. Enzo plugged it in and Suzette squirmed on the table when she heard the soft whir.

As he had done the first time, Enzo slipped the vibrator head under the towel and between her legs. Once again Suzette felt the soft head probed her pussy and vibrate against her clit. She thought to herself, “I need to get one of these.” She kept her eyes closed as he held the device firmly against her. She knew that she would cum quickly as her body tingled all over. As he had done the last time, Enzo reached under the towel and stroked her Vulva outer lips. Suzette could feel her juices flowing and she moaned softly when he removed the towel from her body. Enzo grinned at her and ran his tongue up the length of her cunt. Suzette’s body tingled and she shivered with desire. Enzo licked her a few more times and he had her close to another orgasm when he stopped. Suzette reached for his head but he was out of range and she was confused by his actions.

Enzo removed his white tee shirt and shorts as he said to her, “Suzette it is time for you to reciprocate as well.”

Enzo moved back toward her and she spotted his erect cock. It was a large cock and it looked ominous as he approached her. Enzo lay on the massage table with her so that his cock was beside her face and his face was aligned with her pussy. Suzette knew she was expected to take his cock in her mouth. Enzo guided his cock to her mouth and then he resumed eating her pussy. Suzette adjusted to the thick cock in her mouth as she enjoyed Enzo’s skilled cunt licking.

Enzo was very sexually charged and he knew that he would cum quickly. He did not warn Suzette that he was going to cum but just as she was humping her hips into his face with her own orgasm, Enzo ejaculated into her mouth. Suzette was stunned with the first jolt of cum as it hit the back of her throat. She no sooner swallowed the first load then another load filled her mouth. This time Suzette swallowed but pulled her mouth off Enzo’s cock. The third volley hit her in the face and the fourth hit her neck and chest. Enzo moved her head back to his cock in a sign that he expected her to suck him dry. Suzette reluctantly opened her mouth again and sucked on his cock. Enzo had returned to eating her pussy and he brought her to another orgasm.

Suzette was embarrassed with her performance and for letting Enzo cum in her mouth. She was about to speak when he moved around the table and lifted her legs up to where her knees touched her chest exposing her pussy and asshole. Enzo began to lick her pussy once more and Suzette momentarily put aside her anger. He kept eating her toward another orgasm and then he shocked her by running his tongue across her asshole. He licked her from her asshole up over her pussy and then back again. Suzette discovered that she loved to be rimmed and she was excited by the act of having her ass licked. Enzo would dip his tongue into her pussy and into her asshole. He then fastened his mouth on Suzette’s twat as he slid a very oily finger into her asshole.

Suzette flinched with the intrusion of her ass. Enzo worked her pussy with his mouth and her asshole with his finger as Suzette adjusted to the anal invasion. Enzo then pushed the thumb from the same hand fingering her ass into her pussy and held her in a two finger grip. He continued to suck on her clit as he finger fucked her pussy and ass. Suzette was going crazy and her head was rolling from side to side in ecstasy. Just before Suzette came again Enzo removed his finger, thumb and mouth. Suzette frantically tried to get him back to her pussy but Enzo climbed back on the massage table and Suzette noticed that he was fully erect again. Enzo knelt between her raised legs and eased his thick cock into Suzette’s pussy.

Suzette thought, “Oh, he is going to fuck me. I shouldn’t let him fuck me but I want him to, I need him to.”

Suzette was too far gone and she let Enzo penetrate her hot pussy with his big dick. She moaned as he filled her cunt. Enzo rocked his body into her and kept his cock in constant contact with her clit. Suzette was crazy with desire and she was approaching a mind blowing orgasm. Suzette’s body went rigid and then exploded as she was overcome with the intensity of her climax. Her body seemed to go into convulsions and then slowed down until she finally collapsed.

Enzo pulled out of her and then rolled her over onto her stomach. He lifted her by the hips until her ass was level with his cock. Enzo slid his cock back into her pussy and slowly fucked her doggy style. Suzette turned her head to one side on the massage table and stared into the mirror on the wall. She couldn’t believe it was her as she looked at the woman in the mirror getting fucked by the muscular man. She watched as his big cock sawed in and out of her. Enzo was anxious to cum again but he wanted Suzette’s ass this time. She had an incredible ass and he was not going to be denied it at this point.

Enzo returned his attention to her ass. He kneaded her gorgeous ass cheeks and as he massaged her ass, he put an ample amount of oil on her asshole. Enzo began to probe her asshole first with one and then two fingers. Before long his fingers were moving easily in and out of Suzette’s thoroughly lubed asshole. He lifted Suzette up by her hips until her ass was in the air as she rested her head on the massage table. He positioned the head of his cock at the entrance to her ass. As he eased his cock into her forbidden hole he heard Suzette gasp and hold her breath. He assuredly told her to relax and that he would not hurt her.

Suzette struggled with her inner thoughts. She knew this was wrong but her ass seemed to overrule her sensibility. Ever since a bot in college fucked her ass the first time she subconsciously knew that she would eventually give it up again. Now that his cock was in her ass there was no turning back. As Enzo eased his cock into her ass the head cleared her sphincter and Suzette uttered an audible gasp.

It seemed to take hours before his entire cock was lodged deep in her ass. Enzo was so hot that he shot his load immediately when his cock was fully embedded in Suzette’s ass. Enzo stayed hard however as he always did as he knew that he could cum two, three and even four times without removing his cock from a woman’s asshole. Suzette felt the warm cum shoot into her rectum and it actually felt strangely good. She liked the soothing feel it gave her ravaged asshole but she felt unbelievably full. Enzo started to fuck her with long deliberate strokes as he admired her beautiful ass accepting his huge cock. Enzo stroked her marvelous ass cheeks and told her how good she looked in this position with his dick skewering her luscious ass.

Enzo felt another orgasm start down in his balls and rush up through his cock flooding Suzette’s rectum again. He came more than he expected and cum soon filled her asshole to overflowing and backed up coating his cock and running down the inside of her thighs. However Enzo was not done with Suzette and he continued fucking her tight ass. Her rectum held his cock tightly and Enzo felt as if he could stay hard forever in Suzette’s beautiful ass.

Enzo watched his cock saw in and out of her beautiful ass. Suzette had her head turned to the side of the massage table and she was gripping the sides with both hands as Enzo fondled her shapely buttocks and plowed into her. He did not cum again but he loved being in her beautiful ass. He kept slowly fucking her ass until his cock started to soften. Suzette’ ass involuntarily was milking his cock draining it of all his seed. When Enzo’s cock finally slipped from her asshole with an audible pop, his cum shot out and ran down the back of her legs and over her pussy. It looked like Suzette was cumming out of her ass. She collapsed face down on the table and Enzo stroked her buns lovingly as she lay quietly. Enzo was drained and he knew he had nothing left.

When Suzette recovered she realized that she was alone in the room. She gingerly moved her body off of the table and put on one of the robes supplied by the Spa. Suzette made her way to the shower in the locker room where she cleansed her body of all traces of male seed. She got dressed and paid the girl at the front desk.

“Do you wish to tip Enzo for his service?”

Suzette nodded her agreement and then the girl asked. “Should I book another appointment for you?”

“Not at this time, I will call you.”

Suzette left the spa and got into the car waiting for her. She couldn’t believe what she had done but she was more embarrassed than ashamed. She felt constipated and she was looking forward to a warm bath when she got home. It was the first time that she ever cheated on her husband but then again she didn’t feel like it was cheating. After all he was ignoring his beautiful wife who had sexual needs. When she arrived at the house she asked Clarisse to run a hot bath for her.


Clarisse ran the hot bath for her employer and added just the right amount of bath beads to soften the water. Suzette entered the bathroom naked and Clarisse felt her loins stir when she saw the beautiful Eurasian women. Clarisse loved looking at her with her magnificent body and long black hair. She wondered his Mr. Du Bois could keep his hands off of his lovely wife. Clarisse had a deep down passion to make love to Suzette but she was unsure of how to communicate that desire.

Suzette got into the oversized tub and let her body slither in the warm oily water. She rested her head on the back of the tub and let the water cover her entire body. It felt good to soak in the bath but she could still feel the sensation in her anus from having been stretched earlier. Clarisse came into the bathroom with fluffy towels and waited her next order.

“Clarisse, please bring me a glass of wine while I relax in the bath.”

“Right away, Madame,” Clarisse responded and left to get the wine.

Minutes later Clarisse returned with wine, “Is there anything else madame?”

“No thank you Clarisse. Please check on me in a few minutes and I will have you wash my back.”

“Yes Madame,” Clarisse replied hiding her excitement.

Fifteen minutes later Clarisse was kneeling alongside the tub washing Suzette’s back. Her hand trembled as she moved the sponge of the flawless skin. She wished that she could wash the rest of Suzette’s body. As she moved the sponge around she let it move to Suzette’s side and touch the side of her breasts. Suzette did not think anything of it but Clarisse was going mad with desire. She wanted to have Suzette lie back so that she could wash the perfect breasts. She wanted to plunge the sponge in between Suzette’s legs and over the vulva, but she dare not take those liberties.

“Thank you Clarisse,” Suzette said signaling that Clarisse could stop.

Suzette stood up and Clarisse wrap a large fluffy towel around her. Suzette smiled and looked into Clarisse’s eyes. She was sure that her maid had a wanton look on her face. Could it be that Clarisse desired her? Suzette dismissed the thought and step out of the tub. She dried off and asked Clarisse to lay out the velour lounge outfit. Suzette loved the feel of velour against her skin.

Clarisse did as she was told and then asked, “Is there anything else Madame?”

“No, not now thank you, I’m going to relax in the sitting room with my wine.”

Clarisse left her employer’s chamber and hurried to her room. She closed the door and flopped down on her bed. Raising her skirt she slipped her hand inside her panties and masturbated while fantasizing about her boss. She imagined Suzette succumbing to her advances and the two of them making love. Clarisse was very turned on and she came very quickly. She was going insane with desire and she had to figure a way to get to Suzette.

Several days passed before Suzette called for another appointment at the spa. She was disappointed to learn that they were booked for several days and that she would have to wait until Thursday. Clarisse heard the conversation and decided that she would make her move on Suzette.

“If Madame wishes, I could give her a massage.”

“Really Clarisse, I didn’t know you had those skills.”

“My former roommate and I used to give each other massages but that was while ago. I’m sure that I could make you feel good.”

“Well, yes, I would like that. Come with me to my chamber.”

Suzette selected the oil that she had purchased at the spa and handed it to Clarisse. Suzette than undressed and lay on her bed naked face down. She didn’t give her nudity a second thought as Clarisse had seen her naked many times. Clarisse began with Suzette’s shoulders and spent several minutes on them. Suzette loved the feel of her maid’s hands and she felt totally relaxed. Clarisse worked her way down Suzette’s back taking her time and massaging every inch of Suzette’s smooth skin. Suzette closed her eyes and cooed as the soft hands stimulated her body. Clarisse massaged Suzette’s lower back just above her buttocks. Much to her surprise, Suzette felt her body starting to heat up under woman’s touch.

Clarisse bypassed Suzette’s curvy bottom and moved to her shapely legs. She massaged the firm thighs and hamstrings thoroughly before reaching the back of the knees. Suzette was getting turned on but she restrained herself as she knew she had to do. She looked at Clarisse with interest suddenly and studied the maid’s beauty. Suzette had not paid much attention to her maid’s appearance in the past but now she assessed the pretty young woman. Clarisse had short light brown hair, brown eyes and a slender 33-26-34 figure. She had a darling face with a cute little nose that seemed to slope upward. Clarisse’s touch was incredible and Suzette learned that the back of her knees were very sensitive. No woman had touched her there before and the feeling was very erotic.

Suzette was a little disappointed that Clarisse moved to the calves but not for long. The maid knew her way around the female body and Suzette was soon at her mercy. Clarisse massaged the calves and then worked on Suzette’s feet. Suzette was getting so worked up that she thought she might cum just from the foot massage. Clarisse worked the bottom of the feet and then between the toes. She tugged slightly on the digits stretching the joints and relieving the tension.

“I’m ready for Madame to turn over now,” Clarisse said softly.

“Madame has beautiful breasts. Your entire body is beautiful,” Clarisse said admiring her employer.

“Thank you!” was all Suzette could manage to say.

Clarisse kneed the tendons around the neck and worked her hands down alongside of Suzette’s breasts. She never touched the breasts but massaged around them and under them. Suzette was ready to explode but she tried to maintain her composure. Clarisse noticed how swollen and extended Suzette’s nipples were and she had all she could do to refrain from touching them.

Clarisse continued her journey down Suzette’s body and massaged her abs before bypassing her pubes and moving on to her legs. She lifted on leg at a time on placed the foot on her shoulder. She massaged the entire leg working dangerously close toward Suzette’s vagina. Both women were struggling with their emotions as they both wanted to take it further but neither one made the next move.

Clarisse knew that she would be fired on the spot if she did anything inappropriate to her employer; particularly if Mr. Du Bois was to learn about it. Suzette was so hot that she wished that Clarisse would play with her or bury her face in her hot pussy. Suzette was also concerned that if she took the initiative and it upset her maid that there could be repercussions with Mr. Du Bois.

Clarisse lowered Suzette’s leg to the bed. “I am finished with the massage, would Madame like anything else?” Clarisse announced hoping that Suzette would request additional attention.

Suzette lay on her back with her body tingling and secretly wishing that Clarisse would throw caution to the wind and make love to her. “That was a wonderful massage, thank you Clarisse. That is all for now.”

Clarisse tidied up and then left Suzette naked on her bed. As soon as Clarisse left the room, Suzette’s hands went to her pussy and her breasts and she masturbated imagining that it was Clarisse making love to her. Down the hall in the maid’s quarters, Clarisse was fingering her pussy thinking about Suzette.


On Thursday, Suzette was on the massage table and Enzo had already dispensed of the towel. Suzette was moaning with pleasure from the massage that she was receiving from Enzo.

She was extremely turned on and Enzo wasted no time in getting to her pussy. He rolled Suzette over onto her back and massaged her firm tits with his oily hands. Next he slid his hands down her body and massaged her legs and thighs before finally moving to her pubes. Enzo rubbed Suzette’s vulva with his oil soaked hands and then he began to finger her pussy. Enzo pushed two fingers into Suzette’s pussy and then another finger into her asshole. Suzette moaned with the double intrusion which she had come to like. Enzo then pushed his middle finger into Suzette’s ass and his thumb into her pussy as he lowered his mouth to her cunt.

Suzette went wild and experienced her first orgasm of the day as Enzo fingered her holes and sucked her clit. Enzo was relentless and he caused Suzette to cum again before he slipped off his uniform and mounted her. He drove his big thick cock all the way into her sopping wet pussy with one thrust. Enzo fucked Suzette hard and fast causing her to cry out in ecstasy.

He rolled over pulling her with him and all the while he kept his cock buried in her pussy. Suzette was now on top of Enzo and he reached up and fondled and squeezed her lovely tits. He rolled her nipples in his fingers as he drove his cock up into her pussy. Suzette was out of control as she rode her lover’s cock. Just then a familiar figure entered the room totally naked and moved in front of Suzette. She knew that she was expected to pleasure him as well.

Suzette recognized the other masseur Anton and she managed a brief smile before instinctively taking his cock in her mouth. Enzo continued to fuck her from below and fondle her tits as she sucked on Anton’s cock. Then another nude young man entered the room unbeknown to Suzette. He was already erect and he thoroughly oiled his cock before climbing up on the massage table behind Suzette. Enzo held Suzette tightly pulling her down to his body and causing her ass to rise slightly. Anton held her head firmly between his hands as he fucked her face.

The young man aimed his cock at Suzette asshole and began to push in. Even though Suzette had her asshole oiled by Enzo’s finger and the masseur had lubed his cock, the fit in her ass was incredibly tight. Suzette realized what was happening to her and she tried to break free but Enzo and Anton held her securely in place. Suzette tried to protest verbally but her yells and screams were lost on Anton’s cock and her actions almost caused her to gag. The young man had about half of his cock in her when Suzette tossed her head from side to side.

Everyone had remained still until her ass was penetrated and now the three men picked up the pace again fucking Suzette in all three of her orifices. Suzette could only go with the flow and let them use her as they had intended. The three men had established a rhythm and their cocks were now gliding easily in and out of Suzette’s holes. The young man in her ass suddenly stiffened and fired a barrage of spunk into her rectum. She had never felt as full as her asshole was flooded with his seed. The warm liquid did feel somewhat soothing in her recently ravaged asshole.

The young man pulled his semi-hard cock from Suzette’s ass and she could feel the cool air of the room touch her anus. She also felt his cum trickle out of her ass and run down between her thighs onto Enzo’s big balls. Suzette had just started to relax and focus on the two cocks in her pussy and mouth when she felt another cock at her asshole.

“Not again,” she thought to herself.

Once again Enzo and Anton held her securely as another cock was pushed into her ass this one a little longer and thicker than the previous one. Once again her rectum was stretched to accommodate to the new intrusion and once again Suzette experienced the same feelings; bloating and cramping and then the feeling of fullness. The three men again established their rhythm and worked Suzette’s body. This time she felt Enzo stiffen and shoot his load into her pussy and right after him the masseur in her ass ejaculated. Her holes were flooded and drenched with male seed and as she felt the hot spunk flowing into her holes Anton caught her off guard and came in her mouth.

Suzette couldn’t believe all the sperm that filled her holes she seemed to be swimming in it. As the bodies untangled a fresh cock entered Suzette’s pussy and soon another entered her mouth. Then a third cock entered her asshole. Suzette’s body was consumed with lust and she just allowed herself to be manhandled and used for pleasure. She seemed to have a continuous string of orgasms and she was consumed in her own pleasures.

Enzo re-entered the room and got on the massage table. Suzette was lying face down with cum still oozing out of her ass and pussy. Enzo lifted the almost lifeless Suzette up by her hips until her asshole was level with his hard cock. Suzette kept her face down on the table and turned to one side watching herself in the mirror. Enzo slowly slid his thick cock into Suzette’s well used asshole. Suzette just emitted a low moan as she felt Enzo’s thick cock enter her ass. Suzette had lost track of how many cocks had fucked her that day and how many that had been in her ass. All she knew was that she had been repeatedly stretched more and more each time she was butt fucked.

Now she felt Enzo stretch her even further as he sank his cock all the way into her ass. He then began to fuck her slowly watching his cock chamber and re-chamber in and out of her shapely bottom. Enzo stroked in and out a few more times before he felt his orgasm build in his balls. One deep thrust and then he flooded Suzette’s ass with another huge load of cum that mingled with the numerous loads that previously filled her ass. Suzette watched in the mirror as if she was in a trance as the big cock filled her ass. Enzo pulled his softening cock from Suzette’s ass and he watched as his seed ran out of her enlarged anus. Suzette squeezed her muscles as if she were trying to poop and forced more cum out of her anal channel. Suzette slumped on the massage table and Enzo left the room.

She was exhausted and sexually sated. It took every bit of energy to get up and go to the locker room to shower and dress. She nodded goodbye to the receptionist as she left the spa and located her driver. On the ride home, she felt ashamed at her total debauchery. How could Enzo set her up like that? Just a few days ago she swallowed cum for the first time and today she not only swallowed more cum but had been repeatedly ass fucked. She still couldn’t believe that she had numerous cocks in her ass. Suzette was somewhat turned on when they shot in her ass. She remembered enjoying Enzo’s big cock in her ass and how good it felt when he ejaculated and filled her rectal passage with hot cum. She could still recall how his cock pulsed in her ass as he shot stream after stream into her canal. Suzette may have been ashamed initially but now she was determined to make another appointment.


Clarisse could not stand the suspense any longer and she asked her employer about the trips to the spa. “Madame, you have been going to the spa frequently lately. I know it is none of my concern but I wonder if you are going there for sexual pleasure. I have heard my rumors about the spa.”

Suzette at first blushed but then she confided in her maid. “You have found me out Clarisse but please don’t ever mention anything to Mr. Du Bois. I had been so starved for sexual pleasure that I investigated the spa. I have been having sex with several of the masseurs there and it has been very gratifying.”

“Have you been with a masseuse Madame?”

“No you are the only woman to have ever touched me.”

“If Madame wishes I can massage her at home and also provide her with sexual pleasures. I have some items that you may enjoy.”

Suzette contemplated her maid’s offer and she decided to accept. She had never been with a woman and Clarisse was so pretty that she was willing to experiment. Suzette was still naked under her robe as she had recently bathed and had not gotten dressed yet.

“Come to my bedroom, Clarisse.” Suzette lost the robe quickly and flopped down on the bed face down. “Take off your clothes too.”

Clarisse stripped off her massage uniform so that they were both naked. She covered the Eurasian beauty with oil and went to work on her gorgeous body. Clarisse quickly finished with Suzette’s back and legs and then she moved to Suzette’s ass, Clarisse loved massaging Suzette’s ass and playing with her anus. Suzette had a beautiful ass and it stuck up so nicely when she was face down. Over the past few weeks, Suzette had become accustomed to having attention paid to her buttocks and it was an extreme turn on for her.

It was time for her to turn over so that Clarisse could work on the front of Suzette’s body. Suzette was incredibly turned on and her nipples stood out from her tits. Clarisse smiled at Suzette and began the frontal massage. By the time Clarisse had finished massaging Suzette’s legs, abs, tits and pubes, Suzette was as close to an orgasm as possible. Clarisse then began to plant tender light kisses on Suzette’s breasts and she soon had Suzette squirming with desire. Clarisse took each nipple in her mouth one at a time and gently nibbled it between her teeth. Electric shocks ran through Suzette’s body. Clarisse took her time and spent a long time on Suzette’s tits and nipples before making her descent.

Clarisse then pushed Suzette’s legs apart and kissed her inner thighs. She made her way up Suzette’s inner thighs toward her dripping wet pussy. Suzette knew that Clarisse was going to eat her and she clenched her hands in fists in anticipation. Clarisse lay down with Suzette on the bed and their bodies came together. Suzette’s breathing became shallow and her moans became loudly audible. As Clarisse’s tongue circled Suzette’s right nipple she became increasingly aware that it was not going to take much to make her cum. Suzette felt Clarisse’s fingers stroke her wet mound locating her puffy pussy and then found their way inside her. She moved her legs further apart trying to help and soon Clarisse was fingering Suzette with soft, slow, tender probes.

Suzette couldn’t take it any longer, she gently pushed Clarisse’s head down and Clarisse nestled between Suzette’s legs. Clarisse used her hands to slowly open Suzette’s legs and placed Suzette’s thighs on her shoulders. With one finger Clarisse traced the soft outer lips of Suzette’s swollen pussy lips and applied gentle pressure spreading them open even further. Suzette felt the familiar butterflies in her stomach as she gazed upon the sight of her moist cunt lips inviting Clarisse’s invasion. She put more fingers inside Suzette and caressed her inner walls while the thumb positioned itself on the tip of Suzette’s swelling clit and lightly tickled it back and forth.

Clarisse moved herself slowly up Suzette’s body as she continued to finger fuck the pussy she kissed and licked her way to her tits. Clarisse took turns holding each nipple between her soft lips sucking and flicking at Suzette’s hard nipples. Suzette in response reached for Clarisse’s breasts and felt her hard nipples across her palms as she stroked them. It was the first time she ever touched another woman. Suzette pinched and rolled Clarisse’s nipples between her fingers while Clarisse tongued Suzette’s breasts. Clarisse whispered to Suzette that she had to have her and then kissed her passionately. They moaned into each other’s mouth as Clarisse’s fingers and thumb tickled Suzette’s swollen clit. Suzette could feel the wetness of Clarisse’s pussy saturating her thigh.

Clarisse broke off their kiss and smiled at her before descending toward Suzette’s aching pussy. As she reached Suzette’s wet mound she separated the lips fully opening her pink moistness and then Clarisse herself groaned with anticipated pleasure. The tip of her tongue touched Suzette’s center and her sweet liquid gushed into Clarisse’s mouth. She was prepared for the quick release and she licked at the silky lips, losing herself in the feeling of Suzette’s beautiful hot body. She flattened her tongue and stroked Suzette’s center up and down firmly enough that Suzette could feel it on her clit. Clarisse drove Suzette mad as the swollen clit twitched and ached for more attention. Suzette arched her back and pulled Clarisse’s head to her mound trying to shove her engorged clit into Clarisse’s mouth. Clarisse wrapped her lips around Suzette’s swollen button and sucked it. Suzette gasped as Clarisse’s lips sucked her clit in further and further causing a strong tremor to run through her whole body.

Her hips lifted off of the bed as Clarisse sucked on the clit flicking it back and forth as her fingers probed deep inside Suzette. Clarisse worked her fingers in and out slowly at first and then with more intensity as her tongue firmly, methodically pressed again and again against Suzette’s erect clit, which was now totally exposed from its hood. At this point Suzette’s groans became very loud, her body was rocked with her second orgasm and she ground her pussy into Clarisse’s face which was totally covered with Suzette’s sweet love juices.

Clarisse located Suzette’s G-spot as she continued to lap at the hard clit. Suzette’s body convulsed with one orgasm after another. Slowly Suzette relaxed after the last of one of the most intense climaxes she ever had. She lay back on the bed as Clarisse moved up to her lips and covered them with her mouth, kissing Suzette tenderly, deeply and letting her tongue slip past Suzette’s lips so she could taste herself. Suzette kissed Clarisse eagerly in return, loving the sweet taste of her own pussy. They lay on the bed cradled in one other’s arms without saying a word savoring the feel of a woman’s body in each other’s arms.

“You know Suzette it is going to be very difficult for me to keep from playing with your ass.” Clarisse said and then, “But I am sure that you know why. It is so perfectly shaped it is difficult for me to keep from touching you and grabbing your delicious ass.”

“I know, the men at the spa cannot leave my ass alone,” Suzette crooned.

Clarisse noticed that Suzette trembled a little and that goose bumps appeared on her body. She took that as a sign of encouragement so she had Suzette kneel up on the bed. Clarisse then moved behind Suzette and began to tongue her nether hole. Clarisse got Suzette’s asshole wet with her tongue and then inserted a lubricated finger into the opening of her ass. Clarisse pressed her finger in Suzette’s sphincter and let it slide in up to the knuckle causing Suzette to shiver and groan. Clarisse removed her finger and then she spat into Suzette’s ass allowing her saliva to moisten her further. Clarisse dipped her tongue back into Suzette’s bung hole and Suzette almost came again with the eroticism of the moment. Clarisse alternated between eating Suzette’s ass and finger fucking it. Clarisse’s fingers now slid easily in and out of Suzette’s hot asshole.

Suzette was on the bed on all fours with her beautiful ass pointed in the air. Clarisse left the room briefly to get her toys. She began with a jar of lube and a string of beads. Clarisse applied the lubricant to Suzette’s asshole and Suzette felt the soothing cool lube coat her rectum. The Clarisse began to insert the anal beads into Suzette’s ass one at a time. Suzette unable to talk, allowed Clarisse to have her way with her. One by one Clarisse pushed the beads into Suzette’s ass until all six of them were buried in her rectum.

“Are you okay?” Clarisse asked.

Suzette nodded that she was okay. Suzette only felt the fullness in her ass from the anal beads as they were clearly thicker than Clarisse’s finger but not as thick as the cocks that had been there. Clarisse massaged Suzette’s beautiful ass cheeks and reached between Suzette’s legs to diddle her clit. Suzette felt herself getting hot again and she felt the onslaught of another orgasm.

Clarisse sensed it too and she rolled Suzette over on her back. Clarisse then got between Suzette’s legs and placed her mouth on Suzette’s pussy. Clarisse placed Suzette’s thighs on her shoulders giving her complete access to Suzette’s cunt. Clarisse knew about female orgasms and she went to work on Suzette’s clit and G-spot. Clarisse ate Suzette with a passion as she rubbed the G-spot trying for a simultaneous clitoral and vaginal orgasm. Clarisse felt Suzette start to tense as her orgasm built within her. Suzette groaned as she tightened her thighs around Clarisse’s neck as the first wave rocked her body. As Suzette began to cum, Clarisse pulled gently on the anal beads so that they popped out of Suzette’s ass one at a time.

Suzette had never felt anything like it and she seemed to cum as each bead cleared her sphincter. Her body went into spasm and jerked like never before. She was overcome with the lust of the moment as it seemed she would cum forever. Clarisse kept her mouth glued to Suzette’s pussy throughout her orgasms and sucked every drop of Suzette’s nectar into her mouth. Suzette finally collapsed on the table her body spent and incapable of any more movement. The sensation in Suzette’s ass felt as if the anal beads were still in her but she knew Clarisse had pulled them out of her.

“I have never cum with a woman before today,” Suzette said, finally able to talk.

“This will be a little bigger than the beads. It will stay in you easier,” Clarisse showed her the anal plug.

Clarisse then inserted the head of an anal plug into Suzette’s ass. Once it cleared Suzette’s sphincter it settled in her ass and Clarisse left it there. Clarisse then put on one of the strap-on dildos and put it in Suzette’s pussy. Suzette was as full as she had been at the spa with the two fake members in her. Clarisse began to fuck Suzette from behind and as she did she hit the anal plug in Suzette’s asshole. Suzette needed to feel the fake cock on her clit; she had to get on her back.

Suzette cried out to Clarisse, “Let me turn over,” Suzette pleaded.

Suzette rolled over onto her back. Clarisse pushed the fake cock back into Suzette’s pussy and reached up and cupped Suzette’s breasts. As Clarisse caressed Suzette’s beautiful firm tits and tweaked hard nipples, she picked up the pace fucking Suzette’s pussy. Suzette could feel the dildo in her pussy rubbing against the butt plug in her ass as she recalled what it was like to be fucked by two cocks at once. Suzette was going wild as she had never been so turned on as she was at that moment.

Suzette could feel another orgasm building within her as Clarisse pounded her pussy with her fake cock. Clarisse was panting as the nub on the dildo rubbed against her clit and she too was close to cumming. The two beauties frantically humped their bodies at each other and then they both exploded with an intense orgasm. Clarisse collapsed on top of Suzette and their breasts were crushed together. Clarisse reached under Suzette and pulled the butt plug out of Suzette’s ass. Suzette’s body jerked with another spasm as the plug left her asshole with a loud pop.

“Oh my God, you are going to wear me out. I can’t remember when I have cum so much and so often,” Suzette confessed and then she requested, “Let me do something for you now. Teach me to make love to you.”

Suzette thought that they had to be the hottest sight ever with the two of them connected with the rubber cock. Clarisse got fucked by Suzette who loved the feeling of power she felt with the strap-on attached to her body as she fucked Clarisse’s pussy. The two of them fucked and sucked each other until they were totally drained. It was well past lunch time when they were finally done with each other.

“I will run a bath for us,” Clarisse whispered.

Suzette heard the word, “us,” and she knew that she and Clarisse would be bathing together. She was pleased that Clarisse had made her intentions known and they would have many more loving encounters together. Suzette would still visit the spa as she still relished the sensation of semen shooting into her body. She would no longer be frustrated with the absence of sex in her life. She would remain discreet and only Clarisse would share her secret.

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