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Boating Fun

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Captain Andy had three passengers for this trip. Captain might sound a fancy title for a man with only a small motor yacht, but what the hell? He owned and drove it and that made him captain in his books. Or in his boat, anyway.

Andy was in the mid-twenties, tanned, not un-handsome, affable and an extrovert. He seemed to get on with everyone he met, which is a useful talent for someone who hires out his boat for day cruises. He had a lot of repeat customers.

Today he only had a small party, consisting of Mike and Denise, who were husband and wife, and Ronny, a friend of theirs. Mike and Ronny intended to do some scuba diving out along the reef, while Denise was just going to relax on board and soak up some sun.

Almost as soon as they had departed, Denise had stripped down to a bikini and staked out a spot at the bow, where she began her worship the sun ritual, lying down and gathering a tan.

Mike and Ronny, meanwhile, had donned their scuba gear and were prepared to dive as soon as they reached the designated site. Arriving as near the reef as Andy was prepared to go, Andy dropped an anchor to hold them steady and tossed out a ‘divers below’ buoy.

Checking the scuba gear, Andy confirmed that as far as was concerned everything was OK. They both had full tanks, were repeat customers and knew the rules. They intended to make several dives that day, with the first one being for approximately thirty minutes, followed up by other dives further down the reef.

Denise came up to watch the men drop off, curious to see them in action.

“How about it, Denise?” asked Andy. “Will you be taking a dive with them later?”

“Not me,” laughed Denise. “If I swim, it’s on top of the water, not down with the fish.”

Mike grinned. “I’ve been after her to try it for ages,” he said. “This is the first time she’s agreed to come and watch. One step at a time.”

Mike and Ronny dropped off, sinking swiftly then pausing about ten feet down, to do a final check of their equipment. Turning, they started towards the reef.

Denise leaned against the railing watching, the limpid water giving her an excellent view of the two men as they swam away. She didn’t even notice that Andy had stepped up behind her until she felt her bikini bottom sliding down.

Startled, she tried to stand up and move away from the rail, but found herself pinned against it. She hadn’t noticed until then just how big Andy was.

“Stop it,” she snapped. “Just what do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m getting ready to entertain a client who’s been left deserted by her companions,” said Andy, a laugh in his voice. “I thought you might like some exercise before going back to your sunbathing. You might also like to try your hand at some fishing later, while waiting for Mike and Ronny to return.”

Denise could feel Andy rubbing her bottom. Her now bare bottom. And his hand was sliding further around and touching other places that it shouldn’t.

“That will be quite enough of that, thank you very much,” Denise said firmly. “In case you’ve forgotten, I’m married, and my husband is just there.”

“Yes, I can see him, but I think you’ll find he can’t see us too well. Water distortion and the rail and such. You’re pretty well hidden from his view.”

To Denise’s consternation, it was no longer just Andy’s hand that was rubbing her bottom. It had been joined by another part of Andy’s anatomy, one that she would much rather was not suddenly running loose.

“This is not, funny,” she told him. “Stop it right now.”

“I don’t think so,” came Andy’s laconic reply. “We’re just getting started.”

Andy shifted the position of his erection so that it was no longer pressing between Denise’s cheeks. Now it was pressing between her legs, and she could feel the hard length of it rubbing against her lips, encouraging them to move apart and let him access her slit.

With feelings of fury, frustration and, although unwanted, a touch of excitement, Denise looked down into the water and the retreating figures of Mike and Ronny.

“Damn you,” she thought. “You brought me here and left me with a sex maniac and I can’t even call to you, even though you’re only about yards away.”

Hope leapt as Denise saw Mike roll over and look towards the boat. She waved frantically, trying to indicate he should return, only to have hope roll over and die as Mike waved leisurely back to her before rolling back over and continuing, in the wrong direction.

Denise tried to struggle against Andy, but found she had no leverage, no room to hit at him, nothing. She was pressed tight against the rail and he was going to do what he wanted.

Ceasing to struggle, Denise relaxed against the rail. Or relaxed as much as any girl could, when she was about to receive a length of unrequested cock. She cursed under her breath, swearing at that idiot who was calmly swimming away without even noticing what Andy was doing, as much as she was swearing at Andy.

She could feel Andy pressing firmly against her pussy, and knew that it was only going to be a matter of moments before he was pressing inside it.

Andy grinned, feeling Denise relax a little, resigned to what was coming.

“Why don’t you cross your arms on the top rail and lean your head on them. “That way you can be more comfortable as you watch Mike as he swims away.”

Seeing no alternative but to do as directed, Denise obeyed. She immediately found out the reason for the request when Andy drew her bottom away from the rail, leaving her bent over, arms and head resting on the rail.

This she promptly found, gave Andy two advantages, and she’d been goose enough to give them to him. Bent over like that, Andy had a much better access to her pussy, and his cock indicated its appreciation of the situation by promptly taking up residence, in tune to an indignant squeal from Denise. The other thing was that Andy could untie her bra and let her breasts hang loose, which he did and which they did, whereupon Andy promptly reached around her and captured them.

If she’d remained standing, Denise mused, and Andy had loosened her top, Mike might have turned and seen and returned. Now, no such luck. She’d effectively offered her breasts as playthings for Andy, and he was not averse to playing it seemed.

Denise groaned. She was, to put it colloquially, fucked. Figuratively at that point, but becoming literal as Andy started moving within her.

She could feel Andy pressing slowly but firmly against her while his hands slowly squeezed her breasts. Denise could feel herself pressing back against Andy, moving her buttocks slightly to give Andy a smoother passage in. She could feel the heat and excitement rising within her, burning its way into her consciousness, and through it all she could feel Andy’s cock inside her, filling her, insisting that she notice it.

How could she not notice it, she wondered, feeling it slithering deeply into her and then slowly backing out, before turning around and charging forward again.

Denise squealed and cursed with every thrust, but this did not stop her from moving her hips in unison with Andy, cooperating reluctantly, but cooperating nonetheless, and enjoying what was being done to her.

Andy pressed home firmly against Denise, enjoying the feel of her hips moving in accord with his own, while alternate squeezes on her firm young breasts helped him to give her the rhythm, pressure on her right breast as he thrust forward switching to pressure on her left breast as he withdrew.

Andy laughed softly as he listened to Denise squealing and cursing as he battered her pussy. He could hear subtle changes, with squeals changing from anger to pleasure and the cursing from abuse to a plea. Like it or not, Denise was definitely missing in action, needing him and wanting him. Andy was only too willing to comply.

Denise was now totally lost. Even if Mike had reared up out of the water next to her, she would have ignored him, concentrating on the fire being built within her. Thought had gone, and instinct had taken over, and instinct was telling her to accept Andy’s cock, ride it, take what you can from it.

She could vaguely hear herself gasping, and the heat was rising, while more warmth was spreading out from her breasts where Andy was insistently tormenting them. She knew when the heat from the two points met and merged that she would catch fire, but she didn’t care. She just wanted to continue impaling herself against that long thick rod that was dominating her.

Andy could sense that the end was near, and started to prepare himself. His strokes became shorter and more frantic as he felt his climax building, and then he came, ejaculating deep into Denise, the hot splash igniting the bonfire that had threatened her, and she screamed and bucked with the agony of her release.

A little while later Andy leaned against Denise and spoke.

“Can you swim?” he asked. “Not just dog paddle, but really swim?”

“Yes, why?” asked Denise.

“Because we’re going swimming,” Andy said, picking her up and tossing her over the rail, diving in next to her.

Bobbing in the water next to Denise, Andy laughed at the consternation on her face.

“It’s a quick way to wash the sweat off after some exercise,” he told her, his voice bland. “There’s a ladder at the stern that you can use to get back on board.”

Andy did a little duck dive and swam towards the ladder, followed by Denise.

“Do you want to try some fishing now or some more sunbathing?” inquired Andy. “If you’re going to sunbathe, may I suggest that you do it the way you are now? You’ll hear when Mike and Ronny return and you’ll have plenty of time to put on your bikini.”

Denise ignored him, stalking towards the bow, grabbing her bikini as she passed it.

Andy got out a rod, smiling. He’d noticed that Denise was rubbing sun-cream on her breasts and other potentially sensitive areas, preparing to get an all-over tan.

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