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Breaking Mistress Dana

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Mistress Sarah’s guiding hand brought Dana through the bustling corridors of the club underground. Tonight it was seething with activity as the employees prepared for tonight’s big show.

Dana watched, amazed, at the energy and the dedication of Mistress Sarah’s slaves and subsidiary dommes. It was like a leather and latex anthill, whose slim little queen was even now pulling her along towards the main chamber where tonight’s show would be.

They pushed through one final set of broad, heavy metal doors, and they were there.

The room was huge and concrete, the size of a basketball court, adorned with huge screens and cameras to capture every action and every angle. The raised pedestal in the middle of the room was stained in a way that suggested the markings were intentional… like a workman’s bench, like a sacrificial altar. Slaves were even now setting up luxurious chairs and couches around it, and a few others had set tall metal poles upright on the pedestal to chain tonight’s slut where everyone could see her.

Could see the slut, thought Mistress Dana, and her. The whole room would be focused on her, and she would be the center of attention as she took this mysterious reluctant slut and broke her will repeatedly over and over, all night if she had to, until no one had any question that Mistress Dana was the new queen of this city.

Watching Sarah’s ass as she bustled about, adjusting chairs, shouting at slaves to make sure everything was perfect, Dana mused on the fact that something would have to be done with the old queen… she had a few ideas, in fact, some leather and steel and screams that would be perfect for one so young and so beautiful.

Someday, Dana thought with a near-delirious pride, this would all be hers.

She was broken out of her reverie by Sarah’s high pitched “WHAT?” and an echoing slap.

“What’s wrong?” Dana asked, rushing to her side.

“Forgive me mistresses,” the slave stuttered, his hand delicately against the reddening handprint on his face. “It’s just that the fitted catsuit… well, it’s not ready, we needed to finish the wiring, and our slut is late… she’s caught in traffic and likely won’t be here until right before the party starts. We need time to calibrate the mikes and such, Mistress. We’re going to have to delay.”

Tears of helpless anger started from Sarah’s face… a mercurial little bitch, mused Dana to herself. “No! I won’t have this be any less than perfect! This is my- is Dana’s show, and nothing gets in the way of that!” She stomped petulantly.

Then suddenly, she turned to Dana. “Dana! What bra size are you?”

A little taken aback, Dana answered. “36B… Why?”

Suddenly Sarah was hugging her close, and Dana could feel her wet little tears against her cheeks, already forgotten. “That’s perfect! You’re built just right!”


“You’ll fit into the suit! If you’ll just try it on, we can get going again! Thank you Dana!”

Dana did not like where this was going.

“Please Dana! It’s too big for me but you’ll fit perfectly… if you don’t do this it’ll all fall apart, I’ll have to postpone your party after all the work I put into it!”

“You’ve gotta be kidding me, Sarah! I’m not going to put on that slut’s costume and be showed off like that!” Dana’s eyes roved over the catsuit with the holes to allow access to breasts, ass, and pussy, the high ballet boots, the black leather armbinder with the rising series of locks almost like piercings, shining silver in the bright blue light from the screens.

“Please Dana!” The waterworks were back on. Sarah’s broad brown eyes were full of tears and her pale little hands were on Dana’s, pleadingly soft, grasping at her for mercy.

“Sarah…” Dana stared at the latex and leather, unbelieving. How could this fellow mistress ask this of her?

However, this was an emergency. And something about the gleaming material was oddly compelling…

“Please Dana…” Sarah was whispering now. “Put it on, and tomorrow, I’ll put it on for you…”

Not believing that her goal could be attained, at least in part, so easily, Dana stared into Sarah’s dark brown eyes. “Are you serious?”

“Yes,” Sarah whispered. “Please, Mistress Dana…”

She needed no more encouragement. Shrugging off the younger woman’s desperate embrace she strode to the platform and stepped up to the slaves assembling the uniform. In a few easy steps she stripped naked, feeling the admiring eyes dancing over her (one particular set of doelike brown ones setting her tingling between her thighs.).

She felt Sarah’s hands on her back. “Let me help,” the younger mistress said.

The red latex slid over her smoothly and evenly, the skilled hands of the slaves adjusting, soothing, perfecting. It truly was an amazing fit, the material clinging and taut, exaggerating Dana’s curves as it revealed her most sacred places with large vents that exposed her firm, proud breasts, her pert ass, and her smooth pink cunt.

Sarah helped guide Dana’s elegant, slender foot into the high black ballet boot, lacing it up rapidly with the help of a slave, then slipped the black leather corset around Dana’s waist and laced it tight with rapid, familiar motions. Dana felt the tightening of the material with an unfamiliar, uncomfortable thrill that shot down through her belly and coiled around the heat between her legs; she was in the hands of a true professional and she knew it.

For the first time, she began to doubt that she would own this girl. Their eyes met for an instant as Sarah finished the lacing and she saw something there; something familiar and terrifying.

It was familiar because it was something Dana had in herself, a darkness and bruality, it was terrifying because it outmatched hers a thousandfold; it bloomed in cruel depths like nothing she had ever imagined, a black rose in the dungeon of the world.

The moment was broken with a loud, echoing click.

Dana jumped. “What was THAT?” she cried.

Sarah smiled soothingly. “Don’t worry, don’t worry… I’m just putting the locks on, they’re not locked, don’t worry!” Sarah ran her hand calmingly down Dana’s cheek. “It’s just for realism’s sake, this is a…” her eyes wandered south to Dana’s exposed pussy and for the first time Dana realized that whatever the reason, this was really happening; she was really onstage with this beautiful young dominatrix in front of her, and she really was getting wetter and wetter every second- “dry run, isn’t it?”

The end of the sentence took Mistress Dana completely by surprise. “Huh? Oh, right. Yes, I guess it has to be this way.”

A slave- one she didn’t recognize, a tall, handsome man with blue eyes and short-cropped dark hair, with brutal features and a smile that didn’t seem to belong on a submissive’s face- was kneeling in front of her, adjusting the tops of the thighs of the catsuit so that the opening properly framed her pussy. She felt his fingers brush her somewhere very impertinent indeed and she looked down to snap at him- only to find him looking up at her, grinning broadly.

He knew she was wet, she realized.

Then with growing horror she watched as he dipped one elegant finger between her folds, knowing she wouldn’t say anything to humiliate herself by admitting her arousal in front of Mistress Sarah, and then licked it clean.

She was so furious that she could barely breathe; and she was so wet she could barely breathe without sighing, couldn’t speak without moaning.

He winked and walked away. Wordlessly she strove to remember his face for some sort of catastrophic revenge- but the throbbing twisting heat between her legs made the effort academic.

Suddenly Dana felt her attention wrenched away and back to her predicament by Sarah approaching her with something heavy and black folded in her arms, something frighteningly dark and gleaming like liquid luxury. “Armbinder,” she said simply with a white and blinding smile, as she slid it down over each of Dana’s arms, the slaves helping, pulling it tight, taut, until it made Dana’s back arch and shoulders ache.

“Mistress Sarah! Is this really necessary?” Gasping, struggling a little, watching the younger woman approach her again with one last little thing in her hand, watching the unclosed locks being looped through the latex and leather that covered her body.

As another little loop had a lock passed through it Dana felt the first shudders of what might have been real fear. Sarah was on her in an instant. “Oh stop worrying, Dana! This is perfect, you’re saving the show… don’t forget you’ve still got that whore coming that you can use and abuse to your heart’s content.”

Another loop. Mistress Dana broke. “Sarah, let me out of this!”

She was against her in a minute. “Oh, Mistress Dana, don’t… please, we’re so close, we’re almost there, just this and then two more things and then we’re done and everything will be perfect!”

For some reason she couldn’t look away from the younger woman’s lips. They were so soft and full and expressive that she couldn’t help imagining them in a thousand different attitudes- crying out in pleasure or pain, a wry smile, a slavish devotion. Now she followed them with her eyes as the younger woman moved closer, whispered in her ear, her voice hypnotic- “Please Dana, do this for me, do just this for me… and I’ll reward you, more than you know, with all of myself.”

Their eyes met. Dana’s were tight and wide with fear, Sarah’s were liquid with longing and desire.

Her desire damned her. “Alright, Sarah,” greed overcoming the very real fear she felt. “I’ll help you, but afterwards, I will have you.”

Barely above a whisper but the younger woman heard. Much to Dana’s surprise she smiled. “Of course you will,” she whispered, and ran one electric fingertip along Dana’s jawline, caressing the smooth skin there.

Dana turned her head to follow it and knew that Sarah saw; knew that the younger woman knew exactly what it meant.

The last lock slid into place. “Now for the collar,” Sarah said brightly, breaking the moment into fragments. The black leather slid around Dana’s throat with the gentleness of a lover and tightened to the firmness of a Mistress, encircling her, making each breath a very slight conscious effort. Making her aware, as though the latex hadn’t done so already, of her every curve and movement as she breathed.

“One last thing,” Sarah said. “We have to make sure the sound system is all set up. So Mistress Dana… will you favor us with your impression of what this little whore is going to sound like when you’re done with her?”

Dana grinned with a slightly dazed expression. She had come so far and been promised at least a taste of what she wanted so much. How much could this last effort cost her? But still… “I don’t know, Sarah…”

“Pleeease Mistress Dana? You want everything to be perfect… want to make sure that at the end of tonight this cunt will never forget who she belongs to or what she is.”

“Mmm that’s right,” said Dana, imagining a very specific redhead in place of the whore she had been promised. “I do want her broken, for being late and for being a reluctant slut. I want her to beg.”

“Oh I guarantee that after tonight she’ll never forget what a fucked up, broken slut she is, or who she belongs to,” Sarah said with a wide white grin.

“Good… and all I have to do to get the sound system working is imitate her?”

“Mmmhmm. Just that, and we’ll be ready to go.”

Dana giggled, took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and began. “Please I beg you, degrade me, humiliate me. Bind me and abuse me, fist my ass and my pussy until I gape for you. Clamp my cunt and nipples until I cry, shock me, pierce me, laugh as I cry and plead. Cane me, flog me, spank me, spit and piss on me, I deserve it and want it. I want to be a whore and a bitch, a broken cunt for you to destroy. I want everyone to know what I am and who I belong to. Show me no mercy, fuck me in all my holes and drench me in cum. I want to be covered in cum like the filthy degraded cunt that I am. Please, I beg you… Use me. Please.”

There was an instant of total silence, then a click as the first of the locks snapped shut between Sarah’s pale and perfect fingers, and then a roar as the doors opened and the crowd poured into the room, eager to see what Mistress Sarah had promised them- the breaking of a Mistress.

The biggest night of the year, a once in a lifetime experience, the posters had promised.

Dana’s eyes began to fill with tears. “Sarah! What is this?! What’s going on?”

Sarah only smiled, coldly, as the lights went up, and the screens turned on, showing a dozen views of the now bound and trapped woman behind her while the speakers blared forth that Mistress Sarah was pleased to bring them the breaking of Mistress Dana.

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Carolyn wrote

Loved this so much.
I was a dome once till I knelt.
But my kneeling was the best thing I had ever done.

pete polwarth wrote

great story. Loved sarah plot to get Dana, so easily.