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Wrong Text

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Thursdays are the best day of the week since I turned nineteen and the parents let me be home alone. Mom and Dad worked until ten at night and my little brother had football practice until seven. Therefore, I had the house to myself for four whole hours. Every Thursday, as soon I would get home from school, I’d take off all my clothes and walk around completely naked.

Today I felt particularly horny.

It had been three whole days since I had fuck buddy Steve’s cock in me. Way too long in my opinion. Something needed to be done about this, so I grabbed my medium sized black dildo I kept in a bag under my bed and headed to my brother’s room. He was over six feet and had the largest, most comfortable, bed in the house. And I always came hard when masturbating there.

I set the alarm on my phone to go off with plenty of time for me to shower and be ready before anyone came home. I learned the hard way to do that, one afternoon after cumming hard around my favourite dildo, I fell asleep and was almost caught by my brother in his room.

After placing my phone and toy on the nightstand, I laid my naked body down on top of the sheets and brought my hands up to play with my nipples. They were already sensitive and as I pinched and pulled at them it felt as though someone was touching my clit. I put my fingers in my mouth to get them wet and brought them back down to my nipples, the slippery feel made me even wetter. Finally not being able to take it anymore, I slid a hand down my body to rub my aching clit. Wanting more, I slipped two fingers inside of me as far as they would go and pumped them in and out slowly. I loved teasing myself and today I intended to cum until I passed out. Taking my fingers out, I reached out to grab the dildo when I saw my phone. I had an idea.

Sitting up, I scooted over to the very edge of the bed and grabbed my phone. I pointed the camera lens of my phone at my chest and hit record. Filming myself, I used my free hand to tug and pinch my nipple, my breathing becoming audibly heavy. Slowly, I panned down to my wide open legs showing how wet I was.

“Oh god, I’m so wet.” I spoke loud enough for my phone to pick it up. I stopped playing with my breast and brought my hand down to rub my clit. Still filming, I once again plunged two fingers inside me and pumped them in and out with a loud groan. “I wish it was your cock inside me, filling me up. I need you to fuck me.”

After a few more thrusts, I brought my wet fingers and phone up to my face and stuck my fingers in my mouth, licking myself off them. “See you soon.” I stopped recording but continued to lick my fingers clean. I had found after Steve and I started fucking, that I enjoyed my taste. He enjoyed going down on me then kissing me afterwards and he loved it when I blew him after he had been fucking my pussy. Tasting myself became an incredible turn on.

The ache in my pussy became too much and I closed my eyes as my fingers returned to rubbing myself. Without looking, I saved the video and sent it to Steve. I knew if he was home, it would take him ten minutes to get here, if he was at work, twenty. Too much time. I needed to cum badly.

Laying back down with my eyes still closed, I spread my legs open wide and rubbed my clit harder. I didn’t bother staying quiet like I do at night in my bed. I felt myself get closer to cumming and slowed down my fingers, enjoying the tingle all over my body. The pain mixed with pleasure when I pinched my nipple hard. I needed Steve to get here soon. A rough fucking was the only way I would feel sated today.

I heard the bedroom door open and smiled. Steve was quick. But nothing happened.

“Don’t just stand there” I said. Immediately I heard clothes hit the ground.

A dip in the bed between my legs and his hand removed mine from my clit, just as I was about to protest I felt his tongue slip between my folds, licking me all over. He flicked his tongue over my clit before taking it between his lips and sucking hard. As he sucked, he pushed two of his big fingers inside me, stretching me a bit, but not filling me up. Only his cock could do that. But between his fingers, the hard sucking, and being on the edge already, I came hard with a loud moan and shudder. I relaxed, still feeling horny but not nearly has frantic.

Again, I felt the bed shift as he moved up my body. I pulled his mouth to mine and kissed him deeply, tasting myself on his lips and tongue.

“God, I love the way I taste on you.” I licked around his mouth, not missing a bit of it. Having him fully on top of me I could feel his erect cock pressed against my wet cunt. I rocked my hips against his length, coating him.

He groaned as he leaned down to take a nipple in his hot wet mouth. He sucked and bit at my nipple and used his hand to pinch and tug at my other breast at the same time. It felt amazing and turned me on even more.

I needed him in me NOW.

I reached out and took his cock in my hand, it felt much larger than before. It had probably been too long since our last fucking. I moved the large head up and down my slit and rubbed it against my aching clit. I loved teasing him like this. He was coated with my wetness as I moved him to my entrance, not letting him in just yet, and stilled.

As soon as I stopped my movements, his mouth left my breast.

“Why did you stop?”

That wasn’t Steve’s voice.

I opened my eyes and looked at the face of my younger brother.

“Liam?” I was shocked. A year younger than me, it was brother’s cock that was poised to fuck me, not Steve.

“Please Sis.” Liam pushed his hips a little at my hand still gripping him tightly.

I looked down. His cock was huge. It hadn’t been my imagination. It was at about nine inches and THICK. Suddenly knowing that it was my younger brother, and not Steve, that was going to fuck me nearly made me cum right there.

It didn’t take me long to decided what to do. I leaned up to whisper in his ear. “Fuck me.” Then removed my hand and lifted my hips to his to get the tip of his monster cock inside me.

We both groaned when the tip popped in and he slowly slid in, stretching me more than I had ever been. When he finally bottomed out, he stayed there, giving us both time to enjoy the feeling. My brother slowly pulled back, almost taking his cock all the way out of me before, once again slowly pushing it back in. He did this several more times before I had enough.

“I said. Fuck. Me.” I stared into his startled eyes. He paused a moment, his cock nearly pulled all the way out.

“Yes Sis.” He sneered.

My brother then slammed his cock hard into me. I spread my legs out wide and held my ankles out with my hands as he slammed into me. It felt amazing, having my brother’s huge hard cock inside me, pounding me into the bed. I had never felt this full before and knowing it was my own brother fucking me made me quickly cum hard around him.

“Oh no,” he said grinning as he felt my orgasm rip through me, drenching his cock with my cum. “I’m not done with you yet.” He continued to slam into me, making my orgasm more intense. Steve almost always came just before I would and stop his thrusting. I hadn’t felt someone continue to pound me while I came before.

“Oh god, yes Liam.” The bed was creaking with our movements.


“No?” I asked. What was wrong? I hoped he wasn’t going to stop.

“Call me ‘little brother’.” He started to pant hard, he was in excellent shape from football, but he was still out of breath and sweating now. “I want to know that you know that it is your little brother fucking you. Making you cum.” We both looked down and watched him slide easily in and out of my wet, aching, pussy.

His command made me wetter.

“Yes little brother.”

He sped up his thrusts. My brother started to grunt as he slammed roughly into my cunt. I spread my legs as wide as they would go. Anything to feel him go deeper inside me. I loved this.

“I’m – I’m going to cum soon.” He said after a few minutes.

“Oh god yes.” I couldn’t help but moan louder at the thought of my pussy making him cum. I could feel him start to shake, getting ready. My own orgasm was nearly on me again.

“You know what big sis?” His sexy evil grin back as he continued to fuck my pussy raw. “I don’t care if you want it or not, I’m going to cum inside you.”

“Oh god oh god oh god … Yes little brother, cum inside me!” I yelled, thrilled at his words as my hips bucked to meet his forcefully. With all the noise we were making, I was glad we were home alone. The feeling of him shooting his first load into me sent me over the edge and again I came hard around his cock, my pussy tensing around it, milking everything I could out. He pushed himself hard into me and stayed deep inside as he came, hitting my cervix. I was in bliss.

After he finished unloading inside of me, my brother slowly pulled out his semi-hard cock and flopped down beside me on his bed.

“Damn sis, that was amazing.”

“Uh ah.” I pulled him up and positioned him so he was sitting at the edge of the bed. “We’re not through.”

“Wha-” His eyes widened as I kneeled on the floor between his legs.

I held the base of his cock as I licked the underside all the way up to the tip. The taste of both of us coated him and it was fantastic. I didn’t want to miss a drop of it, so I continued to lick all around him.

“Hmmm, little brother this tastes amazing. Your cum and mine on your cock.” I could feel his simi-hard cock start to slowly harden as I licked. I wrapped my lips around the head and gently sucked. He moaned and thrusted his hips forward. I took the hint and slowly lowered my head, taking more of him in. It was about halfway before I felt the head of his cock hitting the back of my throat. I pulled my head back, still sucking gently, all the way to the tip before going back down. I kept doing this, speeding up my pace, my head bobbing up and down, and started stroking his shaft.

“Your mouth feels amazing sis.” He said several minutes later. My brother started rocking his hips. I felt his hands on top of my head trying to push me farther down his throbbing cock. It was time to show him my skills. Relaxing my throat I took a deep breath before slowly pushing my head all the way down his cock until I hit its base, deep throating him. I swallowed around his now fully hard cock.

“Holy shit sis!” He fell back on his hands, his hips bucking into my face. I pulled my head back and look my mouth off him.

“Liked that little brother?” I grinned as my hand continued to stroke him.

“Where did you learn that? And can you do it again?”

“Dildos.” I answered before lowering my mouth and deep throating him again, humming in pleasure when he was fully in. I heard him whimper, his breathing once again ragged. This time before I could take my mouth off him, my brother returned both of his hands to my head and pushed me back down on his cock as he lifted his hips.

“Fuck you’re good” he said as I let him face fuck me.

I started to rub myself, him pulling my hair roughly turning me on. After a few minutes, I pulled my head away and came against my fingers after a particularly hard tug at my hair.

“Sis, I’m not done” my brother whined, his hand going to stroke his wet and throbbing cock.

I got up and crawled past him on the bed and stayed on all fours.

“You, dear brother, still have one more hole to fill before we’re finished.” I wiggled my ass at him.

“Fuck yes” he said as he reached for the nightstand drawer and pulled out a bottle of lube. I heard him squeeze some out then the felt of one of his hands pulling an ass cheek aside. Two fingers heavily coated with lube rubbed my asshole gently before pushing inside. He worked the lube in, paused, squirted more onto his fingers, then worked that in as well. By now my ass was well lubed and I was panting in anticipation.

I felt his fingers leave me and the bed dip as he positioned himself more fully behind me. I felt the tip of his cock against my asshole. I hoped I could take that monster.

“Ready sis?”

“Yes.” At my reply he pushed the head of his cock inside. I shuddered at the pain. This first push inside was always the hardest part every time I did anal. Slowly he pushed more of himself inside me and I was grateful he used so much lube as it started to feel good. He felt enormous inside my ass and I was starting to worry that I wouldn’t be able to take all of him when he finally bottom out.

My brother stayed there a moment before pulling halfway out then pushing in again. It didn’t take long until his hands were gripping my hips and he was pounding my ass hard. He grunted with every thrust and I didn’t even try to contain my moans. I was in heaven. My brother was fucking my ass after coming deep in my pussy and I had gotten to deepthroat him. It was like every incest dream I had come true. I lowered myself to my elbows, the pleasure making me weak.

“Do you like this sis?”


He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, not stopping the steady pounding he was giving me. “Yes what?” He tugged harder and I got wetter.

“Yes little brother.” He let go and sped up his pace. “Oh god, yes little brother.”

“Fuck” he grunted. I could tell he was getting close to cumming so I reached between my legs. It only took a couple of hard rubs against my swollen clit before I came so hard I nearly passed out with a scream. My brother started pounding my ass frantically as he neared his own orgasm.

“Fuck sis. Yes. Fuck fuck fuck!” My brother shuttered and came inside my my ass, shooting hot loads deep inside. He stayed there until he was done, then pulled his softening cock out.

We both laid panting on the bed, covered in sweat. Me on my stomach and him on his back.

“I have never felt this fucked before,” I grinned delightedly.

“Good.” He slapped my ass hard. God that felt good. I hope he did that next time.

At the beeping of my phone, I shakily got out of bed. “I better shower.” Standing, the cum in my pussy and ass started to slide down my leg. It thrilled me to know it was my brother’s. He watched me as I stuck two fingers in my pussy then in my mouth, once again tasting our combined cum. “Delicious.” A thought occurred to me. “Wait, why are you home?”

“Coach has decided to cancel Thursday practices to save the team money. After that text you sent me, I’m glad he did. That was a hot video sis.” I could see his eyes glaze over at the memory.

Oh god the video! I started to laugh. “That was supposed to go to Steve. But I’m glad it didn’t.” I left his room to go shower.

Thursdays would be getting even better.

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