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True Love Hurts

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Francis had friends round watching the football when I got home from university. I wanted them to go away. I didn’t know what Francis had told them about me and our relationship but they kept watching me, I could sense them looking at me when I wasn’t paying attention to them.

“Silas is home,” He’d said as I’d come home by way of introduction. “I told you he was pretty didn’t I?”

The four of them turned to glance at me, their eyes skimming over me before they turned back to Francis.

“So fucking pretty he could be a chick,” one of them responded.

“Go get changed and then come watch the game, kid.” Francis wasn’t even looking at me as he spoke but I knew it was an order.

When I returned to the main room, Francis held out his hand to me then pulled me to sit on the floor between his legs. He ran his hand through my hair as he and his friends discussed the game, ignoring me.

“I have some work to do, Francis. Can I go?” I asked at half time.

“Get us some beers first.”

I handed out the bottles of beer, unsurprised that they didn’t stop their conversation to say thank you. I escaped into the bedroom, away from their stares. I bet Francis had told them that I was his submissive or something. He’d done that before, when we were out with some of his friends. Someone had asked me what I was drinking.

“He’s fine.” Francis had responded for me, obviously he’d decided my one rum and coke was enough for the night.

They’d glanced at me and then back to Francis.

“Glass of water, Silas?” They’d addressed me while staring at Francis.

“He’s fine. You don’t have to worry about him, that’s my job.”

“Your job? As his boyfriend?”

“As his master.”

I’d dropped my head, closing my eyes. I didn’t want to be part of this conversation. I’d never described him as my ‘master’ and now everyone we were out with would see me as Francis’ pet. They’d think back over all the time they’d known me and re-assess everything that they had taken for shyness for submissiveness.

“You’re in some sort of dom/sub relationship?”


“And you like that, Silas?”

Francis put his hand on the back of my neck and then pinched as he laughed.

“You guys don’t get it do you? He likes this or he’d say something.”

When Francis left the table to take his pills in the privacy of the toilets, they’d crowded around me.

“Look, Silas. We’ll be cool if this is your choice but if you’re being forced in anyway, we’ll help you out. We know he’s a forceful guy, always controlling things but he shouldn’t do it with people you know?”

“I’m good with the relationship,” I assured them.


“If I wanted to get out then I’d break it off.”

“Would he let you?”

“You don’t believe that he cares for me do you?”

They smiled.

“We only get to see part of your relationship and you don’t talk and he tells you what to do. What are we meant to believe?”

“Have you ever seen him with another guy? Have you ever been around him when I’m not around and not heard him speak about me?”

They shook their heads.

“What’s the sex like?”

I blushed and glanced at the table.

“Is it like proper bdsm shit?”

“You shouldn’t ask him about sex,” Francis interjected as he returned, moving his friends out of the way as he draped his arm around my shoulders. “He doesn’t even talk to me about it. He’s a good little catholic boy you know?”

They’d laughed and then changed the subject but every time we went out with them and Francis left me alone they’d check that I was still happy in the relationship.

I heard laughter coming from the living room. I shuddered, unable to shake the feeling that Francis was discussing me with his friends. Perhaps, he was playing with me. Last week he’d bought new toys and then suddenly discovered the fun he could have with pegs. I’d stood naked in front of him with pegs on my nipples attempting to hold still while he attached more pegs to my cock and balls.

“Fuck, you look sexy like this. I want to tie you up.” He’d stood up, went to the wardrobe and chose a tie. “Hands behind your back, kid.” He wrapped the tie around my wrists and then tied it. He licked my neck before whispering into my ear. “You like to be tied up, baby? Perhaps one day you’re walking home from uni and it’s dark and someone grabs you, forces you into an alleyway.” He gripped my arms tighter. “And he has a couple of friends waiting in the alley for you. Would you like that, Silas? Three guys, beating on you, fucking you raw.”

I shivered. The sounds of cheering in the next room disrupted me from my day dream. Someone must have scored in the football. I wished Francis would make his friends leave. My cock was hard and throbbing against the tight material of my jeans. If only Francis didn’t have friends over, friends who watched me. I hoped he hadn’t decided to recreate that fantasy by letting his friends become involved in our sex play.

I undressed deciding to be ready and waiting for when the football game was over and Francis wanted me kneeling before him. He’d promised that we’d play with the new toys tonight. They were waiting for us in the drawer under the bed. I could look. Francis was busy with football. I had time for a quick glance. I slid to my knees in front of the drawer, glanced at the door as if I could see Francis through it and then opened the drawer. Francis had bought a cane and a whip. I ran my fingers alone the smooth leather handle of the whip, closing my fingers around it’s firm length brought images of Francis’ cock. I glanced at the door again and then closed my eyes, picking up the whip and holding the handle against my own hard cock.

Francis could be in front of me, naked and hard. He could be kissing me as I stroked our erections together. He could be panting and moaning into my mouth, demanding that I stroked him harder. He could stop me, gripping my wrists firmly, leaving faint bruises. He could whisper, in that commanding way, whisper that I should suck him off. And I’d bend down, my head between his knees, inhaling that scent that was pure Francis, the smell which kept me in captivity me more than his words. I’d run my tongue along his length, teasing him until he gripped my hair and forced me down onto him and for once, I would taste Francis instead of latex. For once, he wouldn’t come in my mouth. He’d pull me away and then, only then would he get a condom and I’d straddle his knees, kissing him, exchanging saliva and I’d lower myself down onto him.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

My eyes snapped open, the whip dropping from my hand. Francis stood in the doorway. There were no sounds coming from the living meaning the TV was off and his friends had gone. He took a step closer to me, smirking, realising that his presence had made me mute.

“I asked you a question.”

“Francis, I was..” My words faltered as he moved to stand right in front of me, grabbing hold of my chin and forcing me to look up at him.

“You were?” He whispered.

“I’m sorry, Francis.”

He grabbed hold of my hair and jerked me to my feet, to my tiptoes. He was still smiling but that meant that he had a plan.

“Silas, you know me, you know how I work so why would you think I wanted an apology when I asked what you were doing? Why would you make me repeat myself, Silas? You know I don’t like that. So answer my question and then I’ll have to punish you.”

I closed my eyes so that I didn’t have to see his response when I spoke.

“I wanted to play, Francis, but you were busy. I was just going to wait for you and then I thought I’d just look at the new toys but then I started day dreaming. I’m sorry, Francis. I didn’t mean to go that far.”

“Open your eyes and tell me your day dream.”

“But Francis,” I began, opening my eyes.

“You’re very argumentative today, Silas.” He flung me down onto the bed, making sure I landed on stomach. “Hands above your head, kid.”

I hated it when he called me ‘kid’. I raised my hands above my head, gripping the covers as he ran his hand over my ass.

“I want to hear about your day dream and you will tell me while looking at me. When you’re ready to do that tell me to stop. If you tell me to stop, kid, you better talk.” His voice was deathly quiet. He was as angry as that time he’d caught me kissing that guy at school.

I heard the swoosh, felt the sudden breeze across my ass before the burning heat of the whip sting ran through me. I screamed and then bit my lip as the same sensation hit me again and again. Tears stung my eyes but Francis wasn’t giving me time to breathe let alone to tell him to stop. The blows moved up to my back, I sucked in the needed oxygen.

“Stop,” I gasped, hoping like hell he’d heard me. I wasn’t sure I could survive much longer. The whip hit me again and then stopped.

“On your knees, on the floor, eyes open, looking at me, talk.” His voice was just as calm as it had been before.

I slid to the floor, attempting to regulate my breathing. A sharp sting ran across my shoulder forcing me to look up. Francis held the cane now.

“Talk, kid.”

“I was imagining you fucking me.” I held eye contact for a few seconds longer before closing my eyes again. The cane hit my other shoulder this time. “Stop hitting me, Francis. I don’t like it.”

“You love it. I will fuck you if you want me to, Silas. You don’t have to dream about it or be embarassed about it. You can ask me. I listen to you even when you don’t want me to hear.”

“In my dreams you wear a condom.”

“Don’t I love you in your dreams?”

“That’s why..”

“You are mine, Silas. I love you and I want to feel you, I don’t want there to be a barrier between us. Let me fuck you once, bareback, just take the chance one time and after that we’ll use condoms. You want to feel my hard cock in your ass don’t you? You want to feel every part of me, touching you.”

“You always use them for blow jobs.”

“Just one time, Silas. Can you give me that?”

I shook my head.

“You promised you wouldn’t ask again.”

He sighed before he stood up, grabbing hold of my hand and pulling me into his bathroom.

“You’re bleeding so we’ll have to be careful. We’ll take a shower.”

“I don’t like the whip,” I whispered as I turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature for how Francis liked it.

“You seemed to be enjoying it when I caught you. Wash and I’ll join you in a minute.”

He left the room while I washed. I was facing away from the door when he returned.

“Shit, you’re sexy. Turn around.”

He was holding the nipple clamps, pegs and the whip were on the floor next to him. I stepped forward without command, allowing him to clip the clamps onto my nipples. He picked up a few of the pegs and clipped them over the chain of the nipple clamps. He took hold of more of the pegs and began attaching them to my balls.

“What do you want, Silas?” He whispered as he concentrated on the pegs.

“What do you mean?”

“What do you want? Tell me. I always decide what we do and you always submit to it, except sex. So tell me, kid, what do you want.”

“I…Francis.” I looked away from him. “I like what you do.”

“Turn around, lean against the wall with your ass out.”

I turned around and braced myself against the wall, gasping when the water from the shower turned cold. Francis left me under the spray until I was shivering. The swish of the whip ripped through the air, I flinched even before it hit me.

“Francis, please, no more.”

“You said you like what I do kid, I gave you the opportunity to tell me to stop so now submit to this.”

The burn of the whip was in sharp contrast with the temperature of the water. The strikes stopped coming as Francis’ fingers pushed themselves into my ass, gently scissoring his fingers, loosening me up for something. His fingers withdrew and then a larger object was being forced into me.

“Francis,” I gasped.

“Shhh, baby. I don’t want to hear you talk, I want to hear you scream.”

He kept pushing the object past any resistence I had before he began to pull it out, allowing the cold water to add lubrication before he pushed it back in, setting up a faster pace as he fucked me.

“Come for me, pretty baby. Come for me.”

Francis never let me come before he did. Sometimes he didn’t let me come at all. The movement of the object in my ass wasn’t enough to make me come and I was sure Francis knew this.


“Scream for me, don’t talk to me.”

He wanted me to scream, he knew I couldn’t come and was pushing me to do what he wanted. His fingers moved between my legs to the pegs on my balls, flicking them and giving me an excuse to scream and get me the extra pressure I needed to come. I screamed for him and he tugged on one of the pegs until it snapped off. The slight extra pain was enough to get me off.

Francis pulled the whip out of me and then switched off the water.

“Turn around and take the pegs off, dry yourself and then meet me in the bedroom.” He walked out of the bathroom.

When I got into the bedroom Francis was reclined on the bed with his hand wrapped around his cock. He grinned and removed his hand, indicating that I should get between his legs.

“Open your mouth,” He said, leaning forward. He didn’t wait for me to comply, he pushed his fingers into my mouth and forced my mouth open wide, peering into it and prodding my teeth like a dentist. He pulled his fingers out. “Suck me off, Silas.”

I moved back and then reached to the drawer to get a condom. Francis grabbed my wrist.

“Suck me off, Silas. Now.”

“No condom?”

“Will you do that?” He caressed my cheek. “Would you enjoy that?”

“Yes, Francis, but,”

“Come on, Silas. Suck me off.”

I closed my eyes and leaned forward, allowing Francis to direct his cock into my mouth. He gripped the back of my head and forced my down on him before he began driving his hips forward.

He pulled me away from him before he came and jerked himself off, coming on my chest. He ran a finger through his come and sucked it off.

“Thank you.”

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