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Virgin Hardwood

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The following is fiction. I do not condone unsafe sex, so take this as mere fantasy, for that is what it is.


There it is, that old beech tree. I haven’t been back here in well over a year. But, my last memories of this place, like most passionate, life-changing events, are vivid enough to have been yesterday. I can still feel the abrasions that marked my chest for days after.

They faded with time, but the emotional marks are still fresh and biting. But, we’ll get to that in a bit.

The first time I saw him, he was not much more than a blur of movement and buzzing wheels. I was reading some book, I don’t even remember which one now, on a bench across the path from my beech tree. Passersby every now and then would break me out of my thoughts, some giving a gentle nod, others just a cursory glance before moving on down the path. I returned the nods, smiled at one or two of the prettier ladies, letting my eyes wander over shapely legs and backsides as they passed, and generally enjoyed my afternoon in the park. The first time, he was just another nameless ghost flitting in and out of my world. It wasn’t until the second appearance that I truly saw him.

It’s odd what we notice about people, especially only at a glance. Some might say what you first take notice on someone says a lot about your personality. I don’t know about that. I do know that my first impression of the mystery man was his shadow.

I shiver now, remembering the cold, slightly ominous energy that surrounded me. My eyes darted from my book, to the ground at my left. Muscular, naked calves, clean-shaven and rippling with power, led to even stronger looking thighs, squeezed into lycra bike shorts. And, they were tight. Not a bit was left to my imagination as to what lay beneath those shorts. I sat there, somewhere between awe-struck and befuddled, taking in the bulbous contours of his not so private parts.

“Look at me.” The voice shocked me; quiet, but full of power. And danger. I looked up into his eyes, and was lost.

Up to this point in my life, I’d considered myself completely heterosexual. But, what this man did to me, just through his eyes, no woman had ever done. I’d heard countless women say they could get lost in a man’s eyes, and, hell, I’d gotten lost in a few women’s eyes, myself. But, this, this was so much more. His eyes held me, paralyzed, desperate to look away, but knowing I could not. His smirk showed me he knew he had me. He probably knew long before I did, to tell the truth.

“Come,” he all but whispered, again. At first, my brain thought he was asking me to, well, come, right then and there. And, given another few seconds of the closeness of his presence and the daggers in his eyes, I probably would have. But, he dispelled that thought quickly.

“Get up, now.” I did. He glanced down at the book, still clasped in my hand, one finger marking where he’d interrupted me.

“Leave the literature. You won’t be needing it.” I looked dumbly down at the book, and tossed it on the bench. He flipped down the kick-stand of his bike, leaving it just off the trail. Not once glancing at me again, he strode across the road. My own legs pulled me with him, completely of their own will. My conscious mind had checked out, long ago.

When he slipped behind the beech tree, out of my sight, my pace actually quickened to catch up to him. I didn’t want to waste a second without him in my field of view. He was leaning against the tall hardwood, arms folded over his chest, one leg cocked out, making a V, his manhood at the apex. He caught me staring, again.

“Ahem!” My eyes snapped up to meet his. A soft chuckle erupted from his throat. I’m sure I was blushing, badly. “You are special, aren’t you?” His smile was not disarming. “You know what’s going to happen, don’t you?” I didn’t respond. “Of course you do. I’m going to fuck you.” The gravity of that statement almost knocked me to the ground. He laughed again. “I’m afraid you might hurt yourself if you faint. Why don’t you get down on your knees?”

I fell to my knees with a gasp. My head was spinning, delirious, drunk on his power. Grasping his thighs to stop the world from moving, I realized I had crossed a boundary. Looking up at him, eyes pleading for permission, or perhaps absolution for an unnamed sin, he only nodded.

My heart in my throat, I looked back at his crotch, this time, unabashed. The contours of his cock were plainly outlined in the super-tight shorts. This close, I could see it throb with every beat of his heart. Bringing my lips within a whisper, I felt the heat coming off him, and my skin tingled. I turned my head, and gently, so gently, brushed my cheek against him. I heard him inhale, and I whimpered, softly. Closing my eyes, I kept the gentle contact for several moments, feeling his cock harden against me. Turning towards him, I gently placed a kiss on the shaft, just above the head, then ran a finger along the length, and over the mushroom head. He hissed as I squeezed the plump flesh lightly, watching it come back even fuller. When I scraped my nails over his bulging sack, he groaned, leaning one arm on my shoulder. I looked up into his face, and grinned.

“Lost some of that shyness, have we?” he said. I grinned wickedly, and, without warning, bit down softly on his engorged erection.

“Hey!” he barked, shoving me back, making me land on my ass. “No teeth.” I gave him a pout, which he ignored.

Shaking his head, he drew his shirt over his head, throwing it at me. Like a street-child being tossed a scrap of bread, I shoved the shirt to my face, inhaling his scent. If I was hard before, my erection threatened to burst as I breathed in the heady aroma of sweat and sex. God, I had never smelled anything so arousing! I needed more. I threw the shirt aside, and stood up. Grabbing his wrists, I pinned his arms above his head. Looking into my eyes, he raised his eyebrows as if to say, “What now, tough guy?” I was about to show him just what.

I crashed my lips into his, trying to take his power, crush him, obliterate him in one searing act of control. He would not relent. Everything I gave to him, he gave back two-fold. Our lips smeared over each other, tongues pushed and prodded into every corner of each other’s mouths. Like wolves we attacked each other, vicious, hungry, and merciless. Finally, I felt him push me away.

“Easy, there! You don’t have to be so rough. I’m right here. You have me.” My heart soared at those words.

I kissed him, more gently this time, feeling the softness in his kiss, the sensual sweep of his tongue against my own. I broke away, kissing and licking his neck, nipping softly at the tender flesh. He craned his head, granting me access to every inch of him, sighing as I sucked on his pulse point. And then, I did something that, up to that point, I figured would disgust me. I planted my nose and mouth in his exposed armpit. The silky smooth hair, just damp with sweat, tickled my nose and lips. The aroma of his body sent a chill through my body and my cock lurched. Licking at the flesh and hair, I tried to get every last bit of the salty-sweet feast before me. I had never known such happiness.

I trailed my tongue across his chest, circling one nipple, sucking on it, making my friend utter a sound somewhere between a groan and a cry. Quite pleased with myself, I gave his other nipple equal attention and care. Once they were both pebble hard, I pulled away, and saw the look of pure bliss on his face. Reaching behind my neck, he pulled me into a kiss that made my knees weaken. Grasping my ass, he pulled me into him, grinding our rock hard cocks together. He broke the kiss, pushing gently on my shoulders, until I was kneeling before him, once again.

My hands were at his waist as I kissed his hard stomach, dipping my tongue into the recess of his navel. Looking up through my heavy lidded eyes, I saw a pleading that was never there before.

“Please, I need you…” He didn’t need to finish. I knew what he wanted, and I wasn’t sure I wanted it any less. I slipped my fingers into either side of his tight shorts, and pulled them to his ankles. I gulped at the sight of his cock, angry and erect, pulsating erratically with his heartbeat. I reached out, my fingertips just brushing his hot skin. He lept a little at the initial contact, and I backed away. Looking up to him for a sign, he nodded. Being more bold this time, I wrapped my fist around him, feeling the incredible hardness, and the smoothness of his erection. I moved my hand up and down the shaft, watching the skin go taught over the head. With a few more strokes, a drop of pre-cum formed on the tip. I leaned forward, taking the tip between my lips and sucking it up.

“Oh, fuck!!” His exclamation was music to my ears. Deciding it was now or never, I opened my mouth wider, taking his entire cock-head into my mouth. Letting it rest just behind my lips, I swirled my tongue over the spongy surface, tasting the saltiness. As I began to suck more of him into my mouth, his breathing quickened, becoming ragged. I reached behind him, grasping his cheeks and pushed more of him into my hungry mouth. I only got so much of him inside my throat before the gagging forced me to back off. Obviously it was enough, given the trembling I could feel in his legs. I backed him out, grazing my teeth over his sensitive head. I licked the tiny slit with my tongue one last time.

Looking at his cock, shining with saliva and his secretions, the head purple with pent up lust, I smiled. There was only one place left I had neglected. I grasped his slippery erection with my fingertips, and sucked a heavy testicle into my mouth. As I sucked harder, pulling it away from his body, I squeezed his cock, betting that the dual sensations would drive him wild. I was right. He was openly panting, gasping for air, and trembling with excitement. With a pop, I let the ball escape my lips. I let go of his cock, and sat back, wanting him to make the next move.

“Get up,” he said, his voice hoarse with lust. I did, and quicker than I could think possible, he rid me of my shirt and whisked my pants to my ankles. Kissing me with more passion than any time before, his hands roamed over my naked back and cupped my ass cheeks. Melting into him, I felt his slimy cock rubbing against my belly, almost fencing with my own. He took a few steps away from the tree, and, with a strong hand on my back, led me up against it.

“Wrap your arms around it,” he ordered. I did as told, reaching as far as I could around the enormous trunk. The smooth bark cold and just a bit rough against my nude skin. He was there, his heat and weight against my back. I could feel his cock slip between my cheeks, and I squeezed it, making him chuckle. “You catch on to all the tricks, quickly.”

His lips were on my neck, hot, wet, searing my flesh. When he pulled away, I cried softly, feeling the loss. His hand came into view, just under my chin.

“Spit.” I obeyed, letting a thin line of saliva drool into his palm. “Again, you’ll need more than just that, I imagine.” Again, I supplied him with another stream of spit. What I felt next went beyond words.

“Bend over, a bit.” I did. One hand on a cheek, he spread me open, and smeared my saliva across my anus. My stomach lurched at the cold wetness against my puckered hole. Massaging the tender flesh with his fingertips, he worked his index finger into my tight hole just a fraction. I could feel my muscles clamp down, trapping him there.

“Relax, just let go.” I took a deep breath, trying to obey, but, as he wiggled his finger inside me, I only seemed to clamp down harder. He stopped moving, and I could feel his lips against my ear.

“This will be so much better if you relax. I won’t hurt you; just let me inside.” He licked at my earlobe, sending shivers down my spine.

I must have been focused more on his mouth on me, because the next sensation I felt was his entire finger inside me, circling around, feeling the hot, wet muscles of my rectum.

“That’s it, good,” he cooed. “You’re so hot, so tight!” All too soon, he withdrew his finger, making me almost cry out at the emptiness I felt. I wanted him inside me again. I didn’t have to wait long.

I felt something fleshy and much thicker than his finger bump up against me. I knew right away what it was. I tightened up again, fearful of the pain I knew would come. Licking my ear again, he reached for my hand, placing it on my own raging erection.

“Stroke yourself. It will help. I want this to feel good for you.” His words comforted me, the unexpected tenderness making my heartbeat rise. I began to stroke my cock, letting the warm pleasure wash over me. He placed his hands firmly on my hips, and with gentle, insistent pressure, pushed his cock into me. When his head popped past the tight ring of muscle, I gasped at the sharp pain. He stopped, letting me get used to the feeling. When I began to stroke myself again, he continued, pushing inch by excrutiating inch up into my ass.

When he was I could only guess to be half way inside me, he began to pull out, and in, and out, in very tiny thrusts, slowly building a rhythm that I matched against my own cock. The pain subsided, slowly, and was replaced by an ever-growing pleasure. I began to pant, exhaling hard with each thrust, wanting him all inside me. When I felt his crinkly pubic hairs tickle me, I knew my wish was granted. Now, he was fucking me with abandon. The tree bark against my bare chest scratched, but the pain only added to my pleasure. I could hear his thighs slapping agains my own; could feel every inch of his amazing cock plundering me; could smell the thick musk of sex billowing around us. His strong hand grabbed my hair, forcing my face against the tree. I whimpered, cried, nearly screamed as his thrusting crashed me against the unyeilding trunk.

“Where?” he growled.

“In…aah! In…me! Come…oh, shit! Come inside my ass!! Please!”

As his orgasm mounted, I felt his cock swell, stretching me even more, going even deeper into me. With a cry, he burst, jetting spurt after spurt of come into me, so much I could feel it leak out, and run down my thighs. And that was enough. My own release made my vision go white, my ears buzz, so that nothing else existed but this one glorious moment of pure bliss. My body went limp, and he caught me, his cock still hard inside me. His arms wrapped around my body felt warm, secure. He lowered us to the ground, letting his cock slip out of me. Holding me in his lap, he rocked me, gently shushing me, whispering in my ear. I was sobbing.

“It’s okay. I have you. Let it go.”

I continued to sob, wanting to thank him, but knowing I had no words to express how I felt. I turned my face to him, and let all my feelings flow into one mind-numbing kiss. He returned the kiss, gently, stroking my sweaty brow.

I looked up into his eyes. They were tender for the first time. “Thank you,” I whispered.

He smiled. “No, thank you. That was truly one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had in quite a while.”

I couldn’t tell him that, for me, this would be beyond any other experience I would ever know. This mystery man, who I did not know thirty minutes ago, had changed my life, forever. I stroked his hard chest, felt his heartbeat, and was content.

I never saw him again. And, I have not had another moment with a man, since. I’ve had a few romps in the bedroom with a few different women, but, I will never forget that afternoon, in the park, behind this old beech tree.

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Bob wrote

Wow that was a great way too have your cherry taken for the first time in a park just to bad he did not keep seeking men out. Love the raw breeding as the cum flows out his fuckhole nothing like having a guy cum in you it feels so amazing. The guys that fuck me are D/D’s free I am HIV-. Keep writing more stories you have a way of drawing me into the M2M wild passion,