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Getting Ahead

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“..And last but not least, Professor Douglas White,” I said, making a gagging gesture with my finger as Suzie and Jennifer exchanged glances. We were sitting on the floor of Suzie’s room, discussing our classes which began tomorrow. We had always spent the night at each other’s houses the night before the new school year started, and our senior year was no exception.

Suzie let out a loud giggle, and Jennifer soon followed suit as I cocked an eyebrow, stopping the steady rhythm of the file against my nails.

“What the fuck is so humorous?” I retorted as they continued to giggle like mad hamsters. God, they could be so immature and childish sometimes…

Suzie took a puff off of her cigarette before tipping it into the little pink ashtray she kept hidden under her bed when her parents were around. Even though we were all eighteen, Suzie’s parents thought she was little miss perfect-god forbid she be a smoker. She shot a glance over at Jennifer again before speaking up.

“I had Mr. White for American History last year, you haven’t heard the rumors?” She smirked

I wrinkled my nose. How had a rumor about a teacher slipped by me? I was, by all accounts, the gossip queen.

“He’s got the biggest dick in all of Clover County!” Jennifer practically screamed.

“Mr. White?” I snorted, “The clumsy, lanky guy in room 208?”

“That’s him,” Suzie replied, twirling her cigarette in her fingers. “And the rumors are true; I copped a feel on him last year.”

“You did not,” I said, rolling my eyes. Suzie just giggled again.

“You’ll see Brianne,” She grinned. “After all, you’ve sucked every dick in Clover County practically, I’m sure he’ll be next on your list.”

Most girls would have found such a statement offense, but I relished in my notoriety as not only a cocksucker, but THE cocksucker of Clover County. Boys at school knew the rumors, and some of them had been lucky enough to experience my talent; But the ones who hadn’t viewed me as an untouchable legend. It wasn’t as if I had to suck dick to be impressionable either. I was a 5’7 blonde bombshell with perky boobs and a killer body-and I knew it. The truth was that I just loved giving head, and anyone receiving my oral talents was like putty in my hands (or mouth) giving in to my every whim and command. A few guys I had even made tear up with the need to release their hot load in my mouth, only to quickly jerk them off and practically laugh in their faces. What could I say? I was just a blowjob loving bitch.

“We’ll see girls, we’ll see,” I replied to Suzie’s bold statement, having already made up my mind to see for myself what all the fuss was about when it came to Mr. White.

The first week of school passed by at a slow, fog-like pace; As usual, I had already been asked out on numerous dates by countless guys just drooling at the thoughts of seeing if the rumors they had heard about me were true, but I rejected them every time. I had my eye on the prize-even if that prize was incredibly dull on the exterior.

Mr. White was about as boring as they could be when it came to teachers; He was certainly no school girl fantasy in his khaki pants, plaid button up shirt and large glasses. He was tall and slender, with light brown hair and a very forgettable face. He was maybe dork-cute at best. But I found out soon enough that my girlfriends hadn’t been lying about Mr. White’s gift. Just to test their theory, I decided to come to class one day in a super tight mini skirt, having “accidently” forgotten to wear panties. I had sat in the front row, patiently awaiting the end of class. As the other students filed out, I grabbed my belongings and headed out the door, but not before clumsily dropping one of my notebooks on the floor. “Oops!” I exclaimed, as I bent over slowly to retrieve my notebook, making sure my ass and pouting, pink pussy lips were visible for my teacher. I even wiggled a little to give him an extra peek. I grabbed my notebook and spun around just in time to see Mr. White, wide-eyed and dumbfounded as he blinked rapidly, and wiped his forehead with the back of his hand, a red blush spreading across his face. I shot my eyes downward and saw exactly what Suzie and Jennifer had been going ga-ga about…in Mr. White’s trousers, a thick erection was forming and man-oh-man what an erection it was!

“Bye Mr. White!” I beamed before scurrying out of the room. I was practically giggling aloud with excitement as I planned exactly how to seduce my well-hung teacher.

The next day, after our last classes had ended, and most everyone had left for the day, I sauntered over to Mr. White’s room. Peeking in the little door-window, I saw him rapidly scribbling on papers, probably grading our History reports. I smiled as I opened the door with a little creak and quickly shut it behind me with a loud SLAM!

Mr. White practically jumped out of his seat as I leaned against his door, folding my arms in front of my white tube top that emphasized my cleavage perfectly. I smiled as Mr. White looked at me with some confusion.

“Busy?” I asked. Mr. White adjusted his glasses, “Well…sort of Brianne…do you need something?”

I slowly walked over, raking my nails lightly against his chalkboard as I did. I had always wanted to do that. Finally, I stood only a foot away from him, as he sat in his swivel chair and watched my every move.

“As a matter of fact, I do need something Mr. White,” I began in a sickeningly sweet, girly tone, “You see, I’m having trouble concentrating on your extremely educational lectures in class because I keep thinking about your big, hot dick.”

Mr. White whipped around in his chair to face me directly, giving me a look of shock.

“Brianne!” He exclaimed, “You can’t talk to me like that, I’m your teacher!”

I took the opportunity to get down on my knees in front of him and grab his thighs so that he couldn’t turn away from me. He gasped in surprise.

“Mr. White, I know you want me to suck your cock, and I want to sooo badly,” I cooed, beginning to squeeze his thighs lightly. I looked up into his eyes, really laying it on thick as I practically whispered, “Please?”

He breathing had increased and he looked like he was sweating up a storm. I had to hold in my sheepish grin of delight, still giving him a pleading look. Slowly though, I let my gaze fall onto the enormous bulge growing in his pants. I could feel Mr. White trying to muster the words to tell me to back off, but his body was currently rebelling against his morals. I licked my lips as I unbutton his pants and quickly jerked them, along with his underwear down to his ankles. Then it was my turn to gasp in surprise…

My blue eyes grew wide and my mouth almost dropped to the floor as Mr. White’s thick, throbbing, hard member sprang forth. It had to be nine inches, maybe ten, and definitely the biggest cock I had ever seen outside of a porno. I regained my composure as Mr. White tried to back away again, but my grip was firm on him, and about to get even firmer.

“Ooo, Mr. White…your dick looks so delicious, I can’t wait to swallow your load,” I smirked as I grabbed the base of his shaft and squeezed gently. He opened his mouth in protest, but all that came out was a horny groan.

I looked up at his face as I let my tongue drag slowly down the underside of my teacher’s big dick, all the way to his warm balls which I flicked my tongue against as I slowly began to pump him with my fist. He jerked his head back in pure pleasure as I ran my tongue back up his hot shaft and gently began to suck his thick cockhead. The taste of his precum drove my wild, and I could feel my growing wetter.

“B-Brianne…,” Mr. White moaned as I slide my mouth further and further down his thick pole. I wanted to see if I could deep throat this monster, and the challenge excited the hell out of me.

I barely got to the base of my teacher’s dick before feeling my reflexes give way, making me gag. This made Mr. White gasp in pure pleasure, as he finally gave in the inevitable and placed his hand on the back of my blonde head.

“Oh yeah, just a little further..,” He urged me in a tone that was suddenly deep and smoky, as he gently pushed his hot cock further into my mouth. I bobbed up and down on his rod as he leaned watched me, and tangled his fingers in my yellow mane.

I pulled my mouth off his dick and smirked. This was the part I loved this most; pushing a guy to the edge and then making him suffer until I had my fill of his humiliation.

“You like having your dick in your student’s mouth?” I asked in my girlish voice, barely stroking his engorged member.

“Mmm, oh yes Brianne..I love your hot little mouth..just keep going..,” He groaned, as I delighted in hearing the urgency to cum in his voice. I licked my lips and popped my mouth open with a loud smack.

“I don’t know, Mr. White…this feels kind of wrong..I mean I am your student…and what are you like, 40?”

Mr. White glanced at me with a slightly annoyed look, “I’m 31…and you started this so-”

“Yeah, but…I wonder what all the other faculty and staff would think? Maybe I should stop while I’m ahead…I mean I’d hate for either of us to get in trouble.”

I had expected Mr. White to return to that sweaty, fumbling, nervous state…begging me pathetically to never tell anyone, just let him have this one orgasm and that would be the end of it. But instead I saw an uncharacteristic grin spread across his face. He even let out a small chuckle as he took off his glasses and placed them on his desk.

“Oh Brianne, you must be aware by now that every member of this faculty and staff, along with every student at this school, knows you’re a little cum loving whore.”

I jerked my head up, gaping in shock as my mouth flew open in surprise. Mr. White took the opportunity to grab the back of my head and with a hard yank, pulling my hair as I yelped in both pain and disbelief.

“Now you’re gonna finish this job on my dick, and you’re gonna like it,” He growled before slamming my mouth back onto his throbbing rod. He then stood out of his chair, grabbing the back of my head with both hands and slamming his cock as hard as he could into my mouth. I cried out around his huge member as he jammed himself down my throat, causing me to gag against him repeatedly. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me…I was being face-fucked against my will by my mild-mannered, nerdy History professor!

I slapped his thighs, trying to push him away from me as he continued to thrust his cock into my mouth and down my throat at full force. I felt myself fighting for air as Mr. White threw back his head, letting out a long groan as he released spurt after spurt of his hot man juice into me, filling my mouth completely. After he had shot every last glob of cum down my throat, He finally let go of me, watching as I coughed and gagged and spit and sputtered. I blinked away the rapid tears forming at the corners of my eyes, practically collapsing on the floor as Mr. White calmly pulled up his trousers, zipped them and returned to his desk. I looked at him in sheer disbelief.

“Now run along, Brianne…,” He said calmly as I scrambled to my feet, still watching him with my mouth agape. He looked back at me with a sheepish grin.

“And be sure to come back anytime you need anything else,” He called after me as I quickly bolted out the door, my cheeks still flustered in embarrassment.

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