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Amy and Dana

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My name is Amy. My best friend is Dana. This is a story about a little dilemma the two of us had, and how we overcame it by being open-minded and unafraid.

Last year, Dana and I were roommates in our university dorm. We were first-year students and we shared our part of the floor with eight other girls.

We’re both pretty friendly and attractive people. I’m probably a little more outgoing than she is; I don’t mind speaking up in class and talking to strangers — she’s a little more shy, but she quickly gains confidence once she gets to know the person she’s talking to. She also gets better marks, because she takes better notes and spends more time studying. I’m doing fine, but I sometimes choose watching TV or talking on the phone over my books. We’re both dark-haired – I’m dark brown while hers is jet-black – and she has a short cut while mine is shoulder-length. I’m a little taller (5’5 to her 5’3), but we both have similar builds – the kind that make men turn their heads just a little when we walk down the street. But just a little – we’re not sluts that advertise free samples, and men know not to ogle us or act gross.

Having a roomate was strange for both of us – together in a little room about 12 by 15 feet. That was okay – we came out of it as best friends – but it was a little weird at times living so close with someone else. We had our share of fights and problems, but also had a lot of good times and new experiences. That was particularly the case after February 25, when something really weird happened.

Basically, here’s what happened. The laundry room was above our own room, and one night the ceiling over my bed started dripping water just before we were going to bed. We called building maintenance, but they said they couldn’t fix it until morning. I got really mad – it was getting all over my mattress and beginning to soak it. So Dana said we could share her bed for the night.

That was fine – I’ve shared beds lots of times at pyjama parties and so had she. So we stretched the covers over us as best we could and snuggled together to keep warm (after all, it was February). We talked for a little bit but I quickly drifted off to sleep. I’ve always been a light sleeper and I move in and out of consciousness a lot during the night, while Dana tends to take longer but stays in a deep sleep until morning.

About two in the morning, something woke me up. I only vaguely remember exactly what happened – I remember dreaming about my high school boyfriend, and how we would lie together and just pet each other real slowly. It was such a nice dream, and I remember seeing the hazy image of my boyfriend being replaced by the dark walls of our room, the moonlight through the window, and Dana’s body beside me.

But as I became more awake, I realized that we were touching each other! My crotch was against her leg, and I was absent-mindedly rubbing myself against her. And her hand was stretched over me and her fingers were massaging my breast.

That was really weird and I started to freak out. But I didn’t – instead, I just kept rubbing against Dana’ thigh. Meanwhile Dana kept feeling me up. I realized that it felt really good; I had broke up with my boyfriend last fall, and all winter I had to play with myself to keep me sexually satisfied (and only when Dana was sleeping). I have lots of fun touching myself, but it’s nothing compared to having someone else’s hands roam all over me.

I started rubbing my clit harder against her body, and even touched her breast through her pyjama top. She began to moan and shifted so that she was positioned against my leg, and started rubbing as well. Dana didn’t have a boyfriend either, and she was probably as hungry for sex as I was.

Suddenly her eyes opened and she looked at me! I froze and stopped; this could have been a very awkward moment. But instead we just kept looking at each other, for what seemed like an eternity.

Finally we started to move toward each other, not looking away. Our lips met and we began to kiss. Locked together, we started to rub our pussies against each other again, and each of us put both hands on the other’s breasts. I began to unbutton her top – mine was a pullover and she put her fingers underneath and pushed it up. We began to boldly fondle each other’s bare breasts, all the time still kissing and rubbing.

I had a very conservative upbringing and it seemed that what we were doing was so wrong, but it just felt so good! Dana’s breasts are slightly smaller than my own 36-Ds, and it was really amazing to massage them and how different they felt from my own – they were firmer and the nipples were more erect than mine. I had never touched another girl’s breasts before and it was a fascinating experience for me.

Dana later told me she felt the same way, and was totally focused on feeling my bigger breasts and how they jiggled in her hands. We even rubbed our pussies differently – I was really fast, while she just took one long extended rub after another against me.

For about five minutes we just lay there, playing sexually with each other. Then I got a little bolder and reached down to her pyjama bottoms. I began to tug at them and her panties underneath. Soon she started to reach for mine and slid them down enough that part of my pussy was exposed. Her fingers began to explore me, slowly thrusting inside. Meanwhile, I put two fingers right on her clitoris and gave her the slow smooth strokes she had been giving herself.

I don’t know how long this lasted. There I was, with my top pushed up and my bottoms pulled down, my bare breasts and pussy totally on display for another woman, fondling each other’s tits and engaging in mutual masturbation. Her fingers, lubricated by my own slickness, slipped in and out of me, while my own touched and fondled her sexy little bud. It was only after a blissful but agonizingly long time that I finally began to orgasm, my body shaking and gasps escaping from my mouth. The sounds must have made Dana start to come, because soon she began to breath more quickly and sharply, and began to rub harder against my fingers. We both came twice within a few minutes of each other. We slowly relaxed and let our hands fall away from each other’s bodies while our arms and legs remained intertwined. I slowly drew the covers back up over us, and we fell asleep together.

A few hours later I woke up suddenly. The sun was streaming through the window and I opened my eyes to see myself wrapped around Dana’s body. My pyjamas had slipped back into place, but her top was unbuttoned and I could see her nipple peeking out.

I slowly realized what had happened. It seemed dreamlike, but seeing Dana’s bare breast left no doubt – we had sex with each other last night.

I was horrified. I had never done such a disgusting thing in my life even close to this. This meant I was a lesbian. It meant that I didn’t want a man; that I wasn’t satisfied by a nice hard cock inside me; that I was turned on by other girls’ breasts instead of naked men’s cocks like a normal happy woman.

Dana was still in her deep sleep as always. I slowly extricated myself from her body and got out of bed. Still stunned, I gathered my shower things and went down the hall where I stood underneath a hot, cleansing stream of water. I soaped up my body, as usual paying particular attention to my big breasts that always enjoy a good wet fondling. I began to feel them, massaging my nipples while thinking about all the lovely men I’d ever known. My hand dropped down between my legs, and I started to play with myself while thinking about nothing but penises. No personalities, no faces, just hard, erect cocks waiting to enter my body. I thought about one poised to slide into my pussy, while a second entered my mouth. This felt good. It didn’t take long for me to come, my legs shaking as I thought about a solid six inches penetrating deep inside me.

I relaxed as the water flowed and dripped down my naked body and I absent-mindedly continued to touch myself. Now I felt a lot better. I wasn’t a lesbian – just hungry for sexual activity. My appetite for men was unchanged.

As I reached for the shampoo, I began to hear sounds in the next stall as someone entered and quickly turned on the water. I heard the flow change as whoever it was got in underneath and the water hit her skin.

Soon after that, I heard something else. I was busily shampooing my hair and couldn’t make it out very clearly, but it was plain enough. It was the sounds I had just been making – a series of high-pitched gasps. I also had a pretty good idea of who it was. It sounded like Dana.

My best friend was masturbating right beside me. Did she know I was so close? Probably not – there were two other shower stalls and it sounded like they were both in use. I wondered if anyone had heard me earlier.

I stood there, still under my own hot stream of water, my hands greasy from the shampoo. And it was so easy and natural to do what I did next. My fingertips returned to my bare breasts, and I began to stroke my nipples. That felt very nice. I could hear Dana gasping more sharply and realized that she was about to have her orgasm, and suddenly it seemed very important than we come together. So I reached down to my clit, rubbing it quickly with one hand while the other kept stroking my breasts And what did I think about? I thought about Dana, soaking wet with all her clothes off, totally nude and playing with herself, feeling her sexy breasts and making herself come. My own gasps mixed with hers as our orgasms washed over us.

Suddenly things were much quieter, with only the steady noise of the water. I stood there silently, with the shampoo still dripping down my naked body. I didn’t know what to do next.

Then Dana spoke. “Amy?”


“Hi.” Her voice was soft and hesitant.

“Hi back.”

She was quiet, so I continued: “Um, how’s it going?’ (Hey, what would you say?)


I started to rinse the soap and shampoo off myself. “Listen,” I said, “I’m nearly done here in the shower, and then I’ve got to get to class.” I didn’t know what else to say. Shouldn’t we be talking? Or was it best to just forget about everything? Could we?

“Okay. Uh, Amy?”

I anticipated her. “You want to talk? Later?”


I turned off the water and wrapped myself in my towel. As I opened the door of the shower stall, I looked over at Dana’s door and had a shocking thought. If only the door would somehow open, so I could see Dana with all her clothes off, water flowing over her tits and pussy, inviting me to get down on my knees and eat her all up. But the door stayed closed, and I left the bathroom and went back to our room.

I dressed quickly and grabbed my books, taking a minute to look at the water still dripping on my bed. That’s what started it all! But there was no time to think — I had to get downstairs and grab a muffin from the cafeteria before heading to my Sociology 101 class.

You won’t be surprised to hear that the lecture was a bit of a blur. But I wasn’t thinking about Dana. Instead I was looking around at all the people in the huge room, focusing on both the men and women. I spent a while eyeing one guy who always sits over in the corner. He was pretty sharp-looking and seemed to be in good shape. I began to imagine him with his clothes off, wondering how big his cock was and what it looked like all hard and erect. That made me feel all aglow.

But then I looked at a girl two rows ahead of me. She always wore tight sweaters although she was probably only a B-cup. I realized that I found her just as attractive as the guy, but didn’t feel the same glow.

That was it! I found both sexes attractive, but was only really attracted to men. My feelings for Dana were just friendship, not real love. So it wasn’t that I was a lesbian who loves other women; I was a heterosexual woman who appreciated the beauty of both men’s and women’s bodies. This got me thinking…what was so wrong about lesbianism anyway? After all, lesbian sex – I stumbled a bit over that phrase – sure felt good. Wasn’t it just a matter of choice and what you felt inside?

Pretty heady stuff for 10 AM. But it made me feel a lot better, and helped me sort out my conflicting feelings for the rest of the day.

Returning home late in the afternoon, I found a note on my newly-repaired bed, underneath the patched ceiling.

It read: “Meet me in the study room. Love, Dana.”

Huh? I sat down and analyzed that for a while. The study room? That was a small place at the end of the hall, with a few desks and chairs and a big “QUIET” sign on the door. But I knew Dana preferred working in the library.

And what was this “love” word? Did it mean Dana had fallen in love with me? Was I now in a lesbian relationship? Or could it just be a friendly salutation? Can you have a salutation at the end of a message? These were the jumbled questions in my mind as I went off to the study room.

I opened the door hesitantly. And inside there was Dana, calmly reading a magazine. Or rather, she was calm until she saw me…I saw her jump a little.

“Hi,” I said.

“Hi,” she replied. There was a silence.

“So,” I tried to break the ice. “Got tired of the library?” I was really making the dumb remarks today.

Dana smiled. She really had a beautiful face, I thought. “No. But I thought we might want to talk somewhere other than our room – somewhere a little more neutral.”

I took a chair across from her. “Good idea.” Then it was quiet for a while.

I began again, “So, I’ve been thinking.”

“So have I.”

Suddenly the words spilled out. “Dana – you’re the best friend I’ve ever had, and I really like you. You’re the best. But…” I took a deep breath. “I had fun last night, but I don’t think that was really me.”

Dana began to reply but I cut her off. “Of course, maybe I’m wrong there. I just don’t know…I have a lot of mixed feelings.” Then I stopped. I couldn’t even look at her.

But Dana leaned over to catch my gaze, and smiled more than ever. “Y’know, that was almost exactly what I was going to say.”


“Really.” She continued. “I sure had fun, too. But I’ve been thinking all day, and I know I’m just not that way. I know you’ve had a more conservative upbringing, but I’ve always been pretty open to new things. And I don’t think I’m a…,” she paused, “lesbian. In fact, I’m sure of it. I just have strong feelings for you because you’re my best friend.”

I sat there quietly. “Wow,” I finally said. Dana said nothing, so I went on. “I think you’re right. I mean, I got really turned on, but it was just for you. I don’t think any other woman would have the same effect. And I still just think of you as my best friend. I don’t think I’m really in love with you.”

Dana agreed. “Yeah, it’s not like I want to set up house with you.” I laughed back. “How did you decide you weren’t a lesbian?” she asked. I told her my thoughts in class.

“Well,” she replied, “I was a little more systematic than you. First I stopped by the counseling service, and then went on to the sexuality resource clinic and women’s centre.” I was impressed. “And talking to other people helped me sort out my feelings about you and a lot of other things. They even gave me a lot of things for both of us to read and think about.” She indicated a pile of items on the chair beside her.

“All right, that was pretty organized,” I said. But I wasn’t very interested in a lot of boring pamphlets.

Dana must have read my mind. “Some of the stuff is pretty kinky.”

“What?” I perked up. She indicated the magazine she had been reading. “This is a lesbian sex magazine. A woman gave me her copy.”

I flipped through it. This was unbelievable! There were actually pictures of women having sex with each other! Naked, with nothing to the imagination!

“Wow.” I mumbled. I stopped on a page that showed a girl about our age using a vibrator while another woman cuddled her breasts from behind.

“Anyways,” Dana gave what I thought was an excessively long sigh. “I’m ready to go for dinner.”

“Uh, y-yeah,” I stuttered. We each grabbed a pile of material and went back to our room.

But instead of heading out for dinner, I flipped through the magazine a little more. There was so much here and it was so sexy! There were lots of pictures of naked women, making love to each other or playing with themselves. There were also erotic stories and lots of ads for vibrators and other handy things.

Suddenly I realized Dana was just watching me. “How’s the reading, >Amy?”

Now I turned red. “It’s, uh, different.”

“I have to admit I found it interesting.” She sat down on her bed. “I may not be a lesbian, but I’ve always found nude women pretty sexy.”

“Yeah, me too,” I said. “It’s just nice to see curves and things.” I paused. “In fact, I’m getting kind of horny just looking at this.”

She bit her lip. “I did too, when I was looking at it before you came in the study room.”

I paused and thought for a minute. Dana had jumped when I came in. Had she been playing with herself?

I pointed to the picture I saw earlier. “This one is really sexy.”

Dana came over beside me. “Yeah. The girl with the vibrator even looks a bit like you.”

Without thinking, I pushed it further: “Are you saying I’m sexy?”

Dana chewed her lip for a minute. Now _that_ was sexy. “I guess I am.”

I still wasn’t thinking – just acting on impulse. “Well,” I put my hand on her hand. “I think you’re pretty sexy too.”


“Really.” I let my hand move onto her thigh. She put hers on my arm.

“Hey, tell me something,” I said.


“What were you doing when I came into the study room?”

“Uh, reading.”

“Just reading?” Where was I going with this?


“Y’know what?”


“I think you were playing with yourself.”

She smiled. She smiled!

I went on. “As your roommate, I think I should know what you’re up to all the time.”

“Oh, do you?” Her hand drifted to my side.

“Yes, I do.”

“Then,” she said, “you should know that right now I’m about to kiss you.”

And we kissed. It was so lovely – not like a hard man’s mouth, but just soft lips and skin. We began to embrace.

It wasn’t like last night’s half-sleepy fumbling. Now it was slow, deliberate, careful, loving. Our arms were around each other, and we slowly leaned back onto the bed.

“We’ll miss dinner,” I muttered.

“But don’t you want to look at the magazine some more?” Dana asked.

“Oh, yes. Yes!” I cried.

Dana reached over to get it. She began stroking my side, near my breasts. “I really liked that picture because she reminded me of you. I pretended I was the girl behind, feeling your bare breasts.”

“Do you want to feel them now?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said. I stretched out on my tummy and she lay down beside me, letting her hands slip under my shirt while I spread out the magazine for both of us to see.

I felt her fingers slipping off my bra as I turned the pages, and my own nipples as they grew erect. “Look at that girl,” I said. It was a black and white study of a naked woman stroking her breasts. “Her breasts are really big.” I felt Dana’s hands on my own bare breasts, her fingertips beginning to caress those erect nipples of mine.

“Uh-huh,” Dana replied. “Look at the next page.” It was the same woman, but now she was performing oral sex on another equally beautiful woman. I thought of my vision this morning in the shower – of Dana standing before me nude and soaking wet, and me slowly licking her bare pussy. I began to feel even hornier, if that was possible.

“That’s so sexy,” I said as Dana continued to fondle my tits, and I reached down to pull my shirt up farther.

“My hands or the picture?” she asked.

I told the truth. “Both.” I began to unbutton her jeans. “It feels so good when you touch my breasts, just like last night.”


“But I also like looking at girls with their clothes off, and making love to each other.” I unzipped her and began to slip the jeans down her hips.

“Me, too.” she said. My hand drifted back to the magazine and I flipped it randomly. It opened to a big picture of a single naked woman, about 30, who had both hands between her legs and was obviously playing with herself. We both looked at it quietly.

Finally I said, “She looks happy.”

Dana put my nipples between her fingers and started stroking them. “As happy as you were this morning in the shower?”

I started to move my hands inside her panties. “We were both happy.”

Dana was quiet for a minute. “Do you do it a lot?”

“You mean play with myself?” I felt so open. I could tell her anything now. “Yes.”

“Me, too.” She began pulling my shirt up to fully expose my tits.


“Yeah. After you’ve gone to sleep.”

“Wait a minute. I wait until you’ve gone to sleep!” We laughed together. We’d been fooling each other since last fall!

By now my shirt and bra hung loosely around my neck. She continued, “do you touch yourself in the shower, too?”

“Yes.” My hand was now deep inside her panties, beginning to stroke her clit.

“Me too.”

“All over?”

“All over.” She started to unzip me.

“Do you make yourself come? Just like today?”

“Yes,” Dana whispered. “I get naked and stand under the water, and play with my bare breasts and pussy until I come.” She paused. “Every, single, day.” I lay there, unbuttoned and unzipped for her.

“Mmmmm.” I murmured. “Just like me.”

“Do you know what I think about when I play with myself?” she asked. Now her hands were inside my panties.


“Usually I think about cocks. I think about all the guys I know and what they look like naked and erect. I think about bending over and getting fucked from behind, or by two men at once.”


She began to rub my clit. “But today I just thought about you, even before I knew you were there.” She rubbed faster. She remembered that’s how I like it. “I thought about having you kneeling in front of me, eating my pussy.”

My heart skipped. “I was thinking the same thing. Me licking and tasting you.”

“Oh, Amy!” And with that we suddenly yanked at each other’s panties and exposed ourselves. I reached for Dana’s top and tore it off. She wasn’t wearing a bra! She lifted off my shirt and we each kicked off our jeans and panties. Now we were totally nude together for the first time!

We began kissing and touching everywhere – breasts, ass, pussy, everything. Between nuzzles, I gasped, “Let’s do it.”

“Yes, let’s do it more and more.”

“No, I mean do it in the shower. Everyone else is at dinner.”

She didn’t hesitate. “Okay.” We got off the bed, both totally naked. Dana grapped her bodywash (“might be useful”), I opened the door and we scampered down the hall with no clothes on. Dana even stopped to admire my bouncing breasts.

In the bathroom we chose Dana’s stall from that morning. She turned on the water and we both stood under the spray, getting soaked. I took her bodywash and began spreading it over her bare tits. Then she did the same to me. The lubrication felt wonderful as her hands slid all over. The soapy water trailed down our bodies as we pressed our pussies against each other’s thighs. I put my lips to her nipples and began to lick them. Her hands began to explore my ass. Finally she said, “I’m ready.”

I dropped down to my knees and Dana moved to block the spray. I put my hands to her increasingly familiar bush and began to spread her lips to get at her clitoris. She started to moan as I licked, first up and down and then sideways. She held my head with one hand, while the other slid over her soapy breasts. I let my own left hand drift down to service my own hungry pussy. Dana groaned and whimpered as I pleasured her while masturbating myself. Her breaths became really short, and I felt her whole body tense as she suddenly orgasmed to my touch.

I kept eating her for a long time, totally lost in her body. Finally after she came for the third time, she pulled away and said, “Now I’m going to make you come.”

The warm water continued to fall on us as I stood up and Dana began to kneel. But I grabbed her before she could get down, and kissed her so she could taste herself on my lips. We embraced and fondled each others’ breasts before she sank down to my pussy and began to take care of me.

Her touch was light and delicate, and my pent-up climax came in only a few seconds. She held my hips and buried her face in me while I shook all over. I used one hand to feel my big breasts, and let the other fall down to my clit, where my fingers joined Dana’s tongue. It was so perfect! So wonderful! Soon I came again, but Dana wouldn’t stop until I had my third orgasm, which hit so hard I could barely remain standing in the shower stall.

We finally turned the water off, and I went to the hallway door to check if the coast was clear. Then we ran back to our room, naked, giggling and dripping everywhere. Dana locked the door, and then we embraced again and lay down on her bed. “For old times sake,” said Dana. Our nude bodies intertwined, we began more kissing, more touching, fondling and rubbing.

Dana got up and began to give me a back massage, her pubic hair rubbing against the cheeks of my bum as we talked dirty about the women in the magazine. Soon the massage disappeared and she lay down on top of me, rubbing her pussy and reaching under to fondle my own breasts and pussy. Then we changed positions to a sixty-nine so we could eat each other together. We lay there, touching and licking each other’s pussies and occasionally pausing to share our favourite fantasies, with men or women. I told Dana how I wanted a penis in my mouth and my pussy at the same time, and she said she always dreamed about being a stripper and doing lap dances for strange men who would touch her breasts and tell her what to do.

I stopped counting how many orgasms we had. Finally we ended the way we had begun the night before, lying side by side, fondling each other’s breasts while mutually masturbating. Her body was so perfect, so slim and pert as she lay there quietly, admiring my own build.

By then we were exhausted, not to mention hungry. So after taking another quick shower together to clean up (we each did a quickie on the other with just our fingers), we dressed and headed to the cafeteria where we had another long talk.

We decided to be relaxed and see how the relationship went. Sure enough, we had lots of fun for the rest of the year, but in the summer I went home and met a guy who is now my fiance. Meanwhile, Dana fell in love with another girl, and now they’re living together! So in the end everything worked out, and we were both very comfortable in our sexual choices. But thank goodness we were open-minded and ready to try new things. Because I wouldn’t trade my time with Dana for anything!


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