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It was over breakfast that we really got to know Denise and Graham on a more personal note. Rather, I should say on a more normal basis. Normal in the things that you typically discover with new friends, what kind of food and drink they would like, what kind of business they are in, etc. And it was mid-morning in London and we were finding out those details about the couple that we had played with the night before, especially from the woman who was used and humiliated, but loved every minute of it.

Denise still had a glow about her from the fucking she got the night before. Of course, one could mistake that glow for just the effects of having several men shoot their hot cum onto her face while she lay nearly naked in front of 50 or 60 strangers in a London club.

Graham was having a tough time in telling us how much he enjoyed watching us use his wife. He kept shifting in his seat. I’d bet that he had another severe stiff cock as he relived the night before and repeated that he enjoyed himself so much. Well, he should have, first after watching his wife strip, he watched her first spread out on display and then used by Joy, several strange men and myself.

Over a very British brunch we planned dinner and the evening together tonight. “I’ve got an plan for tonight,” Joy said with a very sly smile. “We want you to meet us back here at the hotel at 8:00. I’ve made reservations at the restaurant here and then I’ve got plans for after that.”

“What do you have planned?” Denise inquired as somewhat of a lump formed in her throat. “Please tell me.” she whined.

Joy’s voice was stern. “No whining. You’ll find out tonight.” The prospect of whatever Joy had planned kept Graham’s cock stiff. Both Joy and I noticed the immediate hardening of Denise’s nipples beneath the thin material of her cotton blouse. Joy looked at me and smiled that wicked smile and gave me a wink. I knew that whatever Joy had planned, it was going to be hot and that there would be lots of satisfied cocks.

Joy gave Denise and Graham detailed directions on how they were to dress and what time and where they were to meet us and she sent them on their way. Joy and I spent the late morning and afternoon wandering some of the sites in London and as Joy filled me in on what her plans were, she kept my cock hard as a rock. At one point, I slid a hand up under her skirt and into her panties and found that she to was very excited. Her panties held a very sweet pool of her juices and I took the opportunity to cover my finger. As I swirled my finger in the slick juice, her eyes rolled back into her head and she moaned and whimpered. When I pulled my hand from her panties, I tasted the shiny fluid and it was so sweet.

At exactly 8:00 p.m., there was a knock on the door to our hotel room. Joy answered the door and Denise stood proudly in front of Graham so that Joy could see that she was wearing what had been ordered. She had a simple wrap around black dress that was held by a thin belt tied at the waist. The dress cut deeply into Denise’s ample cleavage and the very thin material again showed her taunt nipples. Denise’s big breasts were, uncontrolled by a bra, so they hung nicely and very seductively. They bounced slightly as Denise spun to show off the outfit to Joy. And as she spun, the split in the skirt opened to give just a hint of the black stockings and garter beneath. On her feet were 6″ stiletto black pumps. She had a killer look head to toe.

Behind her stood Graham, both enjoying the view of his beautiful wife, but also enjoying the fact that she was on display for Joy. He was dressed in simply the slacks, shirt, tie and sport coat that Joy had instructed him. He looked sharp, but quite simple in comparison with the very hot Denise.

“Where’s Roger?” Denise asked as she stepped into the room.

“He’s down in the bar waiting for us.” Joy replied.

“Really?” Denise was instantly curious. “What is he doing down there already?”

“He’s just waiting for us and chatting with some of the patrons, getting to know them a little.” Joy said as that sly smile returned.


I was sitting at the bar talking with some businessmen when Joy, Denise and Graham came into the room. Denise was leading the way and very obviously enjoying the attention that she was getting from everyone that she passed. Her big breasts were bouncing freely as she strolled across the floor to where I sat. She snuggled up close to me and squeezed in between the guy next to me and me and gave me a huge hug and deep kiss. Joy directed Graham to an empty table while Graham’s wife pushed her big tits up against me and kissed me again. The guys that I was talking to were quite interested in that deep cleavage and her very hard nipples. As I kissed her, I reached around her waist and then down to her ass. I gave it a firm squeeze as she rubbed her big tits against me.

Denise paused for a moment and looked at the three guys staring at her and smiled and said. “Hi.” At first she was just a little taken aback by the attention that they were giving her, but since they were all good looking guys, she smiled and gave her tits a little shake.

I kissed her again and said, “Go over and join Joy and Graham. I’ll be there in just a moment.” She smiled again at the guys who were gawking at her and gave her tits a shake as she turned and walked with a sexy swagger over to the table where Joy and Graham were both watching her and talking. All eyes were following her every movement.

Denise knew that she was being watched and when she reached the table, she turned quickly and sat down and very seductively crossed her legs. As she did, the split in the dress opened to reveal to the tops of her black stockings and just a hint of thigh above them. Little did she know that she was on display for a distinct purpose.

I talked with the gents for a few more minutes and then walked over and slid into a chair next to Joy. She was wearing a black short skirt and a black blouse that was slightly sheer. Underneath, she was wearing a black leather bustier and black seamed stockings with black spike stiletto heels. She had her hair up in a tight bun and I have to admit, she did have a domineering look. While Denise looked like the party girl, Joy looked a sexy straight to-the-point and business-like.

I put my hand on Joy’s knee and leaned in close and she whispered, “Is everything set up?”

“Yes, these three are up for the fun.” I smiled as I whispered back.

We chatted among us for a short time and then Joy announced, “Denise and Graham, it’s time for us to go upstairs.”

Denise responded with a slight disappointment in her voice, “Now? But we just got down here.”

Joy’s response was quick and terse, “Denise, it’s time for us to go. No whining.”

Denise looked down as she responded, “I’m sorry.”

Joy stood up and put a hand down towards Denise to help her up. When Denise popped up Joy put an arm around her, hand resting on Denise’s firm ass. Joy planted a firm deep kiss on her lips as the guys at the bar looked on with lust. They turned and started to walk out. I motioned to Graham to join them. “I’ll be right with you. I’ve got some business to settle out here.” I said.

Joy escorted them up to the room. Along the way, Denise’s curiosity started to kick in. “What do you have planned tonight?” she asked as the door of the elevator closed.

“You’ll see.” Joy responded. “You’ll see.”

I stepped back over to the bar where the guys were now buzzing over what they’d seen and what might be in store for them.

“Well, gents, do you like what you see?” I asked. “Would you like to fuck her?”

In chorus they all cheerfully answered “Yes.”

“Ok, here are the rules. I’ll escort you up to the room and she will be there for your use. Her husband, my wife and I will be watching.” I said as the guys leaned in closer to catch every detail. “No one cums inside her. My wife wants every man to shoot his cum onto Denise’s face and breasts. We want to show Denise’s husband how much cum you hard studs can cover her with.”

Their attention heightened and I added, “And when we tell you to leave, quickly get dressed and go. Make no mistake that we’re using you for your cocks, not your ability to carry on a conversation.”

I paused and looked at each one of them. “Is everything clear?”

Once again in chorus they quickly answered, “YES.”

“Ok then, follow me.” I said as I got up from the stool.

—- Back at the room, Joy instructed Denise to remove the dress she was wearing. Denise untied the belt, unwrapped the dress from her waist and let it slip from her shoulders. She let it fall to the floor as she stood in front of Joy and Graham nothing but her stockings, garter and heels — all black.

“Lie down on the bed and spread yourself out.” Joy instructed Denise.

As Denise spread out on the bed, Joy reached into a drawer and pulled out four restraints and handed them to Graham. “Strap her down so that she is spread wide open.” Joy told Graham. He started with her right hand and clamped on the leather restraint and stretched it down and tied it to the bed frame. Then, he moved on to the left hand. He wrapped the third leather restraint around her left ankle and clamped it down tight. When he strapped on the final restraint and pulled it tight, he spread her out a little more. She was firmly restrained and spread out completely open. Denise pulled at the restraints as if she thought they weren’t strapped down. She look first up at Joy in anticipation and then to Graham as if he could save her.

Joy took a blindfold from the drawer and handed it to Graham. “Make sure that she can’t see anything.” Joy instructed. Graham responded and wrapped the blindfold around Denise’s head and tied it tight sufficiently blocking her view.

Denise didn’t say anything. She was somewhat afraid, but more afraid that if she said something, whatever was going to happen to her wouldn’t.

As he backed away, he looked down between Denise’s spread legs and her juices were flowing out of her shaved pussy. Joy knew that Denise was up for what might happen and that Denise would enjoy being used in whatever way Joy wanted. And judging by the bulge in Graham’s pants, Joy knew that Graham was up for it was well.

The room was set up perfectly. There was a couch facing the large bed that made the perfect place to sit and watch the events. Joy sat down on the couch and told Graham to come over to her and face her. As he stood in front of Joy, she reached up and touched his hard cock through his trousers. “Listen carefully, Denise. I’m going to suck your husband’s cock.” She said as she reached for the zipper.

Graham’s cock sprung free and Joy described to Denise how it looked, how hard, how big, and about the big drop of precum that was covering the tip. As Joy described what she was doing, Denise stirred. It made her uncomfortable to know that Graham’s hard cock was being serviced while she was strapped tight to the bed. She could hear the slurping sounds as Joy sucked and licked. She could also hear the moans of pleasure coming from Graham. It made Denise even wetter…. even more excited. With her eyes blocked, her sense of hearing was heightened.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Joy tucked Graham’s cock back into his pants and zipped him up and said, “Graham, answer the door and let them in.” Denise stirred when she hear the word “them.” Graham was surprised when he opened the door and the three guys that were in the bar were standing there with me. He was expecting just me.

“Come on in gentlemen.” Joy piped up from the couch. “Denise is ready for you.” Denise squirmed again not knowing how many there were or exactly what they were going to do. But she could only move very slightly. “Graham, please sit here next to me.” She added.

The three men swarmed in and surrounded the shackled Denise. They took in the sight as if they couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Here was the sexy lady that had teased them in the bar just a short time ago, now, dressed only in black stockings, black garter and back stiletto heels. Her breasts were heaving with her quick but shallow breath. Her nipples were hard as gumdrops. Her shaved pussy now visibly very wet and her clit erect and very pronounced.

Graham gulped audibly as the three men sized up his sexy wife. His cock was now harder than it had been when Joy was sucking.

I took a place in a chair in the corner to watch. I knew that my time would come. I watched patiently.

The first man to make a move was the one who was at the foot of the bed looking at Denise’s hard clit and the puddle of juices pooling on the bed. He moved in and kissed the inside of Denise’s thighs. She flinched when his soft lips touched her skin. He moved up and flicked his tongue across her clit. She let out a slight yelp.

The man looked over at Graham and asked, “Your wife?” All Graham could muster was a nod. “You ok with this?” Graham nodded again. He couldn’t answer.

Even with the tentative approval, the man turned his attention to the full wet pussy in front of him. He slid his tongue up through the wetness and Denise yelped again. He dove in and began devouring her pussy.

The other two guys each took one of her big breasts in their mouth and sucked not believing for sure that this was real and that they were free to do what they wanted. With the three mouths on her, she came hard for the first time. The guy licking her pussy picked up the pace. Her orgasm seemed to signal to one of the men sucking that this was ok. He stood up and took off his clothes.

As soon as his pants hit the floor, the other man stood and removed his clothes as well. Meanwhile, the second man knelt next to her blindfolded face and pushed the tip of his cock against her lips. She wrapped her moist lips around his cock and sucked. He pushed deep into her mouth and was fucking it. The first man now slid a finger into her ass while he sucked and licked her. Another orgasm was building quickly.

The third man now knelt on her other side. He pushed his cock against her cheek and she let the second man’s cock slip from her lips and wrap them around the third man’s cock. She sucked on one then the other as she succumbed to the moment. The first man’s tongue was working magic on her pussy. She opened her mouth to let out a scream as she came again. She bucked her hips as the first man slid his finger deep into her ass and licked and sucked her clit.

Meanwhile, Graham sat nervously watching his wife being taken by these three strangers. Joy snuggled up against him and reached out and put her hand on the tent in his trousers. His cock was hard and straining to be released. She traced her fingers lightly up and down its length. She knew that Graham was enjoying the show.

The first man stood to remove his clothes and while he did, the third man moved in between Denise’s legs. As the tip of his hard cock touched her wet clit, Denise let out a muffled, “Oh God!!” But it was hard for her to talk with a big cock pushing hard into her mouth.

The second man pushed his cock in slowly at first. The big head spread Denise’s lips and then with a quick thrust of his hips, he drove it deep into her. She quickened her sucking on the cock in her mouth. The second man pulled his cock out until just the head was inside. Then he pushed in hard and deep. Her tongue and lips worked furiously on the cock in her mouth. The third man began a rhythm in her pussy – long full deep strokes. Another orgasm was building.

Graham’s eyes were fixed on the man fucking his beautiful wife. He was almost unaware that Joy had unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. Unaware, that is, until she slid the tip of her tongue across the tip of it. He looked down just as she slid the full length into her mouth. He could feel her swirl her tongue around it.

The first man now pushed his cock toward Denise’s busy mouth. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her from his friends cock and guided his cock into her waiting mouth. He fucked her mouth hard. The third man was now pounding his cock deep in her. He could feel her pussy convulsing as a wave of orgasm flowed through her. He stopped and pulled out abruptly motioning for the second man to fuck her.

His cock was slightly smaller that the third man’s but it was very hard as it drove deep into Denise. The third man moved up to her face and pushed his juice-covered cock against her cheek. Denise could smell her juices. She let loose of the first man’s cock and turned her head to take in the third man’s. She could taste her sweet juice up and down the shaft as she sucked with full abandon.

The second man pumped his cock in her hard and fast. I knew he wouldn’t last. He was too excited and losing control.

Within a few minutes, he pulled from her and shinnied up and blew a huge load all over Denise’s tits. Four full streams covered her from nipple to nipple.

Graham’s cock leaked a little cum into Joy’s willing mouth. It was both sweet and salty. She knew that he wouldn’t be able to last long either. She stopped sucking and sat up. They watched as the second man’s cum covered Denise’s heaving tits.

Immediately, the first man moved back between her legs and drove his cock into her for the first time. The second man moved up and offered his softening cock to Denise’s waiting mouth. She could taste her cum on his now semi-hard cock and she milked the last drops of his cum from it. The first man fucked her in long hard strokes. She bucked with another orgasm as she alternated between the semi-hard cock of the second man that had just covered her with cum and the big cock of the third man who was now jacking his cock.

As the first man was driving his cock hard and fast, he announced that he was cumming. The third man moved away and the first man pulled from her and moved up to her face. Denise opened her mouth wide and the man pushed the tip against her lips just as it shot a hard stream into her waiting mouth. A second shot covered across her lips and cheeks and a third across her nose.

Graham nervously shifted on the couch as he watched this stranger cover his wife’s face and cum in her mouth. Joy stood and unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor. She straddled Graham’s rock-hard cock and guided the tip against her wet lips and clit. He couldn’t break his concentration on Denise as she sucked the first man’s cock into her cum-covered mouth. She milked it while the third man moved between her legs and took his second opportunity to fuck Denise.

Joy lowered herself onto Graham’s hard cock and swallowed it deep while the two of them watched the third man fuck Denise with reckless abandon. From where they were sitting, they could watch Denise cum once more as the third man fucked her hard and deep. She screamed as orgasm again flushed through her.

The third man drove in Denise hard. Joy swirled her hips on Graham’s cock and she too succumbed to her first orgasm. Joy bucked and moaned as she fucked Graham and shuddered in an intense orgasm.

Hearing Joy’s orgasm and feeling Denise’s pussy convulse on his cock, the third man couldn’t hold on any longer. He pulled from her and moved up to her waiting and very cum-covered mouth. Graham watched as the third man stroked his cock a few times and a huge stream of cum erupted into her open mouth. Before his next stream came, she swallowed his first and then opened again. His second stream covered her lips and sprayed down onto her tits. A third stream drooled out onto her nipple.

Cum now covered nearly every inch of her chest and face. It gleamed in the light as she pulled and strained at the restraints now.

When the third man pulled away and Graham got a full view of his cum-covered and well fucked wife, he erupted inside of Joy. She drove him deep as she felt his warm cum fill her and his cock pulsing with each shot.

When he was completely spent, she pulled up from him and walked over to the bed. She climbed up and straddled Denise’s face and then clenched her pussy muscles and let his cum drool out into her waiting mouth. She looked down at Denise and told her, “Lick your husband’s cum from my pussy.” Denise swirled her tongue in Joy’s pussy tasting Graham’s and Joy’s cum together.

No one had noticed that I had stripped and while Denise was licking Graham’s cum from my wife’s pussy, I moved in between Denise’s legs. I was positioned so that I could suck on Joy’s breasts while I pushed my cock into Denise. I pushed hard and started to pump Denise. My balls were bouncing against her as I fucked her in long hard fast strokes.

The three strangers were standing and watching now. Their cocks were all hard again. And Joy pulled off of Denise. I looked down and Denise’s face shined with all the cum on her. I felt her pussy start to tighten around my cock and I drove deep into her and pumped her full. I exploded deep into her and she screamed. I pumped her hard and deep as she bucked and bucked on my exploding cock.

In the mean time, Joy knelt down in front of the three strangers and began alternating from one cock to another. She looked up at them and told them to cum on her as well. The three men stroked their cocks and she licked and sucked the tips. The second man was the first to shoot on to her face. It dripped down from her mouth and chin onto her breasts. The first man was next and Joy wrapped her lips around his cock just as he shot. She let it drool out onto her tits as well. The third man last and his Joy got a chance to wrap her cum-covered lips around his cock right after it started to shoot. She devoured him and swallowed his load.

After she finished with number three she looked at the guys and told them, “Thank you gentlemen. We’re finished with you. Please get dressed and let yourselves out.” The guys quickly dressed and left.

Graham sat in somewhat of a daze. His cock was poking through the fly of his pants, covered with a mixture of Joy’s cum and his. As he looked out on Denise and me still fucking slowly, his cock hardened again.

I looked over at him and pulled my cock from his wife. A waterfall of my cum drooled out of her well fucked pussy onto the bed. Graham could see his wife’s pussy still pulsing from the effects of several orgasms.

It was all he could stand. He stood and removed his clothes. Denise still didn’t know who had fucked her and who had cum in her and on her. Graham looked down at her. His cock was once again hard as a rock.

He moved in between Denise’s legs and pushed his cock against her cum-covered clit and pushed into her cum-filled pussy. He looked down and saw the stranger’s cum everywhere on her. He fucked her in long strokes as he took in the sight of the stranger’s cum in her mouth, her hair, on her lips, dripping from her chin, and running down from her breasts into her cleavage. He stroked her and enjoyed what he saw. He enjoyed that she then didn’t know who was fucking her. He came as I did, deep into her well fucked pussy.

He pulled from her when he was finished. His cum, mixed with mine, flowed out of her pussy. He stood and then sat down on the couch, still taking in the sight of his wife, used, fucked and covered in cum.

Joy knelt down beside Denise and kissed her deeply, sharing the cum from all the men with her. Joy removed the blindfold and Denise squinted and blinked as her eyes adjusted to the dim light of the room. Denise looked up into Joy’s eyes as Joy unsnapped the restraints.

“Who fucked me?” Denise asked, barely able to speak.

“You’ll never know for sure.” Joy replied and smiled.

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