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Krissy Shows Her Age

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This was all new to her. 33 years old and a veteran of numerous highly sexual relationships, Krissy could by no means be described as a stick in mud when it came to matters of the flesh. But here she was in a passionate clinch with her new man, highly aroused and in a state of semi undress, with his flatmate and girlfriend in a similar position at the other side of the small lounge.

Slouched on the sofa, her legs rudely parted to accept his exploring fingers inside the crotch of her soaking black g-string, her tiny skirt hitched up to her waist and her blouse open to the navel revealing her tiny uncovered breasts, she was afforded a clear view of the couple opposite.

Jon’s flatmate Ryan was in his thirties but had a thing for younger girls. Picking them up on nights out invariably meant they were the ones that were more than willing to party hard. Some Krissy had seen him with were just common trash, little girls with a bad attitude and worse dress sense, but Julia was different. She was small, but slim and attractive with the most amazing c-cup chest that seemed to defy gravity, in the way only a 20 year olds can.

Krissy was enjoying her own pleasure and attentions, but found herself incredibly fascinated by the movements of Ryan and Julia. She had never seen anybody else doing it in the flesh. She was no stranger to porn, but this was amazing, the combination of sounds and even smells that accompanied the visual feast.

By now Ryan had rolled the young girl on top of him, her long brown hair falling over their heads as they kissed passionately. Long since had their tops been removed and now Julia slid down his body to unfasten his trousers and pull them clear to leave him in just his white cotton Calvin’s.

Suddenly she sat upright and unfastened her bra. As it too was tossed to one side, Krissy caught sight of those awesome breasts for real. How much did she long for tits like that herself? For the first time in this whole episode she felt a pang of self doubt, perhaps jealousy for the young girl’s obvious talents.

At that moment she was distracted by Jon getting up from her to remove his own trousers. She knew from an earlier grope in the bar that he was not wearing anything under them. This was getting very real now. A bit of titty fondling and kissing in the company of others was one thing, but now the plan was clear. She was going to have sex in full view of someone other than her own partner, and she was going to see somebody else do the same. Not for one second did she think to back out.

Jon stood directly in front of her before straddling her kneeling on the sofa. His lovely and very erect cock bobbed in her face. Without hesitation and hungry for some more active participation she took it in her mouth, her natural blond haired head taking a huge mouthful of it, at the same time discarding her blouse behind her

Her last boyfriend had had a perfect sized 6″ that she deep throated with ease, but Jon had size and she loved it. Not huge but a substantial and pleasing 8″. If she was honest, the night of lust which had prompted her switch of lovers had sealed her decision not on Jon’s looks or personality, but that she just wanted to feel like she was letting go and getting well fucked in the process. She was certainly heading that way now and tonight.

After a minute or two it dawned on Krissy that she could no longer see what was going on opposite, but that her hearing had tuned into some very familiar sounds emanating from the others. Easing Jon away, she turned him round and told him to lie on the floor with a gentle push on his hips. Sure enough, there was Ryan, his head back and eyes closed, moaning approval as Julia took long slurps from top to bottom of his cock. Krissy could see now why these pretty young things gave Ryan, not the best looking guy in town, the time of day – he was big, probably a little more so than his flatmate.

Taking matters into her own hands, as confident as she had ever been again; she dropped her skirt and g-string, only Julia now wearing any clothing. Krissy knelt down and retook Jon into her mouth, her head turned side on so she could see young girl in action. For sure the sight of another cock was a turn on, but it was what was being done to it that was filling her senses.

Almost unconsciously her left hand reached back and began to rub her own slit. She was almost clean shaven, just a small inverted triangle of white blond hair above her clit. If she had been concentrating on herself she might have noticed that she was soaking wet. Jon had got her started, but the sight of the couple in front of her was causing something different again. First one, then two fingers curled up to her g-spot, her hand applying pressure to her clit at the same time.

Up until now this was just like a live porn show in the room with her. Then Julia looked at her, smiling a small contented and knowing smile as their eyes met, both mouths still working their magic on their intruding cocks. Suddenly Krissy needed to be closer to this action, needed to see it in more detail than just the half light of the dimmed room.

Precisely then, having realised that she was the only one still in any clothing, Julia stood up, made a quarter turn to face Krissy and dropped her skirt. Krissy’s eyes quickly took in those gorgeous breasts again and noticed the huge fat nipples that now stood to attention at their peaks, contrasting with her almost perfectly flat chest and small conical teats that were in themselves almost painfully hard.

Krissy had never experienced lust for another woman, though again she had always appreciated a good body and was not in the least offended by images of women in the x-rated videos she had seen. But so erotic was the atmosphere, that everything seemed exciting to her now.

Julia saw Kris taking in her tits and proceeded to look her in the eyes as she peeled her tiny knickers down. Ryan’s hand was stroking her side from behind, Jon watching and waiting for the full frontal show, Krissy still absent-mindedly fisting his hard on, but all the time Julia’s teasing gaze never leaving Krissy. It was like the younger woman wanted to show the older woman that she had what it took.

Krissy was stronger than that, but for that moment was transfixed by the strip of the tiny garment. Straightening up, Julia afforded Krissy a clear brief glimpse of her tightly trimmed pussy. This was the first time a pussy had seemed a turn on in its own right to Krissy. The full but tidy dark hair seemed to emphasise a youthful naivety mixed with sexual awareness.

Krissy rolled over onto her back, closer to their roommates and watched her partner rise up again in front of her. This time he would lie on top of her, his erection momentarily rubbing along her slit, before his head ducked down to her crotch and began its enthusiastic consumption of her juices. Pleasant as this release was, Krissy could now return her gaze to the couple just four feet away from her.

Only now it was Julia who was sliding up from her briefly resumed oral pleasure of her partner. Oh my God thought Krissy, she is going to fuck him right here and now. Julia’s small hands looked tiny against the engorged shaft she was about to introduce to herself. Krissy wanted to be the one sliding down that big cock. Might she actually get to do so later? Anything seemed possible right now.

Julia gasped as the cock disappeared up inside her. She stopped at about three quarter length, adjusted and then sank down completely. A second or two later she began the slow ride and grind that would take her to her ultimate pleasure. It was all Krissy could do not to reach down and bring herself off there and then just staring at Julia riding that cock, clearly as aroused as Krissy felt, betrayed now by the wetness that transferred itself onto Ryan’s penis.

The next twist took Krissy by surprise. Julia looked at the older girl for a sort of acceptance, and then nodded at Jon who by now had twisted his head and was looking at the couple fucking right next to him. Krissy knew what she meant.

The next moment Jon was on his feet, his cock forcing itself between the lips of this gorgeous horny young girl. Krissy was spellbound by the scene. Here she was condoning her boyfriend’s ‘infidelity’, a first even considering their ‘loose’ relationship to date.

Krissy watched for a few minutes, enjoying the sounds and smells of the raw sex that was going on before her eyes. Julia was moaning loudly like some novice porn star, but these moans were clearly authentic. The sex was slow, but deep. Krissy could easily imagine her pleasure.

Now she needed more for herself, needed to be part of this collage. Adjusting her own place from spectator to participant in one movement, she swung round to kneel immediately behind Julia, straddling Ryan’s chest. His hands instantly began to roam across her back and the top of her beautiful firm arse.

Her own hands took two directions, the right snaking around Julia’s body to stroke and squeeze her breast, the left sliding firmly beneath Julia to feel for the meeting of cock and pussy. Her forefinger and middle finger were split by the soaking and rigid dick, her upturned hand feeling the signs of ecstasy that were running from the girl. Krissy began to rub slowly, savouring her first contact with this new cock, but more her first ever pussy beyond her own.

Almost mischievously she brought her hand back up and licked her fingers, shivering inside at the pure slutiness of it all. Krissy left one finger untouched. This she passed to her boyfriend, making him bend to receive it, in the process withdrawing his cock from Julia’s mouth. She was curious as to what had caused the removal, though she sensed Jon had done so to save himself from cumming. As she turned, Krissy stood up, her pussy almost perfectly placed in front of Julia’s face. Only inches from the girls face, Krissy wound two fingers up into her sodden crack. Coating them in her juices, she withdrew them and offered them insistently to Julia.

Almost unthinking she accepted the offer, drawing slowly but certainly on them. Krissy left her fingers in the young girl’s mouth, but squatted down again, now face to face with Julia. She then did the only thing that seemed natural and kissed Julia full on, her tongue probing for a taste of her own pussy juices on the fingers that they shared in the midst of this lust filled kiss.

The guys were taken aback at this turn of events. As flatmates they had shared a few adventures, but this was a new and exciting twist. But for a moment they were just voyeurs as now Julia lifted herself from the big cock that was impaling her so successfully. She was determined to enjoy more of this twist. Krissy too wanted to change things round a bit.

Easing forward, she replaced Julia on Ryan’s vacant engorged shaft. God it felt good, at last to be penetrated by something other than fingers, though at the start of the night she could never had envisaged this one would be stretching her well lubricated tunnel. However she only took a second or two to savour these new sensations before starting to take control once again.

“On all fours” she gently commanded her female partner, who now effectively presented Jon with an open invitation, and open it really was, still gaping from the huge cock that had been inside it only seconds before. Such was his lust to take advantage of it that he really did not think about his best friend fucking his own girlfriend right there and then.

It was Krissy who spoke next. “Fuck her hard Jon, really hard” and so he eased up behind Julia, grabbing his cock at its base and pushing it against the pussy lips in front of him. He entered with ease forcing her to fall to her elbows, inadvertently the exact spot that Krissy wanted her next, for now Julia was given a close up of Krissy being split wide open by her own boyfriends cock.

It was a huge turn on to Krissy to think that the cock inside her was covered in the love juices of another woman. She reached down and gently gripped Julia’s head, easing it the last few inches towards her own penetrated pussy. Julia was not naïve in these matters and knew what was required of her.

Her tongue darted out and caressed both the male and female genitals in front of her. This was the first taste direct from the female form, but so charged was the situation that she did not hesitate. After a gentle exploration of all that was there, her tongue began a more fervent rasping up and down Krissy’s clit and pussy, at the same time throwing one hand between her own legs rubbing her own bud frantically in a rush for that first release.

It didn’t take long and as her own crescendo built, so too did Krissy feel her orgasm arriving like a freight train. Staring at the woman’s tongue hitting all the right places, its owner being banged hard from behind and moaning in time with the fucking of her life, all the time her own pussy being probed deeply by this new cock, was creating an incredibly nasty scene in her mind. She loved rude sex and this was as rude as it had ever gotten. It was to get much worse.

Her cum was loud and long, Julia’s unremitting strokes keeping the orgasm going and going. Julia’s frigging was almost violent on herself, at its peak power forcing her to free her mouth to literally scream her pleasure out loud.

As easy as it would have been to stop right then, Krissy had no such intentions. It was time to try something totally new even to her. Ordering Jon to stop, for fear he might cum while she still needed him good and hard, he withdrew from Julia. Krissy instantly ushered him in behind her.

Breathing heavily, still enjoying the shockwaves from her first orgasm, Krissy eased a finger up her arse, giving Jon the clearest signal of what she needed him to do. She was no stranger to anal, and her ex had often fucked her arse while using a vibrator in her other hole. But this was the first time she was going to have two cocks, and good sized ones to boot, taking her at the same time.

Jon didn’t hesitate. Easing himself in gently at first, his sodden tool easily passed into her rectum. He knew he couldn’t last long now, and would have to go easy if he was to last any time at all.

Ryan was in awe at his flatmates girlfriend. Yes she was attractive, but now he was getting a lesson in why a thirtysomething might sometimes be a better bet than the young things he usually fucked. This was a first for him.

Julia was spellbound. As Jon’s face contorted as he pushed forward, Krissy gasped, a deep drawing breath as the moment of stretching gave way to the pure lust within her. “Does this look good to you Julia?” she smugly enquired, knowing she was trumping the 20 year old now.

Julia’s hands were on auto, rubbing her wet clit, stroking her tits, pulling hard on her strong erect nipples. “This is, I mean you are, awesome…” her voice trailing away almost distractedly as she replied.

Meanwhile the guys were finding a rhythm with their fucking. Both making slow stabbing motions, just enough to feel the rubbing cocks both filling her up, Krissy’s clit was rubbing unavoidably on Ryan’s cock base. It was sensational stuff.

Julia was on her knees and moved around in front of Krissy. She straddled her boyfriends face, leaving him no choice but the lick her out. Her hole leaked her come and Jon’s precum, a strange new taste for Ryan to take. But this was not her main intention. Kris was propped up, her arms straight and locked, her back arched and accepting the intruding cocks. No, what Julia wanted was to feed Krissy her massive and incredibly beautiful tits. Cupping the right breast she fed it into Krissy’s mouth.

Totally turned on by this new twist and the incredibly nasty DP she was part of, Krissy bit hard on the breast and nipple. “God yes, bite them” urged Julia. And Krissy did, falling on to them like a starving baby.

Suddenly Jon began to stiffen as he felt himself reaching his climax. His pace quickened for a few strokes then he erupted. Krissy was sure she could feel him blowing his load, his last push temporarily sealing his seed deep inside her. He withdrew, looking on in amazement at her stretch open arse, scarlet red from the abuse it had just received.

Ryan was close behind. Thrusting hard up her he exploded in what was perhaps his most amazing cum ever. Julia jumped off his face mid cum and reached round behind Krissy, wanking Ryan’s cock vigorously into Krissy, milking every last drop from him.

She too was intrigued by Krissy’s distended arse and couldn’t help but ease a finger up inside the hole. Krissy was still awaiting her final completion and rolled onto her back, still impaled on the young girl’s finger. “Finish me and clean me up” she commanded Julia. Seconds later she was cumming in a screaming breathless fit, Julia’s fingers reaming her arse, her tongue lapping up Ryan’s cum as it was pumped from Krissy.

Thinking she was done, Julia began to ease away. “What about my arse? That needs cleaning as well” Kris questioned. It was to be one last act that would establish who was in charge in this tableaux.

On all fours, Krissy reached back and grabbed Julia’s hair, pulling her face into her rudely exposed arse crack. This was no trauma for Julia. Her own fingers subtly finished her own pleasure as she enjoyed this task asked of her. Krissy moaned her appreciation.

The guys sat there, slowly fisting themselves, unable to quite believe what they were involved in. “You two, go to my room and wait for me there, your night isn’t over yet” announced Krissy.

“What are you going to do with them and what about me” asked Julia as the guys left.

“I am going to get real nasty with them. They don’t know what they have started now. As for you, leave your phone number in my bag and then go home. I’ll ring you very soon and we’ll get together for some more fun like we had tonight. Ok?” replied Krissy.

“That would be amazing” said Julia, kissing Krissy passionately on the lips.

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