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She knew what they were up to. She’d seen them watching her from across the room. They were in the booth furthest away from where she was seated at the bar. She had noticed the girl first, a young woman with short blond curls, very attractive. Next to the girl was a guy, somewhere in his mid twenties or so, with brown hair nearly shaved to his scalp.

They were obviously together; they kept touching each other in that familiar way that couples have. So she just sat at the bar and sipped her apple martini, waiting for them to make the first move.

Soon enough, after she lit a cigarette, the blonde started to make her way over. She watched appreciatively from the corner of her eye as the girl sauntered towards her. She had a cigarette of her own clasped between her fingers. She came to a stop only a couple of feet away. “Excuse me,” the blonde girl said, her voice soft but confident, “could I get a light?”

She turned to face the girl. Now that she was free to look without trying to hide it, she could check the girl out. She was young, probably just old enough to be in the bar, and very pretty. Her face was framed by the tight ringlets of her hair. Light freckles played across her nose and onto both cheeks. She wore a tight leather skirt that accentuated her curvy hips and ended well above her knees. Her legs were covered in sheer black hose that ran down into the tops of her calf high, leather high-heeled boots. She wore a clinging white sweater that molded tight against her impressive breasts. The girl smiled and placed the cigarette to her lips and leaned forward.

Funny, she thought, she’d been watching the girl’s boyfriend light her cigarettes for the past hour, now she needed to come over here for a light. If she had had any doubts about what they were up to, this put them to rest. She smiled back and raised her lighter and lit the girl’s cigarette for her. “Thank you,” the girl said and exhaled the smoke contentedly. She gestured toward the next stool. “Mind if I have a seat?”

“Not at all.”

The girl pulled the stool a bit closer to her and then took a seat, crossing her long legs. “I’m waiting for some one,” she explained. “He should be here soon, though.”

“Your boyfriend?” she asked, playing along.

The girl took another drag from her cigarette and nodded. “What about you? Are you here with anyone?”

The question was a bit anxious, but she pretended not to notice. “No,” she answered, “I’m here alone.”

The blonde girl smiled again, a very lovely smile, and extended her hand. “My name’s Kelly.”

She took the young girl’s soft hand in hers and smiled back. “I’m Natasha,” she said. “Nice to meet you, Kelly.” She sipped the last of her drink and then nodded toward the girl. “Can I get you a drink?”

“I’d love one,” Kelly said and reached into her small black purse, “but let me. Like I said, my boyfriend will be here soon and he won’t let me pay for anything.”

“Okay,” Natasha answered. “I’ll take another apple martini.”

“That sounds good,” Kelly said and waved to the bartender. “I think I’ll have one of those, too.”

She ordered the drinks and the two of them sat for a while drinking and chatting. Natasha found Kelly pleasant, although a bit immature, and decided she would probably let the young couple’s plan play out. As long as the boyfriend was equally pleasant.

As if on cue, he came up to the bar next to Kelly and placed a hand on her shoulder. The girl turned and smiled at him and gave him a quick kiss. “I was wondering when you would show up,” she said.

“Yeah, sorry,” he responded. His eyes went over her shoulder to look at Natasha as he spoke. “I got held up.”

Seeing him up close, Natasha was impressed. He was just as attractive as his girlfriend. She could tell through his clothes that he was well built, but not overly muscular. He had friendly brown eyes beneath his close cut hair, and a warm smile that had just enough mischief in it. His clothes were nice, but not flashy; he looked good without seeming like he was trying to look good. She took another sip from her martini to hide the satisfied smile she wore. She was definitely interested in seeing things play out.

Kelly turned back to her. “It’s okay,” she said. “Natasha here has been keeping me company. Natasha this is my boyfriend, Mike.”

He extended his hand and she took it. He had a firm grip, but not too strong. “Nice to meet you, Natasha.”

She let her hand linger in his a moment longer than it should have. “Likewise,” she said, her voice just above a whisper.

Mike bought them another round of martinis and ordered himself a vodka on the rocks. They continued their conversation for a while, until being interrupted by a guy who wanted to by Natasha a drink. He was probably the only other guy in the bar that she found attractive and normally she would have taken the drink, but the possibilities presented by Kelly and Mike seemed much more interesting. She turned him down and he headed away.

“Not your type?” Kelly asked. When Natasha shrugged in response, she went on. “Well, he seems like one of the only good looking guys in this place….and you are here alone…”

“You better watch it, Mike,” Natasha said with a laugh. “It seems like your girlfriend is checking out other guys.”

It was Mike’s turn to shrug. “When isn’t she?”

Kelly’s mouth opened in shock and she smacked him in the arm. “Jerk,” she said, but she was laughing, too. She turned back to Natasha. “It’s not a problem. I know he checks out other girls, too. We have a very open relationship.”

Natasha tried to act surprised. This was it…they were about to make their move. “Really?” she said. “You don’t get jealous of each other?”

“No…jealousy is stupid, I think,” Kelly said. “What’s the harm in looking at someone you find attractive? I bet Mike has been checking you out since he got here.”

“Kelly!” Mike said in shocked tones.

“What? You haven’t?” the blonde responded. “Well, why not? Look at her…she’s gorgeous.”

Mike turned to Natasha. “I’m sorry,” he said. “I think the martinis are getting to her.”

Natasha had been silent through the whole exchange. It was funny…she couldn’t tell which parts of it were staged beforehand and which they made up as they went along. Mike’s shock had seemed genuine. She reached up and placed a hand on his forearm. “It’s not a problem.” She gave a gentle squeeze, feeling the muscles of his arm before letting go. “I don’t mind being called gorgeous.”

“Well,” Mike said hesitantly, “you are. Hope I’m not embarrassing you by saying so.”

Kelly laughed loudly in triumph. “See?” she said. “I told you he was checking you out. Not that I blame him.” Her pale blue eyes locked onto Natasha’s.

Natasha laughed, feigning apprehension. She wanted to seem unsure about where the conversation was going. She stood up from the stool. “Excuse me a minute,” she said. “I have to use the ladies’ room.”

“Do you want me to go with you?” Kelly asked a bit nervously. The girl was nervous that they had scared her off.

She waved the girl back onto her stool. “No, it’s alright,” she said. “I’ll be right back.”

She made her way to the back of the bar. The crowd was beginning to thin out, so there was no line. She went into the bathroom and went over to the mirror. She was impressed by what she saw. Despite her age of thirty-three, she knew she was gorgeous…she didn’t need to hear it from them. Most girls were very self conscious about their looks, each of them having something they wanted to change about themselves. Not Natasha, she wouldn’t change a thing. Her shoulder length red hair had just the right amount of wave to it, not straight, not curly. Her eyes were a light green flecked with gold. She wore thick rimmed glasses to give her a sophisticated look. Her complexion was smooth unlike most people with red hair. The button down white blouse that she wore showed just enough of her ample cleavage to get attention. Her hips were in perfect proportion to her body, curvy but not too wide to make her look fat. The cheeks of her ass were round yet firm. Let other girls worry about their looks. She was near perfect. She smiled into the mirror and freshened her makeup. She was going to show these two what they had gotten themselves into.

Making her way back to the bar, she didn’t take a seat. She took a cigarette and then tossed the pack into her purse. She lit the cigarette and put the lighter away, too. She exhaled the smoke at the young couple. “Well, it’s been nice to meet you, but I think I have to get going.”

Kelly looked sad. “Oh, don’t go,” she said, nearly whining. “I was just teasing you…I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.” The blonde placed a hand on her upper arm and ran it up and down reassuringly. “Please don’t go.”

Natasha smiled at her and shook her head. “It’s not that,” she explained. “I just feel like going home and relaxing.”

Kelly would not be discouraged. “Well, we were going to leave soon, too,” she said, contradicting her desire for Natasha to stay. “Why don’t you come with us and hang out?”

“There’s an idea,” Mike added with a grin.

Of course the couple wanted to get her to their place, but if she wanted to enjoy the night to its fullest, then she wanted them at hers. “Well,” she said, “my place is only a few blocks from here. We could go there. If you want.”

Kelly looked at her boyfriend. They communicated silently the way couples do and then nodded. Kelly turned back to her. “Okay. Sounds like fun.”

Of course they would come; the fact that they thought they had sealed the deal meant they would agree to almost anything. And Natasha wouldn’t have it any other way.

Outside the bar, Mike hailed them a cab and they were off. Natasha sat in between them in the back seat. Kelly let her hand fall into Natasha’s lap and started gently rubbing her thigh. While this was happening, she leaned on Mike, pressing her breast into his arm. Looking down at his khakis, she could see it was having the desired effect. The cab ride couldn’t go by fast enough; she wanted these two and she wanted them now.

They pulled up to her building and got out. Mike paid the cabbie and they made their way into the building. She lived in a nice place and the extravagant lobby impressed the young couple. “Wow,” Kelly said looking around. “Nice place.”

Natasha smiled at the girl. “If you’re impressed by the lobby, hon,” she said playfully, “wait till you see my apartment.”

They got in the elevator and went up to the twenty-first floor. Natasha walked over to her door and unlocked it. “Come on in, guys,” she said as she went in and hit the lights.

Her apartment was huge. It had a lofted bedroom that overlooked the living room where three big leather couches surrounded a marble coffee table. A long row of windows offered a nice view of the city and a pair of sliding glass doors led out onto a balcony. “Make yourselves at home,” she said as she went into the kitchen. “I’ll get us some drinks. Another martini, Kelly?”

“Yes, please,” the blonde answered as she made her way over to the windows to take in the view. “You weren’t kidding…this place is great.”

“Thanks,” she called from the kitchen. She started mixing the martinis at the bar in the kitchen. “What would you care for, Mike?”

“Let me see,” he said, startling her. She turned to find him right there behind her in the kitchen. His eyes scanned the bar for only a moment before coming to rest on her. “Do you have any scotch?”

She smiled. “I think so,” she said and bent down to the cabinets below the bar. Sure enough, there was a nice bottle of single malt scotch there. She grabbed it and as she rose, made sure that her ass rubbed against his crotch. She felt his cock through his pants, thick and hardening, and smiled at him again. “You want that on the rocks or straight up?”

“Straight up.”

She finished pouring the drinks and they went into the living room. Kelly was seated on the smaller couch and Natasha sat beside her. Mike sat on the wraparound couch nearby. They sat and drank and chatted some more. Natasha felt her pussy growing wet as the anticipation of what was going to happen mounted.

After a while, when the conversation hit a lull, Natasha lit a cigarette and turned to Kelly. “So…you said before that you guys had an open relationship. How open is it?”

Kelly smiled and placed her glass on the table. “It’s kind of hard to explain,” the pretty blonde girl said as she slid closer to Natasha. “It might be easier to just show you.” With that she leaned in and kissed Natasha’s waiting lips.

The kiss was soft but firm and Kelly’s tongue darted playfully into her mouth. Natasha didn’t resist and kissed her back, which encouraged the girl. Her hand crept up Natasha’s blouse and started to gently fondle her breasts. Natasha moaned softly into Kelly’s mouth and she began sucking on the girl’s tongue. After what seemed a few long moments, Kelly broke the kiss and leaned back on the couch smiling.

Natasha took another drag off her cigarette and then put it out in the ashtray. “Wow,” she said and raised a hand to her lips. “So that’s what you meant.”

Kelly nodded and her smile took a fairly naughty twist. “That’s what I meant. Did you like it?” The girl’s sexual confidence was still laced with doubt.

She nodded and looked to Mike. He was leaning back on the other couch. His pants were beginning to tent out and she knew that he was getting excited just from watching them kiss. “Yes, I liked it,” she said.

“Me, too,” Kelly responded and leaned in again. This second kiss was less tentative, stronger than the first. Her tongue now entered Natasha’s mouth and twirled around. The girl leaned in further and her hands started roaming up and down Natasha’s body. She felt her panties growing damp from her excitement.

“That’s nice,” Mike encouraged from the other couch.

Natasha broke the kiss this time, practically having to pry Kelly off of her. The girl was an eager little thing. But she was tired of this little game. She wanted to take over and show these two what they had gotten into tonight. That’s what was really exciting her; oh, the idea of having sex with a hot young couple was exciting in and of itself, but it was the moment when she took over that really had her charged. She would show them. She was so wet from just thinking about it.

She stood up. “Excuse me a moment,” she said and made her way over to the stairs. “I’ll be right back.”

Kelly seemed unsure. “Where are you going?” the girl called up to her, but she did not answer.

She went into her bedroom and started to get ready. She removed her blouse, revealing a black see through bra that barely contained her big tits. Her nipples were hard and poking through the material. She gave each a tweak and then continued. Next she removed her pants; beneath she wore soft pantyhose that matched her bra. They were tight and would have stayed up on their own, but she wore a garter belt anyway because it looked hot. She took off her lace panties and tossed them across the room. Her pussy was trimmed so much it was practically bare, with only a strip of hair just above. It glistened with moisture and she slid a finger along it in appreciation. Finally, she put her high-heels back on and gave her wavy red hair a tussle. She checked herself in the mirror once before grabbing the sport bag beside her bed and making her way back down to the living room.

She returned to find Kelly in the same spot, smoking a cigarette and whispering quietly to Mike. When the blonde saw her, her eyes went wide. Mike turned to see, and his face took on a look of surprise as well. “Oh my God,” she heard Kelly whisper.

Natasha sauntered into the living room. “What’s the matter?” she said with a laugh. “You didn’t realize that I knew what you were up to all along, did you?”

Mike stammered trying to respond. “Wh-what do you mean?”

Natasha turned to him, placing her hands on her hips. She shifted her weight from one foot to the other, waving her pussy before his face. “Please,” she said. “I know you were both in the bar together before your little girlfriend came over to talk to me. I saw you .”

“Hey,” Kelly said, “it’s not like we were trying to trick you or anything…We just…we didn’t know how to approach you. We saw you and we were both attracted to you, but you seemed so sophisticated that we thought…”

“Thought what?” Natasha said, interrupting her. “Thought that a woman like me wouldn’t like to go home with a hot young couple like you and fuck each other all night?”

“Yeah,” Kelly responded. On the other couch, Mike was speechless. He couldn’t take his eyes off her naked pussy.

“Well,” Natasha said removing the anger from her tone, “you were wrong.”

She reached out and took the cigarette from Kelly’s hand, took a drag from it, and discarded it in the ashtray. She exhaled the smoke out of the side of her mouth and drew Kelly to her feet. She took a hold of the girl’s sweater and pulled her in. She kissed her hard and long, her tongue sliding around Kelly’s open lips. With one hand she grabbed the back of the girl’s neck and pulled her in, with the other she reached down and began stroking the girl through her skirt. Kelly sighed in delight and put her arms around Natasha.

Again Natasha broke off the kiss and pushed Kelly down onto the couch roughly. “So what is it you two are into? Does Mike like to watch you with other girls? Or do you like to watch him with other girls? Or do you take turns?” She got down on the couch beside the blonde girl and began stroking her crotch again. Kelly spread her legs as far as the tight skirt would allow and moaned. “Well, it doesn’t matter what you like now, because I’m in charge. Do you understand me?”

Kelly nodded enthusiastically, but Mike was still speechless. His cock was now fully hard, it was obvious from the bulge in his pants. Natasha eyed the thing appreciatively. She would get to that soon enough. They were hers now, to do with as she would.

She turned back to Kelly and kissed her again. The girl’s eager mouth opened wide for her and she sucked on Natasha’s tongue as it explored her mouth. Natasha pulled the tight leather skirt up to give her better access and she reached her hand up under it.

“Oh my,” she said at what she found there. “No panties, Kelly? What a naughty little slut you are.” Her fingers began to stroke the girl’s labia, eliciting soft moans of pleasure. “You were really on the prowl tonight, I guess.” She turned to Mike. “You look silly just sitting there with a massive hard on, Mike. Why don’t you take it out and play with it?

“All right,” he said, breaking his long silence. He undid his belt and pulled the zipper on his pants down. “If that’s what you want.”

“Yes that’s what I want. I want you to jack off while I play with your girlfriend. She’s such a pretty little thing.”

She slid a finger into Kelly’s pussy and found it already nice and wet. She slowly started sliding it in and out. “You like that, baby?”

“Oh God, yes,” the blonde breathed. She arched her back, putting her tits in Natasha’s face. Through the tight material, Natasha could see Kelly’s nipples getting hard. She lowered her head and began to nibble on one of them through the sweater.

While sucking on Kelly’s nipple, she turned her gaze back to Mike. He had his cock out now and was rubbing up and down its length at a medium pace. She was impressed by what she saw; it had to be about eight inches long and was one of the thickest she’d ever seen. With her free hand she reached down and started rubbing her clit.

After a few moments, she stopped. She pulled her finger from Kelly’s pussy and leaned back away from the girl. “It would be easier if you took your clothes off, Kelly. You want to take them off for me, don’t you? You want to be my little slut?”

“Yes,” the girl answered breathlessly. “I want to be your little slut, Natasha.”

Kelly stood and pulled her sweater up over her head. She wore no bra beneath and her firm breasts fell free. They were even better than Natasha had expected; she estimated that the girl was a 32-C, slightly smaller than her own 36-Ds. Kelly pulled her skirt down around her ankles and then kicked it over onto the empty couch. Her pussy was totally devoid of any hair and she had a small tattoo of a butterfly just above it and to the right. She stood there naked looking at Natasha for approval.

Natasha nodded. “Very nice. You’re a good little slut, aren’t you? And you know what sluts like to do…they like to suck cock, don’t they? So get over there and suck your boyfriend’s cock for me, baby.”

Kelly turned without a word and dropped to her knees in front of Mike. He took his hand off his dick as she leaned in. She took a hold of it in one hand and gave it a few long strokes before pressing her lips to the tip. She kissed it up and down the shaft and licked the head. Finally, she opened wide and lowered her head onto it. She sucked the head, her cheeks hollowing with the effort, and then began to go to work. Her lips ran up and down the length of Mike’s cock in ever increasing depth. Looking at it, Natasha knew that the girl was accustomed to his size and was able to deep throat it. When her lips reached the base, Natasha clapped her hands in encouragement.

“That’s it! Good girl, take that whole fucking thing!” Natasha took the pack of cigarettes from the table and lit one. She sat and smoked while she watched Kelly suck her boyfriend off. With her free hand, she resumed rubbing her clit. She looked to Mike. “Is she sucking it good, Mike? Is your girlfriend a good little cocksucker?”

He nodded. “Oh, yeah,” he said through clenched teeth. “She’s the best!”

Natasha exhaled smoke and chuckled. “We’ll see about that,” she said. “Kelly, stand up and suck it. I want to see your pussy while you suck his cock.”

Kelly stood in her high heeled boots without taking her mouth from Mike’s shaft. From this angle she really had to plunge her head down onto it, but she didn’t hesitate at all. She just kept working his cock so good.

Natasha was impressed. “Very good, Kelly.” As the blonde did her work, her ass bobbed up and down in front of Natasha. She eyed the girl’s moist pussy and her round ass cheeks with desire. Putting her cigarette out, she rose from the couch and went over. She knelt behind the girl and, leaning in, began to lick the outer folds of her pussy.

“Mmmmm,” Kelly sounded, still not taking her mouth off of Mike’s cock.

Natasha slid her tongue into the girl, eliciting more sounds of pleasure. She licked all around and worked her way up to Kelly’s clit, which was just starting to peek out from under its hood. She sucked the little nub into her mouth and licked it with her tongue.

There was a pop as Kelly’s head came up off of Mike. “Oh my God!” the girl yelled at the sensation. “That’s so good! Eat my pussy, Natasha!”

Natasha did as she was told and really went to town as Kelly returned her lips to Mike’s hard cock. She slid her tongue up and down the girl’s slit, occasionally sliding it into her pussy or using it to flick her clit. It was obviously having an effect on the girl as she began to bob frantically up and down on Mike’s shaft.

“Oh, yeah, baby!” he moaned. “That’s it! Keep doing that!”

Natasha worked her way up from Kelly’s pussy and between her ass cheeks. Reaching up she pulled them apart and found the tight little ring of the girl’s asshole. She licked it playfully a few times, then started to slide her tongue inside. It was hard work at first, but as Kelly started to relax, she managed to work her way in. After a few moments, she was ramming her tongue in and out of the hole.

The blonde couldn’t keep her concentration and she stopped sucking Mike off. “Oh, yeah! Tongue-fuck my ass! Tongue-fuck my tight little asshole!” She kept working her boyfriend’s dick with her hand while she shouted. Natasha slid two fingers into the girl’s pussy. “Oh God! That’s it! Fuck both my holes, baby! You’re going to make me cum!”

Natasha pulled her tongue free for a second. “Are you going to cum for me, Kelly? Is my dirty little slut ready to cum already?” With that, she plunged her tongue back into Kelly’s ass.


Natasha wanted to bring Kelly off before Mike so she could have some time with his beefy cock, so she doubled her efforts. She moved her face back down to Kelly’s pussy and started sucking hard on her clit. Then, she replaced her tongue with a finger in Kelly’s ass. She slid it rapidly in and out.


Natasha slid another finger into the girl’s ass as she continued to suck on her clit. This seemed to be what pushed her over the edge.

“FUCKING CUMMING! NATASHA, I’M FUCKING CUMMING! YOU’RE MAKING ME CUM SO HARD!” Her cries of pleasure echoed around the open apartment.

Cum began to spray from Kelly’s pussy onto Natasha’s face. The redhead did her best to lick it all up. She kept slamming away at Kelly’s ass with her fingers until she was sure the girl was finished.

Natasha got to her feet and pulled Kelly upright. She shoved her tongue into the blonde’s mouth and shared her juices with her. Kelly licked her cum from Natasha’s lips. “That was amazing,” she said breathlessly after the kiss.

Natasha smiled at the girl. “It’s just the beginning, honey. You ain’t seen nothing yet.” She gestured toward the couch. “Why don’t you have a seat and catch your breath?” Her eyes turned back to Mike. “I want a shot at that boyfriend of yours. Would you like that, Kelly? You want to watch me suck that big, juicy cock of his?”

Kelly nodded as she sat down. “Yeah,” she said. “I want to watch you suck him off and then ride his fucking cock good and hard.”

Natasha laughed. “My, my,” she said. “You really are a little slut, aren’t you?”

Natasha went over and sidled onto the couch next to Mike. The young man seemed totally in awe by what had just happened. She took his face by the chin and turned him toward her. She leaned in and kissed him deeply, rolling her tongue around his. Her hand roamed down his chest, unbuttoning his shirt as she went. Then she slid her hand up along his chiseled frame. She found a nipple and gave it a little squeeze.

She broke the kiss. “Did you like watching me eat your girlfriend’s pussy, Mike?”

He nodded enthusiastically. “That was so hot.” He licked his lips, tasting Kelly from Natasha’s kiss.

“She tastes so good,” Natasha said as she started to slide her face down his torso. “I wonder how you taste…”

She took a hold of his cock and looked at it for a moment. It stood straight up, curving slightly back toward his stomach. It was thicker than she thought before, and longer; he must not have been fully hard when she had looked. It must have been nine inches at least and about as thick as the bottom of a beer bottle. She ran her hand up and down its length. “Your cock is so nice,” she cooed and gave it a tentative lick. “It’s no wonder Kelly wants to share it. I can’t wait to have it inside me.”

She took the head into her mouth and began to suck. She rubbed her hand up and down the shaft while she sucked at the tip. She used her other hand to play with his balls. Finally, she took her hand from his cock and lowered her head down onto it. She took the first six inches with no problem. “Oh yeah, baby,” mike said. “Take it all…I know you can.” For the last three inches she had to reposition her head so that the cock would slide down into her throat. She felt herself start to gag, but fought the impulse off and calmed herself. Then she started bobbing up and down his entire length. “Oh, God, that’s so fucking good.” She could only imagine how deep this cock would feel in her pussy. She couldn’t wait to find out.

After sucking him for a while, she pulled free of his cock. It was coated with her saliva and she grabbed it in one hand and started jerking it. She turned to look at Kelly.

The blonde girl was seated on the other couch smoking a cigarette with one hand and fingering her pussy with the other. Her blue eyes were locked on the sight before her.

“You want me to fuck him, Kelly?”

The blonde didn’t even hesitate. “Oh, yeah. I want to see you ride my boyfriend’s big dick, baby. I want you to feel that hard cock in your pussy till you explode.” She took a deep drag off the cigarette as her other hand became a blur on her clit. “Do it!”

Natasha stood up and faced Mike. “You ready for me, big boy?”

He smiled mischievously. “You know it!”

Natasha faced Kelly as she straddled Mike’s legs. With her back facing him, she had to bend over to look at what she was doing. He helped by grabbing his cock and guiding it toward her pussy. Kelly was now furiously fucking herself with two fingers as she watched. “Ride that cock, baby, ride it!” she said.

Natasha leaned back and felt the thick head of Mike’s cock press against the lips of her pussy…..

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