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A Story of Karma

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For a few weeks about a year ago my best friend, Ethan, kept telling me how he found the perfect girl. At all of 21 years old he was certain. He found a girl that was “like a model”, “witty”, and “full of life.”

After what seemed like eternity he finally decided to “showcase” her (as he so eloquently put it). See, here’s the thing about Ethan. While he is a smart guy that has a defined body, he’s very egotistical, self-centered, and incredibly dependant on being the guy everyone wants to be (even though none of his friends want to be like him).

To put it simply, he was born with a silver spoon and still acts like it today. So why am I friends with him? Why is a blue-collar working college student friends with someone who feels like everything should be handed to him? Well, other than the incredible party throwing abilities he has, the fact of the matter is, I’m a very shy guy. When you only have a handful of people that were friends in high school, and all but 2 move away for college, you tend to stay close to those people that stayed.

But moving on with the tale. One day around noon (like he’d ever call me before then), my phone rings with Ethan calling me. “Brent you have to come to this party Friday night, Sarah is coming, I want you to meet her.”

While I know my work schedule had me working that night, I figured it’d still be going after midnight, so I accepted and told him I wouldn’t be there until late because of work. Hell, I knew he just wanted to rub it in my face that he has the “perfect” girlfriend, while I’ve been dateless for a couple years.

Might as well give you a little info on myself while I’m on that point. Me not having a date for over 2 years wasn’t based on looks alone. I’m a decent looking guy. Used to be a very large 240 pounds at only 5’8″. That hurt me throughout high school no doubt. But after that I changed my mindset and realized I needed to get my ass in gear. I’m now a decently solid 190 pounds with some toning happening in a few spots. Great body? No. But far from awful.

Basically all my dating (or lack there of) issues were from working and my natural shyness. I worked over 40 hours a week, while being enrolled at a trade school. I also lived by myself, in a small apartment in the ghetto of a small-major city in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. So while I made a good chunk of cash, I spent it all on rent, bills, food and gas. The little bit I did have, I had no time to spend anyways. Shyness I’ve worked on since this point, but we may get to that in a little bit.

Back to the party. Every day for the week building up to the party, I would get text messages hyping up how “perfect” this girl is. With my experience in knowing Ethan, I was highly expecting Friday to become a let down. While he normally has a lovely looking girl on his arm, brains and natural beauty aren’t tops on his list.

By the time Friday rolled around I was hoping Sarah wouldn’t even show up so I could avoid Ethan getting trashed just so he could forget about the disappointment of another girl ditching him for the only reason he could think of, “she’s just a stupid bitch.” Again, a classy guy.

Well, I was looking dapper for my standards (a high-end graphic t-shirt and a pair of Wranglers) as I showed up to work for my 7 hour shift, getting the occasional ribbing from co-workers about how I look “so pretty” blah blah blah. Thankfully that kept me from wanting to slap Ethan through my phone as he texted me about her another ten times. Finally, midnight struck and I got to leave and head over, my mind still bracing for a disappointment. Boy was I wrong.

The second I opened the door to his apartment I saw her. Tall, thin, just enough curves, pouty lips, gorgeous hair and mysterious brown eyes. He easily saw me looking at her, I know this because the first thing he said to me after patting me on the shoulder was “told ya.” No kidding.

He introduces me to her and her to me, and then about two seconds after “Brent this is Sarah, Sarah this is Brent” his lips (no longer talking) were now preoccupied with hers, making sure I knew she was his. A very possessive, and again…classy fella.

As the next couple hours went by Ethan became more and more intoxicated. After I showed up he no longer needed to be sober to show off, thankfully this give me a chance to get to know what could most likely be his new prey. Womanizers never really change.

As we talked for a while, of course with Ethan occasionally showing up to mark his territory with a kiss or grope, I noticed unlike most girls he showed up with, she actually was pretty intelligent. A career in fashion was her life’s work, and looking at what she was wearing I could see why. She was in a velvety soft looking black dress showing off her slim body and surprisingly round and firm looking butt. Even stranger was how much alike we were. We each had struggles with mental issues in the past, each left college early to jump into a hectic career that we regretted and were looking to get out of, and each wanted to do something but didn’t really know how to get there. And about that shyness I have that I mentioned earlier, with her it was non-existent. Once again, the bad guy gets lucky and the good guy finishes last.

I left the party that night with my mind being completely flustered. How does this always happen to him? How does he always get the girl? How come I can never find her, but he finds a new one every month? It all didn’t make sense. But I figured that maybe I would have a chance soon enough, given his track record of short relationships.

Well a year went by and they were still together. They’ve had occasional spats, including a couple that saw her come to my apartment to sleep for the night because she didn’t want to be around her and she trusted me. Me and her have become very good friends over the past year. I’ve seen her naked a few times (she has a habit of stripping when drunk), she’s heard stories about me with a friend of hers having drunken sex after a party one night and wouldn’t let me hear the end of it. Constant joking about how I was the biggest and best her friend has ever had. All the jokes started to get old, but hey, I slept with her friend (who by the way was the best I’ve ever had as well), so it was understandable.

Anyways, the night of my 22nd birthday party she led a surprise party for me with cake, a keg, and everything. I’m not one for parties, especially for meaningless birthdays, but it was a really sweet gesture and I appreciated knowing that she truly did care enough about me to do something like that. As the night goes on, her and her friend Alexis have a few drinks and after a lot of sexual tension I saw between the two, they get close to each other and kiss. It was a side of Sarah I’ve never witnessed before, and judging from her reaction the same thought was in her mind as well.

I guess you’d like to take a step backwards, so I’ll do it for you. Who’s Alexis? Why haven’t I mentioned her? Well, it’s simple, I didn’t even know her until two months prior to the birthday party. Sarah didn’t know her until a month before I met Alexis. So where did she come from? Ethan met her at a class in college and flirted with her more than should ever be allowable. And, as I would find out later down the line, he slept with her the first day he met her, yeah…even with the “perfect” (which I do agree with that statement) girlfriend…that he lived with for the past 8 months. If he was single, I wouldn’t blame him for sleeping with her, she was stunning. Icy blue eyes, curves, jet black hair with slightly pale skin, and breasts that could make women walk into walls along with the men, 36D for those that need to know these things.

During Sarah’s 21st birthday party the two girls flirted many times and there was already a good bit of sexual tension going on. With Ethan’s ability to manipulate he got the two girls together for a sexy photo shoot for all of them to have, and after a few drinks it apparently worked. I don’t know what happened in that photo shoot, but apparently it involved plenty of female nudity and brief moments of girl-on-girl action. So the 22nd birthday party episode wasn’t stunning after I learned all those details.

Going back to my birthday party, the make-out session between the two captivating women became the talk of the party (which thankfully took the focus off me, again…shy). After a while they played it off like it was just a drunken moment of weakness and the talk about it finally died down. They were out on the balcony of the apartment and looked like they were arguing, and seeing how the great boyfriend Ethan didn’t seem to care, I walked outside to see what was going on.

“You just don’t get me do you Sarah?!?!”

“Of course I get you damn it! I just, I just didn’t expect it!”

“Ahem.” They turn to see me standing there on the dimly lit balcony. “What’s going on ladies?”

Sarah was the first to speak up. “It’s just, well…you want to go get something to eat and talk about it. Too many people here.” After a jab to the ribs from Alexis, “She’ll come too of course.”

“Sounds good to me, I just don’t like seeing two beautiful women upset.” Sarah smiled and we walked to her car (my truck only seats two) and we go to a fast food place for a burger and fries. As we’re all sitting in the car the argument starts back up…”Why is it such a big deal to you?!?!”

“Why do you have to bring it up like that?!?!”

“LADIES!!! Again….please…..stop!”

“Sorry,” they chimed in simultaneously.

“Now what the hell is going on?”

“Well, Alexis decided to ask me how serious I was about Ethan.”

“Only because I just don’t get what you see in him when you have something a lot better in front of you Sarah!”

“And what would that be exactly Alexis?” Sarah asked with a small glare in her eyes but a bit of curiosity as well.


I was blown away at this point. Yes I knew there was sexual tension but I didn’t think Alexis was a lesbian, bi-sexual maybe, but just the fun-loving type. I never saw her as a girl that would have a relationship with another girl. But what was said next blew me away even more.

“I really do care about you Alexis. In fact, I do have feelings of love for you. And when we kiss, it’s magical.”

“So why don’t you leave him for me?”

“Because I can’t!”

“Why not?”

“It will hurt him too much! I can’t do that to him.”

At this point I had to interject with something. After listening to them continue to argue about the same topic for another two or three minutes, the words finally came to me. “OK HOLD ON!….Sarah, it’s real simple ok. You need to do what makes you happy. You can’t stay with a guy because he’ll be hurt. I know Ethan, he’ll be fine, as great as you are, he’s that much of a player, he’ll move on, which says a lot less about him than it sounds like I may mean. You’re amazing, you deserve to be happy.”

Silence filled the car as Sarah sat and thought. Alexis gave me a “thank you” look when I saw her through the rear view mirror as I sat in the driver’s seat of Sarah’s car in the parking lot. We went inside, ordered three burgers and fries and got back in the car, nobody touching their food, just sat in silence of the deepness of the moment. “OK.”

“OK?” I asked, repeating Sarah.

“OK. I’ve made up my mind. I do want to be happy. And I can’t be happy with Ethan.”

“OHMIGOD you mean you want to be with me?” Alexis perked up.

“I do, I really do. But I want someone else to.”

“Who?” Alexis asked as we both stared at Sarah.

Sarah then looked into my eyes and softly and bluntly says “you.”

If I was standing I would have probably dented my head after fainting and hitting the ground. Thankfully I was sitting, it only left me stammering and stuttering like an idiot. “Uhhh. What’s that?”


“I don’t know anybody named Yu. Is he some Asian guy I’ve never met?”

All Sarah can do is give me a look letting me know I’m an idiot, she then smiles and leans forward and kisses me softly. Even while being thrown into a loop by the latest revelation from Sarah, when you have a gorgeous woman kiss you, it’s automatic that you kiss back, and kiss back I did. For the next minute we kissed like it was the only way to stay alive. “Ahem.”

We broke the kiss to see Alexis staring at us. “Sorry, ummm, so….me huh?”


“What about me Sarah?” Alexis asked and leans in to kiss Sarah who accepts and returns the kiss excitedly.

I sat there in awe and confusion of what was happening. Not only was my friend’s girlfriend making out with another woman that she has feelings for, she has feelings for me as well, and even made out with me. Granted we’ve had a couple drinks, but we were all sober enough to understand what was happen, and to drive (for all the cops out there).

After what seemed like a month the kiss finally broke. Sarah and Alexis looked at each other lovingly, Sarah then turned to me. “Brent, let’s go back to your apartment.”

While I can’t fully remember the words, I believe they sounded something like “huuuuuuuuuhkuhhhhhhhsure.”

While the cops would be happy to know I was sober enough to drive, probably doesn’t help my cause that I was driving well over the speed limit to get there. After all the great moments that came for Ethan, it was finally Sarah and myself that was getting something excellent. For the first time in weeks I actually saw a look of happiness in Sarah’s eyes. Her mood perked up. She seemed to be free.

We arrive at my small apartment but a lot of space wasn’t really necessary. As soon as we get out of the car, Sarah and Alexis are kissing and groping each other we made our way to the front door, and as soon as that opened all three of us fell inside and were practically a ball of passionate fury. Kisses being exchanged randomly. At some points me and Alexis were kissing Sarah at the same time, occasionally leading to me and Alexis kissing, which wasn’t a bad thing, but Sarah was who I wanted, and in more than a sexual way.

Suddenly we found our way to my bedroom as the articles of clothing began to fly off. My shirt came first drawing a purr from Alexis and Sarah, “told you he had a pretty nice body” said the taller, thinner woman. “What until you see what else I wasn’t lying about.”

“Mmmm, can’t wait. But I’d rather see you sweety.”

It almost started to feel like a competition for Sarah’s attention and love. As Sarah began to kiss and lick my thick, mostly muscular chest, Alexis peeled off her shirt and slipped off her bra releasing her large breasts. The bulge in my Wranglers getting larger by the second. I felt Sarah’s hands on my ass, squeezing. But wait…Sarah has a hand on Alexis’ left breast, suddenly I felt the smaller of the two hands squeeze my round butt and I saw a smirk from Alexis. We looked at Sarah and I picked her up and her female lover took advantage by evening up the score to have us all nude above the waist. But as Sarah’s small, perky tits were revealed, I felt 3 hands on my jeans, which suddenly were yanked down to my ankles, my tight black boxer-briefs soon followed, along with a comment of “holy shit!” coming from Sarah’s mouth.

“Erica wasn’t lying, you’re fucking thick!”

“Thanks, I grew it myself,” I quipped.

This line even drew Alexis to smile as she looked at me, almost a look of “Alright, we’ll share.”

I felt two different sized hands running along the length of my 7″ long, near beer-bottle thick member. My next move was obvious, I laid Sarah down next to Alexis who was sitting on the side of the bed, the two women made out with passion as they massaged my throbbing size. I gave Alexis a look and she nodded knowing what my next move was, as I unbuttoned Sarah’s shorts and slowly slid them down, hooking her thong along the way. I gave her an added touch as my lips and the tip of my tongue caressed the length of her long, sculpted legs right behind the waistband of the two remaining articles of clothing.

“Nice and clean huh Sarah?” I asked as I ran a couple fingertips along the smooth, shaved mound above her very small and very wet slit.

“Ethan likes me that way.”

“I do too, looks so hot hun,” chimed Alexis.

“It does look hot, may I do the honors?”

“Please do Brent.”

I waited until Alexis and Sarah broke into another erotic kiss before I placed my lips on Sarah’s inner thighs, teasing her gently as I showed her what my tongue could do as it swirled lightly along her silky smooth skin, edging closer and closer to her inviting heat.

My zoned out motions were broken when I felt a pair of jeans hit me in the head and a sexy pair of boy shorts fell in front of me and onto Sarah. I looked up to see Alexis joining us fully nude, and it didn’t take long for Sarah to pounce as two of her fingers were already slipping inside, the sounds of wetness turning us all on even more. I couldn’t even tease Sarah anymore, I dove in and practically made out with her gorgeous and tight lips. My tongue running laps just barely outside her labia, barely avoiding her clit, and after I decided enough was enough I pressed my lips against her clit and kissed it, feeling Sarah’s body tighten instantly.

I looked up to look into her eyes but they were blocked by the icy blue eyes and face of Alexis as she sucked and licked Sarah’s small and dark nipples. I split the lips of the near orgasmic woman gently by sliding one of my thick fingers inside her, curling it just enough to massage her g-spot making her wail in ecstasy. Her moan only broken by the moan of Alexis who was near her own orgasm from three fingers thrusting in and out of her own slightly looser but just as wet hole.

“You two gonna cum for me?”

All I got for a response were increased moans. I decided to go for the kill. My tongue slipped past my lips and swirled around Sarah’s hard, little clit as a second finger pushed inside her. Her moans gained in volume, only to grow even louder as I took her clit between my lips as much as I could and began to suck on it as I flicked my tongue faster and faster against my lips, vibrating her.

The scent, sights, feelings and most obvious, sounds of two female orgasms spread through the room. The two women seemed to be paralyzed by their climaxes for what seemed to be an hour but was likely only 20-30 seconds.

As their moments passed all Sarah could say was, “OK Alexis, your turn to lick me. Brent, I want to taste you now.”

We gladly complied as Alexis slid down Sarah’s body and replaced me as her personal sex toy licking her lovingly. Mean while, Sarah leaned to the side to greet me as I knelt next to the bed with a pulsing cock in front of her. She stared at it as she stroked it. “I don’t know…ohhhh… if I can do this. I’ve…uuunnnnhh… only been with two guys…ohhhh fuck Alexis!… biggest was 5. This is just…mmmm fuck…huge.”

The words from her lips only made me more aroused. I wanted to tell her to try an get it all down her throat. But I said what the real, non-caught up in the heat Brent was thinking, “Sarah, it’s ok, just do what feels right.”

With that she sucked the head of my rod between her lips and ran her tongue around and around it while moaning wildly as Alexis started to flick her tongue along her clit.

She pulled away from it, stroked it and her lust filled eyes looked into mine and she mouthed the words “I love you” as she slid her lips down my length about half way, gagged and came back up for air. “Fuck that’s so mmmmmmm big. I can’t uuunnnnnh, take it.”

“Hopefully you can somewhere else.” I said this and leaned down to suck on her breasts while my fingers massaged what undersides there were to them. My tongue met one of her nipples and she moaned wildly as I felt her breathing stop for a second then speed up rapidly, she was ready to lose it again.

“OHHHH fuck Brent…Alexis…do it to me!”

She then pulled on my thigh, getting the hint I went back to my original spot and she wrapped her lips around the near-purple colored top of my pole. Her moans vibrating my spine as she yelled them out against me and her body convulsed from her second orgasm in around five minutes.

Her eyes were glazed over slightly, but she spoke out, “Alexis, get up here, I get to taste you now. Brent…take me. I need to feel a real cock inside me.”

“Gladly,” Alexis and I stammered, then looked at each other and chuckled over the second jinx of the night.

I began to walk to my bathroom. “Where you going?” Sarah said with a worried/don’t leave me look in her eyes.

“I figured I should probably get a condom.”

“Good call. You do that.” A huge smile spread across her face.

When I returned I was greeted with the sight of Alexis on top of Sarah as they were in a 69 pleasuring and tasting each other. The moans driving me, and likely them both as well, wild.

Alexis gave me a sad look as I got back between Sarah’s legs, “Would you like to?” I asked while holding the condom wrapper in a suggestive way. She then took the wrapper, looked at it, “Magnum. Only seen a guy use these once when they really needed to.”

“Put it on and find out,” I said with a smirk.

“OH GOD just put it on him so he can fuck me!” Yelled out Sarah.

Alexis giggled and rolled the rubber down my length, “wow, you definitely need a Magnum. You’re even stretching that a little. Shit. Have fun Sarah, I know I would.”

Sarah was just about to reply when I slowly slid inside her, getting about 4 inches in before I met too much resistance and had to stop. Sarah gasping for air after her loudest moan of the night. “Damn it Brent that hurts so good!”

“That’s only about half gorgeous.”

“You think I’m gorgeous?”

“Always have.”

Her eyes, as much as I could see of them at least, seemed to water a little bit as she went back to licking Alexis’ wetness.

“He never tells you that huh?” Alexis asked.

“Nuh uh” was the only sound made.

“Well, we both think you’re stunning, fuck what he thinks.” I said.

“Yeah…fuck what he thinks…and us.” Alexis said with a smile.

“Please do.”

With that response I pulled back until the very tip was all that was inside, and slipped back in her a little faster and this time I reached nearly 6″ before hitting resistance and stopping again.

Sarah’s moans having a huge effect on Alexis as I could see her shivering from the vibrations. “Give her the rest and make her moan even more!” She requested forcefully.

“That’s not even all of it?!?!”

I pushed the remaining inch or so deep inside her, “is now.”

She moaned and screamed so loud I was worried about my windows even with Alexis’ pink pressed against her lips. Which by the way, the moans, the tongue and the finger Alexis had wiggling her clit had brought her to orgasm with that final inch I pushed into her love. Her body so drained that she rolled off Sarah and laid against her as I started to thrust in and out slowly of my dream-girl’s freakishly tight tunnel.

“Baby you’re so tight. So hot. It’s unreal.”

“It is tight, but that tool you got is making it feel even tighter, I can feel it practically ripping me.”

We looked into each other’s eyes with a glare of love and lust rolled into one. A year’s worth of build-up finally climaxing in this incredibly unexpected moment. “I love you” she mouthed to me again. “I love you too Sarah, I always have.”

With that I felt her insides twinge, constricting and releasing over and over, more and more as her love-canal got slicker and hotter by the second, coaxing the cum out of my cock.

“Gonna cum baby?”


As I pushed into her I felt something pressing against me, coming in waves. I looked down to see her own juices gushing out of her like a dam burst, which emotionally it may have. The sight of my sheets getting darker and darker with the increasing amount of fluids got me even closer, but when I looked up and saw the loving look in her eyes I was pushed over the edge.

“Sarah, I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum so much.”

She just looked into my eyes as pleasure ripped through my body and streaks of hot, thick cum jetted against the end of the rubber protector, filling up the remaining space inside it. My cock twitching and throbbing with each spurt brought Sarah to a 4th and final climax as we reached it nearly simultaneously.

At the conclusion of both of our orgasms, I gently collapsed down and laid to the side that wasn’t occupied by her busty, also beautiful female lover, who was looking at us both in amazement. As I reached down and slid the condom off my softening, tired lovestick, Alexis finally spoke up. “That was incredible. You two are perfect for each other.”

“I know.” Sarah said softly as she turned her head to kiss me. “You and I aren’t too bad either.”

“Yeah, but I see the love in your eyes with him. I see lust in yours when you look at me. I love that look, but sweety, I can’t get between you two. You’re perfect together.”

I looked at the two goddesses as they chatted softly. After a minute of conversation Alexis looked at me with an understanding appearance in her eyes…”You win.”

I turned to Sarah who looked at me with a big smile and met me with a kiss. “You won me from the first party. Sorry it took me so long to realize it.”

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