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Testing the Limits

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Friday, as you leave to take the kids to school and feed the horse, you direct me to be “ready”. Further you said “ready” meant naked, with the 3 point clips attached to the nipples and clit, the new cuffs on the ankles and wrists, a handful of wooden clothes pins, the zipper tape and the blindfold in place. I glared at you, amazed by your directions as you went out the door.

My mouth wide open as the door was closing. Your final words were commanding, distinct and firm – JUST DO IT! Then the door closed. Moments later, the garage door was shut by remote control; I knew you were leaving.

I went back to our bedroom and got exactly what you required of me. I left our toy box on the bed, after having rummaged through it to find ALL the items you told me to have on. I gathered all the apparel up and went into the kitchen. The cuffs were all secured in place, the nipple clips attached snuggly, but not too tight and the clit clip was carefully applied with just the right amount of pressure to keep my clit standing out and enough tightness to keep the clip in place. Lastly, I placed the blindfold over my head, waiting silently for your return. When I heard the garage door reopening, I stood, walked to the center of the doorway, about 4′ inside the house, put the blindfold in place and waited silently.

When you opened the door, I heard you say very nice and your footsteps walked right past me. You could be heard in the back of the house. What you were doing could not be determined, until I heard the familiar rattle of metal on plastic. I knew you at least had our spreader bar/bars with you. Your footsteps were getting heavier as you returned, but walked right past me to the recently cleaned out garage. The garage door came down, but you had left the house door open. I felt the cool breezes from the garage on my pinched nipples.

Once you finished making preparations, you came in the house and planted a wet kiss on my lips. You quietly asked me IF I was ready. Not having knowledge of what was yet to unfold, I simply nodded. Then you told me you had very specific instructions for me. I was to listen then repeat them back, to confirm I understood. Carefully you told me you were not fully sure where today would lead, but at no time did you want me to endure more than I was physically or mentally willing. Our code word would be “OSCAR” should I wish to stop. You also placed 2 balls (probably the kids rubber balls) in my hand and told me that once I was gagged (which would be forth coming), that my signal to stop would be to release the balls. If neither of these codes were used then events would progress until you decided that it was enough. I repeated back the instructions given to me.

You must have been satisfied, because you took hold of my arm and walked me into the garage. In one hand were two balls and in the other the tape and clothes pins. It must have been quite a sight with clenched fists, nipple clips dangling and a clit clip jingling as I walked.

You placed me where you wanted me and reconfirmed my belief of the spreader bars, when the first ankle was attached to it. Then I felt your foot between my feet nudging them apart, until I was spread very wide open. You attached the other ankle and whispered how much fun this was going to be. You then took one hand and attached the wrist cuff to the other spreader bar, then stretching out my other arm, you duplicated the process. With my arms stretched forth and my legs spread, I felt funny, exposed and especially vulnerable. I did not speak, but my breathing was jagged and stressed. I felt my arms being raised by the bar and heard it being attached above me……I guess you had placed some eye bolts in the ceiling especially for today. There I was, secured from above and splitting at the seams.

Your next instructions were for me to open my hand with the clothes pins and tape. I did so and you took them from me. Then you told me to open my other hand containing the two balls. I did so and you removed just one and placed it in my other hand. Again you repeated your instructions about dropping one or both of the balls, once I was gagged. You assured me that I would not be gagged for a while since you wanted to see just how this would go. I acknowledged with a nod. I felt you tug on the 3 point clips to see if they were tight enough for your wanting. I could feel your hands on my breasts squeezing them, making them swell, then the rubbing of the exposed nipple tip. It almost burned, but felt tingly. Then you must have tightened them a little as they began to hurt slightly. Next your hands moved to my pussy, where the clip was beginning to get a bit uncomfortable. I felt a sudden pinch and realized you put the clothes pin on one of my pussy lips, then another, until you had 4 clothes pins on each of my outer pussy lips. I could hear you ripping off a piece of tape. You pulled the lips open using the clothes pins and taped the pins to thighs. This left my pussy open and viewable. I felt that you had placed your fingers around the erect nub of my clit, teasing it.

When you asked if you could tighten the clip a little., I told you that it was already beginning to get sore, but that it probably would be ok for a little while. Next thing I knew I felt it squeeze tighter, then your tongue was caressing it, massaging the portion exposed beyond the bonding clip. It felt indescribably good. As you were doing that my juices began to moisten my opening and my inner walls started convulsing. You reached up my belly with one hand and tugged on the chain between my nipple clips, sending a jolt of pain and fear into my inner depths. I quickly inhaled, trying to regain my composure. Your tongue was dancing in circles now and prompting forth an orgasm, yet none came.

I wasn’t sure why I didn’t climax, it was there, but nothing. I was struggling in my bonds and my pussy was overflowing, streaming down my legs. Your mouth would greedily lap the juices and once again return to my swollen clit. Occasionally you would tug on the chain sending shock waves through my bulging nipples. I didn’t know IF I want to scream stop or scream in ecstasy. Your hands would reach up and rub the tips of my nipples and the burning sensation increased with your more vigorous rubs, eliciting some delightful moans Several minutes of this manipulation took place before you rose to your feet and went to the back of me.

Hanging helplessly, I felt uncomfortable, but excited beyond words. I could feel your hands massaging, spreading and kneading my ass. Soon I felt your hands slide down my inside thighs and return sticky from cunt juice. As your hands stroked my body, they would roam freely to my swollen tits and tug playfully at my nipples and squeeze them into firm mounds of flesh. Once and a while a tug to the chain, searing into my nipples and now my clit, with the absence of your tongue, the sensation was painful. Your body moved to my front side again. You asked me how I was doing and I told you I was fine but that my clit was beginning to get raw. You told me that was fine, that I would soon put my clit out of my mind and concentrate on other things. However, you did decide to loosen the clip a bit so that some more blood could flow into my nerve center. Gently, I felt the tightness loosen, just ever so slightly, but a definitive difference none the less.

With the loosening of the clip came the question IF I was prepared to go on. I nodded and whispered yes.

Whhooosssssssssssh went the first movement of the whip on my ass. My cheeks clenched tightly in anticipation of more. I squealed in surprise and perhaps some fear due to my exposure. You were right, I forgot all about my sore clit at that very moment. Then the strikes came in slow and then in fast succession, over my ass, my thighs, my back, my arms, my breasts and tender nipples (using extreme caution not to PULL loose any of my clips – as they may tear tender flesh and that was NOT wanted), my tummy and finally the stinging came to rest as a few final licks were unleashed on my soaking wet, clipped open pussy and clit. Tears formed in my eyes. I was embarrassed, on fire, scared, yet curious of how much more of this you would dish out and how much more could I take.

As quick as you began the whipping you returned to tenderly caressing my sore spots with your mighty hands and soft pliable tongue. My nipples loved the wet attention and stood proudly for your massaging and I winched when you pinched them, my pussy spasmed and relaxed and clenched tightly and relaxed. I felt your tongue draw a beeline for my pussy. The heat was rising and the aroma filled my nostrils. I felt you inhale sharply and then your tongue began a slow taunting dance upon my tender clit. It was more sore, more sensitive than ever before. The wet kisses and probing made me delirious, but I was torn between the soreness and the softness, trying to accept the pleasures being given.

At no time did you penetrate me. I wanted your fingers to delve deeply within my wet cavern, but no matter the movements I made, I was denied. In fact, orgasms were being denied. Today, this moment was about teases; pleasures and orgasms would follow.

As you sensed my continuing arousal, you stood and moved away. In a second flat, I felt a new pain, a smack to the butt cheek. Ah, I recognized the wooden ping pong paddle. Ouch, I winced as another one hit square on the cheek. Then a light tap here and there and another hum dinger on the cheek. I could feel you moving around me and then a smack to my clipped nipple and swollen tit and then one to the other side. Tears flowed down my cheeks, but I never dropped a ball, nor said a word. The pain was more than I was prepared for. I didn’t hate it. I just was more scared, shocked and unprepared than I had planned. Then I felt it. I jolt, searing, tearing into my insides as you applied to handle end to my pinched pussy, just once. That was enough to make me keenly aware of the punishment that could be rendered on one.

Momentarily I felt your hot mouth tending my battered clit. Massaging warmth on to it, probing my slit from stem to stern and lapping all the fluids my body had expelled. I hadn’t noticed how wet I was until that moment, now recognizing that my juices had reached downward of my knees. Slowly, I felt you removing the clit clip and blood poured into the tortured bud, baking me in instant pain, then relief. Your talented mouth now drawing the swollen nub into your mouth for you to tempt and tease by tongue and teeth. I was shuddering in my bonds, reveling in blissful pain that I had never encountered prior to now.

Your hands moved back to my ass cheeks pulling me deeper into your face. Lines were traced upon my reddened flesh and cheeks were pulled apart, then squashed, then parted yet again. Your fingers moistened from my own fluids were rubbed all over my puckered ass. Tentatively your fingers began to probe my tightest orifice. My mind was a blurr. I wanted so badly to have your fingers deep inside my ass while your tongue performed mending ministrations on my wounded womanhood. Yet, just a tip here and just a quick poke there, then nothing; even your tongue stopped just shy of an impending explosion. My whimpers let you know you were successful in stopping yet another orgasm.

You stood up and removed my nipple clips from my battered boobs, sending instant blood rushes into them, causing a severe discomfort. Once again, your talented tongue eased and soothed them back to normalcy. When you had decided they were recovered, you went to my back again and pressed your stiff cock into my ass crack, whispering how hard this had made you and how you wanted me at your mercy for as long as either of us could take it. Then I felt something, odd at first, then realized you were brushing my hair. I relished in the pleasurable feelings in my scalp and the tips gently massaged my head. Without warning, SMACK, a crisp blow to the ass with the backside of the hair

brush and again. My body lunged forward with the impact, trying to knock me off balance, yet my bonds kept me upright. A few good strikes and then it was back to the whippings for me. You had managed to expertly use the assorted whips we have and manipulated them from light to harder with precise control. My body flushed warmly with the strikes, some pretty tough and others decisively placed on breast, nipple, taped open pussy, calculating your blows with care and deliberately alternating hard, medium, soft, so as to keep me guessing what would come next, mixing these with delightful nibbles and kisses all over my body.

Suddenly it all stopped. You spoke to me telling me how wonderful this was and confirmed I was still ok with all this. I answered, but in a hushed voice; trying to discover within myself how I truly felt about it. I knew whatever my mind decided, much more was determined from the excess pussy flavoring that was steady streaming down my legs and pooling at my feet. Next I felt an object forcing my mouth open, apparently, it was time for the gag – after all you promised it and you knew I was going to be ok. I confirmed I was, so now was the appropriate time.

Now you spoke plain and clear. “All morning, I’ve been teasing you to the brink, then denying you orgasm after orgasm. Now is the time for you to have one after another, after yet another.”

I knew inside I wanted it, yet, having never been forced to cum and cum over and over was frightening. There was no way of knowing how I would react, nor how my body would handle all the pleasure and at what point would the pleasure cease to be.

I felt the cool lube being smeared on my ass. I tried to move away, to no avail. I had not wanted your cock to be forced up my ass, now or ever, yet with all the previous threats, I was terribly worried now. My cheeks were spread apart and the asshole lubed ever so precisely. Your fingered entered me, just beyond the sphincter muscle and lubed me well inside. Then I felt it. It was not your hard cock, but something cool. My first thought was a butt plug, but it never got larger, nor did it have the recessed base. I was lost to what this could be as it was pressed deeper into me, sliding in with great ease. Once all the way in to your satisfaction you muttered something about a real treat. My ass began to widen……you had slipped a speculum into my ass and was opening to view into my backside. I flushed a million shades of red, terribly embarrassed by what you were doing to me.

Somewhere in my mind, I realized there was a very pleasurable feeling being opened slowly, deeply. Once you had me spread as wide as you wanted you told me to bear down. I did. Nothing, no movement……..perfect you said knowing it would not slip out when I came and all my inside muscles convulsed. When you were satisfied with that, you moved to my front. I felt you playing with my tits, kissing and licking and biting my nipples. They were getting ever harder. In a few moments I felt clips being attached to my sensitive nips. They felt heavy, then they began to shudder. It was then I realized I had the vibrating set attached to me. So far the feelings were tremendous, despite my embarrassment.

My arms and legs were tiring, my mouth stuffed full of gag, I could not speak. I wanted and needed to cum bad, but then I wanted to get this over with, to rest my weary body.

My pussy lips were still taped wide open, using the tape and clothes pins. My fluids were leaking heavily, now being forced out from the backside pressure of the speculum. I felt your tongue lapping at the juices on my thighs, burying your face into my spread slit. I thought to myself, finally, I’ll be able to cum and then be let down. My mind worked too fast. I felt it at my pussy entrance. This time I was certain it was another speculum. I was about to be opened from both sides. Allowing complete access to untouched parts inside. With the handle turned to the side, you began to open it. The pressure of being opened once again was quite intense to say the least. Once you had the desired wideness you secured it in place, knowing my intense orgasm would expel it from my body. Using the tape you managed to get it to stay in place. I felt fuller, wider than I had ever been and was very worried about my body’s reactions when I finally did explode in ecstasy.

Once you were contented with all the things you had done to me thus far and were sure everything was secure, I felt your fingers began a tap on my tender flesh. My clit jumped instantly, desiring more pressure, manipulation, anything to push it over the climactic hill of oblivion. I could feel different amounts of pressure and some slight tugging on my clit. Finally, you sank your face into my exposed mound and started your very own solo tongue lashing. My Goodness it all felt so good. I knew the filling inside of me coupled with the fantastic oral skills, I had very little I could do except to reach for that edge that would push me beyond. I felt it beginning to form and slowly being sucked out of me as your soft mouth encompassed my clit and held it firmly for the most intense tongue stroking I had ever enjoyed. AS your tongue slid round and round the tightly held nub, I exploded. I screamed, I yelled, I convulsed a thousand times over, yet you never stopped. My clit swelled and that thrilled you yet further as you suckled on it harder.

Soon tears were streaming down my cheeks. One orgasm bled into yet another as your intentions had been. As you sucked my clit deeper, I felt your teeth scrape over it, sending new shock waves into one continual climax. The teeth began to get harder on my raw clit, until you were actually biting it between them, firmly holding it there flicking your tongue back and forth and in circles. Had the gag not been in place the cries of delight would have been heard for miles, I’m certain of that. I felt wet, drenched in my own perspirations and cunt fluids. As you held my clit in its aroused state, firmly in your teeth, you untapped the pussy speculum and gently withdrew it, leaving a void to be filled. Soon your hand was playing, soaking itself, for what I knew would be a fist fuck. My mind soared and tears streamed as the orgasms continued.

Then in one swift move you began to penetrate my open pussy with your hand, meeting slight resistance from the rear side speculum, yet eventually you made it inside me, wrist deep. It was excruciatingly delicious as I came and clamped your fist deep within as my body convulsed and trembled in sheer delight. I felt you reach back and begin to withdraw the rear side speculum and place it aside. Now my ass was open, but not for long. In moments I felt something slide right past the sphincter and into my awaiting bowels, this time, going deeper, continually pushing forth until absolute resistance. Your tongue encircled my clit, then you bit down on it with firm determination to start another series inside. Then it happened, you turned on what I determined to be the mouse up my ass, pushed your hand further into the depths than ever before, stroking my cervix and then planting your tongue perfectly onto my abused and swollen clit. I exploded, my orgasm this time wracking havoc on my very soul.

Quickly everything went numb. I had lost it. Passing out from such orgasmic bliss was certainly not something you had planned on. Apparently I had dropped the balls. When I came to, I was seated on the floor with your arms holding me tightly, void of all restraints and toys. I don’t know who was more scared you or me; but I knew for sure who was more satisfied.

When I could speak I offered my sincere thanks, whispering that I would do whatever I could to show you my appreciation. Your hard cock twitched against my leg. Quietly you said “I want your ass”. I nodded and motioned to go inside to the living room, requesting that you tie me back up, spread out with the bars once again, with a TV pillow under my abdomen for support. My backside had been opened, but during my spell, it had recovered back to normal size. You worked some lube back into my ass deeply massaging the walls. Then I watched as you swiped a heavy coating on your engorged cock. You placed the tip at my puckered hole and began a slow, gruelingly pleasurable descent past the sphincter and gradually deep into my bowels. We both adjusted as I accepted the wonderful invasion.

I felt you begin to pump me, then without warning, I swat on the ass with the red whip. Soon you were flailing the whip all over my ass, softly, hard, it didn’t matter to you, you wanted to fuck my ass and watch it turn red as you beat it with abandon in anticipation of your own mounting climax. When you were beginning to loose control you threw the whip aside and pounded into me, harder and harder until your grunted and screamed in delight as your own orgasm tore deep into your soul. You fell forward onto me, clutching me tightly to you. When you finally got the energy up to withdraw, you did so, agonizingly slow. Once off me, you undid my bonds and suggested a hot shower. I readily accepted, knowing my body needed a complete cleaning. I wondered what the next time would bring…

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