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Suzanne Submits

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The morning mist covered the grass and flowers; it was a beautiful May morning in Georgia. Birds were chirping and a slight breeze rustled the leaves in the trees that lined the long driveway that led to a spacious mansion. It was difficult for Nora to believe that she was only sixty miles out side of Atlanta;

it seemed to be a very different world. Nora parked her ten-year-old Honda and rang the buzzer on the huge door.

The thirty-nine-year-old black woman was greeted by a thirty-five-year-old black maid. Nora told her that she was here to see Suzanne Stone about the house-cleaner position. The 5’6″ woman took Nora to the study, offered her a chair, and introduced herself as Emily. The maid informed her that she would call Ms. Stone. Nora stared at the sway of her large and shapely buttocks as she left the room.

“Good morning, how are you today?” The 5’10” black woman stood and was taken aback by the breathtaking beauty of the 5′ 2″ blue-eyed-blond Ms. Stone.

She regained her composure and replied, “I’m fine Ms. Stone. It’s nice to meet you!” Even though her 36D breast were well covered with a white blouse; Nora caught Ms. Stone looking at her stretched blouse and this made her nipples harden and gave Ms. Stone even more to look at.

Ms. Stone explained that the staff was reduced due to the fact that only herself and her two daughters resided at the home and one of her daughters was away at college. “Your duties would be to clean upstairs and assist me with my bath, dressing and minor things that I may need. Oh yes, there would also be some chauffer duties. Emily takes care of downstairs and does the cooking. We have landscaping and pool crews come by to take care of the grounds. I am willing to compensate you for the extra chauffer duties, room and board is also provided for you. The agency highly recommends you and as far as I am concerned, you may start immediately.”

“Yes, that will be marvelous. Thank you very much. I was hoping this would happen, my luggage is in the car.”

“Excellent, Emily will assist you.” The two black women carried her bags to a large bedroom upstairs and Nora was told that she was next to Ms. Stone’s room. That way she would be close by when needed.

Nora knocked on Ms. Stone’s door and wanted to know if she should start cleaning now. “No, it would be better for you to get familiar with the estate today and then start cleaning tomorrow.” Suzanne Stone walked with her, showed her all of the rooms, and gave her a tour of the lavish grounds. Nora was in awe, the swimming pool looked like something that she saw only in the movies. She inquired about swimming privileges but was coldly informed that the pool was not for the help. She was told that she would be treated well but to always remember her place.

When they got back in the house,the 41yr.old Ms. Stone ordered Nora to run her bath. She was stunned to see her white employer enter the bathroom naked as the day she was born. Her eyes traveled from the shoulder length blond hair to the tiny rose bud pink nipples and down to the sparse blond hair surrounding her pink pussy. It seemed strange for Nora to be in the bathroom with a naked white woman. Nora was no stranger to being with naked women but not under these circumstances.

Suzanne Stone sat in the tub and asked her black servant to do her back. Nora was then instructed to fetch a bath-towel and dry her mistress off. Then she dried and combed her blond hair. Nora then helped her dress and went down stairs to visit Emily when she was dismissed.

She found Emily in the kitchen preparing lunch and told her, “Who the fuck does that white bitch think she is?

“What do you mean?”

“She treats me more like a slave than an employee.”

“She’s not so bad, a little uppity perhaps but she is fair.”

“I’m going to slap that white bitch down and show her who is in control. When I get through with her, she will be on her knees worshiping my black pussy. She will know who the boss is then!”

“Ha, ha, I sure would like to see that!”

“Oh, you will, I’ll make the white cunt eat your pussy too!”

“You’re serious aren’t you? How the hell are you going to do that?”

“You’ll see, just wait Emily, just wait and see.”

Three weeks went by and Nora was cleaning Ms. Stone’s room. Suzanne entered the room with a glass of wine in her hand, she was a little tipsy, and Nora noticed that she drank more wine than she should. Suzanne Stone began taking off her clothes and stumbled, Nora caught the tipsy woman in her arms and prevented her from falling on her face. Not even a thank you; Ms. Stone told Nora to run her bath water for her.

Nora was fixing the bath when Suzanne stormed naked into the bathroom holding up her middle finger! “Look at this, you better learn to clean better than that! What do you have to say for yourself?” Nora could not believe all the fuss over a speck of dust on her finger.

The black woman was trying to hold back her anger and said that she was not finished cleaning the room yet. She was ordered to finish and do it right.

Nora was fuming and decided that now was the time to make her move. She removed her clothes and entered the bathroom. Suzanne looked up from her bath, saw the voluptuous ebony body, and turned crimson, she finally was able to say, “What are you doing? Her eyes never left the huge ebony tits and lush patch of black pubic hair between the shapely black legs.

“I’m going to join you in the tub; that way we can wash each other’s backs.”

“NO! No, you can’t do that! Get out of here, go away!” The black seductress ignored her pleas and joined the frightened white woman in the tub. The sexy black woman stood right in front of the sitting white woman, Suzanne was trembling with fear, the black pussy was only inches from her face. Ms. Stone could smell the strong aroma that emitted from the aroused pussy right in front of her face. Nora was becoming more aroused; the blond stared at her hot cunt as if she was hypnotized; Nora felt a tingle in her pussy as it became wetter.

The sultry black woman grabbed a fist full of blond hair and pulled the white face tight to her aroused black pussy. She demanded, “Eat my black cunt bitch, I’ll show you who’s boss. Yeah, that’s it, lick it good, suck the mother-fucker.” The poor white woman’s face was pressed so tight to the juicy pussy that she was unable to answer.

After Nora climaxed, she carried the helpless Suzanne to the bed, sat on her face, and reached back and roughly, finger fucked the little pink slit. ” I want to cum on your pretty little white face again. Yes baby, suck it all up, and drink my love juice.” They both reached another shattering orgasm.

Nora lifted her sopping cunt from the fresh fucked face and held the white woman in her strong arms. Nora kissed her passionately on the lips and observed, “My pussy taste good doesn’t it bitch? Tell me how much you like my black cunt.”

“Yes it taste good, I love it.”

They got up to dress and Nora said, “From now on, I am the boss and you will do whatever I tell you to do. You are my bitch, my little fuck slut. Do you understand?”


“Wrong answer bitch.” Nora slapped her hard across the face, bringing tears to her blue eyes, clutched her blond hair and pulled her head back and demanded, “I am the boss now. You will call me mistress and do anything that I tell you to do! Now, do you understand bitch?”

“Yes..Yes mistress, I understand.” Before they went down stairs, Nora asked Suzanne where her daughter was and about her husband. Suzanne told her that one of her daughters was away at school and the other was visiting her father. Suzanne sobbed as she told Nora that her husband left her over a year ago for some whore.

Rifling through the closet, Nora threw two robes on the bed and demanded that Suzanne put one on. Suzanne reached for her panties and bra but Nora ripped them out of her hands and said, “Just the robe bitch, learn to do exactly what you are told. Tomorrow we are going into Atlanta and get you a new wardrobe, I want my bitch to dress sexy!”

Emily was shocked to see Nora sitting at the table with Ms. Stone. She was equally shocked to see them at the table in just their robes. Nora told Emily to have a seat at the table with them. The maid looked over at Ms. Stone for approval and was told by Nora that she was now in charge. After dinner, Emily was preparing to serve dessert but was told by Nora to wait awhile. “Let’s go to the pool for a skinny dip! I have Suzanne’s dessert between my legs and will feed it to her by the pool!” They both looked right at Ms. Stone and she blushed and hung her head.

Nora took charge and ordered Suzanne to take off her robe and she did the same. The ebony goddess walked over to the embarrassed blond and kissed her passionately, pushed the blond to her knees and demanded that she eat her cunt. “That’s it baby lick it good, make your mistress happy, suck it bitch, put your tongue all the way up my horny hole and wiggle it around. Yeah baby, you’re getting better all the time.” Nora glanced over, saw Emily with her hand up her skirt, and told her to take her clothes off and get the fuck over here.

“I know that you didn’t believe me when I told you that she would be on her knees worshiping my pussy. But look at her gobble it up, she loves my chocolate hair pie.” Emily stood next to Nora and was thrilled when the little blond feverishly devoured her sopping cunt. Both black women reached several orgasms and laughed at Suzanne when she did not want to stop eating black pussy! The wealthy white woman was quite a sight, on her knees licking the thighs of the two black women, trying to get every drop of love juice. The moonlight enabled them to see her white face glisten with pussy juice.

About noon the next day, Suzanne and her black mistress jumped in the white Caddy convertible and headed for Atlanta. They went to a mostly black area and entered a shop that catered to strippers and hookers. Nora picked out lots of lingerie and mini skirts, satin robes and sexy maid’s outfits. A tall slender 18yr. old black girl with nice 36D cup tits helped them pick out stockings and thongs. She offered to go to the dressing room with them to assist the ladies with the fittings.

Suzanne was embarrassed once again, she felt so uncomfortable changing in front of this stranger. Nora noticed the girl staring at Suzanne’s white body and told the girl to touch her. Black fingers brushed over her ass and pussy. With her other hand the young black girl pinched the nipples on the tiny white tits. Nora asked, “Did you ever see such small tits?”

“Only on my 11yr. old sister.”

“Show her your tits; let her see what real tits are supposed to look like!” The young lady took her blouse off and unclasped her bra. She then placed the small hands of the trembling white woman on her perfect bosom. Suzanne massaged the ample mounds, her eyes sparkled, her pussy started to fill with fluid, and her knees grew weak. The buxom young black beauty pushed her white face to the huge black tits and Suzanne eagerly nursed on the pointy nipples. The white woman was pushed to her knees and licked and sucked all the juice out of the hungry black cunt. When they left the store, the young woman helped them carry the bags and boxes to the Caddy. She then asked them to please come back soon.

Suzanne and Nora entered a lesbian bar that was having happy hour. They sat at a small table next to the stage. The white woman looked around in wonder at the mostly black crowd of women. She had never been in a place like this before. Music was playing and exotic dancers took turns dancing for the crowd. Then a tall black dancer with big tits and curves in all the right places began dancing in front of them. The dancer stripped down to her stockings and garter and sat on the stage just inches from the their faces. She gyrated her hips and humped her juicy pussy into the white woman’s pretty face. Suzanne’s eyes opened wide when the dancer stuck out an extremely long tongue and licked her own pointy nipples. Nora told her to put some money in the dancer’s stockings. Suzanna stuffed three twenty’s in the garter. Nora invited the dancer to join them for a drink when she finished her dance set.

The dancer was stopped several times before she reached the table. She wore a see-thru top and a skirt that barley covered her shapely ass. The dancer pulled up a chair, sat between the two women, and introduced herself as Flame. Nora said, “You sure are popular, I didn’t think you were ever going to make it to the table.”

“It’s my long tongue, all the bitches get turned on when they see it.” She stuck it out and flicked it like a serpent. Looking Suzanne straight in the eyes she asked, “Do you like my tongue? Would you like to feel it up your little pink pussy?”

“Uh..I.. don’t know, I guess!”

“Sweet meat, I live right down the street and I don’t have to go back on stage for four more hours, happy hour is over and I don’t go back on until tonight. Let’s all go to my place and get real comfortable!” Heads turned and folks stared as the two voluptuous black sex kittens pawed and played with their blond-white-girl-toy as they strolled down the street.

Once inside the apartment, Flame served drinks and Nora told her that it was a nice apartment. As they relaxed on a white leather sofa the dancer asked, “What’s the story on you two? Are you lovers, friends or what?”

A sly smile came over Nora’s face and she answered, “Suzanne Stone is a royal southern belle, a lady of means and I am in her employ. She became overbearing and pushed me too far. I decided to make her submit to my will and be my willing white sex slave. I am her mistress and she is mine to do with as I please!”

“Awesome! I hope that it pleases you to watch me ravish her white ass. The fact that you came to my apartment tells me that you want to play. Let’s go to my bedroom, I want to introduce this sweet white bitch to pleasures that she has never known before; her little white body will feel sensations that she never knew existed.”

They entered the bedroom and the ebony beauties quickly removed the garments from the frail frame of the white woman. They stripped naked themselves and Flame pushed the blond woman on her back and said; “Now you will learn why my name is Flame. I’m so fucking hot that I am on fire. This burning flame is going to lick your little white body and you will feel the heat!” Flame moved her frame over the aroused blond woman and kissed her passionately, Suzanne felt the long tongue explore her mouth and throat. Flame then stuck the long tongue in her ear and sent shivers down the white woman’s spine and tingles up her aroused pussy. The exotic black seductress licked her entire body before the long tongue slithered up the pink love hole.

“Oh, my godddd.. Oh,oh, oh, please don’t stopppp!!! Feels soooo goodddd…Ohhhhhhhh!!!…” The little blond woman was shaking and trembling to another orgasm as the long tongue probed her pussy. Nora was sitting on the bed next them, she was furiously finger fucking her own hot pussy. Flame got up and brought back a 12″ black strap-on-dildo from her closet and strapped it on.

Suzanne’s face was filled with fear when she saw how big and thick the black weapon was. She grimaced with pain when the dildo entered her tight pussy. The little blond 41yr.old wife clutched the bed sheets and cried out for her to stop. Flame ignored her pleas and stuffed the fat dildo further up the white cunt. After about ten minutes things changed dramatically. Creamy legs were wrapped around the ebony buttocks and the white woman fucked back. Suzanne totally submitted to her black domineering lover, she was moaning, and groaning with passion and ecstasy; after reaching several orgasms the white woman collapsed from exhaustion. With a swish-plop sound, the big fat black dildo was withdrawn from the sopping white cunt. Nora reached another orgasm as she looked at the gaping cunt of her lover and watched as the stripper forced Suzanne to suck her own juices from the dildo.

Flame then dove between Nora’s legs and devoured her succulent cunt. Suzanne knelt behind the dancer and worshiped her ass and cunt with her lips and tongue. When the ebony and ivory couple left, Flame gave Nora her number and expressed a desire to see them again. Nora replied, “Honey I love your long and talented tongue; you can count on it.”

When they arrived at the mansion, they carried the bags and boxes inside, Suzanne had to carry most of them. Emily announced that Suzanne’s daughter called and she would be home tomorrow. Suzanne’s face filled with excitement, she told Nora that she would like her eighteen-year-old daughter, Cindy.

The next day they met Cindy at the airport and brought her home. Cindy was a nice girl and was a younger version of her mom. Thing went well the rest of the week and Nora announced that her 19 yr. old daughter, Sasha would be visiting tomorrow. Cindy wondered why her mom let Nora make so many decisions, almost as if she was in charge.

Sasha lit up the room when she entered. She was tall and lean with a big smile and the same 36D breast as her mom. After dinner, Sasha was studying and Cindy joined her. It was soon discovered that Cindy lacked a good education. Cindy was stunned when Nora reprimanded Suzanne for not providing a proper education for her daughter. Suzanne defensively stated, “I encouraged her to go to college but she wouldn’t go!”

“It is your responsibility to see to your daughter’s education; with all of your money ,you have no excuse. Sasha is attending a fine private school and your daughter will return with her tomorrow. You should be ashamed of yourself. No need to pack any clothes dear; the school provides uniforms.”

Cindy cried out, “Mom, how can you let her make all of the decisions? Speak up, please.”

“I..uh.. think it would be best if you went. After all, you do need a good education.” Cindy stormed up to her room, slamming the door shut. Nora took Suzanne to her room and made her put on her new French-maid uniform with just black stockings and no undergarments.

“I can’t wear this with my daughter here, please don’t make me.”

“You can and you will. Now come with me to my room and clean it the fuck up!” They entered Nora’s room and Suzanne started to close the door when Nora told her to leave it open.

“Please, what if Cindy sees me? This thing doesn’t even cover my ass, please let me close the door, I beg you, mistress.”

“No, I want her to see you submit to me. I want her to know who is in charge. If you don’t start cleaning my room right now, you will be forced to your knees and made to do what you do best, eat black pussy! If you don’t want your little girl to see that, then you had better start cleaning.

Sasha went to Cindy’s room to console her and let her know that the school would be good for her. When they left her room to go downstairs, Cindy gasped when she saw her mother bending over dusting and displaying her ass and pussy. Sasha grinned and led the blond girl downstairs for some ice tea. Cindy was all shook-up and wanted to know what was going on. Sasha assured her that after everyone was asleep, she would come to her room and explain everything.

Later that night the beautiful black girl entered Cindy’s room and put a finger to her lip to be quiet and led the blond girl to the hallway. The girl’s looked thru the cracked open door and saw the white mom on her knees feasting on the sopping black pussy. Cindy was about to say something when Sasha covered her mouth with a big black hand and led the very upset white girl back to her bedroom. The sobbing blond cried out, “I don’t understand any of this. What is going on?”

“It’s plain to see that your mom loves eating black pussy. My mom has seduced her and has made your mom her submissive fuck slut. You need not feel bad; your mom obviously loves it and is happier than she has ever been in her life. Sasha brushed her blond hair with her long black fingers and kissed away her tears. The alluring black girl kissed her neck and softly whispered in her ear, “Let me introduce you to the joys of eating black pussy. I know that you will love it, just like your mom!”

“No, I don’t want to do that. It’s wrong, please don’t make me do it.”

Sasha slipped a long black finger under her panties and inserted it in the bald white pussy, announcing, “Your cunt is soaking wet all ready, you are a little slut, I turn you on, don’t I slut? I bet you are a pussy licker from way back, how many cunts have you licked, bitch?”

“None, I don’t do that! It’s sick and disgusting.”

“Then how come your little pussy is flowing? Look down at your hot little hole; you are fucking my finger back and leaking all over the place.” The dominating black girl put two more fingers in the hot hole and said, “Yeah, that’s right, fuck my fingers bitch. The ebony beauty took off her robe and was totally naked. The little blond girl just stared at the large full tits and the lush bush.

Sasha pushed the frightened white girl on her back and straddled her sweet face. Slowly and seductively, the aroused black cunt was lowered to the pretty face of the frightened white girl. The ebony seductress was filled with lustful anticipation; she wanted so badly to feel the tongue of this sweet white girl lapping her cunt. Cindy sniffed in the intoxicating aroma of the aroused pussy; she could feel herself weaken and succumbing to the demands of the sensual black girl. Sasha reached back and once again fingered the white girl’s pink pussy. Cindy began moaning and opened her mouth to receive the smoldering black pussy.

The white girl stuck out her tongue and tentatively touched the hot cunt. She felt a drop of love juice on the tip of her tongue and the sweet nectar titillated her palate. She hungrily licked and sucked the scrumptious cunt. The pretty white girl felt so hot; submitting to the will of this dominating black girl and sucking up the juices from her smoldering black pussy produced incredible feelings of lust and passion; she shook and squealed as she felt her pussy explode on the probing black fingers in her horny hole. In her wild imagination, she had no idea that anything could feel this blissful. The little white girl was lost in a state of sublime ecstasy.

Sasha fucked her face furiously, cum glistened on her white face. Sasha grabbed the back of her head and held the blond’s face tightly to her erupting cunt. “Eat my black cunt, that’s it baby, Oh, yes, sooooo fucking good, don’t stop, I’m going to cum again!!! Yesssss…!” They kissed passionately and Sasha left for her room telling Cindy to get some sleep and be ready for the trip to school tomorrow.

Suzanne had tears in her blue eyes when she sent her daughter off to the private school. Nora said that she had something to cheer her up and invited the black maid from next-door over. Nora told the heavy set black woman to sit on the sofa and told her submissive white bitch to beg the woman to let her eat her black pussy. Suzanne gave her black mistress a pleading look but was ordered to get on her knees and crawl over to the maid and beg.

Feeling totally humiliated and degraded, the blond mother crawled to the astonished black woman on the sofa and pleaded, “Please, please may I suck your chocolate pussy? I promise to do it good and you can cum all over my white face!” The blond woman kissed the chubby black leg and looked up at the black woman with imploring blue eyes. Not knowing what to say or do, the woman looked over to Nora for guidance.

“Tell her what you want her to do. If you want the white slut slobbering all over your pussy, tell her to eat it, if not just kick the bitch out of the way!”

The maid lifted her skirt and told Suzanne to remove her panties and eat her cunt. The blond submissive tugged down the panties and devoured the tasty cunt with fat pussy lips. She sucked and licked until the woman reached several orgasms and covered her face with pussy juice. ” Shit, this white bitch sure can eat black pussy! I hope that I am invited back soon. I want some more of that good shit!”

The girls had been driving for three hours when Sasha turned on to a dirt road and informed Cindy that they would be at the school in about twenty-minutes. A tall iron fence surrounded the school grounds, the girl stopped the car at a guard stand and after showing I.D, the car was permitted to enter thru an opening gate. Once inside, the gate closed behind them. Cindy said that it seemed more like a prison than a school! Sasha laughed and told her not to worry.

The black girl led her friend to the principle’s office. A very attractive black woman shook Cindy’s hand and introduced herself as Amanda Blum the chief administrator. Amanda went on to explain that the school was for black girls that were eighteen or older; most of the girls avoided being incarcerated by attending our private school. Be assured, you will receive a quality education. Normally we do not accept students that are not African American; however, we have decided to make an exception in your case. You can thank your friendship with Sasha and your mother’s generous contribution to our school. You will have no contact with the outside world for 30 days. I will be in contact with your mother and inform her of your progress. This week you will be tested to determine what grade level you are at. Usually new students are housed in a dormitory but you will be assigned to the same room as Sasha.

On their way to the room, the girls stopped to pick up Cindy’s uniforms. Both girls were happy to have a room together. The rest of the week went by quickly, Cindy was busy taking tests and was assigned a class to start the next day. Two weeks later the white girl was starting to feel more comfortable; she was doing well in class and had made new friends. Sasha and Cindy did manage to share some stolen moments together late at night but were very cautious. Before she realized it, a month had passed and Cindy excitedly talked to her mom on the telephone. Her mom seemed to be happy and was glad to know that everything was going well at school. Talking to her mother lifted the girl’s spirits.

The next day in class, Cindy was working on a math problem at the blackboard in front of the class when she heard giggles and whispering. She could not understand what had disrupted the girls. The bell rang and school was over for the day. The teacher told Cindy to stay where she was. The rest of the class filed out the door, they all stared at the white girl as they left the room.

The 28yr.old teacher closed the door and locked it. The teacher stood 5’4″ and had 34C breast, her hair was short and her buttocks were large. She walked to the puzzled white girl and asked, “What the hell do you think you are doing? The back of your skirt is hiked all the way up and the white panties do not cover your creamy little ass. I think you are trying to find a girl friend. Are you a little white slut? Do you want a black girl lover?

Cindy said, “No, I don’t know how the skirt was pushed up!” The white girl moved her hand back to pull down the skirt but it was pushed away. The stern black teacher unbuttoned the girl’s skirt and tossed it aside. From behind, a black arm wrapped around the white girl and black fingers squeezed her nipples. The other hand massaged her ass, the hand slid under her panties and a finger slowly worked its way inside her little puckered ass-hole.

“You want some action, don’t you little girl? You disrupted my class with your wanton display. That’s it, keep fucking back at my finger; you are a naughty little girl!” The teacher then took off the rest of Cindy’s uniform and her bra and panties. “Now I want you to take my clothes off. It’s only fair that we both be naked.”

“No, please don’t make me do that. Please let me go.”

The teacher roughly turned her around, bent the girl over the desk, and plunged two fingers into the girl’s tight ass. Cindy moaned in pain. “I’m going to withdraw my fingers and you are going to undress me; if you don’t, I will shove my whole hand up your fucking ass!” Cindy fumbled with the buttons of the blouse as she hurriedly tried to comply with the teacher’s demands. Next, her trembling hands unclasped the bra and revealed two beautiful black tits; large aureoles surrounded the size 34C tits, brown nipples grew hard before her blue eyes. The teacher pulled the blond head to her bosom and demanded, “Suck my black tits bitch, Yeah, nibble on my nipples, bite them, don’t be afraid, do it white girl, yes!” Cindy feverishly sucked the black tits; she was drooling all over them.

Her sucking lips were pulled from the rubbery nipples and she was told to remove the skirt and panties. The white girl removed the skirt and set it on a chair. She was told to get on her knees and pull down the sexy panties. Cindy tugged the panties down to the ankles and the teacher lifted one leg at a time to enable the girl to remove the panties. The white girl could not help but notice how sexy the teacher looked standing in front of her in just stockings and heels. She gazed at the bald cunt and felt a strong urge to kiss it. She wondered if it would taste like Sasha.

The teacher pulled Cindy’s head to her pussy and said, “Don’t just stare at it, eat the mother-fucker! Yes, do it baby, suck the clit, uh, oh, ummm, good girl, lick up my cum. Yesssss…!!! Cindy did not have to be told, she licked and sucked with fervor. The bewitched white girl began kissing the black pussy like one would kiss a mouth.

The black teacher helped the girl to her feet and sat on the desk, she explained that her knees were weak and she needed to sit. The teacher spread her shapely black legs and invited the student to continue licking her pussy. The lewd display of the bald pussy and widespread legs aroused Cindy. The student could feel her own juices flow and drip down her leg. The young student lowered her blond head between the widespread black legs and eagerly devoured the bald pussy. She loved sucking black pussy and could just not get enough of the sweet love juice! Cindy was oblivious to a group of black girls in the courtyard. Their faces were pressed to the classroom window as they intently watched the white girl feasting on the sopping black cunt of the teacher. The teacher was aware of their audience and smiled. She knew that the girls would want to experience the pleasure that this white girl was giving her. The teacher humped and reached another orgasm. Oh, how she loved to cum on this white girl’s face.

They dressed, hugged and kissed tenderly. The teacher knew that the young white girl would do whenever she wanted. Cindy smiled submissively and realized that she would not be capable of denying any demands of the aggressive seductress.

On her way back to her room, the white girl was puzzled when a group of girls passed her in the hallway, they patted her butt and groped her, they made remarks, such as, “I want to sit on your face, eat my black cunt and you look good with pussy cum all over your face.” The group laughed as they hurried away. Their change of attitude was shocking, she wondered if they knew but she thought, how could they know?

She was grateful that Sasha was in the room and told her what happened. “You fucking slut, how could you let her seduce you? Somehow, the girls know, they must have watched thru a window. Now you will be the school slut. I hope that you are happy.”

Cindy sobbed and stayed in her room the rest of the night. She didn’t even go to dinner but Sasha brought her some food back to the room. Sasha told her, “Cheer up, being the school slut won’t be so bad. Think of all the fun you will have!” Cindy started crying again and stayed in bed the rest of the night.

Cindy was walking down the hall to her first class when three girls grabbed her and led her thru a door onto a stairwell. The white blond girl was roughly pushed to her knees; the girls surrounded her and hiked up their uniform skirts, one of the girls, who seemed to be the leader taunted her saying, “We watched what you did with the math teacher and now it’s our turn. We left our panties in our rooms just for you! Now, kiss our pussies.” Cindy went to each girl and puckered her lips and she noisily kissed each cunt. “That was very nice slut, now French-kiss our pussies, begin with me bitch! Give me that hot tongue.” Cindy licked each pussy to orgasm and was made to kiss black ass as well. The black girls left her there, telling Cindy that she was a good little pussy licker and they had lots of plans for her.

Cindy ran down the hall in an effort to get to class on time. It was a vain attempt; the poor white girl was fifteen-minutes late. The English teacher was an imposing figure; the black woman stood 6’1″, had huge tits and wore purple braids in her long black hair. Cindy trembled when the Amazonian woman glared at her and demanded to know, “What the hell have you been doing? You look a mess!” In front of the whole class, the woman pulled the frightened girl close and sniffed. “That is the scent of a woman; you are late for my class because you have been eating pussy! What a fucking slut! You must be punished but I believe that you will consider it as a reward. I want all the girls that would like this white slut to lick their pussies to raise their hands.”

All of the black girls raised a hand and eagerly waived, hoping to be the first one to have the white girl between their legs. “Well, what are you waiting for? They all want your services, do it slut!”


“Cat got your tongue? Ha ha, that is funny because the baby cats are going to have your tongue. You know what a baby cat is called don’t you, Cindy?”


“Guess again, stupid.”


“That’s right. The girls are waiting for your attention butI have decided to give them a show before you pleasure them.” The voluptuous black woman stripped and guided the girl to her huge tits. Come on white girl, suck momma’s big black tits; I know that you want too.” Cindy placed her tiny white hands on the black globes and squeezed them lovingly. She commenced sucking them with vigor. Popping, slurping and sucking sounds could be heard throughout the room.

The buxom teacher pushed the sucking red lips away from her stiff nipples and told the white girl to go to her knees and service her black cunt. Cindy stared at the pussy and felt her self get wet as she moved her lips to the swollen black cunt lips. The white girl licked and sucked with fervor. She gobbled up every drop of love juice from the succulent pussy. The teacher turned around and told the girl to kiss her ass and then tongue fuck her pussy and ass. The aroused white girl worshiped the black buttocks with her lips. She tongued and sucked the pussy and ass hole like a girl possessed. The white girl was then ordered to craw over to the black girls and feast on their hungry cunts. She happily satisfied every girl in the classroom.

Suzanne Stone was in Amanda Blum’s office to discuss a problem the school was having with her daughter. Suzanne was nervous and did not know what to expect. Nora was going to accompany her but stayed home to meet Suzanne’s 19 yr. old daughter that was coming home from college for the summer.

Amanda invited the white mother to another office and informed Suzanna that Cindy was doing well with her studies and was extremely popular but was quite disruptive. “Cindy is a good girl. What do you mean disruptive?”

“That’s why we came to this office, there is a video player here and you can see for yourself.” Amanda pushed the play button on the remote and to the shock of the white mom, her daughter was on her knees feverishly devouring the teachers juicy black pussy and them she tirelessly ate every cunt in the classroom. Suzanne looked horrified, she did not know what to say. Tears filled her blue eyes and she turned red from embarrassment and shame. Amanda Blum took the upset mother in her arms to comfort the trembling white woman.

Amanda’s thick sensual lips pressed to the red lips of the white mom and her tongue explored the mouth of the white woman. “I know that you like black pussy too! Sasha told me how her and Cindy watched you eat her mom’s cunt. Let me give you some pleasure and then we will work everything out, don’t worry.” Amanda lifted the dress over her blond head and stripped her naked. She kissed down to the small breast and sucked the erect nipples. Amanda went to her knees, licked, and sucked the pink pussy to orgasm.

Amanda sat on the desk, spread her shapely black legs invitingly, and told the white woman that it was her turn. Suzanne gazed at the trimmed black pussy, bent down, and gobbled up the hungry cunt. After several orgasms, Amanda told Suzanne that her daughter would not be expelled or even suspended from school, “We will give her the best education possible; in return, you will donate more money to the school and visit me often. In fact, you will bring your daughter to my place for dinner tonight before you go home. We will have a good time!” Suzanna was told that Cindy should be at lunch and she could visit her and then Cindy could have the rest of the day off, then they could all go together to her house.

Suzanne entered the lunchroom and looked around for her daughter. She was told that Cindy was over there, a group of girls eating at a table pointed to a separate room. Suzanne entered the vending machine room and couldn’t believe her eyes, five black girls had their skirts lifted and leaned against a wall while her lovely blond daughter was busily eating black pussy.

Two heavy-set girls came in the room behind Suzanne and grabbed her and pushed the frightened blond mother against a soda machine; they lifted her skirt and roughly finger fucked her. One girl dropped to her knees and pulled down her panties. The girl started licking and sucking the pink cunt. The other girl released her big brown tits and hand feed them to the blond mom who eagerly nursed on the big tits. Suzanne was told to watch her little girl greedily consume the hungry black cunts while she nursed on big black tits and climaxed on the tongue in her pussy.

After the orgy, mom and daughter hugged and walked to Amanda Blum’s office, never discussing what had just happened. The three of them drove in Amanda’s car to the single-story home. They sat at the dining table and enjoyed a drink together. Amanda raised eyebrows when she said, “I hope you are hungry because I have a hot meal for you in the bedroom!” Amanda led the puzzled mother and daughter to the master bedroom and opened the door.

The white women gasped when they saw a beautiful African American girl with bronze skin on the bed with her legs spread wide. The girl had black hair and 34C breast, a flat stomach and big green eyes that sparkled. Amanda explained that her name was Naomi and that she was her lover. Naomi was a model and today was her 20th birthday. Amanda thought that a beautiful white mother and daughter team would make a fabulous birthday present for her insatiable lover. “Take your clothes off and join my love on the bed. Worship her luscious body and drink her nectar. You should be perfect together; you never can get enough black pussy and Naomi’s juices never stop flowing, go now, and make this a birthday that she will never forget. I will watch the erotic show and join in later.” Amanda removed her clothes along with the white women, Amanda sat in a chair, spread her legs and placed a hand on her pussy while she watched the white women suck the ample breast of her lover. Cindy left the beautiful tits to her mom and kissed her way down to the trimmed pussy. The white girl was spellbound, the sight of the juicy cunt, the intoxicating aroma of the aroused pussy and the tingle in her own loins all drove her wild with lust.

The little blond girl sucked the ebony love hole with vigor. Naomi fucked her white face hard, her hips rocked up and down as she yelled, “Welcome to the moveable feast!”

“What is the moveable feast?”

“I move and you feast, now, suck my clit, yeah baby, that’s it’ suck it hard. Oh yeah, stick your tongue all the way up my horny hole, suck all of the cum out of my cunt. Yessss!!! You are a nasty little cunt sucking white bitch! Enough for now you greedy little slut!” Naomi pushed the daughter away from her sopping cunt, and sat up and shoved mom on her back.

Naomi straddled mom’s face, lowered her juicy cunt to the waiting mouth and said, “Now lets see how good mom eats pussy. Get over here girl, lick my ass while your mother sucks my cunt. Yeah, mom has a mouth like a fucking vacuum cleaner! I love it, don’t stop. God yes, you are two nasty bitches, it feels so fucking good.” The mother and daughter collapsed with exhaustion.

Amanda had strapped on a 9″ black dildo and thoroughly fucked both white bitches while Naomi rode their faces. The two white women were worn out and decided to stay overnight. Suzanne called home to tell Nora and her other daughter that she would be home in the morning. Talking to Nora, Suzanne asked if she could speak to her daughter, Mary. She was told that Mary was too busy. “What could she be doing that she is too busy to speak to me for a minute?”

“She is between my legs, feasting on my juicy cunt!” Nora lowered the phone so that Suzanne could hear the slurping sound of her 19yr. old daughter sucking on a very juicy black cunt.

“Oh no, not her too.”

“No tears, no yelling, just oh no?”

“So much has happened that nothing surprises me anymore; I suppose that I am getting used to all of this, I have become numb.”

“Good girl, I’m so proud of you, see you in the morning, darling.”

Suzanne was so exhausted that she drifted off to sleep in bed with her daughter and their two black lovers; she didn’t even worry or wonder what new adventures awaited her and her family, Suzanne slept like a log.


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