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A Creamy Friday Night

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It had been a long week. Not a bad one, but just long. There had been so much going on for both of us, that at the end of the day we barely had the strength for a kiss and a hug goodnight, much less anything else.

The only thing that I really had going for me was our showers together in the mornings. I don’t think she fully realizes that after all our years together, I find her even more beautiful each day than the day before.

The way she looks standing there under the water, how her tits move when she rinses her hair excites me. She turns around to wash up her front and I’m left standing there looking at that magnificent ass. My first impulse is to kneel down behind her and bury my face in between her cheeks and tongue her ass until my jaw aches, but I know that won’t work because we both need to go. The second thought is to grab my hardening cock and pump it furiously while I fantasize about her ass. But, like I said, we have to go and it’s getting late. Besides, I don’t think she would be very flattered to turn around in the shower to find me playing with myself and spraying cum all over the place at 7:00 in the morning.

So the day’s progress until Friday finally gets here. I’ll have to work through the weekend, but there’s just something about a Friday night that seems kind of special. She’s had a long week, so I decide to take her out to this little steak house she really likes, just the two of us, no kids. We meet there for an early dinner and quiet conversation. I profess my love for her and tell her how good she looks. She says she’s hot, sweaty and dirty, but that just kind of turns me on too.

We have a long leisurely dinner and talk about the weeks events. Looking at her in the candlelight she looks so hot I just want to reach out, pull her to me and kiss and hold her at the table. Once again I control my incessant urges and maintain my composure. I pay the bill and we head for home.

The first thing we do when we get home is change clothes. I throw on a pair of shorts and she throws on her favorite night shirt and we both head for the living room to unwind and relax a bit. She gets comfy in her chair while I stretch out on the couch and we find a movie to watch.

I’m sitting on the couch watching the movie when I feel something brush against my cheek. I turn to see what it is only to see that she has shifted herself around in the chair, and that it was her foot I felt. She looks at me with a sly smile and asks me if it bothers me. I quietly swallow the lump that’s forming in the back of my throat, and tell her no, it feels good. She takes the quiet encouragement and starts tracing my lips with her toes.

It’s at this point I have to pause and wonder about a few things. First, I have never had a thing for feet in my entire life. But recently, I find myself thinking about them quite a bit. Not all feet, just hers. I find myself thinking about them more and more, licking on the soles, sucking on her toes and for some reason I can’t begin to fathom, deep-throating her foot. I don’t know what about it does anything for me, but I get incredibly turned on by going down on her foot until I feel her toes massaging the back of my throat. The only thing that intensifies it more at this point is when it shifts from me sucking her foot in, to her pushing it in on her own. She’s trying to fuck my mouth with her foot is the closest description I can come up with. Oh well, if it works (and it does), go for it.

The second thing I wonder about is does she get off on it? Does she enjoy the sensation of her foot being so attentively taken care of? Does the feeling of me lovingly sucking her toes get her hot? Or is she just doing this for my benefit? Not that it makes a lot of difference on whether I get hot or not, I’m just curious. Or is it watching me get hot that turns her on, knowing she’s teasing me into a slow frenzy of passion?

Meanwhile, as all this is running through my head, she’s slowly rubbing her foot all over my face. I can hardly stand it and just when I think I’m about at my limit, she slides her toes between my lips. I’m in heaven. My eyes close involuntarily, and I’m licking and sucking all I can get. I feel her pushing her foot against me, urging me to take it deeper until I have all five toes and half of her foot in my mouth all the way up to its arch, her big toe pressing against the back of my throat. If she touched my cock now, it would explode. She slowly pulls back and tells me she’s going to take a shower.

I’m sitting on the couch trying to calm down a bit, listening to the shower running. I control the urge to run up there and watch her, it’ll be better in the long run if I just take a bit to calm down. A week of playing in the shower in the mornings and no time to play at night has left me in quite a state. My balls are so full now that I can feel how heavy they are. I can tell already that when I finally do get off, it’s gonna be bad. The way they’re throbbing, I’ll bet this load is going to be one for the record books.

I wait about a half hour and the pressure has subsided just a bit. I make my way upstairs and find her in our bed. She’s lying on her side; soft music is playing on the radio. I lock the door and fumble a bit with the latch. I hadn’t realized until now that my hands were shaking.

I take off my shorts and climb into bed. I slide over and spoon with her. My hard cock presses into the crack of her ass, my hand wrapped around her, holding her tit, I nuzzle up to her neck and gently nibble a bit. I can smell her hair and its driving me wild. She lowers her head to expose more of her neck, encouraging me to nibble harder and she tells me to feel free to work on her back too. As I’m nibbling her neck and back, I run my hand across her stomach and down her thigh, coming back up and stopping to rub her ass. It feels soft and wonderful. She can feel my cock throbbing against her ass and by the way she’s rubbing against it, I know she’s getting hot too.

She pulls away from me slightly and rolls over onto her stomach, pushing the covers off of her and exposing all of that beautiful ass. She knows what effect that has on me and I see that sly smile on her face again. I don’t mind at all, because I have a few tricks up my sleeve as well. I roll over on top of her and bury my cock in the crack of her ass. I nibble on her neck a bit while slowly humping her ass. It feels great. I move down a bit and now her ass is pressed against my stomach. Things are starting to get a bit intense as I slowly move down, rubbing my chest against her ass cheeks. I nibble on her back as I’m rubbing my chest across her ass, and slowly run my tongue up from the crack of her ass all the way to her neck, pressing my body against hers the whole way.

As I’m moving up and down her back, I know how much she is enjoying this. Her ass keeps rising to meet my chin and she bends her legs back to rub her calves against my ribs, pushing me forward and back. This feels damn good. Lately she’s discovered a new trick, knowing how things have changed about her feet, when I’m moving my chest down her ass; she moves her legs forward and rubs her feet on my face. This combined with her ass is driving me wild.

Driving someone wild can go both ways, so while I have her foot in my mouth and her ass against my chest, I reach down between her legs from behind and slowly rub my finger across her hot pussy lips. They’re not wet yet, but they soon will be. She pulls her foot out of my mouth, allowing me to shift around a bit. This way I can gently stroke her pussy while I nibble on her back.

As I nibble her back, she tells me not to forget about her ass. I work my way down, gently nibbling on her ass cheeks and occasionally running my tongue down her crack. Now her pussy is starting to dampen, but it’s still not quite wet. I give my finger a small lick to moisten it, and gently slide it inside her, making little circles as I go to stir the pot. Now it’s really starting to moisten up and her moans are telling me she’s enjoying the hell outta this. As I nibble on her ass cheeks and make my little circles with my finger, her pussy starts to slowly pull me in. The smell of wet pussy is driving me crazy. Combined with her ass in my face, I may lose it yet.

Sensing the change in tempo, she decides its time to turn up the heat. She wiggles her ass back and forth so that every time I nibble, her crack is under my tongue. She’s teasing me badly and she knows it. Having teased enough, she tells me to go ahead. When I ask her go ahead and what, she says to lick her asshole. She knows just what buttons to push. Something about the way she says that really gets to me and a shiver runs down my spine.

We’re done playing now, as I gently spread her cheeks and start tongue fucking her asshole. I am licking and tasting all I can and I can feel my cock throbbing with excitement and at the same time, a flood of juices runs out of her now wet pussy, soaking my fingers. The passion is incredible, and she’s starting to ride my finger. As good as her ass tastes, I need to taste some wet pussy. I tell her to roll over on her back. I move in slowly, savoring the aroma. My finger gently traces up and down from her clit to her asshole, back and forth, sliding inside, ever so slightly.

I put my mouth over her wet pussy and trace the same line with tongue as with my finger. She arches her back and claws at the sheets, telling me how fucking good it feels. I start going in deeper with my finger while my free hand rubs her tits. Gently, we start to increase the pace. She knows this is gonna cause one hell of an orgasm.

My finger is now fully inside her and rubbing that sensitive are that always gets her off. She reaches down and grabs my head, telling me she’s almost there. All of a sudden, my tongue hits the right spot over her clit and her pussy spasms in hard convulsions while she pounds my face with her pussy. I love it. She comes for what seems like forever, and then relaxes. I slow down a bit and hit that magic spot again. We’ve entered a cycle now where it’s just one orgasm after another.

I’ve lost count of how many times she’s cum now, but I know it’s enough that her juices are running over. I pull back my hand and shove my tongue inside her, pulling back enough to go down on her asshole again. Now I’ve got the best of both worlds and I can lick both in one stroke while I massage her clit with my thumb.

She can’t stand it any more, she needs cock now. She pushes me away from her pussy and flips me over on my back. She tells me she wants to make sure I’m hard enough, and in one stroke swallows my entire cock. She pumps her mouth on it fast and wet and just when I think I’m gonna cum, she pulls off of it and climbs on top of me. She’s so wet that she buries my cock completely with her wet pussy in one hard, fast stroke. This feels so incredible that I can’t hold back much more to make it last. I grab her by the shoulders and ram my cock into her as hard and as fast as I can.

I knew it wouldn’t take me long, and I feel my orgasm building up inside. I grab her roughly by the shoulders and in one last thrust, I started cumming. I was expecting an intense orgasm after the past week, but nothing like this. I haven’t shot this much out of me since high school. Her eyes are closed and her head thrown back, enjoying the geyser going off inside her. My orgasm finally subsides and she moves her hips back and forth, milking out every last drop.

As I lay beneath her trying to catch my breath, she looks down at me and smiles. She tells me that I’ve been talking about this all week, so here’s my big chance to follow through. I just smile and tell her that she knows I want it and I ask her if she’s waiting for an invitation. She slowly pulls off my now semi-stiff cock and moves up my chest, smiling in anticipation of what’s next.

Balancing herself with the headboard, she slowly lowers her freshly fucked pussy over my face. I look up into her pussy and see it covered with both of our juices, blended into one exquisite creamy sauce. As I start to gently tongue the outer edges, I tell her to squeeze a little bit out. I feel her muscles flex a bit on my tongue and a small gob falls into my waiting mouth. It tastes so good, I have to have more. I tell her to go ahead and give me all of it, as I put my mouth over her pussy and buried my tongue inside her. I grab her ass with both hands and pull her down on my face as she lets the dam open and the creamy globs of our cum start flowing into my mouth. As fast as I can swallow, she adds more. I knew I had cum a lot, but this was tremendous. I swallow and I tongue fuck her until finally there isn’t anymore. Her last quivers subsiding, she rolls off me onto the bed where we lay in each others arms, basking in the afterglow of another creamy Friday night.

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