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Supra Blackmail

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Alan walked back through the corridor of his school. He was returning to retrieve his jacket that he’d accidentally left behind. So eager to finish the day and rush home, he had been five minutes gone before he was reminded of the absence of his jacket with the cold nipping at him. Now approaching the classroom Alan sighed in relief when the door was still unlocked.

By now he had thought that Miss June would have left. Alan slowly turned the door knob hoping not to disturb his teacher, who may still have been sitting at her desk. Miss June had earned a reputation as being stern and unyielding with her class and their homework, so interrupting her now unnerved the young man.

With a quick glance around the room, the 18 year old located his jacket draped over the back of his chair but there was no sign of Miss June. She must have been in her private small back room. Eager to avoid a face-to-face encounter with his teacher Alan hurried across the room, gathered his jacket and was about to escape unnoticed when grunts reached his ear.

“Fuck! That feels so good.”

Could be heard and echoed throughout the room accompanied with a fast tempo smacking. Stopping in his tracks, Alan couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Clearly someone was having sex in the small backroom. A small level of doubt came to Alan; surely that wasn’t Miss June in there?

Ten seconds passed with Alan rooted in the same spot, listening to the fast paced sex. How had he not heard that as he opened the door and as he walked across the room? It seems so loud now that his attention was drawn to the slapping sounds. Could that be his teacher in there? Or just two students who had found a quiet spot to fuck? Should he investigate? Could he avoid getting caught whilst sneaking a peak inside?

“Fuck! Take this you slut!”

Hearing that broke Alan’s train of thought, and he snapped back to the activity taking place. The woman was a slut, of course she was. She was having sex in a school without even locking the door. Could his teacher be the one having sex? Could his strict, pain-in-the-ass teacher be a slut?

Laying his bag back on his seat along side his jacket, Alan crept up to the doorway of the backroom. Feeling as if his breathing could be heard miles away Alan tried to calm himself and stay as quiet as possible. There was a skirt on the floor just inside the doorway flung aside.

“Aaaah shit, that’s it open up and take this dick. Fuck teach, you feel so good on my dick.”

Alan stopped, that was a teacher fucking in there. Miss June! Miss June fucking what must be a student of hers. Pushing the danger aside, Alan peeked around the doorframe. The sight he witnessed he would forever remember.

Miss June sat on the edge of a counter, legs wide apart and up in the air with a young man occupying the space between them. From Alan’s angle he saw the buttcheeks of the male squeeze and thrust as he fucked Miss June, trousers around his ankles and his back facing Alan. His hands had a hold of her thighs forcing them wide open as he leaned in forcing as much as his dick into Miss June as possible. One of her high heels had fallen off, with the other dragging dangerously close to failing off her foot from the steady pounding Miss June was receiving.

Standing partially hid behind the doorframe, Alan felt himself get hard. What could be hotter than watching a student fuck a teacher in her own classroom.

Miss June was sitting on the countertop and leaning backwards as the student fucked her. Her head was thrown back with the pleasure and her black hair descended straight down behind her.

“Shit, that’s it. You like my dick in your pussy don’t you teacher? Letting one of your students fuck you sooo hard.”

Alan’s head snapped up to look at the male. Other than noticing he was fucking Miss June, Alan hadn’t really been paying attention to who ‘he’ exactly was. Like a bucket of cold water thrown over him, Alan couldn’t believe it. Here was Ryan Marsh fucking a teacher. The biggest dickhead of the school fucking Miss June. Ryan Marsh fucking a teacher on school property, in her classroom.

Readjusting his eyes to the scene before him Alan took stock of all the smaller details. Miss June’s tits were visible, her blouse and bra pulled down and away. Alan stayed memorised watching them jiggling from the pounding she was receiving. They must have been a C cup. Her nipples were rock hard but what caught Alan’s attention was the gold shine coming from them. Holy shit her nipples were pierced. There were rings in both of them. There was something in her mouth too. Her white panties.

Alan quickly took out his phone, turned on the video function and began filming the scene in front of him.

“Oooooo shit, I needed this fuck teach! I dreamed about this all day bitch. My slut teacher spreading her legs and letting me fuck the shit out of you.”

Alan watched and filmed the pace of the fucking speeding up, clearly Ryan was getting closer to coming. With the increase of tempo Miss June reacted with a mumbled groan. The panties in her mouth preventing her from speaking but her groans indicated that she too was nearing an orgasm. She was hyperventilating.

Ryan almost getting there began “oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.”

Alan watching the intense fucking and the hypnotising sway of his teacher’s nipple rings failed to notice that Miss June was looking at him. She attempted to talk which is what attracted Alan to look up at her face again. Miss June with her mouth gagged was trying to speak but could only let out a series of muffled moans through her panties. It wasn’t until this that Alan made eye contact with his teacher. Both had caught each other and were frightened and unsure of what to do.

At that precise moment Ryan came with a very loud “Fuck!”, Miss June still clearly trying to speak and give away Alan flinched when she felt cum race inside of her. Alan caught on his phone her eyes roll to the back of her head, her deliciously sizable tits and her shapely hips thrust into the air and witnessed Miss June cumming. After several seconds her eyes quickly returned to Alan and stayed on him whilst in the midst of her orgasm. She came very hard, the voyeurism getting to her. Alan felt his dick shift very uncomfortably in his pants, it was rock hard from watching his teacher.

Miss June shifted her position and Alan noticed that her blouse had a few buttons open and were back over her shoulder pinning her arms together in what most have been a very awkward angle for her. In effect she was gagged, cuffed and immobile with her own clothing. Miss June kept her gaze on Alan looking over Ryan who had fallen forward to rest his head on her tits and panting heavily after his sprint to finish.

Alan stopped recording on his phone and returned it to his pocket. Miss June’s eyes followed the descent to his pocket and her eyes widen in horror as she realised the full extent of the potential damage to her career if it ever got out. She tried to speak again but it came out garbled with her panties still stuffed in her mouth. She tried to move but the weight of Ryan still impaled on her held her down. Ryan groaned with the movement, his now sensitive dick receiving a squeeze.

Alan, not knowing where his confidence came from, smiled to his teacher, brought his forefinger to his lips and signaled silence and then winked to his teacher. Miss June visibly relaxed and stopped shuffling around, all the more difficult with her arms tied up with her blouse and just lay there with a student of hers flung on top of her. Seeing Ryan now gathering himself, Alan with one more parting smile disappeared around the corner of the doorway. Tiptoed across the room to his bag and jacket, the last thing he wanted was to Ryan discover that he had witnessed the sex act. Gathering his things, he made a quick and stealthy getaway out of the classroom and into the corridor. The corridor was empty devoid of life with all students and staff gone home or else where.

Alan released a breath he didn’t know he was holding and took a fresh one. What the hell just happened? Thoughts raced a million miles through his head. Wow, his teacher being fucked by a student in her own classroom, or technically her backroom. His pants tenting painfully, Alan readjusted his dick into the waistband. He started walking away from the room and down the corridor. Fucking hell his teacher was hot. And her nipples were pierced with rings in them. Alan couldn’t believe that was truly Miss June that he saw in there. The prim and proper and ever professional teacher getting stuffed by a student. And that was Ryan Marsh in there, the school’s biggest asshole.

Ryan and his twin sister Beth Marsh, both a member of the school elite, believed that they were better than everyone else especially Alan. The Marshs came from wealth with Mr. Marsh succeeding in upper management for a big company which afford their extravagant lifestyle. The twins had only recently celebrated their joint eighteenth birthday over Christmass. Most from school had been invited but not Alan.

Alan still couldn’t comprehend how Miss June would allow someone like Ryan to fuck her silly. Maybe it was Alan feeling jealous of how much better Ryan had a life. Or maybe it was down to the shit Alan had to put up for years from Ryan.

Beth Marsh was even worse! Looking with disdain whenever Alan was within her proximity and her tongue always loose with some snip to put down Alan. She walked around as if she owned the school, a flock of elite friends shadowing her. Beth was the prettiest girl in the school and knew it. Flaunting her beauty and her perfect tan whenever she got the chance. She loved to lead on some poor nervous boy and then leave him tongued tied and stammering to the amusement of her girl friends.

And now Ryan was fucking a teacher.

Something changed in Alan just then. A shift in his mindset. Why the fuck does Ryan get to fuck Miss June and Alan not. Feeling the anger and rage build within him, someone like Ryan constantly getting the best out of life without ever having to work for it. He was going to do something, he could feel it! This time he wasn’t just going to fold and scurry away like all the previous times from Ryan and Beth Marsh. Alan was finally going to stand up for himself. Declare that he was a man and not put up with this shit any more.

Heck Alan even stood physically taller than Ryan but yet could never stand up to him. Ryan and his sister were both brunettes and were both small in stature. Yes this was going to change. Now almost at the end of the long corridor Alan heard a door open and turned to look. Out strutted Ryan and went in the opposite direction. Ryan’s shoulders swayed like a man who was on top of the world.

This infuriated Alan even more. Alan found himself walking, them lightly jogging down the corridor towards his nemesis. Not sure on what was about to happen but determine regardless. With a lengthy corridor still to catch up on, Ryan turned and opened the doors leading to the staircase and went out of sight.

Alan kept running until he realised what exactly was he planning on doing. Nothing! He had no idea. Slowing to a halt, Alan grew frustrated he wanted to change everything but he didn’t have a clue how to achieve it. Alan observed a shine of light extending out of the open doorway of Miss June’s classroom. Miss June was still inside there.

A thought came to Alan. Miss June the slut teacher. The slut. Whipping out his phone he brought up the video and attached it to his email address and sent it to himself. Here it was secure and saved as a soft copy online. Marching into the classroom, Miss June wasn’t there. Alan slammed the door shut, and turned the lock. Learning from other’s mistakes. Miss June’s high heels clicked across the floor and emerged from her backroom. The slam of the door drawing her attention. Her skirt was put back on and her bra and blouse were done up properly but her black hair was dishevelled and face reddened.

“Alan!! Oh my god! I can’t believe you saw that. You need to delete that video right now.”

Alan didn’t say a word and walked steadily towards his teacher.

“Alan? Did you hear me? Give me your phone and delete the video and please forget all of this happened.”

The distance between Alan and his teacher narrowed. Miss June seeing the look of determination and steely resolved backed away.

“Alan? Alan what are you doing? ALAN?”

Coming right in front of his teacher, he grabbed her forearm and dragged her to desk at the front of the classroom. Unsure what was happening Miss June looked up into Alan’s eyes. His gaze penetrating her as if he were looking into her soul. Alan reached for the parting of her blouse in the middle and pulled hard with both of his hands. Buttons flew in every direction and the blouse was pulled over her shoulders like it had earlier with Ryan. Miss June shrieked but her arms were again held together behind her back.

Her tits encased in the bra were showcased.

Alan stood back and watched Miss June squirm and wriggle to free her arms. In the process shaking her tits side to side.

“Alan please what are you doing? Please don’t do this?”

“Please don’t do what Miss June? Have sex with you like Ryan did? Why should a spoilt asshole like Ryan get all the fun?”

Alan found the catch on her skirt opened it and let it pool to the ground around her high heels. Turning her around, Alan pushed her bent forward over the table. Her chest and face resting on her own desk whilst her high heels were still making contact with the ground. Her arms pinned together behind her back.

“Fuck your ass is amazing.”

Her round rump jutted out from the angle Miss June was resting on the table and her high heels only added to the vision. Taking a cheek in each hand Alan squeezed. Soft and warm to touch yet firm to indicate she looked after it with exercise. A white thong was edged up the middle of the crack. Alan smirked,

“Who knew, Miss June a slut teacher? Wearing thongs to school for her students to fuck you.”

“Please Alan don’t do this.”

“So it’s ok for that bastard Ryan to fuck you but not for me is it?”

Feeling his anger once again rise, Alan grabbed the waistband on the thong and yanked downwards. The thong slid down easily, and a massive wet spot occupied where her juices and Ryan’s cum had drained out. Leaving the thong just above her knees, Alan returned his attention to the delicious ass in front of him.

Squeezing generous globes, twisting and seeking out every space of her ass. With the rough treatment Miss June couldn’t help but to grunt out. She didn’t know what had happened but the look of terror she saw in Alan’s eyes had first stunned her, paralysed her to let Alan move and control her. Now she was face down and naked from the waist down and still afraid to stop what was happening.


The noise reached her ears before the pain registered. Alan wanted to punish Miss June, and had taken large backswing and delivered a painful spank to her ass. Alan knew it was painful because his hand hurt even after it.

Miss June shrieked and tried to stand up. Seeing his teacher attempt to right herself and stand up, Alan laid his hand firmly on her back and pushed her back down. Turning his sights to her bum again, he unleashed another unmerciful whack, this time on her other cheek.


“Fuck! That hurts!”

“Stay where you are! Slut teachers get punished by their students.”

Alan delivered another two blows, one to each cheek. Miss June jerked from both and quietly grunted but made no attempt to stop or block the blows. Alan seeing no fight back smirked, grabbed the tender areas and groped them. He twisted them and she hissed. In fact she seemed very tame for someone in her situation. Becoming more gentle he smoothed them out and rubbed them.

Miss June sighed and said “Thank you Sir.”

What the hell was going on? Alan became perplexed. His teacher was thanking him for bending her over the desk and spanking her. In fact she was making no attempt to fight off his advances. It was almost as if she had no problem with Alan doing what he wished, she was too docile.

Alan standing full up, felt the painful enclosure of his pants. A steel tent clearly and obviously visible. His balls ached and lust now rampant through his system grabbed Miss June, pulled her up from her slouched position on her desk, spun her and forced her to her knees.

Arousal flared over Miss June’s face. She loved this, Alan noticed this. Testing to see how she would react, he grabbed the remaining shirt and ripped it completely open and off her shoulders, freeing her arms.

“Take off your bra!”

Alan stood there towering over his kneeling teacher. Almost instantly she reached behind and unclasp her bra. Freeing her tits and revealing her very erect pierced nipples. Her plump tits looked to be quite a handful and remained pert even without the support of a bra.

Lust was written all over her face. Her cheeks red, a fire frenzy in her eyes and was panting heavily. She completely cooperated with his wishes and it looked like she wasn’t going to resist Alan whatsoever. Did his teacher get off on getting dominated? Wow.

Testing his theory, Alan seized both of the rings in her nipples. And stretched them torturously slowly away from her tits. Released them and re-seized them and twisted gently.

“Ugh, fuck,” she moaned. But that should have been a normal response. He was playing with her nipples after all.

Alan ordered in his strongest voice possible “Ok teacher, take my dick out and suck it!”

Again Miss June took a heavy breath and a slight satisfied smile appeared on her face. She reached up and unclasped his belt, undid the button and zipped down. She grabbed all and yanked down, freeing Alan’s dick. It sprung up, finally released from its prison.

Miss June gazed at the dick in front of her. The surreal moment finally hit Alan. He just spanked his teacher, played with her nipples and was now about to get his dick sucked.

Alan finally realising what he had done, stood still too afraid to move. It all came crashing down. What did he just do? Was he going to get expelled after his actions. He had almost raped his teacher. A chill spread throughout his body. The adrenaline wore out and he was left with these terrible thoughts.

But Alan was jerked out of his mind when he felt a tongue slid up the underside of his dick, looking down he witnessed something he would never forget. His teacher reaching the head of his dick engulfed it. The sucking sensation sent a shiver up Alan’s spine. Holy fuck his teacher was sucking his dick.

Miss June bobbed her head up and down two or three inches of the dick. She kept a tight seal with her mouth and gave a constant sucking of the helmet. Alan was heaven. This was sheer bliss. He gazed at Miss June, she had slipped a hand between her legs and was rubbing herself. The other hand was twisting a nipple.

With the head movement some of her black hair had fallen over her face. Alan cupped what had fallen and brushed it back over her head. Putting both of his hands on the back of her head, he used it to start pumping his dick into her mouth.

Miss June moaned “mmmmmmmm!”

She made eye contact with Alan and her hips started to thrust forward. She loved this. She was getting off from the submissiveness.

Alan reading the situation took full control of his blowjob. He forced his dick deeper and deeper, getting closer to the entrance of her throat. His control was going. He was going to cum soon.

Not really knowing where his new found confidence came from, Alan looked deep into his teacher’s eyes and said

“Slut teacher you’re going to swallow every drop.”

Again Miss June moaned around his dick. She too was getting closer to cumming, her fingers were a blur on her clit and the assertive position Alan was commanding turned her on incredibly.

“Shit, here it comes!”

And he erupted, firing several spurts of cum in his teacher’s mouth. She actively swallowed each time. Alan came buckets. Miss June struggled to keep up with the avalanche in her mouth but was determined not to spill a single drop.

Just then Miss June came.

Alan in midst of his orgasm felt the suction from Miss June intensify. Her whole body shook, her thighs vibrated unable to withstand the force of her own orgasm. The shaking vibration spread throughout her entire body. If it was possible Alan came a little harder as a result.

Alan in the aftermath stood over his teacher enjoying the bliss and watched with interest her orgasm end. His teacher’s eyes were closed but kept his dick in her mouth sucking it gently. Her hips lazily rocked back and forth and her hand nonchalantly rubbed her pussy lips with the hope of lengthening her own orgasm.

Alan felt no need to move and stood there just enjoying coming down from his release and the scenic view of his teacher entering that phase too. She opened her eyes looked at him and smiled around his dick.

Alan watched as she removed his dick from her mouth, then licked it base to head in search of any lost cum. Finally satisfied she had the lot Miss June released him. Sat back on her heels and said,

“Thank you Master.”

The look on Alan’s face was priceless …

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