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Rub-Dub Tub

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“It’s Earth Day at last.”

“Yeah, Outdoor fucking begins today.”

“Even though in this part of the country, most folks have to wait til May, or even summer, it’s great we have our hot tub, to get the early jump.”

My wife Mallory was idly stroking my cock as we floated away a lazy afternoon in our back yard hot tub. With any luck, this would be a prelude to great sex, perhaps not just here, but perhaps later again in the shower. Or the hammock . Or the bedroom. Or the kitchen. Or all those places.

Mallory might be monogamous, but she never met a marital sexual adventure she didn’t want to try. She had a hot body, still in great shape after several years of marriage, all the curves in the right places. Right now, with her auburn hair pulled back in a ponytail, and the spring sun freckling her fair skin, she could pass for a high school cheerleader seducing the quarterback. Which was how we had hooked up at eighteen. When Mallory spoke, though, it was not the straight up proposition I expected.

“You said you would tell me your hot tub fantasy for Earth Day. Well, it’s that time, honey. It’s not just this nice Earth Day weather that’s making this root of yours grow.”

Spring had indeed sprung in our back yard, and the hot tub was filled every day by several of my wife’s beautiful bouncy sisters. When I had struggled writing a story for Literotica’s Valentine’s Contest, she had inspired me by teasing me with ideas of sex with those sisters. In the very hot tub we were now enjoying. I had foolishly promised to spin a fantasy about that for Earth Day. I would have agreed to anything, since at the time, Mallory was denying me a much needed orgasm. Now, she wanted to collect on her blackmail.

“Maybe you should invite your sisters over, and I’ll show you. ”

“Show, not tell, the writer’s motto?”

“Mantra, Mal, but you got the idea.”

“The idea that you want to fuck my sisters.”

Her expression looked angry, but there was a teasing tone to her voice, and she finally broke into a grin, her hand still tightly gripping my cock, which was surging to fullness from the combined effect of her stroking and the taboo of fucking four sexy sisters.

“What man wouldn’t?” I wanted to see where this might lead.

“I admit, Bridget doesn’t help by continually teasing about doing a three-way. I bet you’d love her curves. Soft but firm. She might have had to give up competitive sports, but she still works out daily. No wonder you have nude hot tub fantasies about her.” Mallory’s Valentine adventure had included her older sister in a central role, but I knew Mallory still clung to her self-image as a straight one man woman. Not that I minded, especially since when it was my erect cock she was clinging too. She shifted in the hot tub, letting me see her ripe breasts, not quite as big as Bridget’s, but still firm.

“Well, I can already see her curves just fine in her bikini. It doesn’t exactly hide much”

“I mean more than see them. I mean live out your fantasy. Which you still haven’t described to me.”

Her breathing was becoming faster, as she tickled my balls with one hand, still stroking me with the other.

“Well, the version I told you at Valentine’s included the twins.”

“I wish I never told you they like to share. Although, with their beautiful long blonde hair, I can understand how any man might get excited by them. Personally, though, I prefer B’s voluptuous body, or even my curves, to their skinniness. They have hardly any boobs at all.”

“From what I recall though, it doesn’t take much to make their nipples hard. Even some nippy spring air would do it.”

“You are such a perv, scoping out your little sister-in-laws’ nipples.” I knew now that the fantasy or the idea of my being a perv at least, was exciting her as well. She stroked me rapidly, snaking a finger under my butt to stimulate my prostate.

“Hey, I told you. In my ultimate Earth Day fantasy, all four Good sisters are naked in this hot tub, celebrating nature the natural way.”

Mallory blushed so deeply even the tops of her ripe breasts turned crimson. Despite the warm water, I noticed her nipples were stiff.

“I have a confession to make. Sometimes, when the twins don’t have school, they come over in the afternoon and we sit here naked drinking wine. I always figured you wouldn’t mind.”

“Too bad I never snuck home early from work.”

If she kept stroking my cock, her expert fingers teasing the head, I would come way too soon. I had to find a way to turn the action towards her.

“While I’m confessing, I might as well tell you- I always fantasized about that happening. It got me so horny, if you weren’t coming home, I might even have licked Krista or Claire, just like I imagine you doing. Except of course, no one can lick just one. Do one; you’d have to do them both. Then your tongue might be too tired to treat me properly.”

“Maybe one could eat you while I taste her twin?”

“Oh…is that in your fantasy?”

“I love the idea of Krista sitting on the edge of the tub, leaning back, balanced on her hands, tits thrust skyward as my tongue dances circles around her clit. I would tease it slowly a long while, because my concentration would be split, watching Claire sampling your honey pot.”

Mallory, as if reading my mind, hoisted herself onto the hot tub deck, assuming the position I described for Krista, but staying near enough so that she never relinquished her grip on my cock. Her fingers were acting like a cock ring, restraining the load of sperm building in my balls.

“I hope she at least kisses me first.” Mallory dragged me closer, using my shaft as a handle. She kissed me, my lips substituting in our imagination for her sisters. Mallory moaned deeply, laying back, hands behind her, cherry tipped tits seeking the sun.

“More than that.” I replied as we broke the kiss, “She bathes you with her tongue, starting with your ears, and then tracing a line across your nose.” Claire, I think, has the personality to be the most intense kisser of the Good sisters. “I saw her kissing her boyfriend at the wedding. If she does it the same with you, her hand will grip your head, so you can’t back away. Her lips will be inside yours. She will inhale your tongue. If you’re too shocked to properly tongue wrestle, don’t worry. The snaking action as she rolls hers from cheek to cheek will start you up.”

“I’ve never thought kissing a girl could sound so …so …hot.” Mallory’s mounds heaved as her breathing quickened.

“It wouldn’t end there, of course. At the wedding, Claire and her date sorta disappeared into the coat room. Here in our yard, on Earth Day, Claire would eventually come up for air. Her hard nipples pressing into your flesh, she would tease you with a tiny peck on the chin. Then, she would lick down your neck, pausing to nibble lightly while you caress her hair. She would ask your permission to leave a mark.”

“What would I say?”

“You would reply, ‘why not, everyone will just think I have the world’s hottest marriage still’.” I licked a line of sweat off Mallory’s chin, running my tongue down her neck. I nibbled lightly.

“Ouch. I do still have a husband who is hot for me. But I thought I made it clear on Valentine’s Day that the thought of my sister kissing my cunt was out.”

“That was Bridget we talked about then. This is a foursome with the twins. I’m betting your resolve would dissolve.”

“I still want your cock just for me.”

“Well, then someone better bring a strap on.”

“That’s even kinkier than your fantasy of Bridget swallowing chocolate flavoured douche flowing out of my cunt.”

“I seem to recall that as your idea, not mine.”

“It’s still a long leap from there to any of use doing lesbian toy sex with each other. Except the twins. I bet they do it together.”

“You also said you might lick my cum out of B if I told you this fantasy.”

“You aren’t anywhere near finished. You haven’t told me everything Claire does to me. And what about you and Krista?”

“Well, you said you want my cock all for yourself, but she might come just from watching Claire licking you while I do the same for Krista. My tongue doing the things that you’re familiar with. Claire’s doing the things to you which Krista loves so much. Variety really may be the spice of life.”

“But first, I’m sure Claire would want to taste my nipples.”

Mallory was really into the play now. I obliged her by licking down her throat slowly, carefully swallowing each droplet of water off her tan skin. My nose nestled into the valley of her breasts, my late day whiskers teased her nipples. Mallory moaned, arching her back. “I can picture watching your tongue exploring the crevice between Krista’s labia while Claire does just what you are doing,” she murmured.

My tongue darted from her right nipple across to her left, describing a circle around the cock like erections. I suckled the gelatinous mounds momentarily, imagining that Claire would be as anxious as a man to resume the journey towards Mallory’s pleasure center. My enthusiasm was doubled by the sense of my own possible joy in tasting Krista.

“Are the twins shaved?” I asked.

“They have such fine wisps of hair down there, they don’t need to bother.”

I glanced up, pausing in my oral explorations. Mallory’s flushed skin once again was not concealing a crimson blush. I waited until her confessional mood resumed. “Another thing I never told you. Dear. Though, or maybe because, they never shave themselves, the twins love it when I let them shave me. In fact, they usually do it while we’re skinny dipping away the afternoon here in the hot tub. The first time, we had so much wine I was too drunk to even consider the erotic undercurrents. Now, every time they refresh it, I try to talk them into letting me clean them up.”

“I bet Claire wants to lick around your navel every time it’s her turn to shave those few downy hairs away that straggle up towards it from your cunt.” My tongue circled her belly button, imitating what I described.

“I know that Krista plays with her clit every time it’s her turn to watch. I wonder if she fantasizes that Claire is eating me, while you draw circles around Krista’s love button with the tip of your tongue and slip a finger along side, just like you’re doing to me right now. As I picture it, Claire would stare you right in the eye, and would start mimicking your moves. She would quickly discover how excited I get by the narrow edge of a tongue sliding between my cunt lining and my clit, then bouncing my clit on the flat of the tongue.” Taking my cue, I slid my tongue swiftly across Mallory’s tummy, around her thigh, and provided the stimulation she craved.

“I bet Krista would go nuts from how I draw my flattened tongue up a wide spread pussy, trying to lap both walls, and lick all the wetness out.” I demonstrated this manoeuvre on Mallory. She purred in appreciation.

“You are just like a big puppy dog. No wonder I don’t need any other men, when you eat pussy so divinely. But tell me, what would you do about your swollen member while you are eating Krista? I know how stiff you get slurping cunt juice.”

“That’s where I see B coming in. I picture her having arrived late, hopping right into the other side of the tub as we four play. Watching, sipping a nice gin and lemonade, and relaxing a while. From what you say, she isn’t quite as used to the nude hot tubbing, so maybe she starts with her bikini on. Despite how adventuresome as she is, perhaps the twins’ enthusiasm startles her at first. She came over hoping that she would find you and me celebrating Earth Day.” I paused to roll my tongue around Mallory’s erect clit, bobbling it on the tip. “She never thought she would find an orgy developing.”

“I did tell her how that Earth Day is usually the first day of the year it is warm enough for skinny dipping,” Mallory said while panting for breath, “and ….” she paused now, blushing, which is quite amazing given her arousal, “…and I told her that almost inevitably ends with the year’s first outdoor fucking. She said she really would love to watch that.”

I reached up to tweak Mallory’s nipples, causing her to moan and lift her hips off the deck, her clit slamming against my teeth. I nibbled gently at her love button.

“Watching is all she wants to do?” I asked.

“I think she still has the three-way in mind. I don’t think she has ever given up on that idea since our wedding. I know she’s told me she won’t get married until she finds a guy who makes her pussy ache the way that looking at you that day excited her. Plus, of course, she says he’ll need to accept her love of threesomes.”

“Maybe you should find a guy to marry her that excites you,” I teased, switching from nibbling her clit to licking her pussy walls while diddling the nub with a finger.

“How many times must I say I’m a one man woman to convince you?”

“I might believe you, but you also say that you never would have sex with your sisters. The idea of the latter obviously excites you.” I emphasized my point by stabbing an index finger up her butt. When Mallory winced, I bit her clit, a bit less gently. “So how do I know what to trust?”

“After all these years, you don’t trust me?” Mallory froze in position, suddenly somber. I needed to let her know I was just kidding.

“I guess if you followed through with eating B, I’d have no reason not to trust you completely. I always have before, but if that promise was reckless, how do I know that other things you say in the heat of passion aren’t suspect?”

Looking up from my licking, I saw Mallory redden to the deepest crimson ever. “You haven’t finished your story yet, though,” she replied, “so I don’t have to.”

“It’s hard to talk and eat at the same time.”

“Well, bring me off, and then we can rest while you talk.”

“It’s so much fun acting out Claire’s part though.”

“I doubt she would talk with her mouth full. I bet she would watch you slide you finger under Krista’s ass to stimulate her anus and copy that, knowing you learned how much I like that part. Yes, yes, just like that.”

Mallory’s words came further apart as my actions followed her instructions. Her ass swiveled on the tip of my index finger as my teeth grazed her labia. My tongue slid along exploring inside her pussy, at once tasting familiar terrain, but also triggering my imagination as to how different Krista might be constructed. Would her young pussy be tight, or was she so sexually active that my whole face would be swallowed once her petals opened like a flower? Would she taste like spring dew, or more pungent, earthy, womanly? If I got to eat each twin in turn, would they taste identical? My mind raced with these thoughts, but that just made my tongue work faster, roaring like a buzz saw through Mallory’s sopping cunt.

I hoped the neighbours were at work. They might call 911 about Mallory’s screams, or come to investigate the noise. Which, as I thought of it, seemed like not a bad idea. We did have some very attractive neighbours and Earth Day was all about celebrating things that come naturally.

Mallory’s moans returned my thoughts to the immediate moment. My cock ached, sticking out from my body, half in the warmth of the hot tub, otherwise dangling in the relatively cool spring air. Krista’s orgasm would likely feel equally intense on my tongue. It was hard to imagine spasms traveling back onto my tongue more fiercely than Mallory was producing in real life. Her fingers clutched clumps of my hair, using them as handles to twist my face deeply against her humping pussy, rotating my teeth on her swollen clit. I closed my eyes and pictured Krista doing the same, her long lean body shining in the sun just like Mallory’s ample curves did now. The erotic possibility was enhanced even further by adding the imaginary symphony of moans as both Mallory and Krista came together. My mind raced ahead, wondering how Claire’s need to come would be met. Was that a solution to the question of where my cock went?

My balls, however, insisted that Bridget fit my cock best. I ached for her tongue wrapped around my shaft. Her teeth teasing my glans. Her fingers caressing my balls. Bridget palming my shaft. Her hand was a bit smaller than Mallory’s, but still large enough to grasp my girth. I pictured her sliding under my body, her being half submerged in the water, head bobbing up and down.

“Bridget the mermaid,” I mumbled aloud as Mallory’s gyrations temporarily pulled her away from my lips. She laughed so loud I was sure the neighbours would come investigating. The laughter however quickly gave way to screams of orgasm as I stabbed my tongue fiercely against Mallory’s thumb like clit.

Mallory collapsed backwards, sprawled out on the apron of the hot tub, glistening with sweat. She grabbed by shoulders and hauled me up beside her. Tell me what Bridget the Mermaid would do for you,” she said.

“She would slip between my body and the edge of the tub while I ate Krista. By this time, I think you would have come already, so Claire and you would be watching. Claire would be diddling herself, probably hoping you would return the favour and lick her.”

“I bet that’s your fantasy, not Claire’s. Certainly not mine. But continue.” Mallory’s hands wandered slowly along her soft tanned body, grazing her sides, brushing her nipples, teasing her own clit. Her eyes shifted from my face to my groin. My cock bobbed a friendly hello in her direction.

“I think B would start by playfully tweaking my nipples.”

“I bet she’d bite them. Probably hard enough to hurt. I hope the pain wouldn’t pull you away from Krista.”

“I might pull my head back for a moment, but I would cover up by sliding forward to kiss Krista’s nipples, and then lick back down to her cunt.” I demonstrated on Mallory’s body.

She shuddered. “If the first orgasm was an earthquake, that was an aftershock. It’s like there’s waves of energy from my tits to my clit.”

“I think Claire would do that for you while Bridget started bobbing up and down on my cock, swallowing the entire swollen length in the first mouthful, and then pumping it with her first. Instead of just moving her head, I think she would continue sliding her whole body. You and Claire would see her massive boobs breaking free from the surface of the water, a pair of whales at play. Then they would crash down again.”

“Oh, sweetie, B and I have talked technique. You are right she loves to give deep throat. She has a talent that she can swirl her tongue like a snake around the shaft quickly enough to wrap once around before she raises her head again. Some strokes, she keeps the tongue softly around the shaft, drawing it up. She unfurls it as she passes the bottom ridge of the cock head, making sure to tease the pee hole with the tip of her tongue.” Mallory paused, blushing again. “She says that she especially likes when she can taste a drop of left over pee.”

Another pause. Now the blush coated Mallory from tits to toes. “In fact, she once asked me if you ever pee in my mouth. B had one boyfriend who did that. She really gets off on it. But I guess in your fantasy that can’t happen. You’re hard, and clean of residue by being in the hot tub.”

“In my imagination, good old fashioned cocksucking is fine.”

“B says that swallowing urine recycles the energy, which otherwise is lost.”

“I suppose she might be right.”

“Some women feel the same way about sperm. I still want all your energy for me.”

“Does that mean my story telling is done?”

Mallory hauled me up fully onto the tub deck, a firm grasp on my hard cock.

“It means keep talking while you fuck me.”

She directed my tool to her ready waiting pussy. One quick glance showed that dew like drops of wetness glistened in the sun. “I love outdoor fucking. Earth Day never comes soon enough to start the season,” Mallory said, “I could celebrate this way all year.”

“How about all night, eating my cum out of Bridget? You’ll owe me that in a few minutes.” I stabbed my cock into Mallory in a sudden movement, startling her. “In my fantasy, you run your fingers inside your cunt, like my cock is now, while B gives me great head. You can see from the look on my face that not only that inventive first stroke is special. Your naughty sister turns, pausing with her hand on my balls, milking them, teasing you about the advantages of not being a one man woman. She tells you she has had many fine teachers.”

“Does she mention that none of them have as fine a cock as yours?”

“Well, it is my fantasy, so she does show proper respect. After deep throating me, she licks all around the rim again, twice. After that, she tickles the tiny flap below the head with just the tip of her tongue. Then she flattens her tongue, bouncing my cock on that, with her mouth open. After a few licks, she slowly closes her lips. Her teeth gradually graze my cock head. Softly at first, then with more passion. She stops just where pain and pleasure combine. She must be able to feel the cum ready to explode in my balls. Or maybe you warn her.”

“Does she run your sensitive cock head along her nipples, poking each one into the pee slit?” Mallory asked, doing just that.

“Yes, then briefly tit fucks me, clamping the root of my shaft with her string fingers. She says, ‘I’d love for you to cum in my mouth, but I need a cunt full first for Mallory to eat.'”

“What are the twins doing all the while?” Mallory asked, changing the subject.

“You noticed I must have had to quit eating Krista. When that happened, she slid over beside Claire. They each licked one of your nipples, grazing away keeping you revved up. Their hair intertwining, they start nuzzling their noses together. Without speaking, they lift their mouths off your tits and start kissing each other deeply. You continue watching B, but start grooming them, your fingers exploring their identical firm young bodies.”

“I bet B looks right at me.”

“Yes, and she says, “I’m about to fuck your husband.’ Telling you, not asking permission.”

“Then she shoves you hard right into the depths of her slut cunt, like this,” Mallory added, “except I’m no slut like her.” She shoved my aching cock all the way into her inviting cavity. Her hips slammed up and down against the decking, fucking fiercely.

“I bet her cunt is stretched wide open, not nice and tight like yours. When I fantasize of fucking the twins, they are no tighter than you.”

Mallory’s hips stopped in mid air. “Oh, do you think about fucking them often? I hope you don’t need to do that while fucking me.”

I must have blushed. Mallory laughed hysterically, her pussy walls clenching my cock tightly. “You do know I’m just teasing, right? You can tell it turns me on, you wanting to fuck the twins. It would be almost worth letting you, if I could watch.”


“Get it through your brain. Fantasy is fine, but your meat is all mine.” Each word was gasped out individually, giving them extra weight, though the cause was Mallory’s ongoing orgasm. Her fingers squeezed my balls. “Hurry up and finish the story.”

“Claire and Krista shift over and suckle B’s rock hard nipples as I fuck her deeply with my rock hard cock, pulling the whole length out each stroke, then slamming it back, driving her ass against the decking, making her scream, just like you are now. Like you, she can only stand so much, so she starts milking my balls again. She also curls a finger tip gently into my ass, searching for my prostate, seeking to stimulate me further.”

Mallory followed my description. We could both feel the surge of cum marshalling itself to explode out of me.

“Not to be left out, you slide over and deeply French kiss B, tongues rolling together like puppies playing. Krista and Claire each reach over with a free hand and caress you to another orgasm, starting with tweaking your nipples, then diddling your clit. Your fingers are free, so you stick a thumb up each of them, triggering explosions in their cunts. Suddenly, all four Good sisters are climaxing together. I finish the picture by spraying my ooze deep into Bridget. Her orgasm continues so forcefully that she bucks me out of her twat, goo still streaming onto her belly. You lay your body over hers, giving my cock one quick suck to capture the last of my cream. Then you begin eating cream pie out of B. The twins help themselves to the stray streaks off her stomach, lapping upwards until they return to her nipples. I lay back and watch as the four of you collapse in one last mighty climax.”

Mallory fingers released my balls, allowing my real life cum to surge into her waiting pussy. Her last spasms were even fiercer. The hip action tossed me back into the hot tub, great sprays of cum flying through the crisp air. We both collapsed laughing.

“What an Earth Day offering to the gods of nature.” Mallory said.

Then we heard the phone ring. Over the speaker of the answering machine, we listened to Bridget’s voice, with much harmonious giggling also drowning her out. “Hi, Mal, its B. Sorry, but I stopped to pick up the twins and one thing led to another.” Greater giggles over that. “I don’t think we’ll be able to come….” Huge laughter, “…stop, silly…over today. We’re having our own Earth Day feast you might say. Looks like it might last til National Nude Day. Not …stop, I said, I’m on the phone…not that we exactly have clothes on now.” She hung up.

“Well, I guess you’ve got some time to wait to see if I keep my end of the bargain,” Mallory said, joining me in the tub.

“Things might get interesting today still. Is that the neighbours or the paper boy at the door?”

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