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Cyber Surprise

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She sat there reading on her computer and surfing like usual. Her thoughts began to wander and a slow smile crept over her lips. She opened up a chat program to see if he was online and beamed when she saw his sn there. He was often busy and she hated to interrupt but she remembered him telling her not to feel that way so she just jumped in and said hello.

He replied almost immediately and her smile was so wide her cheeks ached just a bit, a not unpleasant feeling. She found herself drawn to him time and time again but didn’t want to analyze it, rather just let it take her where it wanted to. Just talking to him made her ache with want and she hadn’t felt that way in a long long time. More the reason to jump in and chat with him when she got a chance to. She checked the whereabouts of her daughter, closed and locked her door, turning up the TV in her room to cut out all other noises.

She read as he typed about times in his life, sad times, awful times and couldn’t help but wonder who was there to wrap their arms around him tight when he needed it the most. Some things are hard to imagine going through if you haven’t gone through them yourself but imagining someone else in pain or witnessing it always tugged at her heart. Maybe that’s why she worked taking care of seniors, and could sympathize when they were afraid and confused. So many times her eyes had teared up when theirs did and she had hugged and held hands with people when they needed someone there beside them.

Conversations drift and this one did as well. If chemistry can be felt through Internet connections, she felt it very strong here for some reason. She turned on her cam and in this modern age where you can talk to someone far away while you type to them, she never was less than amazed. How easily he could read her mind at times, maybe from experience, maybe because they were both on the same page. She’d let the camera dip down lower and took pleasure in the fact that as a female, subtle teasing can be so wonderfully delicious. He seemed to appreciate the affect and they began to type a bit more seriously about how they’d imagine things would be if they were close enough to touch.

Without even a touch her nipples grew hard and the moisture between her legs intensified. He could take her imagination and send it soaring and she was all too eager to allow him to. She never could find sense in the fact that people sat in front of their computers excited and yet five minutes with him and she understood. She slipped her fingers between her legs and felt the wetness waiting between the lips, more than she had imagined. Her fingers absently went back to her lips to taste…and smell the sweetness she knew as her own.

Eyes glued to the monitor she responded to his touches in text and felt his lips on her as if it were real and not just from the keyboard. She could close her eyes and imagine the things he said as his hands touched her, and his kisses worked their way down her chest.

She laid back on the bed, pillows to prop her head so she could continue to read, set her keyboard over to the right of her and began to stroke her lips with her toy. How very easily it slid between her lips and teased her clit with the wetness there. A bit cold at first, she knew it wouldn’t feel cool to the touch for long. She let it slide just to the opening of her pussy and enter only enough to tease…then back to slide gently over her clit. She had to let go to type with her right hand, letter by letter, as she responded to his description of what he’d be doing to her and how he’d be touching her.

She led the toy back with her hand to her pussy and slipped it inside herself, gasping slightly as that first stroke always made her do. Mmmmmmmm it felt so wonderful inside her, as she slid it in and out a few times before letting her thumb wander to touch her clit while still clutching the toy. She could move both in a circular motion leaving the other hand free to wander to her nipples which ached to be touched.

The toy was bent slightly and rubbed against her “g” spot in a way that had to have been tested and planned to work so well. The waves it sent through her made her shudder but she kept her eyes open to watch the screen, typing less and less as she brought herself closer to the edge.

She often touched herself and brought herself to orgasm, but with his encouragement this was coming fast and hard and there was no stopping it, nor did she desire to do so. She felt it sweep over her and went with it, cumming long and hard and in spasms that washed over her again and again and seemed to last for a heavenly period of time before easing off and settling down to a dull buzz.

With the toy inside her she was left with the feeling that she’d had a man inside her rather than the dull ache that comes from simply clitoris stimulation alone, though there were no bad orgasms that she could think of.

He was still there with her and had known the moment she came, and his excitement had grown more intense. How she wished her lips were on him now tasting him, and drawing him inside. She pulled the toy from inside her and felt the cum it had blocked pour out slowly, warm between her legs. She sat up and began to type to him as he had to her, describing and wanting and feeling him throb with her imagination, until he held down a letter and hit enter as he orgasmed so she’d know. Mmmmmm as close as two lovers can be without touching, she knew sleep would come easily tonight and the smile would take awhile to leave her lips again.

Until the next time, she filled her thoughts with hopes that indeed there would be many more.

BadFairGoodInterestingSuper Total 0 votes

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