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Stressful Day

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Julie had just gotten her kids to bed after a very stressful day and headed to the bedroom as she winked at her handsome husband, Steve sitting in the living room. “Phew, they’re finally asleep, I am going to shower real quick and then I’ll get started. Don’t wait too long or I might cum before you get there.”

“Don’t worry, he said, “I won’t let you get too far.”

The hot water running over her naked body felt very good, the kids had been arguing and getting into all their toys and running around the house and now was just ready to relax and hopefully have a long awaited orgasm; it seemed like it had been over a month she last felt the involuntary contractions of her beautiful love box.

As the water sprayed onto her chest and rolled down the front of her, she took the bar of soap and massaged her breast; her nipples becoming fully erect as she felt the slippery bar rubbing against her. She place her left leg on the shower bench and washed her inner thighs and felt her pussy becoming aroused as her hand moved the soap into her womanly region. Making sure to wash her pussy thoroughly, she might have been able to cum if she didn’t stop. Reluctantly, she moved the soap to her backside, continued to wash off the rest of her body and then stepped out of the shower, hurriedly drying off her body and running a brush through her hair.

At her husbands usual kinky request, she grabbed one of the porno movies as she grabbed her favorite rotating vibrator with the clit stimulator. She put the DVD in the player and walked her naked body over the bed. The movie starting as she sat on the bed. She placed the Rabbit vibrator next to her, anticipating the feeling she knew it would be giving her in just a few more minutes. The scene on the T.V was pretty hardcore, some guy was fucking the shit out of the young blond and she was screaming as he kept slamming his 10 inch cock into her tight pussy. Julie was getting more aroused as the girls screams were getting louder and her face becoming flush, the girl was actually coming with that hard cock pumping in and out of her. “Wow, this one might be pretty good,” she thought, the woman are really into it. Her pussy lips were growing more enlarged and she could feel the moistness inside her increase with every thrust and every scream. She reached for the bottle of lotion and kept her eyes fixed to the television as the blond fucked his huge cock as she rubbed the lotion into her arms and legs. She then started rubbing the lotion into her breasts and began squeezing them with both hands subconsciously as she imagined that hard cock filling her up and fucking the shit out of her. Her pussy becoming more engorged and her wetness growing more. She felt his cock pumping in and out of her as she rubbed her tits together, imaging he was inside her.

As the stallion on stage grunted and came buckets all over the belly of the young girl, she slowly snapped out of her erotic stupor, rubbing some lotion over her own belly, secretly wishing it was the stallions cum and propped up some pillows, so she could relax comfortably with her magic vibrator as she watched the next scene.

She couldn’t take her eyes off the television when the next seen started. A beautiful brunette with very large natural breasts was taking on 4 guys at the same time and each of them had monster cocks. It was a construction scene where 4 young carpenters were busy working on a very rich womans house and had taken some time to take care of her. Two of them were still wearing their rugged jeans and tool belts as the brunette was using both her hands to work their cocks to full hardness as one of them was pounding his massive cock deep into her pussy from behind and the other guy was standing in the corner stroking his own cock. As the other two men worked their jeans down to the their ankles, she continued to beat them off with expert care and they were moaning as their huge cocks were now fully erect and pointing to the ceiling. She then pulled their cocks closer to her mouth and took turns sucking each one deep into to her awaiting mouth as the cock in her pussy continued to be fucked from behind. The brunette started to scream, “Oh my God! Oh my God! Fuck, Yes, Yes, Yes, Fuck Yes! Fuck my pussy! Oh God yes, I’m cumming, I’m Cumming, of fuuuuck,” as her whole face became red and her body quivered.

Julie, reaching for her own vibrator quickly placed into her sopping pussy and pumping it into her over and over; she could have cum easily right then and there but wanted to wait for her husband to come in, so she could feel a real cock inside her hot cunt. As she turned the vibrator on, she nearly lost control as the rotating end worked every inch of her fiery cunt and the vibrating clit stimulator almost put her over the top, she had to turn down the speed to keep from cumming right away.

The brunette was now fucking both of the young studs she was beating off earlier. One was under her and she had his entire girth buried into her cunt and the other one was fucking her ass deep but slow. The guy that was stroking his own cock was getting the blowjob of his life as the brunette was turned on, it looked like she might cum again.

Julie turned up the speed and envisioned herself as the blond in the scene, taking three cocks at the same time and satisfying them all. Julies pussy was so wet and swollen that she could feel her pussy juice oozing out of her fuck hole and onto to her smooth inner thighs. As the young stud fucked his huge cock into her ass, Julie imagined it in her own ass as she sucked the cock of the man in front of her while her aching pussy was buried down on the third cock. It was a nasty scene, but that made her even more aroused, “I wonder if I could fit that in my ass?” she thought. “I could definitely take care of the other two.” Watching from the cracked door, her husband was amazed at the intense smell of pussy in the room and even more aroused at his wife’s current state of arousal. As she sat there in the bed with one had on her magic vibrator, working it in and out and in out of her tight pussy, her other hand was rubbing her tits over and over and pulling alternatively at each of her swollen nipples. Her eyes were completely fixated on the scene and he could see a level of desire in her that he had only seen on a very few other occasions. Slipping off his own pants in the doorway, he felt his cock becoming erect and gently stroked it as he continued to watch his wife pleasure herself with intense desire.

The huge cock in the brunette’s ass started pumping faster and faster and she let out a scream, cumming yet again. “Oh my fucking God!, Yes, Oh fuck, fuck my ass, fuck my ass, harder, harder, harder, oh Fuck Yes! Fuck my, fuck my pussy, fuck my ass, oh fuck, of God!” she screamed as the cock her mouth finally couldn’t hold back, the other two men continued to pound the shit out of the brunette’s holes as she continued to cum, “Yes, fuuuuck, of Gooooddddd, Yes! Fuck me, fuck my cunt, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, OOOooohhh Yyyesss, Fuck meee!”

Steve could tell his wife has lost control and within about a second of cumming as he pushed open the door and asked how she was doing.

“Oh, me, I’m, I’m good. You better get over her though, I don’t know how much more I can take,” she said as she pulled her magic vibrator from her super excited pussy.

Turning off the television, Steve made his way over to his excited wife and kissed her passionately, trying to tell her through his kiss how happy she had just made him by really getting into pleasuring herself. He really loved to see her pleasure herself but didn’t want her to cum without him if he was in the house. Their kiss lasted about 5 five minutes, as Julie tried to communicate through her kiss how turned on she was and eager to continue her path to an intense orgasm. As their tongues continued to entwine, they found each others love organs and she began pulling at his hard cock and he started rubbing her sopping pussy and pushing his fingers in and out of her soaked hole as he rubbed her clit with his thumb.

They quickly went into a 69, him lapping at her soaked pussy and completely swollen clit and her taking in the entire length of this shaft and trying to get him to cum in her mouth. She wanted to cum and she wanted to cum soon. Steve grabbed a large 10 inch dildo and slowly slid it into his wife’s sopping pussy as he continued to lick her clit. She was getting close again and starting to moan and arch her back, she could feel her orgasm building. Steve stopped and told her to get on her knees. She reluctantly agreed.

“Put this in your pussy,” he said, handing her the massive dildo. “I am going to fuck your ass while you fuck your pussy.”

Wanting to cum, she slowly eased the massive cock back into her soaking cunt as her husband worked KY into her ass. It felt incredible to feel the massive cock in her as her husband worked a finger in out out of her tight forbidden love tunnel. She wanted to feel his cock in her ass, the thought of the huge cock in her pussy with his big cock in her ass was driving her mad and sending her into a sexual stupor.

“You want me to fuck your ass don’t you. I am going to fuck your ass really slow at first but then I am going to pound your ass while you fuck your ass. I can’t wait, I’m going to cum in your ass. I am going to cum a gallon deep in your ass. Your nasty, I love it when you are nasty.”

He then placed the tip of his swollen member at the entrance to her forbidden area. She felt him push forward slowly and she almost couldn’t wait to have the two cocks inside her. She pushed her backside toward him slowly to help. “Oh you’re a nasty little bitch, you can’t wait to feel my cock in your ass, can you?”

“Oh God, hurry,” she panted, ” I’m close.” He finally got the entire head of his cock into her ass and slowly pushed forward until was fully buried deed inside her. He could feel his wife pumping the 10 inch monster in and out of her hot cunt as his cock just stayed buried inside her. She was pumping so fast, he could feel every inch of the monster cock push against his own cock with each of her lust filled thrusts. Her breathing became heavy and she was starting to pant and grunt. He knew she was going to cum very soon and slowly started to rock his well lubricated cock in and out of her ass, trying to match the speed and intensity of the cock pumping in and out of her pussy.

“You nasty bitch, you like both of these cocks. I am going to cum in your ass, I can’t want to dump my hot cum in your ass. I love seeing you fuck two cocks.

His wife’s hips rocking back and forth on his rock hard cock, “Oh yes,” she cried “Don’t stop, fuck my ass, fuck my ass, Oh fuuuucccckkk, Yes! Yessssss! Fuck me, Fuck me oooohhhh Gooooddddd, fuckkkkk, Oh Godd, My Gooooddddddd! Fuck,” she cried out as he pushed his cock deep into her ass with each pump. He felt the muscles in her ass clamping down violently on his cock and squeezing it tightly, like with superhuman fist strength, over and over again he felt her ass constrict and clamp onto his cock.

“Yes,” she cried out, “Oh God, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, as her husband continued to pound her from behind, his own cum oozing out of her tight ass.

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