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The Art of Winning

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I waited eagerly for you at the door. Peeking through the small windows hoping you wouldn’t see me before you got inside the door.

The suit I wore was driving me crazy…so tight and hot. My skin couldn’t breathe at all and I was getting sweaty.

It felt like the 10 min it normally took you to get home from work was taking far too long.

Damn, I thought, you must have stopped somewhere. I had to go stand in the kitchen where I could feel the cross draft. I faced out the window by the sink and ran some water for a drink. I was singing and dancing at the sink to the music on the radio as the water reached the right temp. That’s when you came in. You were standing there awed at my appearance. I was dressed in a deep red, latex corset with garters and white stockings, no panties and you know me…no heels. I had a big red ribbon tied around my chest. You noticed I had my hair done because of the long curls cascading down my back and as I turned the water off and took a drink from my glass, you noticed the French manicure too.

God, what you must have been thinking.

You stood there for a bit…laughing to yourself at the silliness of me singing Taylor Swift while dressed like some dominatrix.

You crossed your arms and stood there silently, waiting for me to turn around. I put the glass down and glanced at the clock on the stove.

“So did you stop somewhere, I expected you 5 minutes ago?” I said in a stern voice as I turned around.

You gasped a split second; was it the make up or was it because I knew you were there?

I didn’t smile at you. I slowly leaned my weight to one leg and put my hand on my hip. A devilish grin slid across my face. The sparkle it caused in my eyes was slightly menacing. You fought back a laugh…trying to take this as serious as I was playing it. I appreciated it.

“I got this outfit just for you. Do you like it?” I said turning and modeling it for you. “Too bad it’s wasted; you have class tonight right?” Another grin.

“I think I have a headache.” Your voice was deep and husky.

My knees quivered ever so slightly with anticipation.

“Well then,” I said walking slowly towards you and untying the bow. “Maybe I should be gentle with you.”

Taking the entire ribbon off me I walked past you into the living room. You let me walk by, following me with your eyes, before you turned to accompany me. I reached the antique chaise in the corner of the room and turned to face you. You approached and stopped a few feet from me.

“Oh I think I can handle it.” You said giving me that smirk I can never get enough of. The butterflies in my belly were threatening to reveal your effect on me.

“Hmm.” I said, hanging the red satin around my neck.

You stood still with your hands at your sides as I my gaze drifted from your gorgeous eyes, to your sensual lips, to your chest, your jeans, lingering on your semi and carrying on down to your feet.

“I think you have way too much clothes on.” My voice was still strong as I closed the gap between us; my hands landing on your chest. I caressed you up to your neck, out to your shoulders and down your arms; enjoying the hard muscular form I could feel beneath your dress shirt.

You closed your eyes and moaned.

I started to unbutton your shirt.

“Look at me.” I said and you opened your eyes.

“I want you to watch me.” I continued to speak as I unbuttoned your shirt. Our eyes didn’t disconnect. I was trembling with your direct line into my soul and I knew you could see everything, but I tried to keep my hands still as I pulled your shirt from your jeans.

“I want you to watch me as I kiss every inch of your body. And…” I stopped, and held my breath, as I opened your shirt and touched your skin. You looked down at my hands and smiled, then slowly looked back into my eyes.

“And…” I cleared my throat, my voice was breathy. “I want you to watch me as I make love to you.”

You closed your eyes and moaned.

“No, no, no. I said look at me.” I commanded, gaining back some control and thankful to be have been slightly distracted.

I smoothed my palms over the hair on your chest, touching just lightly enough to tickle them; then up to your shoulders, pushing your shirt off. Further, my hands travelled down your arms, feeling every bump and groove of your muscles that you casually flexed for my benefit.

“Mmm, God I love your body,” I said, a little more breathless.

I ran my fingers across your stomach and tuck them into the waistband of your pants. I stepped closer, yanking you against me. I needed to feel you; the heat from your body, the wetness from your tongue, the tickle of your hair. I was not doing a very good job of holding my arousal at bay.

I nuzzled my nose in the crook of your neck and curled my body in to you, taking a deep draw of your scent. You lifted your arms to embrace me. But I stopped you, straightening up to look at you again.

“Mmm, mmm.” I said and shook my head slowly.

I cupped your balls and squeezed firmly, then dragged my palm up and down your responsive penis. I unfastened your belt, slowly sliding it out of the loops and tossing in to the ground. Your eyes were fixed on mine, serious but hinting of amusement.

I kissed your chest with wet open mouthed kisses, starting at one shoulder trailing across to your other while I undid your pants and dropped them to the ground.

Then I reached around your waist, smoothing my hands along your skin. I slipped inside your boxers and cupped your ass gently, reaching far down between your legs; my fingers teasing, so close on your inner thighs.

“Mmm,” you moan.

I wanted to tell you how you were making me feel; the tingle in my skin, the pounding of my heart against my chest. But I said nothing and as my hands came back around to the front and I stepped closer.

Both of my hands were in your boxers; one cupping, fondling your balls and beneath, and the other firmly grasping your cock. I swear it was hot enough to burn my fingers. I love that. Love the feel of your smooth, hot skin pulled tightly around your hard shaft. I rubbed the silky precum over your dark purple tip with my thumb and slowly began to stroke your gorgeous, thick cock. Your eyes no longer showed the previous humour and had darkened with desire. You still didn’t look away and I blushed at your intense gaze.

Using every ounce of strength I had, I kept looking into your eyes as I lowered myself and your boxers to the floor. You stepped out. Your cock rested on the side of my cheek. I closed my eyes as I savoured the feeling on my face. Without using my hands, I stroked my face with your cock. One cheek, then the other, down from the top of my forehead, over the bridge of my nose, across my top lip and then the tip of my tongue, under my bottom lip to my chin and down my neck as I rose up on my knees and looked up at you. Then I lowered back down on my bended legs.

With the palm of my right hand, I press down on your cock, from the base to the tip, lowering the head to my flat tongue, to taste you. Sucking in just the head, I moaned at the supreme pleasure of you in my mouth. I let you go with a sucking sound to begin the stroke again. With my free hand, I pawed at my pussy, but just the outside; feeling the smooth, silky, hairless skin.

“Mmm, I want you so bad baby.” I said, slowly standing, gently dragging my fingernails up your legs. You watched me intently. I walked around to the back of you, trailing my nails lightly up and over your chest as I did, lightly grazing your nipple on the way up. You moaned and you closed your eyes.

I traced my nails down your arm, once I was behind you, and grabbed your wrist roughly, pulling it to me. I took one end of the scarf around my neck and tightly fastened it to your wrist with two reversing square knots. I leaned in to kiss your back, licking over the flex of your muscles from your pulled shoulder. Leading from where my mouth left off, I again trailed my nails up and over your other shoulder, down your arm and grabbed your other wrist to tie it with the remaining end of the scarf. With one hand, I bunched the fabric together holding both of your wrists tight.

I yanked your arms down quickly, causing you to fall into me. I held you close to my mouth with my hand on your throat and kiss and suck your neck as I whispered in your ear. “What…” I said, pausing to lick the inside of your ear, “are you thinking?” You shivered, and groaned, then chuckled softly before you spoke.

“That you’re making me so fucking hard.”

I stopped tonguing your earlobe and pulled harder.

“Baby, your not supposed to laugh at me…I will win y’know?”

I started to walk back towards the settee but you didn’t move, so I yanked your arms. You were still smiling as you fumbled your way backwards, finally bumping the back of your legs into the front of the seat.

“Straddle it.” I commanded.

You complied and waited.

“Now walk back towards me.” My tone was flat and confident.

Once you were in the right position, I wrapped the long length of scarf between your bound wrists, around the back of the settee, effectively pulling you to a seated position. You tested the tension, realizing you could only move your hands about a foot, not enough to do anything effective with them. Satisfied with my placement of you, I walk around and straddle the remainder of the settee in front of you.

Sitting panty less, spread open in front of you; I put my hands on my hips and smiled.

“See, told you I’d win.” I say as I lift my chin, very pleased with myself. You sat with your arms bound and hanging at your sides, naked, gorgeous, hard, captive and spread out in front of me.

“You haven’t won; you cheated; I’m tied; hardly a victory if I went willingly, I would think.” You said with a smirk.

Damn, that sexy smirk, I thought. That would definitely be my undoing.

“Hmmm, not yet huh?” I said as I lifted my legs, placing my feet on either side of your face. Bracing my hands on the end of the settee behind me, I slowly slid my feet down to your chest. I dragged my stocking clad feet, down your stomach to your cock, which I could see was growing unbelievably bigger every second. I rubbed you for a minute with both feet before spreading them and laying them over top of your legs. I scootched my bum to place my mound inches from your balls. I could feel your heat kissing my swollen, pink pussy that was screaming for attention.

“Guess I will have to work harder then, hmmm?” I said seductively.

You chuckled again and grinned. But I could see your armor faltering.

I put my hands on your pecs and leaned in to kiss the front of your neck. You tilted your head and closed your eyes.

“No! look me. Watch me.” My voice was thick and husky.

“God, I have been thinking of you all day. I want you so bad.” I said, still kissing and sucking your neck and collar bone, following it out to your shoulder.

“I want to feel you inside of me.” I whispered as I inched my body closer to you; my puffy lips touching you, letting you feel how wet this was making me. “I need to feel you sliding in and out of me.”

“Oh gaaaad.” You groan and my muscles clench at your comment.

My hands slid around and down your rib cage. I curled into your chest as I turned my face to lay my cheek on your shoulder; my hair tickled your skin. You tried to embrace me but could only reach far enough to rest your hands on my knees.

I lifted up and placed my hands on your shoulders, looking down at you, my hair curtaining your face. Your eyes were rich sapphires now, and I wanted desperately, to pull from your gaze but I couldn’t.

“Put your legs up and close them.” I commanded.

You complied without speaking and I settled back down on your lap, your rock hard cock pressing against me. I replied to your arousal by sliding my pussy up and down the length of you.

“MMMM Gaaaaad.” You groaned, I clenched and lowered my forehead to yours.

“Oh man, you make me so hot.” My voice was barely a whisper.

I reached down to cup your ass and draw you to me, grinding hard, my breathing deep. You tried again to touch me, frustrated this time at your lack of mobility.

“I want you to touch me.” I breathed into your face, circling my hips on your lap.

“Untie me Samantha.” You said, your voice hot and smooth, your hips responding to my motion.

“I want to feel your hands on me. I want to feel you touch me…right…mmm…here.” I pressed harder along your shaft. My arms were around your neck, holding you close and crushing my breasts against you.

“Then untie my hands Samantha.” You said slightly more desperate, yet still smooth. You struggled harder to reach further.

“Oh God…I am…so cl…ose.” I whimpered; my face almost buried in your neck.

I was breathing faster and moving faster. I sat up and continue to move on you; your fingers digging into my thighs.

“Samantha, untie me!” You say loudly, shocking me. I clenched again, in response. I let go of you and pulled down the latex covering my breasts. It rolled underneath, creating a bustier appearance. I cupped your face with both hands and pulled you to my nipple; still moving.

“Put your mouth on me.” I commanded feebly.

You devoured my boob, taking almost the whole thing into your mouth. Hungrily you sucked my pebbled nipple into your mouth, nibbling and scrapping it with your teeth.

“Oh man.” I said my voice shaky.

You tilted your hips on one of my up strokes, angling your cock just right, so that when I came back down, you slid deep inside of me. I gasped and lingered a minute on your lap. You tried to move me again.

“Fuuuuck!” you said in a loud exhale. You were so deep inside me. I shivered and clenched in involuntarily.

“No!” I couldn’t breath.

I stood straight up, immediately feeling the loss of you. I paused and looked down at you. My pussy was almost at mouth level and practically dripping. You grabbed the back of my calves and yanked them towards you, causing me to fall forward. My hands braced me on either side of your head and my hair fell onto your face. I pulled away, trying to resist your hold, but your hands slid up my legs, still hard, still holding me next to your mouth. I was panting, struggling to focus and catch my breath. You tilted your head to the side as I struggled to move. You slid your tongue between my legs, feverously lapping at whatever you could get your tongue on.

My fighting paid off when I put the heel of my hand on your forehead and forced your mouth off of me. I quickly removed myself from straddling you and stepped to the side of the settee. Breathless and frustrated I stood there staring at you. You were intense and equally frustrated, panting as well.

“Fine…then…” I still couldn’t catch my breath.

“Your n—not gonna win y’know.” I said, not really convincing myself any more either.

I disappeared behind you and got up on my knees, over your head, on the back of the chair. Then I crouched and fell onto my hands, upside down in front of you; my hands on either side of your legs, gripping the chair. I looked underneath, between my legs at the distance of my pussy from your face.

“Hmm…can’t quite reach eh baby?” I was stifling another giggle. “Too bad really…what can you reach?”

You lifted your hands and grabbed my arms. Then you leaned your head forward but I leaned too so you couldn’t touch me. You grunted and tossed your head back on the chair.

Once I was sure you would be a non-combative, captive audience, I lowered further so I could kiss your legs. My breasts were skimming your thighs as I began tending to your calves. I drew the tip of my tongue along your leg, stopping every inch or two, to tongue-kiss-bite-suck your skin; tasting the saltiness of you. I loved the way your hair tickled my lips.

Working up the inside of your right leg; tongue-kiss-bite-suck, lick, tongue-kiss-bite-suck, lick. I tucked my nose under your knee, nudging it open a bit so I could kiss the tender spot behind it. Then I continued up to the inside of your thigh. Kiss after kiss, creeping my way closer and closer to my treasure, my reward. But the closer I got, the closer my pussy got to your face. I tried to keep it high and away from you no matter how hard you strained.

I could hear the frustration in your moans. But with each wet kiss you melted into me and your grip lessened just a bit.

“Gaaaad Samantha.” You growled through gritted teeth. “I want you so fucking bad.”

“Not bad enough, I think, not yet.”

I wasn’t sure how long I could last, my trip along your leg, and the heat from your breath on my lower lips, was driving me pretty close to mad.

Further up your thigh I went; tongue-kiss-bite-suck, lick, tongue-kiss-bite-suck. Oh, your musky smell was driving me wild as I buried my face under your balls. I licked and kissed you and couldn’t get enough but I wanted to draw it out a little longer and your other leg was calling me.

“Mmm…I could kiss you for hours.” I said as I moved to your other calve.

“Please, Samantha, don’t.” Your head was still back and your eyes were closed.

“Why, don’t you like this?” I said, pausing to look back at you, my breasts dangling in front of my face.

“Yes, No, yes, you’re killing me.” You said, your eyes pleading with me.

I kissed you again, tongue-kiss-bite-suck, lick, tongue-kiss-bite-suck, moving faster up your leg. When I got to your crotch, I couldn’t resist any longer and took both of your balls into my mouth.

“Mmm.” I moaned.

“Oh gaaad.” Your head went back again. I had given up on making you watch.

I sucked gently on your balls at first, pulling and letting them drop. My chest was resting on your hard cock. It was so hot and smooth against my skin.

With the back of my tongue I licked up between your balls, up the base of your shaft and all the way up to the tip.

“Oh yehhhs.” You whispered hotly.

You stroked my arms tenderly and seemed to be relaxing. I lifted the hard, purple head of your engorged cock with my tongue and slowly, took you into my mouth.

“Mmm” I moaned, you felt and tasted so good along my tongue. My lips stretched to accept all of you. Further and further into my mouth you went, until my chin reached your stomach.

I sucked hard as I pulled my lips up almost the entire length of you, but I stopped just short, keeping your head held tightly in my warm mouth. Then I did it again; and again; and again, moaning constantly.

After one more stroke of my mouth, I let you go. I love to watch it bounce back into place.

“God, I love your beautiful body.” I said, pausing very briefly to look it.

“Mmm. How you doin back there?” I looked over my shoulder, and smiled.

“Fine,” you said in a crackly, whisper. You cleared your throat, “Fine, good.”

“Oh that’s too bad,” I turned back to my task. “That is definitely not the state I want you in.”

With my tongue flat and mouth wide open, I pressed down on the top of your cock. Licking from the base to the tip like you were the best ice cream flavour in the shop, and you are.

With each pass of my tongue, I flicked the ridge of your head and then I continued to devour my ‘cock a la mode’ ignoring your hip movement, purposely not letting you get a rhythm. You grunted. I smiled.

I turned my head to munch with my lips up and down the sides of your shaft When I reached the top again, I twisted and turned my head, gently sliding my tight lips around the underside of your ridge. I noticed your toes moving and saw that your balls were tightening up.

Slowly I slid my mouth down around you. Your hands gripped me hard, your fingers tight. I swallowed repeatedly, my tongue rippling and my throat clenching you, milking you.


You rocked your hips and drove your cock roughly into my throat, I gagged slightly. You squeezed harder again. I pulled my head back, breaking your rhythm again.

“Goddamit Sam! Fuck!” The irritation in your voice sent shivers down my spine and I heard the Rocky theme playing in my mind.

I gave you one last hard suck and let go with a loud slurp and pop, before I climbed off you and pulled free of your grip. I could see the sparkle in your eye, part desperation, part anticipation but I also saw something else. I wasn’t sure what it was. It was hard to figure out.

“What baby? What do you want?” I ask teasingly, touching myself, as I sway side to side. You grabbed at my leg and slid your hand up the inside of my knee.

“Mmm, you wanna touch me?” I pawed at myself, my fingers visibly wet.

I sucked my fingers into my mouth, cleaning them.

“Or maybe you wanna taste me…mmm?” I said as I went back to playing with myself.

“Can you see how much I want you inside of me?” I stepped back over the settee, standing, straddling it in front of you again; my fingers slipping up and down my glistening, wet folds. You opened your legs, putting your feet on the ground, and stared intently at my hands.

I sat down and continued to play with myself as I moved closer to you. You put your hands on my knees and squeezed. I lifted one leg, then the other over your thighs and leaned forward with my two fingers, placing them on your lips, tracing the outline. You breathed in the smell deeply, then opened your mouth to taste. I pulled them away. You yanked me forward by my knees, my pussy slamming into your crotch. You lurched your mouth forward, and caught my fingers between your teeth. You held them there and looked into my eyes, swirling your tongue in and around them, teasing me with a flick of your tongue were they meet. I was mesmerized, tantalized and the feel of your tongue made my pussy clench. Damn I wanted you.

I pulled my fingers away and cleared my throat. You smiled out of the corner of your mouth but your eyes looked down right angry; no, hungry. You licked your lips.

I knew I was pushing the envelope but I also knew you, trusted you and knew I could go farther. So I smiled back, or at least tried to. I had lost all composure and wanted you more desperately than I thought I would. More, even, than you wanted me.

I was trembling when I put my feet flat on your thighs. I didn’t have control over my knees but did my best to keep them up. I leaned back on one elbow and reached down my belly to my mound. You watched as I slid my fingers down over the top of my lips but she was so swollen and ready she fell open and my fingers slid into my folds. I was so wet and slippery, and finally got to enjoy touch. I leaned back flat on the end of the settee, hanging my head over the end.

“Fuck, no, Samantha, that’s not fair.” Deep and hard, your voice hit me.

Knowing you were watching me made my insides do flip flops. I drove my two middle fingers into me and arched at the near fullness. I clenched around them, sliding them in and out quickly, rubbing against my internal button, and pressing on my clit with the heel of my hand. My legs were shaking. My breath was shaking.

“Oh Gaaaad Samantha. Cum for me.” You crooned, and I would have, I was that close; but no, not yet. I lifted my head and looked at you, then I stopped. I rested on my elbows, still panting, still pulsing and still wanting.

I got up and walked around behind you again and slipped the ribbon up off the back of the chair and you lifted your arms to accommodate me.

I bunched the fabric in my hands, pulling it tight to keep your arms behind your back. I paused to marvel at the sinew of your arms pulled behind your back.

“Get up!” I said and stood beside you waiting. Then all hell broke loose and before I could figure out what happened you had spun me around and had my arms behind my back. I gasped, startled by your swiftness. You held the ribbon is such a way that my wrists were pulled, painfully upwards and I couldn’t help but lean forward.

“But…Shit!” I was annoyed with myself for being so stupid even if I did know that this whole thing would only last so long.

Giggling I asked, “OK, so what now?”

“Say it.”

“No way.” I laughed and you pulled harder. “Ow…fuck. No way.” You walked me into the bedroom and over to the high Victorian, four poster bed, pushing me face down onto the huge white feather quilt.

“I said…say it. Now!” You were trying to calm yourself but I could still sense the urgency in your voice. You held me still. I tried to move but every time I did, it hurt.

“Fuck!” I mumbled.

You lowered yourself to your knees behind me and I could feel your breath on my backside. I was panting with excitement and all the adrenaline rolling through my body. However, more than that, I was frustrated with myself for letting you get me like this.

Gasping with anticipation, I waited. You did nothing. I couldn’t see you and didn’t know what to expect. Each of your breaths assaulted my exposed lips like a slap. You leaned in; your hot breath was so close. Then you licked me.

“Oh my God” I said, the feel of your hot tongue on my eager pussy made me jump.

You held me tight so my movement was limited and began to lap at me continuously; probing and pushing with your tongue around my slick inner lips. I squirmed and pressed back against you. Wanting more; needing more.

“Mmm please. I want you so bad.” My voice was breathy and desperate.

You seemed to ignore me. You kissed me gently on the backs of my thighs. Licking your way up over my backside and back down over the sensitive tip of my tail bone. I arched more. Your tongue was hard and purposeful, tracing down through the crease, lingering and pressing on my rosebud. I pressed back against you again.

“Open your legs.” You said.

I slid my legs open wider, slipping closer to the edge of the bed. You growled your pleasure and I shivered. I was so aroused by your desire for me that I felt like I would spontaneously combust. Your arms still rested on my lower back with my wrists held tight, I relaxed into the bed. I took a deep cleansing breath. I can do this, I said to myself. I could just relax and not give in to it until you were inside of me. I wanted to cum with you this time and thought I had enough control to do it. I closed my eyes and tried to settle.

And then you touched me again. The tip of your tongue gently flicked at my clit, over and over again, sending jolt after jolt, slamming through my body. I melted into the firmness of your tongue as you licked and sucked and swirled around my clit. My hips moved in opposition to your mouth and I climbed closer. You dragged your tongue back to my ass, paying close attention to my button hole; pressing and penetrating. My previous assumption of adequate discipline went out the window and I let go into you. I could feel my climax creeping from my toes up my legs, clenching every muscle as it went. When I could feel it in deep in my honey pot, I knew I was gone.

I was cumming regardless of how badly I wanted to hold out. Your tongue, the sounds you were making, the heat of your breath and the way you held me were taking me over the edge.

Then out of the blue I felt your hand on my ass. I don’t know how you did it. I wasn’t paying close enough attention I guess. But some how you untied one of your wrists and your free hand was caressing me. At the same second I realized your hand, you bit me and I came instantly with the shock and pain of the moment. I buried my face in the bed to stifle my cry. Every muscle in my body contracted and shook.

After a few seconds, when the pulsing was bearable, I turned my face to try to fill my collapsed lungs with air. But you didn’t stop. Instead your hand became a torture tool.

While your tongue pressed deeper and deeper into my buttonhole, your fingers found the key to my inner self. I was trying to let go but you kept me so high. Every part of me was pounding and I was crying out for you to stop…to let me get a minute of reprieve.

“No, no, no, no, no, no, no, please. Please, just give me a sec.” I said as I reflexively bore down on your fingers. I could feel the result running down my thighs. And still, you kept me high. You were relentless and my pleading started to sound like begging.

“Really, I need to stop for a sec.” I tried not to let it sound like wining, but I could hear the desperation in my own voice. “I really…just…please.” But you became more frenzied with your actions.

In a low growl, spoken very calmly, you said “I’m waiting.”

The tone of your voice made me shiver. But the shiver woke me from my fog enough that I fought back my torment.

“No…” I said in broken breath, “way.” And then I made the mistake of giggling. However quietly I thought I had been you read it anyway.

“You will.”

Your fingers were way more then well lubricated and you didn’t hesitate in getting where you wanted to go. Careful and persistent manipulation, not only drove me nuts, but opened me up to you.

You rose up on your knees and after a few strokes, you were ready. You slid into me in one clean, swift, thrust and I arched back. Your thumb also deep in me.

“Oh fuck.” I whispered. Finally, I thought. The sensation I needed; you filling me. You felt so good sliding in and out of me and my velvet glove fisted around you. I could hear you groan. My insides turned to liquid.

But to my surprise and disappointment you pulled out and stopped. Again my body mourned the loss. You stood up and stepped back from me. I looked over my shoulder to see what had happened, but knew immediately.

Still holding me with one arm wrapped to mine, you straightened and I was drawn up with you.

“Put your legs together.” You demanded. I complied. Willing to do whatever you asked, if only I could feel you again.

Grabbing my hip with one hand and tugging back on my wrists with your other, you positioned me at the very edge of the bed. My bum raised high and my back slightly arched. I looked over my shoulder to see what you were doing.

Holding your cock in your hand you gently pressed against me; slowly inching your way in until you were completely, deeply inside of my tightest hole.

“Oh Gaaaad. Mmmmm” you moaned.

All I could do was gasp at the sweet pain of your cock buried deep in my ass. Frozen; I lay there waiting for you to move.

You pulled out and slid back in, slowly. Each thrust driving you deeper into me. You pulled me up by my arms, my back pressed against your warm chest, my head on your shoulder, your free arm encircling my chest.

Then you stood still; just holding me. Your mouth was next to my ear. I held my breath.

“Well?” You said in your hypnotic way. You slowly slid in and out of me ever so slightly.


Your arm tightened around me and you kissed the sensitive spot behind my ear.

“You gonna say it?” You said as your hand cupped my breast rolling my nipple between your finger and thumb.

I gasped as I try to speak. “N—no.”

“Come on Samantha. Say it. Say it for me.” You voice was silky smooth and I wanted to capitulate but I was being stubborn.

Your hand slid down my tummy to my mound and you took total possession of it. Your strength made my legs weak and I felt like your embrace was the only reason I wasn’t a puddle on the floor.

Still slowly sliding in and out of me, you dipped your fingers deep in my warmest place, and then hooked them under my hood to circle around my slick, engorged clit.

“Oh god.” I said as I rocked my hips.

You started fucking me in a more constant rhythm. I moved with you. All of my senses were going into over load; the sound of your voice in my ear and your teeth on my neck; the smell in the room and your hand tormenting my clit; your body so close to me I could feel your heat and the exquisite agony of your huge, steely, hard cock stretching and driving in and out of my willing ass.

Every time I got close you would slow down. Leaving me craving and frustrated. I was actually very impressed with your will power and ashamed of my lack there of. But I was still unwilling to cave. So with one last attempt at winning this struggle, I stood straight up and tightened up.

“Fuck me! Fuck my ass! I want you to cum.” I found my commanding voice again and took control of the pace.

You went with me, thrust for thrust. During the enthusiasm of our love work, you managed to untwist my wrist with your one hand while still gripping and pulling me with the other. And in a couple of quick moves you had my arms crossed in front, with the ribbon and your arms wrapped around me.

In a tight bear hug we fell to the bed, your full weight crushing against me. You pulled your self out and plunged back into my wet tender box.

“Oh fuck.” I moaned.

Your hands found my nub, and assaulted me all over again. Now I knew I could surrender. I wanted to. I wanted you to. I needed to feel you let go inside of me.

“Oh yes, Please I need to feel you cum into me.” I cried out.

“Say it Samantha, say it! I want to hear you say it.” Your voice was desperate and you were pistoning in and out of me, your face was buried in my neck.

“Say it! And I’ll let you cum.” You were growling in my ear. I turned my face to take your mouth with mine.

Releasing one of your hands from the vise like hold you had on me, you grasped the side of my face, forcefully pulling it closer to yours. You kissed me hard and in between kisses, demanded me to admit defeat.

I could feel you getting closer. I could tell by your moans; the way the pitch changed in your voice and the frantic speed of your thrusts.

“Oh gaaad Samantha.”

“Oh god, I’m gonna cum, I wanna cum with you. Com’on baby, harder.” I replied.

“Oh yes, oh god, you want me to cum deep inside your pussy?” you asked, you were almost there. Faster and harder you pounded into me. Your pelvis slapping against my ass and your balls smacking into my clit, taking me with you.

“Yes baby, fuck me, make me cum.” I said, but I was already cumming. My body started to quake as I cried out into your mouth and you echoed my cry with your own moan as I clenched around you.

“Oh yes, oh oh ohmygod, oh Samantha.” You called before you enveloped my mouth in a kiss and exploded into me. Both of our bodies stiffened simultaneously and then relaxed.

We kept moving through last pulses of orgasm. Slowly rocking and kissing as the sensation drained from our bodies.

Rolling to your side you pulled me into you and curled your legs up behind mine; spooning me as we struggled to catch our breath. Your arms held me tight against you. I felt so satisfied; so completely fulfilled; so safe and cherished. So…happy. I started to dose off as I heard you drift into your post orgasmic slumber. I felt so content.

“You win.” I whispered.

“We both did.” You mumbled.

I giggled and fell asleep.

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