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A Night On The Town

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It was our first time to go to a swinger’s club. We had talked about it at length and it was something we both really wanted to try. So finally we made plans to go on Saturday night. The place was not at all what I had expected. It was like a very classy night club. There were bold dark drapes and dark polished wood everywhere. The only lighting was from candles that glittered from each table.

The couples were mostly of an older age group than Sam and I. There were a few that seemed to be in the same twenty something group as us, though. Everyone was dressed nice. The ladies were in dresses and skirts, all of which were short and revealing. The men all wore business casual. I was instantly relieved. I had been very uncomfortable in the outfit that Sam had picked for me. I was in a very short, black skirt made of thin material that swished around my thighs as I walked, and a emerald green silk blouse that showed off a lot more cleavage than I was used to showing. Sam also fit in perfectly. You would swear that he just came out of a business luncheon.

We were greeted at the door by an older gentleman that informed us that he was Bert, the owner of the club. We introduced ourselves and Bert checked our reservations. “I see this is your first time here. We have a policy that all first time visitors may be set with some of the club regulars if they like. It seems to help them break the ice. Would you like to try that?”

Sam and I looked at each other. It seemed that our biggest fear was going to be easy to overcome. Neither of us could figure out how to approach total strangers in a place like this. Now we wouldn’t have to. Bert was going to arrange it for us. “Do we get to pick who we will sit with?” Leave it to Sam to think clearly at a time like this.

“Well, usually we don’t do things that way, but I don’t think that there is a single couple in here tonight that would be disappointed if you wanted to sit with them, so why not. I will walk you around a bit and point out some regular patrons and you stop me when you see someone interesting.” The compliment made me blush a bit. I was used to stares toward my husband and myself, but usually people were not so bold as to openly say how attractive we were.

Bert led us through the club explaining which couples were which and some intimate details that he knew about each. There were Ron and Linda, in their mid thirties, both were aggressive and liked to be in control. Then there were Kevin and Shelia, a forty year old couple that had a fixation on shoes. At this point I looked down at my own feet, having never thought of them as a selling point before. Next there was Jesse and Clara. I knew before the little details that these were the people we would be sitting with tonight. They were in their twenties, both were professionals of some type, Bert wasn’t sure in what business. Jesse was about 5’7″ and 190lbs. He had dark wavy hair and sparkling eyes. He also had what some people would call a boyish face. Clara was small, only about 5’2″ with long brown hair. She had huge brown eyes and a petite build. Bert informed us that they were both actively bisexual and only looked for other couples that were the same way.

“I think we would get along very well with them.” I couldn’t keep the playful smile off of my lips. Bert must have understood and gave a knowing grin back to me. He walked us up to their table. Shortly after our first few steps it was clear that they knew that we were approaching them. Both of them stared intently and made no move to cover the fact that they were checking us out. I was almost too nervous to keep walking. Then, they both stood up and started to smile. I relaxed a bit and started smiling myself as introductions were made.

“This is Sam and Crystal. Tonight is there first visit and I thought that you might entertain them. You know kind of show them the ropes of the club.” That grin was back on Bert’s face again. I was sure that they had some how passed secret knowledge between them with saying a word. “I will return with some drinks for everyone. What will it be Sam?” Before my husband could answer, Jesse suggested that since in was our first time out we should celebrate with some champagne. “Sounds like a good plan.” Bert agreed, and he was off.

The booth that we were sitting in was more like a couch with a table in front of it. Jesse sat on one side by his wife. I sat next to her and then Sam sat beside me. The champagne was brought back and opened for us. The bitterness surprised my tongue at first but it was good. We talked a little about our jobs and families. Conversation seemed to come easily enough but it was as if we were all avoiding taboo subjects. I started feeling out of place and nervous again, so I excused myself to go to the restroom. Clara offered to show me the way.

We walked around the crowded bar and I couldn’t help but notice all the heads, male and female, that turned to admire us. Clara swayed her hips as she walked and smiled flirtatiously. As we entered the restroom, I went to the mirrors and tried to touch up my lipstick. Clara walked up behind me until she could see my reflection in the mirror and pressed her body against my back. “Don’t worry about your make up…you look great. It will just get messed up again later.” We both laughed and she stepped away from me.

“I’m sorry if Sam and I are boring you guys. We are just unsure of what to say and do. If you would rather us move to another table I would understand.” I watched her straighten her garter belt and stocking in the full-length mirror. “Don’t be silly. You are both doing every thing perfect. If either of you had acted pushy, like some of the first timers that come in here, we would have already asked you to leave. Besides, you and Sam look absolutely delicious. I feel honored that you chose to sit with us. We are trying really hard to show you that you don’t have to feel uncomfortable. I would hate to scare you guys off.”

“You have no idea how much better that makes me feel. This whole time I thought you two were being tight lipped because you didn’t want things to go in a more personal direction. I know that I wouldn’t mind opening up a bit. ”

“In that case maybe we should let the men know that we are ready to step up the pace a bit.” Clara giggled and called me closer to her so we could make our conspiratorial plans After several minutes had passed we both left the restroom and tried to act like nothing had passed between us. It was hard to not grin knowing what we planed on doing the rest of the evening to tease our husbands.

When we arrived back at our booth, the men had scooted closer together so that they could hear each other over the crowd. I’m not sure if they were aware of it, but they looked like lovers whispering in each other’s ears. I couldn’t suppress a little giggle at that thought and Clara turned to shush me. We couldn’t let them have any idea about our little plan. Both men stood as we arrived and we took our spots together on the couch. The original bottle of champagne was finished and we ordered more drinks. When we had endured as much boring talk of high performance cars between the guys as we could, Clara decided to put our plan in motion.

“You have beautiful lips, Crystal. I bet they could make Jesse quiver if I showed you exactly where to put them.” I feigned shock just like I was supposed to. I gulped down a drink to cover myself. Both men had eyes as big as saucers. I saw the slight elbow that Jesse delivered to Clara and had to drink again to keep from giggling.

As fate would have it, at that exact moment, the DJ decided to play a seductive R & B song and several patrons were doing a bump and grind on the dance floor. It was a nice show, but I had other plans. I started moving my body to the beet of the music. I tried to look as erotic as possible and could feel several eyes on me. Suddenly I stopped and asked Clara to dance with me. Sam and Jesse both jumped out of their seats to let us out on the dance floor. We moved hand and hand until we found a clear spot. Then we danced fluidly to the rhythm. I watched the men out of the corner of my eye as I turned my back to Clara. She wrapped her arms around my waist and ran her hands up and down my body.

“It’s working. They don’t know what to think about the sudden change. Do you think they are taking the hint or should we give them something stronger?”

“I know what they are hoping but I’m not sure what they are thinking. Jesse whispered to me before we came out on the dance floor, “lucky bitch.” He wants your attention so bad.”

I couldn’t believe it. I already knew that Clara was interested in me, but I thought her husband only wanted to watch us together. It surprised me that she was so open about her husband wanting me for himself. I knew that Sam was attracted to her too, but I wasn’t bold enough to tell her about it.

The song ended and we walked back to the table. “That was hot as hell.” Sam said as I took my seat. He sat beside me again and had to readjust his trousers. Clara leaned over and pretended to whisper in my ear. I would nod and giggle to make the act look real. It was eating the guys up to not be part of this. Finally Jesse was brave enough to start a little conversation of his own with Sam.

“So how far have you guys decided to go with the swinging lifestyle?” Sam didn’t know how to answer him, but he was charming as usual.

“Well, I know what we have talked about doing with another couple, but I’m not sure how to answer you. I mean what exactly do you want to know?” I had to help Sam. He was floundering.

“I have an idea. You two ask us any question you want, and we will answer. Then it will be our turn to ask a question. That way we can get to know each other a little more intimately without having to fit it into conversation.” Everyone seemed to think this was a marvelous idea and we agreed to another round of drinks before we started.

Clara went first to set the tone. “Do you two find us attractive?” It took no time to answer, both of us a resounding yes.

My turn was well planned but I was still nervous to hear the answer. “Would either of you like to fuck me tonight?” I thought Sam’s jaw was going to fall completely off of his face. Jesse also seemed a little shocked by my bluntness, but he smiled wildly. Again both affirmed that they did indeed want that.

“How does it feel to know that we both want Crystal?” Jesse’s question was directed at Sam only.

“It makes me hard thinking about it but I feel a little left out.” Sam gave a pouty face that everyone laughed at.

Sam and I talked about our next question before asking it. “If we decided to ask you to go back to our hotel with us, what would you expect us to do?”

Clara answered first. “We would expect you to nothing more than take us to your room and do whatever you feel comfortable doing. We would hope that you wanted to do more than just talk though.” Her laugh made the serious moment pass, but Jesse had his own answer to this one.

“I would expect you both to be completely honest with us and yourselves. You could feel free to say whatever you wanted to us. That is the only way we would all truly enjoy ourselves.

The game stretched on over four more rounds of drinks with each of us learning a little more about the other. Somewhere in the conversation, Clara started rubbing my thigh just below the hem of my short skirt. I knew that if we didn’t leave soon there would be a show here in front of a room full of people. My next question was if they wanted to continue our night back at the hotel room.

We had purposely selected a hotel near the club, so the ride was a quick one. Sam and I barely had enough time to confirm that we were both excited and a little nervous about what we were doing. We had talked so often about joining another couple that we both already knew our limits that we would be comfortable with. That didn’t mean, however, that Jesse and Clara would want to stop at the same boundaries. Soon enough we were parking and rejoining our new friends.

The room itself was very nice. We had reserved one of the lavish suites, but it exceeded our expectations. Of course the king size bed was the most predominant aspect of the room, but there was also a nice bar, an entertainment center, and a hot tub. Not wanting to waste the money we had spent for such niceties, I suggested that we make drinks, sit in the hot tub, and watch some adult movies. This elicited uproar of laughter from the group, but everyone was up for the idea. Sam and Jesse started making drinks and Clara and I started to undress for the hot tub.

“Hey, hey… guys are doing it all wrong. It’s more fun if you undress each other.” Jesse was trying to break the tension with a joke. Clara and I exchanged glances and decided to take him seriously and give them a show. They did volunteer to be bartenders after all. So I stood still while she slipped off my shoes and undid my garters from my stockings. The men were enraptured while she placed my foot on her thigh and rolled the stocking off of my leg. Then she stood and unbuttoned and slid my skirt off of me. Clara unfastened my garter belt and then unbuttoned my shirt. She turned me around for her husband to take in the entire view of my body while she unfastened my bra. As it fell to the floor, I heard Jesse’s breath catch in his throat. Finally she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of my thong panties and peel them off of me.

I turned and look at our husbands, who had abandoned the drinks to watch us. I could see that both of them had nice bulges in the front of their pants. “If you guys stop making our drinks, then we have to stop what we are doing as well.” I warned. Both quickly went back to work, but at an angle so as not to miss what would come next.

I repeated the same motions to Clara, slowly undressing her and taking in the lovely sights and smells and textures of her body. I had been imagining all night what she would look like, but I was still presently surprised. She had small brown nipples that were already erect. She did not have the tan lines that I expected; instead she had the same olive complexion all over her body. Like me she was completely shaven. After a few seconds of admiration we both made for the hot tub.

Sam was the next one to kick his shoes off. As he started to undo his belt I interrupted him. “What, we give you guys a sexy show like that and you’re just going to let us down by stripping yourselves?” I saw the blush instantly rise to both of their faces. But neither wanted to break the mood. So slowly they undressed each other. It looked strange at first, both of them were awkward at undressing another man. But, soon, it became very erotic, as both of them started enjoying it. By the time they were through, both of them were completely aroused and neither of them had anything to be embarrassed about. They were gorgeous. Both had the sculpted bodies of Greek gods. Although neither of them were monstrously well endowed, both were larger that average.

Sam climbed in and sat beside me. Clara asked Jesse to find something hot to put on the television. We sipped our drinks and laughed at some of the titles that Jesse called out for us. Finally he found one that he proclaimed the winner. He started the movie and joined us. As the movie started it was apparent that it was going to be about orgies. No one complained.

“This is the part where you guys have to be completely honest. If there is something that you want to do, do it. If you want us to do something, just ask. If you want us to not do something, just say so.” Jesse looked funny taking on the role of a referee with his boyish face and his hard dick sticking out. I busted out laughing as this thought crossed my mind. Everyone stared at me for a moment and started laughing uncontrollably. By the time we all recollected ourselves the movie had moved into an action filled part.

We watched in silence for a while. I noticed that both of the guys were stroking themselves. Clara was watching them intently. I decided to move to sit on the other side of her so as to have a better view myself. She scooted around some to make room for me and still let the men have a clear view of the television. It only took a few minutes before this aroused us enough to started touching ourselves.

“For this to work we should really try touching each other instead of ourselves.” Sam said this while at the same time replacing Clara’s hand with his own. There was a brief moment when I just knew that he was about to get hit. I just wasn’t sure who was going to do it, Clara, Jesse, or me. Then in the next second I realized that this was all anyone was waiting for. It was kind of a “go ahead and have fun” statement.

Clara laid her head back and moaned to Sam’s gentle stroking. I knew how good at pleasing a woman he was and it thrilled me to watch him do it to another woman. I leaned over and started kissing her before I could stop myself. She didn’t resist at all. She put her hand behind my head and sucked me into her mouth.

I pulled away when she gasped. I saw Sam thrust his finger inside of her below the water. His eyes were glued to her pretty face. As I was watching him he came to me and kissed me sweetly. Just as our lips touched I felt Jesse encircle me with his arms and start gently messaging my breasts. He squeezed and played with my nipples until they were so hard it almost hurt. Then he let them go as his wife pulled me to her mouth. She flicked over my nipple and then sucked it into her mouth. She stirred it with her tongue until I thought I was going to go mad.

I watched as her demure hand found my husband and when she gripped him he sighed. She pumped up and down on his dick slowly, letting him languish in the feeling of it. I was concentrating on this so hard that I had barely noticed that Jesse had moved to rubbing my back and my ass. He would steal a feel of my pussy from behind occasionally. Every time my legs got weak and I almost fell.

I tore my eyes away from the amazing scene of Sam and Clara. I knew that Jesse must be going insane with no attention. I turned to him and gently guided him up to the edge of the tub. He sat there and spread his legs for me to get between. I could see by his face that he was jumping with anticipation. I decided to be just a little evil. I kneeled before him and blew gently on the swollen head of his cock. It flinched from the sensation. I cupped both of his tight balls in my hand and warmed them. Then I barely grazed the head of his dick with my lips. He groaned and tried to push his crotch forward toward me.

“No, no. You are breaking the rules. ” I had everyone’s attention now, just the way I wanted it. “If you move, I will stop. The only way that I will make you feel good, is if you turn me on enough. You can’t touch me. All you can do is talk to me. Say anything you want, but if it isn’t quite hot enough for me, then I will just keep teasing you. If you get me worked up, then I promise I will blow your mind.”

“She is absolutely not lying, Jesse. If I were you I would start talking my ass off. She is a master at blow jobs.” Just to give Jesse a little hint I moaned at Sam’s last words.

“We have to move so that I can watch this. I love to see him toyed with.” Clara and Sam came closer to us and resumed their mutual masturbation. I went back to blowing little kisses all around Jesse’s crotch.

“Please, Crystal, just put it in your mouth once. ” Jesse finally understood that no amount of begging alone would get his dick sucked. “I don’t know what to say….help me Sam.”

“Don’t you dare, Sam. It is way to much fun watching him squirm.” Clara giggled. Sam kept quiet and concentrated on making Clara moan again.

For several minutes he just sat quietly and let me tease him. I guess it finally became to much for him to stand. “I’ve wanted you all night long. When you first walked up to our table I was thinking to myself, God I hope he let’s me fuck his wife tonight.” That deserved a small circle around the head with my tongue. Jesse groaned but continued. “I watched the way your body moved as you danced with my wife and I was so jealous of her. I wanted to feel you perfect ass pressed up against my hips instead of her’s. I wanted you to rub you gorgeous tits against my chest.” I circled again and then continued the teasing.

“I see you between my legs now and I can’t wait to have my dick inside you….anywhere….everywhere. You are so fucking hot. The only thing that pulls my eyes off of you is watching Clara and Sam.” This time there was no playing. I took his dick as far down my throat as it would go and moaned at the same time. Jesse almost screamed out in shock and pleasure, but I released him immediately.

“Oh my God….do it again, please.” Nothing from me but blowing. “OK, OK….Ummm….You should see them. The muscles on Sam’s arm straining as he finger’s my sexy wife.” Again I slid over his knob, but he had learned better than to stop. “I can tell she is enjoying him. The look on her face tells me that his fingers feels good inside of her pussy. I know what her pussy feels like on his fingers, too. It’s soft and very hot.”

Sam and Clara were really enjoying this too. They started kissing and I could tell they were moving around in the tub. Sam reached out and started fingering my pussy as my sucking got faster.

“Oh fuck that feels so good….don’t stop….you are even turning them on. Clara is standing over Sam’s face and letting him taste her sweet pussy. He really knows how to work his mouth. She is grinding against him. I hope I get to feel his mouth tonight too.” That did it for me and Sam too apparently. His fingers moved furiously in and out of me. I screamed with my orgasm, but never let my rhythm of sucking Jesse’s dick lack.

Sam’s hand moved away from me and I relaxed some. Jesse never stopped talking although he was breathing raggedly. “Hell yes. I don’t want you to but you have to stop for just a second and watch this.” I wasn’t about to stop. I was enjoying letting him describe it to me. I shook my head with him still in my mouth.

“Ok. Let me tell you what you are missing. All of the grunts and the groans you hear them making are because my wife just sat on you husband’s lap. I didn’t see his dick go inside of her but I can imagine. Sam’s eyes are rolled back in his head and Clara is holding on to the side of the tub riding him slowly. You guys please tell her how good it feels.” Jesse put his hand on the back of my head and moved me faster over his dick. I could feel it swelling in my mouth.

“Oh baby, his cock feels so good inside of me. Crystal is so lucky to have him all the time.” I could hear Clara moaning and imagined what her perfect body looked like sliding up and down on Sam’s dick.

“It’s fucking wonderful. Watching you two is making it so hard to control myself, but I don’t want it to stop.” Sam’s voice was thick with the effort not to cum.

I was going nuts. I loved hearing about Sam fucking another woman. Suddenly Jesse pulled away from me. “Don’t make me cum yet. I have to fuck you. Can I have her Sam?” Hearing that made Sam have to force Clara off of him before he blew his load.

“Only on one condition. You two had your fun with us. Now we get to have our fun with you.” Clara smiled an evil little smile when Sam said this.

All of us got out and dried off at Sam’s direction.. Jesse was directed to help Sam move a small couch over close to the bed. Sam and Clara sat on the couch and Clara immediately took to stroking Sam’s hard dick. I could see the precum glisten on the tip. Jesse and I were left standing there waiting for instructions.

“Now, Jesse, you can fuck my wife on the condition that each of you do exactly what Clara and I tell you to do. Don’t make any moves without our permission and only talk to us, not each other, unless directed otherwise.” This last part he said with a little smirk. I knew this fantasy. Sam and I had talked about it several times. I knew that soon enough he would have Clara sitting on his lap, facing away from him so she could watch her husband fuck his wife, while riding him. I was dizzy from the excitement.

“Crystal, lay on the bed on your back.” I decided from this point on to do exactly as I was told. I knew that Sam’s directions were for my pleasure and his. “Jesse lay beside her and explore her beautiful body.” Jesse must have been thinking the same thing as me because he didn’t hesitate for a second.

Clara decided to add her own little rule. “Jesse, you have to tell us what you are thinking as soon as you think it.”

“She is perfect. This is like living a wet dream. I want her so bad.” I’m sure he could have elaborated but Sam interrupted.

“Put one finger inside of her and move it in and out slowly. Crystal touch your tits for us baby.” A moan escaped me as his finger slipped inside me.

“God, she is so wet and tight. She must want me too.”

“Get between her legs and taste her pussy, then tell me what it tastes like.” This was Clara’s directive. My body jolted at the first feel of his tongue. He slid it deep into my hole and then all the way up to my clit before pulling away.

“It’s sticky and sweet, baby. It makes me hungry for more. Can I eat her pussy please?”

“Yes, please do, but you have to make her cum with just your mouth.” I looked over just in time to see Clara sit down on Sam. I saw his dick disappear into her and almost came right there. She slowly rocked back and forth on him. He had his hands on her hips guiding her.

Within minutes of Jesse’s hungry mouth I was coming. The entire time Sam was talking to him. “Yes…eat my wife’s sweet pussy….I know how good it tastes. I can almost taste it myself. Fuck her with your tongue…yes.”

I screamed with my orgasm and Jesse came up with a dazed look in his eyes like he was drunk. ” I have to have her Sam. You know how fucking hot your wife is. Let me stick my dick in her. She’s so tight that it probably won’t take more that a few minutes before I cum.”

“Oh no… have to please her too. Put just the head of your dick between her pussy lips. Don’t move or I will make you start all over. That’s it… slowly move it up and down the slit.” I watched Sam move Clara’s hips slowly pumping in and out of her.

“It’s so wet and hot….I want to be inside of her. No that’s not what I want…. I want to fuck her ….now.” He started to push forward but stopped himself just before entering me.

“Good boy……I’m glad you controlled yourself……as a little reward you can put your cock all the way inside of her very slowly. But then stop. Don’t move… does her pussy feel, lover?” Clara was having to talk between gasps. Sam was going deep enough inside of her to take her breath. Before she could hear Jesse’s answer she pulled off of Sam and dropped to her knees taking him into her mouth. She worked slow and methodically trying to make the pleasure last.

“It feels fucking awesome…..she is so tight. I want to fuck her….my balls are about to explode. ”

“Ok, but turn her over on her hands and knees and do it slowly….I want to watch you slide in and out of her. I can’t wait to see your dick wet with her cum.” Sam couldn’t take any more teasing. He moved Clara to the side of the bed and bent her over so that they were both only inches from the show. He fucked her from behind while he watched Jesse do the same thing to me.

“You like fucking my wife? She has some good pussy doesn’t she? I tell you what… me fuck your wife and you can do whatever I do to yours to mine. ”

The feelings were making me crazy. I was like Jesse…..I wanted him to pound the shit out of me. Instead he was keeping up the same slow pace that Sam was fucking Clara with. I started cumming and let out a low growl. Sam heard it and it made him go over the edge. “God yes….fuck her good….if you make her cum you can fuck her as fast and hard as you want…..I know she wants you to don’t you baby?”

“Fuck yes……faster…..please.” That was all I could say before the orgasm hit me full force. Jesse’s dick slipping in and out of me and watching Clara get my husband’s the same way made it impossible to hold out. As I came Sam and Jesse both started fucking us hard and fast. I felt Jesse’s balls slap against my clit and I went off again.

“Oh fuck…..God yes….Crystal’s pussy is so good, Sam…..thank you for letting me fuck her….She is going to make me cum…..I’m cumming!” He slammed into me a few more times before pulling out and shooting his load all over my back. Sam mimicked him and shot all over Clara.

The men laid back breathing heavy, but Clara and I were only getting started. There were no more games and no niceties. She straddled my face and I gladly licked her throbbing pussy until she came all over my face. Then we lay side by side kissing and fingering each other through several more orgasms a piece.

As I glanced at the guys to see if they were enjoying the show, I realized that they were putting on one of their own. They had arranged themselves in a sixty-nine and looked like two expert cock suckers. Clara and I moved to each side to help them. We played with their balls and licked and fingered their assholes while they squirmed in each other’s mouth. Soon they both had to pull away and finish themselves off.

This time we all laid back to catch our breaths and clean up some. The rest of the night we spent exploring each other’s fantasies slowly instead of in a hurry. Needless to say we frequent that club now and we still see Jesse and Clara often.

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