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Stolen Moments

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I was lying in the bed, naked fingering myself, moving my fingers in and out, preparing myself for the evening to come. I am very wet with anticipation, my thoughts keep going back to the previous night, seeing the one of my desires, being next to him, wanting so much more but unable to have him.

I start moaning as I continue to play, now I need more than just my pussy played with so I also start pinching and grabbing my nipple, wanting so much for it to be in his mouth, wanting his cock in my dripping wet pussy. Feeling it move in and out.

My thoughts keep bringing me to what I want so desperately to do, to fuck the man from the previous night. Keep him for as long as I can. Wanting him to fill my pussy with his cum, so much of it that I can’t even hold it in.

Mmmmm the thought makes me call out “fuck my pussy hard, fuck it til it screams in defeat, then fuck it some more” My back arches in pleasure, I start biting my lower lip as I continue, now I’m playing with my clit even more, moving back and forth.

My mind wonders again to this sexy man, what he was wearing, how he smelled, ooh, I can almost smell him now. Exciting me, my nipples are so hard, my pussy so wet. I am getting so close, my mind starts undressing the man of my desires, first the shirt, mmmm I want to run my fingers across his chest feeling the hair. I want to move in with my mouth, kissing moving closer, and then taking his nipple in my mouth.

Then suddenly, I am startled from my thoughts by a knock on the door. Getting up I walk to the door, wanting to know who is disturbing my thoughts. I rip open the door, not caring that I am still naked, thinking it serves them right for disturbing me but, in front of me taking a full slow look at me is the one I had been thinking of. I open the door more walking toward you, moving my hand up the door jam to the extra lock moving it forward to block the door from closing.

Now I am in the hallway, not caring who walks by, moving my hands up your chest, bringing them to your neck then face. Making you give me a kiss. You taste so good, you smell just like I remembered. You feel, so good. You bring your arms around me pulling me in even closer.

The door closes but not all the way, getting stopped by the exposed lock. I can’t just stand here kissing you. I need more, I want so much more. Pulling you closer, moving myself closer, leaning into you. Kissing, my fingers in your hair pulling you in; I can no longer control my desires. I push you back into the wall across from my room. Frantic to get your clothes off I move my hands down to get your shirt, barely able to control myself from ripping it off of your body. I pull it up over your head, only stopping from kissing you for just a moment.

Not wanting to stop, but knowing I must take in all that I can; for this is just a fleeting moment and I want to remember all that I can to get me though. Stopping from kissing you I lean back just a bit; now looking at your chest, running my fingers along it, feeling your muscles, the hair, getting so much more excited, needing so much more.

I lean in, gently kissing your chest moving my lips from the center over, now feeling it with my tongue and lips. So very nice; as I continue moving and exploring your upper body with my mouth. I move my fingers down reaching the waist of your pants, grabbing the button to undo it. You stop me, pulling me in to you and say “not here, inside, we have plenty of time”

You lean down and kiss me again, moving your hand to grab onto mine. Then quickly twist me around and walk me into the room away from those watching. As we walk into the room I move my hand quickly up and move the lock so it doesn’t block the door from shutting.

Once inside, I will no longer be denied. You drop your bag; that I hadn’t noticed you were carrying, on the floor. I rush into you, pushing you into the wall again, this time my hands are faster than yours and I have your pants unbuttoned.

Now I am watching wanting to see what comes out of such confinements; as I unzip your pants, being very careful not to injure the contents of this most precious of gifts. Being so very thankful of what I am about to receive. As the zipper moves slowly down, I watch as your dick starts to peek out from its restraints wanting out just as much as I want it. Once the zipper is fully down, I move my hand inside, feeling along the inside of your groin, moving down grasping your balls in my hand. My mouth watering at the feel and the sight of the feast before me; not wanting to wait any longer but knowing that I must finish unwrapping the treasure completely.

I bend down to take your cock in my mouth, just for a taste. “Mmmm” I moan as I bring it slowly from my mouth, taking just a few extra seconds at the tip, barely touching it with my tongue then putting the tip back into my mouth, tasting the pre-cum that is already there. “Mmmmm, very nice” I say smiling as I stand back up, moving my hands from around your balls to bring them across your hips moving them in a downward motion while I remove your pants.

You step out of them, kicking them out of the way. Now, I have nothing stopping me from what I wanted most. Grabbing your hardened dick in my hand, I kneel down positioning myself to better be able to continue what I started.

I spit on your dick, giving me more lubrication so I can stroke you. I move my hand rubbing my saliva onto your shaft. Watching my progress and how it is affecting you. I smile and lean in, opening my mouth. As I get closer I look up at you, watching your response as I take you into my mouth. Seeing your excitement I moan in pleasure. Mmmm.

Moving your cock deeper into my mouth, forcing my hand farther down, until it has nowhere else to go but to leave the shaft that it had in its grasp; now your hardened, throbbing cock is all the way in my extremely wet mouth, I’m drooling in excitement and not just from my mouth. My hand that was just holding your shaft, seeks another place moving from where it left off to grab your balls, playing gently as I continue to bring your dick in then out of my mouth. I continue to look up to make sure you are watching, enjoying yourself. Now confident that you are I move my hand from your balls farther back, as I do, I move my other hand to play with myself, fingering the already dripping pussy. My other hand keeps moving, exploring seeking out even more things to play with until it reaches a new treasure.

My fingers start seeking, moving, massaging until one breaks through, bringing your pleasure even higher as I start finger fucking your ass. Your hardened member in my mouth, my finger moving in and out of your ass, my other hand finger fucking my pussy; I am moaning with pure pleasure, feeling the tingling, the warmth slowly moving first from deep within, moving farther out wanting to completely encompass my whole body.

“Oh, yes” I mumble not wanting your dick to leave my mouth, sucking, even harder, moving my fingers in and out of your ass faster. Finger fucking my pussy, continuing, faster and harder, moving my body wanting so much more; I hear you moaning, you grab my hair, forcing me to continue to suck you, deeper. My mouth is so moist, my pussy even more so; the excitement can hardly be contained. I feel your dessert screaming to get out. Feel your balls tighten each time my mouth gets close to them. My finger going deeper in your ass.

You are now moving just as hard as I am “Yes, suck it bitch, suck it, make me cum” I hear, as you move my head more forcefully now using both of your hands pulling me into you then back off.

“keep fucking my ass, oh yes, don’t stop”

“fuck yes, ooh, suck it, suck it all out, deeper, oh yes, don’t stop”

I have already cum from your excitement and I continue waiting for my dessert, wanting it. Now I move more than 1 finger in your ass, stretching it, playing, moving them in and out. Taking my other hand that is soaking in my own juices I bring it up, stroking your shaft. Meeting my lips then bringing it back down. Tasting my essence mixed with yours. Taking it all in, enjoying each inch of pleasure.

Moving your cock in then out of the warm moist pleasure of my mouth that you had only thought about, now knowing what is in store for you this evening. Thinking that this is just the beginning you let go of the load that so desperately wanted to escape.

As I feel you pulsating, feel the warmth, taste the delicious treat I am now enjoying. I move my fingers into your ass holding them there, feeling your muscles tighten with pleasure. I keep you deep inside my mouth, until you have completely unloaded.

Mmmm very good; I move your dick from my mouth slowly as I move my fingers from your ass. When I reach your tip, I bring it out, then back in my mouth sucking every bit of your cum off, not wanting to miss a drop. Then I bring it back out, giving it a little kiss as a thank you for cumming for me.

You pull me up from the position I had been in, bringing me close enough for you to kiss me. Your tongue exploring, tasting the pleasure we just experienced. You not ready to be done, the night just began, pulling me into your naked body, feeling our two bodies together, the burning desire.

You now move me across the room, guiding me until we have reached the bed. Gently you move me, laying me down. I move farther up the bed giving more room for you to join me. Crawling in bed to meet me you pause, putting your hand on my leg moving it up, feeling the smoothness of my skin. As you touch my leg I feel the burning desire even after your hand moves to the next spot. I watch you, the intensity in your eyes. They look as if you are trying to burn these stolen moments into memory to keep for later, to be able to remember for later. Telling me that you know this is just a fleeting moment, the thought of knowing you are feeling the same way. . .

Moments are what we have promised each other, and that is what we are doing. Feeling your hand now so close to my pussy brings me back from my thoughts and back to the moment at hand. Now both of your hands are on my thighs; pushing my legs farther apart, giving you even more room to do as you want.

I am giving you freedom for anything, just as we discussed previously. Anything you desire, I will never refuse, I only asked for one moment which you had just given me. Now you move down, I see what you are about to do, exciting me beyond words. I open up even farther giving you complete access, feeling your tongue touching me gently licking and teasing me. Just knowing how much you are enjoying the flavors excites me so much more; moaning as I close my eyes to take in the pleasure that I so rarely enjoy and never at the extent of what I now am receiving.

You are moving your tongue splitting my lips, exploring the gifts I am allowing you to have. Moving down stopping to tease my clit then you continue to play and explore stopping for moments then moving, going from one spot then coming back to my clit, you gently take my hardened clit in your teeth, trying to see just how far I will allow you, surprised just a bit as I let out a very loud moan saying “yes, bite it, mmmm”

I am now playing with my nipples, squeezing them and twisting, grabbing and playing. You continue to lick and play using your tongue and then I feel your finger going inside my dripping pussy. “Yes, fuck it” I say as you move it farther in. I am moving my hips, trying to guide you to what I want, but you keep on your own task, continuing to lick and play, fucking my pussy with your finger and then I feel something more. Breeching my ass is another finger, instantly I cum and move farther down making you go deeper inside not wanting to wait for you to gently enter.

“Oh, yes, fuck it, fuck my ass” I say as I now am moving more frantically wanting so much more, needing more. “lick me, fuck me yes”, you keep going, moving your fingers in and out of my ass and pussy, scissor fucking me and licking and teasing my clit. I am so excited, I want even more, needing more.

I look at you, the intensity in my eyes wanting your dick inside of me; unable to decide where I want you more; but this is your time, I promised to allow you your time, just as you allowed me, no interruptions. You continue moving harder and faster knowing how excited I am. You can feel me tighten, feeling the warmth, the pull to bring you in deeper, hearing my moans getting louder, my breathing faster. I am feeling the tingling moving getting ready to explode, moving quickly “oh, yes, don’t stop”

“oooh, fuck yes” you continue going until you feel me cum. Moving in to catch what I am giving, licking and sucking not wanting to let any escape your lips. When I have finished cumming, you take your hand that is now covered in my juices and move it up to my lips, gently touching allowing me to enjoy the flavors of the pleasure you just gave me.

You are kissing me slowly as you continue up my body. You stop at one nipple taking it in your mouth, sucking it, playing with it with your tongue as you grab the other nipple and play with it as well. When you have finished with the one you move to the other, not wanting to leave it out and you play with that one as well.

I put my hands on your back moving them, feeling your back enjoying the movements of your muscles underneath them. Then bringing them up to the base of your head, slowly gliding you from my nipple to my mouth; I need to kiss you, to taste you once again. You allow me to guide you up to my mouth, kissing me, both of us exploring each other.

My hands still moving along your back, then I bring one around to enjoy the feel of your chest, feeling your hard nipple and playing just a bit. Wanting you to move into me, to lay down on me, I wrap my legs around your waste and tighten them pulling you down into me. I feel your dick getting hard, the jump it made when it touched me. This bringing instant excitement and pleasure that you are able to feel with the wetness it produced.

As we continue to kiss, I start moving back and forth, rubbing your hard dick across my clit. Feeling the pleasure, I want to excite you so you feel the same need as I do, until I feel you move away from me. Upset that you do not want to continue, I try to follow only to realize what you are actually doing.

I relax my legs to give you more room, allowing you to split open my lips with the tip of your penis, feeling the moisture on the tip, the precum you had and you feeling the juices that has escaped the deepest darkest of my pleasure. The hole that threatens to envelop your entire being; allowing your tip to run along my clit, down, slowly torturously as it goes to reach my pussy. When you have reached just the edge, I move quickly making you go in farther then you had wanted. You wanted to just play with the rim, edges before diving in.

You pull out, then move yourself in slowly, just getting the tip in, then bringing it back out. You are playing with me, knowing that I want you in deeper, wanting everything. Moving you in, I try to pull you in deeper but you are holding me back. Smiling at my frustration you continue to play just on the edge. Feeling my pussy tighten, then snuggle along your tip, then you pull back out.

I have now moved my legs from around you to your shoulders. This allowing you to continue to play and giving me more leverage. We continue playing with your tip in then out of my warm wet pussy. Going in and out, over and over again, each movement bringing more warmth, more moisture. I am moaning as I continue to allow you to fuck me, tease me. You move yourself in just the tip then bring yourself back out and then slam into me, “oh, yes, fuck me”

You continue to slam into me, bringing yourself deeper with each stroke. You feel the excitement as you continue to fuck me. In and out, moving again and again. I am almost there. I feel your excitement as you continue fucking me. I feel the firmness of your member as it continues to move in and out of me until in a moment you leave my pussy and then bury yourself deep into my ass.

I instantly cum, everywhere, gushing in pleasure; screaming out in ecstasy. You have already entered deep into my tight ass you try to stop to give me time to relax but it is too late, I will not let you stop. You must continue, once you have started, explored the one area I cannot resist. I force you to continue, moving you “fuck it, keep fucking it, fuck my ass.” I yell.

“don’t stop, fuck it hard” I have already cum once, but now I am moaning, loudly, “oh yes, fuck it hard, yes” I can’t control myself. I am getting more leverage, making you continue to fuck me, deep. Wanting you so much deeper, needing you deeper. I continue to move getting you to continue to slam yourself into my tight ass. You continue fucking me in and out, slamming me, you feel me tighten even more, knowing how excited I am makes you even harder, watching me squirming with pleasure, seeing me moving and enjoying myself brings you even closer.

You start feeling the tightening in your balls, feel the pulsing within you, the tingling as it travels throughout your body. Then you look back at me and see me looking deeply at you, you hear me say “fuck me, cum for me, deep inside, I want to feel you throbbing with pleasure, fuck my ass, deeper, oh yes” feeling you start to cum inside brings me even closer. Each throbbing movement as you cum, you pushing yourself deeper in, causes me to cum again, this time I am not holding back, the pleasure not allowing me control, I let loose completely soaking the bed.

After lying down relaxing from our recent activities, we decide that we both need to have something to eat. So we get dressed and start out of the room. I’m first out of the room and stop just outside turning toward you to make sure you have the key. You stop just in front of me; I reach down grabbing your dick and leaning in giving you a kiss.

I reach around you holding my hand out, stopping the door and moving in close to you. You put your hand in the middle of my lower back, pulling me further into you. When I finish kissing you, for now, I ask if you have the key. Once you let me know that you do. I let the door close and we start walking down the hall.

After a short distance walking side by side, not used to having the freedom of no one knowing us, I finally decide to move closer to you putting my arm through yours, holding onto your arm as we walk to the restaurant letting your arm brush against my breast, teasing my nipple. When we get there it is busy but they were able to find us a table.

I go to sit down with my back to the door, giving you the better view of the room, but you grab my hand and pull me to sit down where I was letting you sit and to my surprise you sit right next to me instead of across from me. Once you are sitting you reach across me and put your hand on my leg opposite you. You look at me and say “I can sit and look at you anytime but it isn’t often we have the freedom to touch like this and I am taking full advantage.”

Smiling, I reach over and put my hand on your upper thigh so my fingers gently can rub against your member. Our waitress stops over and gets our order and walks away. We are talking and I am getting even more aggressive with my touching, I feel how excited you are getting while sitting there.

As we continue to talk we are looking at the room seeing what is in there and then always returning to each other. After a while I can’t contain myself any longer and slip down under the table, it’s a good thing there are table cloths on them because I move my hands to your pants undoing them. Pulling out your dick, grabbing it firmly in my hand and leaning in putting it in my mouth, which is so moist, wet with excitement.

You lean back in your chair giving me more access letting me move your dick farther into my mouth. You have to keep control of your reactions while I continue to suck you, licking grabbing and stroking. Moving you in and out of my mouth. I am getting even more excited and now start to drool with pleasure. My saliva moving down your balls finding its way to your ass. My fingers exploring the trail it leaves as I continue to suck, moving your even harder dick in and out of my mouth.

Now my fingers have breached your ass moving in, helping you remember our most recent of activities. Moving in 1 finger then another, moving deeper, my other hand grasping your dick stroking it tightening the more excited I get. I am starting to quietly moan, as I continue to move your dick in and out of my mouth wanting so much for you to cum inside, the thought excites me even more as I continue. I hear that the waitress has stopped by and your concentration has now been disturbed and you now need to talk to her.

Wanting to see how well you can handle yourself I get even more aggressive and am now moving my fingers deeper into your ass, moving them apart stretching your ass muscles giving you even more pleasure. I feel your hand move down to my head. Holding me still so you can concentrate on the question you were asked. Something she needed to know about my meal, a decision that needed to be made. We have not discussed these things so you are unsure how to answer, releasing my head just a bit you allow me to nod, but I take the extra opportunity to go to town on your dick and you are barely able to hold control to give the answer that the waitress needed.

Once she leaves you relax a bit more and give into the pleasure you are now receiving. Allowing me to continue moving your dick in and out of my mouth moving my hand up and down your shaft now holding very tightly, my fingers moving in and out stretching your ass increasing the intensity of pleasure you are feeling. I continue going, starting to feel your body tense up, I know you are about to cum, I feel the heat increase, the balls tighten, I feel your dick pulsating, your ass muscles are now giving me even more difficulty in my quest to stretch it; which intensifies my need to move even more aggressively up and down your shaft, in and out of your ass until you can no longer hold back.

Both your hands are now holding my head, pushing it down onto your dick. Holding me steady forcing my mouth to keep you deep within it. I feel the tip of your dick pulsing against my tonsils, I feel the cum shooting out against my throat. I start to gag in reflex but you hold me steady not allowing me to move up just a bit, keeping me there until you have finished. Once you have relaxed your grip on me, I move you out of my mouth just a bit and then back in, sucking to get all the cum off of you and into my mouth.

Then I move your dick slowly out of my mouth, stopping at the tip just to play for a moment longer. As, I finally let your spent dick out of my mouth, my fingers leave the abyss of your ass, gently massaging it once they have left allowing just a few extra moments to thank you for the excitement.

I rock back onto my feet and start to move back out from under the table, but you stop me whispering “not yet” I stop until you say it is ok, then I move back up into the seat next to you. You put your hand back on my legs and lean into me, kissing me. Your tongue exploring wanting to get a taste of the pleasure you just had. Disappointed because you are unable to find any, you finish kissing me then lean back and refasten your pants. I frown at the prospect of having your dick locked up instead of living free.

Once you have finished getting yourself more presentable, you lean back into me putting your arm across me letting your hand rest on my outer thigh, allowing me to lean my breasts against your arm. You feel my hardened nipples poking you, so you move your arm just a bit, rubbing them, until the waitress finally arrives with our food and another round of drinks. We eat and talk but continue to sit touching each other. Stopping every once in a while to take another touch or feel of each other, making sure this isn’t another one of our fantasies but reality.

Once we have finished eating, we need to stay to allow our food to settle, knowing if we leave here we would not stop to let ourselves relax. Our conversation continues, the room gets even busier. Now there is no space so we find that we have a small group of people joining us.

We continue to talk to them enjoying the conversation. I decide I cannot wait any longer and get up. You look at me questioning, I smile and say I will be right back I need to go to the bathroom, several of the ladies that joined us decide they needed to go as well. Once away from the table and the others one of the ladies grab my arm and tells me how hot you are, how sexy see finds you and hopes I am not offended. I look at her because it is now just the two of us and tell her, I would not be offended if she joined us in our room, moving in putting my arm around her I ask if she would be offended if I were to kiss her. Before I could get the whole sentence out she kisses me. Once we part she grabs my hand and pulls me into the bathroom.

The others that came in with us had already gone in, once inside the bathroom I find myself thrown against the wall being kissed, a hand moving up my shirt massaging my breast. She leans into me, pushing our bodies against each other. My nipple is being pinched tightly in between her fingers.

Then she moves her other hand pulling my skirt up, grabbing my bare ass, moving her fingers in between my cheeks, sliding them down until she meets my ass hole. Moving one finger in, I gasp in desire. At this point one of the other ladies in our group says “Hey, that is enough, let that poor girl go, she already has someone waiting for her” So she starts to move away but I stop her, putting my arm around her pulling her in I whisper the room number in her ear and tell her we will not wait all night.

Then I move away and finish the business that I came for. Once finished it is just the lady and myself in the room. I am washing my hands when she steps in behind me, whipping me around to face her. She grabs me, picks me up, puts me on the counter, moving my legs apart she moves in and kisses me, pulling me into her. She moves her hands under my shirt, pulling it up over my head.

She moves her mouth down, taking my nipple into her mouth, sucking it, moving her tongue quickly back and forth over my sensitive nipple, back and forth while grabbing my other one in between her fingers. I am arching my back in anticipation when she puts my nipple in between her teeth and bites, a moan escapes my mouth once she does that. She steps back from me. I look at her thinking I did something wrong and she hands me my shirt. Smiling she said, “I will be waiting at your room for you, I hope your mate will be just as exciting” Then she walks quickly out of the room.

I sit there stunned that she made me so excited, I have never met someone like this, just the thought of her makes me all wet, there was only one other that can cause me to react this way and he is waiting for me.

I quickly put my shirt back on, turn to look in the mirror to make sure I am presentable then walk back to the table where you are waiting. Instead of sitting down I stand next to you. You look up at me questioning, but you see the desire in my eyes, you can smell the excitement, you see the tenseness in my body, you feel the heat I am producing and then look at the others that had joined us and excused yourself. Standing up next to me you put your hand in the middle of my back and give me a kiss, then we both say good night to those that we spent the last few hours with.

As we walk to the room I tell you what happened, stopping you in the hallway just before the final bend to our room. I turn to you and say, “I have never done this before, I am nervous, if you don’t want to do this I will go ahead and tell the lady that I changed my mind.” You look at me stunned that I would think that you would not want to do this. You say “I am disappointed that you would think that I wouldn’t want to do this” Smiling I grab your hand and almost run the rest of the way to the room. Outside the door leaning on the wall she is waiting for us.

She is beautiful, skin so flawless, her breast, larger than mine, still a perky shape of youth, hair so smooth and long enough to grab onto and pull, legs that go on forever. She is taller than I am but not quite as tall as you. Just seeing her there waiting makes me wet. We stop outside of the room looking at her. She pushes herself away from the wall, puts her arm around me pulling me tightly against her, my face almost into her breasts, she leans down and kisses me. With her other hand she grabs your dick and balls. We both are fully aware of what it is she wants and it is the same as what we are wanting. Once she has finished kissing me. She looks at you and says “I can’t wait to see you naked as well. I want your hard, thick dick inside of my tight wet pussy before the end of the night.”

You open the door and we step in. She picks me up. My legs wrap around her, her hands moving under my skirt, she is kissing me, while walking me to the bed. You start to move in and she stops you. While looking at you she says “get undressed. Sit in that chair and watch. I want to have this woman alone and have you watching first, then when I tell you, you can join.”

Her dominance excites you as you obey what she has requested. She continues to hold onto me; while she watches you strip down. I feel her nipples getting harder as you first take off your shirt, seeing your chest I know of her excitement as she takes a deep breath, then you take off your pants. She sees your dick already hardening in excitement. I notice the increase in her breathing and know that she is already wet in excitement.

She continues to watch you until you are sitting in the chair, then her attention goes back to me as she throws me into the bed. I take off my shirt and skirt as she also gets undressed, throwing them wherever they land. Once completely naked she crawls into bed towards me. She notices that I am nervous, so she stops and looks at me and says “first time?”

I nod which excites her even more. Now she is in between my legs, her breasts are touching mine. I feel the hard nipples, moving back and forth as they swing from her movements. This excites me watching them move like that. My pussy so wet I feel the juices dripping toward my ass. Then she moves back in kissing me; moving herself closer. She lays down on me, our pussies next to each other. I feel her rubbing herself against me. I reach up taking her tit in my hand I grab firmly, exploring until her hardened nipple is in between my fingers.

I start pinching and twisting. I now feel her juices dripping onto my pussy. I hear her moan in excitement, she lifts up, as she does I move the breast I have in my hand up to my lips. Kissing it, she moves farther up giving me more space, once she does I take her other tit and bring it up. I am now moving my lips, tongue and teeth back and forth between the two. Licking and nibbling. I hear her moaning in pleasure. I then take one of my hands and move it down, grabbing her ass. I lean back and tell her “I want to taste you, bring your pussy to my mouth.”

She complies and now her pussy is by my mouth. I grab her ass with my two hands. My tongue is out, gently splitting those luscious lips, she also shaves but has just a small line of short hair. As my tongue moves in between her lips I taste her own juices, different then the taste of mine but not something I can’t enjoy.

I feel the hardened clit. I move my tongue over it. Slightly moving back and forth. I am watching her reaction to each place I am moving my tongue, finding out what it is that she is enjoying. My tongue is hard, playing gently then more aggressively, moving back and forth along her clit. I hear your increased breathing, matching ours. Knowing you are watching us and enjoying the show I continue. My tongue is now exploring even farther into the depths of the unknown to me. I find the pussy and I explore. My tongue going in, then out playing with the rim, as I explore with my tongue, my finger starts exploring the depths of her ass.

As I breech the opening I feel the increase of juices on my tongue; this giving me the permission to continue with my exploration. Once I have two fingers inside I hear “yes, fuck my ass, put your tongue deeper in my pussy. Yes” She has grabbed my hair in both of her hands, moving my head toward her, her hips moving back and forth as well.

She continues, moving back and forth until she cannot handle it any longer. She moves herself away from me turns and now she is licking my pussy. Her pussy is now back in my mouth. You are now watching the two of us eating each other out, you know our pussies are both dripping in excitement you want to join us but are unable to because you have been told you need to only watch. You hear our moans, you see us moving our hips back and forth.

You see us exploring each other with our tongues and our fingers. The fury is getting faster our moaning louder. It continues, you hear “oh, yes, just like that, fuck it, yes, don’t stop” our movements more forceful as we both get closer, we can’t stop. Your excitement in watching this display has caused you cum and you are now using your own lubrication to continue as we get even closer to the ecstasy we have been striving for since we were in the bathroom together. Until you see our bodies tighten, then you see the convulsion as we are releasing the pleasure, you see us moving drinking of the forbidden juices that are ours now to enjoy.

Once we have finished. The lady moves around giving me a kiss, thanking me. She leans in kissing my neck and whispering in my ear; then moving back to give me another kiss. Once we have finished we both turn and look at you. Seeing your excitement; we both get out of the bed and move over to you.

We both have our hands on your dick and you are moving from kissing me and then her. Your hands are exploring both of us. You are grabbing her tits, hers being your preferred size and moving your hand down to feel the wetness of my pussy. I move down your chest stopping at your nipple to tease it with my tongue, just as she moves the same way I am. We have finally reached your dick. The lady and I are kissing each other around your dick.

My fingers moving to your ass her’s playing with your balls. We move our tongues around your dick meeting each other then moving around. We move to your tip, teasing around the ridge, she is putting your tip in her mouth then bringing it back out. We both stand up stopping. I grab your hand motioning for you to stand up. This time I have you move to the bed. You lay down and we continue where we left off.

We continue kissing each other around your dick. Then moving up then down your ridge then bringing your tip inside our mouth, one then the other. You have 2 women sucking you, exploring you. Until the lady starts sucking you and I move down. My tongue moving and exploring even farther down. First it is your balls that have distracted me. I have them in my mouth, sucking and playing with them. My fingers exploring your ass. She is moving your dick in and out of her mouth. Your hand is now exploring her wet pussy. You are feeling how tight it is. Knowing that it has not been familiar with a man’s dick, wanting so much to give her yours.

Then you feel my tongue on your ass, moving around the rim, once it enters you lose your concentration, moaning in pleasure. Knowing this reaction is caused by me, I force my tongue in deeper, bringing my finger in as well; this exciting you even more. I hear you even louder. “Yes” We continue, moving faster in and out, up and down, our fingers, our tongues, our mouths, the moisture is getting too much for you to bare. You must let it loose, you can’t keep it contained any longer, until you are about to explode.

We quickly move toward your dick. Both our hands are around your shaft. Moving up and down stroking you; our tongues teasing your tip until you erupt. Your cum shooting up out of your tip, The lady and I are catching the ropes of excitement with our outstretched tongues. Fighting with each other trying to get the ropes for ourselves. Once you have finished releasing your load, we both go to continue to kiss each other around the tip of your penis, until we are satisfied with the knowledge there is nothing that we have missed.

We move up your body kissing you, licking you, until we have reached your mouth. The three of us are now kissing each other. Your hands are around the two of us. We have your dick in ours. Our bodies are moving back and forth, rubbing against each other. The excitement is getting even more. You and I are now thankful that we spent some time earlier resting, for the night is just beginning.

Our excitement is getting more intense, you now want to have your dick buried deep inside a pussy, unsure of whose you want , we anticipate your need and I say “I want you to fuck her pussy” The lady responding lays down to allow you access. You not wanting to fuck her that way, hesitate until you notice that I have gotten out of the bed and moved over to the drawer.

Knowing what is inside and what I am about to do, you respond and quickly move on top of her. First you start kissing her, rubbing your engorged cock against her lips, splitting them and feeling her clit, rubbing it with your cock until you feel me right behind you. You feel the strap on dick on your ass cheeks, you hear me say “I want you to fuck that cunt while I fuck your ass” your cock jumps with excitement and I hear a moan escape from the lady’s mouth.

As you move your dick farther down, getting ready to breech the tight pussy, you feel my dick, moistened with lube, moving down to breech your ass. I am being careful, wanting to enter just at the moment you enter her pussy.

At the moment you are knocking at the pussy door, I am knocking gently back and forth the tip of my dick, moving slowly, teasing your ass, gently in then out just a ¼ of an inch, letting you know that I am just waiting for you. I feel you move quickly deep inside the tight wet pussy, just at the same moment I move quickly deep inside of you.

I hear both of you moan at the same moment with the same intensity. We are unable to control ourselves any longer. Our movements are now as one, we are fucking each other, our breathing matching each others, our hearts beating faster as we continue moving in and out, you of her pussy, me of your ass. You hear me say “Fuck that cunt, fuck it fast, oh Yes, fuck it” as I continue to fuck your ass, moving faster and harder, trying to bury the cock even farther into your ass, your movements matching mine, trying to bury your cock deep inside of her pussy.

Moving faster and faster, deeper, in and out, we both move, hearing the moaning, the calling out, fucking more and more intensely. We continue, fucking each other, moving harder and faster each moment. You are watching her boobs bouncing up and down, feeling mine against your back, my hard nipples moving up and down, we continue, going fucking more and more, we cannot control ourselves any longer. Our intensity is getting too much to bear, until we all release, cumming. We are now receiving release from our intense activities.

Relaxing, you grab me tightly to you as you roll to your side, you are not ready for me to leave your ass. Once we are laying down in bed, you reach back grabbing my arm bringing it around you, making me hold you tight. Your hand laying on the lady’s stomach. She turns and gives you a kiss, then leans over you and gives me a kiss as well. Once she is done she moves to get out of bed. She turns to us and says “Thank you for a very nice evening, but I need to get up early in the morning to work”

Then she gets dressed and leaves. By this time you move to turn to me, kissing me you tell me, “thanks that was very nice” and give me another kiss. Then you say, “go ahead and take off your cock then come back to bed so we can get some rest.” I quickly move putting my strap on back into the drawer and crawl back to bed. Once in bed you bring me into you, give me a kiss then have me roll over, you move me right into you, I feel your dick against my ass, your hand moves down to my pussy. But you don’t play, you just want to keep your hand there and we both fall asleep, dreaming of our recent activities, being thankful that we have met each other.

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