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Susan’s Story

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Julie decides to make her move. She grabs some tissues and wipes Susan’s face. She puts her hand on Susan’s chin, turns her head, leans forward and kisses her: sucking Susan’s lips into hers. Susan pulls back startled. Julie whispers into her ear “Relax, you’ve missed out. It’s your turn now”.

Susan is confused. Julies brown skin is attractive, and she is in good shape. But kissing a girl? This wasn’t part of her plan. Susan feels Julie’s arms circling her waist, drawing them closer. She looks into Julie’s eyes and sees the gentleness and kindness. Susan allows herself to be drawn closer. Again Julie kisses, her tongue feeling it’s way through Susan’s lips. Susan does not resist this time, instead opening her mouth to allow Julie to explore inside. Julie immediately searches for Susan’s tongue, wetness against wetness. Julie tightens her grip on Susan’s waist, holding her close, willing Susan to relax and allow her to explore.

Again Julie whispers in Susan’s ear, “Relax and lie down. Let me spoil you”.

Susan lies down. Julie kisses her. Her breasts, her nipples, her stomach, her thighs, her feet. All over; everywhere except her pussy. Julie has a light touch, much lighter than Steve and her previous boyfriends. Julie gradually works her way down and up each leg before stopping momentarily. Then she dives in, her tongue tracing its way around Susan’s neglected pussy. Licking her pussy lips, tasting her, drinking in her womanhood. Susan watches the side of Julie’s head as she reaches over her, exploring her most intimate and sensitive parts with a touch so outstandingly light.

Julie starts to feel Susan’s arousal slowly building. A more direct approach is needed. She replaces her tongue with two fingers; rubbing Susan’s clit the way she likes her own to be rubbed. Susan immediately feels the difference. The firmness of it. Susan moves her hips around in a circle. Julie changes her rubbing to a circular stroke, glancing at Susan’s clit each time. Susan feels it building, but she needs it harder still. Susan raises her hips and Julie responds, pressing a little harder. Susan feels the sensations building. God, it has been so long. She needs to come.

She rolls onto her side, pushes her legs forward from her body and squeezes her thighs together, trapping Julie’s hand hard against her pussy. Susan squeezes hard as Julie keeps on rubbing that firm regular stroke. Oh God, I am going to come. She feels it, the building sensations. Julie keeps it up, rubbing the same way. Suddenly Susan whimpers and relaxes the pressure on Julie’s hand. Julie pulls her hand away. Susan pulls her legs back under her and just lies there. Too spent to do anything.

Everyone in the room looks at Susan, rolled up in a ball. Julie is overcome. She runs kisses over her sweet little body. From her shoulders to her bottom, down her thigh and back again. After a couple of minutes, Susan comes to, opens her eyes and stretches out with the pleasure of it. She didn’t think it was possible.

Later, Susan ran a bath. Her mind was confused. She was 25; she had been with Steve now for four years. Before that she had two other boyfriends. While she occasionally masturbated herself, never once had she orgasmed with any of them. She thought there was something wrong with her. Now, a stranger, a woman, took her there with such ease. It wasn’t her at all!

Steve noticed her curled up, sitting on the far corner of the couch. Something was on her mind. He didn’t know what. Maybe it was that girl – girl thing. She looked far away. Maybe inviting that couple around so they could watch was not such a good idea after all.


For the rest of the holiday, Susan felt strangely on edge. A couple of days after getting together with Michael and Julie, she made love with Steve again. She decided to be more assertive; to help him to pleasure her. However, no matter what Susan did, Steve seemed unable or unwilling to satisfy her. Susan suggested he go down on her but after a few minutes he complained of a sore neck. Susan showed him how to rub her the way Julie did, but his touch was too hard and it hurt her more than anything else.

After they finished sex, Susan went swimming alone. The warm water washed over her body; washing away the tension. Susan picked a spot in the scrub by the beach to pleasure herself. Her mind flashed back to that afternoon when Julie’s touch was just so right. She quickly built up to her peak, but it wasn’t the same as having someone else doing it. Sex wasn’t supposed to be a solo pursuit, it was meant for two.

Lying on the beach, the warm sun caressing her body, Susan’s decision became clear. Her relationship with Steve had never been anything special. Now it was time to move on. They were still on holidays together and it wouldn’t be fair to break up now. She would wait until she got home. She had another weeks leave in Sydney after they returned and she would do it then.

After she got home, the first person she needed to tell was her older sister. Linda was only two years older and Susan felt particularly close to her. She rang Linda and invited her over for coffee.

After some small talk about the holiday, Susan blurted it out. “I’ve decided to leave Steve.”

Linda wasn’t surprised; she always thought Steve was shallow and self-centred. “Have you decided what you are going to do?”

“No, I haven’t got that far yet. It’s not really urgent, it’s just that after four years, the relationship really hasn’t gone anywhere. I don’t think it ever will. And the sex is terrible!” Susan screwed up her face.

Linda asked if she remembered her friend from their school days, Lyn. Of course Susan did, they often hung out together. She even remembers the two of them smuggling Susan into a nightclub when she was only 16.

“Well, Lyn has a two bedroom flat at Bondi. Her current flatmate has just moved out and she is looking for someone to share. Should I call and ask her if you can move in?”

“Oh Linda, would you. That would be perfect.”

Linda called Susan later that afternoon and told her that Lyn would love to have her share. When Steve got home from work that evening, Susan told him that she was moving out tomorrow.

The next day, Susan packed her car with her most important belongings for a drive to Bondi and a new beginning.


It’s Friday night; Susan admires herself in the mirror while drying after a shower. Not bad, 165cm and 50kg. She needs an outfit for the night. There are never enough clothes. Eventually she settles on short, tight and black. Yes, when you are small; the tighter the better. She puts a lot of effort into the extras. Nail polish for her fingers and toes. Matching lipstick. Black shoes. How she hates those heels; but the effect. Lyn is in the lounge room of the flat as Susan says goodbye heading towards the door. Lyn looks up and is startled; she remembers Susan from so many years ago. Now she is so beautiful, so sophisticated. Lyn feels a pain in her heart but she doesn’t know what it is.

The taxi rank is just around the corner and Susan returns to her favourite haunt from before she met Steve. The nightclub that Linda and Lyn first smuggled her into. She strolls to the bar to order a drink, a white wine. This will be her only drink. She read that alcohol dulls the senses and that’s the last thing she wants tonight.

Sitting on her own, there are two men nearby admiring her. Both are well dressed. One of them glances at her; she acknowledges in that unspoken way. Feeling bold, he makes his across the room. Fortunately no excruciating opening lines. He merely greets her.

“Hello, I’m Mark”

“And I’m Susan”

“Susan, you look lonely here by yourself. You want another drink?”

“Yes, Mineral Water.”

He returns with two Mineral Waters. Susan feels bold.

“Mark, your friend looks lonely, why don’t we invite him to join us?” With that, Susan motions him over.

Mark’s friend introduces himself as Derek.

Mark is a bit concerned about this. Two is company, but three is definitely a crowd. Susan seems to be enjoying the attention of the two men sitting each side of her though. Question is, which one is it going to be?

Mark tries to break the ice. “Do you come here often?”

“Only when I am looking for a special time.”

“What sort of time is that?”

“The sort of time that only a bad girl would enjoy.”

“Are you a bad girl?”

“I haven’t been, but I think now it is time to be really bad. Mark, Derek, it’s crowded, it’s noisy, lets get out of here.” With that, Susan made her way to the door with both men following. Both men feeling confused.

“Gentlemen, it’s easier to talk out here. Which of you lives where?”

Mark replies “We share a house.”

“In that case, lets go to your shared house.” Susan hails a taxi and Mark gives the address to the driver.

The house is a bit untidy, as one would expect from two men, but not so bad. They had cleared it before they went out, just in case. But they didn’t expect such a sexy and attractive lady back here so quickly. And why both of them? In the lounge, Mark and Derek stand confused. Susan steps up to Mark, wraps her arms around his neck, reaches up and kisses him passionately. Derek looks on. Susan then steps up to Derek, reaches up and kisses him passionately too. She stands back and starts to wriggle out of her tight clothing.

“We need some comfort. Is there a bedroom here?”

They adjourn to a bedroom, Susan now in her underwear and the two men are astounded at her cute little body.

Removing her underwear, Susan promises “the first to make me come can have me.” Susan lies back on the bed, knee up in anticipation.

Mark feels embarrassed to remove his clothing in front of his housemate. But there is a hot babe on his bed and nothing is going to stop him from having her. He quickly strips down and joins her. Derek watches on, feeling even more embarrassed as Mark straddles her legs, leans forward and kisses her. Their tongues touch, dancing and teasing at each other. Mark pulls back and kisses her breasts, so firm and so perfect. Her nipples, her arms, her hands, her thighs. He runs his tongue up and down the soft skin on the inside of her thighs. He knows where he is heading, we wants her pussy. He is going to make her come. He is going to have her.

Derek decides that two can play this game. He quickly removes his clothing and joins them on the bed. Kneeling beside Susan, he leans forward and kisses her deeply. His tongue traces circles on the inside of her lips while Mark’s tongue is exploring her pussy lips. Her excitement is given away by her wetness. Slowly Mark makes his way up to her clit, standing proud and erect amongst the folds of skin. He circles it with his tongue, running around the hood. Derek and Susan are deep into a lovers kiss, tongue against tongue. At the same time, she can feel the sensations build from Mark’s expert work. The same sensations that Julie brought out in her. This time she knows what to expect. She wraps her arms around Derek’s neck, drawing him closer. Closer and closer for a deeper and deeper kiss. Closer as her excitement builds. Mark is sucking her clit between his lips now. She can feel him stimulating her womanhood with exquisite skill. Mark feels Susan pushing her hips hard into him; he reads the signs and increases the pressure. Susan can feel it building, she gets more and more urgent. Please God, let it happen. She pushes Derek away just before she gasps and comes.

Oh yes, that was good! Mark deserves his reward now. She spreads her legs as an unspoken invitation for him to enter. But Mark has other ideas. He gently rolls her over. She gets the idea and turns onto her elbows, raising her hips into the air. Mark kneels behind her, admiring the beautiful curves of her bottom. Susan expects to feel his manhood enter her pussy. Instead, she feels something soft and wet in her crack. Making it’s way down to her arsehole. It’s Mark’s tongue! His tongue is licking at her arsehole. Oh, it feels nice. Nobody has ever done that before. It’s so naughty and so nice. At the same time, Derek is gently rubbing her pussy. He feels the wetness. Her lips and her trimmed hair are both absolutely soaked. Susan feels that longing within her, her pussy is telling her that she needs a man insider her. She needs to be filled. Regardless of Mark’s tongue, she needs to be fucked.

Derek is near her. “Derek, I want you in me. Straighten out”. He stretches out on the bed. Susan pulls away from Mark’s tongue, as exquisite as those sensations are, and straddles Derek. She guides him into her. Mark follows her across and resumes on her arsehole; this time with his finger. Susan leans forward to give him room to move; nobody has ever explored her there before and it is so nice. After a few moments, the sensation changes. Mark grabs some lube and prepares two fingers. He slips them in. Susan feels her arsehole expand around them. It burns for a moment and then she feels them move easily inside her. At the same time she can feel Derek in her as well.

Mark leans forward and speaks. “Your arse is so beautiful. I want to fuck your arse. Is that okay?”

“Nobody has ever done that to me before.”

Mark replies, “I know what I am doing, do you trust me?”

“Yes, I trust you”

He works three fingers inside her now to make sure she is fully relaxed. Then she feels something different. His penis at her back door. She feels it push at her. She stops moving on Derek and leans further forward, she feels Mark enter her.

She whimpers a little Mark’s manhood fills her arse. The two cocks inside her at once, make her feel so full as they stretch both her holes to the limit.

When Mark had finally manages to work his shaft all the way inside her, he sets the pace. He pumps in and out of Susan’s arse very slow at first. Derek tries to move at the same rate, which gives her more pleasure as the cocks rub against the thin layer of skin that separates her tunnels. She moans with each stroke, loving every moment. It was like nothing she had ever felt before.

It didn’t take her long to start having orgasms. They started small, intensifying as each one rippled through her. The men groan in pleasure as her quivering muscles milked their shafts. The feel of Susan’s tight arse wrapped around his shaft was too much for Mark. He had tried to hold back, tried to make the sensations last. But it only took a few minutes until he shot his load deep inside her. The feeling of his pulsing prick inside her pushed her over the edge into an extra large orgasm. Her contracting muscles pulled the come out of Derek. He exploded, filling her pussy with hot come.

Mark slowly pulls out of her, followed by a trickle of his come running down her thigh. She lifts herself off Derek. More come dribbles out of her pussy and lands on Derek’s stomach. There is come everywhere. On her legs, on Derek, on the bed. She needs to get clean. She asks if she can use their shower. They find a towel for her to use.

After cleaning and dressing, she says she must go. It was the most wonderful experience and she will remember it always. She kisses them both. Then she uses her mobile to call a taxi.

Lyn hears the door open. She glances at the clock. 12:05. She is glad Susan is home and safe. She turns over and slips back to sleep.


Saturday morning and Lyn has made two cups of coffee. She knocks on Susan’s bedroom door. Susan invites her in. Coffee, just what she needs.

Lyn sat on Susan’s bed and asked her how it went. Susan describes how she went with two men, and each of them fucked her. One in her arse and one in her pussy at the same time. She had orgasm after orgasm. She lost count of them. It was great. She didn’t realise such pleasure was possible.

Lyn is concerned. “Are you sure it’s alright?”

“It was great.”

“Oh, you are such a little girl, I still think I need to protect you.” Even though she is only two years older, Lyn is concerned. “Look, it’s your flat too. Bring any of your boyfriends home any time. I will keep well out of the way.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, sure. You go and shower.”


Lyn leaves the mugs in the kitchen and returns to her room. She hears the shower running. She imagines Susan’s slim body under the water. She reaches down and feels her own wetness. She starts to rub. She closes her eyes, imagining Susan’s small body sandwiched between the two men. Two men fucking her at the same time. She imagines the scene, little Susan impaled like that. She rubs herself harder and harder. She squeezes her nipples. The feelings build up. The images of Susan run through her mind. She cries “Oh God Susan” as she comes.


Later that night and Susan is readying herself for the club again. She feels more confident as she chooses her clothes. A short leather skirt, black silk blouse and leather vest are on the bed. She chooses a black lacy bra to match. Panties? No, I’m a naughty girl. No panties!

“Bye Lyn” as she heads through the lounge to the door. Lyn looks up and is momentarily mesmerised by what she sees. If she was beautiful yesterday she is perfect today.

Susan catches a taxi from the rank and heads to the same nightclub. She orders her drink, a white wine.

She surveys the room. A man, perhaps 30, catches her eye. He notices and makes his way to her. His name is Tim.

Tim asks “another drink?”

“Mineral water thanks.”

“That’s a good girl.”

“Do you like good girls?”


“Perhaps a mineral water for you too.”

“Okay, perhaps a water for me too.”

They talk. She turns towards him, hoping for him to get a glimpse up her dress. Perhaps he did.

Susan likes him. “Listen, it’s smoky in here, do you want to go somewhere else?”

“Where would you like to go?”

“My place.”

Lyn hears the taxi pull up out front. Quickly she closes her bedroom door. She hears voices in the corridor. Susan and a man. She hears the door on Susan’s room close. She reopens her own door, hoping to catch some of the sounds.

Susan motions Tim to the bed. “Just sit there for the show.” Slowly she removes her vest and throws it on the seat. She pulls her blouse out from her skirt, slowly unbuttoning it. He sees more and more cleavage. She opens it all the way and throws it onto the vest. The bra goes next, fully revealing her pert breasts standing proud. She turns her back to him, unzips the leather skirt and slowly opens it. Slowly he sees her arse cheeks. She turns around and opens it from the front. Slowly he sees the far top of her thighs, then her pussy! God, she is so beautiful! Standing naked except for high heels. Naked for him.

She moves close to him, leans down and kisses him and then unbuttons his shirt. He helps her to get rid of his clothing. Soon he is holding her, her soft petite body against his masculinity. She feels so protected in his arms. He lies back and motions to the bed. She follows his move.

They lie together; tongues locked together in a kiss. He strokes her nipples gently, her bottom firmly. He kisses the nape of her neck. He runs his hand down her thighs. Such shapely thighs.

He asks, “can I make you come?” She rolls on her back in unspoken invitation. He kisses her thighs, lovingly drinking in her smoothness. He moves to her pussy, just strokes it with his tongue for a moment before he kisses her other thigh. He returns to her pussy, kissing her lips a little longer this time. He feels her wetness. He rolls his tongue and gradually inserts it between her lips. She shivers with the sensation. He feels her arousal, the musky scent. He tastes her juices; so sweet. He drinks them up, the juices of love. He knows she must be getting ready now, so he moves to her clit. He sucks it between his lips, running his tongue over it and then letting it go. Again and again he sucks it, rubs it with his tongue and lets it go. Every time, Susan feels herself get closer and closer. Every time he sucks it, he holds it for longer. He feels her body respond. He knows she is close. He sucks it one last time and holds it, rubbing his tongue over her most sensitive love button. He knows she is ready.

Susan grabs at the sheet, she feels it building inside her. Thoughts cascade through her head. Oh, please hold it, just like that. Please don’t let it go. Please, please oh yes. She comes. Oh yes; she feels herself panting. That was so good.

He holds her gently as she recovers from her orgasmic bliss. That was one of the best yet. She looks deep into his eyes with a smile; the smile of the just come. Her heart is slowing and she is on top of the world.

Like a gentleman, he asks “how would you like me?”

“I would like to be on top”

She straddles him and guides him in. As she drops down his shaft, he feels the wetness from her lips touching his groin. Again she slides full length, again he feels the wetness. His shaft, his groin is soaking with her wetness. The sound is unmistakable. The slurping of her wet and hungry pussy on his manhood. She feels the sensations building; she feels the sensations as she feels him inside her. He sees her eyes closed, the concentration on her face. He knows she is going to come. She is driving the pace, she feels it building, the build up is quicker this time. She comes! Oh God, twice in one night. She continues to slide up and down, even wetter than before. The sound is unmistakable.

In the dark of her room, Lyn cannot hear voices, just the squeaking of the bed. She has her nightie up around her breasts and she is rubbing herself. Picturing Susan and this stranger. Hearing the steady rhythm of the springs.

Embarrassed by the loudness of the slurping, Susan asks if they can change, if he can get on top. She lifts herself off; his cock is glistening wet with her juices. She can feel her own wetness. She lies down. He gets on top and guides him in.

Lyn hears the squeaking stop; and then start again. This time more forcefully. She rubs herself harder.

Susan can feel him thrusting harder now. She knows it’s his time to come. Tim asks, “do you want me to come?”

“Oh yes.”

“Do you want me to come inside you?”

This talk is making her hot, “Yes, yes.”

“Do you want me to fill your pussy?”

“Please fill my pussy.”

“Oh yes, I’m gonna come.” With a final ‘Oh’ he grunts and comes. His spurts fill her again and again and again.

Lyn has two fingers of one hand inside herself as she rubs herself with the other. She closes her eyes. She thinks of Susan and the man. She thinks of the fucking, the bedsprings and the fucking. She thinks of nothing but Susan as she comes. She lies there alone in the dark as she recovers her breath.


Its Sunday morning and Lyn is awake. She notices Susan’s door is partly open. She quietly peeks in. The bed is a mess, Susan is lying naked, the blankets are around her hips, her breasts exposed. Such perfect breasts. There is no sign of the man. Lyn heads back to her own room and waits.

Later, Lyn hears the shower running. Again she makes two mugs of coffee. She waits for Susan to finish her shower before knocking on her door. “Do you want some coffee?” she asks.

“Yes please.”

Lyn enters with the mugs.

“Did we wake you?” Susan asks.

“No, not at all. I was asleep before you got home.”

“How did it go?” Lyn asks.

“Oh, he was so wonderful. He was thoughtful, considerate and very talented. The perfect gentlemen. I hope he calls again, he was great.”

“What are you going to do today?”

“Nothing. Relax. Work tomorrow you know” and Susan screws up her face.

Lyn agrees “Yeah, I know.”

Despairingly, Susan gets agitated. “Look, I got a BA and yet the only job I get is a receptionist. Answering phones, passing messages, hostile callers. Pathetic money. It’s a drag Monday to Friday.”

Lyn changes the subject. “Susan, you like sex don’t you?”

“Yes, when I was on holiday with Steve, I realised how much I missed out. I need to make up for lost time.” “Lost time with Steve?”


Lyn continues, “have you thought about making money out of sex?”

“What! A prostitute!”

Lyn clarifies herself. “No, not any prostitute; a high class escort. One men shower money and affection on.”


“Yes, you. You are perfect. Some men like girls who look like models and some like the fresh girl next door.”

“And I’m supposed to be the girl next door?” Susan asks rather indignantly.

“You are the perfect girl next door.”

“How do you know about this?”

Lyn confesses. “Do you think I want to make coffee and serve lunch the rest of my life? I saw them but they said I wasn’t their type.”

“You think I am?”

“You could be. I have a card. Do you want me to get it?”

“Please. You have me interested.”

The card has an Internet address. They look up the agency. Elegant models. It looks alluring. Sophisticated lifestyle, independence, good money. The models are mid 20’s, size 8, intelligent. Susan thinks that perhaps that BA is going to be wasted after all.

Susan composed an e-mail about herself and her ambitions and sent it to the address on the site. She asked them to contact her by return e-mail.

When she got home after work on Monday, she couldn’t wait to log onto the Internet. There it was, the reply she was waiting for. They would love to meet her. They asked when would she be free? She replied ‘tomorrow after work’.

On Tuesday, she got a call on her mobile, confirming her for 6pm and giving her the address. She was still dressed for work, but she thought that’s closer to what they would like as an image. She couldn’t wait till 6. She felt herself getting a little wet with excitement. Oh my, this may be both naughty and nice!

Six and it was a small office in a large building. Elegant models. She knocks and enters. A lady greets her; she introduces herself as Lisa. She has some sort of European accent.

“You must be Susan.”


“And you want to be a courtesan?”


The lady looks her over. She is cute, right age, right size, nicely groomed. Her first impressions are usually right. This time her first impressions are that she may be okay.

Lisa clarifies things. “Listen, this is not just about sex. Our clients like companionship, intelligent conversation, dinner. Sometimes our models sleep over.”

“Sleep over!”

“Yes, many times it is more like a date. They are wealthy businessmen, lonely, away from home. Perhaps with wives who take them for granted. Perhaps they are younger, not married. Not enough time for dating and girlfriends. They just need a special girl like one of our models. We get celebrities. We get all sorts. I notice you’re educated.”

“Yes. BA.” Susan replies.

“Good, good. University trains you think, to reason, to understand. It is good for these men who are usually intelligent and educated. You haven’t worked in the industry before.”

“No, it was a friend of mine who suggested it.”

“How many lovers have you had,” asked Lisa

Susan thinks for a moment “Six. Six and a woman”

“Okay, that’s good too. We would start you as one of our Companions. But, I think you will be one of our Elite girls before long.”

“You want me then?” Susan asks.

“Yes; we have lots to organise. A photo shoot, some training. When can you start?”

“I have to give two weeks notice.”

“Can you take a couple of days off to do the photos and training.”

“Yes, I still have leave owing.”

“How about Monday and Tuesday next week.”


The training covers lots of areas. Her clothes must be smart enough to look at home in a five-start hotel or restaurant but sexy enough to make a good first impression. First impressions are important. Sexy lingerie is essential. Every man loves an attractive girl in lingerie.

There were lessons in safe sex and how to discreetly check the clients. The proper techniques for condom use. Elegant clients’ don’t expect condom use for oral but they do for intercourse. If you have any concerns about the client, use a condom for oral as well. Condom use for intercourse is recommended, but even here it is at the models discretion. Sometimes the girls build a relationship with some of their ‘regular’ clients and this can become part of the ‘relationship’.

Fantasies are also at the models discretion. Some models don’t allow anal at all, others allow it with their ‘regular’ clients only. Most clients accept no as no for a fantasy but some clients are more persistent than others. If the client has no special fantasies, then the model may be required to initiate the colour and style of the sexual encounter. The model must learn to read and understand the client’s responses more so than his wife or girlfriend would. After all, he is paying a lot of money for the time of his life and he expects an encounter to remember.

Susan felt it was a lot to take in, and it was with some trepidation that she served out the remainder of her notice as a receptionist.


Susan is relaxing at home, her mobile phone is switched on and she is waiting for the first call from the agency. Curiosity gets the better of her and she logs onto the Internet. She goes straight to Elegant Models. There she is; Chloe Blake. Her pictures, her description, her rates. She can’t believe it’s herself.

The mobile rings: the name Elegant Models flashes on the handset. “Chloe, we have a client for you. He is a semi-regular of ours. He has been seeing Nicky, but she is away at the moment. We suggested you. I am sure you will enjoy him. He is experienced, he will be good as your first and he knows that you are new to the industry. He wants to see you in his hotel room at six for two hours. His name is Neil. He has already paid.” Susan writes the hotel and room details down and then waits for the car to pick her up.

In the foyer of his hotel, she takes a seat and calls him. She tries to calm herself, but she can feel the knot in her stomach. She introduces herself and tells him she will be up in five minutes. Neil relaxes while he waits for the knock. The knock of pleasure. A new girl to the industry. That’s nice.

“Hello, I’m Chloe.”

“Yes, and I’m Neil. My word, you are an attractive girl!”

“Thank you.”

“Would you like a drink?”

“Some bottled water would be fine.”

Neil goes to the fridge and grabs a bottle of spring water and a cool glass. Susan sits at the table and refreshes herself. Neil is sitting on the bed admiring her.

“Tell me, how long have you been working for Elegant?”

Susan deflects the question. “Not long.” She doesn’t want him to know that he is her first. “How long have you been in town?”

They go through some small talk. Susan discovers that despite his age, she thinks he is in his 30’s, he is Chief Executive and quite wealthy. Certainly the five star hotel indicates that he is sparing nothing. Not to mention the cost of her booking. He is from Melbourne, but he travels to Sydney once or twice per month. She notices the ring on his finger but does not enquire. Most definitely married. Children? Probably.

Susan gets up and moves towards him. “Well Neil, is it time for some action?”

“I suppose it is,” he says confidently.

“You just stay there and watch.”

She slowly unzips her dress and then peels it away from herself. Slowly from the shoulders down. Her lacy bra is exposed first, then her matching g-string and finally her roll-top stockings. In one deft move she steps out of the dress and stands with her hands on her hips in front of him.

“You want to see some more?”

No answer. She reaches behind and unclasps her bra. She lets the straps fall off her shoulders, holding the cups against her breasts. She slowly lets the bra drop as well.


No answer. This time she turns away from him. She slowly eases her g-string down her legs, bending over as she slides it slowly to her ankles. She knows what he will be seeing. Neil’s throat seems dry all of a sudden as Chloe bends over. Her pussy lips discreetly peeking out between her slim thighs. ‘Oh my God’ he thinks. ‘What have I got here?’

Susan bends right over to slip her g-string over her shoes. She turns to face him, hands on hips. Again she asks “More?”

Neil croaks “No, that’s just fine.” Inwardly, Susan smiles at the look on his face and the way his voice is gone. Seducing a man is fun; she feels all powerful. This wealthy CEO has been reduced to putty in her fingers.

“Now it’s your turn”. She gets up close and starts to unbutton his shirt. Neil suddenly feels a need for urgency. He takes over from her, removing his clothes in a moment. Unlike her tasteful striptease, he feels foolish and awkward as he gets naked. They stand close, despite her heels he is still quite a bit taller. She reaches up, wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him. Long, deep, passionate. The kiss of an angel.

Susan climbs onto the bed, Neil following her. She runs her hands through his hair. Again she kisses him. Again deep and urgent. Their tongues touch. She moves away from his face and kisses his neck. Then his nipples. Firmly but not too hard. Neil squirms with the pleasure. ‘Oh, that’s nice’ he thinks, a little shy to say it out loud. She moves down his stomach to her next target. His manhood is firming nicely, but it needs a little help. She takes it in her hands, running her fingers up and down the shaft. Susan moistens her lips with her tongue as she leans forward. She takes him into her mouth. Slowly she runs her lips up and down his shaft. She feels him growing harder and firmer. Neil can see everything, watching Chloe as she sensuously works on his manhood like it’s the most important thing in the world. Oh yes, and this is only the beginning. Still there is silence. Susan pleasuring Neil and Neil a little shy of this perfect girl who has only just arrived into his life.

Susan feels his arousal building. It’s too soon, there is much more time. She lifts her head and looks at him, hoping he will get the message. Neil asks, “can I go down on you?”

Susan rolls onto her back and Neil repositions himself between her legs. He runs his tongue around her womanhood, starting at her lips. At the same time, he gently runs his fingers higher up, just brushing the hood of her clit. ‘Oh that’s good’ Susan thinks to herself. ‘My, he is a talented lover.’ Neil tastes her wetness building with her arousal. Good, time for a more direct approach. He moves his tongue up to her clit, circling the hood. Neil feels it getting firmer, standing a little higher within the folds of skin. As he feels Susan’s wetness build, he slips a finger inside her. Just one, crooked back slightly. Susan feels it, touching her just there. ‘Oh my God, he’s got it.’ Neil feels her push up against him and he knows that he has her just where he wants her. With her clit being licked and her g-spot pressed, it’s only a matter of time. Susan feels her orgasm building. ‘Oh, he’s good. He’s really, really good.’ She wills herself on. Neil feels her tension building. She is pressed hard into his face now, her juices flowing. Still he keeps it up. His tongue is the loose side of firm and his finger pressing her just so. Susan feels it deep inside her. Quickly, she reaches her peak. She cries out as she comes, drenching Neil’s hand with liquid. The first sound in their lovemaking. Neil pulls away from her pussy.

He looks at her unselfconscious smile. He smiles back, more proud of his achievement maybe. But then again, not every girl comes with a stranger, not every girl ejaculates over a stranger. Yes, he feels proud.

Susan regains her composure. “Okay lover boy, how do you want me?”

“On top.”

She was hoping he would say that. She discreetly slips a condom onto his still erect rod and straddles him. She reaches down and guides him in.

She starts the motion and he starts to meet her. He looks at her pussy in wonderment, looking at his manhood inside her. Susan notices him looking downward and decides to give him a treat. She stops the thrusts and brings her feet up towards his hips. Instead of keeling astride him, she is squatting now. She then resumes, knowing full well that he will be getting a closeup view of his own fucking. It’s hard on her legs, but it’s a magic position. Really, really tight for both of them. Susan is driving the pace now. Neil feels his arousal building. The tingling starts. The tightness and the visual effects are really arousing. Still Chloe keeps it up. Not fast, just enough to allow him to slowly build to his peak. This time it’s Neil feeling the sensations. His penis is tingling, the glans is sensitive. She keeps riding his prick. He is fascinated watching himself inside her. The tingling is more urgent now. The waves of pleasure start, slowly at first. He feels them building up, travelling the length of his manhood. The grunt as he comes is so masculine. Susan hears him and sees his eyes are now closed, the sweat is on his brow. She slowly lifts herself off, holding his condom as she eases herself away. She lies beside him, holding him gently as he feels that wave of bliss settle over his entire being. Still not a word is said. She senses that it’s his moment now and she waits.

“Massage?” Susan asks.

“Oh yes please. That would be wonderful.”

Susan tosses the pillows onto the floor to make the bed flatter. In her bag is a bottle of scented massage oil. She pours some onto her hands and starts the massage. Neil is still feeling blissful; and the massage is just perfect. Susan practices the techniques she read and tried to memorise. The different strokes for the different parts of the body. With minimum two hour booking, there is plenty of time for Neil to relax, enjoy and come again if he wishes. After about 10 or 15 minutes, Neil turns his head to one side. “Do you want a massage?”

“Yes, that would be lovely” Susan replies.

Neil has not done this before and tries to copy what she was doing to him. Susan thinks he’s not bad, not bad at all. Neil continues to massage her, admiring her shapely body. This is a bonus. He just loves the curves of a woman. The thighs slowly spread out to her wider hips and her perfect round bottom. And then her body tucks back into her slim waist before spreading at her shoulders. Oh why did they make the female body so perfect! If he could take her home with him he would!

After more massage, and more admiration, Neil has had enough. He caps her bottle and hands it back. Susan suggests now that they are both oily, perhaps a shower would be a good idea. She removes her stockings.

The shower is over the bath and there is plenty of room for both of them. Tenderly they soap each other down, like they have been lovers for so long. Once dry and back on the bed, its back to Susan to decide what to do next. She has lots of goodies in her bag so she suggests that perhaps they could play with some of her toys. She reaches in to find her silver vibrator. “My, what have we got here?”

Susan positions herself on the bedhead, switches the vibrator on and rubs it over her pussy lips. She allows it to graze her clit. Neil watches up close as Susan pleasures herself. Susan switches it off and reaches in to her bag for her medium – sized rubber dildo. About the same size as Neil she thinks. She hands it to him and asks if he can do the honours. She spreads her legs further to allow him access. Neil takes the dildo and teases her pussy lips with it.

“Not there silly. Inside; where it belongs”

Neil gently eases it into her.

“That’s better.”

Susan switches the vibrator back on and continues to rub her own clit with it. At the same time Neil fucks her with the dildo. Susan likes the sensation, almost as good as the real thing.

“Oh yes. Fuck me with it.”

Neil continues to stroke the dildo while Susan rubs the vibrator over her own clit. ‘Oh’, Susan thinks, ‘when I come this time it’s going to be a good one’. The fullness of the dildo in her and the stimulation on her clit is too much.

“Oh, fuck me harder. Oh, I’m gonna come. Oh.” Susan quickly takes the vibrator away and Neil follows her lead, pulling the dildo out, so slick with her juices. “You were a good boy. Do you want to come again?”

“I don’t know if I can. I’m not 20 you know. But it may be fun trying.”

Susan sees that his manhood is a little swollen, clearly the visuals had an effect. She takes him in her mouth again. As he starts to grow, she uses her fingers to rub his shaft. Neil feels his tingling build. In many ways, the warmth and slippery wetness of her lips is nicer. “Chloe, keep on going.”

Susan follows his request and starts to suck on him with more urgency, gently using her teeth on his glans. He feels the firmer sensation. He hopes she won’t stop. She feels him building up again. “Keep going?” he sort of asks and sort of tells. She keeps it up. She strokes him faster and faster with her mouth. Neil feels himself building up. He closes his eyes, he wills himself to come. It’s so hard the second time. But this angel, she can do it. With a gasp he comes, she stays glued to his manhood, his come pumping into her throat. She swallows it, not so bad maybe. He is done.

After a few moments to recover he asks “Chloe, can you stay with me for dinner? Can you stay the night?”

“Oh yes, that would be lovely. I will call the agency so they know.”

Susan discreetly calls the agency and tells them that Neil would like her to stay. They congratulate her. She feels good about that. She asks them to tell Lyn so that she won’t be worried. Fortunately she has packed a change of underwear and some personal items.

They have dinner in the hotel restaurant; it is quite romantic with the muted lighting and candles on each of the tables. They talk. Neil tells her about his wife, they have been married for ten years. Two children. A boy and a girl. The meal is excellent and Neil is good company. Susan is feeling a little lightheaded. Is it love? No, it can’t be. We only just met. He is paying thousands. And yet, it does feel ‘right’.

After dinner, they go for a walk. The city, as always, is quite busy. Even at this time of night. Anyone seeing them together would never know. It’s good to walk off the meal and Susan is feeling much better after their stroll.

All too soon it’s back to the room. It is getting late and Neil suggests it’s time for bed. They both strip off and climb in. She is under the bed covers, naked with Neil. Susan gently drifts off to sleep. It has been a busy day.

Susan wakes up startled. What time is it? Where am I? She remembers. She feels Neil pressing into her. She smells his scent. Masculine but unfamiliar. She is aware she is naked in bed with a stranger. She gently nestles into his warm body and drifts off to sleep.

Susan wakes. It’s 7am. She hears the shower running. Neil comes back with a towel on. She takes her turn to shower. She returns to find Neil relaxing on the bed. Morning sex, her favourite she tells him. She means it too.

This time the lovemaking is slow and gentle. They kiss and hug each other. Before he has a chance to go down on her again, she slips another condom onto him and rolls onto her stomach, her legs only slightly parted. “Neil, lay on me and put your legs outside mine.” He complies. She reaches down and guides him down and in. Neil enjoys this position; he can’t imagine why no one has shown him it before. It’s easy, it’s relaxing and it’s a really nice sensation. His body is pressed over hers, following her curves. She is so soft under him. Susan feels him inside her and his masculine body pressing on her. This is lovemaking, no question. Susan feels him thrusting faster. He seems to have more urgency now. He thrusts harder and harder. He grunts as he comes, he comes inside her. He comes inside beautiful Chloe. He pulls out, spent but happy.

It’s 8.15 and Neil is dressing. Susan has already dressed. She kisses him and hopes that they can meet again sometime. She means it too.

Later that afternoon Lyn returns from her work.

“How did it go?” Lyn asks.

“Fine.” Susan replies.

“Tell me all about it.”

Susan tells all, all except for her feelings, those strange feelings. Lyn feels herself getting aroused as Susan tells her about the romantic dinner, the night with Neil, the sex.

Lyn goes and runs herself a bath. She climbs in. All she can think of is Susan with a stranger. She feels her arousal building. She starts to rub herself. She needs to release her tension. Visions cascade through her mind, Susan and the wealthy stranger, sleeping together naked, the morning sex. She can see it all. She rubs herself harder and harder. She cries out “Susan” as she comes. Embarrassed, she hopes she wasn’t heard.


Susan has been working for about a month now. She has been seeing three or four clients a week. Mostly two hour sessions with one longer session including dinner. Nothing as memorable as Neil although most of the men are nice in their own ways.

Every evening after working, she sits with Lyn and tells her the details. Lyn listens, enraptured. Little does Susan know that behind her door Lyn fantasises about Susan and these men. She rubs herself. She imagines sweet Susan and when she comes she cries out her name in longing.

The dinner date was Alex and he was in his late 40’s or so. He had been invited out for dinner while he was interstate on business. He wanted a companion more than anything else. After dinner, they returned to his hotel room and had sex; but it was definitely not memorable.

Susan had an idea. While he was in the bathroom she made herself comfortable on the bed, using pillows against the bed head. She waited till she heard the bathroom door open then she started to stroke her clit. Alex came into the room.

“Oh Alex, I was just dying for you to come back. Come up here and help me”

“Help you with what?”

“Here beside me, let me show you.” She sits him on her left, takes his right hand and starts to stroke her clit with it. “That’s right, just like that, you’re a natural”.

“Am I?”

“Oh yes, just rub it like that. Now when I get close you will need to rub harder. And when I come you will need to stop because I will be a little tender. Okay?”

“I suppose so”

“Oh, you sure you haven’t done this before” she cooed.


“You must really be a good learner then. That’s right”. She feels her tingling start. She starts to get wet. Alex can feel it. He is aware and surprised. He has never done anything like this before.

“Now a little harder and faster”. Susan guides his hand for a moment and then lets it go.

“Oh that’s good. I can feel it. You know how good it feels when you come?”

“Uh, yes”

“Well, I am going to feel that good”

She feels it building. He feels her wetness, she is moving a little. He continues to rub her, too scared to move his hand away. Just perfect for Susan, no surprises.

“Oh, yes. Harder again.” He presses harder. “Oh Alex, yes, keep on going. Oh, yes it’s coming. Oh.” And she feels the warmth spread though her, the tingling down her body, the contractions. She needed that. She quickly moves his hand away. She throws her arms around Alex and kisses him hard.

“Oh, that was just so wonderful. You were perfect”.

She smiles, as much by the look on his face as anything else.

“Can I do that with any woman?”

“Yes and no. Every woman likes to be touched a little differently. What works for me doesn’t work for every other woman. But it is similar.”

“Oh” he sounds disappointed.

“But, all you need to do is ask. There isn’t a woman alive who won’t want you to make them come.” She thinks of his poor wife. “But you will need to tell them how you found this out. Do you use the Internet?”

“Yes, for stock prices and so on”

“Then tell your women that you found about this on the Internet”


Her mobile rings. It’s the agency. Neil is going to be in town tomorrow and he wants to see her again. And he wants her to stay the night. “Oh yes please.”

She goes through her wardrobe. She needs something special. The long, tight red dress with the slit up to her thighs. Next, her pair of red shoes. What else? Red bra and g-string. Red all the way; red suspenders and stockings. Suspenders are so uncomfortable. But the effect!

Red everything, nails and lipstick.

Jewellery next. A gold choker, a gold bracelet and a gold chain for around her waist. Good, that will excite him.


The car drops her at the hotel, the doorman opening the door for her. Inside the lobby she rings Neil to let him know she is on her way.

Susan knocks. “Chloe, you look gorgeous.”

“I bet you say that to all the ladies.”

“No, just the gorgeous ones.”

“Well, flattery will get you everywhere.”

Like the last time, she slowly strips for him. She gets down to her lingerie. His heart skips a little. Last time was good, but this time! Susan removes her bra and g-string, leaving her in the suspenders and stockings. “No, leave them on” he asks.

Susan is looking forward to Neil’s oral technique. Before that though it is time to give his manhood some attention. It is well erect. Susan thinks that the visuals may have done their trick. She only gives him oral for a few minutes. She has something special in mind, something he won’t forget in a hurry.

No words are necessary now. She rolls on her back and lifts her knee. It’s an unspoken invitation for him to dive in. And dive in he does. Like the previous time they were together, he quickly has her to her peak. His soft tongue on her clit and his finger in just the right spot inside. She feels it build up. She gasps and comes. That was so good. Susan reaches up, wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him down to kiss him.

Hoping he will say yes, Susan asks “do you want me on top?” He rolls onto his back. It’s an invitation for Susan to ride him.

She straddles him and starts to guide him in.

“What about the…?” he asks.

She puts her finger on his lips. “Sssh. It’s my special gift. You relax and enjoy.”

She feels him enter her. It feels so much better, skin against skin. No latex in the way. This is the way sex was meant to be. Neil is both confused and overwhelmed. He feels her warmth, wetness. Her young tight pussy. This is all his dreams come true. The sensations are so perfect. It feels so…perfect. He wants this moment to last forever. Susan wants it to last too. She stays kneeling, setting the pace slow and steady. Feeling him inside her. He is big and hard, filling her love canal. Oh yes Neil, you won’t forget this is in a hurry.

After several minutes, she leans down, kisses him and then asks “Neil, can you give it to me doggy style?” She eases herself off him, his manhood slick and shiny.

She gets on her knees, head down. He moves up to her and holds her hips for support. She reaches down and guides him in. He starts to thrust, slowly at first. He looks at himself inside her, sliding in and out of her perfect cunt. He is glistening with her juices. He reaches around to feel her clit. He rubs her. She moans with the sensation.

He is building up now. Faster and faster. He can feel the tingling building again. He feels the waves of pleasure starting. With a gasp he comes, he comes deep inside her. Deep inside Chloe. She can feel his juices filling her pussy. Oh it’s so good to feel a man come inside her and fill her up. She rolls over, reaches up, pulls him down to her and kisses him hard. “That was just perfect lover boy”. All he can think is ‘wow, what happened.’

After they cleaned up, they went out to a Restaurant for dinner. Neil felt so proud to have Chloe’s arm slipped through his own. Where did she get that chain around her waist from? Surely every diner must feel as jealous as he feels proud.

After dinner, they walk the long way back to the hotel. It’s too noisy to talk. Talk comes later. Neil tells a little more about himself. Susan a little more about herself. Too soon it’s bed. This time with Neil seems so right. She falls asleep cuddled up to him. Warm, firm, masculine.

Morning sex is even more relaxed than the last time they were together. Neil asks if they can do it the same way as last time. Without hesitation, Susan rolls on her stomach and spreads her legs just a little. Neil straddles her and he is guided in. Last time this position was great, this time with the warmth and wetness of her tight pussy, it is just sensational. She is surprised at his stamina. He seems to fuck her forever. He wants it to last forever. She wants him inside her forever. Eventually, the familiar sensations start to build. He keeps it up steady until right at the point he thrusts hard two or three times as he comes inside her. Again his come shoots deep inside her. Deep inside Chloe. Susan just loves it when a man comes inside her. It feels so…right.

It’s time for her to go. She kisses him gently. She hopes she will seem him again. Neil watches her sexy bottom as she walks down the corridor. He hates business trips, away from home. Away from his wife and family. But, he is sure looking forward to his next one.


Lyn could barely wait for work to finish so she could get home and find out how Susan went. She was wet with anticipation of the story.

“Go on, tell me. How did it go?” Susan tells Lyn everything. Susan recounted in such a matter of fact tone; it seemed surreal. Lyn was hanging onto every word, trying to imagine what it would have been like. How good was it? Neil had asked and paid for Susan to have dinner with him and stay the night. How good was Susan to seduce him like that? She couldn’t imagine this girl she had known for so many years doing that to a man. Doing it for money. Doing it so well.

Lyn leaned a little closer to Susan and discreetly kissed her on the cheek. Susan stopped mid sentence, looking a little startled. Lyn leaned right up close and kissed her again. “Lyn?” Susan asked.

The words tumbled out. Lyn emptied her heart. How much she wanted to hold her, to hug her, to kiss her. From the time she first moved in. How she dreamt of her. Fantasised about her.

Susan was a little shocked. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t know what to say. I never have felt like that with a girl you know. Men ask you and you say yes or no. I didn’t realise it was going to be so hard.”

“Oh Lyn. I never knew. I like you; I like you a lot. But I can’t. I’m just not like that.”

Lyn was really embarrassed. “Susan, I shouldn’t have…”

“Of course you should, if you have feelings. It’s just I don’t know who I am or what I want yet. I have broken up with Steve. I have this new job. It’s all too much. I haven’t hurt you, have I?”

“No, of course not. I understand. You need your own space.”

Susan tried to reassure Lyn. “You and I are good friends here. I wouldn’t want to spoil that.”

“Of course not, I understand.”

Susan stretched out on the couch and reached up. Lyn took the hint and lay down on top of her. The two friends in each other’s arms, Lyn’s head nestling into Susan’s breasts. Lyn felt comfortable, but she wanted more. Susan was worried that she had really hurt Lyn’s feelings.

Later that night, Lyn was in her room in the dark. The flat was quiet, Susan was out working. Lyn tried to imagine Susan and her client, but her fantasy didn’t work tonight. She started to rub herself, just like so many times before. This time if felt such an empty gesture. What fool her. She bared her heart and of course Susan said no. Why would Susan be interested in her? It was logical. No relationships, no commitments, Susan’s work was in the say. It was sensible. But why did she feel so empty, so abandoned, so lonely? Oh Susan, she loved her so! Now that Susan said no she realised the love that wasn’t meant to be. It was love that was deep, it was love that was doomed.

Lyn tossed and turned for yours. She heard Susan come home late and go to bed. Eventually, in the dark, she drifted off to sleep.


After a couple of months working as an Escort, Susan realised that this was not her final life ambition. However, she was popular, she was earning good money and the clients were mostly okay. She expected she would be in the industry for a while to come. For a few years at least. She needed to tell her family.

She called her sister, Linda, and invited her over for coffee.

“Linda, you know I changed jobs”.

“Yes, you have been a bit mysterious about that.”

“Well, I am working as an escort.”


“Yes, a high class agency. Money’s good.”

“An escort!”


“Have you told mum and dad?”

“No, I wanted to tell you first. Please Linda, don’t tell them yet. I will be seeing them on Saturday. I will let them know then.”

“Okay. Are you sure that this is what you want from life?”

“No, not really. But it is where I am and I hope that you accept my decision.”

“Of course I do. Now, what’s on the menu, I’m hungry.”

Her parents had already invited her around for dinner. After the meal, Susan broaches the subject. She asks them if they knew what an escort does. Her dad does. She clarifies the market, girls working from parlours and visiting hotels for 30 minutes at a time. The high end is more companionship than sex.

“And so?” her Dad asks.

“Well, I have been working as a high-class escort for a couple of months now, and I think I like it.”

After that, the rest of the evening was a bit strained. Susan made her excuses and left early.

A couple of weeks later, after the fuss died down a bit, she got together with her dad. Dads are protective about their girls.

“Tell me Susan, what is it like?”

“The minimum booking is two hours, and that is just time together in his room. Pleasure for him and often enough fun for me. Sometimes I have longer bookings with dinner. Sometimes a show, the opera, a concert – classical music mainly. Sometimes I stay the night.”

“Stay the night! What do you do for the whole night?”

“We have dinner, make love, sleep and then we can make love in the morning as well. Like I said, it is the companionship.”

“Do you like it?”

“It’s not a lifetime career but it is okay most of the time and I am doing well.”

“Well, if it’s want you want, then you have my support.”

“Thanks Dad.”

“By the way, what’s your name? The name you work under.”

“Chloe. Chloe Blake”


The mobile rang; it was Elegant Models. “We have a couple for you Chloe. It’s for dinner as well. Are you interested in seeing a couple?”

“Yes, a couple’s fine.”

“Apparently it’s his fantasy and she may just be going along with it, so be gentle.”


Susan dressed more conservative than sexy. She didn’t want to overwhelm the female with her first impression. As usual, she rang from the foyer of their hotel to let them know she would be arriving in a few minutes.

She knocked on their door.

“Hello, I’m Chloe.”

“I’m John and this is my wife Annette.”

They had booked a suite and Annette was sitting on the couch in the lounge room. They both look about 30. Susan could see Annette looking away, clearly nervous and perhaps embarrassed. Susan made her way in. John offered her one of the armchairs.

Susan feigns thirst and suggests a drink. Beer for John. White wine for Annette. Susan shares the small bottle of wine with Annette, but she only takes a couple of sips herself.

They try to get comfortable with some small talk. Susan discreetly avoids any probing of her own background, concentrating on them instead. John blurts out his fantasy and how Annette agreed to it. Susan replies that this was one of her favourites and she was sure they would all have a splendid time.

Susan broke the ice. “Annette, you are so beautiful, I just can’t wait.”

Annette cheered up “You really think so?”

“Oh yes, you are beautiful and this is going to be special for both of us. I am sure you have been looking forward to this and if you like we can start now.”

The bedroom was separate, very large, with a King – sized bed.

“Annette, could you please unzip me.”

Annette nervously got close to Susan and unzipped her dress. Susan pulled it away and removed it. Her underwear was a nice discreet white.

“Now, tell me, are you excited?” Susan asked Annette.

“I suppose so” Annette replied, sounding anything but convincing.

Susan took the lead, “I want to feel your soft body pressing into mine. I want to feel your soft breasts. I love the feeling of a woman in my arms. I want you Annette. Let me show you.”

Susan unbuttoned Annette’s blouse and pulled it apart. Annette removed it. Following the cue, Annette unzipped her skirt and it joined the pile of clothing on the floor. The two girls stood in their underwear, facing each other. Susan gently kissed her. She remembered her first time with Julie, how gentleness won her over. Annette looked at Chloe and tentatively hugged her. Susan responded, drawing them closer for a deeper kiss. Annette felt herself starting to get aroused. This girl was so soft, so different to a man. And yet so confident. Their breasts touched as they held each other tight. Annette felt Chloe in her arms, she liked the feelings of hugging a girl. Susan suggested they would be more comfortable on the bed.

They lay on the bed, still in each others arms. Susan kissed Annette on the mouth, on the nape of her neck, on her earlobe, on her shoulders. Susan reached behind herself and removed her own bra, exposing her firm, young breasts. Annette looked at her in envy. Susan asked Annette if she would like to explore her. “Oh yes Chloe.”

“Then please do.”

Annette kissed Susan’s breasts, her nipples. She explored one and then the other. Susan felt herself getting aroused. Yes she likes men, but she likes women too. Susan eases her panties down.

“Annette, lets get you comfortable.”

Annette removes her underwear, revealing her neatly trimmed bush.

“Oh, that’s better” Susan said as she started on her. Susan kissed her head to toe and back again. She tongue-kissed her. She held her in her arms. She smothered her with affection. Annette felt her arousal growing; she could feel her wetness building.

“Can I make you come?” Susan asked.

John has removed his clothing by now and he is admiring the two beautiful naked girls on the bed. His erection is throbbing as he enjoys the show. He watches as Chloe kisses her way down his wife’s body again before nuzzling down between her legs. Annette spreads her legs to give Susan access. She slowly ran her tongue around Annette’s wetness, slowly building the girls excitement. Susan thought ‘I’m no expert here. Just once before.’ She remembered what Neil did to her; it was only the other week. Copying his technique she circled the hood of her clit with her tongue. She felt the wetness building; she could sense the muskiness of arousal. She continued to circle. Annette pulled her hips down and away. Too hard. She relaxed her tongue and tried again. This is harder than she thought. Slowly she slipped a finger into the wet opening. What a sensation! She bent it over and crooked it back. She felt Annette tense. That’s it. She was circling in the same regular stroke now. Annette could feel her excitement build. The sensation of Susan’s wet tongue was heavenly. She needed to come, she needed Chloe to make love to her and make her come. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the sensations. They started to build. The tingling started at her face and fingers. It gradually moved down her body; closer and closer to where Susan’s tongue was. She felt it building, building. With a gasp, she came.

Instead of stopping, Susan continued. She continued to lick and stroke with her finger. Annette felt the feelings building again. She raised her hips, trying to force Susan’s face harder onto her. Again those feelings flood through her. But Susan doesn’t take her face away. Annette wants her to stop and she wants her to keep going. Once more she feel it build up, this time she cries out. Again she comes.

It’s too much, she needs to stop, she needs to recover. Annette grabs her head and eases it away. Susan looks up, her face moist with Annette’s juices. Susan smiles at her. Annette lies there recovering as Susan feels proud.

After a minute or so, Annette asks “Chloe, I would like to make you come too.”

Susan gets comfortable and Annette starts tentatively. Susan is so hot from the excitement of Annette’s orgasms that she needs this more than anything else. John watches his wife now, her head buried between Chloe’s legs. This is really exciting. Annette tries to follow what Susan had just done. She found Susan’s pussy a little hard to work out. She knew just how to rub her own, but someone else? Instead, she went with her own instincts. She knelt back and slipped two fingers inside Susan’s wetness. So snug. No wonder men like it in there so much! She extended her thumb beside Susan’s clit. She started to finger-fuck her, her snug pussy responding to the two fingers and her clit responding to the pressure of her thumb. She could feel Chloe’s wetness. She kept up the stroke, slow and even. Susan could feel the sensations build. She willed Annette to keep going, she was so close.

Susan is gripping the bedspread. “Oh Annette” she cries out. She feels it building and then she comes. Like Susan did to her, Annette keeps on going. She continues to steadily lick at Susan’s clit and to press hard with her finger. Again Susan feels the wave of pleasure sweep through her body. “Oh heavens” she cries as her next orgasm envelops her. Still Annette keeps it up; she is enjoying this giving of pleasure more than receiving. She is drowning, drowning in Susan’s juices. Her breathing is ragged with excitement. Again Susan feels the wave of an orgasm build and flood though her.

Susan can’t take it anymore. She rolls onto her side, away from Annette. She needs a moment to recover. Annette is taken, she holds Chloe in her arms, nestling her head.

This is too much for John. He is on the bed now. Shows over, he needs release. Susan suggests to Annette that she thinks John needs her now.

Annette gets onto her knees, head down and John enters her from behind. John’s excitement takes over and he starts thrusting deep and hard. Susan kneels beside the pair of them, stroking Annette, playing with her breasts, feeling her clit from below. She can feel John pulling at her pussy lips, his manhood is so close to her fingers. She rubs Annette while John thrusts faster and faster.

John looks at the two girls, the back of his wife and the beautiful stranger caressing Annette while he fucks her. He thrusts hard and fast, the sensations of his orgasm start to build. The sensations start to build in the base of his penis, the familiar waves of pleasure ripple along steadily. He gasps as he comes. He is spent.

It took some time for them to recover, but eventually they cleaned up for dinner. John had made a booking for three at a quality Asian restaurant nearby. John and the two ladies. One each side of him. He feels like that cat who got the cream. Two beautiful ladies.

After dinner they returned to the suite. Annette had a couple of glasses of wine with her meal and she is feeling bolder. “Chloe, I would like to see John fuck you.”

“Are you sure Annette?” Susan replies.

“Yes, I would like to watch, it’s my turn now.”

Susan and John undress and make their way to the bed. John asks for 69. They position, Susan on top. John works at Susan’s pussy, her lips and her clit. He feels her wetness as she works on his prick. Annette has removed her clothing again and is rubbing herself to relieve the excitement of the lovemaking happening just in front of her.

Susan feels him getting aroused and decides it’s time to change. She lets him go and eases off. Discreetly she rolls a condom on and then lies on her back.

Annette watches as his manhood slides into her, she watches Chloe as she is filled with her husband. She climbs onto the bed and reaches behind them. She plays with his rod as he pumps inside Chloe. After coming earlier, John takes a while to build up his arousal. Susan feels him, sweating as he struggles to reach the peak that all men must reach. His hair is matted, his face is shining in the light. Annette watches from behind. Annette cups his balls as watches Susan’s pussy swallowing his penis. Faster he goes, faster and faster. Deeper and deeper. With a gasp he comes, he comes inside her, inside Chloe.

After a few moments to recover, it is time to clean up and get ready. All three shower together again, as if they needed to spend their final time together naked and intimate. They take turns to dry each other. Soon it is time to go. Susan kisses both of them and tells them she had a time she won’t forget.


After a further six months, Elegant Models promoted Susan to an ‘Elite Courtesan’. She is now one of their top – listed escorts, and her charge out rate is increased accordingly.

She continues to see Neil overnight every month or so, and she waits in anticipation for each booking with him. She has also picked up a couple of other ‘regular’ clients; each of who were granted ‘Chloe’s special service’. Regular clients are trusted and don’t need to use condoms. She looks forward to each of her ‘regulars’; the meeting of old friends, in the case of Neil it’s more like the meeting of lovers. She likes the ‘special service’, the feeling of skin against skin, a warm hard penis inside her, the come running out of her at the end.

She was in the flat, daydreaming, when the mobile rang. The name ‘Elegant Models’ flashing on the handset. Another client.

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